The Tara Show - 9-12-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Uniparty Republicans pushing amnesty bill instead of Trump tax plan; Transgender fallacies; Sweden has to teach Muslim males that women are allowed to say no to sex; Republican establishment trying to nullify the 2016 election; TSA quietly launching new molestation patdown procedure


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Former White House advisor Steve Manning continues to make music easy interview with sixty minutes predicting the battle over what to do about docket will ignite a civil war in the Republican Party with serious consequences. I'm worried about losing the house now because there's a because Ibaka. Yeah interesting stuff headlined in the hill lean mass. From. Our series begins on Capitol Hill what kinds under the test 'cause pat oh heck no who cares. Immigration arms race boy are they motivated look at Pitt would would look at this. I Mitch McConnell said nothing happens quickly in congress. Com there are rushing and to maneuver for position and get these bills through their filing bills and there are a dirt Mahan air had their head to upon this. It's amazing how motivated to get now and it's the only issue that congress seems to care about at all which is legalizing. More voters excuse me. Illegal immigrants. Com those supporters are fresh doc are maneuvering for position underscoring the difficulty lawmakers face in reaching a deal what do you wanna bet right now we don't get tax reform time we get this done. I would surprise it would not surprise me seriously. Because like ban and said you know there is some. The establishment is trying to stop it from from being effective in getting anything passed that he wants. It's interesting because. CB Sanders is demanding. Dead there at the wall be part of the funding while opening be part of this and much other stuff including mandatory. Bomb across the country. So there's kind of a signal earlier that trump might veto if it doesn't have those things. Armed and Paul Ryan is even saying we're not gonna have a standalone DREAM Act in other words were not just gonna give them the amnesty and to heck with. You know more immigration security reform because they think he knows that. I'm thinking get that through. Act is having it be suicide for Republicans to vote for a them Democrats won a standalone vote on the bill where there's no border security no increased you know enhanced. You know checks when you get for a go for tell all that stuff bomb and yet they don't want any security they just want to Democrat voter I mean dreamers and then. They then you got an invite list is Jimmie rating this thing this suspicion decide to scare you the Judiciary Committee that would be Lindsey Graham. Dick Durbin. Just flake the appropriately named as senator Orrin hatch now is that while. Yeah. So I'll Lindsey Graham Dick Durbin have party ridden a DREAM Act that's been you know that's been in place for awhile. On an your DREAM Act is essentially a full amnesty for just about everybody knows no age limits. You bomb. Don't you you only have to have worked here in the US for three years. There's nothing in indecision have to have gone to school that you have to have gotten in college to career high school diploma or even that you know he dropped out of high school find. Bomb and it would be largely self attack at tested in other words and you claim your parents brought you here when you're. Three but actually came here three years ago we were 53 no extreme betting notes stream bedding and that's barge. India and their DREAM Act they act can't do a lot of the vetting procedures US CIS could do to find out if you're lying and and even if you are lying. On they can't take you court found on criminal fraud charges so basically you know they're setting up for massive fraud. We'll see how much it is Lindsay and determine managed to get into this thing in the end. On so it's going to be interesting now when I'm telling you this don't get man has been depressed because this will be great coverages from brain part. Is shocking to be like to pushing amnesty. Where they lied flat out about what was in it on and it took us weeks and weeks to find out we didn't have people like brake parts of the reporting man. On wouldn't have fox musical level we do today so hopefully we're gonna find out a lot of what's in this thing and make it hard to know what will come this thing up. On but they're they are are they a boy are they Johnny honest oddly they are they god they are motivated and they are moving in. It's just not only thing is somewhat competent. No. Not at all. So on going to be interesting to see what they what happens any advanced tricks is inching cheated this'll cheer the Republican Party apart I think peace all the something there. Additive. Is it the the Republican based voters arm are more informed and more motivated than they've ever been. I mean that's why you bet we just this this hit this is serving at okay the approval rating overall firm Paul Ryan is a collar Republican leadership's 15% rate. It's 11% among Republicans and 21% among Democrats. And a poster says that the reason they think this McLaughlin polling group that they Democrats they're they're more popular Democrats is because they like them because they're stopping the trump agenda. Sending you through a docking amnesty on tap this mass. Woman I get down to like you know 4%. With a margin of error 4% that he needed negative can you get native I don't know a bomb but you know I mean he's so you have this battle. And when trump this time is four. The tiny does it mean for Republicans filing starts in January. And show you know you got somebody raid now indeed people who are thinking about running against these incumbents. They're all watch them very closely so pure martian around like Lindsey Graham is. And he is he's not gonna be in a primary this year but if you have one in your march surrounding your support Lindsay Gramm's bill which is essentially a full amnesty for all what 3040 million. You know basically anyone willing July. You know it can get an amnesty on this team you vote for that mean you you may dry challenger and a primary when you didn't before. And so you know they're doing is during an off electoral years so this thing is also up and that's why you have Ryan saying Ellison we're gonna have to throw in some. Some immigration reform in here casinos he can't get the votes from his you know congress members for this it would if they're going to be running a primary on that so. It's going to be interesting don't it don't be surprised if this isn't bogged down the next six months. Net and here's the interesting thing and you notice. The money is what makes things happen and usually I mean that that hasn't you know that's 90% of of running for reelection for these incumbents Somalia since. And of course if you got the usual Republican donors. They're gonna be backing the establishment candidates. Well what if you got a president comes and campaigns for the opponent in the primary. Yeah. Because there's one thing trump can do. Trump shows up and a crowd will show up and background shows up the plunk down some cash. They well I nineteen he's going to be hard to get through in any under any Adrian mystique. It is too easy to go online and find out what's in these bills. Like again with bright part and you got a break Bart and on they have. And your friend Brett Gardner-Webb said getting more hits than Wal-Mart every month more hits and Bank of America more hits than PayPal. From second only to the New York Times an MSN dot com source for the Bank of America could be because again attacked again in the Caribbean you could be directions but. We Jun oh so I mean you know you Kiki and I dissent he can't hide what you're doing. Now I just wish what we weren't in the sex for a highway speed up tax reform. Trump wants that to be agenda. Com and so he is doing what I am advised to finally can guide on he's hit the road to sell attacks overall yeah. And he's gonna be going to exactly what I said a lot of the districts including Democrat district is Smart. Where on you know these are states where Democrats especially senators are up for reelection where he won the state trump is channeling Willie Nelson he's on the road get on the road again it's thirteen states. But the next seven weeks to sell the tax. Overhaul and of course now than the liberal media will be criticizing him for politicking and us spending money going around the country to do something that is purely political. Instead of presidential. And that's what shall hear even though that's pretty much exactly the same thing the President Obama did. There is all you're actually I did exactly right but and I would much rather have him on running around these states than in Washington this shares. You know yeah nothing good happens in Washington now. Meanwhile bomb looks all the conservatives are now out of the trump administration. Yeah pretty much so on that can't be good I mean I don't DG you're happy supporter I mean I'm Tora Marissa got drug kicked no not amber rose is. They'd say should consider it didn't hit a pair according to break apart. They she was triggering him by bringing him to you know volleys and conservative. In a report to break par no let and so I bet she had tissue would stop and so that's why so I mean said Kelly is really limiting his. Exposure to any it is coverage and he really needs to be reading it. Is ban this ban is on the pulse and most people are not mean the people are not gonna put up with a he's gonna lose the house if he does this piece on something like that so. I would trump has up his sleeve. I I don't know I don't know what he's planning here and I how I sure hope this doesn't get in the way the tax reform something other than those nice couple weeks ago I know. So on the O showdown is been put in place and these next six months really will determine the whether weathered the trump administration succeeds or fails. Its the house they lose that house and charm city trucks agenda stead well it could be very interesting to see what mr. Bannon. Is able to do. It will and if you three did. Break barred they have been absolutely relentless. Bomb in one defending trump. When he is unfairly castigated which you'll find every day in bright parred the lies the media all I know Craig was the day I mean they've been absolutely brutally ruthless. In reporting what is going on around dropped out and any of that's what real journalism should look like yeah. An and basically he conceived almost hear fans voice everyday and rappers persuasive go to see what's up because. You know warning don't do it don't you mean he's one band is giving an interview to sixty minutes saying that doc a will tear the party apart. At he's talking trump he's not talking to Charlie rest he's talking to trap. That's who he's he's saying don't do it don't listen to a vodka and Jerry. So. I don't battle lines have been drug policy what goes on in the next six months it's really going to determine and I hate to say. Did the future tax reform our economy and really the whole country. It'll come down to what happens in the six months what direction that we go and it's been very nervous yes. Undertaken of the times we have. Can Phyllis. Suited common sense retirement planning text line and we got a text arrays when you're young my mother asked my siblings and I what we wanted to be when we grab my younger. My name despite the city wants to be black. We get a lot of grief from the years but now have to wonder maybe he really is he black man trapped away man's body. Well why not racist just construct during. Socially engineered Contra but no you can actually see the difference in skin color. Well. Where it would be a physical attribute the tendency. They see it right. Yeah. Well then. That would be YA like saved people are poor unarmed black what we're told right for instance old timer targeted by police to skin color race. We could you could physically see it hump. And then their black if you can physically see yes. Well you can physically she did their male white female. And then. Text erased your how do you know if your dog is a boy or girl I don't. Oh boy. Text your race. No actually in my current diet. Sure is true question is why are there any government sponsored studies I don't know for twenty trillion dollars in vet and at. That takes your race. Chair this your your inherently toxic now bachelor and secret to the hurricane reporters are da did secret to the hurricane reporters they're duct taped. Duct tape and diapers. But Ford closed in the duct tape to something. I don't know. Six arrays is not that the wind is blowing it's what the wind is blowing. Noah six to raise it carries out an OK but close schools for bush this. During winter we do know buses on icy roads so just tab schools but don't run buses but just to just a school with a run buses. As lay it Ed is supposedly had thirty I try to verify the someone a confined to that does mean is our trip. Supposedly they're the reason the degree because schools had a day had a closes down our grid and green the missile and we don't know construe. Is that the thirty miles an hour. Or greater a school bus can blow over. You bus driver Chris did you did you GA is does that sound crazy you. I never experienced cross winds like that but it the first thing that occurred to me when he said that is I'd definitely drove my bust. Faster in thirty mile an hour and a never tipped over. Should the winds are thirty miles an hour more. We have but if you're going thirty mile an hour leagues and going past you at thirty miles an hour. Yeah. But not a way to impress you what pushes you to one side nor any it would go it would be divided fifteen of fifteen on one side when it. No way. He worried it would go out there but how did you rush by you then you know you've got his same at a press from both sides and would not the bus and I'll have got annoyed journalism degree. That's what it gives state under mass market and I have no idea OK meanwhile in Sweden. This is real folks as I'm not making so it's a reaper. These Swiss Swedish ministry of youth and civil affairs. Hasn't don't program to combat increased sex attacks. Commit my newly arrived migrants. Are southerners do that are releasing a quote sex guidebook. To teach them basic sex education. And that women are allowed to say now. But they don't even really mean. Okay never mind. The book entitled. You know in practice is to help adults who work would new Lira John migrants to talk them on the subject of self. Sex health and gender issues. The guy will also show adults how to approach the subject of consent in an effort to combat a surge in tax insects attacks. Mom and we are consistent weight it's hard to adults about these issues bullet what issue. Young women can say no. Mean they don't have to do. Not in Sweden know. Now that's a sure you know really not Sweden. What do you parts. She's is never says it's a typical sub need to tackle because Marcus can come from vastly different culture no joke. All but no it did they should show me where the laws and what's expected of them in Sweden many parts is too are few weeks young girls and boys. About what one can and cannot do. Argue with him. Six techs have been on the rise this week nevertheless two years particularly in around asylum homes music festivals. Okay. Our rates is like you did tell you that the woman has to consent and I can't totally as shall consent but to will be fine no they won't. No they were. An okay this is actually made the news. Wisconsin dairy queen owner. Is defending assigned. Describe his restaurant is politically incorrect for is unabashed support of what the UK really this and he's just impressed they they are reading this on the press wire. What is signs there can imagine right. Must be that committed these Jesse prince did a story on it and put it on the wire. This guy's in trouble is that click analyst to finally put on site. What wasn't big enough deal. If you're dairy queen franchise owner that you put in our aside any AP has to run a story in sprint is send it send it out on the lawyers nationwide here's what he Rhett. Decided to franchise in key wash them. Notifies pay patrons the step may say Merry Christmas. Happy Easter. And god bless America. Says saint he racial. Non. And in sexist. Men. Anything other than that. Now. You dummy that merited. An Associated Press wire story in America. Hump. Owner Kevin shouldn't and tells Debbie DJ TTV he focused on was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about to be is a the owner and staff. Supporting that country. Waiting else. Now. If I'm an Internet war why is this story. What is. What sterner can one customer who apparently didn't agree. Took a picture of the sign and complained about it on dairy queens page on FaceBook. This is a story. In America 2017. Change the station assign expressed the views of this independent owner only and does not speak for the company or the franchise owners. What person of the Merry Christmas the happy Easter to godless America. Folks we can he says that. And that is Charlie Charlie Brown's signature phrase and he was. White male in the for dominating character. Which is of course massage mystic. Even though Lucy would trip him up with football. So what are I don't know what you can say. Today's bigger grants it comes to us is still digesting this ST ban in sixty minutes in your nearly. Com and I'd I I really like to this what he's what Ben said because he's just nailed. Nailed this he said what we've been saying all along I know -- it was great to see him unleashed tears on today's epic Randall. Which encompass. Maybe not 300 electoral votes but I should we can be here she she Dana walked into a trap. America does not think it's a racist country people don't use long history. This is the greatest country is in demand history of how we pulled together people think they're racist and she should do with identity politics at this time. When you lose in this country have have had an economic hate crime like totally hate crimes. Economic hate crime on the working class people in this country that's a cakewalk. Held them in special basis country has been infatuated. Immune system and the economy of Silicon Valley where shrink. How well in Washington decent and she's got the call listen up there and talk about that that's exactly pro hold the feet. Was summarize that for station came back. Her whole defeat and we know what and that's so we just drove away I was all right now we're not a lot of Great Britain any politics is a loser of the day. Put him in Sherman who's got the Smart guys the populist on their side they had a conference a couple of weeks ago but they came out they said. We know we think that the the confidence booster for weeks or can that was I think the better deal. And they said at the time Chuck Schumer and you guys around that they wanted to stop doesn't cause any dancing guy gets economic populism he came out the whole thing. This or we're not talking red version politics not talk about race atomic economics. And I don't constructed that thing in Trump's part of the programs all of a sudden it. They're trying to go after the court trump program because they understand. Bernie Sanders understand is sure brown understands Tim Ryan understands Seth Moulton understands policy Gabbard understands. That that's what can win in this country liberals who had beaten down front you think. I think you should brown had been more than just sinus relief I have learned Sharon brown was not picked us are running mate. Modest Iran. And who's going round and then the candidate in 2000. And in 2016. You have lost I don't think Ruoff we've done enabled and have that audience I think we I think we were still not trumpet still won because he still comes encumbered so consumed. Sue goes on about that but he's so great about the identity politics. But the real divisions in this country are actually economic but not the way to liberals tell us but there are economic in fact did it mean in the simplest statistic. That I've seen lately came from NPR and it took a permanent Cabrera labour bad. I mean you know white working not white but working working the working people with and what a dead man with the Miller class working people yes indeed work you blue collar wages have gone down by 5% and that's union non U yet that's black white Hispanic. Everything it's it's an economic class war yes 5% since 1979 that is and devastating. Loss of quality of life. Where is a bomb working class wages have gone up by 41% means he got the blue collar folks have gone down by 5% a working class have gone up by 41%. On each issue why you can't afford the things. Better attrition and of course those working class wages have been depressed too and that's why you know we've food costs they have gone appeared to learn 20%. The city still fallen behind but not nearly as much and enjoy when you look at what you know what the real divisions in this country actually are. They're not a racial and I think it the left and and quite frankly a lot of left is now the right it's the it's the Republican leadership they lake at the cloud they like their race division stuff because it takes the focus away from the real divisions they're creating a daily basis which is the which bit economic class divisions. And I knew that and this is I realize that there's racial issues. But in our everyday lives each of us doc are you seeing this out there I'm just not I'm just I'm not either granted you know. Obviously I deal with mostly white people in the most part and apply even erections with folks by the racist. And and what whether I'm out shopping or whether I'm you know working what are from doing. I just don't see now I'm sure there's gonna be some some some political differences I get all at. But I just don't see at the way to the left and sometimes the media wants to Pretoria chart the way the Charlie Rose wants to portray things the hunchback of CBS morning news. I hate the way Ewing's overlooks that you like that coming good grief triggered. Sit up straight talk to the sky you can just see you can just see the visceral hatred. That rose has for Bannon and discussing this with him but you know what I would give anything if rose would take that type of attitude that type of line of questioning that. Aggressive questioning and challenging a fax for every single interview that he does. If he would do that that he would be a true journalist. He would be a true journalist. But you just don't see that when it comes to somebody from the last. You Jones and there is some more in no go by race. Okay let's go batteries. On this great article Washington times about the trump economic them and and how it gosh well to do his country preached kept up with it and they here's generates few months ago many economists were warning the economy and the stock market we're tapped out and it recession stock market correction were overdue. Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers predicted slow growth was the new normal for America. And you talked about in May be temporary we don't know I'm here and get hitting the 3% growth. Mark another forecasting GDP growth of 3.4 percent for next quarter will see. But here's what they write this also reflected in nearly two dozen monthly job no growth and an unemployment rate even. The more meaningful broad said measure of jobless is that includes. People the job done the work force that is falling falling falling the rate of job growth for black Americans is nearly 50% higher than a monthly average under Obama. While yes so I mean you're you certainly these diets. And I think it left and date and to some extent the Republican leadership cannot have people figure out. Dell ships can rise together yes that's a real war in this country has not been or racial wards but an economic one against the working class who I'd say every day on the show had been robbed blind them. You know by the artificial dilution of the labor force. That's not capitalism not flooding the market to depress wage or for wages artificially. So I mean you know and that's right that's where I think did you hear Gmail Paul right and you know has to be dragged out in the you know into the daily kicking and screaming to condemn anti but he likes the division I think they'll do it it. Because it keyboard ever figure out. Economically what they've done to us. I think they'd be in big trouble now long term I think Democrats will be even bigger trouble on you know but it's and that's the frustrating thing here. Up. The tier the TSA announced a new enhanced procedures earlier this year. Boy they enhance you worried. Witty here is else. The free massage and Paul my guys NN and no cigarette after 'cause McKee has been. To the common sense retirement planning to excellent we go to. My guests this texture rates at the parents complaining Mick Reno county closed schools today. Don't remember what happens during the great sprinkle of 06. There were widespread cases of children contracting danys. And some even showed up to school moist I wish came to the d.s parents would risk their children's dryness in exchange for an education shame on them. The jester race Bubba told me to tell you you're Smart lady mr. Obama tell Bubba thank you appreciate day listens. Dexter it's your icy wind is blowing 3035 miles an hour it could cause the bus to flip over one going on the highway. Harry. I find anywhere aligned with Greenville news but Abbott and it does mean is not true. Is means it can't find. Texture rates even win a broadside to bush to thirty miles an hour could knock bus over basically being Tebow and by thirty mile an hour gust which. Could this happen thirty mile an hour gust of wind if there's not like a hurricane. Sure he's buses off the road entirely. Now maybe can't I room. I remain baffled OK. Meanwhile earlier this year the LA times reported you may remember this we briefing donut. TSA quietly launching new enhanced pat down procedure. After its quietly launched. You know can't be good rate at its enhanced definitely know it can't be good to see the old pat down procedure well. It was a G rated I mean you could just put it on YouTube DO enemy. I'm what is involves. LA times noted that the TSA would not describe precisely how the new procedure is different from the old one. Well this guy John McCormick who experienced it. This morning should afford told it the industry's bracing for passenger and happiness about more invasive searches. He says he was selected for the TSA security line. To see the machine would detect explosives on his hands. When you get selected for that apparently by the way it's found explosives he no he doesn't have a gun and hasn't handled flammable liquids or garnering thing like that. So he says this is what happens. That TT SA guy then had to give them the pat down rainy stand up the Bakken B slate until he met resistance you know that means. Yeah this is same for the front to be slick that means they have to crotch. Then TSA agents swipes the front of Asean's three or four times. Right over the crunch. Of one's GAAP Alec comfort scratched. Khakis. The court that he rates was the most unpleasant I can actually. Com okay. Three of sports when. You and I have to have counseling after that. Now here it's a crazy ACLU type I know from a body scanners or previous TSA pat downs. And tonight Terry is famously smuggle a bomb in his underwear aborted by US flight. But an age of the station pro only touch assistance generals generals seven or eight times. If the agent has reasonable suspicion. And not because the machine is malfunctioning or calibrated intentionally or unintentionally to detect explosives. On everyone who is tested eight times. Eight times. Allentown sixty in a relief for her Max on the crutch and then what. This guy's got to wrap Bayside beach oh they did it twice okay I see that would be eight. It would be a complex how you do that for a living. Would you how would you imagine doing it to people are dead you won attention anyway Richard Phillips. Now he's a heavy C studies lately on how how how often people washed or your blue jeans means some not at all mean Arnold. We should do if your country anyway yes so to eight times the gate crash grabbed I thought I would mention ninety sure planning on going through. I would want to have a nasty shocked by the way this is not a misunderstanding. When those cases where the agents. In the weekly standard Wear the agent you know maybe was improperly trained the agent explained exactly what would happen. How many times do we have to convince. Just and completely freaks me out. Does Dexter rates. Can you. Oh where can you please remind people that heavy traffic light is out to treat it like a four way stop for some reason people just blow right through them. Odd texture raised the concern or trees limbs being down making it impossible for bus to run also. Power up to 34000 homes traffic lights out a major intersections pre dangerous problems for the busloads of Indiana. Another cancer rates for us stationed at Travis Air Force Base. The wind to blow thirty miles an hour every afternoon in the summer and he based bus is never tipped over. What don't ask me I'm not a physicist and journalists. Netted sixty simply nice yeah stupid get there and read their places today injures. Their places for de wet too dangerous for vehicles. Divvied it would damage vetoed. And finally. Now it is strange that they just drop my drawers rather than being felt up. What I'd like a private room to batter's.