Download the 106.3 WORD App!

August 11, 2017 - 5:00 pm

What's so cool about the brand new, 106.3 WORD mobile app?  It's FREE!  Stream 106.3 WORD no matter where you are: whether you’re in the office, lounging in the backyard or traveling half way across the country... so many possibilities. Our new app also has some pretty awesome features. 

-Get Breaking News and Weather 24/7!

-Wake up with The Tara Show using the alarm clock feature!

-Sign up for the Daily Download and get inside intel and special offers e-mailed to you.

-Like, Follow and Connect on social media!

-Discover & Download right from the app!

-Like or Dislike using the app!

-Instant access to the 106.3 WORD website with a punch of a button!

-Listen to podcasts from Tara, Vince, Bobby Mac and MORE!

-Call or text our studio with a click of a button!

-Feed your mind with daily blogs!

Download the new 106.3 WORD Mobile App and interact like never before! It’s never been easier!



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