Upstate Pulse 6-17-2017 Hour 2

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 17th

Year of Death, WWE, and Michael Phelps vs a shark?


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I before I give up the phone numbers and everything let me let me tell yeah. It down just a little bit this is rocked this town buying on stray cats. And listen I am not I'm the only color shenanigans here on the texture. All right because there's a line in here. Leukemia was sort of meet twice look at me again there's going to be a fight. On this one hour if you look on this site I'm just saying. That none. It is pretty easy to say you bring you know Brian censored because you know the song. Did you take pictures when you beat O'Brien let's see I was wondering if there's a police report yeah I mean you know some some sort of blurred his I guess there's minister took pictures as they were you know throwing down he had a boys there with the new. I mean in 1980 Taylor I with their cell phone camera. What Polaroid and carried a full run around with a man okay here's maybe there's an artist rendering I don't know but it here's the thing. Could this sounds all convenient that the song talks about that. Literally tell you what to say. Do you want your honest I knew what that was a good. I thought the music was overpowering your voice I wanted to listen there is nothing in this room to overpower my voice. Neighbor and city line only if you put his volume up a little. And money. Who knows what president until Leslie news that's been a waste so long he anonymously to challenge for John his Q. Zack Zack are you really. Going to call your advocate. I don't even know what happened and I'm supposed to call and nothing happened apparently I just did an obstacle say. Poorer. Fading and in looking to two crews started equities are joking I'm sorry I'm sorry I mean in the music and I looked up increases in my site by the way I'll apologize to our listeners for disarray we're just playing around and having fun we get to call phone calls in just a minute. If you would be a part of the show 803471063. Tex lines of 1307. We have several tax yet and Brian sensor guy you know on this mess with you but it was kind of comedian on to say. It is another Texas has clo green when he opposed by await his T Rex arms he does. And that's that's a bit close for another test for answering my question about who would you be and mayors to be punished by I would not wanna be punished by. Rebecca Black Friday fame yet good choice. Well as I ride today pride in Canada are the only singer Gary gets is such a flash in the pan but unfortunately we all remember who she is texture says Stephen -- also had a large role on battle on five and I looked it up that's where I know I'm from he was he was one of the the gosh. Been too long since and seen the show are I don't remember I don't artist must. In the gun battle on five I know and are so when you punch I wouldn't wanna be punched by the lead singer of content view. Okay this becomes just because I think he's also the guy you who sang the never ending story. All death. And then in the institute and I love that new yeah kick that was the first VHS tape I ever had you know when you I was six years old. And I'll watch it every single day for three months. Now all round I yeah I was I was in distress that he had to bring on a more we have pretty more tax. Texas says. Jerry Lewis is in the hospital and might Diane hearing have you all heard any news on him today. I haven't personally. Although I do you know that day it's not uncommon for death hoaxes to go out like that so we trying to confirm stuff before you know speed with anything new in. Which was to come to you right up front runner up to this on I saw. That I followed more Campbell on Twitter and a news source whether true or not said Mark Campbell had died. He told them that and talked about what a horrible woman doing it B movie actor who has been in phone go. He noted the makers of pop's they started throwing to and a bunch of other people tonight it was hilarious that's funny. Well of Willie Nelson like every year against yeah somebody reporting that he's dead and he's not. All right Lou see you waited long enough tell us about Rick rolling. Oh well I'll tell you that but early this morning and didn't use announced that. Jerry Lewis they've been critical condition urinary tract infection and in there and Las Vegas. Race. Romney can't wait times they're caught it sounds right. I don't know and I don't know but what can open and confirm that. Well my daughter Mary three years again. And Kern deemed parents tell everybody that she and her husband and the minister and then the person in charge of the Nikkei. I think I see where this is going. At the end how don't service. When they announced that during the visit Fallon says. The need state traditional. You know winning music started and it today. Descended from Altera. All of that then there where there are and indeed they can we all you know records church panic dance. And then you Rick world at. I. You who is a part I don't know if you ever heard and bounce because they are loyal calling don't should've heard about it. That at 27. Content he leaned over anyway. At least for me. We can't get over it will insure yeah I have no idea what we. Cannot own church get busted out laughing 'cause all the young kids who knew what was going on at all that eloquent and Mitch but. Deep that good thing that came out of the current. The most incredible picture and that photographer was in the right place at the right hand because my daughter and her husband's head. Flew back and say descended and that picture again. I can't ban just poll asking their heads up I mean it's the most incredible wedding picture ever. As I didn't know whether Rick world or would. We have found out the hard way. I have not Lucent to put you on the spiral quake. Historical musical artists that she would wanna be punched in the face by. While. Wanna be preached that you look back and a little. I'm a little concerned that may be about the term this segment Angelica can be punching each other thing I'll need. We keep you don't keep me in the lineup and I let listen in on Saturday when I'm calling and incurred Canon Mary thank. And they've got right down to it. And it has to be an easy person. Yes and rock star pop star or something like that some somebody who aren't terms tons announced. Yeah. Yeah yeah inaudible I don't know Lucy Tom Jones seemed pretty athletic and not and I might hurt yeah. A bit of it. Punch to maybe time to think. How did you feel claim that you are today and punched by times and he got. Yeah I took that as opposed to being picked on by Don turned wealth. So well received and that's what I would fail when I punch me I would say. Terms yen hit on. Well there you go thank you very much hacked it out. And you keep listen thank you very much Lisa for the call yeah thanks and thanks to Robert earlier for Cullinan Yahoo! we do appreciate all because if you wanna call an 803471063. Tell CU you would wanna be punch by or who he would be embarrassed to be down by musical figure out let me recount the story any better from Pearl Jam. Untold story recently that. Paul McCartney was telling the story about how he beat somebody up. And he he threw out of left and he plays steady veteran to face it any better disclosed grazing in a world. Because then he could say you feel any better pretty famous and all right he he still out publicly he doesn't need another claim to think yeah that's right but now you see a pleasant faced by Paul McCartney so we went around room and decide who we would like to be punched. In the face by so if you have someone whether it's. As Chris brought up you've. Brought some and anger like Herb Alpert I mean or Kenny G-Unit Kenny G punch you and me energy yes and accomplished stellar accomplishment they'll be mine was Elvis. So it. They don't have to be alive to someone who you'd like to punch in the face are out another musical story a guy and this would not. This isn't just to go and go and at that. Now. All our rockers were notices. This is kiss and a look at all hell's breaking loose for some reason we don't have that often atop stone and about one that's not enough. We did know I have just the music for that and I don't have a don't have the lyrics and I want Angela. Wendy here Gene Simmons what this is Paul Stanley singing but anyway so. Gene Simmons. Is trying to registered the trademark. On the rock can jester or do you know yet yes yes he is trying to register and I sign language Raila you know bit in the story talks about this. By the way OK you see the picture thank you for trying to correct me goes on here actually. Right there thank you for boring at all and acted it's. Thank you a series backlit I can barely see and find a way anyway and it's could give Hillary can see this floor and you can also put the thumb over which also means something else OK so. Gene Simmons is trying to patent act. You know you get I have no idea what you're doing there now too much rock for one hand the zealot that is within okay that's what that is so. Anyone out there has been to a rock country don't talk about we may. I take pictures during the break filling up our FaceBook page of our best rocker look. A couple of us can pull it off. On not sure Patrick can't vote but we're willing to give it a shot. I mean you know are not long you like Buddy Holly and there's here's the thing I feel like it is it is a thing you know Zack and Chris both of longer beards. So they can pull it off in that sense and I've got a long hair so. Suddenly I got none of the. According to Simmons this hand gesture you your you will bushy up on top there according to Simmons this hand gesture was first used in commerce. No the November 14 1974 that appears to correspond with a kiss hotter than hell tour. A lot of things sigh of horns is a double signal that according to an entertaining entry from Wikipedia dates back to the fifth century BC founder of buddhism. It also is he American sign language gesture for I love you. Now which Chris mentioned earlier. In certain Mediterranean cultures the horns or rock calling gesture is in the words of the New York Post which we don't know what color around here. Unless the senate derogatory way maybe to a man to imply that his wife is cheating on him so this means a whole lot okay on. Now this isn't the first time this it was tried to patent hand gesture. And the next thing we talk about. Zack and Patrick both Kit Bond. Now note fastest that should be patented because this amused over and over to show up courses yeah it's it's a rabbit alone. For professional wrestler diamond Dallas page. Soon JC. Over what Jay's Jay-Z rather on two different people over Iraq if the Rockefeller hand gesture which is. Basically to diamond cutter gesture was museum fell on a bunch of things like that he'd. Big gloves in the NFL's specifically for that yeah no videos the cost them together and I felt like an actual attack diamond out now like. And it's all right so big they couldn't find any record of how about also went but he did. Sue a an American electronic music do which Chris Polyone now. Three OH thirteen Kazaa and just he's he's really done them a he sued them and it was settled out of court. So. Diamond diamond Sid them. Yeah so you know what's scary with Syria just comes off for no reason no one pushed a button on to say that's just a little things she's got some inside Sharon and I fashionable listen to work. So anyway can't you. Patent hand gesture. And should Gene Simmons being the one to do this when you think of what I always thought it was signed dabble. Do you think of kiss first or do you think of someone like Iron Maiden or do you think goes a further back to Russia pictures of John let him doing the same thing he has to say I don't know that I think of a particular and specific well. I think I would talk a little time and time of day and in this attending Bible and some stuff like Dax virus call and some research that I did. On they do that in snapped so you know. But anyway. OK but there are plenty of people who aren't Satan as a new details I mean it'd. Just because one person who is the does it doesn't make it doesn't qualify and I Griese can't tell us just another point that this just I used for many different francs. I mean is in fact lots of lots of gestures like that. For the Texas Longhorns I think. Do that and Tucker mourns the yet or have mourned. But there's a story he'd cost probably ten years ago now where George Bush I when he was president George W. Bush when he was president. But it is from Texas. Made that gesture and apparently that was only two things very axis by brutally in Europe where it's it's considered rude gesture. And so there is yeah I mean did last year we exactly but but my point turner toilets but that's my point is that that in fact. In in QB Schmitt and bring dual image that there's. A reference to crossing your fingers. And and dawn the character from Vietnam says in my country it's a very rude gesture. And so. I mean it it it just depends on the culture agility. Here's the thing. To what busy doing this business to put that to make sure they kiss goes down in in history. When there are no longer around that when that this is used it they have to make sure that kisses referenced or is he gonna make money off the somehow. Can now sue we can be watching you don't want to concert may use in say you owe me money from. We're talking about that pity but no end and we are talking is a good man if you've ever watched any of this stuff I mean Dell is an American money. That's what I'm saying is that we are talking about Cabrera before referenced and start tracking Paramount and it's senator senator and and if people own the rights to something. It into I mean there's a certain there's a certain degree of leeway it's given for artistic license you know and using something but if you're gonna start making money on for example if somebody pretty T shirts. With that so it would that gesture printed on it and sold them and made. Millions of dollars. And he's got a trademark on that gesture. Then yeah I mean he might. Be owed some money from that. Because he's got the trademark on the gesture or is use it without permission to that I think is that that's that's where the light and this is what doesn't say in the in the Star Trek conversation. That's kind of where the line is drawn when you start making money on something and you really significant amounts of money on something. That's when people who. Owned property right is who own intellectual rights are gonna step it. Here's a thing all right. I don't think he's gonna win this but what he has done and it's an interesting case employees tends to do. On every so often every year or so he comes up with something that puts kiss back in. Everyone's thoughts because it crosses over Indiana in news a few years ago they try to sign Tim Tebow it was everywhere he was everywhere. Trying to sign him to on Tuesday kiss Arena Football League team. They've come up with stuff he comes up with a way to get their name back in the public guy. Every couple years gives a press so that just doesn't. And that's what I think this is because I don't think there's anyways gonna win this you know might as well Chris might as well try to trying to pass in the middle finger. Which she should be putting down now but now I'd to you know. He's trying to cut now I mean. If you can patent the patent assigned to delta rocket sign whatever. Why can't you patent a certain finger I just butt kiss on the level you don't need to be. You don't need to be reminded about this I mean they're one of those bands you know kisses. Well the reason you don't need to be reminded about kiss is because your constantly reminded of guests now yeah I I think that's it I. I guess I'm the point isn't also a businessman and end date with us come to put up I think they've put down new album what five years ago six years ago something like that did. They don't put onto albums anymore they still going Tor. And they still or are in the limelight every couple years because he does something like okay mail lists has been dating gone firm decked. Aides and you need to be reminded about it how often do you see a new collection come out BC does does sort of infomercials where they do the scroll ball doesn't watch on commercial okay my point is that every every. Every once a while they come out with a new collection of Elvis saw his favorite Elvis tunes that always just a little bit different from the last I want elvis' favorite hymn amazing I don't know or something like that and and you see it you know in your that I say is I don't come out would you forget to Elvis was. Not necessarily but again the point is that you are reminded him like oh I remember that song well this just puts it in the back of your mind. You know kind of jogs your memory a little bits that you don't the U continue to remember that all right we can't take her first break as we go to break or remind you a couple things first of all. Should you be able to patent. The rocker's son that really is whether you should be able to trademark or patent hand gesture is really question here and that I think is something that. Ultimately courts are gonna have to determine. Who's won a set and end and the other question is what rocker or are musical artists would you like to be punched in the face lie detector says Jerry Lee Lewis. Great balls of fire himself the next draw exclusive paper view then I definitely Ari gives tech some 1307. Phone number 803471063. This the F staples right don't want a 63 W Doherty. I love about it TSA applause lines of cruises Zack and Patrick have fun on a Saturday night you know. Brought up a topic that is taken us the majority of the show once we got past our our party stories and it's you know what it. Musical. Star and how we pay Georgia via my entire band that's up to you. Would you like to get placed in the face but I mean you know they did it can happen like all four of them at once again gaffe is when it hits he. Melee bite down on. Give us a call 803471063. Text line. 71307. Well you know we hope you get to an awesome oops here and a few minutes. This thing is carrying us through Crisco and gets attacks and we get to the phone line Mellon the one Texas says I'd be embarrassed to be punch by Boy George. And it's good choice. Yeah but it will be worse if dearly when I heard me as playing while he's put you in the face to say it. Kidman. That's why you pay to be on the radio all right we got a fun. Powell we have Bob Dylan Henderson those called in about that get punched in the face he'll get punched by bill. Well actually couple. Tom direct pay into mute it in record after record. Let go important cheeks were forty fives. And may actually made several double. That's true. I had not exactly what I would call musical. Gala but but I get your point if Mae West Clinton you'll in the face and says why don't you come on CB some time that I mean you know. The only ones. Apparently aren't arch street be it shouldn't cuddle yet I'll agree aria. I got you okay not a nice toys and I am glad it was a it was a caller I think it was actually Robert that that kind of broached the and the subject of the picking you know female musical artists tonight I like that idea so thank you very much bill. I do. OK I guess it's just in Boiling Springs is calling in about the same thing duty when he punched by just. I want to get by beer so I turn ration. Secrecy necessary. That's a similar I'm thinking that they're Christians not both sad and I guess. I guess I'm just not as violent as those two and and and and some of these guys and but I just like one of veto beaver but from what I understand he might know martial arts and stuff so you might struggle with them look and listen. And he's got a bunch attached to you know what makes it worse Josh is if you punch you in the face he gonna beat him up and he can't. Yes out today I would be embarrassed to have been punched by Justin Bieber because he didn't do anything about it. Much you know what it's a risk you're willing to take LA data that suggest thanks for colon and just. Whooped. Who need who do you think I mean if any does anybody else come to mind. Easy you mentioned Elvis the other big named Johnny Cash are really liked his attention to mention Johnny can't arms comes prizes and think that on myself. Chris Cornell. I think. I don't know I I don't think I wanna get punched by them now. My baby any better seek is that I can say got punched in the face by a guy got punched in the face by Paul McCartney took a double I know. Yeah that's good right there and the deathly is good why so few other inning. 803471063. Text line 71307. Who do you what do you punch in the face by now. If you're gonna get punched by someone said Joan Jett earlier while while they were I know no doubt that yes. Who was the chick from art. And or Nancy Wilson he. Here's the thing at one point is going to be totally different in the old saying one has a little bit more behind it than the other when does the you know the other few artists it. Some really Gwen Stefani. Or. Who's in garbage who's missing in garbage username. She's ginger. In I don't remember us amended and she was in the in the TV series of terminator. She was almost a minute. And know that I didn't want that listen series quick come and all right. This man must Tony's spices basically see my phone is haunted or attacked for something and I touching the thing in Syria just keeps coming on and they institute freaking me out. OK I understand I'm dead and there's no way although Patrick does have a long arms and there's no way he's reaching over in doing that while he's answered the phone stuff. He's not that good yet he still too raw. Pitcher handle my phone did. All right let's go to the phones Shirley Manson Charlie Manson's it was a singer and garbage yeah. All right because I'm old I can't see you call screener from here's a crucial and Richard Richard in Greeneville to OCU and get punched in the face by. Period from. I kind of. No musical artist so no I don't I don't think so well I'm sure yeah I listen. You he's intro to his view he's Playhouse he sang in the beginning and night I was against loan portfolio our neighbors to see you know I'm accurate it would be funny anything. I don't know I think I think the image is somebody that I did I beam there well it was like now you know. Depends on where you're out when he punches you you. That's on Zion about that are right zero hoops and throws get to some loops. Are right now. I know we played just a little bit earlier because it's it but it's totally it's a good Nassau and played toys appropriate with the hoops and this time we've got the ball was going on. All right this song by the way if you don't know this very strange it's rock lobster. Chris doesn't restraint we did it fifty to use restraint in jest they were all right so. In case you didn't know. You know sue and I did hear the stories about lobsters now all they feel they did not run our answers miles regular love since I don't. All right Italy's highest court ruled on Friday got lobsters. Must not be kept on ice in restaurant kitchens because it causes them unjustifiable. Suffering before they head for death. My fine dining. Just accepted a complaint by an animal rights group against the owner of a restaurant near Florence who kept alive Chris stations on ice. Or in ordering him to pay 2000 dollars or 2000 Euro fine. And a further 3000 euros in euros is hard to say in legal fees. Upholding a sins by lower court the cassation court ruled. If I said Iran renal care the fact that watchdogs is usually rises they have a crustacean colored Villa. Are usually cooked while still alive does not mean that they can be mistreated forehand. While a particular method of cooking can be considered legal by recognizing that is commonly used. The suffering caused by detain the animals wanted to wait to be cooked cannot be justified in the way. The judge wrote it no limit aid if if you can justify the cooking because it's commonly used and all you need is more people to put lobsters on ice to justify I guess I didn't read a headline headline is court says lobsters must not catch cold before cookie. Which is a very clever. Clever headline so. Listen we've talked to Peta people before I don't understand your own generally live at the bottom of the ocean they do mean I'm guessing you call call call now are yeah more degrees. While you just knew that yes. That's the dentist that water is all right here's the thing do we all believe that it's four degrees at the bond that we can take him as where we go looking up. As a reputation Amtrust yeah I'd Patrick McDonough all right so anyway. Listen that's. A guy I just want you to be right Curtis thanks I appreciate so so anyway. I support agrees Eric yes and there may be severe weight lately and order series like. And I Celsius. I know anywhere between zero to three degrees Celsius. Which is 32 to 37 degrees right Aaron writes yes and getting my my scales makes them zero I gave you his hand as he did yes he did and I am admitting that I got my skills mixed up Celsius. Freezing at Celsius zero freezing in Fahrenheit is 32. So four degrees Celsius. Now see here's. A lesson for everyone along crisply that are not I do and on. For the most port everything he tells me he's using rocket launchers and a music player but the Y nine I mean it's usually dead on but here's the thing. If you're out there and you're young and you're listening in and he went behind the ears. And you read something on FaceBook or or Twitter or the snap chats there or whatever you read it on and you just automatically believe it check sources. Check sources says as Celsius so really this was just just a lesson in checking sources. He was close because I have no idea yeah right. We'll be right. I get to that I don't know I'm Donald that goes unnoticed around on a test if you put that on this it would been wrong in I think he populate Clinton along scale. Okay did this on a test it would have been wrong and I am I can't catch and I was right about the temperature of the water is zero to 3904. Okay. That's close enough image so is that it was cold it's harder I ask how did you are Democrat again there is Chris letters hi Gary. There. That's what it felt comptroller right there it was close there is. There is a variation for the salinity of the water if you were fresh water and well what was our salinity. We're in the daily Zuma salinity none of us have never used it notably several well. But that's quite sure what that means it means how much salt is in the water you know that there's sultan yeah okay. So there may be a very neat because putting salt and water changes the temperature at which it freezes. Temple hills for that matter can you must come with salinity is in my cracker is can use that. You could again as solid on the would be correct to ask you salinity generally vote refers to a solution is only okay all right that's an ornament could be wrong but at. I think he generally refers to solution anyway the point is that. Roughly four degrees out of put it the until the next to a roughly four degrees is the dentist that water against filled with centigrade scale. No this kind of die critical mark until that. Dire critical Iraq. All of what ahead. Yeah daughter is robbery and he didn't bring down if I don't know if it's going audited net. I critical marks her accent marks like the accent over like an amount most is and I critic also like if your name is Jose. Yes if you if yes if you saw until that over and and and in the Spanish word that means that you should pronounces a certain way. Other than an. Anyway the point is four degrees Celsius. Is dead is that what he gets before it freezes are. All right so that's why is that zone are gonna go to Greg doesn't get a break this just shows just stupid pieces. You know I'm gonna die but they don't want to be told what happens. I'm pretty cold in the ocean is my gut and the boil away may die they're gonna warm up their deathly Norma you're listening to. No state calls right marijuana 63 W Doherty. All right. First let me apologize for for the lengthy break we were busy punching each other in the face. In and it took awhile on. So in this segment file cinemas are gonna get to our sport segment was for you lead a little bit earlier. Real sports which means you'll become a wrestling here and second the first major music in the background Miller bringing up a little bit because it's it's a little tool subtle at first which is what. You know it kind of does even even a little bit louder than that I mean you know. Erica. Though you may recognize that music as the theme from jaws. There's a reason why. I'm playing his music or Patrick is playing this music it's because. It was announced yesterday. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to race against a great white shark on shark week. What the heck. I'm do it and all right so all the details they won't say how he's doing that's OK so. Well or know text like fill 1307. How guessing there's at least one lane road Powell how it's supposed to Michael Phelps. Race and great white shark now of course he can be covered in charmer whenever bloody a bloodied. Carcass and film in the water first in and they released a shark. Which some people may want to see I don't know. Or. Is he swimming next to assure Kim like with a glass image. Lean eternal race. And not notes saying I'm not clear to release all of the animals is just kind of you know. It's a crapshoot whether any of them are gonna do what you want them to do and head for the finished now I've never been to dog races before blessing Bugs Bunny sonar works yes so and Bugs Bunny they have around and on on a track and yes the dossier sent. So is Michael Phelps did the rabid on the track I mean. Why would the shark race him he's got to be incentive for the sharks to go down as whatever I tell how that I absolutely think that that. Given it a long and have distancing great white shark can catch up with Michael Phelps. Well I don't think Phillips is gonna win the race now I just don't and Clint Howard they go to conduct the race that's the thing. And if your question if I wonder if the salinity of the water is an enemy differences Phelps is used swimming and fresh one fresh water the sharks really know are no I. So he does a does and also supporting Ned does definitely awesome point because a pizza which makes you think when they have two tanks one saltwater tank and another one Phil chlorine and his car is dump a shark in a pool yeah it's it's a great point you know you get peed on Ian. Hoping that you've built a solid decision the appeal of these appeal or need to know poignant and so I can commuters are so if you have any idea how he's gonna do this gives attacks have won three zeros on the ground now. Anybody else in your army ideal INN. Siting there I mean just you know artists and I was just there like yeah all right and being cameras were out getting comic books in the and his Al. In about earlier he show me data on FaceBook is like oh dude that's real. Another reason why should check resources is a Bleacher Report its on discovery in discourage you know what they need Dubai shark week. The always come up with a really good gimmick. Each year. And what better gimmick than to see if Michael Phelps could keep my shark coming up I'm told him for that. I'm tuning them for that are right. Tomorrow night WW money in the bank. We get to our predictions. And before we do. I'm going to tell everyone that I took the advice of a couple people in this room finally so they can quit trying to push their account or me and WW network yesterday. As far as an early Father's Day gifts are day I wants to a couple of the stories including JPL's interview was staying which as soon as you give us the first thing you got to watch analysts are right along which I was a little disappointed and I thought it would be funny you know when it was isn't what's that when he ports. Located between ambiguity joins us on the right now and differentiate in next. I want to check that that stuff out on the right on I want to with he's the right now and I thought it'll be a little bit funny inner. Also I Daniel Bryan and and what's his name is a lawyer to angels were not there you are right so let's get some matches now again. We know this is a real but CBS has their predictions out CBS sports. So that means it's real right all right let's get to other pre show hype boroughs are back together. Gone up against the clones. We just got. Glad I pros cypress that's easy on I also I'm going hyper us. Chrissie academy you can get in on this you know a lot of the San hyper as look at his I have no you are that's a all right we'll see you on CBS is a couple guys on here and they both say cypress. All right let's win this championship match between Wyoming and and wanna. Miami. Yet side. A what does it lot of wins. Blake I think you can see this like I'm. It's I don't know browse the president I think a lot of wins by LE DQ or something like something's gonna happen. Gap in is absent anything they can't make her look bad. On opening act so Neely whatever happened Naomi win there repeat themselves now here's the thing. They don't say win this match is gonna happen. So. Here's what I think happens. If you money in the bank happens before this there may be cash and okay so we're gonna get to this the second attempt I think a lot of wins. It's doesn't matter because she's not a when the bell which does not for the belt it's yes that is for the both of what goes put the well okay their mind. I don't change on my -- wanna one's belt and you that's why am having a hard time with it because why are they gonna go for me heal to a face like back to back Yemen say I'd. I'd totally freedom on this right to cash and depending on when are we going to be as a cheap thing we've got to get Ott. At doing this to your hero no I depends on how good that match might be all right so tag team championship is those verses in new dam to go first. I think the new day should win this but they won't I think you says what needed Wentz. IA ominously. That uses that day one is a little more H and they went. I still don't understand what the heck that and the months. I don't have Tim with the fashion police and get it all right so CBS both their guys say who says Nguyen all right women's champ sorry dev W championship match between. Jane your mojo on Randy Orton. I don't care. Bonds but I'm under the gin vodka yeah I'm going to the mall here I'm all what the modern day not hot shot. I La I love the gimmick I think it's a great gimmick and I. He's going to lose the belly doesn't need it was Randy Orton to Margaret York alms what you're trying to get a gender is the heat on him he's trying to get. Viable he won more heat do you want then beating Randy Orton in front of his father in his hometown. Beating them clean tonight I think he needs to go up against the strain of face to get more and I think he will IE you now I was unsure about the whole issue did AJ styles did not done yet. I've I'm always gender two point. So I do think he wins. All right so CBS also things to animals are gonna win both their guys are what is money in the bank ladder match. I'm worried about this I'm always worried about latter matches anyway because they're so dangerous when you think imagine Christie's you know parties. Feel all the latter matches have come before and they always do something so stupid that you think my god how are they still alive. They're pushing the women or just as good as the men to the point where I'm worried. That someone's really gonna get hurt I think the obvious person to win would be Charlotte player. I think Carmelo is gonna win. Even looking at the odds haven't you know I haven't I don't see that I don't I don't really know I don't do that I think Carmel I think it's I think it's. It's time for straight up he'll like that to win because no one's. Angry with what you're saying with the the fact that they're trying to push the women are just isn't meant I feel like if this was four years ago. I would be a lot more worried about this match you know with the danger aspect to it. However if you like there's so many good workers in there with Becky in Charlotte in Italian also and their in the same match that to mean and Carmela. Don't necessarily have to do as much or take a dangerous spot I think Carmelo Wentz. I don't know why I think I did staying as smackdown mainstream media like not know what's gonna happen Heidi this is just some weird feeling I think to Mina. Might win now be different for sure but it hasn't I don't know does different ways to her dad isn't it all right if this man on first. And they're gonna go with that aspect I Becky points it and they're gonna put the belt on Becky. Yeah again I'm okay I think whoever wins the belt. If it's on before the championship match they cash in that night on. CBS hasn't won a massive tiger winning that's that's a dark horse and another one has player winning which would be the obvious choice right now with the push for for flare. All right the last match is the men's money in the bank match between a Jiang. Since today. Kevin Owens don't Cingular brand Corbin and Sammy Zain I would tell you CBS at both picked ziglar to win. I think since he's gonna. Yet I don't think it's as Italy and really he held the briefcase at the end of smackdown. IR they're not gonna do it who's gonna win it Sandy's name. Steamy scene is going to win it and now he's gonna have I think he's saner court in about more lenient with it now and Corbin he's not ready there's a Thousand Islands are still gonna continue their thing. I feel like you just hype shouldn't skates so much you kinda big events I think you know I think though I because I think everything is I think they wanna put AJ again it's. Gender and dignity should skate vs now. Well we'll see about that do you got any. Ideas musings gonna win this whole thing or any of the matches this techs up 1307. Next hour and a nerd our group top games in a ton of other stuff including a robot vs miss Pacman which is stupid. Was done things I was with the other guys think you are listening to any of staples like hero one a 63 WORT.