Scams cost South Carolina resident $1.6 Million


Scams Cost SC Residents $1.6M

1441 reported in 2017

Ken Pauli
March 14, 2018 - 4:00 am

Over 14 hundred South Carolinians were scammed last year. 

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs (SCDCA) reports over half of the 1,441 scams brought to the attention of their Identity Theft Unit last year were imposter scams (49%), that’s where the scammer pretends to be someone from an organization you would trust, like the IRS or PBA, and convinces you to send them money.  The next two highest categories were fake sweepstakes, like a lottery (11%) and debt collection scams (9%). Scammers often claim there is a warrant out for your arrest or that there is a lawsuit planned against you.  Other categories included phishing (7%), loan scams (6%), grants (5%), internet scams (4%) and work-from-home promises (2%).

Scams cost Palmetto State residents over $1.62 million in 2017. It could have been another $1 million more if other folks who were contacted fell for the plot. 

The SCDCA has an extensive section on how report and guard against scams on their website. A few quick tips: NEVER give out your Social Security number or make a payment by an untraceable method like a wire transfer or iTunes gift card.

To report a scam, obtain a copy of “Ditch the Pitch: A Guide to Guarding Against Scams,” or view the scam report in its entirety, call 844-835-5322 or visit, then click Report a Scam.

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