The Tara Show - 9-12-17 - Hour 2

The Tara Show
Tuesday, September 12th

Continuing assessment of Hurricane Irma effects; SJWs crash and shut down college fraternity’s Cops and Robbers theme party; Potential shortage of SC Highway Patrol troopers; Cops in SC aren’t doing enough about the drunk driving epidemic


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Played good morning Tehran to find more on those outages would woody do you have that in front end yeah just a second there we're looking at that this is from a earlier this morning somehow got that up to the minute totals right in front of me. But still about 30000 Greenville county I'll 46000 Anderson county. A Greenwood a nearly 6000 Lawrence county 3500 Spartanburg county over 4000. I think it's gonna 151000 of these are customers. At this I mean people that means customers. Wow that's like household right yes exactly well you know what if a business that has or age you residential home that has a power meter that the customer. So why yet you're you could be talking what we've also there's probably are a lot of folks that are listening. On the battery operated devices today shall we say any words calm and I know that was a neat I was just Duke Energy rate he says Denise against investors and energy that does not include Lawrence electric blue ridge electric some of these cooperatives that. You know purchase power from Duke Energy or other providers and then provide the service. I'm responsible for their own lines and you know was serviced customers. Any word on when they're gonna have lights back on it ends it's gonna vary on all of these things some of the could be very quickly some of you to take a long time depending on the of the location and exactly what the cause of the problem as. So you know this is scientists to its gonna have to be patient man is gonna take awhile. Yet cheer went across the Janine and no school today now. Yeah I settled Simon this is like essential daily post on my FaceBook page it's over 7000 now hits of people savagely debating. Whether schools should be closed they are night and a little tongue in cheek and down there you know what we've come a long way from you know. Five miles uphill in the snow haven't Leonardo people freaked out. I'm just having a little bit of fun with that album but you know we are getting the power outages and that's why they I'm decided not to have schools say anticipated those. Common may be your storm damage and we have a ton that. Bush did debate isn't his lesson DL genitalia. I I I. This is not just of the winds blowing over the school buses but if you go on Sony's rural road when I left my I mean I live in rural area. And my wrote I can almost not see the asphalt for the limbs and leaves and I'm renowned probably relatively small car and driving an issue be like I used to drive. So I've got to be very careful about their Hannover. So why I had to really pick my way in the dark this morning and I was anticipating him to get a move some limbs which have edited before. On the area Ryan because there's a tree covered roadway parent. One times I've had some big limbs that have come down from the folks property but. Still in the white rock could not get to the main road and had to get up move things around so. Think about the school buses driving it in the dark. You know and all these rural areas picking up kids and you could have trees down or maybe even some of the that you know the rural areas and in a broad rule but the in the within the city so these beautiful tree lined streets in some of these larger cities like agree with that same problem the buses are too. Enemy since yet to settle mineral roller ascendancy is in single limb down. Which is amazing that only you have trees out there in your cult sector and well you know we can will we live on the hill with the amount the huge forest and we still didn't have any but we did have trees in bent here in half yesterday from the wind so. I'm getting I mean you know you guide Greenville county. 27000 kids read school buses so that's that's like kids and I guess he could tip too good to the school bus in thirty miles you enter my thirty mile an hour away and so. You text earlier you know why aren't trailers to go day stretcher it was good on the road they don't tip about text rights empty weight of a semi. That's tractor and trailer is 40000 pounds and they can haul of to 40000. Giving immigrants way to 80000 pounds for some bus they weigh 151000 so. It is. Yeah it is it is old are for sale is no lightweight compared to those yet to win every hole. Yet so all of that is his big guy was going on here an again I was trying to Charleston. This is a huge story is flying under the radar because people think you know arm a bypassed some Arab bypassed all will know they still cried. Com did the rain N and unfortunately in most about this is the worst tidal surge since Hurricane Hugo so worse than Matthew. His term as you know wide whirling bands of rain your thresh that the coast Allen and showed they they literally I mean they're in Charleston is underwater. Ten foot tied its four feet higher than normal now and among the worst tidal surges in eighty years after Hugo in 1989. Yup headline from the post incur this morning area sees incredible flooding is Irma pounced yeah Austin coastal South Carolina. These these are higher than you go when they see no she was hired this is number two. All no number three seed he's the highest at thirty ice an eighty years actor Hugo in 89 in the storm in 1940 so. That's our eight inches higher than Matt heard came at the capitalist you earlier eighteen people understands that Charles than it was built sea level yeah. You know so it's done it's it can handle any kind of type surged bomb of of any kind and so they mean we're hearing more about that that's that's a mess out there I mean. To see the yellow water spout off the Isle of Palms a video that no you know huge waters about all the Al palm's they're somebody had a video of that earlier today. That was pretty amazing you well which obviously in a waterspout is a tornado over water. Tests for water NATO like yes winner NATO could be shark you never. Be assured me you know OK so now getting lessons on the climate change Kaiser is that warming seas surfaces are causing this she storms back to back. Waldman how come we haven't really had any in twelve years. Oh look it's this girl. And that so why she hides a warning she serves you can't deny that any kid. Fifty's that's what's causing this are well this is the head how does Irma break. And at landfall. In terms of on her lived in this is determined by land fall when landfall pressure. And the category hurricane that it is. Com or her armor is actually. Number seven. At all times is still a massive storm rate am firm you mean of all time for the US. Bites number one still to 1935 labor day's storm number two Camille in 69. Number three Katrina in 05. A number four injuring 92. A number five Indian Nolo in 1986. Om and number 61919. The Florida Keys and then number seven's actually tie a between Lake Okeechobee. Storm and twenty H&R Irma and 2017 so I mean you're you're seeing a whole bunch of dates run through there and general clustered. You know at post climate change. Solar adding a little reality of the reporting there. Bullock is perspective. And all of that speaking of perspective. SA was so much suffer society so much of hatred thanks to skid is causing that cause people pain is is is a lack of perspective to see what's happening now we had these when I was at censoring college we have peace. Non university Virginia students shut down a cops and robbers deemed too. Paternity party. And a fraternity guys went not orange jumpsuits and girls one is cops. Own that we we did those they were photo and then and are you kidding me mom they found out these guarantee the types found out that the fraternity was having a party don't decide. This to date function and an Eddie Jordan invited these people and they crashed it shouted down because they said he was offensive. These costumes make a joke of mass incarceration prison industrial complex systems to disproportionately brutalize people of color the predominantly white members the paternity. Got to take your costumes off at the end of the night people trapped in the prison system do not. Seek. Another thing. This city are these people are way they're you know they're dead they're making funny either they basically trivializing assistant as system that brutalized is marginalized. Bomb communities. And minorities I am sorry. Pain. More white people are shot by cops every year than any other ethnic group in this country. That should not be possible eat if this is just minority issues are really is the percentage of minority shot by cops as hard and the percentage of minorities nurse in our society yes. But bottom line raw numbers more white people shut. So the idea that this is somehow minority issue I mean can't they need if if this is a racist system white people wouldn't be shocked that they are. All the tonight. A separate issue you can you can you can't even have jumpy Kenny can have a cops and robbers. No you can't. Anyway they called the police. And put the special responded. At a risk to students for trespassing but the end of successfully shut in the party down. I did a good Clinton in the degree would spread political Craig this is gone is obsolete start. If it's to the point of total and complete ridiculous S. Arm but. Perry speaking of cubs. Where state troopers. They Derek. We'll talk about this coming up next. Near. South Carolina usually number one or number two. Deadliest day for auto accidents per capita. Is does that have anything to do with a trooper. Shortage. Living in North Carolina I'm used to seeing them everywhere I never seen him here and earn a couple places but I'm not almost never see one in its novel pointed out to my husband looked a sustained troop. Do we had a a trooper short is going on here. But washing this and it's news and they sometimes gets are from but don't more often than not that breaks up way ahead of the press the media they got the stuff on sheriff will lose weight before anybody else they do little time. But she listens last year. When they got a tip that Spartanburg county. On two different days in December discovered 7 PM to 7 AM by only three troopers for the entire county. Supposed to be shy sixteen troopers on shift. Baum but they are extremely understaffed I do is show a 98 if you racy troop bring pressure on the rumor now warrior you're just listening. I would do which is staffing levels actually are. No word from Colombia. Is that everything's fine. But they bootleg reportedly doubt last year remember this. It's actually the numbers are nowhere nowhere near as high as what we're tenants telling the public animator renal legislature was disposed to get out. So latest reporting for its news. South Carolina department of public safety are the ones put patrol troopers on in between seven or 6835. Trippers that's true that's what they say. Currently patrolling the palmetto State's highways you can't highways. He says when they are state. That's mobile the 12100 number. Consider optimum for safeguarding South Carolina motors now we know we've had a shortage. They've had all kinds hiring problems in panel that. Senator 6835. But when you start bringing it now under. Am and you take on management they're not going to be in the road. You wind up well with a force about a third the size is on twelve hour shifts only have to troopers are working in any given time. Can you Rhode troopers divide by twelve hour shifts take command staff at headquarters you may have 250 troopers across the state working. Divide that by 46 counties. Plus six lead sickly manually turning corp on a bus trip restraints didn't. You do have they are that comes out five troopers for cap roughly on average. And you I have to wonder about this. Because my husband pulled over drunk driver did himself. And he called and called in called before it finally forced her off the road. And they sat there as she was drunk discussion section my kids. Purple light. At their school. Drove through the front yard using his right hand turn lane drove through the front yard of a person's house. And proceeded down the wrong lane a double yellow rep she's all of the rent and so my husband's you know frantically drag and higher honking you know doing an eighty Cantrell assimilate. Filing manages to her off the road. And blocker. And she sits their car running. Live nevermind I mean do you train is apparently I either drunk or stoned or both. Not yet to to to a dude to agree where to limit my husband since there Witter and the I call in twenty minutes later they geek it's a response is and I hate statements a Highway Patrol trooper. A sheriff's deputy. And a book they say. All right Sherry added that I had it is our response time so line or not to be able taker and mean our contestant. Now what this car has been where I'm meant parties do it. Come again. We. I storage first for the first time over a year ago and has just barraged by a police in few other folks run at stake and we talked about it until it toward a unique history did isn't it unseemly about response time you get to get off. Just wonder about the trip to sort shortage listen if you are a trooper and those stats are true. You're seeing 456 people ten people. Way below staffing levels and that's going on contact me would you wanna look into it. His answer that's certainly what I see. With my eyeballs but maybe I'm not where you are. In an email is Tara TA RA when I was 63 WORG dot com you can always Tekzilla text line 71307. With contact info. Or just called the station and so will connect. Because this keeps going on in going on in goal that would put as much credibility to it if they had nabbed a weak report to you I'm not sure that he. Thirsty just actually believes. My gosh 80347. Winners 63 text line 71307. To the Cummins is retirement planning Tex I'm speaking out. Tester race there is a trade down black in rode on one a one year few bridge ran a goods now. Text your rates. Also. Oh about Charles city have to factor in Germany Hitler trying to think guide. Not a jester race he simplest be more popular then Republicans at least get some satisfaction when you contracted. Might yet yet yet there's a reaction you hear this. Very Republican leadership now pulling a 15%. 15% approval rating that's how popular they are a piece of still Ford now more partner and simplest but get this. There Republican leadership is pulling an 11% which Republicans. And 21%. With Democrats. So they're more popular with Democrats and they are with Republicans oppose a thought this might be because Democrats like them because that they they're you know keeping tribe from getting his agenda through. 21 for two more popular with Democrats. In repent you that that is seriously screwed up. By the way. Drug administration acts asked to defend. The GOP leadership. From what Steve Bannon said on sixty minutes. The Republican. Establishment. Is trying to nullify the 2016 election that's a brutal fact we have to face the Republicans and Republican establishment wants to nullify the 2016 trying to nullify the 2016 election. So what does ask for comments here Huckabee Sanders. You want to defend the GOP leadership. Nope. She a did not ticket she's the president is committed to working with congress to get things done and said. We're gonna move things forward she sort of say mr. trump want a GOP leaders senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and house speaker Paul Ryan replaced. No comment. Pissing you know. I mean daddy is. The next months can be very interesting. Folks texture and is in chief should stem little Johnny's birthday party alleged cowboys and Indians being. We all put me. Should Democrat party what's next. Can advertise your kids cowboys and Indians party on their FaceBook you might get attack I don't. Dexter writes yes Terry cash Phil is between Woodruff and sugar tit. And some and I learn something new every day when I do this when I do this show tech stories I thought adjourn Trevor last summer he hit a car and gas station parking liked. What beer it gas station. He was put through field sobriety and the troopers followed him home. Well again it's a beautiful day in south Kara I tell you why I see it's fully few. You come in since retirement planning it text lion at we'd go to. Text your race so what are be anti. Approved Halloween custom. We take you wanna check that list seem to be not on Halloween. I have to wait for them to dictate it and then lament. Street's share there is a popular go Kart track insurance it South Carolina. Thank you for letting me know that. Hinton thoughts on text line. Text original house decided to replace Ryan who do you think they would replace him with he thinks some of the freedom carcass would go along with trump. Omni democratic. Stripe ideas on some things. Com. I don't know. That's a good question. Text through rates back in the day in my day tree fell on my leg and a used a knife to cut off and still made it's my second grade class and I liked it. Now fiscal. Out for wins OMG. Part was sensibly it's because a thirty mile an hour wind can blow however school bus allegedly. A 27000 kids in Greenville county take to school bus so. Air got you could just don't once school bus blows over and kid gets a priest arm and it's going to be a week of inquiry about how by the media. Everybody's looking for a local storms Torino. Every week an inquiry by the media about who made a stupid decision to let the kid get on the bus goes well he does ghosts. So just CBI Ahmad the new milestone we just hit here in this country. A couple of milestones actually. Twenty trillion dollars. Its official twenty trillion dollars. That's right the dead drug jumped 317. Billion dollars in one day. Following president Donald Trump signing of these spending and debt limit deal that will fund the government through December 8. That's right so wit has been a money we borrow basically. Surpassing the twenty trillion dollar and I'd I'd lick this up for you've toward trend like what is that. That is. A little more than the entire size of the US to cut annual kind. To put an weight while we are busy working. Congress spent the economy. All of 800%. Of the economy every last turn dollar that's how much we at. Yeah who is buying a lot of our debt now is not isn't it she's betrayed she for the Chinese is not you know who has. This is this is the greatest irony while. Russia. Runner for on the border shaking her fist attempt. You think you did was economically if they chose. And it didn't somebody stop spying to you we renew the daily Montrae rotates. And I should get like no buyers are not enough by nurse you tap. Or go ahead have input has pulled the rug out from lenders. He hasn't put. So yes so one that's so following the deal that trump. Sign up before you hold your fist at the trump I'm defending dogs can put in perspective he did sign it and on it's not good to borrow from our grandchildren to pay for her to clean up or anything else. But trump did offer congress. Threes first two months in office aid budget that cut a trillion dollars a year in spending that wouldn't Tenet trillion dollars. Oh the ten year period for that budget. Would have balanced budget at the end of ten years. Got a dead net. We did. Yeah that's been on table for months. GOP rejected it. And why Denmark has been so. You know we we do we have to borrow the money for this narrow. We could it headed up to pay for it out right but GOP wanna leadership to go along with that so when you hear these freedom caucus folks screaming yelling. Butcher and go with the Democrats and use Munis rub immigrant while he is. He gave them another way forward they rejected it. It would be great to see the freedom caucuses fist in the Arab that scream that the leadership screaming out hey listen we can contrary bucks a year. We had just wicked good this did this debt we don't have. Pretty distraught budget they wanted trump what's. They don't do anything. And so now we get into emergency situation where we need Democrats go along. Or we're going to be looking at the government shutting down while crude did does not truck. He's been begging them to pass that asset budget and set this up to be the we'll be here. We don't wanna save money. Don't stop spending their front with the bar they just wanted to waste of time before they dated and charm had to deal with Democrats. Aren't shame now. We do things the hard way why I don't know maybe this is why the Republican leadership is a 15% approval. 21%. Approval among Democrats who love them because the song intransigent. This a leadership folks. Tech straights we need more cops we need more government spending on roads rumble strips etc. not repairs we tourist more people before they actually hurt anyone else. We need better zoning laws and I'm missing something. It seems sweet talk smarter government nationally but one more interference locally more government is going to increase freedom period. Doesn't matter is good government like excess troopers. Nancy there's rerun. When a few things government was supposed to do was provide balm for the peace. We should fully funded troopers police whatever it is to keep our community safe before we find anything else. It's one of the city it if if not for bad government would not need to exist. When a few constitutional things that our government is actually supposed that it. So confusing that with government arm I think is sort of a lack of understanding of the constitutional founding of our country or state by the way. All and and why anyone would oppose rumble strips I mean but the only other thing that the car that the congress disposed to do the country to govern was supposed to do was provide fur on interstate travel. Transfer goods. Why they have interstate regulatory power. That was the point of an overarching federal government as the number chief in what. What was the government's supposed to do oats. That's sit transportation. Keep the roads clear keep them safe so that trait can go there's only two things government is supposed to do. I met my sixth grade civics class I was shocked by it. I assumed the idea of that B more governor that's supposed to be the only government that's what we're supposed to fund fully before we do anything else. And when you have. One of the highest per capita debt while the eyes per capita death rate in the pageant like I'm getting this drunk driving stuff. Seeing massacre out there and green bulls reds this is section on tools for two of us. Are dying every fight to break every county. Killed by drug drivers. And truck drivers kill themselves to how many. Five years to massacre but give me the number in the next segment he tell you don't need more cops when we're understaffed would mean more troopers when are understaffed. Really you what do you want bumper cars out there. Game gonna get yourself what an earth mover drive to work in it that you plan huh. People text your grades. I license plate that read sugar tit South Carolina Google sugar sits south care I will church itself out check that I know you get the lace is what they get one. Those advantage jets are lining up right away. I'm getting beat up a potential line. You seem to think governments we need governments make us sick you'll trade freedom for safety security and you'll lose both. I noticed in our government. I said I want an attitude adequate number of troopers to the stroller roads. Was this deal we don't want any league you know we can't we don't want police officers. Ignore it looks like Berkeley. Charlottesville. You begin I have free speech rates. When the police that Becky she would that looks like you are free speech rights you have anything. But a baseball bat to hit. That's the only thing government was supposed to do was protect our rights or liberties. Through lawful police. That's government expansion. RJ for law enforcement officer of from my Greenville good morning. Hey mark aren't deep breath on this it's time to dry screwed up let one don't you. Top spot open another state or walk four or ninety I. I know what to look what were drunk driver Ellison in the heat in the truck he'd get it that he. So I called them billions oral that it did not meet our. But I'm not all lead. I would cheated about opera. Oh yeah Mickey really get at that the bill port at eight we spend money on RE eight help. RE ST it driver. Port. But it but the main party they are not assert come. I followed up in the equity at all why am I what our that it happened but he can keep it. But it don't do in our moral element I eat eat and no wrong. I do it at a overweight but I know probably not on 11. Dot go to. Back injured on one guy and not suspect we should I can't beat that guy so prop eight simply eat what I want a front spots those are they need it. You know this. I is ridiculous huge did you call the HP number. Yeah I yeah I got semi creek site Steve and they're they're right on you know but look at it. I'm they acted on all I can't action or worked in and they even know there's not. I would call one dying in a look that nobody in the area a lot OIDE. Buddy. He talks and truly get treasury dollar in only are we appreciate that didn't cue the yeah 00 you're not at. So okay RJ on in your former law enforced just quickly would we where police officer would do. Not I kept it simple I didn't you know right out and rookie year and just look neat nick dot did you were were police officer. Correct I can help or not and I got three wood almost or Internet and eight. You know and record it Laporte I don't doubt that state back in ninety it would bet then. Hell yeah. You know I know exactly which is talking I called it's been many many times in the state I have never seen drunk pulled I'm that we followed drunks for miles and miles and miles and miles. And he sent me if you didn't I had no not ever get him now in with and now he's not but it's. You know wait till we don't and you know nothing we can get in now you've got Olympic I. So took issue. Okay you're pretty bad vehicle yet but are we you know we got our own. As I don't know do you dig every excuse in the book RJ that's what I know my husband's he actually block the drunk driver. That's only reason she was the lair 22 minutes later when they showed up. And it well took still want to get your twenty men snub it's too late and I'm gonna impact now on brothel as are her when she was out of her mind. Drunk. So mom yet that's what you get here that and that is that is the attitude I add them to see you know HP worked but I don't it doesn't. Not your. I think you free service RJ and forty phone call.