Hot Rods and Happy Hour

“Hot Rods and Happy Hour” is the Upstate’s Newest Radio Show on 106.3 WORD, dedicated to hot rods, cool cars and just plain ole “good times.”
 Hosted by third generation Hot Rodder, Rob Pitts and auto enthusiast, Rob “Oddrod” Pettit, “Hot Rods and Happy Hour” brings custom car fans together for a weekly chat.  Everything from cruise ins and swap meets to racing and 4X4 events.  Plus, news, views and interviews with the movers and shakers of the auto world!  When you’re motoring around the Southeast, stay on the lookout for Hot Rods and Happy Hour 16 foot trailer, you’ll always find Rob and “Oddrod” nearby, hosting a cruise in and holding court on the mic!  And now, 106.3 WORD is proud to bring the car community together on the radio!  Speed and Horsepower rules every Sunday at 7am and 4pm with Rob and “Oddrod” on “Hot Rods and Happy Hour” on 106.3 WORD!

All you wanted to know about Rob Pitts: (but were afraid to ask):
     A third generation Hot Rodder/Car Enthusiast; Rob grew up in the collector car hobby.  Trained and certified in Auto Mechanics and Auto Body and Paint Repair, is just one facet of Rob's diverse career path.  Rob is also an accomplished stand up comedian, performing in comedy clubs all over the East Coast. He has opened for some of the brightest stars in the comedic community.  Cars and comedy are more than career choices, they're Rob's passions.  Together with his longtime friend Robert Pettit (OddRod), they started Hot Rods & Happy Hour in 2015.  They became quickly known for hosting all types of automotive themed events for local charities, from shows to races to cruise-ins.  Hot Rods & Happy Hour have traveled the East Coast bringing together the automotive communities with charities and families in need.  Now, they bring the local car culture and some automotive high-jinx to the airwaves weekly on 106.3  WORD. 

All about “Oddrod:”
   Born December 26, 1989. Robert Lewis Pettit is the youngest of 4 children. At an early age Robert developed an enjoyment in drawing. The subject matter always leaned automotive. Soon this hobby started developing legs and it became an apparent talent. Growing up underprivileged, Robert took interest also in helping his father work on the old truck as needed due to his father's numerous disabilities. It was in this time a passion for the automotive world begin to mold within him. So much so that it was on his mind to pursue the field of automotive technology.
    As Robert's Father's health progressively got worse, he started to realize that life with no fulfillment is not a life for him. Along this same time, Robert, by an off chance met Rob Pitts. As we see every day, opposites attract and a friendship was born. Very soon after, upon mutual thoughts, a business was born. Hotrods and Happy Hour became a reality, the first show was being conceived. Sadly, it almost didn't happen.
“I remember calling Rob and saying I don't know if I can do this show. I don't know if I can really carry on. I will let you know what I am going to do...”
  Luckily, Robert had support and the show went on. Rob and Robert had started something. From a borrowed PA, and a tent; to a wrapped HHR; to a 16ft enclosed trailer pulled by a Silverado SS; Rob and Robert's once light conversation had turned into a new way for the car show experience.
“Rob and I have been fortunate in all we've accomplished so far. It hasn't came easy. Long, sleepless nights and a lack in a solid home life is our way of giving back to those who support us! I personally have seen my fair share of heartache and with the amazing support of the automotive community, I have been able to overcome all of that. Now Rob and I have been blessed with the opportunity to educate, entertain and give back to the automotive world. We have accomplished so much and I am excited to see what the future hold! Thank you all for your support!”

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