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Good morning welcome to the broadcast here it was 63 W or. Great weekend. In anything special happening. I will talk about my weekend and a bids. And shares some of the adventures and for that matter. Misadventures. I'll give you a little bit of hint involves airline travel. This is that time of year win so many of these horror stories are generated we also have a story. That. Is evidence. That some times media agencies don't get a rights. We're gonna share that's as well during the course of today's broadcast. As always we don't hear your thoughts are 803471. Of 63 that's Ingles advantage talk like number Cummins and retirement planning text line. 713 pitchers haven't can starts. With something good. Especially when it involves. Our young people. Numbers. Like so old here. Boris you young folks. You know because. I'm an old crew. Thanks mister Wright's or appreciate that. Photograph formation. There's a story about what is taking place in Cherokee in Spartanburg counties. This is absolutely great. Especially this time you went so many people. Younger people would be preoccupied with. You know some form of entertainment which there's absolutely nothing wrong especially when you're from school for the whole summer why not exploit that. But we've got thirty churches taking part in what's called the Jerusalem project. Youth leaders in those two caddies. They've actually brought together hundreds of volunteers to repair upstate homes for people in need. It's kind of cool was and it's this has been going on for thirteen years. Weeklong project. It started with 45 kids three churches. It's up to thirty churches now. What they do is they helped dozens of people. Receive assistance each year. They review those requests and identify the ones that are most urgent. We're talking about repairing groups. Building porches and ramps for people with disabilities. And doing some painting. My daughter specially written choice something like that the painting would be kind of fun. And I think it's. Something that. You might want to explore. Especially at this point of the summer maybe you're at a place where you kind of wonder hey what am I gonna do here with junior. You know he's kind of a place worries how I dole. He needs something to do. Maybe you can. Direct him this way. And check. If so if there's a an interest in that I would encourage you to check out. Jerusalem. Projects just like it sounds Jerusalem project dot com feel like it's more information on this. This is the kind of effort. You know I very much believe then. To me life is not about. Coercion. Is about cooperation is about relationships. Not by central government anywhere. You know compelling people to do things in calling it compassion. Or calling it charity. Or calling it a social program whatever it is. It's willing people. Who decide to get involved and do something for somebody else. No I think this is a good quality to build into people. Especially younger people the chiefs of life so Jerusalem project dot com if you decide to get involved in this or you are involved. I would absolutely love to hear from you to hear your story. Of how this works. And what impact it has on your child. The study would be kind of intriguing. To learn more about this. Normally on this broadcast. We. Try to stay away from what I used to be involved in. When I was in the television news business. It where it's you know one of the juror one of the jokes about the station where worked. Was that our call letters stood for we serve only crime. And it's. It kind of felt that way you know when you're that person delivering that news day after day after day and I told you this was further bolstered by my. Concern. After I was outside the TV business when I was on a jury. For a man. Who is accused of rape. And when I step on the jury ended up becoming the Foreman for that particular trial. I saw this whole thing with a joke and and I remembered I remembered the news coverage we did on this story. And how sensational. The coverage was it about this woman being picked up and raped. And I sat on the jury and I saw that story and I thought this has more holes than Swiss cheese in it. This whole story. Obviously the guy was acquitted. Patty get your reputation back after all of that nonsense. Any case. After our broadcast on Fridays you know they're been some real tragedies. Lots of violence in the upstate the past few days. And we're specially disturbed when we see it involves children. One school put out a statements on two students who were killed from forest acres elementary school. I see this picture and I just think to myself. What a heartbreaking. Development. To force elementary. Students shot to death and SATA car Pickens County speedway this happened Thursday night. Little harper evenings. Will grow and Hayden keying in. Nine years old. Harper was five. Their mother found in the side the card debt. Another woman Meredith leave rom of green pro found shot to death in the downtown Greenville parking garage in the shootings related. School district put out a statement on the kids. About how shaken they are for the death to children and parents in the forest acres school community. Paid naif rising fourth grader. At forest acres elementary sister harper. And rolled begin kindergarten this fall. This is just heartbreaking. Arkin prayers and condolences to but their family their friends their classmates and our educators who were touched by their lives. This is just. Absolute positively awful on every. Level. By the wave those of you interested in showing your support. The funeral arrangements have now been set. And she. Those arrangements. Involve a service taking place this afternoon 3 o'clock in the Sullivan king mortuary chapel. Burial it Greenville memorial gardens. This is for that your children. In the family will receive friends from one to three at the mortuary. Does your purchase break when you see this in a whatever scout out with adults it's you know it's it's terrific but it's especially horrific. With children. The service for harper by the way 10 AM. Aunts that's burial will be private it's. And so we're just encouraging keep all of those affected by these terrible tragedy in your prayers the family members. Who were left to wonder what in the world all of this was about and frankly. The reality is you never find anything called closure that's a lot of psychological. Mumbo Jumbo. Let's keep these folks in your prayers and the children. Around. These children who passed away because I'm sure they are. Deeply disturbed and traumatize. Over what's happened wondering what's happened to these people in my age group. And loss of innocence here. We continue the Vince Coakley radio program 15 minutes after 10 o'clock. 40 minutes after 10 o'clock on this Monday morning and hope your days off to a good start here. You've probably been following the developments over the weekend we have the so called. Obamacare repeal. There's so many crazy twists and turns. And one of the big stories of the week and he is the health issues. For one John McCain. Which is now caused Mitch McConnell to. Bring about another delay. He sees its vital league and every single. Solitary. Republican to vote for this thing. They can lose what to. And that's about it. So they really do not have much of a margin. Which is why it is really important absolutely vital. That John McCain who I believe is a yes vote on this. That he is able to to vote. I mean did you is this what you imagined. Several months ago. When we had all the attention and focus on OK we're up house we set it. You know let's get the presidency and we can do all kinds of wonderful things. Blah blah blah by the way on Mitch Mitch McConnell. You know all of these. I'm going to be nice that's it would just thinking here. Interesting story. In fact in New York Times that McCain surgery may be more serious. Then thought according to some experts. They're saying. It may actually delays return to Washington by at least a week or two. Mitch McConnell sorority announced votes at a gold dismantled the affordable care for that again tell mr. McCain's return. A statement released by mr. McCain's office on Saturday suggested you would be in Arizona recovering for just this week. Neurosurgeons interviewed said the typical recovery time could be longer. This doesn't sound really good at all. The statement from McCain's office city two inch blood clot was removed from above his left. During a minimally invasive. Crede out of me with an eyebrow incision. At the Mayo Clinic hospital in Phoenix. This was after routine annual physical. Can I just interject here. Those of you guys within the cinema four ish yes I'm talking user. You have been to a doctor in years. And don't need to go I feel perfectly fine. Go to the doctor. In fact I want you to schedule an appointment now. Don't put it off. I don't even mind if you step away from this broadcast permitted her to. Go make that call. Some of you don't even have doctors yes I'm talking user. You don't even have a doctor. And that's part of your excuse. So go find one. Talk to your friends find out where they eco. And you make an appointment. As soon as you can get into a complete physical. It's amazing how many things are discovered just in that process. Lives have been saved. Just by something as simple was getting physical. Guys are specially bad about this we can be very proud. And foolish people. You know what I'm talking about it. Any case. So this problem was found. Two inch blood clot. That's no joke hopes. Discovered during a routine annual physical. The surgeons are not conducting any interviews on this. There may be more information at some point you know decree the economy is. It gives me a headache just to think about it. In opening of the school. Eyebrow incision would be used to reach a clot in her near the left frontal lobes the brain. Usually blood clot in this area would be very concerning issue. According to doctor Rubin back Sheehan assistant professor of nurse surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine New York City. Gillen this the recovery time for crane the army is usually a few. Weeks. Statement from the Mayo Clinic hospital said the senator is recovering well and good spirits at home. And the tissue pathology reports would come back and several days. But I remind you this doctor saying not his stature but an expert on this as. You know this is not the kind thing you should. Expect to come back after a week that's a few weeks recovery time. Those who do not know. And someone not find it shocking at all actually had brain surgery. Just 2002. Fifteen years ago pretty amazing. And there were some recovery time for that. Just the invasive procedure it has an impact it really does. And that was when I was much younger. Can imagine John McCain how all the seat. I mean that this. Is pretty serious business. Usually blood clot like this is discover when patients have symptoms whether it's a seizure headaches or weakness or speech difficulties. Generally not found not a routine physical because doctors would not note to look for it. The cause of the club has not been disclosed possibilities include a fall or blow to Ed a stroke or certain brain changes associated with aging. Wrote the mr. McCain is eighty years old. So. Have this kind of procedure at this stage of life. That's a big deal. And detector. Says here the brain surgery does explain a lot Vincent. Other and say here hey Vince did they give you a good wouldn't. She I knew it was opening myself up for all kinds of jokes here. But I have fun with that I set that up by cue that up for you folks. Because I don't mind having. Q were in my own expense. Not a problem at all. It's so. Entertaining. To see in the least. This sets up our discussion about. The health care debate. And Eudora stand on this thing so I'm not gonna beat a dead horse. But I really appreciated the assessment of one Rand Paul for the weekend. About this bill by the way I don't think mister Rand Paul is going to be room reliable votes on this. In fact he says he doesn't believe the senate will repeal obamacare passed health care replacement bill anytime soon. That was his assessment on this yesterday. Bottom line. Mitch doesn't have the votes. Real problem is we won four elections on repealing obamacare. But this bill keeps most of Obama cares taxes keeps most the regulations. Keeps most of the subsidies create something Republicans have never been for. And that's a giant insurance bailout Superfund. That's not a Republican idea to give taxpayer money to a private industry that already makes fifteen billion dollars in profit. There you have it folks. Did you love the annual or what's phrase on Friday if you listen to this broadcast. Was he college venture socialism. That is a great phrase. That's exactly what's taking place. Insurers Russian. When asked by Chris Wallace what course of action Republicans should take should they fail. Paulson just they repeal obamacare and it's taxes regulations and mandates then worry about passing replacement bill later how many times. Has this been communicated. In recent days and weeks currently it's following on their fears to by the people who. Are allegedly serving you. My friend Billy posted this on social media this morning I'd love this. Are heard on NPR this morning the reason Ted Cruz health care amendment is worst in the age HCA. Is because healthy individuals will be able to get their health care much cheaper and people with preexisting conditions or other health issues will have to pay more. Okay. Isn't that the way it's supposed to work yes Billy that's exactly the way it's must work. 80347163. Or text line it is 71307. On the Vince Coakley radio program. Urban talking about these so called obamacare repeal. A little more detail on the discussion with Rand Paul yesterday. Also gonna have an update on the Charlie guard story a couple of big developments on this today. Eight I keep coming back to you said this news. You know in the in the world that should be. We should really never know about the story. Other than. This family doing fund raisers. To. Help with medical care that should be the only story. The fact that this is gonna roll these courtrooms. And all of these bureaucrats are involved in this decision making process and judges in courtrooms. I it it just blows my mind. That there's not a universal. Ride outcry from people all around the world. To leave this couple alone. I don't know how much. More simple you can make this thing. We would dress this year bit. First we go Gordon the text line to catch up with some of the items there. Its way to we've been have a US senate the House of Representatives passes a health care bill. And they sent it to the senate and the senate throws it in the trash and says we can do a better job than they do nothing as usual again. They may do something. Mean that be the wrong with great thing. Please can I get started on the president again we know you voted for Hillary that is from man. And I'm so sorry. That you. Have really been. An Arab did you put your head completely in the orange. Who label. Or bats. It because that's that's really what's. Seems to be going on here. You've also helped me with little project. For column I'm going to write at some point. This this is sad and and I am not offended and that she would say this I'm more disturbed. That you're worship in a generation of this man is so extreme you sit on the edge of your seat. Literally on the edge of your seat worried. That someone is going to say something negative about dear leader. That's not occurred. Just saying. Gerald would like to know why John McCain didn't go to a VA hospital. Vince I wonder if they found any gray matter while they were poking around that old man's head. That's terrible. A texture rudin because I had some strong words for those few men especially who have not gotten physical. It's they can't afford to go for physical obamacare raced my insurance from 400 dollars a month over a thousand only goodness. But he 101000 dollar deductible. If I die from something. That would have been discovered in a routine physical and it's obamacare that killed me. That is crazy. But I understand where you're coming from man. By the way they've I would just encourage you to explore and I mean you know your plan better the night you most of the time. Physicals are covered. For no charge. At least that's. What I've experienced with most of these plans so please check it out. Just humor RA ticket out. Also on the text line let's see what else we have here. Vince's sounds like perfect timing on McCain's surgery to not have to vote in the senate. I'm wearing my tin foil that's. Spinning out his medical history CT scan could be part of his annual physical the CT scans one of the best tools. For detecting that clot. Vince as EG VT blood clot survivor I wholeheartedly agree with your encouragement for folks to get it checked out dvds and Pete he's. Pulmonary embolism news affect thousands. The symptoms can easily be ignored or unnoticed until something serious happens. Yeah. People with higher health catastrophe risk pay higher to insure that risky on her out. And now an amazing. About your dollar. That very very few of the so called vulnerable people. That are being talked about even have health insurance. What else do we have here. Picture saying you're seen as previous texture I'm 26 year old appears old can't afford insurance. 450 dollars a month. Obamacare may be uninsured. Many times too I see these stories. This is not good. Good thing mr. Clinton and McCain is not having emirates surgery they would find Lindsey Graham. And you are so raw and that is so terrible. I was gonna make a comment along the lines that attaches to a rice about it. Eight years ago my physical was free the labs were free and only at 45 dollar deductible six years ago the fiscal still free labs went up to an excess. Of 600. Dollars you've got to be kidding me. That this is out of control. Way way out of control. Another texture saying if you very I don't know if you've ever said who you voted for but if you don't mind who did you vote for. I did communicate that. That I did voted for. Donald Trump. So there. I hope that is helpful. For you knew that. Another texture singer lists the Rand Paul yesterday about the Republican reform to health care he's right the majority of these are lazy. Dread to come up. They've heads I assume years to come all there it is years to come with a good health care plan of how about seven. It's pretty sad isn't it this is the best they could do. Folks this is not about health care it's not about insurance. It's about control that's what it's about about. Job security. It's about campaign contributions form from pharmaceutical companies. Big health care companies. That's what it's about. That is it. As we continue to broadcast we will talk more about this take your calls 803 for 7163 or text line. It is 71 threes are seven as I mentioned walls have an update on the Charlie guard situation. Students. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock instructor Mike good morning welcome. Thank you. Are low spots. Old about all our. Car. And our. You know about it real. Well out there are probably the best and but. It hurt our trust and the most. Much like I don't. About it. I doubt. How. Church arsons. A low water we get out surge. And 08. George. Yeah college ball. But. Such holes over it people you are what our process. I. Actually no doc each. And ought. And all or old remedies actually help. But it all he does indeed users. Watched. An edit medication which cannot. All. That is how. You call. All I. Got the ball up at barber are. All about it. I'm. Engine quit clock. They're not. Ocean solemn crowd. And done. And they ask leaks in all it took mortality. It better then I watched it or saving people can't stop it so. Off. Most. Decades. But. Also all. About what. Are that the last. The book. Should. Don't work I discovered. A year ago one of four children got. Want more. YouTube. Or are you more more all. People. 80s90s. It. And you don't expect and eat it but are you want that one person about. What to expect. Some. Walker yeah. And called oak. Surgeons a couple. Wow. That is pretty interesting and I make sure I understand I don't wanna put words in your mouth like it. A lot of this is sure you're just basically he's on the part of that you're suggesting. We just let nature take its course. The court. At. All. Let go are you provide you. Walk out of them. Okay. That's a pretty interest in perspective. And how can I carefully say this. You know because there's a sense of which I embraced part of what Mike has communicated here. It's a good part of it in the sense that. I am and I'm not against doing everything you can't be healthy and get all of that. But there's a part of me that also believes in the sovereignty of god. And I've seen this work both ways I've seen people who. They eat anything and everything they have absolutely no filter when it comes to diet. And some of these folks have lived over a hundred. I mean think about all of the oil and you know Allard all the other stuff that people have taken in in previous generation's. Answer to these folks have lived long lives. On the other hand. I've seen people who are fit as a fiddle as the expiration grows. In their thirties or forties out exercising and they dropped dead. It happens folks. So I ate. I do ultimately. Over arching in all of this. I definitely believe that there is a place where. I think the there's a divine plan here. Search that figures into this. Now I can't know for certain what that he is time wise. But he does he knows. George get about a minute minute and a half year good morning sir. Yes target that let guys. So I job I can make you happy genetics that old different subject and what I called I'll let you know we're bait from the dust that year plus water. And that state who were full and Rangel what you citizen right into what he says Israel I've been. I think part of supplement I don't eat anything you didn't organic non GM well my my blood work almost 56 is great on the medal. Well you know guide smoked like a freak should be it is one longer under water and I can't. So while it's easy but anyways it's hard they Charlie goes on. I think we all do better when this country in the UK is way ahead of what's in this part turn away from god goes. An abortion that. If we're gonna slowly. Lose our humanity toward each other yet and the bigger the stick the bigger mistake it's especially when you can't. He's cardinals have taken it over your your summary before you went to the break was right on the money at all while control. It's all about money in the bigger picture with the state. They start to see everything as a threat to their power. You're actually right where up against time here hard break George thanks for your college Stu talk again soon. Carter were two straight ahead.