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Saturday, June 17th

The Nerd Hour is here and the guys get into a whole range of topics.


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I welcome that ensued the third hour nerd hour he may be wondering. Lawns so why are you guys playing the rocky thing why would you ask Tom. This is actually your death segment and the talk about a guy that. No vice probably ever heard of before his name is John and she Albertson. John G albums in. Was a director. Of the rocky movie which of course won an Oscar and in a ton of accolades and things like that and he lived to be 81 oyster French yeah I need to be anyone lived a good life but did you guys know he also. Directed the Karate Kid films. In none of them on my be honest I didn't know he directed rocky efforts to alone yes so not directed start yeah there's not all right so. We're flying high now but there's another movie represented here. And it it's gonna come down do you bring down a little bit more. And what's I know you gonna say the rocky theme it's more memorable. And it may be sacrilegious. I like to sell better. I just saw I just do especially when he gets done in every fighting Mon ties known to man on YouTube. And everywhere else uses this I've used it myself. Patrick wasn't a lot of this movie came out he's over here he's he's lip syncing do it. The weirdest thing was like. I think. Yesterday last night. I come home. Pressure goes home astle crank it on and turned it online and in the movie in like a few years. As a like I've knew every word to. You know I've only seen one of the Karate Kid movies from start to finish and it was our Hilary Swank purchased. Dude are the first one was great part to to me is he best Karate Kid movie of the mall. Because it was real fond. And in the third one said dual bonds entries. Phones are on side. But are what are the OK so here's my question for you and again we're sorry mister Robinson died but he lived a long life she's 81 years old. What a cool careers having directed the original rocky and all the Karate Kid films not the remake not a recent remake and on the original ones who dropped my Keogh and on. Which is a better movie. Eddie and in hitters and knows you don't have to go rock got to go rocks don't know how else so you don't go ahead no you don't. Karate Kid was a better movie than rocky now here's his reason why Karate Kid was more inspirational in the rocky. It was yeah relatable yes rocking yes and overall it was a better movie I. Wholeheartedly disagree Wallace announcing Iran to say I am wondering when he and that's again admittedly I just minutes ago I've never seen crank it from start to finish its cottage in my way pieces I don't know if rocky is a participation trophy. That's all I'm saying. Brodney Pool wrong he is a part of the drill because he dearly set out to he just wanted to go the distance or know that I can always with the guy he lost. He did my lone goal is to know that he can hang that he belonged in that class now in part two he won but in part one he lost so. He went through that entire thing comes through all of that. All the bill should it and Josh is and a I live off site in that movie that he did he was supposed to get knocked out is like round to be lost. Currently any arrival of the karate charity the Karate Kid odds. He he was the day he'll Russo was in a position a lot of us have been in use bullied. He was picked on he had nowhere returned he found a mentor that taught him lessons in life. And lessons in Toronto day. And in the end. On the field of battle dangle Russo was a Victor. Rocky Balboa was a loser. And not only that dealers who stood up for what is right and defeated. Evil. Evil yes nuns people police are evil. And cobra the Cobra Kai are nothing but evil does not exist there is no don't do it. Ultimately you know since. Aligned in Italy and it referred to use that. Oh. Itself well to play a few days here if you agree or do you disagree out there 803. Or seven. 1063. Batter movie. Rocky. Or the Karate Kid Tex lines so when reason is that hey here's the thing it does well don't just automatically go wild rocky won an Oscar and and crooked I was a kids film and are just means more to me improbably to Chris and I'm surprised to Patrick. It means more to me because when he came out on the as part of it. Because I was a teenager then when this came out I was picked on the law and to see this can rise up from where it was moved to a new talent he'd never. He didn't know anybody these guys who befriended him at first to just let them as he got kicked in the face. I mean there's there's so many things not to mention that but what creative costume maker. On mr. riady turned out to be. I mean couple hidden in plain sight in the shower. I mean you want to custom party for Halloween and it's our constant. Classic. Let their part. Of that whole movie is whenever they get to. The content and determine. And the guys like only coaches now. Is girlfriend is just like. Ohno I'm I'm this guy's translator. They go to the holding in Japanese is up. And she's is making of a bogus excuse and then he gets thank you very much in the semi ideas are welcome the it was just the funniest thing estimation was you know something else here as far as this goes also spreading down a little bit further. Taylor Russo and know what the better looking woman. And not Adrian dumb or not gay men I have agent. You got Ali got Adrian. Which look which do you which way you real. I'm just in which wait until you go belly you go on a. Rocky did so you got as I'm glad handers are not not I rocky dad who rocky wanted. That's straight question is what are the yes it's not about what I winds really start to. So that that's as it relates mail. Who would you prefer designated Karate Kid a better movie as and a better looking every we got our answer. It's irrelevant to the story that these no it's not a it's not it's it's it's all symbolism it's it's it's it means. So much more grounded kid a much better movie now let's Christ in hockey is about a mandate to end of an update if I could into channels icy rocky on icy Karate Kid on I'm going Karate Kid. You know why I don't get to get in the rocky I'm like really you almost. Know Adrian. You know why do you know what did you do what is the Buick that's what he says and all he wanted to do was go the distance. You know. Now to that point a minute and a lot of text your back you up on this. Guys rocky and Karate Kid are both movies about the underdog beating the odds they even though rocky didn't win the fight he did beat the odds and that's it that's. A fair point I think. And then this textured and goes off the route and says kind of like every Rehman rains feud in that he'd be I agree upon over our guy. Coach archive coolest club relaying Eagles bronze stroman I don't know LaDainian. Right there was that yeah yeah. Again that's got a funny but. A woman you deal with the real man. Or. Let me play Zach I am going to assume that that was a dead on impression a broad stroke and I know it you know I was I was clover line. But because my my stomach problems I couldn't get the right on to me is get this mr. team. Oh OK yet the rocky range I don't really feel it and we're not some of the franchise were talking about rocky one. Burris is currently still rock. I'm down in and it yeah. Yeah and speculates same reasoning I'm sure he would deal with. Crowd accuses him well. I don't know much about rocky be in the lead users seem means that the perpetual not his listening you know if we were doing our annual list. Right yeah that's absolutely right. Our annual brackets we come up with something and we all vote aimed we are surprised by the result. Baylor I I am yes Cinderella story. Who's gonna bubble yeah. He's still sick I but as far as this goes coming into this I knew. One I had here I am completely shocked I thought I'd be the only one eagle project kid. I didn't think that Zach would be the rocky. Interest in his and I love rocky. I don't think I did the exact I'm I think Patrick saw only the one of the exile. Again that's a little artful million because your page as diesel is there room for your time. 'cause I'm a no Liddy dole does not mean I've not seen these movies now I understand that it's possible to go back and watch old remedies but millennial tone of the show yet there bled. A lot of people don't you know it's just an I'm playing the odds and I'm glad you've seen them BC Casablanca and I am not viewed. Of those three movies that's the one nation style and it has nothing to do with the brilliant the other two movies have you seen O'Connor vs Omega. Net exactly brilliant wrestling match. I halo oranges and bananas so it's apples and volkswagens him in his those apples and Volkswagen. No rest on its all acting wrestling is like alive movie okay we don't know the outcome. Sometimes. And it's just beautiful to watch sometimes firing inside track your eyes one say. I want you tax us know what is going 1307. Phone call. 80347106. Through going take a break and come back in the nerd roundtable kind of stuff in Nat. I'm sorry man cry kids of them now. This peninsula since the us they all creeds that man right here on 1063 you lost to. In the second movie I want you know I just keep it to these Middle East analyst and download the newest usability of historic. That's really did. You let us all America definitely know I Zenyatta. They he or isn't getting back lies that likes it does that. Of staples lows of three W ornate. I welcome incident or roundtable for his sort of last question right before we went on the air. I got a yes by one person and know by another and it's off planet that are you have lines I was wasn't looking at his face Noah who's no you look like you you may download and we know we know your stomach is little queasy if we've learned when we've. Talk about certain no the only thing I'm queasy about was bloggers in my eating up to the thought of that. Go through your whole hoops or that was fine and Gephardt are the exact UK aerospace everything means. The majority is spoke. Before hinted around there was gets a because in a week we've talked about my dreams before. Because they're always really weird it was not a dream now remember what when it was about. Dream itself but there's a movie out in the eighties called ice pirates I think yes and in that movie. There were something called space her piece which were basically these little creatures that would. Run all over the ship there's one loose they were trying to kill it through the throughout the entire movie. And outfit did it on and if you sleep or sleep with anal and it will. It will measure your sleep we'll tell you when dreaming and all that kind of stuff. Well for some reason last night in my dream I was being chased by space RP. And it got in my arm. And I couldn't get it. Outs and always yelling. Can now get this typically well. And what happened was is is the fit BitHead. Moved all waved back or into my arms to the point where my twisted into my hand was going to sleep and all the hair on my arm was hurting and let's ought to talk to intricate yeah that's that's really when. Talk about things CNN news this is are being added I did but it you know what's weird is the fact that I remembered that from that movie. And I suggest future that is weird if you if you I don't remember that from them in the community I think it's ironic that everybody was trying to get space or appease yes well. That is that's a great point on so you'd avoid getting it so. And it's kind of that we had a debate before the debate over whether I should talk about it you know considering all things I said today is probably more viewers segments that we've had in this entire shall. This has been dream theater violence and thank you. For some reason dream theater which is a man and I know I'm taking an awesome man I'm thinking dream police by. Yes. Up another name and this does this too wasn't Cheap Trick it was to protect Mecca our itself in the round table for those few who are still here. Because you know space or peace can turn me off so as they are itself alone. Could it be easy Patrick are iso. I'm sorry I I look over in Chris is laughing which makes me laugh because we just had the same die. They get medicine for that yes but it probably did all right so a couple things on first of all. I send news is real though Carrie Fisher died. Recently and now they're saying that possible cause for her death. Was a heart attack brought on by sleep apnea. Interest you know what I and I'd seen the headline. I didn't actually read the story. But. I do know that sleep apnea is it isn't a problem for a lot of people especially you know through carrying extra weight well and I know that she was but don't want to achieve. You know she's fairly short and she was heavier and but it doesn't always a flight just heavier people Santelli not problems but Bud Day it's more common amongst everybody if you've heard any of. My. And advertisements yes for the help there. You know that I used to have sleep apnea and mine was because honestly can fat bride and you know on that weighed on there IE and then at some point I. Did needed anymore so I can that we understand the did you sleep studies he put all this stuff all over yes say some chest and everything and you got to try to sleep with and on perhaps. Which is it to shore trust me especially. The reason why you go to see if you have it is because you can't sleep. And they stick a bunch of stuff when you would bloom by the way right and and you have to finest await asleep while someone's watching you. Which is even better but so. What they do what they measure is how many times she stopped breathing and night brand as a sleep apnea if you hear this call. A lot of times that's because the person who stopped breathing right and asked them. In taking so much air that it comes as a as a finally or broken that Seattle to NASA's though. So if you if if you have a loved one who does a great deal we might wanna get them to check on check that out so. You know it's a fair point I've I've heard that from a couple people that I know actually what. The biggest sleep apnea story and have a group of several years ago I used to drive that taxi for freight train trees. And I had a guy in my taxi one night who went and and it was for you warehouse like stocks were uses house okay nine where at all. Actually this country a woman's door when it was cold but. Is the guys that cruise would typically sleep. Eight on the way back because it was you know honestly to our two and a half hour ride back to Atlanta. And anything better to do. But there was one guy who who wrote in my passenger seat one time who who clearly had sleep apnea. And stopped breathing several times on the trip and I was. You know who's looking for the blue signs on the highway indicating that there's a hospital nearby just in case this guy didn't wake up. And I was panicked really tackling during the during the trip if we eventually got there in India was fine but well. It's it's a scary thing yet and in the way she went it wouldn't surprise me if that's what was especially when that after he had the test and they tell you how many times you stop breathing in and night. I mean that's as good refraining only sale wake up call yeah I mean he had to literally it is like oh my god I need to take care of this so. So anyway that's out right now those who want to bomb. Happier news maybe depending on where you fall on this moment to tell Patrick get this music but that's that's fine I did just a sleek. Has a new composer. They got rid of the old composer. You'll composer it's cartoon no he booty and beyond. The old composer's name is. Antonio's Tom Holcomb bore hole and board. He's been assimilated there's got to be in an ending to that non. Senior yeah it's a fourth as well there's an AK he's junkie XL which on its own DJ yes so he's there's a large DJ am assuming. So he's the one who did the score for about members Superman. And not mastery Rohm and also did dead pool and he was originally Owen. Just as sleek and down. Unknown will. Was a member supreme and the only EDC. Movie he would. Composed this or had he done like suicide squad in and a steal no from well from what I see it was as bad members and now Maxtor road and dental and they all had a pretty decent scores. Bomb in a statement. Corkum Borough board said. As my mentor Hans Zimmer told me you have an okay that's harder and yet. Detonated in Hollywood as a composer unto you get replaced on the project her so I guess I finally graduated this week it pains me to leave the project but a big thanks to Zack for asking me to be part of his vision and an album and I wish Danny Johnson and Warner Bros. all the best. Was just asleep. Here's the thing I'm a big Danielle Smith fan. And our appeal jail they did. A Tim Burton Batman scores on he did avengers are eligible Tron which I didn't realize. He also did not fifty shades darker Gallic any of us have seen that maybe there's my parents and I really found. It. I have recognized. Yes it did a movie called the circle which I think was the horror film so that the certain. Was consumer. Was at that time things might be seated and a dominant figure in the new one that just got really Tom Hanks and Emma Watson and yeah. That's kind of on the sky as a thriller I guess you as kind of a thrower. So anyway but Danielle. And also used was releasing her boy go boy go and which. They've got some songs I realize I like to have put them on pandora may complain a lot and and so I really like. His singing style like the music I love what he did with that man he also did via the animated series in. Fame so probably best known for the Simpson's team. So he's I would I would. Is how I think you've replaced prince if our coal wind prince was doing the original bat man. Composing India like it they brought announcement. And so. I'm pretty shared. Oh he retired about links for sequels because the original the first Batman movie. With Keaton the original Batman and prince did the entire soundtrack I think now they're three they're replaced him with Elton. But we couldn't get up I could be wrong and I have no problem with being corrected on that on so jacket and a tear up you want to but anyway. How I kill me but it makes you wonder what about the Justice League. School work. Would they not have. Well I asked if he did other moves so member of mass Steele I liked the music in that suicide squad just use songs and that we all know. And then that never suburban London junkie XL guy did the only memorable piece of music I remember from the as the one woman team which I think was good but. I don't really remember anything else sticking out from that. A good point nine I agree with you and the thing about Elton seems they stand now you remember dismissed. Saying the animated series accurate in my head right now so. And in Christmas and selling gas he erred in your head right now so he puts out memorable music but it makes you wonder when composers are changed. On a film like this on this caliber with them so much riding on this. At what point did they go OK you know what the same market is it because they supposedly went to a little bit of a lighter tone trying to go with the marble roots. On to just we didn't have anything to do with it I mean there's some if he's coming to play. Why did they get rid is gone. And it obviously is someone that that you've worked with before because about a member Superman. Get out. So there's there's any number of reasons in Hollywood when somebody can be replaced Remington Tim simmers point you know that that he quoted that he you're not he nobody in Hollywood until you've been replaced on a project. It could be. Just did you know because they've had to change directors because they've had to change you know things about the production aspect of the film. That's just another change that they may and it goes maybe to do it's hard to work with communicate could be I mean because Canada. It could be you know that they didn't like the production that he was doing it could be the day he. You know that that they owed somebody some I. I think we all can agree that musical score can can. Heard a movie pretty bad yet this act animate because there are there's teams there's iconic rising that you associated with these -- care what you think of Star Wars you think of the original Superman Indiana you think if things were where they they're themes for character yes and when that character walks on the screen even if it's subtle use underneath. When you know what their main theme is. You know that that's. For them yes it into its interest thinks I was having this conversation the other day with a a couple of friends of mine that. Who. One of whom in particular posited that DC has done better recently with the music as if I'm remembering incorrectly. Has done better recently with the music because he can run call the marvel has. I'm easy and wrote called the themes. For these shows for a for these movies the Wonder Woman team that. Batman vs the disagree and the I think he said Mitt may have Steelers have been returned to forget which one but when the Superman. Movies. They did the music just sticks out in his mind so much better than any of the marvel films. Straight out sit and think in the marvel movies I can't think of music that sticks out in my mind. And I got eight galaxy which is young and well yeah yes he had those are using popular songs but but the anti argument the orchestral news right. And I can't really place any of the of the stuff that marvels done recently any either. But. Also like I think I don't I don't find the music that I've seen in the DC films that memorable year. I like that man steals down drag I think it's of wonder and mandate in need to go back and visit to again be reminded of I haven't seen Wonder Woman yet I won't be united member super when she comes on and oh yeah. It was in the trailer for one will now lends one woman's excellent violet are we need to take a break when we get behind again like we usually do aren't we are all right we're behind right now. Or get caught up to be a part of the show several 1307. Our phone line 803471063. We will continue to nerd roundtable. After this you're listening to the F staples of 1063 WORD. And they the wizard on the vying. To listen to podcasts have no idea what I just did. All right CN probably Google the pro we can cause when this depictions of the double ever won screened by. Air or. Anyway so I'll welcome back into the I don't know I'm doing that is cons. Welcome back at the end brown and Breslow a class act welcome back into the state polls we're still in the round table. Now during the break. There was a question asked and I'm gonna put it to the listeners especially to the techsters. And Zach is going to go see a movie tonight not gonna tell you where does he doesn't like get mobbed by the fans and then become anchor yeah I don't want it that we don't want an incident so early stages of it and so he's going to monitor not abdicate yes. We're not counted he'll get it eventually all right so we're not tell you what theories go into but he doesn't seem Wonder Woman he hasn't seen the new pirates yet. And he asked which one he should go see now I NC pirates' assault Wonder Woman and I think you should deceive them. Blood Patrick was given all the reasons why maybe he should go see pirates so she. Is that doce pirates or Wonder Woman. I will and chime in by saying I seen neither but I've heard more good things about Wonder Woman that I have about the art and if if you listen to I was last week or two weeks ago in her my review I think it's a little bit over hyped. Because. I am woman hear me roar right really when it comes down to is a great movie you know it really is. But. When we talked about some new movies. And I said that I am curious about. Then I think it's gonna parallel Captain America. To me. The the first capt America I think it did in a lot of place. And I hope that domestically mutt and a great movie so it's not a bad thing to parallel but there are a lot of things there are a lot of plot points. Because of both of war and all I can super low plot points when you look at you go check the that's kind of the same thing. But one woman herself gaga or did not however say it she's awesome. If I choose though and is there a post credit scene now no now. Those two Buick standard comic book movie if she gets more horrible thing and it is more on the market now. On Donner Superman had and on and suicides that was left but that was the begin the dawn of justice I mean it was yeah. Clearly leading up to something. Now Patrick see them both which one did you like the most thus thus the question. It's really hard to say because. The thing is I like one woman because it was a very good origins story right of one element however I like pirates because it resolved a lot of things I was missing and the previous films so if you look closure go see pirates if you wanna see you were one woman began to see Wonder Woman he also get to see. Captain Kirk stranded on an island of Amazon's because really that's what it comes down to. That's a slight the first because our kids you can't cut it but pork guy not like it's a bad thing they cannot see him anymore the actor you cannot see him anymore and nothing captain Kirk. I don't I don't know does a great move Chris pine you know I can't say I disagree because I know I I saw the movie. And it's like there's times I saw hell or high water with him. When that as a toward the trainers. The Jimenez brother like Robin banks and Jeff Bridges is like. Lester it's like a modern day when I guess it's. In current times and of its like modern in my B eighties so all right. There's a thing the only other Chris potter movie I've seen since Star Trek is this one so maybe that's that's why our mannerisms and things. I see captain Kirk mannerisms without the speech. Without the as a patient. Doomed to be fair that was a Shatner. No higher interest pine does that too right ice to get that kid and I an homage to Shannon yeah rather than isn't much in character okay. Dell is more points but I. Thank you. Usually have a phone call. I'd and didn't. We do as a matter of fact Sean has called an I oh taking issue I think with something that you said just a minute ago Sean tell us about it. Yes you and you're. A Taylor's night I was on my way to urged stored not. I turned on wanna six point three and of course it was a long talking and you had said something about. Greatest they double the fiction movie and he played an excerpt quote. Air gold. Well it Vigo has this is video mourns and I can right now it's time medallist from the movie prophecy with. Okay and and your ride that's very good one but I'd like to point out too that I think that are on top of lists it's worthy of the state. The first one being Robert De Niro. You scented. Yeah she mountain casino thank you go to you wouldn't be able to have to at Robert Niro played the dabble in net BQ war field. Came out in the late eighties early nineties. What Apatow who did nine vote could reach speeds that this. I mean I'm not sure which movie your dog and about. OK okay but in the late eighties we Q were plated maybe. And I believe it and now Lisa McMahon. Yes yeah at least commitment unit in the truck species are Z Xeon Disney if you lose 22. Yeah yeah angels are an Angel heart that needs to art that was an amendment recite you Angel heart and Robert and replace the or he does. An excellent job especially. Close to the hands when he's talking to Mickey Rourke in east peeling and a whole continent. There's this there's this whole thing through history where at the age isn't is the embodiment of soul. And Wallace talked to Mickey Rourke. You know learning about his past he eats the case ready product in as a symbol you know being so Ole. That was really do it dramatic depiction and then of course there's. Tim Curry who played the dabble in that Tom Cruise. You know that's that's legend but he's not glad he's darkness I don't and he's. Stopped. He's had no reason or no no I agree I agree and we we got some cuts from that and does he Grey's. When you're taught as a kid. What the devil looks like that's no I agree I heard. And that according also depiction of what the devil would be a very big commanding every boy torn some unedited that's really do what sort. So those two. You know I think everything else. I don't know I I I got to submit what Chris sex yeah I said in the chino in the devil's advocate lead that was an excellent excellent depiction best. In terms of the manipulation yeah I think special bringing out Upshaw and I did mention it on the air. To me here's a reason why an unseen doubles Africa so so I can't speak to that the other movies that you've done you set I have seen. The thing about mortenson. Bears there's a feeling. She's a deceiver there's a crawling up your skin there's that if anyone's ever been afraid and you think to devils behind you. He makes comments like that there are things like that where you go whoa so is not necessarily how he looks it's how he talks how he acts. And another double I don't know overdue but why not the the devil and I don't liberty actors naming Constantin. It actually a oddly enough when I was searching for the name of the movie that Robert De Niro was in and out popped a list of and film predict a pit part trails depictions of the double and right here I've just gotten to Constantin. Peter star Moore played Satan in in consorting with cheese. Perfect he's he's kind of dirty sleazy leukemia when he pulls up to cheer to watch John Constantin die. And did you won't let him die he reaches in pulls all the cancer out. Because because god has decided to let them back and have that mean he can't pull in the hell. So instead he makes a live so he has another shot at him and as is also. And again it depends on what you consider. The devil would actually be like and I think it's more the feeling that it isn't then then a visual. Armed but as far as what you thought the double should look like curry and legend hands down better than me. You know it's interesting in this list and ended gonna say it's from the Hollywood reporter pretty comprehensive list. There are a few women who have portrayed the double noted notably Elizabeth Hurley in the dazzle which was. Yeah there's more of a comedy I was just kind of funny I was a remake actually but also passion of the Christ. Rosalynn disowned Tonto played Satan in. Against engine can these Jesus. No I just gonna say bomb very impressed I think you're the only one on the show probably couldn't pronounce that name. Without hesitation. And that was amazing who's a proud to have been there about you Zach I try not as I pressed yes yes designing and factories in the community mainly heat particularly if it does not completely wrong but you'd never know it. Our winner take our final break and now we come back we'll continue it who knows maybe we'll keep talking about double I don't know. Thank you for listening. To be a staples one more segment to go in this awesome Saturday night right here one of 63 W Doherty. Spears Tim Curry a little to realize the dancing clown there some people would say. It can be dead. Anyone dressed as a clown. There's a double might be but I know one knows tears of the clown when no one else is around. Just the same texture says guys this our Chris pine playing Hannibal Lecter like character on a TBS comedy. He was an over the top parody and really funny totally different from captain Kirk. And you know I think it's a mark of a good actor is that is is when you see them in different roles than and they don't remind you characters they play when he is in the you know horrible bosses sequel wasn't. Yeah let's say I think you're right was he was the this on Africa and assault meant to. Are right he was Christoph Waltz is on yes. Oh boy can. I can imagine what that was like all right so we got owners want to give it wouldn't get to our quick hits segment as we got some things that I wanna get to really quick. Boy got a couple minutes left in the show so not a lot of time to get the calls are we may squeeze in some more tax if we can. All right it. Pond did you guys know. That. There was originally and Tim Burton's. Batman movie someone else was supposed to play Joseph. So when I tried out this story John Lithgow. Tried out as the Joker and blunt. He did warn it so he purposefully. Botched his audition. Relay Crist as an actor can you explain the logic fairway why would you do not. Not really I think I'm not saying that there's not a reason that I would do it if in my hat if I'd vote the audition because. Somebody was doing a favor for me or because they owed somebody something or something like that and I couldn't. Legitimately just say no I don't really want this role and and you know declined the audition. Then I might be tempted to end but I really didn't want the role I might be tempted to throw the audition. Like. That's not something I would typically plan on doing I would either not go to the audition you know and and declined to think even as they united student plan that part. Or I would actually be interest in playing the part and do domestic. You see here's what I see other cell cliff gallant and he's played some psychotic. Type on characters before on the book through moms like he was he was the big fat. And and I I could see him using that kind of character as a Joker I can see him actually being able to work with it. But I see him as one of those I'm in now to kind of things Elliott and thought that comic book movies was beneath them any kind of says I'm. He's is I never told me one story but I try to persuade him I was not right for the part and I succeeded I didn't realize it was such a big deal. Well and see I don't I don't necessarily here I don't like comic book movies in a statement there are times when as an actor you know that your not right for part. And somebody else still once you audition and you and you just know that. This is this really needs to go to somebody else not that you don't necessarily know who. But not me I'm not right for this part while we're gonna take your word for it so have you been in the situation where he's. Thought I'm not writing I've been I did and a couple of situations. There once part anyway even though you're right for yes there are yes I have I have audition for parts that are really really want an end of directors decided that I wasn't right for it. But then there are also been times when when you know I've had some to say hey you need to do this and lighten that's. Hope I'll read description like I don't I don't think this is right for me and you hit TV show Miami guys. So not some sorry by the way check that out or someone trying to convince you to go out no that was I eight I went to a heavily who's just kind of a general addition general voice over audition and they called me back a few days later instead Hayward we want to play this particular role now okay. Now I'll do it I have to admit in applied paint used the fact that your sister obviously is shining star in the movie. But I I mean you're right there what there you are I mean well and one episode and yeah RB I mean maybe some day could reach the single episode and he's in late centuries she was absolutely great so. Should check out that enemy if you get a chance if you if you wanna hear. Chris I found it needs asked yeah. And landing and they want a pleasure it was to watch it all right another quick hit Los Angeles paid tribute to Adam West with the bat signal. And how little bit of a conference and talked about Adam glass and everything up one side of the building it was really really cool. Then doing that we're gonna recap. 33 but. Let's face it we had too much fun talking about getting punched in the face for the majority. OK okay and at least I want to the way that you walked back. Your your your choice to Mike went last week on analogue back that what I said then I'm not looking forward any gains like I got to see the yeah pretty much the entirety of the Xbox. Looking forward to their games upcoming that I am looking forward to a most specifically assassin's creed origins and looks into. Rentable get a mention the other again and and handled and it doesn't add some looks at the anthem demo. Was astonishing well as APS for a warrant at Spiderman game looks which. And it here's the other thing real quick I'm on my Beagle and PS four are pretty soon because it's guarantee our man. I got to play that I cannot I get to feel myself swinging that sword I got to do that all right we will be back next week. It's kind of a line to all of us will be back next week. Chris and I will be the best man my Brothers went to Rio which is great we don't know which brother can we don't know their names but we didn't know existed before a young girl oh brother but you never go. And Patrick also is going to wedding but. Zach and I will be here along with some special guests tune in next week think felicity of staples right allows explain. We RT.