Upstate Outdoors

Saturday Noon-2PM

Join the hosts of Upstate Outdoors, Phillip Gentry and Tommy Springer each week as they bring you up-to-date information on hiking, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities!

Have trouble keeping up with the guys on Saturday? No problem. If you can’t catch them live and in person on location, take your radios into the woods or out on the lake and Listen ONLINE NOW!

If you're not near a radio on Saturdays check out the Upstate Outdoors on Podcast so you don't miss one important tip!

Listen to the Podcast Keep up to date with the latest outdoor information including interviews, how-to’s, fishing and hunting reports, and the best way to cook road kill. Upstate Outdoors, live and local on 106.3 WORD, every Saturday Noon to 2.


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