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Friday, August 18th

WORD on the Town in Spartanburg; Prepping for the Great American Eclipse; School supply lists are ridiculous; Republicans join with MSM in pretending Trump never condemned bigotry and violence


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Yeah morning tears your base is out here in Spartanburg broadcasting. Online people Spartanburg by the way it's pretty driving in here. And the geeky and nick drive manner he has listeners stop buying and say hey give it all day long me Ben's body Nat will all be broadcasting live from begins even come on down hearsay I'd ask which is a direct this. Bombing and so watch the sugar down lives. Yet where the slogan is where the food is always good since 1946. Beacon drive in dot com good morning Lee good morning terra. OK so I was warning parents that you know you're thinking Hammond MLS miss school shopping on Saturday rain right now well that's one the court. Will be coming up over the rise Ortiz did CNET news and through an area the court I wanted to spoiler. The accord coming over the rise this what schema turns in her opponent. No I'm talking about. Most unexpected or yet and so the 400 to 500000 people that are expected to come just to Greenville county. Can be arriving starting today this weekend's if you think autistic kids out for staying in some issues we do that tonight. If you haven't generated because it's gonna get crazy around here as the weekend wears on if if the projections are correct. Yeah that's. That is the one Campillo out there yet if the project was in Woolsey but I you know I believe it because when you look at the numbers of these guys did a great report honest. The numbers of people that live. You know within that two hour drive from here there's no hundreds of thousands of them and this is the greatest I mean isn't this this kind of knew somebody says something in nails a three. About the eclipse this is the greatest celestial events of our lifetimes. You know unless you're in diapers if you're not going to see a celestial events. Of this caliber again probably in your lifetime from here yeah from here and if your diapers and I can probably see it the first time either but you know. You know suited that that's YE a people who have read up on his defining it this is why they're come here and you're not this is a once a lifetime deal that's why this ignited tends why is such a big deal why make a big deal because it may really is a big deal. You know I know it's two and a half minutes but Som. And we're not going to just see this again and we're not gonna see this again here. You know with the totality ring through here and he in our lifetimes and so that's you know that's where this is big deal. So speaking to school supplies got to use this school supplies. Well I mound not you can now you've already paid you would you school supplies you just chip the child up exactly exactly yet. Yet well OK so you know last year. You you know eat you know I have this thing to school supplies Lee Alia deaths of young guy I told glue stick issue the good acoustics are an issue for me and they have been. And and last year you know and when the the school supply list came on in the point 14 ballistics. For after the entire class annually for one of my kids. You know manic pace send my kids to college provide increased made you is it very close to Q really separates them. Annie get him on sales to two since we're so the you know she's point four last year about las LaMont. And begin to figure out the racquet because teachers started texting while we on the illness and we we beat stockpile only put one cards were rolling around school until amount you know I mean. Is like a free for all. Glued to my distribution. Of EE is not what I did this he that's what I think that's what creeps me. I think it's pleased to since he should then I go to the parent teacher in which the way it's done now you don't send your kids to school with a school supplies and mourns and we want to you take them to the parent teacher. Which makes sense enough to you know carry mollen. You have chaos will so I bring all be up to my kids that were in elementary school lesser reserve bring a book bags. And the teacher says I put the put put to boost its inaction in a box with you put the end pencils and actually a boxed up with a dry erase a snatch me up I went and an. You know I mean I I didn't realize I was supplying content now welcome comrades it woke comrades to the classroom. To you know elected to the collective. And just some about that really bothers me so the school supply list comes out this year right. You know Henry you are my Harry slashed him about the 24 which started I'd there is no way my child in a 180 and when he wanted to Jumbo ones. In a 180 days is used in note one foreclosed next. You know I bought three Jumbo glue sticks. Almost four years ago for the kids to do homered and have a lot of gluing you know gluing involves homework great. They weren't using one and a half. And have to what was his crash smashed into the Formica top and we know gluing of such AI import a wide scale. Rate means so there's no way they're gonna go through six whose nickname Montoya what what did they ended the cancer garden. Supply list comes out to share. Not 24 ballistics they want from me 36. Glue sticks close to inflation. And what do you what do I mean what by the third day the third third grade and I wonder what back semi out to school full glues this. You wouldn't inclusive of the free based human based on what they do the feeling that this might have children I don't up OK it was he did the math on the straight. How to do it twice in the calculator to make sure an asset to a for my son's 25 member kindergarten class. At 36 ballistic ticket that is 900 ballistics. Yeah how much 900 listings that's a hole deep bidding distorting it. Yeah we could into him and any and I should Youkilis les he would know I would want to use. Is it you thought you army to suffer radio and have a drug notation there yeah and it what is and what is the teacher ranking should they did you don't have gotten put. Back great people are beginning to question. You know via via. Meter begin to question regime here and she puts in parentheses next to it yes we're going to use the mall. Be what 36 stumbled ballistics costly do you have any idea what that test or thirty dollars for glue sticks. And do what I'm doing this that and I'll hold a what I did with what you're genocide and and you know people are judgment as I bought six ballistics and so I'm done. Next he uses this year three and three we can redistribute to support child needs and yeah I'm not buying 36 mystics. My tip and a tune that 36 pencils they want. For my son crash. Crash can barely write is mainly he's not can use now 36 points he's used 36 pencils by the third great. You know I mean he's not to be written his manifesto to release date for. You being crashed apparently literally manifesto yes so I am CST on an end sinuses so I mean I got 36 pencils for all three of my kids. He's a good twelve pencils come 180 days. And when he wants to listen I don't want to teachers buying stuff it in and when my my kids' teachers. Have email listen we need it was trying to Clorox wipes and he incidents riser IA sensed it. I sensed it if she needs I don't want her buying it. Just ask meals and I in you know me I spend a lot of time volunteering immunity to teachers ask for. Hope with this or that the other thing I'm on a first name basis when I walk in you you know with the secretary she just cancel my security badge casinos lamp. And there'll tonic and a lot to me you know what don't misunderstand what they lose include stakes they gain in your time digging might very valuable time and care. You know and in yes I don't I don't you know I isn't it kind of stuff the school supplies they asked for and have to be just reasons. The socialist in nature of the think you know I mean it even if he said to me he'll listen. Sister and three glue sticks with crash in Kampala via coupled his across his parents can afford by ballistic which you would some you mind sending three more happy to do. You know I also intend or if you're honest with me you know when I mean it's just a deceptive nature thing now. And Paris was the four years I spent a 170 books on the three kids. All I can believe it yeah he's a hunter and additional schools what and I didn't even got. Ya I mean you gave sue for my second son. They wanted to vote for him. Well I bottom three he can you want you look just what we have a daughter going to college. And then you've got to decorate the room. John is John Q I was seek his I have to say that I can people in 36 sticks. You know I mean in the of them we debate covers and you know who knows when all else. Add text to rates comrade terra about the ballistics they need to find something that is approved by Michelle Obama once you tape for Q so she you know. I had some cafeteria food wheat glue sticks would be preferable toll could aideed ballistic as a ballistic talk about Jimmy your ribs you know really. I know really they sitting you get the tenor voice British America's eating there I look you know I'm rocket and this since I suggest that he does look gross. The little girl goes. I don't know they're not they're not potatoes apples. Come on K okay it's not even identifiable. Duncan started text raced here armor reveling Q I never followed the supply list I buy what my police neat that it. Well that is so neat history here if you really wanna set them off freight. Rate your child's name on every item you take him out we sharply at raid on leases some poor kid has to use. My kids you know. 36 pencil pencil. Text or breaks you won't believe how much of that school supply. Grows legs and walks away in the first couple months a school it's incredible. How much of it disappears even keeping a very sharp eye in putting away immediately it's still tends to walk away quickly. Well and lion walking oil because I'm on time until it no not here. Just fighting back against the school supplies socialist shoot down here from stunning spurned her. In many s.'s I can get that sense they're slated came to big bucks. Actually no they don't yet here live in Spartanburg at the world famous begin drive and where listeners Marty stand by to say hey I think Tony this morning. Tony from Spartanburg simplified Tony DiMicco. Yet he not brought me T shirt. So cool to meet him for the first time of the need to stop by for breakfast or you know office later in the day lunch. Bobby Mack Vince going to be here eats up ivory energy we're going to be out here live all day at the leakage. Now with their great fear and greed braces world famous since 1946 in a really are and you so. I'm having noticed. This in the talking constantly to know how how do you notice but a mansion that now they sell more tee than any other single restaurant in the US. Which is and achievement. Serving over a half a million customers yearly that's crazy. At begin. Driving. So what concept idea inch if you live in Spartanburg is is an institution you know where is you know it's on John B white boulevard. I'll put if you don't let this burn for you might not know that most of kimono media so I'm just gonna tell you that anyway so don't be offend. OK so. Text or rates. Worded as to where it out here I agree with you completely I had four kids in school the same type I thought everything on all and all of their list I would have been broke. And then it all goes into a big pots of course you have kids to come in an apparent to what I'm nothing but they have 200 dollar pair a sneakers on. On another text your rates your community barks the sustain your school community did you know that the school district stockpiled all consented to other schools. How about the sisters preferably fist curse. They ask for yeah I prefer the most expensive sister may please especially if you're paying for them and giving them to me free unbelievable. Now the Dexter rates they used to reprimand me for writing my kid's name on everything. Even occurring and everything if they were going to farm out my stuff by golly they're going to know who bought it. The text to race there was work in the school yesterday in the Jenner was pushing a curt out to the dumpster with votes containing open packs of paper pens pencils. And set up why is it an idea okay that's different text okay. Text or rates my momma second grade teacher you were so great she had so much stuff left over every year and finally. Here. As a husbands of the teacher. I have to take appears lack you don't know how much it cost my wife is given a piece of paper till January all it'll be gone by mid October August arrest. You be proud your slacker I got to know I slacker. I just looked up this year when I saw my son's school supplies you mean losing it last year fearless in the show they wanna 24 boost its. Well not to my surprise this year I opened the kindergarten. School supply list online at PDF. Now they want 36. Economy argue with Easter this 900 boost expert for for a class of of we've been what do you do eat the glue. Free basic. It blew kisses the wall. Look I know I know the rate at which glue sticks going up I have. I had the same three Jumbo glue sticks would we be we're what three UN almost four years ago from a kid's a nickel a lot mystical stuff together. Including stuff the shouldn't be stuck together. But to stick together. And he's one and a half I suspect it would we are not my child is not gonna go through 36 was 680 days I mean there's no I mean any. There's no way. It's just this is just socialist redistribution eat any US it is an Arab I'm alone on this salmon Parma could given person I give a light. And so we have a few cents and he listened hat have crash brings six with this but would you mind buying you know three more form more for some kid looking for sure no problem. I'll throw many bad I don't mind. But don't don't pretend that this that she did this is for my child and I get there. Like it did last year. And I nicer to put him a desk and a teacher corrects me snow put them in the collective peer in at a bar to get it's shaped and the got boxes olds online are all damn wall and you put all your keep which kids often. So listen this is what I would tell husband a teacher. Have your tee half your wife sent an email out to all the parents in the class and ask for what she meets. I am and when it's my kids' teachers have always done that and I pony up every time an governments want. You ask me hand you were out of it I you know I don't want to buy it I will send it to school. And we always get a thank you back thinks we got everything we need so you tell your wife to edit don't ask don't be shamed asked is going to be a couple of parents in every class who always pick up the slack. That's how we are in America. Text erased your ability to get up to boost our get up to boost its. A gag I go through this every year. Text your rates. And Terry could try putting your child's name on the items only to have them cold. LT that your child is not willing to share the list said it was from my child not to share this happened to my child in the second pricy that's an outrage. CIA teachers Texan lashed rescinded these supplies don't even stay in class. Figure re distributed throughout the school and then through the school system I mean this is a big this isn't just Iraqi. It's nice kids. Sex stories is the Pete served breakfast yes they do it looks really good. So come on out here Mimi bombing Mac right here in Spartanburg at the beacon drive in and John I mean he's coming into. We hear all day long. Harry folks. Unity sniffer tempers. Screaming in line in and groan and complain with the tears run down their face like Tim Scott. I give him a minute or senator. It's so bad record so bad no you know what could be worse. Can tell you what folks this is what we were staring down with the with the Hillary elected California. A new bill being considered by the California State Senate one year in jail for using the wrong trains gents are pro now. They get Greece appeared litigate to correct you. If they correct you and you didn't use the right he had the great programming your tenure of hope but if you refused to use the chosen craft. One year in jail. Well he's out that'll never happen we'll know because trump is just appointed a record breaking number of judges. For this is you know this much time he stacked in the bench. With Hillary folks. I mean we were once Supreme Court justice away from this kind of thing being Kosher. Broadcasting a live pretty begin drive in out here in Spartanburg show grates me. So many of you who've come on out CS its sights are John B white boulevard you know that if you live in Spartanburg but if you if you don't that's where you could find as they need Vince Bobby macro going to be on your smells great. He had breakfast lunch or dinner. Watch as broadcast Larry Denny in green bills online paid any. Betty I was gonna ask if you've ever been to league Grande belt counting surplus. Fell within the school year. No I have not should I don't. We impala so loose they experience and told. Brenner paper markers everything about 3040 dollars a Pallet. Where they come from Tino. There's surplus from the goal what everybody and the Big Ten years or whatever don't get sold goes to a bit dull. You kidding you're. A QA so. Which of these are you an insider here Danny you've seen as did the UC news out of them prevail trim. Uh huh so these are these. Are these school supplies come from these socialist school supply list that the parents are required to buy every year or are they guided it was the parents or are they the ones the school system by. There are indeed an Xbox Live like the banana boxes and other groceries or so I don't know. I wouldn't tune their promise everything. That is contrary supplies from one year to the next. Is. Yes he can I had teachers text me about this and say they did didn't you send in that he's Aggie sin in 36 ballistics. Is there request information from my kids kindergarten class has 900 glue sticks for 25 kids didn't. Com and an I know they go in the communal box as soon as they get there and then teachers have told me they take it they then re distribute them throughout the school and throughout the school system. As I wondered where they went. So you may you may clear deceptively Danny a pro I appreciate your phone call I mean you know as to can can the public kit that can can I go up there and by my school supplies to the ante in the years then by palette. If you watched they will put the options up our mind you have to go to Ukraine the county web site. Bill put it up and noticed thirty days before and everyone's welcome to go to. That thing you know there will not let teachers or school to go. Pick up whatever they need for the next year they're not allowed to go do that. Yeah casino that would make sense. Reagan was decided and waiting makes sense and we don't we get an add on any issue would do anything to make sense yet that would make sense. Because doesn't make sense thank you Danny you you have to see you just you have finally answered my question. Weird to they all and ups and knowing how to. So it is gonna go by in my school supplies back at the at the end of the year. From the schools to mind I would do that thank you. Very Whitten what's going one or senator Tim Scott. Home following along liner Republican Ted they must have APR person. AEI anti trump PR person who's coordinating this what it with the Republicans are doing here. There are doing the same thing. They are. Deliberately miss communicating what trump said. About Charlotte though. Making it sounds. Infinitely worse. Than anything actually sitting and thinking bad or wrong. Including and I talked about this yesterday and the bush is trying to make it look like he wouldn't condemn bigotry the first line on Saturday. He unequivocally condemns bigotry in stronger terms. Then the bush she's used. The Lindsey Graham used more than ten Scott used and I played the audio for you over and over again. And so they'll start with why we need you know we we must is a party condemn bigotry as if trump didn't condemn bigotry. It's a slight of hand and with the media does is they they won those quotes. With out playing what trump said. And yearly left to really trying when he condemn bigotry many Republicans got to come behind do Jesus and he supremacist no we've not. We'll tip Scott is doing now again. All over the place here is Tim Scott giving our senator giving an interview. Device this is clipped one Chris. This comes on Monday were strong this comes on Tuesday starter racing become resourceful. What we want to see from our president is clarity. And moral authority that moral authority is compromised. When Tuesday happens to still question about that we should all called on the carpet I've certainly got. And what these Republicans are objecting to and it's it's a want to put in play policy you like you can't try moral equivalence between the no. You in chief and in in the neo Nazis. He did it. He didn't you'll see that term moral equivalent he did not. He condemned their violence. On both sides. That's not trying moral equivalence. Snowy day. He did not draw moral equivalence. Period and a man. And I played a clip for you yesterday from the spokesperson for the state police and Virginia before she knew. Better than to say on Saturday when it happened she she she was appalled and gas and came out and described in detail how violent both sides were. Soda cans filled with cement from the people's heads. On just the tremendous violence you've seen the pictures. And so are factually. Trump is correct. He is correct. And so what they're doing is skewing this is if you listen to the news coverage and him Foley discloses I have to step toward using it trump card you know the he drew moral equivalence between a neon not seen in any anti crowd was opposing no rest no we didn't didn't happen. It didn't happen so what they're what they are condemning. Did not happen. But couldn't keep. Rate and that they're good as you can draw more equipment what's punted saying that a they violent. Let's ask from someone from the southern poverty law center on MSNBC's Chris Matthews show. It's clip. To an ultra said was we have either both sides are equally vile animate condemning both basically is what he said. What we'll Southern Poverty Law Center say about the switch condemns southern poverty Los Angeles is clip. What are they really are no other name is anti fascist and they only go after fascism they left anybody. Site in the global economic community they don't like. Now they're strictly principled anti fascists and what they see in the trump administration and what they see happening in this country. They see they see the neo fascism that we seek. And they've taken a principled stand to stand against white supremacists and white nationalist wherever they may show up. I like to point out 75. Fine and the death Charlottesville protected peaceful protesters I don't know what president trump was talking about well who. Your solar wave and it clubs on that side. I would like there's pictures you are jockeying themselves while there was one group that was jumping and it punching. The end that they do indeed Nazi types wind I would I've seen pictures of monsoonal lot of pictures like you haven't seen people reaching and as slot slug in the political. They've they may have been part of anti fun anti bush is not a nonviolent group so let me just say that in the southern part they Lawson or certainly from. Prefer furs and promotes nonviolent protest. But I'd I do want to point out that there's no moral equivalency between white supremacists and white now I owe us an anti anti always night. Seeing. What they did there. She dissent with Thompson. I really legacy or for your vote at their front. So Johnson. Xeon not to condemn the violence the one that condemned amounts the other why is she being content. Moral equivalents. He didn't do that. See this works and just steepen again and he's deepening. I want I'm disappointed I genuinely I like Tim's got my I don't know where is coming from on this. Also be sure you check out our eclipsed. Party at their Greenville Pickens who motor's speed rating on 1063 WL or he thumb but say. Also the FaceBook page Stuart and it's in south. To get tickets to that. And it is a great deal never any you're not gonna find it is solid glass is good luck it's five dollars for kids ten dollars for parents. And I you'll pay that for solar glasses at least if you could find them anywhere we're gonna give away 15100 pairs for free here first folks through the door. Honestly be so much more than they clips it's what a great activities for kids to bounce houses. Food trucks off. You know based paint all the fun stuff. To apparently turned the clips into a part. Party. Home and oh that's a check that out too and look for some fun to do during the eclipse. Harry text flying chance to detect finally don't. Well first I didn't get a play if he's the background noise you're hearing here where it's at the begin driving. In that Spartanburg the world famous he can drive where we're gonna be all they need man's body MacKey can come on around me SP party. Had several listeners do that some posted just kind of sit here listen in line meet their breakfast which is really cool. Common in their Romney John be right to boulevard. In Spartanburg which is really really cool wanna thank you US auto sales the show this morning is driven by US autos sales to locations via safe. 1423 Asheville highway in Spartanburg and of course the Lawrence road location in Greeneville. Texture raids. Rome wasn't since got one of those who took a pay off a year ago the TPP. From the TP for the TP peeve I don't took a pale they did before. -- jury to what for the target Tuesday comments Tim is referring to see that's what's missing from all this Republican commentary. Against Chara. And you why is he drew moral equivalence since he has no moral equivalence between neo Nazis and not in chief. Home and in Trenton due turn turn did not do that he condemned the violence and bigotry on both sides. Nobody needing draw moral good was text or rates. I'm is sure to support in this morning in Tim's got I never thought he would join these clowns against her I think what trump said it was right on the spot violence. Was in both sides appeared I'm glad I have a president with a set this not scared until like it is loved the show. Keep up the awesome job this you do listen. There's an inherent danger here. In what's going on me you just heard Southern Poverty Law Center justify the violence of MT. On national television you just heard that. And what you have seen him play this coming up in the next darkest keep his column is just one minute news clip from one states from Minnesota. Where there's some folks. That veterans wanted to go to a charmed crowd that was being held inside. The capital Minnesota had tickets to as they had signs north protest and they're great to be there they were walking up the stairs to get to the rally. And mom they were kicked to the ground kicked in the head on the show to. One old man thrown down the stairs by anti fat as the police did nothing. And an it is a dangerous point in this country. When the police do nothing and the Republicans want the presidents. Not to mention the ante for violence and justified. I mean that he's about tipping point for a country that's terrifying.