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All right folks that went should pay very close attention I've got an opportunity here. For you to save a lot of money. Just in from my good friend Seth well. This is a pretty big deal. Here's what's going on this happens on Monday morning. So for those of you were close enough to take advantage of this I would encourage you put this on your calendar. Monday morning and again this is from my friend. Set and T involved the freedom action network south Caroline they've been very active. In tried stopping gasoline tax increase. So what they have is a no gas tax hike event. At the Eagles gas station at nine poem Roche. Here's how this works starting at 7 o'clock on Monday morning. They were reduced the price of gas for commuters by 47 point 15 cents a gallon. I wonder what ideas. Well that's the cost the state and federal gas taxes. Plus the proposed twelve cent hike. For the first 15100. Gallons. Maximum twelve gallons per driver. So let your friends and family know. And you can take advantage of some cheap gas. So spread the word. Again. Eagles gas station nine Pelham road this is Monday morning. 7 AM. This just shows support. For the effort to. Keep lawmakers from raising the gas tax. And I would once again I commend people access to working hard in the she shoe. They've been working hard this issue for years I mean the truth of the matter is you know as well as I do you. The politicians are relentless on this. And each without efforts. Like. Those that are being carried out by the freedom action network. We would does certainly have a gasoline tax increase and probably would've happened by now. That's just the reality. Pretty unfortunate. On the text line before you go and faith focus Friday. Person saying here. Really events this is not bad man even if they could how would they dismantle referring to the surveillance state. Stick that these were their steely knives. Vince is not a question. Of whether there was surveillance done it's a question of who pay for it. Taxpayers. Obama or Hillary. That's one perspective on this. What of all this is part of Trump's plan everyone keeps saying he's a fall and they know how he thinks but if they did that everyone. Would be a billionaire. Justify its frank out of Greer well we can be Smart about money but still be very Smart about other things. Possibilities here just keep that in mind. That's why it's mic over any embarrassing espy. Well all the waste fraud and crushing government says the best team trump can do. I don't know in fact it's funny you mention that I just came across that and social media few minutes ago. And one FaceBook friend of mine was talking about how she was ready to costs. Which she saw the particular clip those posted. We may talk about this more on Monday. It. My goodness the battles that that we engage and speaking. I wanna go to actually several posts from social media for faith focus Friday. And I wanna get your thoughts on these things. As I concern relates in first. Yesterday evening my daughter is involved in a. Theater event and she had a practice yesterday evening I wished grid. One the reasons I dread these times I'm excited for her to have this opportunity but it. Creates this first off it's thirty minute drive to get there second off its. About a three hour block of time I generally have to figure out what am I gonna do with this time well. Yesterday evening. I'd say to go visit my friend Don act whoever for too busy spiritual father. He and his wife Barbara are just wonderful people and it's. It was just such a blessing to go by their yesterday evening for a couple hours and just enjoy. Some wonderful fellowship. There's more about this that I'm going to be talking about very soon mr. They really got some wheels turning in my heart with some things that I didn't. There have been in my heart do for quite some time. But that's context from which I wanna launch into this several social media approached. A different name Lauren. Tort known for several years. We share dispersed. It takes but a moment of gazing into true beauty love and freedom to discover deception and spiritual blindness is a very real thing. When your encounters such wonder becomes incomprehensible. That anyone could possibly despise it. The challenge for the one who sees it is not so much dealing with the rejection of others. But getting over the shock that such beauty is responded to with such overwhelming. Contempt. It's like watching people hit nargis over the fragrance of rose. And it fits of rage angry rage torched abortions because of it. It simply doesn't compute. I know Lawrence talking about. And I touched on this a little bit yesterday about eight debates that I would use. Trying to stay out of on social media because I made all I did as I posted that I went to see the shack. And I got some people who started responding. About all of the heresy. The alleged heresy. In this movie and in the book. Which is funny because most of the time when people make these allegations. They haven't read the book nor if they watched the movie. I think that's what Lawrence talking about here. The the beauty of seeing god work in people's lives and and you've heard this on this program and it was last week I shared with you a text. Other gentleman. Who. God use this movie to breakthrough and a significant way in his life. A some things he's been struggling with all of his life. And rather than sitting and celebrating in the victory and the joy of enter into. The joy of this man's experience. You've got these people. Who run these angry tirades on social media piracy is CC. Really. I thought I would be through those other social media posts by now we're already time at the airport we have to take a break but I won't share those others. And I eat again. Would just leave you with this dot in regarding this first post. We've got to make sure that we are not aiming our guns at the wrong thing and certainly. Not at the wrong people. Should be aiming guns at people in the first place. I have more to share on this as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program fourteen minutes after eleven. And we can see the broadcast you're nineteen minutes after the hour 11 o'clock. By the way. Watching something on television reminded me of a list I should tell you about I need to dig that up here before we go into. The other items I was going to share from social media. Let's go first go to Philip. Good morning sir. Morning again it's. You were talking earlier about all these accusations. And everything and well. This. Why in the cell phone and also other good stuff. Well back old I was. Supporting either salute unit oh Northern Virginia location. When I was in the army at this early seventies. And all the branches got together a little game mountain North Carolina and eastern part of the state. And follows supporting them what they're up old communications. I dug out servant tractor trailer brands in the world boon docks. And normally when I go to the field for thirty days Patrick monastery and 28. And I totally accurate and turning it had only because we will do it here what they're quilt. Then they monitored everything from zero Hertz which is BC. All the way up into the SHL upper region at the time. Are all around the world so. There's no place. In Virginia. And this yes they use. That were called pretty big year. And they were called that the reason. They were listening on everything bagged it and. And Hollywood are always this. This solution early seventy's wow always a little bit you know arms Virginia Northern Virginia that's close you know. But they are always security agency which blows. One of the children. What place is now Maryland between DC and Baltimore. Also all the barrel army base there called George you need. Our. And I must say they came under them. Well certainly listening in the early seventies or round the world and listening to embassies. Or listening to every warm. This thing and everything that translated. They loosened. You may get annoyed if they were doing this back in the seventies. We've probably. Would be alarmed. To have some grasp on what's going on today. Well our literal life and the military in the late seventies higher changed over the satellite communications. And well look up at Ford George you re supporting those who withstood satellite terminals one east or west. And now the only time in the army that I have ever ordered extensive parts. All over one priority and that's supposed to be reserves or you're in the middle of the war priority. And you're gonna back it'll happen but these folks they had deep pockets. I have no bottoms of their pocket so anything we war that we gat. Well yes those folks have been listening to everything. Forever. I mean ever since treatment electronic transmissions. They've been listening. Pretty as sobering stuff I appreciate your call man and an aide who reminds us again and this is where I've. Wanted to take this discussion for quite some time. The realization. You know let's not make this about one person. Let's keep in mind we're all under surveillance in some form. You know they didn't set up that that placed a collect all of this data they didn't do that. For one person. I mean the as hugest that places. Can you imagine how much has been absorbed into. This particular facility already. By the way before I forget. I wanted to mention this because I came across this last night my friends over conservative review. In fact I think I posted this 163 W ward he FaceBook page. They put out there report on the best in the worst Republicans in congress. That list is out. Go ahead go through these because I think it's absolutely hilarious. I'm gonna start with a worst. I'm looking at this list of best. And it's pretty amazing. Because I'm among those. The best list I have met every single. I admit nine out of ten of these well I've talked to format would that way nine out of ten people on the list. Which is kind of cool. Need to meet the final person who's number nine year but let's start with the list of the worst. I'm just gonna zip thirties. At the bottoms Greg Walden of Warren court it. 24 Frank Lucas Oklahoma 23 Hal Rogers of Kentucky I think I've mentioned him before. How Rogers is a geek in charge of the Appropriations Committee this guy's one of most powerful people in the country. And each heat. In oh it if you look at all the people on this list on this list of the worst. And you look at their conservative review liberty scores you'll understand why the the worst they're bad they're really bad. And. You think of someone like Hal Rogers this man has a lot of pull he has a lot of of opportunities for crony capitalism. With his position. The leafs this defining out of New York 22. Point one John Cornyn twenty Charlie debt nineteen Rob Portman. Eighteen Cathy McMorris Rodgers is part of the house leadership team. Seventeen is Richard Burr of North Carolina. No surprise there sixteen Jeff flake fifteen Don Young. Fourteen Mike Simpson of Idaho. Thirteen Lisa Murkowski we've talked about her she's got like what liberty score. Peter King number twelve Susan Collins eleven Kevin McCarthy also on the leadership team. Nine Thad Cochran every he's the old fool. Who was reelected in Mississippi. Defeated Chris McDaniel. By the Republican Party playing the race card. And this is the old dirty old man who's running around with some woman while his wife was in a nursing home. In a vegetative state until she died and he insisted there was nothing going on. That a few months after this wife died all of a sudden this romance developed they got married. That's which is got reelected. In Mississippi back in 24 team by the way. Roger Wicker I hope he is in trouble at Mississippi. He's up for reelection in twenty AT and Chris McDaniel was gonna run against him looks like. Keep your eye and that race Bob Parker of Tennessee number eight Orrin hatch seven Orion and six. No surprise there. Tom Cole five Mitch McConnell for Lamar Alexander story. And at the top of the list. The two women. Activists they would just gave combined. You wanna take guest Alonso Lucio blood soaking guests. What are furtive twins who I'm referring to who occupies the spots number one and number two on the worst in congress. You wanna take awhile guest mr. Wright's. I'm sorry I was doing with the tolerant news much. On the list of the worst. Members of congress their 25 of them and I've referred to the number one and number two as being twit. It's John McCain noon degrade. That is sad isn't it. Yeah you know it sounds I should've had you repeat the question students against that Brad and. It's such a lot and by the way John McCain's two. Lindsey Graham comes in as the worst Republican in congress the worst. Way to go South Carolina. Guys can we talk about something positive for go to break and I continued my faith focus Friday. Items after the break. Here's a list odd lot I'd love sharing eyes. At number ten of the best in congress. Number ten. Out of the commonwealth of Kentucky Thomas Massie. Number nine is Paul Goss. And number eight is just an in my shoes on this program few weeks ago number seven is Jim Jordan number six is Rand Paul. Number five. Louis goal march wonderful guy out of Texas. Number four stead cruisers. Number three is Dave Brett from Virginia number two is Mike Lee. And topping the list. The congressman from western North Carolina. Mark matters. And as I mentioned I've gotten to meet or talk with nine out of ten of these guys. And it's. To be honest with you. These are the folks that really helped to keep me sane. Regarding issues relating to politics. Because we've they can always be counted on to stand up for the constitution. And for liberty. It's a good thing coming up I'll finish sharing. Some of these dots from social media and I would get your response to them. And much more as we continue to Vince Coakley radio program on this Friday 80347163. Or text line. It's 71307. And we can hear the broadcaster 37 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock still we'll share we use those. Thought that I came across on social media. I hope you enjoyed that list. Of the worst and best. Members of congress. Keep that in mind kind of weird the worst. From South Carolina and the best. In North Carolina. Just the thought. That's not a slam on anybody just and huge to observation that. That the Carolinas would be yeah and the central focus of attention for better and for worse. No it was not us mr. Wright's. That's what content you according going to. The. Social media post that I came cries. That really really resonated. Still to come were also gonna talk about what's going on in Venezuela. This is just mind broccoli. But it's the latter stages. Of what happens. Win big government. Gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And takes more and more control. Of us. This post by sec Wexler I have no idea who this guy years. It's just someone my friend Lauren has befriended on FaceBook. But I want to share his post. As I think or speak to many view as it did me. I used to try to be like god in my relationships with people. One of the reasons by the way this resonates with me. Is I can identify. Then I realized how silly this wise I can't know people's hearts like god does nor can I fix them. Would conflict would rise I try to be a peacemaker thinking I'm loving all involved equally. I've come to realize this isn't healthy or loving. I've learned that in the relationships I do have the hearts I do know the bottom side you have with people must be dear to me. So if one of these dear ones are deliberately attacked by someone else I will protect them at all costs even if that means. Telling them the hard truth. There's something to be said about this type of covenant love love is not a passive. Peacekeeping tool. Rather love is an active peace making force from the heart of god. Love corrects love protects love speaks truth and never bands to the manipulation of one claiming to be a victim. Succumbing to this error we end up whispering things like. Well. Which is now to use you know. When true love is shouting loudly Knoll or stop this or enough is enough or humble yourself. Or be reconciled and make it right. This understanding of love actually keeps me from being an effort to state or side taking. The very thing I was afraid of doing when I was trying to be like god and relationships. It helps me she clearly and speak wisely to someone's life but the key is getting to know people's hearts. And not being presumptuous. And that takes a lot of time and courage. And it ends with this I've learned this from fathers in my life. That love me enough to tell me the truth and value me enough to know my heart which means protect me at all costs. I'm thankful for that kind of love. And I'd like to do the same today it was dear ones in my life. Isn't it great. Zach Wexler. One who posted this on social media. And it speaks to the heart of where we need to be and relationship. And this involves listening in involves relating. We can't just go around randomly trying to fix everything and everybody. But in a circle of friendship and relationship and love. There is the place to carry out this kind of club. My friend lord who I could very easily see in the way he's describing air responding to this this is so spot time. Believe it or not ladies and jobless I've grown in God's love I've become more confrontational not less. I used to be this guy. Like this guy was passive peace at all cost that led me only to hurt. And that of those I love love it's not idol love speaks up when controllers and abusers are around. Love confronts when people cross boundaries that will cause harm to others. Love corrects out of great pain to spare others from harm love is not be a nice guys. The of this being a concern and caring guy to the point one more place others above. His or her own popularity. Man I wish I understood some of these things years ago. Are you in this place. I'd love to get your thoughts 803 for 71 a 63 or text line. It's 71307. The list of best and worst members of congress. Certainly hit a mark. Especially with rob who's called the program here good morning rob. Good morning rent. The comment that was made about music cramping or Republicans. Yes surely there are okay Eric Clapton or you're not into you know pop up like they're unfair. And the reason why is because he's a Democrat oracle. I mean really you think about. Everything he does the democratic right in it's it's this particular thank you to work with. Well. A that was pretty dead you really got beyond Allen has like where is he going to go this way. I. Well what. We don't show up big it's wonderful to hear some like there are. And is operator. I hear you and race against Democrat. Thanks for your cause by the way. I was here is what is what is Lindsey Graham troop reformist and every bothered to look. Because I I figured he is fields so many times in so many important issues. So what is. His actual liberty score. In fact I'm gonna make QE2 after the break as I've got to look it up. Will share Lindsey Graham is liberty score as we continue out of its nuclear radio program 44 minutes after eleven. Then. Existing. I told you I would doubt Phil you read on Lindsey Graham's liberty score. Let me give you a breakdown I love the way this is stunned by the way. You've heard Daniel Horwitz on this program. Daniel doesn't just write columns he does I think there may be one other pershing working with him he does all other search. And and I'm not just you know. Doing this because Daniel's a friend of mine I do I'm I'm telling you this because they do some awesome work. At conservative review. You know these other organizations what they will do they will call congress members of congress and tell them. We're going to score this particular approach. They give them a heads up. Conservative reviewed does not do that they. They count everything. Every thing. And you can see the breakdown of their votes. For example I'm looking at the scorecard for Lindsey Graham right now. Their categories like taxes economy trade Second Amendment moral issues immigration health care entitlements free market foreign policy defense. Energy and environment education civil liberties budgets spending and debts. Try to find his Lewis scored. Immigration 252. Amendment at winning and really. I wonder what that's. And it actually breaks down the votes. Be specific votes. Mr. votes for. Conservative approach fourteen. Liberal votes. 32. To provide for mr. Lindsey Graham a whopping liberty score of thirty. 30%. Mean why even bothered you you why don't you wonder why you get garbage like what Paul Ryan has produced. You wonder why there's your answer right there. You have a congress house and the senate full of people like that. What is the point. Why even bother electing Republicans. If that's what you're gonna get. It. Cannot play so much here. I want to Syracuse this story the end result. A socialist programs. Because the longer these social programs stay in place the more destruction they cause. And then they continue to blame others for the destruction. Venezuela. Venezuela has a bread shortage Brit we're not talking abouts. Gourmet meals here were talking about the very basic staple of bread. You know the governments now decided. Baker's other problem. Their bread shortage is spotting massive lines. And souring the national mood the Venezuelan government responding this week by detaining Baker's and seizing establishments. In a press release the national superintendent for the defense of social like our economic rights all goodness. This is something a lot of these Democrats here in America which set up can you imagine that. National superintendent for the defense of social economic rights. Says it's charged four people went temporarily seized to bakeries. As the socialist administration accused bakers of being part of a broad economic war. Aimed at destabilizing. The country. The governments of the bakers have been selling underweight bred and re using price regulated flour to legally make specialty items. Like sweet rolls and Chris Allen's. Oh my goodness that's horrible. The government said decrees are only allowed produce French bread and white loads. With government imported flour however and it tweet on Thursday price controls are. William contreras. Said only 90% of baked goods head to the price control products. In this scary. All of these government agencies. And I'm serious. If the Democrat party had its way they would have agencies very much like this. Two bakeries were also sees for ninety days for breaking a number of roles including selling overpriced Brett. I love this one Crespo the president the industrial flower union. Representing 9000 decreased nationwide said the government heavy hand isn't going to solve the problem yet fake. The government is importing enough wheat if you don't have an up week you don't have flour and if you don't have flour you don't have bread. Oh. Payment now is all some. All wickedness. And though I am president of the in those real when a recent. Britney union really. This is what it comes to Alonso. If we don't stop this march toward a big government. It will be the death oval office. On the positive side what's in store. For a state polls mr. Wright's. Well first why would give you an update on my experience at the well which I'm heading towards here in about. Ten minutes and we will continue our bracket our size greater scifi movies of all time in our opinion. We're gonna continue that tomorrow I'm still really new and upset that. Independence Day was beat out by district nine goes I thought Independence Day will be a lot further when my favorite scifi movies and it's already out. He don't know what you gonna give it to make you tune in tomorrow six to 9 PM. Name them and make sure I understand this is this a remake of Independence Day. No the original got beat out these are a favorite song on movies of all time this is this is a bracket their doorbell. It's democratic it's up to the vote and also be listeners get a vote in two for the most part. Very cold be sure to listen tomorrow evening. And keep an eye on those brackets in the bracket challenge and we'll do an update on what's going out with that. On Monday right here in the meantime have shows great weakening publisher take care.