Mick Mulvaney (Rep)

Mick Mulvaney was elected in November, 2010, as the new US Congressman for South Carolina's 5th District.

A lifelong Carolinas resident, Mick attended Georgetown University where he graduated with honors in International Economics, Commerce, and Finance and graduated as an Honor Scholar – the highest award given to students of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service. After college, Mick attended law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full academic scholarship. He completed his formal education at Harvard Business School's OPM program in 2006.

Mick has broad business experience across many fields. After practicing law following graduating law school, Mick started his own law firm. Later, he ran the family real estate business then started a small homebuilding company. He was also a minority shareholder in a restaurant franchise company, and even owned and operated his own restaurant.

Mick has used his educational, professional, and business background to bring a focus on jobs, business, and the economy to his work in Congress. He currently serves on the House Financial Services Committee as well as the House Small Business Committee.  For more information on Mick's committee assignments, follow the "About Mick" tab and click on "Committees."  Mick is also an active member of the Republican Study Committee.

He has been active locally, as a founding member of the Indian Land Rotary and a member of St. Philip Neri Catholic Church and founding member of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Mission.

Mick and Pam were married in 1998, and are the proud parents of triplets.


Tom Adams (Dem)

Tom has lived a life devoted to faith, family, hard work, and community service. He has worked for over 30 years in the automotive industry, a source of many jobs in SC.

In 1981, Tom graduated from Kent State University, married his college sweetheart Susie, and moved to York County. Tom was married for nearly 30 years until his wife’s death from Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease, in 2011. His experience of caring for Susie for many months prior to her death left him with a deep understanding of the broken nature of our healthcare system, an appreciation for the brevity of life, and the importance of serving our community.

While never a professional politician, Tom has been very active in the Fort Mill community. He is a long time member of First Baptist Church in Fort Mill. He is currently in his second term on the Fort Mill Town Council. Recognizing the dysfunctional and unproductive state of our current congress, Tom Adams has a strong sense that we can do better. Name calling, disrespect and obstructionism are the order of the day. Unfortunately, after 4 years on the job, Mick Mulvaney has proven that he is not part of the solution; he is part of the problem…a big part. A darling of the Tea Party, Mick Mulvaney does not properly represent the people of the district or even the Republicans of the district. He represents Tea Party interests alone, a party which was responsible for the sequester and government shutdown. The economic impact of the government shutdown took $24 Billion out of the US economy. (Business Insider). These self-inflicted wounds must stop.

Tom has three children and three grandchildren. The fourth of 6 children, Tom is a natural coalition builder and familiar with the elements of compromise, essential to effective government. Compromise wrote the constitution, not ideology. Compromise makes government work.