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Friday, August 18th

WORD on the Town in Spartanburg; Panic setting in on the left because the Russian hacking lie is evaporating; Republicans join with MSM in pretending Trump never condemned bigotry and violence


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And we are extra lives and I do mean like today as in you can come each breakfast the word you're lunch. With us here at the world famous beacon drive in in it Spartanburg has carpal werder. Hits the town. Yes I know it's word on town like where hits the town better. Yet we impacted the show in fact the station and we're out here I am going I I Ayman going to be out here to next hour Bobby Mack. Vincent's you can meet asks check out of food here and watch the show go down lives. Which is really go one I think we are driven today by US auto sales there it's a fourteen point three Asheville highway in Spartanburg or Lawrence rode in their. Greenville Haley. Yes I terra. Other here got my rear done maliciously their hats on EOK with I wanna get into these interest in what's going on now. Home you know that. Robert Mueller if Theres no Russian hacking and there is no collusion by trump. From then on the day that is proven he no longer has any legal authority in which to investigate truck. You know at least to investigate the investigation should come to a man and the grand jury should be disbanded. Yes because that is the authority he's doing intelligence investigation right yeah because. So got a special counsel or special prosecutor. It is very narrowly focused it is not a broad brush previous that there controller around and try to find a violation somewhere. So the presumption of the truth of the accusation that the Russians are the election. On is vital similar and select this is why this morning your scene and and yesterday to throughout the week you're seeing folks urged Mahler hurry up. And the reason that's happening don't put this in these articles the singing at a complain now on Huffington Post he's taking too long. That's because the Russian packing line is literally evaporating for ice did you see the headline in salon salon dot com what it is the headline. What is it in salon is a left wing major weapons ammunition. What is the DNC Russian Haq was really a week after all a new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore. And that's a story that we've had here for quite some time. Are we connect is much anywhere Stewart which is to you know talk show hosts news people and win in the things that came nomination article I mean we've been talking about for months. While everyone else down and yet exactly and it is amazing with all of the congressional hearings that we have attacked by people who have actual security clearances on congress. Did that it did somebody at the nation. Who doesn't have a security clearance was able to figure sounding horn mountain. Yeah let's interestingly a week is gone by now. All of them in the major assertions in the nation peace. Promenade in and they they came from a group of former intelligence agents high ranking NSA people high ranking people. From IBM who have looked at the data here and sent them no Russian act and these friends and from beyond packet. Now these are conference trump Peta there was no Russian attack if it could've been done and they and they explain why in in extreme deep snow won't bore you with that. Com but that it it would have been done on East Coast time. You know physically on the East Coast by a person. Some who took this stuff off the DNC server from well that it weakest past Nellie have you seen any. Major reputation yet of any of those facts out there still standing today. In fact the media is largely ignoring this thing out I may have seen a blew up. And I mean just a blip of a minor story on a minor segment in the Fox News website that may have been it. Well. And now I mean this is Richard because we are our commerce is concerned with almost nothing else but. The threat to our democracy may have been undermined by the Russian hacking her and I mean if if the trump people. Have so much is meeting now with A agents of Russia but with somebody from Russia are just from Russia. We have to have a major around the congressional hearings that we not. We just just if they are found to have talked to somebody from Russia at any point or they bump into somebody from Russia. Add in the bathroom and shipping we would have to have another round at congressional hearings would we now we have to put more tax cuts often haven't wrapped OK so is it not news that. When we have salon and the nation. As the long going over this was the facts. Reported by the nation going darn well know these refute these are we see at this is looks it was a happy here and now. I mean no no hearings special on that. On paper but we gotta have hearings if it's found out that somebody talks to a Russian. Are we the curiosity on the Puerto republic I think it was said they weren't they were charging rectify this and Lindsey Graham defending our democracy. Wouldn't they don't wanna know about this. Silence now and this from the GOP you blame the Democrats to this this is the GOP they don't pay your. They don't care. Dampier I think we understand an allegiance because you know you've got a president who is an outsider who has not an insider in the party. There you go. So I just don't really care to our democracy anymore after all do that could deny interest. Does something very interesting is going on here what watch the ball here and nice up. About a month ago that this the sessions. Department of Justice. Was going to date date date had decided to move forward with the prosecution of Julian Assange of WikiLeaks member WikiLeaks distributed. The elites DNC in Podesta emails rate that they and we we're told they got from the Russians they claimed it did rate. And the reason. Why the Obama administration. Did not prosecute Julian Assange I know this to this morn Dino it was helmet. Well. Julie WikiLeaks published this classified data rate the problem is sort of the Washington Post the New York Times. And so you cannot prosecute Julian Assange without. Holing those reporters in in Orange jumpsuits as well. I did this I think we're seeing WikiLeaks and that's where the Obama mistress ultimately never prosecute WikiLeaks well because they would have to take up to friends in the press pull to to be nobody left the white house press thought they would all they would all be imprisoned with Julian Assange. That it is not illegal for a news organization whether it is a web site or the newspaper to print information that has been leaked to death. No and and so the argument is if so would extend and sending these New York Times like the Washington Post rank also witnessed sessions people announced. I don't want to go anywhere we're gonna onboard an Arab prosecute. Julian Assange they said they had found a way around it that they thought they now have proof on that WikiLeaks had assisted. In the hacking not physically hacking but advising the hackers rate. And so that then would be is stepping on the Washington Post your tests they announced they were going to prosecute WikiLeaks well that's a big deal. Because we stand a really good shape of the rain and Julian Assange is holds up an Ecuadorian embassy. Where he's been protected by Ecuador. Home where a lot of people want to actually keep him and try him. Bomb in their country's right well we are really good shot at getting Julian signs out of the Ecuadorian embassy if we want him from Ecuador. Analysts extracting him persecuting and or prosecuting depending on your point of view Julian Assange rate and so trust going after my so why into. Now it's all coming together. On the Republican California representative Dana Rohrabacher. Winced at the Ecuadorian embassy. Som and met with the with Chile besides the WikiLeaks founder rate. According to Wear darker sides reaffirmed his aggressive denial that the Russians had done anything do with hacking. But he's given the Al Gore backer a lot of new information were barker says there's more to come he is we don't have. The entire picture yet but Rohrabacher representative Rohrabacher said that the information he is receipts from Chile massage which is new. Will have a quote earth shattering political impact it's about the hacking the supposed to hacking. Okay this is what Rohrabacher says it wouldn't be so important Democrats had focused so inordinately on the Russians Democrats are creating total of people over this he said. I have information to give the presidents before I give the information to and when house insists is taking the information from the science to China. Now women as sources say he's gonna protect a source is he's not gonna know where he said the Russians until but he's not gonna say who did it. Well what's going all year. Is that now of the Justice Department is squeezing design issue and looks like they're gonna try to extract him and charge him. For helping Edwards noted and certainly assigns wants to play ball. Some and what he is looking for this is what's being report by the daily caller. Is a pardon by trump in exchange for certain highly value and how valuable information about who. Actually went and got that so DNC and Podesta stuff for for WikiLeaks and how they get and that the easy adjusting this is about to get. The theory is that this was leaked from inside the DNC that somebody had an issue for you when I went to the the technical details of this. They prove that it wasn't possible to have taken that entire file. And have done it as a hack. That's the way it was done was through someone who basically recorded the filed player and then leaked the information to assigned to press threw up. So what you have here and this is a Smart move for the term administrations inherent therein a totally try to silence to go to prison for the rest of his life. This is information on that. Possibly com bring you shed some light on the very important hacking. The election. Here's our practice and he's got information that will be a dramatic importance CIS states and the people of our country as well as toward government Rohrabacher said. Does if he comes a point that you expect something in return. He can't even how he can't even leave the embassy get to Washington to talk to anybody fetus apart from Cha. The adjustment if he gets to Washington. And he's so important intelligence. Value to us and he's been Perkins. Then it gets him out most of the embassy which she's desperate to leak them home he's been holds up there. The Swedes can't get to them they want extract extract him in time on the rape charges. Even though the S alleged victim and am in that case is since you know we win withdrawn the charges they don't care. Com and so it would protect him from Sweden and it would also protect him from the other folks who want him he would be pardoned and freed or the country. If feed ponies up one thing movement if he doesn't. So this is about to get very into our lives long enough to tell us it's gonna say I hope he has some very good security people. I hope work barker has died backup copies of whatever it is because I'm not worried for his life I do I and I I would not put it past. Certain elements of our own governments in the deep state take. Scant well remember when out of the last congressman that had information that was helpful to the trump administration gave it to them before the press. What what he resigned. He got out of his committee chairmanship. I react he had to leave race because I came after this there were talk of the time he gets back and he's probably under indictment for using the wrong email account. Yeah. Like the head of the EPA and Nikki Haley are accused of doing exactly rare so anyway ams don't worry so this yes you were Bruck is doing is I'm so I you know went. It's about. If there was no arrests and hacking. I mean think that would that would mean for media credibility. And Democrat credibility Republican leadership credibility we think of what's at stake here now. Mass I can't wait to watch this group. Carried off we get road that's rates to the. Common sense for German playing excellent. Tech story Sarah yet if he gets to trample life. Now detects your rates if he comes to Washington to commit suicide today before he has to testify. Listen that his Joseph massage stay alive for a long time. Which is really remarkable and so I guarantee you. That or whatever represented Rohrabacher god there's there's backups have been so let's take a Rohrabacher the backups in Julien as signs don't pass defense. Listen if somebody said this on the Radio One of those overnight shows two years ago. A year ago something like of that caliber on Atlantic mad guys nuts. Not anymore. Not anymore not America not anymore I there I don't know what they're capable of we haven't seen yet. We haven't seen it. So are falling into place quickly. Here. They tinge to the head east Muller's. Kangaroo court. And analog without suffering and this is Intel and investigation have to have classified clearances just to be a part of it. And yet they leak and they leak and they meet and they Lee and he promises he is gonna Muller's and its environment this. And he never does does. Never does. As a literally this is a race. This is a race to impeachment. Now. She and her smaller fines grounds for impeachment. Before the life. Before lied dice. And we got salon dot com with this headline what do to DNC Russian Haq was really a leak after role. A new report raises questions median Democrats would rather ignore yet add Republicans to that list. And Republicans of Ellis they don't wanna know they don't know that this. As interesting to me that it spent a weekend. He stacks early had been laid out by a an estate professionals. Intelligence professionals computer experts. Could happen how could not have happened the way that they sedated. It was a hack was an inside job. Okay now Muller's charge remember this Muller's chart. Is he it is an Intel investigation not criminal investigation his charges to find out this is the purpose. He goes beyond this he is he he's outside the law his purpose is to Taiwan if there was a Russian hacked into. Was or collusion with child. That is the stated purpose of this investigation anything else in Everett today. And that's why everybody flipped out when we started looking his CNN announced that a lot of there's any Russian packing air pollution areas Oregon editor start knocking around in child's personal stuff. And then we some NF ports doors kicked it. In the middle of the night. So it's only a matter of time before if Lanka's doors. Jerry stores before tries to execute and it is only a matter of time. Unless. Unless the lie is disprove it. The wide at the Russians hacked the election. Is this proof. So this is AM literally this is a race against a so what Detroit folks have died every time champ doesn't die and they're really Smart and get excited. So clearly they've got Julian Assange advisory now. Have of WikiLeaks. On he's going to be charged federally Obama administration didn't do bed and rest of life in prison or he could just don't helpfully provide us with. What he knows so that is congressman Dana roar cracker. Is saying that you know what size is told him about the the leak and about WikiLeaks in an about the whole thing. The home is literally don't want. Rock Washington. If it ever got out and he says he wants to put it in the president's hands first he does trust anybody else. Before he puts out the public. So let me say is going on here and there is panic has in suit. Here didn't you. When you we found out just a couple of weeks ago says it's meant fort have been rated. And I even read weeks before. And then going in and it instantly back to let everybody know that they had had rated me in afford everybody in the media got Alex at why it was that put out when it was put them. Why was at least in deleting all these leaks to strategically Molly want leaks there would be no links. People would have been fired by now. Pennies these these these despise that creeps districts they're in some guys mode of find out who's linking you can control if he doesn't choose to SCSI put some leaks. Why did they leaked out about halfway. In the Boston wanted to do that. Because they knew the nation story was kind. Those folks put out calls for comment. They knew was coming. To preempt it. Because they were afraid it was gonna kill their investigation. Successor to get really interesting with all by the way did did you have to wonder. Why all the sudden. So much effort has been put into the story. About trump and Charlottesville. Tournament that the wall to wall coverage. Is that when you forget about the nation article want you to pretend it did not happen so they can pretend it did not happen. And that the Russian hacking has not been debunked. That's that that is what is going on in Washington right now there is abject panic. In the Republican leadership and in the Democrat leadership. Of this. If you mention what this'll do to me credibility this is been number one story in this country. Her. Here. And they were wrong. I Mia you can forget. The mistakes the New York Times have made has made even on the front page of the big ones outright lies you can forget that but a year with the reporting. Maybe devastate. It would be absolutely just in tiny rate on the news terms they're trying to figure out how to hide this. And we had another defection was so long going out there and talking about this look at looks like in my future but the nation and Solana there on the left. They can't stop this long term. This is all about to get really really. Interest. Ride casting out alive with word on the cannot. Promise Spartanburg that's right Britney world famous to be candid drive it. Great food at great races since 1946. On John B went boulevard Spartanburg. Com and it just existence that's that's place do you have by the way stop by for breakfast he'd eaten breakfast at Whitney well I do the show was just really cool. Big concerns over a million customers yearly which is crazy they sell more T I did not notice they sell more tee than any other single restaurant the entire country. Also sold in grocery stores from Virginia to Louisiana. So must be some good stuff. That's rate in the beacon is this is fun three tons of songs per week. Three tons potatoes they're per week in four tons of beef chicken and seafood with so they did see the onion palate has just been placed next to broadcasting stand. I'm glad that every view is not scratch and Smith. So many young in three years they fell on me they would crush me so that's the kind of business this place is doing the place doing us a great business for Richard by US auto sales this morning. Home which I'm I am really really excited about grade your Robert is the marketing manager for US auto sales weren't. Good morning how are you pretty and I wanna thank you personally first for helping to sponsor this this morning to get out on the town and you know DD system that you're you drove all the way up here. From George. Yeah yeah I had an early morning today in which is called there is of course a year US auto sales. Come on Asheville highway in Spartanburg and the one on Lawrence rode in Greenville tell us about what makes you with us that sales and special. How will this will be our when he first location near Spartanburg. We've been in business 25 years and we know good people give me good cars. You know we do that we are buy here pay here dealerships. You know people overhead light situations or challenge credit we're able to get them and reliable transportation. Which is and test again and again there at fourteen point three ash bill. Hi way home and I love this as a story of how this this'll started with the first location. Yeah we started 25 years ago it was small they're glad. Trailer and you know we started the Atlanta area will north of the city and it is just blossomed into a company that is reeling them moving going in right direction. And done you've got a fiscally card laid away where. I need a car lay away programs oh yes yes we have car lay away program where you know people see the perfect vehicle they may not be ready to get the vehicle today. But we will hold a deal before we also have flexible down payment. Where they can come in and the part of the down payment down but drive off the lot today. Oh that's nice that says it's great I'm so lots of reflex box options for people who want a white carpet like you said may not be quite financially in position but they really need a car. Which would they really need a car which comes in handy start to really loud here and I I am I am sorry about that. Well we certainly appreciate you come out on the town with us today and you guys doing this of course to recognize Spartanburg. On and you're definitely part of community here tell me about that. Yet we you know are we ever grand opening out next Friday that's when he bit. We're gonna have some fun activities out. A local organization mill village farms. The food desert program. I helping bring food to communities that do not have fresh produce. We donated Carter mill village and they'll be rattling off the car for a good cause awesome and where will that scene is the grand opening eyes 1423. Asheville highway. Awesome is there a website that's can go to. Yes they can go to US auto sales that info I can get information about our products and programs. And take. The view of our huge selection we get over a thousand cars in inventory so there's something for everyone. Awesome. Well great Revver think he's so much again he's the media marketing manager for US auto sales. Plus we never did the opening of the new facility fourteen point three Asheville highway in Spartanburg and of course the foreign threat location in that greens up. Yes thanks for having us this morning to you for stopping Bryant thinks there's so much for making the show possible this morning amber I appreciate that. OK awesome bomb well never accidentally dialed somebody didn't mean to dial that be careful what you say these days telling what with the technology. Longtime. Spokesman for the state court system this is New York. Accidentally put them. A New York Post reporter. Yakking it up about how he clearly shows up to work while pocketing a 166000. Dollars a year as a reporter was grateful. Forward he user contribution to her story. And after speaking by cell phone with a reporter by plans expose day. David your books favor but dialed back the reporter didn't realize it. Unwittingly left Dave Foreman voicemail. While chatting with at least two other people about how little work he does the 166000. Dollars out and on the voicemail. Books favor admitted lying to the post. We just give an interview to about a Spence is weekdays and confirmed they can this. Of court system sources who said he's been working as little as two days a week. I spoke to the reporter on the record for oil I said I'm in a much less visible position that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything books Davison. But frankly the bottom like the story true or do anything had really show it to work and I've been cut. When what you Paterno injecting it one minute shopping at Wal-Mart you feel anonymous the next man you have gone viral it could happen to you can't. Married so what I did this really quickly lead you there at least prevalence of its kind given up on me on what I put it is really quickly. Sims guy. Let's play a clip number one. Hearing on the GOP lead with a lead UP leadership is gone. I'm wishes to throw out the eight a proposition two to redefine what trump said. And now there mystic about moral equivalents. I evening it's if you listen to stuff their saint nom they're basically putting it is such a way so it sounds like the trump did not condemn the white supremacist. On and that he drew moral equivalence between. You know then in the other groups that they are protesting that. On until the late date they set that up as if he said it and they knock it down to describe. Took aim at the president again here's Lisa. This comes on Monday were strong this comes on Tuesday starter race in the comments that were strong. What we want to see from our president is clarity. And moral authority that moral authority is compromised. When Tuesday happens there's still question about that. We should all called on the carpet I certainly don't. But the promise that the president did not drop moral and moral equivalence. On and on the righteousness of the causes at all he tournament violence. And so what since god is essentially communicating here is that we now look you cannot be pointing out that it teaches violence. I UQQB do you cannot say that that that's not that's not written you're protesting while we know white supremacist knows about people we all agree it was a bad people. The apparent new rule in GOP circuit you've got to be down with in chief. And that needs to be sure to have you Letterman you gotta go along with you must've done some run you should exhibit your conscience. So completely twisting what the president said in order to knock it down so outrage from the media at the idea. Drag and T for just as violent as the white supremacist Snooki could not do we cannot say network unless your with the liberal southern. Part Lawson took. Listen if this is Kelly that liberals going on MSNBC. Going bomb on on these decision saying exactly what trump set. And don't cares what this is is that Chris Matthews he's talking to a representative. From the Southern Poverty Law Center but simply put too. What are they really another name is anti fascist and they only go after fascism they go after anybody. Say in the global economic community they don't like. Now they're strictly principled anti fascist and what they see in the trump administration and what they see happening in this country. They see they see the neo fascism that we seek. And they've taken a principled stand to stand against white supremacists and white nationalist wherever they may show up. I like to point out 75. Fun and the death Charlottesville protected peaceful protesters I don't know what no president trump was talking about. While little overweight and clubs on that side. I would say look there's pictures you are jockeying themselves while there was one group that was jumping and it punching. The end that they do indeed Nazi types might I would I've seen pictures of monsoon a lot of pictures like you haven't seen people reaching and is slightly slighted them who suitable. They may have been part of anti fun anti bush is not a nonviolent group so let me just say that in the southern part they Lawson are certainly. Who prefer is and promotes nonviolence protest. But I I do want to point out that there's no moral equivalency between white supremacist twice now I owe us an NT NT always an act. Okay she just said with trump says she's with a seven private blossomed. Chris Matthews MSNBC just point out which content will put a mean we've all seen photos and who knows her and keep it sucks that people have. Now notre said we condemn the violence on both sides Lou. So there's no moral equivalents and there's moral equivalence when wood which is. They just made the same argument front. And China is to be commended. Because his party is now going 90% of the way towards. Condone the violence. Against their own followers by NT. A temperate are clearly recognized the danger. Tremendously. Dangerous and today. Up next the definitive word on in seafood. In all of this audio clips my favorite that we can play again coming up. Video uncut video unless they audio clip. No video on rating airing audio clip of as the week. Saying it's at live from rape here ohm at the famous beacon drive in Spartanburg were me Vincent Bobby Mack Vince is our year will be. All day you come out here and meet does give some to eat. Lot of cents a eaten breakfast in their meet their lunch while listening to you to showcase the audio clip. Camera told no moral equivalence you can knack saying ENT thing is via. And we just heard the southern heartland partly blossoms are essentially justified violence. Nancy if if you're if dreams are pure and you can be found it's just not there's no moral equivalent you can just hit whoever you want to head we'll according getting out ahead. Let's just these bad Ian Nazis and not hit anyone else over the heads of don't even worry that. Justin if you not a neo Nazi totally sick or are you. This comes from Minnesota these are two veterans one and his wife in late fifties are mid sixties who tried that would trump wrap. In the cat capital in Minnesota. And what happened next CBS. Minnesota retorted. Glittery. I don't know I don't know I don't know I didn't play well why anyway. I didn't right now. And make sure but like most politicians. That what I said was correct not make a quick step for this statement I made. You know my. I thought I had an incentive to conclude Chris are able and it was so what happened was that the did you guys try to go in. TV champ rally and the protest hearing things as easy antique people 200 items show up their side. Did one of the old man from downstairs. Not one of them they throw to the ground and begin kicking you can see in the city. As he is kicked repeatedly in shoved with people's feet keep them from getting off the ground state troopers then you see it. He's standing. And so later on CBS calls the state you know true protesting how essential spokespersons you weren't sure recipe for the beautiful people on militancy. An area they today in a common. In a comment this is Minnesota. So all these guys wanted to do was go to opera has reminded it. I'm an anti Vinny never permit. They were there illegally so they could have been cleared off the scene and arrested for for you know not leaving. They however shall often. And he's the same liberals who tell you not you should give up your gun rights attorney Cigna manic and by the police were totally take care of you I guess they mean. Unless. You disagree with us in which case you'll just be I have kicked in had maybe two die nobody will do anything. That's her parents country right now and so trump passed to stand up to this he has to. And so when Tim Scott says oh he's lost its moral authority no. He's regaining he's the person with the moral authority to greatest moral authority to stop this. Ford gets support or concerted skinny where trump patent in in public for fear he'll be beaten to death or half to death in front of the authorities knowing what do we. You kidding me because he has that much moral authority it is incumbent upon it is his responsibility to stop this level of brutality and nobody knows better about it to him because it's his own supporters that we see with egg on one side of their face and blood done running down hitter a beautiful woman just leaving it trump fundraisers. Brutalized. By anti fur and left wing radicals and we're supposed to police. There's no moral equivalent to go after neo Nazi web that in. Old man who just wanna go it's time for our Owen a female supporters at trump who wanna go to was fun right which nobody else is gonna be good so don't even worry. Let's so I jumped to the winds or west from Spartanburg pay. Hey Tara how he doughnuts are kind of rebuttal. To why Tim Scott say at. My rebuttal was this mr. Scott. I'm one of the constituents. They voted you into office. You work for me. So quick kiss from the liberal left but. And start doing your conservative work that you put in all those. It is because if you do more if you continue doing what you're doing now. You'll think art in the next election. Believe me. Is stunning rise to watch Tim Scott say what he said. And not to condemn anti felt when even when you just heard Chris Matthews MSNBC. Saying to southern poverty loss center guess that would even ice saw. The video the photos of anti for beating innocent people even ice. And she goes Jerry yet of violent anti this violent and yet you have to describe and and you have Lindsey Graham and you have all you always people they refused to condemn. Antitrust and and and less nobody is saying what do you condemning anti Pope. Why aren't you condemning anti their blue literally beating elderly veterans who go to trump for Alex. No condemnation these people are the people you represent us. It's still. I know that they expect open there's there's the whole thing there's just goes to show you. Are there the polls Donald Trump. Is not a quote politician. He doesn't know how to play their game and they are scared to death appear. Well I'd challenge for ten Scott Morrison you know gets back to him a huge challenge you. Condemn. Anti fat and the dean. Of grassroots Republicans condemn. Condemning her I'm going to assume and I know I know gets back in when I say I'm gonna assume you support that. Answer why won't you condemn lawless. Violence.