Upstate Pulse 6-17-2017 Hour 1

Upstate Pulse
Saturday, June 17th

Lonzo's disgusting story and who people would like to be punched in the face by.


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Now one okay that's why don't you know what to each Arizona examining I've always said. You don't have to watch it. One good because if you told me I had to do some chances are probably not done right now yes you absolutely. Defy any instruction I gave you as you should. Underling anyway are right exactly well let's why you should they welcome me into. The staples yes let's call my name is lines we are supposed to have a full crew tonight but we don't have the moment along with Chris and Patrick. And Zach who is probably listening on the radio and then on his way in my client is on the way today to car I guess. If you're. If you see Zach moving down I'll get it this is get on the way just moved to decide let him go let him get here he'll be the only moments steam coming out of his car is so angry yes that's what happens when your an angry person. Officer he's on an important mission please just write him a warning. He's on a mission from god just flash your WORD card and if need be. Have them call us and we'll take care before you Zach. Last time we joked to body actually got a ticket yeah I know so he doesn't need to do that right now on Kazaa to give more platelets or something we don't want that to happen all right. All The Today Show. And talk about kind of stuff on. First off color thank everybody for all the support and and stuff I'll begin on FaceBook and things thank you very much home. Writing is my therapy when I'm you know go through. Whenever it is I'm going through and troubled times yes well any kind of troubled times. It could be worse and it's absolutely yeah self which is a point I was gonna make you early yeah I'd listen I know that I'm. On the and it's gonna remember that it is it's also good that again and then people reached out and very supportive I appreciate that. On second of all. Before we hit the show started I warned to direct you towards. The App Store if you like. How a and iPhone and any place is jobs available on android yet. But if you if you got an iPhone which I think a lot of people do on go to the story can get 21063 W or. Up for free. And I'm in the Spokane that that your documents on the heels I think that is available on android market so. Let's have a double check right now it is ludicrous or don't pay and gagging as I had I mean you're the only high in this room that has endured because I had yes I thought you were going in a different direction and I jumped again and I don't know that that story comes later whale caught on hold Chris apologized. On air I look. I want people to be right I want to be right but I am not afraid to admit when I'm wrong I was wrong about weird lines it was going when it. And I correct myself. Noble thing that you know in my mind Pasco and that's just so anyway lesson learned checkup to 1063 WORD optical part of science guy you know latest. They mesh marsh or how are you wanna say it of you know our FaceBook or Twitter all that kind of stuff the things the big times stories are going on 163 W Doherty and also. If you right at the top you can click on the play button you can listen life. And I tell you we we had to tune in now and I I'm sure we're still available on that with the quality or in the 1063 WORD out. Is so much better and it's deathly worth it again it's free at the App Store check that out because you've. You know you wanna house in your pocket. So to speak our rights mom so pinellas. We are going to let me tell you what we'll talk about later on in the show we're going to be out recapping he three in the third hour nerd hour. We gonna break down the VW money in the bank. In the second hour in the sports segment. Got here a death that I'm not sure that people know who this is but we're going to. I realize how Muslim sample we're gonna have fun with it. And it's not as morbid as it may seem. And Duff. It's not trust me it's not okay let us start. We'll be answered before you move on I have checked on this announcement I know that you your interest and the the one a 63 WRD app is available through Google play however. Searching for it. It may be new enough that they did it's it's not gonna come up in search results of the best way to find it is to go to our web site one a 63 W a RD dot com. There's a story out there get there a giddy yap there's a link they'll take you straight to the Google play page reading download the app from and found. All right I'll go apologize first of all because I may sound a little out of breath because I am com. I am having stomach problems and I've had to go to the doctor and there's a reason why am I'm talking about this first of all I'm Maggie medical mystery I was on ya actually. I was. Talk virus castle that sometimes you share things because you never know what someone else has went through or what they can tell you in this case. I'm going on the lighter side with this all right. And how can stomach problems they're not quite sure what it is probably gonna have to go to a gastric specialists which means I'm gonna have to be probed and I'm looking forward to be abrupt. And guys my age give proved eventually come. In that time medically and which you know. If you're going to be pro deals where you live differently I'm surprised yen in broad yeah well when I hear evangels arrived. All right so to an end I'm fleet of foot when I was thinking more lights in the sky temporary dollar K well you know. How to we know they're not saying I can't move not quite sure of and there's wonderful. Alien changes a little easier or story in there somewhere so. Com. My Doctor Who is. What the first times a Menem. Yes we saw until diarrhea. And as like you know it among fans are on camera that he's like oh good I'm glad. Have all their albums yes he's ask you spell it if not now because now be difficult on. So anyway that was like a decade ago when I first mess up. When the first things he said to me. That's back when nice. Was having gal problems in and things like that so. How old she was asking about side effect yes would you or medication yet that might cause an Allah knows cleans things out Maya so. This is a little worse was the worst thing now I know that he wanted to know you are actually and it's taken that is. I don't want you guys to turn away but if you do I understand I so. He asked me. A couple of days ago. He said I'm listened to test home with you do you have any problems with doing the test. Because you've wondered is when I. Let's go with on what they say it will not what my grandma always say going out Dole's. When you go out Dawes is subordinate. And also known as number two right. As a book ends like no I because when I think it's a natural thing when you have stomach problems that you look I think he does do. Well so they gave me kit. To test it. And okay he walks around the room nurse brought the kid to me and handed to me and I just looked at the kid he walks back and he's like why are you smiling. And I dislike. We do any degenerate chat. As does the deuces deuces. The weirdest stating what the weirdest things on where things have happened to be doctors and that's what what this reason alone bring this up. Because. What is the weirdest thing a doctors are raskin who do. I guess it's except 1307. Phone call 803471063. And this story not only hanging OK so. What you have to do is you have to calm. Brushed the clue. And brush it you've got to brush it. And two tested. I think litmus tests on that you did it pressure classic ages is a strip of paper so what this is is you open up a little corners are little square in there inside of this packet that they give you. That's the litmus paper. -- my first let me explain this stuff do so much how Hector must come within Europe knows it did it being Korean but now. Probably get video description elegantly to solve it out of enjoyed SO. My way my whole way home and thick and how the heck am I supposed to do this. So on ticket should I stop and buy oh when those fish net loans fish net days and I so. OK okay guys you guys because how can you Bryce all right so what am I doing. As a star read the instructions yet so it's at a restroom I took aluminum foil and her with me. Because OK I I it's is pretty pliable and a figure I can get it underneath. And then afterwards. Wrap it up and going away right so. So clever and they had on me until and they think governor like field Saran wrap on the global trek yeah except that it's a tedious you you make it loosened and actually care is the guy in this case I'm trying to catch in right not to. Costing us right yet so. So I'm sitting there. Taking care of business as those those two silicon test this out. Did an opening instructions idea of what I just don't las Americas. Because I just I had no idea what this is going to be like and I'm embarrassed to death about it also laughing about it because. This is the kind of stuff that always happens to me when your doctor right and so the instructions were very thorough. I did some wrong but whenever. Become paint brushes. Like an artist paint Russian. OK and so well okay boosted. Today it is part of the problem are so what you do and it came with disposable buys two mandates. These guys Don and everything which was also. The thorough I like that is so no we're in the instructions does say go get some aluminum foil now and so. So when and how to use aluminum foil. Bernie. And yes I threw it away at him put him back in. Somewhere I just just in case you're wondering so. Pleasant so. I would have expected that waltzed things or approaching almost sinking. India the global he'd take the brush you dipping down in there and you have to yet the brush something okay then you have to shake off the excess. Which is a normal thing in a restaurant and usually meaning it against the toilet and didn't and it might have been a I think and a switch. Well. Chris Harry Potter references I got the reference anyway so if Lincoln this issue whatever interview all right. I appreciate the girls on. And I expect it when I'm talking Harry Potter so then once you do that did you have to basically paying to square. Yes. Then and we have to paint the whole square bomb or just what she's just on Italy's thorough warming you know. Cash to pay for a students also chemistry just get someone there are actually plow event you wanna make sure that. Why didn't see a reaction so I don't know if maybe but it's more than likely they add something to it. To know because posts you have to boxes up and yeah exactly so I don't think they'd want you to almighty god it turned blue I'm gonna bleed to death I don't think they want you to do that that's. That's kind of my point is that some tests. That you can take it home. Have immediate result there are relatively pregnancy tests I don't have to do anything other than using it. To figure out you know what's what's going on but this is actually something you do. Collect a sample test and then send in a way you know it's very he'll also your scientists I mean kid you know even though you're suffering through something like I am with the lab coat and goggles guess I've been there before so elated and so. Also you wonder how he's panel stay close we'll have labeled it. Over he put over to panels and accusing it of all under every bed imagine that I N and then I think kept thinking OK I wonder what the first kids were like before the before they mailed this thing downing gonna par I just test one yeah Qaeda first Owens and yeah. You know what were the one point nose or whatever what were those like a bit they were probably messy but then when you're done. You have to take it back to the doctor's office and handed in which is even more fun I just gotta say so. I don't know what the results are waiting to find back in and you know I need to finalist almost onto the stomach is messed up. But the question is. All right gives tech 7130. Cent in a phone call if you're willing to embarrass yourself or near 80347106. Rate. What is the weirdest or the most embarrassing thing a doctor has asking to do. Please make it something that we can actually I error. On the radio we we have gotten a request can yell text me when the whose story is over we're cooking out right now getting ready eat no we can't Terry. But thanks for this just about over and I hope you're not based in ribs with a nice for us. I'm. Are we go to break I'll remember you're gonna break we go to break on that note I what are your breaking bad no we come back. Where talks are music so. Really get away from this but I would like to see some text of phone calls about this because. Only mean Haggan people. Don't make me feel like I'm going wanted to stuff happened studio Kirk in Malden says the strangest thing a doctor ever asking him to do is turning cough. That's that's common pretty rough I was common but it could be the strangest thing is somebody's asked I mean. If you've never had that kind of exam before. It's it's a little and says here's what I don't know everybody else that is here's what I hope I hope. He didn't have cold hands because trust me it makes a difference you're listening to the just say polls right hero one a 63 WORD. Well when appropriate music he cared appeals on the plot against us find our we're going away from the Ponte stuff. But you got to tell you got to because I have no idea when you guys are top. I you know what I had never seen and to know your story. Reminded me which Ed just full disclosure we're hungry VOA from the pot body topic right now. Because that's exactly arms August startup so much debate of air well it has. Your story reminded me and we do have a few tax we're gonna get to those in just seconds 71 threes or seventy incumbent. A reminded me of the trip that I took in college to Europe it was Furman singers trip and the first hotel that we stayed that is as Ara called the rest of them but were kind of normal but the first hotel we stayed at. The toilet. Was. Backwards as far as I can tell it was initially aimed explains the exterior was shaped basically like it to a normal fluid that you are familiar with. But inside the hole. There would Wear that weird the whole would be to flush waist down the toilet there was this. Plate like at Lincoln a plateau. Built into the toilet. At it just underneath the that than the rim of the bowl. And the hole was actually at the front of the toilet rather than the back where it where it normally is. And so the first thing that I had to do after getting to the hotel you know getting off your plane and getting telling getting settled in. Was go to the bathroom and I sat down and it I guess I don't know I don't know this is like Catholic influence or something and just trying to make you feel terrible about yourself. But the problem is. When you. Evacuate. And it doesn't fall into the water. The smell is so much worse yes and I did I think I have I literally had until it was finished had to sit there in. This stench of my own filth and in jury it. Let's break. There was just an absolutely ridiculous incident though when you flush the water washes across the plate toward the front. Of the of the ball where the hole is everything goes down grain but I have no idea. Why somebody went out of their way to design a toilet like this. It's I gotta tell you I think you're story was much more growth than mine it's it's absolutely discussed it was terrible. Patrick apparently knows what I'm talking about I have restaurant at the restaurant again my parents whenever I win it. Two point one in Paris for a few days for spring break in high school. And I just remembered a toilet in a restaurant in Paris exactly the same way. And I was like I Norman to the only here have ever seen like another being here for awhile. I have to hold my breath did not bark. I seriously I wondered if I should have sat on it backwards. Absolutely and so that so that it would go down the hole. Like it's supposed. All right let's IRA listened. That's enough I think we've done enough that's the listless it was an absolutely. To the people barbecue is here welcome the ability blisters. Lewis's move on another Texas as you guys do know it's dinnertime right I'm sorry but this this is this if any we'll take an hour ago on Sar if any of you are planning a trip to Europe this is something you need to know about yes or avoid if you can't or avoid and like I said that was the only toilet that I experienced that was like that the rest of the hotels even when I went on my honeymoon in Italy. There were in the toilets were what I would call I guess is standard American toilets. But let the record be shown on trying to move on OK I just I says when their matches and it's not those out if any of our listeners does go to Europe and finds that. Let us now. Let us know yesterday after you've given a different candidates like a year away yeah remember this out that I after the segment not sure will be years exercise. I. Techsters. To turning cost American mall in the red zone until she says doctor what is that haven't been a line isn't that where you go to die. I know not usually. Makes me feel great about my visit thank you techsters. I know ideally this. Techsters talking about I hit and it's for a different station yeah probably. Textures. Oh tester says the strangest thing you never asked to do by a doctor was shave. Down there. Yeah. The Edward Kennedy back of the year. Not so it's okay that's fine. Time old old tests came with a little wooden spoon like these to give you that Carmel or dairy queen for ice cream cups all white doll. CA Casey will only the worst of problem for me because I don't like beef. The touch of wouldn't system's okay it's it's so it's. I appreciate your help when you look at why weren't even on our right here I want to put up music what could display the music. Threw up a little bit all right so you're probably wondering. Why I'm playing pro world am I yeah first of all no review there's no there's always get rid of a little bit more Patrick on. Personal this is my favorite pro Jim song. And my favorite song rocket. Because you get to belted all right I don't know if you guys on the story. From. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie better revealed one of the greatest moments in his life in an interview on Beatles. XM channel money better said he was once hanging out with McCarty out of Seattle hotel bar. And the fab four member got so animated while telling the story that he accidentally punched the rocker. He kind of was illustrating how he hit this guy when he did that. He shot on his left arm as if he was hitting this guy. And Alistair right there and I got hit whose is it any better talking by the way. And he said it was great incredible personal story and I caught the end of it but as I was listening now is thinking. Paul McCartney just hit me in the face and hurt. A great time in my life to be hit by Paul McCartney OK so as great story. There's ever a bad time in your life to be hit by Paul and out and he has this made me wonder. We just we we want phone calls and text in this 71307. Phone call. 803471063. If you have pushed in the face. By eight. Any musical artist in time. I'm dead or alive anymore I'm yeah. There's timely issue in the face who would you want to punch you in the face loses reminds me that question in fight club if you could fight any historical thing year. You know men who would be all right so you know the answer right away unless you have an answer on lake is not an answer. I would love to your place in the face by Elvis Presley. Just to say got hit by the king and you know lab tests does not bad but I'm I would hope that I'd prefer not Elvis not. The skinny Elvis goes skinny Elvis punch me in the face abroad would knock me out not Ellis I got a shot media calls have probably never heard as much on thing game. But so. Who in time on the I mean would you like to be punched by John Lennon would you like to be punished under a lot of would you like to be hit in the face by a number of war on because solar up there was to be hit by a war I mean. You know that chilly out there has been well probably the problem will you is that it's happening right now more than likely so you guys can you think of anyone. I want to feed on the end of the first actually. Honestly the first name that that lets in my mind yes the question was Fred Durst. Because we give me an excuse to kick his ass really yeah I don't. So you hate them now while I. Know just Fred Durst let this get woods frankly find it and Fred Durst is it. Something I can't salary he's several things against Hillary. I agree. I mean you probably Michael Jackson. Michael to get to is this just as probably doesn't hurt get two things one it wouldn't hurt his desk Ronnie arms. But to. Just to say that in a punch in the baseline pop Biden Jackson Enos is kind of the same thing with him. But only other person to think of it by Freddie are well you have pretty. Kurt Cobain but I did he keep coming up what Barings were I think Patrick secretly just doesn't wanna be hurt my punch. Yeah this is that the couple of ruin my thing OK I don't yeah I think Kurt Cobain and being able to say that you were punched a get a concert or startling if he'd I don't know. To stage dive or something like that in and you know getting back up there blinked not I don't just face time like I got punched in the face. There doesn't seem like someone who appoints very hour now. Molly Knight but still on the you know I got a shiner from Elvis would. You know Oregon is black guessing game as my god I'm trying to think if you mentioned John land in and it and he seems like end of Erie. Sort of apostles and kind of guy you know and I'm wondering if there's somebody that I could. That that you can light limit that I could provoke enough that it would break their cult you know the that they that it would provoke them into punch easy as. Funny you should say that because I pride myself in making everyone get to a point where they wanna punch me as some time right that everyone in this room has already been there so I'm not counting the people in this room. But. The person who has forwarded me the most is like score. I've tried and tried and tried to tell right now I can be listening on the brainy one a 63 W Doherty app right now possibly widget download yeah you should. Our website yes armed. Or from the App Store on. A move. But yeah I mean I mean it's good stuff come and attack all right we do a phone call to really you know what first Sony go to the phones. Robert has called in from Clinton talking about getting punched in the face who'd you wanna get pun punch in the face by any historical. Musical figure. Rock rocks are Robert. I won't debate it. In the fight by Joan jet wash yeah let me candidate gore not a suspect just you know what I you away. I gotta say I did not think about any female rockers that's that that that added that opens up a whole new. My imagination guy you know that and that's. See another one and will salute you know what innocent Debbie hearing me. Yeah oh dep William Hurt and yeah I'd be really read or write whatever else you always do it in our our Australia even told don't Juliana birdied that today. Are you are Arab less well yours don't it. I don't know he'd tell tell you to die another Chris is jump the gun on the part of your stories and under you're going doctors go ahead. I started to integrate upside which got to wait to watch it began a man. So come and when you Wendy just think well credits but you know interest start what was sort billion and then. The try to look for next week is just all right all right all right. It's growing air the total watch and so mom support William trial last Wagner really from the old the old shoot Doctor Who. Channel own but drove that. You know you really it is got a classic tends to Art Shell out all the pork I had thought awarded way. Discovery. And is there truth to the backlash. It scored against. Are Paramount and CBS right now because of the way they came down only Indy they'll actually nor. I have no idea what you're talking about right that put out this whole flying now. That and they don't you spent over 50000 dollar they had a million dollar in just fine attitude problem Galactica. And that they had all the store electric torched car right up I got how many hundred albums just what is this intro look elegant or cool. Short episode and and basically Paramount. As to dictated educated in net and you can't bat then you can't do that he can't stand over it keep out dollars. And couple that with the news that Netflix is. Very ticked off what all the bloody it's like basically the world is going to air in Europe. They bankrolled a whole line pretty much more about it. And there is basically an anti discovery entire store tricked and trapped. I'll Paramount. Tying goal alone on the way out. We're able to say we don't care what show looks like. These guys want to make eight and if you ever saw it actually acts aria. The little short now I haven't seen it and it is just Cadillac interview style in years. Major quality and over a million dollar on this this guy is great impact he's got the makeup people. Don't for a candidate to exploit minors on like that were when he got Oscar winning streak and you know talk about Galactica they're starting air that just sort of let we meet in big. Well that's tailor our report. Laughs so what to look into that I am interested in indeed hear about that story can ZDE peaked my interest come at the risk of commenting on something that I know absolutely nothing about them. You know. Whoever owns the rights to a show I mean they've kind of got the same I have read it not happen and I concludes our it would few bad idea all right they age they may be you know. Caribbean jerks about it but if they on the right say it's their call so. Anyway we gotta get a break Gillis and the FC calls will be right back right after this one a 63 WRD assays talk station. Are very welcome back into the of staples Chris is thinking he's the clothes. Dancing I did as music elegant what is it mom said fine view yes the name of the band is dead. I don't think it has anything to do a Power Rangers and suddenly you're encourages teachers today which got commented on a Taco Bell but people had no idea Monterey label it's yes I think you transformer yeah that's what they thought to him yet you know and I was headed to its us all the medals. Well yeah and that was knows what threw me off because of my first glance I thought it was. Actually to be honest and those Optimus Prime Mosley now doesn't that doesn't look right. And then while we're dinner IA so others that do little emblems of different looks like dinosaurs and those thing hours maybe it's one of the Lee was there I know they had Dinah can't. Dinah bots and then the the construction cons that old kind of formed together in did a huge robot. Big nose and I wonder I was like our spots in in one of those transformer movies we didn't have did done a bunch actually form of a larger bowling ball trying to scoop robot order they were just dinosaurs I think their big stars are just as I thought but there was. There wasn't ought to abide. Comparable to the construction times that that was formed out of multiple different transformers and I don't remember which one I'm neither but but see that's what I was figures like a trying to. Place it and I and I just never went to Power Rangers. So I've learned something today. Let's get to know you know speaking of learning something we've learned that we have a diesel on the show me finding them and and and in China Canada and and and you'll never refer to my client. As a diva I think ideas that no Linda. This is my client didn't miss and then Disney Disney the united throughout mean I am presenting my client. To a wide range of audience members okay. My client is not a diva who he is an asset he's acting like Indians. Says the actor yeah I know what a diva boot look fifteen minutes to order food but rockers today. Did not he felt like dad's there was a line up a door about so we're glad that you are I exaggerate really. Only the conversation lie you lie you're you know. High five him leave the person by Connor an honest people waiting out the door I am absolutely certain that I took longer to order my food then you guys did. But there was no line out the door. And I actually get to know somebody and he you know why you were 55. Why did you did you even bother to soccer now. Could we were on a time crunch because this is the first week that she's worked there. Good job exactly that was my point good for you putt five under by the way let's listen a stop to show you guys don't miss Harris body OK here's the thing you creeped her out. He and I saw it didn't use like. Crap I got a closest guy we I saw what a touch him but I'm gonna do it so maybe that creepy guy will move along. Yes I would give them along anyway I mean she'd. She was taking my order I think and I see is mired orders Heidi I think a few weeks ago might have been worse when there was little bit longer instance he can be kind of scary and intimidating if you don't know the person over there and so exactly on to say. Or any laying might have been thinking you know on a disguise and just as he goes to next. Listen there is hesitation for the high finally realized it wasn't full on live let me do this you're absolutely right. Was so we're boys that type thing it was more it was years ago when do you instill in China sent the game was we had a whole conversation on which would be better. Buffalo or Al burger and we had a discussion on wide innocent would be better we just go out you know. Hunted ourselves. By the time we finished our whole conversation you were still ordering he even we even talked about the fact what you can change the world are not in the united it's she kept asking me questions I placed my order and that she had questions I'd just point something else out on the old lady who was behind us. She was nodding in agreement with everything we were saying I'd. Say it like here today we we've. Yeah as anybody jobs on by an old lady just slowing of Iran we were talking while we can and we were converts a whole lately it's is now so that's what happens we converse with. The other people listen and it really comes down to Chris is very personable and you're the only person again that either of us I'm. I don't wanna speak for actually care about the people that are I don't speak for the freedom has been particularly the only person on the obscene that does okay. Which makes you yeah but. We failed to do what we say we're gonna do every time that's go ahead of the nevertheless I will make a point lets you guys ahead of me next time that the thing was we were kind of I don't know I think pillar mined for a person we decide what to do it in and Chris is like I know what I did Chris get mad about this completely dazed and ran this thread. Still some innocent view to say we don't care about people us just a lot of time and played really. Care about doing it today. Do I care about most people. Realistic. This isn't it I'm not much vote per person however literally however. There are days where I am so happy and everything and I will talk to people but here's the thing. I wasn't in that mood today. And then you guys angry you hold them out of us hang them here's something else and certain dates that you. But I was hungry and I won in my food and the only person that was stopping me from ordering my food was you are right. We need to take another break snack is also here by though to be before we do you think you Zach if you can be punch in the face by any rock star who would be Artie know who you gonna say it would does justify. You go does exist apparently like brilliant genre of rock and well now let's I'll talk Munich court said Michael Jackson man I heard I heard. For the same reason that Chris gave is the answer I would say Kanye West. Nice and I get a free very easy that I have a reason to now now. You know I'm way down aren't as we get a break if you know if you heard earlier. Any better helpless in the face up home Carney accidentally and he was. He loved it you know there's an artist out there did you would like to be punched in the face spot but that's what I'd like I do mono I like bottom of entry in the face yeah I don't think he'd say George Michael I don't see mono and doing. Are we got our tax gonna get to those if you want to be a part of the show 71307. Yards and getting into those after the break this is also is inspired me was another question so little old school come to that in a way for. Also 803471063. You're listening to be a staples right here a lot of 63 WORD. I welcome back into the assay pulse las learn his lines as terrible hands yeah well I don't give hints you know I like spun eighty welcome back to the other staples and Chris erupt today. Don't know what's up with the to really is Eva it's his show to what you know. Our lawns of Chris Zack and Patrick full crew here for once. There will happen next week but we're here this week that way. Com breaking news before you tear tax we have made related to your death in the next on power but. According TMZ an actor has died. And Stephen furst has passed away allow. And I figure maybe media and you might be young when to do we. I recognize and am trying to place the rule all right he was an animal house he was when the stars of animal house yes he was flounder yeah. That was my hand he was named after you finish is fish yes on CN I was thinking that you use and handling neem dollars something. Zach could did you ever see anyone else I've not a case of just mean you know who that is but he had a big role use of that need and in. In animal house or it was good to sex. We are discussing. Who who any particular historical. Musical artists that she would wanna be punched by I tester has suggested Bjork. Period you're four foot tall amiga the big no no but see it's feisty she does I mean she does that have really hire someone just a picker like picker up and then we have some your bumper packed a guitar is trying to select get through proper. Bumper feel like she she can mess you up unexpectedly I think she got another texas' Henry Rollins yes you know tornado persons I thought of when I thought of asking this question and I I do know wanna be pushed the pace by and we all know that indeed looks hard core I suspect and it could be wrong that is for the same reason that I don't wanna be punch by predators. But I imagine that fight ago vastly differently. I'll see an -- texas' speaking of being part of Iraq surged back in the early eighties I got a bar fight with Brian censor of the straight at its. No way I'd be the ever loving crap out of him he deserved it. You really be Brian sent the Baxter claims. I mean I have not verified it unverified. Texas has Roy Rogers. Team musical artist. Yes OK oh you know announce all that you. Barker hunters known Annan of some this Toronto. Yet. Another six and I like this and yell yeah mom. See that's that's the kind of thing that I was thinking of with. John Lennon you know somebody who is just so. Cool calm guy that got you I am going to go in then until we're going to death hours we thought never would would think would punch in the face. And I you know I also wanted to go back a little further history and say something like. Beethoven. Mozart C I could see any of those guys certainly absolutely going to see any of those guys punch you in the face at least ads from what we've seen of history and and the movie depictions. But as far as it goes I mean only one person not a caller earlier said women alone. Which you know teaches own with their frailties and got did somebody mention Bjork texture here says I would take a left took from Rick Allen. Rick Allen. Don't know nine I I don't want to have Olson Rick Allen is now you know but this is the one that sparked the other question for me Rick hill from Dwight Howard I don't know maybe. I don't know you don't know who would you. Who. I'm a a musical. Star well that you would be embarrassed to be punched by. And the first in the hallway and you wonder all my house Rick Collins drummer for you over for dinner at leopard. I knew I knew the name. That's elected governor that's the person that's that's nearly as Romeo and taxpayers to Joe's we've been around a song via Bravo and and you're saying that's that we don't wanna be put guy who would you be be embarrassed to admit that you are punished by Ray Charles. Stevie Wonder you know it now yes now I personal I think either those guys can absolutely hit your face. Just by the scent of your voice we saw a piece of blues Brothers rape trials ago yes he does. It the first and you know good the first in the came in my mind based on this potentially seeing Rick Allen was recast glee. On yeah he's never really lovely yeah what are they never let you down physically I think you have to move to a different country changer name a ghastly punch you in exactly I would take it with a badge of honor text says I would wanna be. You saw on his stature I think about it in today's world everyone knows Rick actually as the Rick roll guy yeah now. So you got you got punched by god we will let it roll just so that way could put him back for Rick roll he's so many times now now still now. Texas says that I think I mean pun punch at him. Punched but the word that they've tied here's punished. I don't know that's not a correct way and people understand that totally as a reality I would wanna be I'm I'm a substitute punched. I literally punched by Taylor Swift that would be sweet although he means punished again and mean something entirely. Texas says hey guys I was gonna get punched in the face by anybody would be either John Wayne or general Patton I think you missed the point. Tell you that musical artists yes musical or. Medea points by those guys and again now punch in the face maybe by Johnny Cash. That's a good chilly again be opposed by Johnny Cash fraud and again nobody. But that that speaks to a bar brawl and it's just like that. I would wish that on as a badge of honor I had punished like Johnny Cash. And the more that monarchy wrote a song about it afterwards. Yes I really punched out Brian sensor sensor massive peek a New York in 1982 he crumpled like paper. Well done tanks there. Denise Rich has done out of their argue honestly and I can honestly video stables two million dollars coming up right here. Who won the budget and the place went 063 W Doherty.