July 18-21
Republican National Convention

July 25-28
Democratic National Convention

September 26
Presidential Debate

October 4
Vice-Presidential Debate

October 9
Presidential Debate

October 11
Voter Registration Deadline

October 19
Presidential Debate

October 24-November 4
Early Voting

November 8
Election Day
Reid: 'Absolute fraud' Grayson should drop Fla. Senate bid
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Top Democrats are pressuring Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson to drop his bid for U.S. Senate in Florida following reports he physically abused his ex-wife....
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From Roosevelt to Reagan, notable women address conventions
Hillary Clinton's speech Thursday marks the first time a woman has addressed a major party as its nominee for president. But her speech will not be the first time a woman has delivered a noteworthy or even momentous address to a Democratic or Republican convention....
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Obama evokes Reagan as Democrats woo GOP voters
On one of the biggest nights of the Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama evoked the words of a Republican hero - former President Ronald Reagan....
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Washington Post: Reporter barred from entering Pence event
WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) -- The Washington Post says one of its reporters was barred from entering a campaign rally for Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence near Milwaukee....
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Artist swaps picket sign for easel at political conventions
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- As thousands crowd the streets and parks of Philadelphia in heated protest outside the Democratic National Convention, Andrew Purchin swapped a picket sign for an easel....
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Takeaways: Obama vouches for Clinton, Kaine steps up
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- President Barack Obama used what is likely his last high-profile speech as president to make a powerful case for Hillary Clinton's election, saying it wasn't even a close choice between her and Donald Trump, whom he described as a homegrown demagogue....
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Text of President Obama's Democratic convention speech
Text of President Barack Obama's speech Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, as provided by the White House....
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VP nominee Tim Kaine urges voters to trust Hillary Clinton
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- It took just four days for Hillary Clinton's newly minted running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, to drop the t-word....
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Democrats highlight diversity, but face gap with white men
ATLANTA (AP) -- The Democratic National Convention's lineup of speakers has highlighted an increasingly diverse country that could soon elect the first female president to succeed its first black chief executive....
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Biden says Trump has 'no clue' about needs of middle class
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Leveling a blistering attack on Donald Trump, Vice President Joe Biden put on his rhetorical hat as "middle-class Joe" Wednesday and told Democratic delegates and millions of television viewers that the billionaire businessman "has no clue" about the needs of working-class people or what makes the nation great....
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