Public Asked to Take Precautions in Wake of Storm

Utility agencies continue to conduct their post-storm operations:

Ed Jenson
September 12, 2017 - 11:50 am

With school being canceled, many people home from work and the weather clearing, the Greenville City Fire Department is asking citizens to take a few simple precautions if they are out and about as government and utility agencies continue to conduct their post-storm operations:


•              Treat ALL downed power lines as live and keep children and pets far away

•              Do not drive through a flooded roadway or around barricades

•              Drive cautiously and give trees in the road a wide berth

•              Assist utility company representatives with the access they need to conduct their repairs


The combination of last night’s high winds and ground saturation could result in trees continuing to fall, so while the severe weather has passed, citizens should remain vigilant and take steps to keep their family and themselves safe. 


Below is helpful information regarding downed trees and limbs:


•              If the tree is from your yard or your neighbor’s yard (not from the right-of-way), contact your insurance company

•              If the tree fell from the right-of-way into your yard, call Greenville Cares, the City's customer service call center, at 864-232-2273 and provide your name, street address and phone number. They will contact the City's tree crew to inspect

•              If a tree or limb is in the right-of-way or in the street, call Greenville Cares at 864-232-2273. After hours, call the Police non-emergency number at 271-5333 and be prepared to answer the following questions:


o             Is it blocking the entire street or part of the street?

o             Is it blocking the sidewalk?

o             What is the closest address?

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