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And good Monday morning good to be back with you here and what a 63 WORD I am Vince Coakley. And she. Boy was that a surprise. Was as surprised lines though. It was definitely a surprised it's. Awesome surprise. Were referring of course to what happened yesterday that. It's pretty funny watching. And reading through so many social media posts were people are saying their brackets have been completely blown up. Because so many people were expecting duke to win. In fact. That was the well in that particular bracket. That was the second thing that was blown up I called Maryland. And it didn't listen you wanna start off by bragging Callahan and started solo you know what I do that I listen you need to fill it out there need to let everybody know how well you do we over the weekend we will get there eventually. Oh. I thought about this game first is I know you were watching. Tell tell me about the game itself what. What. What was the defining. Characteristic of this game and as to why this win total the totally against what people were expecting what I think at. It comes down to south Carolina's defense and how well that they're able to defend the other team and and and a smothering defense. There form well is awesome and they had some guys who hit shots last night but mostly I don't think. The duke it played a defense like this and if they play like that the rest of the way who knows what South Carolina condensed. Would it be wild if they go all the way. Ought to be awesome I you know again I don't think it's gonna happen no one thought it would happen that makes it even that. Can you call South Carolina Cinderella I I guess I was yeah questioner is gonna post here. I mean they're they're oddly the seventh seed not expected to. Do a lot of people thought they would lose against Marquette in the first game Friday but they they were able to win that. I had heard speculation that was possibility the South Carolina could could be duped because of their defense. So from some people who know a lot more about college basketball and I do and a those guys were right. I characterized. In this particular story referring to be furious second half push. Too upset second seeded duke 88 to 811. Of the biggest wins in South Carolina men's basketball history. Now. There are for and this is a historic run their first appearance the sweet sixteen since the adjournment field expanded back in the 1980s. That is a long time ago. You're a talk about a lot of pent up frustration a lot of pent up. Anticipation. And excitement it it's all loose now. There's no question about this gamecocks struggled a friend a shot early in the first half the gamecocks shot. Just 20% from the field 17%. From three. And as you mentioned. The FCC player of the years in various storm well let all the scores with 1111. At the break. So what this is pretty extraordinary. I mean day there I've never seen so many dejected duke fans I mean it's all over social media. Now all I you know I had a press pass I went Friday it was their most today Friday but I have some back problems and sitting where I was which the seats were awesome go to my FaceBook page you'll see that we were actually won before. I mean lob or in the seats a deal we were there are banned whales. Basically wells were to ban says it's. I don't know what they're called and I consider him wells went either side of the hoop or boast on both sides so wall the bands are on opposite sides. The other half is MP. So we were sitting right there like a couple feet from the floor and so I mean I was able to watch a ton of basketball Friday. But due to. A herniated disc and it just messed me up so bad I can go last night and I feel. I could have been there in the middle volatile you know I tell home. Yeah and it's yet and I hills like two guys who were there so I mean it was it it was an awesome experience for me and I can't imagine. The reason I bring this up is when I was leaving Friday. On. Discuss likened hang anymore there was a sea of duke blue coming in for the Friday game yeah I had never seen so many do people before. On and then watching the crowd last night and one green. It's seem pretty even. Lot of South Carolina fans and a lot of North Carolina fans that stayed. Just to boo duke so it would kill when must arrival. Google then and they got to see the arrival lose and now I'm Brock in my South Carolina sweatshirt today and am pretty proud of what they were able to do last night. You know other angle of this the big lead posted this duke got burned by north Carolina's HB two bathroom law. Here's how this is being characterized. The blue the Blue Devils with a higher seed but they were they significant disadvantage playing in Greenville it was a de facto home game for the gamecocks. This game is there an initially scheduled for Greensboro,. North Carolina. Which is less than that hour drive from Duke's campus. And as you know. This was moved from the state response to north Carolina's house bill two bathroom law. Which requires transgender people to use the bathrooms corresponding to the sex and their birth certificates you have to wonder today is coach K. Is he. More so than before cursing house built to. It's a thing events both boats that home court stuff both so blunter crap when you're out there playing on. On the court or in the field you can hear the crowd some of the crowd's not affecting you. Then the fact that they played her had nothing do with why they lost they lost because they got beat by a better defense has nothing to do with the ground. Are ready. And so bringing it on this Monday morning so let's talk about healthy brackets are doing. Because. You know there there's some interest in peace prize surprises over the weekend. So well where do you stand mr. it's here's. Thing. I don't know if you on Mina. I've been on top before and I'm wondering how you handle being on top events or are you are you are you have gracious. Leader or are you or someone who who gloat and looks down on the rest of us I can't wait to hear how you handle the fact. That you are so far ahead of a me a here you can't be that far yet you wore on I got 92. And from what I hear you're ten points better than. Yes. 102 points. And I am ranked locally at number six team. Sixteen to that is awesome. I'm ranked on a hundred you know and now I'm pretty pleased with that in a line because from what I can tell on beating the other sports guys. I yes that's good very good. You know eight. Each CN I don't know how that all of this works because I'm why do we know in general but I'm looking at it's you know two particular. Well for for instance is as we were talking about on Friday. I'd Natalie picked duke I also picked lower ago. And you know I picked both those teams too so each each round the point totals as more because our last games. So they'll be separation or in your case there might be some people come back to you which he got a pretty decent lead. On but I think a lot of people picked duke. A lot of people picked Villanova and you know that. Was a pretty big upset a lot of people pick Louisville so is your final four intact mine is now. No it is not. That's you know duke was part of that so. But and back milieu chant your championship team is still in it well here here's in his own mind here's the deal. It's new habits he was in the final four are gone now which is really. You know is it really only leaves me one path to possible victory. And if they lose at any point this thing's gotten. By the way you. That's not out of the ordinary I think probably. I don't know price 90% of the country. Has. Only two people left in their final 42 teams. I'm in same boat as you only have two teams left in the final four. But they team I picked the winner chairmanship stolen it same with few Alonso brand by the way still alive and well. UCLA winning last night Alonso brand needs to win so they can Kamal Alonso T shirts. The one. 803476. Theory that's Eagles advantage stock and number. And since retirement planning to excellent 71 threes are seven if you like Doug about. He surprises over the weekend if you wanna glow you can do that too. Right here the Vince Coakley radio for granted fifteen. Ari Jerrold. Take it away woody have forced this morning. Good morning how are expecting the page they are you to be dugout on the radio call will be an urgent longer. Anyway I don't maybe we need to start cult in a lot of little more on total losers. All old man. I. You as well sir. Our guidelines though you can I've used that. Shows you what a great sport and I am because I you know I could have cut them off I can dump them and it would have been like he'd never was on there that technology and dole would ever know we're at right no one would Samper. Me you and him that would have been the ones that would have known and indeed the school I mean they're good sport. It as hey Gerald absolutely right. You know there's there can be only one winner and right now and it's few old players listened as it's currently is not only is he better believe year. You're right on the money and it's lasting I'm gonna do is gloat. I can assure you that it here's the thing you know Chris is beating me right now that bothers me more than that scare you. But it would also point out Chris and he's probably listening title and a week I could care less but he is not a sports guy at all and you are not really done much of a sports guy either and it goes into that thing where. Where people pretty much say you don't have to be a sports fan to win this. You don't. Exactly and they and we mentioned especially the bracket challenge going on there are prices before winning crisis along the way. So there's there's ultimately. It's a win win situation so. See here's the thing going keep that when you think you know something about something in you over think it. If you don't know that much about it he does go with your gut your heart whatever and that's it you know if you do well good if you don't oh well. But there are some people who think their experts and it in the they've taken a little too hard. Yeah. I hear you man so. We will see how laden how everything shakes out here in the coming days for the bracket challenge. One of that you lionized some developing news at this hour. Congress has now started a hearing there is a congressional committee. The House Intelligence Committee. And there's are given the statements. In fact right now the ranking member is speaking. But. At the outset of this representative Devin newness who's chairman. Of the permanent select committee on intelligence. Started off saying there's no evidence of collusion between Russia and the trump campaign. That was the statement that was made at the very beginning of this hearing. During the course of this hearing this morning. We were actually hear from FBI director James call me. An NSA director. Admiral Mike Rogers they will testify. About allegations Russia medal in the US election. Now you ice sheet correctly here James called me is in the spotlight. There's a camera on him I don't know if he's about ready to make his opening statement or not perhaps. If were able to will try to join in when he starts talking hear what he has Tuesday. But that is going on at this hour. We will continue to follow it for anything significant develops from this. We of course will be quick you bring that to you along with Fox News during the course of the morning. Also going on this morning. We have. The another important set of hearings. That are under way the senate. Judicial committee. They will meet to determine whether to propelled judge neo course edged to the US Supreme Court. 11 o'clock this morning. Chairman Chuck Grassley will gavel this particular committee the judiciary committee to order. For the course it's confirmation hearings. The entire day's expected to be spent. With opening statements by the committee members. Translation. Blow creating. Corset to be the sole witness before the committee tomorrow and Wednesday. Giving millions of Americans an opportunity to hear the nominee in his own words. Then they went outside witnesses testifying for the committee on Thursday. Friendly and hostile witnesses I'm kind of curious and I am sure you are swell. What sort of hostile witnesses are they going to bring against core search. In one of the things I think has been learned in recent years especially after the Bork Keaton. That took place. Back in the eighties. There's been a lot more concerted effort to find very. Low key. Quiet. And people with. I guess not much of a record. There's the opportunity. To use for inflammatory purposes. I think just looking at new of course how the world can you demonize this guy. But believe me when it comes to the left they will figure out away I guarantee you are going to figure out. When you have somebody like Chuck Schumer on the other side. You can expect this to get ugly. He's arguing the current federal appeals judge harbors a right wing pro corporate special interest agenda. However. This story by bright board indicates there's no line of attack its gains significant traction. The polished and G Neil Colorado native appears on a clear path to confirmation and I would daresay. They're going to be a number of Democrats who probably vote. Forest confirmation that's what I expect. The tentative plans call for committee vote on the nomination on April 3 the White House and senate Republicans hope to have a final vote. All the forces confirm course it's on April 10. In time for new justice to Spain's supreme court's last two weeks sitting of this annual term that begins on April 17. So. Look at you know look for the usual. Methods of character assassination. That it's you know these methods that are typically employed by the Democrat party. But I think you're gonna have very difficult time with this guy. So we hope. 80347163. Or text line 713 years seven if you like to comment. About this nominee. And what you're expecting maybe you have. Different expectations. For these hearings. Will be glad to hear that let's take a look at the day in history. This is the first day of spring by the way march 20 27 team. And Alonso we begin with a book. Written back in 1852. Was actually published. Harriet Beecher Stowe. Sold over 300000. Copies. 1852. What was the name of the book. By Harriet Beecher and man I know the name. On all and I can give you a hint if you need only nine. It's something that people call people like me. And uncle Clarence Thomas uncle Tom so let's name of the book uncle Tom's got you got it. Is that funny that I would actually give that is ends and I knew that would be it's it's also some pretty sad that they gave the title one but I know it is that. Yes. Speaking of such 1854. This particular political party was found it. 1854. This is still existence. It is indeed Erica. Enough films like the waves were on the and I I'll give you cancer can it. Did Jesus ride. One in two. I don't know I don't think I know it's there. That is a pretty clever way that tried to an an underhanded way. Yet league you use him sort of it unbelievable. In almost worth the I would just say that the animal may be the wrong one and so. I just put it that the animal may view that both represented by animals yes. I don't give you until. So is this an America that's than a minute. I'm just gonna go Republican. You're right it is the Republican Party was founded represented by an elephant last I checked that's an animal you know could that it is it is I just that you had the wrong one again. You're talking about the one news. Read non buys a case yes 1969. This is referred to very often as the day The Beatles broke up. It was the day that John Lennon did this. What did he do in 1969. March 20 through as a when he married Yoko Ono who you are correct. That's pretty good man. And 2003 out of your Beatles thing is it exactly. US ground troops entered what country. On this date in 2003. And 2003. No. Somewhere in. The Kuwait. It was actually Iraq the round rock that was when we started to yeah it's really been that long and you believe that that is what fourteen years ago. Fourteen years ago and still have. Some presence there for better or for worse. That's a look at their history. Much more calm as we continue the Vince Coakley radio program 80347. Watters victory right now. The NSA director Rodgers is delivering his opening statement if he's still talking. We may listened to some this. And director call me is coming up as well at the House Intelligence Committee right here in the Vince Coakley radio program. And we can hear the broadcast you're 39 minutes after the it's amazing how. Quickly things can develop during the course of the operates. And I wanna fill you in on some of the discussion that took place. During the break I mentioned that FBI director combing it was going to begin with a statement. And hence you may be surprised to learn. That during the break he made his entire statement. And I'm going to just recap that information because they think it's pretty interstate and woody is revealed here about the ongoing investigation about the role. Of Russia and its attempt to interfere in our election process. These are just from the notes that I've taken. We started off talking about the fact that it's. Generally it's FBI policy not to confirm. Or deny the existence in the existence of investigations. But he said in some shorter circumstances he believes this is one. It is appropriate to do so. Here's what he said definitively. Just a few minutes ago. Said the FBI's investigating. The Russian government's effort to interfere in the US election. There are exploring any possible links between the drone campaign and the Russian government. And checking to see whether there's any coordination that took place during the campaign. Refer to this is an open and an ongoing investigation. And he said because it is classified he cannot say more. What's funny about this is they will still continue to ask questions. Just putting that out there. At this point and this is also intriguing. Because of the ongoing investigation he cannot. Come in on. Who is the target if of this investigation. He went on to say that it's. House and senate leaders have been briefed privately on this matter. But he cannot share. Certain things publicly. One of the concerns obviously. Is they have to be careful not to tip off. Possible targets of the investigation about what they know and what they don't know he added it. As an FBI director called me there is no timetable for this investigation. Say they will simply follow the facts wherever they lead. Now during a Q today. Chairman newness DeVon newness. Raise the questions. Related to. Disclosures. A phys accord information as you know there's been a lot of controversy about whether some information has been leaked out. And one of his questions related to. Whether. Disclosures about fights a court. Filings. Were illegal and he made it very clear that this is illegal it is. Something that amounts to criminal behavior. So don't be surprised along the way if there are people were found to have leaked information out. From various sources of government. If we see if these folks are identified. Don't be surprised if there are prosecutions. Because I think that's the direction. These questions were certainly leaning toward so anyway that's what you are from James calling. Confirming that investigation is going on. It is really open ended right now because we don't know how long this will last. So we will keep you posted. Anything interesting occurs during the course of this. Next hour and fifteen minutes or so why we're on the air. Overrun attacks line. Lots of comments about this weekend's games including and especially last night the big win. And Simon duke fans. But I wanna give credit. To USC basketball team on their great win kudos I hope they go far I would root for them to win it all. Now once simply saying go Cox. South Carolina vs Florida in the elite eight gators win. Vince I'm pondering something should I AB. Like Alonso. And group through south Carolina's win should I totally ignore their ability just because I don't like them. Should I say they didn't play any hard team should I say even a blind squirrel finds a nut. I won't because that's the difference. Between Clemson fans and game. All right you know I challenge this idiot to call in and and prove that I've ever done that fastest ridiculous tweet. And if you actually believe that I. I fear for those around you because I had never. Tumble man. For more I need to throw out Clinton won the national championship they deserved to win the national championship in football they were the better team they were the best team. Going into. This past year they had the best quarterback. Great receivers awesome defense. I mean more. It I hear you meant I could take big crossover can deal with people that way and see what happened. I I thought I would give the opportunity or spy and year. So. I at the start you know if if I became if I sounded angry. It's because it ticked me off pummel. Here. But you welcome to call and I mean 800 reports that in fact I wanna hear it I want you guys duke it out I'm gonna take me on communism and it's not my show is that the show but he gave permission so bring it. And we also have this Vince we all know the Bobby Mack caddie duke blue double voodoo doll. And he stuck it full of pittance. Clintons and making basketball great again. On and it by the way I'm looking at that duke blue dude on you don't wanna know where to put the pants oh boy. I think I can guess that it takes there was no lines or are you an athlete. What do you consider an outcome an ex athlete I'm old now. I will tell you that I can probably out walk anybody who's listening right now you know. Net I think it probably vouch for yeah I mean more. So we continue the broadcasting and 458034763. Or takes line 71 threes are seven. You judge men on the big game yesterday evening also talk about what you're expecting that this investigation. The investigation about Russia's possible role in our election by the way. There is one note I forgot to go into. And that is one of the questions. Is there any evidence that any votes were changed. As a result Russian involvement the answer and emphatic no well talk. Stem 46. Oddly units on the text line Vince the duke folks looked more to support than Hillary Clinton after the election. You'd think the Russians attacked the game and it's from yet. Meant when you want to start the show saying it was an awesome surprise I got excited that there was finally some positive news on trump. But it was about basketball. Back to reality guests. Textures as ridge lines or go gamecocks. Home court advantage being a myth is interesting theory ago. Other techsters saying once or preach it. If the bathroom bill gave duke a disadvantage in the game they perhaps have been propped up in the past but attorney being in North Carolina. They're just many duke and UNC fans in this area as USC. Because the latter are rarely. In the NC to voice. All so. Vince in your best bill Marie caddie shack weights. Say the South Carolina Gamecocks. Our Cinderella story out of nowhere. That it takes to think he would be Hurricane Ike it again to deal. This is Barbara I'm a Clemson fan and I agree with you this Malarkey about home field advantage for Carolina such stretch. Coke Cox all the way to make our state route. Also lol. What else is going nine year what it's a conservative radio stations still talking about glorifying the gay guy dating liberals of these sports teams. Really. I thought you were Christians. Go figure. Concerning brackets even a blind pig finds a nut every once that'll. No blind pig look for mountain that silliness that's that's pretty funny. Bids. Get a chance to see any racial redemption conference at pre chapel yesterday. Quite interest in transformative so at least. My nephew check that out if it's available online. Are they looking at a possible connections between the Russians and Hillary's campaign. Who knows they can't reveal who the targets are. Another text her praising Alonso won the fair sports guys on local radio. Dang I woke up about South Carolina won the national championship. Geez it was a good whip Jim won anything yet. Also text you're referring to Donald Trump and his tweeting. Trump needs to grow up act presidential stop the childish tweeting and after slapping Germany in the face of that news conference. What important ally it will lead alienate next he's a rank amateur. And we also have this how come there's no mention the Russian ambassador talking. With the Clinton Campaign or bread and ignoring subpoenas from congress provide evidence of Russian acting why is that ignored. Just some of the questions here. Some of the questions. That are being raised in the in light of the hearings going on right now. 53 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock and it's a good time to. Also mentioned something that happened over the weekend. It seems like. There's so many weekends when we're telling you about developments like this losing you yet someone else. And and and lines who has some music here to remind us of who we did lose. Over the weekend at the ripe age of ninety. The unmistakable sounds. Of Chuck Berry. Rock and roll pioneer. Which you believe this guy. Ninety years old. And I don't know about recently but you'd still been playing I know we used to. I mean and still some pretty good tilt. You know those sort of things I found really interesting I came across several videos of him. And he was clearly up at age still out there playing and performing and like what I call. This guy really had some good genes. No question about this. The New York Times story referred to him referring to him and his indelible guitar licks. Brash self confidence. Memorable songs about cars girls wild dance parties. Defining right and rolls potential and attitude in the early years. He died in his home near Wentz bill Missouri at the age of ninety. The saint Charles county police department. Confirmed his death on the FaceBook page. Departments that responded to a medical emergency at the home. 45 miles miles west of Saint Louis life saving measures unsuccessful. Heck the man was nine years old. I mean that. You know. That's awesome that he got to leave so long to go like man nine B it is it is. Elvis Presley was Rex first pop star teenage heartthrob mr. Berry with its master theorists. According to the times and conceptual genius. The songwriter register with the kids won at before they knew themselves. Sounds like Johnny B good roll over Beethoven. He gave his listeners more than they knew they were getting from jukebox entertainment. And we certainly salute the contributions. Are Chuck Berry. At the age of ninety. Much more as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program our number two is coming up stay it is.