A Letter From Molly Spearman

Superintendent Talks School Safety

Seth Stokes
February 22, 2018 - 1:17 pm

Dear Friends,

In the wake of the tragedy in Florida, I want to take a moment to speak directly to South Carolina citizens, parents, students and teachers. Keeping our students safe continues to my top priority. From the moment a child boards the morning school bus or a student passes through their school's doors, no parent should ever have to worry if their child will be safe. 

No teacher should ever have to fear for the safety of themselves or their students.

I have been meeting with law enforcement, legislators, school administrators and safety experts over the last few days. We will begin a comprehensive review of all student and school safety policies and procedures to identify any areas we may need to change or areas we might be able to enhance in order to keep our most precious resource, our children, even safer. 

This terrible event serves as another reminder for us all to remain ever vigilant. If you see something or hear something, say something. Many potentially dangerous situations across our State and our Nation have been avoided because a parent, student, or teacher alerted the proper authorities.

This tragic and senseless event also highlights the issue of mental health in our schools. We are considering ways we can provide students in need with greater access to mental health professionals. We have also seen the life changing impact mentorship programs can bring into troubled students lives and continue to encourage members of our faith community to partner with schools. By sharing Christ's love you could be a positive influence that prevents a tragedy like this from occurring. 

Together we can continue to make better, safer South Carolina schools and provide a bright future for every student in our community. 



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