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And welcome back our neighbor to the beacon drive in Spartanburg. Word on the talent you would Vince Coakley Vince Coakley radio program. We are glad to be back with you. And our broadcast ends. If you like to join the conversation 80347163. Or text like 71307. You hear the sounds of orders getting placed here. For good reason at the beacon drive and and we love you to come down and say hello we absolutely. Love teams meet you in person our broadcast driven by US auto sales more on that in a moment. As you know been following breaking news developments in Barcelona. And so really now we've had three terrorist attacks within the last 24 hours. I wanted to get some perspective on what has happened here because. This is something that obviously you a lot of people have questions about Germany's now. On the line my friend Ryan Mauro from the clarion project good morning Ryan. Good morning thanks for having me on. Our our first one who. Asked the question we seem to. Have these periodic incidents that happened and here we are with yet another vehicle attacked. This looks like this is becoming a pattern is this because this is so easy to do you. That is what I believe because after the 9/11 attack that you tried to do something. So much too flat like at night that act or hit your idea odd. The people would do it by eight it mostly in the goddess side there's an actual write that your movement hey. Because there is basically conceding that you you're only capable of doing the opening that up five. It became impressive did you any thing I hit a bit. In Najaf Heidi world cool to do. Things that get scared people like picking up a night or using a car at the weapon and made it different type of terrorism and 9/11 ice. They hate you different psychologically. And so again right to it about it becoming easier. And also were still dealing with the repercussions of the fact that might disperse thought that the team and convinced the whole Lotta people. That they are the that was attributable to all of blessings. You what's interesting about this is I'm kind of curious what's the goal here because you know and I'm I'm certainly not interested in encouraging. Or calling for something on a more spectacular scale mean they pulled off 9/11. And yet it seems like these smaller attacks. Obviously beard they're killing and injuring fewer people. What is the goal here. Well they have every reason to believe that this can work for them that it can win concessions from the last eight can result in even land grabs. Because when there's an attack like that you do hear those voices coming from the libertarian right and coming from. The borderline anti American elements of the last. That believe that on the United States that they will that mean we need to pull out. Our troops out of everywhere because this is a form of resistance he did agree what they're doing but the form of resistance. And to figure Heidi well here and to locate that this is working. And if you look at the let that Israel where the world including the United States or Israel too into it dangerous concession. They look at what the Palestinians have achieved and that they have every reason to say. That we can win net incrementally date on our experience. She is saying what we're seeing here is kind of a continual drip. And if they can just keep this drip going it's going to long term have an impact that's what they think. Yes did they believe that they can win concessions from the west that then they enable them to become stronger than demand more concessions. Just like the Palestinian Jihad that they use the US and Israel Europe that potentially one entity. And so if they were able to make Israel for example we gave up Gaza bought. Then why wouldn't deign to give up a Muslim area to a mobile population. About on an individual base that they it's much more focused than that it's what political it's just. I I've done bad things in my life I have a lot of then I know of no way of knowing all of God's will that they. It could provide you one thing I die in the odds and so that's why they want to make sure that they carry out the tactic yet. Maximize casualties but the overriding goal is to die in G odd. Then no other people but how in order to match your own Mac microchip is getting the power. So how do we continued to address this. This threat. I think it that wall in a way it's healthy to say that this is a different threat than the one that we state but I believe we have overplayed it. I believe that we it's guarded lessons from the past. And that in many ways that this is similar to the past quarter that we bought the old war and even world war two and what I mean by that. It instead of looking at that as the war on terror. Oh or you can get so old old war on radical is walk. Look at that that's an insurgency. And ideologically based insurgency meeting they are organized. They rely upon an infrastructure. And someone is. Subsidizing and leading that infrastructure. And do it that well one. Or cover many of which that we could well we call our allies. All boot government accountable. And recognize that what they're doing when they promote. These forms of Islam that result in violence. It is an attack it is the same thing as the Soviet that the Chinese. Sponsoring the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. And you're saying we need to hold these countries responsible. Yes. And make more than diplomatic pressure treated for what it is when you promote. Radical Islam around the world. You are essentially engaging in an act of war began it's no different and the Japanese watching comic these though different that. Than not he's trying to promote not the Islam in order to twelve their rank. And and if we look at it that way they've they're centers of gravity there all horror there than at any behind all of these tentacles. And we need to crush that at a New York make them surrender. Stop what they're doing. They have all the thought and during the strategy all the sudden there is an enemy you can point you there and someone that you can pressure and someone that you can this be beyond tight. And there's a reason for hope. Ryan Mauro from the clarion project thanks a lot for coming on the broadcast this morning sir. Thank you so much. As we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program we are live at beacon drive in and this broadcast by the way is driven. By US auto sales. Joining us now just briefly. Katrina talk a little bit more after the break but we can set this up before. We go to commercial break here we have witnessed Greg Roberts welcome behind the microphone man. Wolf first off I'd give us a sense of US auto sales and what you guys do. We've been in business for 25 years base that plan we started. The footprints out here on. For 25 years have been helping good people. That's simple enough we're gonna talk more about this Greg Roberts marketing manager for US auto sales and we will continue. Our live coverage from beacon. Drive did in Spartanburg, South Carolina will continue to Vince Coakley radio program 14 minutes after 11 o'clock. Word on the town journey to live from Spartanburg. At the beacon drive in we go if you come by you have what 41 minutes or so you can combines the hello we loved you. To reach you that we started off we kind of set the table and our discussion. With that won the fine sponsors of this broadcast today and we're so appreciative. With their support we talked with great Roberts marketing manager for US autos sales tallies about. What you're doing and your entrance into this particular market. Sets you apart from the odd to companies in chip. Well we work with customers of all it. So if you had. You know life Kearns medical anything like that may be asleep but as we still work we need to get into reliable you. Now Lott how important is this it do you find that what your it was Q is is so important now because the for instance the economic downturn several years ago would that affect a lot of people in and kind of create a broader market people. We needed services like it definitely is it is to me to death. When we've grows weary people. It. What would you say to people out there re in that place their career. Looking around it thinking right now we need to replace the car I don't know that we can afford it's what your message to. What often we find these people told you those. Spare. You know. We are willing to work with England puts him right. When things we specialize. We won't you go Kart which. People and we look at this situation and recent rate base we sit right things. We're supposed to. Hey you know here's is that you. You know you likes. No but you stated this how would they go to the acts as your services. Will they can look at that US sales about it vote. You probably find out you know what they would become in. We're and afterwards that. He. And that's right here in this community if we're up fourteen to three national highway. Rate yours Spartanburg. We expect EU we have green it's Friday the house. Games its effort. Hey thanks like Craig Roberts who is marketing manager for US auto sales thanks lot for coming on broadcast and best of luck and thank you appreciate your time. As we continue minster of the radio program here 21 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock and talked about a lot of things. And and I think this conversation we're about to have really fits into the broader context of what I'm concerned about is happening in this country. Now you've heard received plenty of times that I believe spiritually. There has to be some sort of spiritual change that happens with us. And yet. We are also dealing with some issues there because many of us and A I plead guilty do this sometimes. You know I think I heard years ago that. The the body of Christ is the only army that shoots it's wounded. And it's unfortunately. This is something that apparently is happening. Even in this day and age. I had an article sent to me just a few days ago by Billy how well he is an author. And editor of pre Wired News and I think it really speaks to something that's we need to speak to. And the title of this to all the Christians slamming Chris Pratt for invoking Jesus after his separation. This is a pretty interesting thing that is occurred over the past few days and Billy Hollowell is joining us now what welcome to the broadcast man. I haven't me. Give us some background here for people who may not be familiar with what has happened with Chris Pratt. What is the story with the background story that motivated you're. Sure so you know Chris Pratt has been very her back eight years and it Barrett they're both obviously well known actors and over the last couple years Chris Pratt and sharing his ate a lot he recently talked about how he converted to christianity out on geez that. And you know that there's always a lot of opinions about him right is that every film he's been jet that crashed don't think he's into those films. Some people only the language he uses his stories interest thing I have found they incredibly fascinating bit talking more or about it states. Now a lot of people up and obviously he comes that would this news. A couple of weeks ago he would edit Eric announced that they are separating. Edyta separation at that the horse but they put a very brief statement out on social media got a lot of attention. And that he showed up with a teen choice awards last week and this was really. Really interesting because when he got on stage it will a couple of jokes. And that he talked about how key is where he is because that great of an. The critic in the work that you're and that got a lot of attention so you'll be covered both the separation and that it comment about gene that that they choir but what struck me. About the whole saying what the reaction to him invoking Jeanne that there were a lot of people who. Obviously disappointed about the separation that who were encouraged other little poker Christians. It just to really went after him. And instead oh that he realized he making as well but adults are they to sort of kind of she two with Al Kyle and that was the part that shocked because you know we don't know. We don't know why did you ever are separated we had no idea article grounds what we don't know what the situation did. And we don't know that they're getting of course we know there's a legal preparation that. So I would just a little bit taken aback by that. And fact that the what you used and I think your phrase is very appropriate here in describing how people responded with harsh judgment. And so you might think it's important saved his you know for for person who's been involved in counseling for years. That we can just speak to one particular truth here Billy it takes two people to make a relationship. And if that other person and we don't know what the circumstances are he could very well be. That Prius is very much interest in staying together. But if his wife is not willing what is he did do is he a worst sinner. Because somehow he. You know we can't keep this thing together you cannot keep somebody. Compel somebody to stay with you am I on the mark here. Know you're here on the market I think the other thing here a lot of people's let me wife. They have a lot of people saying here we have a that's what Charlottesville going on it. You know there and then I wrote the op that was because it much and it is a celebrity's story and maybe people think it shouldn't matter he speaks to a much deeper problem about. I think Christian and how we sometimes date. And term being that was a bit IQ we have been shining example. It's judgment it's been out there are people playing all these things with no. Evidence they don't know what's going on it very well may be that maybe it isn't a biblical situation. But it's been well I'd like. Attacked him aren't smoking gene that's our afternoon cookie cook. Look act that the in the peace to that we publish something acquire. Very well like so many other people could be going the other way. Choosing that a period. To say something really really powerful on a stage in front of the world and are a lot of young people I think that's something we should be looked at it urging. With the little information that we have. That's that's really a good point as one of the things that stands out to me here is and and I've just in recent days I've talked with a number of people were in this stage of life. They are dealing with and and again I don't know the full circumstances but I know people. We're dealing with partners who are not necessarily responsive to them right now. And that's why I think what I have a tremendous amount of respect. In those people because they are standing strong in their faith they're standing firm in their faith they're not compromising their not giving up. They are not moving to a path of on belief which some people are here's the other thing about it Billy. I know people who have gone the other way and are angry they're bitter. And they have rejected god so would people preferred that that's what's what. That he do we in this circumstance. The heart paid great and I hope that everybody has a lot of time mother can't because that they become a negative we got up there all the noted that much time or emote more active trading program right. I had a great Urquhart spread and it there and I did they like all that the mean it's evident that how hard we can all be like Christian Christians should be showing. Great to should be using bad things of course serve like debt but by then but we should be going out there. I think it encouraging people and you know what somebody does make a mistake and make you stand letting them know that there are looked at me I had to look at that elected mayor. And it would intercede because we have a lot of comments are based agency choir where people were saying. You know other Christians are gonna think gosh is that the way that you want without their for the world that we're judged people let them. At the that would why am I wrote it and I and I don't think I think in the scheme but they actually not a silly celebrity's story I think that. I think it that much deeper story which showed that you'll get a look at the Mir and can't see. How we're reacting beat it's not about personal at the end. We got about most of us are articulate what that note that the eyes of the world watching and kept a whole other element. You know that has that I think it's really difficult situation like that. It certainly is and it fits in with though a lot of things that are taking place in this day and age we have to be so careful there are things that we know. And there are a lot of things that we don't know Billy and I think that's what you were driving home here. Billy how well it's been great to talk with you let's definitely stay in touch and talk again man. Thanks so much for editing. As we continue on the Vince Coakley radio program word on the town joining you live from the beacon drive in in Spartanburg. We would love you to come down the next few minutes and we can already see the lunch crowd is starting to come in. And that's unique to join the ranks here the orders are being shouted in the background. When you need to add to your name to that list you need to place the order come down have some great food. Have the opportunity to meet this and again this afternoon as I mentioned Bobby Mack will be here at three to seven. Right here more than 63 W or do you stay with the us. Word out of town that we are in. Spartanburg. And beacon drive in and we've watched a real rush of activity the past few minutes it's lunch hour. You can probably hear the orders. That are being placed in the background here. This is is such an incredible throw back in fact. I was just talking with someone a few minutes you're saying and I reminded me of Memphis get the Saturday Night Live in the order you cheeseburger cheeseburger Croat broke. You know that that's what it feels like to hear it it's really kind of fun going to be atmosphere. In case. You have the opportunity to come by and stable over the next few minutes we're here until twelve noon after that this afternoon. From three to 7 PM Bobby Mack. Will be behind this microphone and you can come down to meet him he's much more importance of liberty and I am so. Make sure that you come down this afternoon and greets Bobby Mac right you 37163. WORD. Word on the talent in Spartanburg. And again we want to thank the fine folks. Who were helping to make this possible at US auto sales just few minutes we talked at great. Roberts whose marketing manager. And they are making a big splash here in cities Spartanburg market. Tell us about what you're doing here and how soon. What we saw opened couple weeks ago but we have our grand opening next Friday from 12 until 4 o'clock. And it's food and games and things happen for people but. You know what if that goal for 25 years and helping good people in the did vehicles I'm no matter the credit. I'll give us a sense of what kind of cool what do what kind of cars are we talking about. What makes this unique we have a lot of late model inventories that we get our lap when he gets in 2006 season 2015 so you know typically people go to use dealership in. Sometimes you towards a little bit older you know we pride ourselves on new vehicles we service and when we get him in and that you did together. Now what. Kind of a process that time are you talking about is a lot of people they really get tired of growing car dealerships and at thinking. I'm gonna go when they're gonna talk to this person and talk to the manager in the manager's manager and a play all these games. And I'll be there all morning. Right well we. You know in the last year we've gone to a no haggle pricing we would put a price on the window. We also realize that time is important every point and now we have a pre approval duty US auto sales that in vote. You can put in your information can find out what she what you can work with them to deal with that particular time. A rate and what is that info again so people can. Again adding query process right away. US auto sales that in vote we're fourteen point three Asheville highway combines the use that will be your take here. Greg Roberts thanks a lot for joining us in nature much for your sponsorship that's very important broadcast this morning. I want it out of context like that a lot of Texan of government and I know some of your thinking what is he ever going to get to my text. We've had a lot of news we've had a lot of things going on this morning. We start here. The techsters says Vince no it's I see no Coke. As a reminder about the skit on Saturday Night Live I get it now thank you. That it takes to say you've got to try the smoked pork there at the beach it. Smokey as I've ever had the owner says he generally smokes it for eighteen hours while. That's got to be really nice and tender and yes it may take you put off for read idea. And we all live under God's grace in response to a discussion earlier about Chris Pratt. Divorced or not god loves us he hates divorce because the pain it causes he wants the best for us. Who are we to judge another's personal crisis those on pedestals may get knocked off some day. When their own personal crisis hits. Also we have this. Regarding Chris Pratt story instructors teach are still around cheers that's John. And you're absolutely right they are still here. And I knew it was a matter of time before I get this text. Or keep complaining about truck that might do it. Had to put that in there I knew that was coming. And let me let me be very clear it's one thing to talk about someone specific. Behavior. Or stand. What we were talking about a few minutes ago we have no idea what's going on with Chris Brad we really don't. If someone say it says something that's dishonest disrespectful. Rude they behave in a way that is unseemly yes we ought to challenge in confront that. Chris Pratt I have no idea what's going on with his wife he and his wife. And that is what's the conversation would Billy how well is about it's not about withholding. Judgment on issues. It's about having a heart of compassion. Toward people especially when we do not know what is going. So there's a very important distinction. I'm also in the text line. Vince how do we fight the Muslims while not sure maybe we should elect more the conservatives you love so much they will fix it for sure. That was obviously a sarcastic remark well go ahead vote for some liberals who do you think that's gonna work for yeah. And if you wanna vote for more moderate candidates go for that too. Really we have some very interesting people here Vince I don't think whoever stop terrorism just like crime it's always going to happen. Best thing to do his arm up trained unite and fight back when the time comes just my two cents. Hey here's a great text. I always love to hear good news live the other day and answer so I am not above praying for people's pets I really am not. Thank you so much for your prayers for my dog Shiloh. She's doing great she had surgery and I just want to thank you for taking time on air. For this matter for me. Hey I AM glad to do it as a dog owner I would do the same thing for my dog so I don't mind extending that to you. That's fair enough isn't it. You're the Vince Coakley radio program as we continue here 44 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock we're joining you live from the beacon drive in and people are coming in from lunch but there's still plenty of room for you. Come on down here in Spartanburg I'd love to meet you sale low. And you have the opportunity this afternoon as well to meet Bobby Mack three to 7 PM right here in one a 63 W or. Word on the town in Spartanburg. Stay with us. Man it's just been a power actually just me or YT we've talked about a lot of things are focused of course as we've been here. We've been shining the spotlight on Spartanburg. And. It's been great especially during the early part of the broadcast just learning about this community and hearing people who have. You know one for instance who's been here for a lifetime and has chosen to state has no interest in going anywhere else. And you know he's not the kind of community we want to build. And we'd love to see those kinds of communities all around the country. Had you hear the sound here at beacon drive in the orders that are getting placed. Our thanks go out to those fine folks who have been hosting us here all morning Natalie here. This program but the terrorist show as well. And does so we extend our appreciation to them for the error wonderful hospitality over the past few hours. And were also I think for the fact this broadcast has been driven by US auto sales. I wanna get to us some more items here in the text line is we have not had much an opportunity to do that during the course broadcasted morning in your intro events. Your Martin Luther King. I have a dream clip of often heard you say are used to the term elephant in the room. And yes I have tears my elephant is politically correct is it may be Martin Luther King Jr. said he had a dream where children live in a nation. There will be judged by the content of their character not color of their skin. I knew some wonderful people that black but I was wondering what is your opinion of how today's black community would fare in being judged. By the content of their character. Well boy. That's a loaded question. Well the same way you would judge white communities. By the content of their character. I think Q would run into the same kinds of issues. Let me be very blunt with you in your in my answer to that question. I've been very open and I've been very respectful in the way I've communicated this I've had concerns for quite some time about the the the pollution of his past office black culture has concerned me for a long time. But I also tell you. That what I've been watching in the political realm especially over the last couple of years. Eight deeply concerns me because. We're reaching a point where a lot of people I thought were quote Christian conservatives. Are not doing a good job and either one of those categories I'm just being blunt. You know and I think it's important for us again to come back to. Our base of what we consider. I would hope to be our baseline of of values and principles. Because I think it anyways these are getting lost. And they're getting lost in food fights they're getting lost in. In what I would call. Tribalism. And this is where things start to go downhill you start following H ride. I hope this is good answered your question I'm trying to give you a balanced answer. Because I do believe. That there are. Cultural elements. In every every race. That. That have to be addressed. And we have to be honest about those. Stay with me Vince thank you president trump for securing our borders. All right is that wonderful. What else do we have here. Vince do not leave the beacon until you get either a slice of planning or a chili cheese aplenty. Talk about some good food. And enough for someone plate teacher whole family that is from chip on our right. Also detects light hate environments should not be tolerated in any form or from any one no matter what they support. You're absolutely right it's should not be tolerated. Vince before you so easily dismissed the removal of just some downs that you considered this to the left succeeds in removing all the symbols. Of the confederacy not only with the founding fathers be next but there's a symbol the left hates the most and there are thousands of them and that's the cross. It is absolutely going to be in the Crossair is removal not just. Publicly owned property perform every church in the land will be demanded enforced by the mobs of anti eight acres. That is Alan. Right here in Spartanburg yes I am concerned about this you're not misunderstand what I said about these monuments. When I've said it and I mean this in a context. That. Symbols are one thing hearts are another thing altogether. And it was just thinking about this again today that. I think people were in for a rude awakening if they think and and I don't know just a year if you grow across the country and you get rid of every statue and every monument you don't like. You were in for rude awakening. When you find. That hate will not go away. It will not because hate is not centered in a statue. It is centered in the hearts of human beings always has been always will be. So get over yourself. Entity that somehow there's something special about you because you've posted on your social media page that you don't hate people. Good for you in fact. Before I go I've got to share this is my friend Lauren posted this. And I think many of you will love this. Christian why do you continue to aim for the lowest common denominator and think you've done well you hate white supremacist well good for you. So does most of the western world you tolerate people were different than you so do most atheists you despise those who speak painfully. You to a vast number of corrupt politicians. You disdain those who have different values or beliefs didn't use Otis prices why are you super of the dribbled a measure of to the world standard of measure. The followers of Christ or live far beyond that standard we are called hate the white supremacist but to love him. We are to merely tolerate others but to openly love and accept. We are to despise the speaker Pete words but to open our ears to better understand them so we can love and pray for him well. We are to disdain those who have different values and beliefs but to seek to live in preached peace with them. Except that in spite of the differences. Jesus calls us to go beyond the one mile the world requires us to walk in trouble the second mile loving with excellence. Fathers about the business of growing his family is not an awesome post. From my friend Lauren. Well I think speaks this so so well. And it's really that's kind of foundation is what makes community strong communities like Spartanburg where we are today. And all across this land again our special things. To the folks at the beacon drive in who have hosted us. For the last few hours and again be sure to listen to Bobby Mack right here this afternoon at 163 W or. And thank you for joining us that this broadcaster and by US auto sales had a great day and god bless you. Take care.