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And Monday morning welcome to the broadcast it to be back with you here and what a 63 WO our team. Lots of interesting things to talk about today in the news ants. A little commentary as well. One item I'm very eager to share with you coming up in the next hour. And let me just give UA. Preamble to what I won't communicate the next hour. It's about us. About we the people. So part of my appeal is let's put aside all of the discussion about this leader and that leader and all the other stuff because. My goal. And my focus is for us to talk about. Who we are and where we're going. That's coming up in the next hour. How was your weekend for you fathers how was your Father's Day. It was cool. Having an opportunity to experience the the blessing of my children for children came and fans. Also. Just recognized. Father's Day at bank to me as a dead. Including eight Q after the teacher. That says adult fish. Went with that means. The questioning whether amid an adult. Just curious. Maybe blunt as some insights on matters to. What's going on there. Sounds like in the in and as soon as reference. Oh. They what reference news shows. Hello. I'm is just the man but they got a teacher day one inch yes in my eight and what's funny is my daughter dies. Become interest it is and WW year recently she really enjoys. The the women wrestlers she is start watching whatever their on. Suggested that we once I want you to let me know so I can come and watch too. So let's thing was she would have enjoyed last night and she did that's what I hear so I noticed the communication between you and Zach I assumed yesterday evening. And I deliberately did not read because I about these guys might actually put out spoiler. Well now nobody responded to me so I was on my own so so organized so we are in the same boat as you probably welcome it's good ignorance is bullets. Oh goodness there's upon in there isn't there. Ignorance is endless wrestler. Us anyway. As we move line. I want to start off with something that I think is it its captive Yuri it's kind of chilling it's scary. But a poke ball. I think it's a wonderful story of God's Greece and protection. You armor last week. Last week. When we had all the chaos that courage. Surrounding the baseball practice. The Republican baseball practice. Were Steve's release and several others were shot. And that morning. I was in touch with. Congressman Jeff Duncan who came. Out of that practice left early. Just. Since that it was time to leave. And ended up having an an encounter. With the shooter. The guy asked you know is this Republican nerd or Democrat. Team that's practicing now. Will that encounter. Becomes even more interesting in light of the story that came out on Friday. Jeff don't consider this to me either story the link for this story on Friday and I remember reading this now my first impulse was to. Just skim through it and now I'll just read this later. But when actually read the story about all my goodness. This is pretty scary. And you'll understand why. When we. Go into the details of this story. Rips it to you. It is just God's grease that we've not had. More catastrophic things happen in this country in regard to terrorism. And other things do you think it's luck. I don't happen to believe that. Daily caller story assassination list. Around on James hodgkin's since body. The guy who opened fire and dozens Republican congressman and staffers at baseball practice in Alexandria Virginia on Wednesday. Had a list to Republican names in his pocket recovered by the FBI. And this would certainly confirm the idea this was not a random outburst. But a premeditated political assassination attempt. This list was written now. On notepad paper found in the shooters pockets. List of names. Included Alabama representative Mo Brooks. Arizona representative Trent franks. Ohio representative Jim Jordan Tennessee's Scott's. I believe this pronounced. Delirious. Virginia representative Morgan Griffith. End. South Carolina representative Jeff Duncan. All six congressman. Members of the house freedom caucus. So this wasn't just to targeting of Republicans it was a targeting of conservatives. The FBI contacted congressman to inform them of their inclusion on the list. Among them representative franks confirm to Fox News law enforcement officials have told him. He is on that list. Pretty scary stuff wouldn't you say. And it really reaffirms. What was communicated by Jeff on this program. When we tarts from last week. One of things I so appreciate about Jeff beyond the political values. The fact that he communicated several times during that interview last week. He was giving god the glory for protection. Imagine this. And in talking with Jeff over the weekend one of things he indicated he's not sure whether the guy just simply didn't know who he was. When they talked. And to think. That they actually encountered one another face to face. And he was actually on this hit list. He had the opportunity. To do harm to. Congressman Jeff Duncan. Did not do so. For whatever reason we do not know ends we will never know in this life. But we can be very thankful. For the fact. The congressman Jeff Duncan was not harmed. Business and chills down your spine. It certainly does for me. Much more come as we continued Vince Coakley radio program 14 minutes after 10 o'clock coming out. Escalation of tensions. With Syria. Can somebody explain to me what the world we're doing over there what is the purpose. Is this going to end up a situation. Where we are dried in deeper and deeper and set off a world war. We've got to get your thoughts 80347163. That's the Eagles advantage to Auckland number. Robinson retirement planning tech slide 71 preachers at. Well here's an interesting item supreme court's. We're expecting a number of decisions to come it's here's one. Supreme Court says the government cannot refuse to register trademarks that are considered offensive. This is a ruling just out today. It's a win win for an Asian American rock band called this Lance. And gives a major boost the Washington Redskins and their separate legal fight over the team's name. The justices said part of a lot of bars the government from registering disparaging remarks. Disparaging trademarks violates free speech rights. The slant stripe to trademark the name in 2011. The US Patent and Trademark Office denied the request on the ground the name discourages Asians. Federal appeals court in Washington later said the law banning. Offensive trademarks is unconstitutional. The Redskins made similar arguments after the Trademark Office canceled the team's trademark back in 2015. Another form of tyranny. Thanks to the Obama administration. Slapped down. Pretty resoundingly. Which I think is absolutely awesome. You're welcome to weigh on this as well storage is developing this morning instructor Chris good morning welcome the broadcaster. While some. You know. K I might hear something. Similar to what happened there's this baseball thing you know I have waited bill that he did an. I have to ask a couple of questions. And it Warren would be if you hated so it was so much. You don't know what they're based what it's like. To hear that you're walking or. It takes somebody out you have your own. Aka Larry is that how you get out pretty sure he could say you're crazy. They're good at making ships especially in there Lou Reed looking at work. And jury. Please people. Research MK ultra. What does that get me what are you ruse saying that we should research. MK ultra. And be very accurate. All right I'm not sure that I can actually understand the what you're saying. That there are in this seems very strange that. Someone would go into. A baseball gamer anywhere. To take somebody out say if you're paid and you get your your target. I did I do get that point that you raised IQ I don't know if it's our phone connection. But I understand what you're saying you we you'd think we got to search. MK ultra. You noted that no boat rockers such a war on the list. And then there again think Wendy Gramm was definitely not on the list it's been like all all the boat rockers were there. That is kind of interesting hey do appreciate your call and there's nothing wrong with being as devil's advocate along those lines of this does go to Vermont I thought the same thing at dot. What is sickened here you walk by but. Can we just rejoice in the good part of the story for whatever reason maybe the guy's a total moron. And he had names. But he had no idea who these two people were what they look like. To know. And as I said it it's likely we will never know. Let's go out to Mike good morning Mike. Barrymore spent like two Corey share. Thank you that's a great question at hand. You know. Citizenry its earliest armed citizen and there's the world. America's founders were very very. These care or allow. Government ever get to deploy words constantly seeking foreign cracked and sore point. Who finished off over a hundred Jeter's base my diet. Barely got it. The last eight. Additionally focus. On talk rally salute a flat. Last person but you know we don't legal world most. People abroad she sorely cook up some. What distraught about. The news quite. And they start a course in Kabul where the tune in the criminals AK eight seat. It would not end well so. Avery straightforward here's to you you seem to be saying here bike that all of these things that are going on these interventions we've engaged in. They're distractions. Away from what really matters. Absolutely I thought so little destruction. Are. Out somebody older whose car that's merely. A little bit of its goals. It's call it's been a hot slash cost not cost. Slash cars. Government allow all these terrorist and urged girls you don't shoot country. It ourselves. Yet without something happened anywhere in the world. Basically would get more your liberties and order them so we can more. In the name looks great and should. Yet that's exactly Mike you I could not have said this better and I do appreciate call I would encourage use while listen to the next hour. Because I'm gonna talk more about these things that we have let slip. And yes I've said week. Because we the people have let these things slipped. I should read your book by the way as somewhat of a hint of what we will delve into. It is somewhere in my stack my collection of books probably about twenty or so of them in the middle of it's called 5000 year leap that book is. Just full of all kinds of GM's we're gonna share portion of that in the next hour. But I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine. I was just conversing with over social media is catching up this remind has been in China for a while working. Asking K what's going and you know which kind of briefly catching each other up and what's happening. And I just made the statement him. That I believe in this country freedom. Is really not a priority anymore. Both parties you've got people who white stuff. You know the liberals want to deliver. Things out of the treasury. The transfer of wealth from one group of people to another. So called Republicans. I think are looking for power plays. They're looking for. Strong leaders to fix this or that. Self governance is down the drain. And we keep getting distracted by all of this circus performances that are going on including. As Mike was describing here what's going on with Syria right now. Let's talk about this because this is. I think pretty serious business. You're here with Russia's communicating this morning. They're going to Sri US jets in Syria as targets. After America gunned down the first regime warplanes. From Syria. This discuss the diplomatic problem affecting communication channel between Washington and Moscow. Was supposedly being suspended immediately. The defense ministry said the change in position would apply to all aircraft including those operating as part of the US backed coalition. What is this US backed coalition and what the heck are we doing over there what is our purpose. Whose side are we on. This this makes no sense whatsoever. You'll also suspend hotline between Russia and the US set up to prevent midair collisions will that's brilliant. So what's gonna happen we have a mid air collision. Or rush issued stabbed one of our planes. Where does that go from here. In a statement the ministry said all kinds of airborne vehicles including aircraft in UA visa international coalition detected to the west of the Euphrates River. Will be tracked by the Russian Sam systems as air targets. That's pretty golden should think. They're basically saying. We dare you. Washington said the jets had dropped a bomb steer US backed forces but Damascus that the plane was down while flying a mission against. Ices militants. Well which one is. See in this is supposed to placate us oh we were going after ices. So we should know shut that plane down I would make your argument we shouldn't shot the plane doubt because we shouldn't be over there in the first place. My goodness folks. Kind of reminds me. The conversation I had in fact I spoke at a let's just say non intervention rally several years ago. And one of my comments I shared my wife. Used this line when you get on a plane the flight attendant always tell issue what do you do. If there is a problem with the plane in the mask come down put on your all the mask before you help others. Folks. We need to put our own mask son. It's time to start. Trying to. Help ourselves and bring ourselves to health. Rather than chasing people around the world and trying to fix their problems. And we have enough for Borough in love to get your thoughts 80347163. Text line 713 years seven. It's amazing what goes on during the breaks. My AF friend respect from China. Is curious once to listen in next hour because they've given me. And about. What I will talk about. By the way I think he would qualify as being game millennial. I think. I have to ask my daughter after she will probably know. He did in that category in any case. Looking your thoughts and things we've discussed so far we've talked about the very fortunate story for cars and Jeff Duncan effect and although he was on the hit list. The shooter. Apparently didn't even recognize him. Or whatever reason did not target him. We also talked about fact Syria. That situation seems to be deteriorating now with a threat from Russia to shoot down. Possible American planes as well. And were racing the broader question. Why the heck we over there in the first place. Also during the break interacting with. Congressman Thomas Massie who who will join us some time later this week to discuss this he and several others. Are also calling for a conversation. Hearings to discuss. Whether we should even be involved in Afghanistan as well so we'll talk about both these stories because I think they're very much related. I think we're at a point where. Seriously we do you have to start. Looking at our own Republican asking the question. What what is the real priority right now you know and and honestly I was discussed in this by wife this morning. I've been discussed at member I told you I'm I've gotten the point I'm really sick of Fox News as well. The focus on just nonsense like this hold trump investigation stuff pro and against mirror I told you a few months ago. One of my concerns. That this entire discussion. That's gonna suck up all the energy and attention is going to be pro and against drop. And what is going on right now. You know a few days ago didn't I remember correctly Chara was saying something about. Being under investigation and now his lawyers command said he's not under investigation. Which is it. I would report really don't care. And the point where I'm I'm just seeing so much of this is white noise it's distraction it goes back to what our caller said a few minutes ago Mike. In talking about these foreign engagements. I think it's the same thing crisp and all folk. Writer for conservative review on this program few days ago. Remember the theory he had about this. He wonders whether Republicans. Are also enjoying this distraction. Of this investigation as well. Because it hides the fact. That they're not doing what they're supposed to. Amy talk about weapons of mass distraction. That's really where we are. What do we take a look at the day in history lines those favorite segment of the broadcast. There we go first back to 1862. This horrible practice. Outlawed. In all of the territories of this country in 1862. What was it over the year 1862. What was this horrible practice that caused so much trouble in this country. Man that's that's not really narrowing anything does this punishment for something when it what is I mean. You gotta give me a little progress abolish this spots wisely my mom that their ego and you get that when. Also 1885. This. Very prominent. Very prominent. Landmark. Arrives in boxes from France. Not to liberty New York. You return so far this one is going to be more difficult I don't think you're gonna know these people's names. But 1953. They were executed for conspiring to sell our atomic secrets to the Soviets. It's Koppel. Nine. I figured you would notice you have to be really super history geek to notice Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. OK would you have known. Yeah I was familiar with these folks they I've dense extensive reading on what they did. And and again so you're saying you're smarter than me no I say I'm everyone already knew you know I'm saying have a Schuker super history geek. And that's the only reason that I was familiar with the story when she says the name it's on from them. Yeah I I'm sure because I'm sure at some point in American history you probably covered this store which hole. That again today the not so sure while remember if it's not like it's in any time in the recent past when I think history though. Yes I and so that's why said this year super duper history Keats. Probably not going to remember these things. Or reminds you coming up the next hour. I'm gonna talk about. A very important subject that relates to where we are as a people and again. I think it's important to keep emphasizing that he is the primary. Subject. That we will delve into also discuss the subject of what's going on with. Syria and Afghanistan. With an analyst who is very familiar with the area. And we're gonna have a conversation about its. An important election going on tomorrow by the way. Couple important races going on tomorrow one of those in Georgia. There's the real concern at factors a sense of panic among Republicans about. The seat that should be very easily won by Republican. Republican analysts. Are very concerned about the possibility of losing that seat tomorrow. There's also a south Carolina's fifth congressional district. You've got a primary tomorrow actually not a primary you've got a special election. And it is very important issue up to vote remember what happened last time. The margin with just a few hundred votes. So don't play around of this stuff folks. Put it on your calendar now go out and vote. We continue to Vince Coakley radio program it's 1045. And we can see the broadcast you're 10 minutes before 11 o'clock. If you are a person who's concerned about the future of the country you want to figure out it's what is it we need to focus on to bring things back into alignment. Because I'm just gonna tell you I'm gonna be very blunt. Because right now I do not seek any. Leadership right now in this country. Crawling masses of people to embrace what I'm gonna talk about the next hour. Not a single darn person. Now there are people who are. You know what I've said this before. There's a minority of members of congress and a few others I have agreed to respect for they stand on the things I'm gonna talk about next hour the problem is. They don't have much of a voice. All of the energy in the room all of the attention. Is being grabbed by people. Who were pushing some other agenda. So coming up next our I'm gonna talk abouts. What we need to return to you and how we do that. You know and and if the risk of sounding like a martyr here IE. Very much feel like a voice in the wilderness I really do. Because the things that really matter. Are largely ignored. Any case. Before I reveal too much more. About what I will talk about. I want to delve into. This story I've already kind of touched on this briefly. But there's a very interesting Politico story. That came out last week GOP sirens blare over Georgia special election. Republicans bracing for the possibility of an unnerving defeat. They're concerned about a possible loss in the Georgia special election. And they're saying this could have far reaching implications for prison Donald Trump and his party's fortunes next year. Grim coveted two polling data circulating among GOP strategists interviews with nearly two dozen Republican operatives and officials reveal. They're preparing for the possibility of an unnerving defeat. Tickets per lawmakers to distance themselves from trump. And is already troubled legislative agenda. And potentially encourage a wave of retirements. If I can interject here. If this means getting rid of it's more old bogeys. Out of congress who I say praise god go home retire. At this point no one's writing off handles chances. Completely. They say she remains competitive. There's robust GOP early voting figures several private surveys taken over the last few weeks shoe Republican nominee Karen Handel trending downward. One private party poll showing thirty year old Democrat John soft opening up they more than five point lead. In the Republican oriented suburban Atlanta seat. This is good folks. And I sure hope this is just premature panic. This person. Chip lake a Georgia based Republican strategist former capital chief of staff who we're losing upper middle class suburban seats in the south to a thirty year old progressive liberal. We will be foolish not to be deeply concerned about the possibility. There exist for a tidal wave election for Democrats in 28 team. Some fear that. Catalytic effect the GOP loss would have a democratic opposition. Which has been raising money recruiting candidates at a breakneck pace. Since trumps inauguration. Randy Evans an influential Republican National Committee banned from Georgia. If far south wind you're going to see the floodgates opened with Democrats recruiting candidates in races from governor. The county commission. The president shoulder some of the blame for the GOP's predicament. While Trappist weeded repeatedly about the race and fund raise for handle last week vice president Mike Pence was dispatched the district to appear with handle handle straight. Fate in the polls has coincided with the ratcheting up of Trump's rusher related troubles where what a coincidence. According to one private survey provided by GOP group. GOP group folks trumps approval rating of the district dropped from 54% to 45% since February. Striking the client for president's been in office for less than five months. You know if I can just interject here. This is one of the things they think it's just dumb. You know I think a member of congress ought to run on a campaign. For the district. This this this whole thing folks. It goes to the heart of what I was just talking about a few minutes ago how screwed up our week. That this all becomes a referendum on a person and that's really what they've turned this since you. Are us office running against drop. And dole is running. As a surrogate. Ford truck. Public having candidates run on the constitution. And restoring our country. Any case I sure hope this information is wrong. And there's not a loss in that particular district and I reminded you again. Closer to home does view in south Carolina's fifth congressional district show up to vote. Did you know. Was the figure about five or 6% of the people showed up for the primary devotes. Folks who are we kidding. When we kidding insure up to vote. Coming of next hour we'll talk more about what is happening in Syria Afghanistan also. Very important words abouts how we move forward what we need to focus on in this country will talk about it next hour stay were it is.