Kohlhepp Among Dozens of Inmates Suing

Prisoners claiming unfair prison treatment

Ed Jenson
April 25, 2018 - 11:34 am

Upstate Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp is among more than two dozen prisoners claiming unfair prison treatment in a lawsuit.

Kohlhepp and 27 other inmates are named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed against four defendants, including the warden and corrections officers serving at Broad River Correctional Facility.

The lawsuit claims the defendants mistreated and denied the plaintiffs services available to other inmates while they were in protective custody.

The lawsuit also alleges civil rights violations, sexual abuse, issues with living conditions and work credit discrepancies.

The lawsuit states some suicidal inmates were denied access to mental health treatments.

The plaintiffs also claim they were housed in cells with no ventilation in extreme temperatures, and denied furniture and other comfort items.

The plaintiffs have requested a jury trial and are each asking for $375,000 in damages from each defendant.


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