Financial Empowerment Center to open in Greenville

FEC to Open in Greenville

Will help low income people with financial counseling

Ken Pauli
December 07, 2017 - 11:40 am

Greenville County is among a handful of cities in the nation that has received a grant to help people who don’t make a lot of money to manage their finances better.  

The County received $350,000 through Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies to build a Financial Empowerment Center.  It will provide mostly low income residents with one-on-one trained financial counseling. The idea is to help lower income folks become more financially stable. 

Greenville County needs to come up with matching funds to receive the money, but the County says they are already about halfway there with donations. 

The grants have, so far, been given to only 21 cities. It will work though Greenville County’s Human Relations Department.  Greenville hopes to have the first center up and running by this March and expand from there.  

See the complete Press Release.

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