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While this text line insisting guy and absolutely crazy the past few minutes. So we'll start here to catch up. On some of the text that have come end since the last time I shared these with you text line is 71307. And I think we peek up here. Let's see someone who has sent text curious about how I vote in the presidential elections you voted for trump. But not in the primaries. Smiley face after that that is correct. PT SD told no money no insurance no help shrink told me I should have voted Democrat. Sounds made up point. That takes about finding Lindsey Graham was hilarious wish I'd thought of it that's from MT. Our family lost their insurance due to obamacare related technicalities and then thinks dissimilar Obama care related ridiculous this. It took nearly two months to get insurance again. It's pretty bad. My last physical cost over 700 dollars thanks to obamacare why it's 700 dollars. I can only get one every two years I missed the date by one week. Had to pay full price. Otherwise it would mean covered by the co pay 65 dollars all man. 2003 thought insurance covered physical found cancer didn't cover physical but covered most of the treatment. I currently have a 101000 dollar high deductible plan per person with no co pays everything is bill. I just give them what I can each month by the way I'm breast cancer survivor who has undergone chemo and a bilateral. Mastectomy. I've two surgeries. Still had two surgeries five years of medicine's left on connects the services the winter insurance equal hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hope. That you recover completely from this. Also on the text line. It's if you heard flat earth series stemming from the scripture. No I haven't at all. Noted sexual life and aware that mounts as the caller made reference to he was talking about. The most this plan. It into good life just go to a mountain and die. You know animals do the same thing. You know they have this since then it's it's time ago and they just leave their pack or whatever it is and they just wander away and die. We mentioned last week this big fight that's coming up. Alonso the Macgregor Mayweather fight is a gimmick to revive boxing will be a dog and pony shows save your money Gerald warrantless. All right. It is not a gimmick. It is the death of boxing. By boxing that death of box authority on its last legs and doing this in the last attempt to get people interested. I guess that makes that a gimmick known them that you think it will be a knockout blow. For boxing. If kind of regret to win yes. Finished. Done and complete it yes. Already. Other techs who would like to know your way that we have to depend on man made methods. One. Welder for in the everywhere knows McCain is having a boy oh. Now I can. To read these four share them. Anyway. After practicing. Medicine doesn't or can't over IG. Are. Sorry. Let us see. Wired tonight peca fear I've always said this pharmaceutical companies in the business treating people not healing people. Every medicine you take has side effects. In you need another medicine to upset a certain side effect I'm always intrigued by these commercials. They are weeks I mean disclaimers. Are like fifteen seconds long. You know the because this this this this or even death. Row wonderful. Have you seen the commercial were boys to men and singing Nia. The side effects. Is that they Geico commercial Geico commercial. I have heard that from the other room and haven't seen any to looked up and watch it it is great but it's yeah. He had the. I've got to see. No question about this. So Jesus intends on children dying why then be born in the first place idiots. While it's pretty strong that's the problem is chemicals that are put in our fruit today our government the FDA in the manufacturers are poisoning us on a daily basis. The other person agreeing with the caller humanity was lost a very long time ago. The Bible says the number of your days determine when you were yet in your mother's home. Departments Mike is spot on note you motives. No processed slop. Look at the ingredients of fruits then go to codecs. Organic all the way. One ingredient carrot apple plum read the label for energy drink or Brad or pie. Eat only organic fruits. Creek show. Also have a hard time being too terribly sympathetic for anyone. Naturally these are referenced. So. In the case person saying here listened to four last beings. I'm new to explain to death and what happened spiritually and our final hour when I was sobering and realistic test. Talks ever heard on death give at least a ten minute listen you will not regret it I see this and I'm only 23. Protestor here I have a 2000 dollar high deductible plan per person no co pace. And and it's pretty high mania. I've been healed by faith and prayer in Christ of physical problems which should have required surgery priest got for healing. I would affirm that with you. If your interest today I can forward you info on flat earth scripture. We'll email will go in saying that that would be great entertaining. While it wholly secular government. Not understand they need to take your hands off health care like Reagan said because. They're too many hopes in this country. Who thinks then they're gonna get something for nothing that's why. When Mayweather wins the fight it'll be the death of boxing because he's so boring to watch. He tags you've been runs are out there. A a a my goodness what else do we have here. Organic no processor in a prescription drug 62 years old. I work circles around kids at work. Out good for you it's all food is Jim all in one form or another. In the CEO of whole foods says there's absolutely no difference in nutritional value. Between commercially grown food and organic food rather than paying an exorbitant prices for organic fruit its effects. And finally how many people were dying because we have to wait for McCain to get out of the hospital so the Republicans. Can not repeal obamacare again. That's pretty clever quite clever coming up we'll talk more about this Rand Paul. Appearance yesterday and also the updates on Charlie guards. These are some pretty significant ones as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program 800. 347163. Ingles advantage talk like number comments since retirement planning text line. 71307. Techsters just felt like can't find your email address on the new website. Very simple. Just had two events at 163. A view toward eat out it's. At 163 to award the just abuse. Which is analyst. How's that for a villain laugh mystery it's that good. The non no basement and work on. Work on this one. I wanna finish talking about Rand Paul. Who recommended. That its. Majors to a clean repeal. And deal with the rest of the stuff later. He goes on say the one thing we should producer peels many of the Texas many of the regulations many of the mandates as we possibly can. He does believe it's possible we get this thing worked out but he cannot support. What he believes are fundamental flaws in this legislation. Mandates on insurance costs as prices rise in young healthy people than say wait until I get sick to buy insurance in the insurance pool gets sicker and sicker. It's called adverse selection. Also known as the death spiral. And the Republican plan admits it will. Continue. Infected subsidizes the death spiral. Kind of silly isn't it. These folks are really lost their minds. And again. We voted for these folks right. Texture here says health care reforms pretty simple. Tort reform laws making it hard to file suits. Lowering payout amounts. Also higher education system needs your formed eliminating worthless classes and professor ten year we're those are frightened words there. I wanna bring you up today on Charlie guard there's a couple of very important stories. One of them American doctor. Meeting with the medics caring for Charlie guard. That terminally ill British baby's parents are battling in the courts for him to receive experimental treatment here in the US. Meet she oh Colorado professor of neurology. At the Columbia University Medical Center specializes in treating rare genetic conditions. We'll also meet with Connie Yates be eleven month old infant smothered this happens today and tomorrow. The commission's gold mine to kind real depletion syndrome. Causes brain damage. Blindness deafness. Inch. The inability to breathe without a ventilator. Now this ventilator were supposed to be turned off last month. The European Court of Human Rights in this ironic the European Court of Human Rights. Refused to use their appeal. To take him to the US for trial therapy. I mean this is this 1984 what's. European Court of Human Rights. Just absolutely amazing isn't it. George Orwell would. Be absolutely. Blown away by what is taking place. And we also learned something else interesting from the UK telegraph. Now I'm kind of puzzled why the parents. Did not give her lawyer who apparently they had won a point for them. Their parents have now privately expressed concerns the baby's parents expressed concern. After discovering the lawyer reported to represent their son in court. Heads aid charity that backs assisted dying. Put this story just gets crazier by the moment does net. Victor Butler Cole who speaks on Charlie's behalf in court is chairman of compassion in dying. A sister organization to dignity in dying. Which campaigns for a change in the law to make assisted dying legal in the UK. Dignity in dying used to be called. Wait for it's. The voluntary euthanasia society. On campus. And it just points hugest. Look at certain elements of civilization. Of society. Of countries in you just think you know what just give them up for dead. Honestly. They're this far down the road. You have organizations like this. These so called charities share the same chief executive immediate team and trustees. As ms. Butler call. Generally sit on one charity if they support teams the other ms. Butler Cole is appointed to the role by the public who funded state body. Which acts in the best interest of children in court cases. Really. Connie Yates Chris guard from. West London. Believe they as parents should speak for Charlie court hearings that are deciding his fate duck. They don't believe their son should have a guardian representing him in court. So this is where things really get messy. Who's the best representative of this child. But should against the parents. Great Ormond street hospital still seeking to switch off his life support machine. They've been backing corps by Charlie state appointed guardian. Represented by ms. Butler coal. So you have this so called advocate for the child. Advocating the child's death. A source close to the parents told you the Daily Telegraph the family find it astonishing. The Kwon wrote that appointed the barrister act in the interest of Charlie guard is the chairman of compassion in dying sister body of dignity in dying. Formally known as the voluntary euthanasia society the implications are obvious. Looks like a profound conflict of interest. Ms. Butler Cole says she was unable to comment while High Court case was ongoing. Well done. Boy. Sometimes. As I said do you just look at this and think. You know it's kind of like. The Doctor Who finds a patient twos. He can doing for. And just says hey we just need to soak the patients and hospice. Some of these countries. They have a death culture. No life culture a death culture. And. I don't think they even realize it. That's what's really sad about it Glenn good morning welcome to breast cancer. Take it more to do. I'll just let incidentally you talk about the possible different strategies to get a new. Don't care policy passed then it occurred to me that one of the problem is patty yeah. I don't think people are insurer. Well. Went went obamacare was passed what they do blood as they say it. You don't have the body yet but if you don't buy it you don't I pay a penalty. And they don't lay that penalty up every year until it's too expensive for you did not but aren't sure. And the Republican Party had a deal. And said that it just crawl cant do that you can make people opt out so. What happens now if we pass a new health care a lot haven't we yet helping people. Took part in her. What are the other option that we are out. You know you got at Celtic art. Or jail or you have a continual problem always or ever. You have this. Policy right the policy premiums are gonna continue to go up the word count helping people are about enter. Here's my question for you. Can't the argument be made. Why don't we need insurance in the first place. I. How acting right enough money that paid a big deal. Well here's the point that I'm making Clinton because there are those who have advocated we move away from this mindset of insurance covering everything. And simply pursue. Catastrophic plans. That's what upset over not Urbina pop culture prop export arm yeah. You know at that immediate how'd you do India is that you'd yeah of universal. Catastrophic care and then kick in at a certain amount of money and then under bet. You're out Iran can do whatever you want it to the tight. EU you. Arabic you wanna do it. But when you get over pop album Boller in secret and although they don't talk about there are of course not understand. Because they want to micromanage every single aspect of your life. All the way down to rage and hate mail that's what they want to do Glynn and that's what's frustrating about it. But CF swat Kolb out normally not call you could not count up the but really there at the dilemma how do you Kiet. Helping people to buy insurance. It likely ahead are you get like our shoppers the. And tomorrow who's in you don't whose burden that is cool and that's the insurance companies burden. Then this is what has to be understood here do you realize what's happening. We now have the government's. That is mandating. Mandating. That we support private companies. What a wonderful business model that is. I mean what are we gonna do next mandate the ice cream may companies get a mandate. That we all have to buy ice cream. Pizza makers. Mandate. We've got out by pizza every week. I mean what other private business or we're gonna fines and say there's some public interest as to why the government needs their mandate this so that. There's no and folks. There really is no end still to come. Look at the data history also I'll tell you about my travel misadventures. Over the weekend as we continue Minsk took the radio program. It quickly I'd go through some of the text is just really good wins here Health Care Reform is simple. Very simple. This person talk about the importance of tort reform and purity any discussion about that recently at all. They pretty almost ignored this completely. It would address the ER for anything other than a true emergency should have to pay every penny of the bill from their own pockets. There's a strong argument that. How you claim your citizens live in a free society when your government and foreign courts decide how you can treat your children. And we want this year. Hello. That is. They brilliant observation. That's right on the money folks. What's that is that ought to be something that is alarming to people. And it's not. People or so and that's the ties they they don't even get it. As the national health system in Great Britain has transformed their society into a dictatorship where one's life is owned by the state. This is evident this Charlie guard case in this liberals want here. So the government mandates we have to buy ice cream what happens. Obviously there be a shortage of ice cream initially and prices to grow up to compensate. And since you have to buy it prices will be. Minimally. Competitive. Yep that's how it works. Thank you Vince you're one of the few that doesn't accept the left supremacy in the health care crisis debate if insurance companies want. Young healthy people to buy policies they need to make them affordable and market through them it is not the government's job thank you. I'm gonna stand on top of the rooftop and proclaim that you're right on the money. I had a health insurance plan through my job I got laid off. For two months obamacare find me 600 dollars so I guess obamacare fine me for not having a job. Obamacare must be torn down brick by brick no replacement you want health insurance get a job simple. Yep. Not complicated folks not complicated at all. As we continue to broadcast. With a look at that the in history. Also known as Luntz whose favorite segment. Koreans say yea acute only yeah. So convincing. So compelling. This is the seventeenth day of July. 2017. Let's go back to eighteen point one. This country handed over Florida to the United States in a misstatement O 1845. But this country handed it over in 1821. Which country once. Team do you do anything you can. Is it on this gun it. No on the bill France. Close it's actually speed. There's a better one for you 1955. This. Tourist attraction opened in 1955. Vehement televised live hosted by art link led. Lower. Oak street. One that opened up on Tuesday in 1955. In florid. The Everglades. Disneyland. You cracked me yeah what about do it knowing Disneyland. Ronald Reagan had opened the Disneyland is that something that's what Fermi that's kind of cool I think it's neat. I wonder if there's video of this where I would be treat us with smooth some more communities questions Lehman's news. Warn you this one won't be easy. 1975. These two countries colluded that's the key word in orbit as the Apollo and the Soyuz spacecraft's leaked out for the first time. What do the two countries. Russia America. You done got that rat mr. rat so what do the most difficult ones you actually guts really knows the easiest one album all you were one for three. By the way I I assumed you get some audio that I sent to you a bit ago. And hopefully have a pretty good solutions. Yes they won't get you in trouble. I've got to tell you briefly about my travel misadventures over the weekend. My AM parents are involved a little home project. And I just you know on this. Just casually since it takes to my sister Friday nights at eight. What are you up to tomorrow she said oh I'm just going over to mom and dad's. A vote this project and I've well. Cent interest in May be etched goats you. So I have made arrangements for my daughter she had a think that she had to be involved in and needed a ride so that one of my sons to do that but I didn't finalize anything Friday night at that and let me sleep on this. And then I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and could not get back to sleep. Troops just actually drove me at the wall so I said it. I think I will go since I'm wide awake anyway. So what set of the flight. Left. And about. The flight left about 74750. In the morning. Got to Kentucky sister picked via went down. And I that this is going to be at all to anything and it turns out didn't take very long at all I think I was there. I guess kept my parents' house about 930. And it's so we were down about 130 in its. My sister said hey you know. Do you wanna try to get early he get there early to the airport and see where the you get on an earlier flight one that maybe it's an idea Swede left the house at 130. For flight there was leaving it to 28. Believe it or not we made it. Which was really extraordinary but the story goes downhill from there. Since I've got to share this with you as we continue it's also interesting in light of in Coulter misadventures. But this is. Not as bad we'll just put it that way and I don't have anything nasty to say about anybody because it's the weather. The caused all the problems will talk about this much more as we continue Vince Coakley radio program it's 1145. Vindication for a mr. Wright's soul on a question was raised in fact. The post as an error because the post. Actually relied on false information here. Disneyland is in California. And mr. rates probably would have gotten this correct. If this had been correct I have to say I most definitely would have done that correct oh thank the listener for Colin and pouring out. So we've got plenty of calls and text which you can now stop because we've set the record straight year. And I think we got through a war and appoint mr. Mitchell. For this. Answer he most assuredly would have gotten cry I'd view I'd you know wanna take the point because I should decline in uniting candidate so I don't deserve the point you know. You actually point. We year officially recording it in our archives as a victory a point for mr. rates so he goes to for theory on this occasion that the industry. So case closed. Hitless. Nine with its before the noon hour a story about my tremble misadventures. So we rushed to the airport. For my parents. How's about a thirty minute drive and I literally. Their right about thirty minutes. You know forget about all this arrive two hours before telling you that do that but. I kind of broke that rule any case sketch of the gate. And they were just starting to abort. So up. Got on the flight. And pulled away everything that was just perfectly fine the usual announcement from the pilot needs. You know may have some thunderstorms. Right and we rise of fifty minute flight this time. And makes you know we stopped. Right next to the terminal at that this does look good we don't normally go this way. Exe you know piloted sciences. We've got a ground stop in Charlotte. Thunderstorms. So. We. Are on hold we cannot take off until. The ground stop has been lifted. So they want Davis at 330 this was that around 230. And one of these it was so funny was the flight attendant. NIC he was kind of flamboyant. The catalyst absolutely hilarious really was. I want to listen this guy because after the announcement from the pilot about. Yes I'm a geek I record things like this from some time to time when I when there's somebody and usually entertaining. So I actually recorded this beef flight attendant. After the pilot said there's a ground stop and everybody courses in a panic because Charlotte being a hub airport. Most people going to Charlotte to go somewhere else. Ands they're worried about their connections they're worried. Well I'm so I'm screwed now. Well. The flight attendant whose name was Bobby decided to. Kind of try to calm some of the fears of the people on board listen up. I almost sounds scary. Doesn't it. No it's in the no I'd get Seth I think Dallas kind of false information on your part because he'd been so flamboyant he's on creepy. And scary colors like Nolan gets into it now that's the beginning of horror movie right there. Until it's what. At that they don't really sense horrified. By the way to advance what would this story. 330 pounds. Pilot it's not a dances a we've still got a ground stop. Knicks updates at 430. I mean I've heard the stories of people being stuck on planes for hours about. While this the first time I am experiencing this first day in fifteen minutes later he gets on and says. Folks. We got a call from dispatch they told us just go back to negate. And get off the plane which is what we did for about 45 minutes Gabbert on. Bottom line we aborted again and took off at 530 and finally got back. And I will tell you that airport was aimed Matt how's. He meant how's everything was delayed or canceled in it was. It was in absolute and a chaotic scene thunderstorms and summer thunderstorms. That's what does it. In circumstances like this. I have to share were Q another music store I came across. And this was actually miss reported. And I that this was kind of intriguing. I was all set to tell coaches you know how many times you see a story you think you know this is. You know it's it's really fun story. Well it wise until we found out it wasn't true it turns out. The original story was. That a flight had to be. You know had to stop because someone let out gas on the plane. Yes this was actually reported as a real story. But it turns out it's not true it was just a medical problem on the plane with one person. But. Some news agency actually reported isn't even for an agencies picked up on this and reported is a real story. And was funny and sometimes. Facts ruin a good story. Which in plenty of times. In the news rooms were used to work believe me at ourselves a great day folks and god bless you take care.