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Monday, July 17th

Illegal voter registrations pulled voluntarily; Mainstream media focused on finding Trump campaign’s Russian collusion to cover up Hillary and Obama’s; Amazon effectively subsidized by USPS; Being evil is a psychological disorder


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Adding waved good morning terra OK so for the record there is absolutely no voter fraud it never happens it would be impossible. That is the record forget is right except the voter fraud dead publicly eight public interest legal foundation. Discovered in Virginia wrote that down dentistry yes I'm after they discovered it the Virginia board of elections or state collaborative to five thousands. 556. Non citizens from a voter rolls. Come on whether Russian. Debt we don't know I'll cut. But they were not American. Among was not Americans 1852. Casting a total of 7474. Illegal ballots no limit if you're not an American citizen you're not supposed to vote is that right matter elections home OK okay just make sure we have that clear but I mean it was a lot it was only 7474. Illegal ballots via an in. Now and that that was stay wide yet and the biggest number of which were cast in the 22008 election but I don't know there was no voter fraud now. OK I interprets it yourself just as a human being and your running for president which is hard not to mention I know. But then you see you're on you're your opponents go on television. I Hispanic TV. And look illegal immigrants in the eye and tell them they can vote and don't worry you're not going to be in trouble right. That would freak you out yep pretty much OK his ex that the president of the United States is talking to a Hispanic. And doing an interview on has spent in and says hey don't really illegal story linking totally you'll be okay we're not to prosecute you go ahead and vote we need you in the selection no problem. Not was had any reaction to that him. You're not supposed to go well how is are are there legal immigrants on the board. Now that's a crazy reactions that you just pretend they are right now well listen the crazy reactions 22 went crazy actions to Trump's. A voter commissioning of this they criticized trouble you say he's making these allegations he can't proof. So he goes out and attempts to investigate know what you should investigate. What are you criticized him for making allegations. Without investigating now he's investigating you're saying that's wrong and make a behind OK in reaction. To this trump voter commission asking promise voter and know information. 3400 voters have. Top officials in the Democrat national committee are worried about is dropping voter registrations in Colorado. President Trump's new election commission is encouraging Democrats across the country to remove themselves. The electoral grid for fear of revealing personal information to the GOP leadership. Well let's information that sort of public record to begin with great that any candidate or any citizen that the voting. Registered voter. In the precinct has access to Newton. Okay there. Now we're to believe that all of beastie registrations are just totally legit legal and she's Democrats who they are afraid of trump they're afraid of snooping by trump. OK the same Democrats or not afraid to. That the CIA. And the NSA has every email that they've ever since every text they've ever since. All their meta data and probably most of their phone calls. Well but they're worried. That trump will know when they voted. Ends. Where they live. I'm and what their registered as something I could find out this afternoon about my neighbor if I want it. Forced at that would only be in states where registration by party is required when re not in South Carolina and a few other states know the week you can tell which primary vote yes that's it said give you some indication of. And that you voted in already voted for although in this State's a lot of Democrats vote Republican premise they do which is highly encouraged by Republican leadership anyway so and so yes that we can have a more. Liberal state like Vermont but anyway. Yes so thereof freaking out because people are you registering. 3400 in Keller Colorado and you. EC go insane when he raced your voting more daunting enough to rolls. And of course the willing to write for the election and re register as I click on subscribe on so happy I I don't really and you still get those nasty emails. You know I think this has been hysteria about this in the in the media. And they don't tell you though on the okay so well trump still get the info ominous 34 under and I hope they can't take their names off the role as I wanna know what they did the last eight years ten years I wanna know who they work. And I wanna know if they were legally registered they voted legally Nasrallah now. Now that's what matters yelling don't tell you that now so hopefully trump is there information to that they can't just run and hide by. Because I've a feeling these numbers when he gets the mall are gonna shock us. As far is just left of pure extent of the fraud in the illegal votes Obama. I'm sure as you were referring to the data on climate change that they'll probably be some adjustments. Right adjustment I see a particularly in the states it just happened to have a Democrat attorney general. Re just happens you know. They can be interest in him. Yeah let a lot of interesting things going on Mike this. Am in now okay if this hold on junior he's with the Russian attorney thing. If what you step back and you look at what went on here this is actually really nuts and crazy. This guy OK there's a guy by the name of damage my wings and engines keep. Tennessee's name. Anyway I'm he took on the Russian government because the Russian government the all of guards they're really evil and they're like the morpheus and like a machine cheeky young for protection money. And they were shaking down businesses firfer hundreds of millions dollars illegally in Russia just literally almost the heights at a bank robbery but you don't go into the gut. And he called fell on the Russian government turned whistle blower told the whole world what was going on. So. They put him in prison and tortured him to death. And they did not give him many medical caring and well our our congress was outraged by this and so we passed a bunch of sanctions on Russia for human rights violations. Com and the Russians do not there'd they're not happy about this they're they're not in and they passed that in his name the name of this attorney rate. And so this Russian attorney. Who comes to the US the one who met with Don junior her big goal in life is to get the mag knit ski bill overturned and that was the bill that salutes a law that. Puts the sanctions on Russia rate and that's her whole purpose. In life. T stating that she's you know got Democrats on our payroll she's got fusion GPS our payroll let stand firm that came up with C. Fate dossier on trump. So she you you can get says she's facing. She started the most he's got to leave the country basically so there's only two ways that that can be overturned. And it's very very rare to get visa pro offer for someone like that attorney but somehow adrenaline is headed DOJ needs personally. To make sure she gets to stick. Just enough time to meet the times you hear. OK well there's only two ways that that legally can happen number one she's the only council for her clients she wasn't he had another council so scratch that off a list. Number still she's an asset to the FBI. She's working for the album plot thickens. Sure does doesn't it. Particularly when the Democrats are raising Cain about Donald Trump junior meeting this individual. Whom the Democrat attorney general. Loretta lynch made sure was in the country know why should take his pursuers can go to all this trouble. Well maybe you want defies a warrant to spy on trump they got one right after this man would they needed a an actual meeting with the Russians. Think. Okay now just compare okay. Friday never charm percent to just compared which would sit what was sticks in my cry you know what it's okay if they look this deeply and everything about trump in the Russian collisions analyst as we it's fine okay whatever. If dad is dad. These people have no credibility. Because when they see actual Russian collusion that turn their heads if it is Hillary. Yes and should tell you that don't really care about the integrity of our elections or the integrity of elections as the Melissa what WikiLeaks just re released. It's a Podesta email remember those that guy. From the Phishing scheme I'll let. You're either exact words this is a list of the Hillary teen campaign team's accomplishment. For the week. Dated 5212050. Quote. With the help of the research team we killed a Bloomberg article. Linking Hillary Rodham Clinton's opposition to the mag miss keep bill her opposition the Russian sanctions. To wait 500000. Dollars speech that William. So they're taking credit for killing the Bloomberg story on that. So that should should the media has it and it is absolutely full of it they don't really care about Russian collision. It shows you that they're admitting that there is a link between a man misty bill. Hillary opposing rushing sanctions the 500000 dollars bill guide. From Kremlin backed companies. To give a speech in Moscow. There is zero interest in this this morning lead by congress so far or the media. I really can't split at spell out for them any clear mark clearly. So let's Christie met Josh from junior got how does this how many sons I'm sorry from the Russians and would have zero. When they came and asked him to you know opposed to the Russians sanctions did he get any research on Hillary. Ends November nor are we know so we got nothing zero. She half a million by her own campaigns admission. To oppose Russian sanctions. Deliberately given directly to Clinton foundation and it's not a story almost right revolution almost sounds like collusion doesn't yeah. I would cap so I ask where the FBI it was in this. The common sense retirement planning text Lionel we get this. No I guess that Tampa did you vote. Tester rates. Terry it's a bad idea to give away the entire West Coast of the United States. Action we can have a pretty good debate about. Check your race cherry you know all during election all the Republicans kept saying trump as a conservative I believe I now believe they were raised not taking any refugees slash Muslim Croat killers from Australia. And again these are the refugees Australia rejected because they're too much and they security risk they've got them. On an island off Australia. Which made him very unhappy stay predominant refugee censor the fog was we really have to get here as fast as we get out the trump folks are high of withdrawn and are no longer doing and safety background. Checks on that so it appears the deal is off the Iraq in the Australian prime minister is curious I'd like Obama cut that deal in secret. He wants you know about it before the election. It's from our good news stack. A jury don't we aren't under you like some Republicans can sing tramp is no conservative I now believe they were re not taking your refugees Muslim killers from Australia is definitely not a conservative thing to do. I'm very glad trump is no conservative. Our GSX. Rays can we shipped the Osce asylum seekers to Chicago. Federated and when the text your rates I think Don junior scandal is beautiful if yes to testify in fines of committee he should say the involvement of Hillary the foundation the DNC the FBI center is set a collision with Russian that's with the Russian lawyer told him. This shows you that the Russians when it came to get rid of these sanctions with aids which they didn't like they were really reaching out double sites. And the difference is that Hillary Clinton went cool. We can imagine. For just the man just just she wanted to fight. In an email leaks from the trump. Campaign. From back during the trump campaign. It that red with the help of the research team this is a list of their accomplishments for this week at the Hillary folks are reading about. Without the research team we Killy Bloomberg story. Trying to link Hillary Rodham Clinton's opposition to the Magnus ski bill to the 500000 dollars speech that William. Can you even imagine. If you strip out Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton put in you know. Trump junior and truck. Can even imagine even the trip took half a million dollars from. Kremlin backed companies to give a speech Stoner crowd Kremlin backed donors to give a speech in Moscow yup and it went to. Clinton foundation. And I campaigns so apple links. Their own opposition to Russians two Russian. Sanctions. To the 500000 dollars beaten brags that got the media kill a story then. Do you trump would be impeached this is serious question I'm not being sarcastic do you think he'd be impeached. Even with the Republicans in charge. I disagree shot I think the impeachment bill what at least get a hearing in the committee. I knew would be absolute uproar but it was Hillary's so. I totaled taken by Don junior from the Russians zero dollars and zero opposition research to take my Hillary Rodham Clinton. From the same crowd that you know all men magnate ski mad knicks he you know bill lobby crowd 500000 dollars by their own admission. Crazy hot. Just a double standard the sticks in your craw that you think they're not really serious about anything but political process persecution. Okay see an Amazon package rate and it arrived in boy you can believe what they can ship you for free is great. Actually he doesn't it not look I I get a lot of stuff from Amazon. May not now. I mean I now. How Amazon is able to ship you that package so cheaply and capitalist Karen bass and innovation rain a wonders. Of corporate. What innovation. Competition. No. I don't know global cronyism. It's just discovered that he some service. Has turned in turn Amazon into a giant by and a charging them an average. And a dollar 46 a package on postage. So chilly. And anything special they've just gotten uncle Sam's eyes. What's. Us together for me okay this lit room permanent could you okay you base those who runs ams. Duly did. OK he price the Washington Post for 200 million dollars. You get a package from Amazon you're subsidizing truck near questionnaire. So Tebow is the Washington Post tournament and then turns around and park it's a six million dollar charge from the CR IAA. To build a private club for the CIA status. That's a nice Steelers must really is like CIA buying the Washington Post and went anyway and August while spending record breaking millions of dollars. Record breaking. Some of the biggest single issue donation stuff. To this the day here age and transgender issues wonder where this came from a certain of the clear blue a look at mr. raise us. Is over the last two years. All of this underwritten a lot of it I mean eroded donors but pays us was he was. You know record breaking donations goes to those issues to lift them up and make them part of the national debate rate. For up. Well you got is global list you know these supports global as candidates from both parties basically members of the union party she if you're ever everybody but conservatives. And now we learn how they paid basis back. It's on the chipping on that Amazon package. He makes a killing on prime subscriptions. And US Postal Service. Effectively subsidize is Amazon just according to the UK Daily Mail. An average of a dollar 46. A package on postage just under charges that. Now. Think how many local businesses Amazon is count how many small biz is a small businesses to a small businesses to sell on Amazon so they have helped in some ways. I think just the direct competition to exudes a Wal-Mart. Sure rates as is all business owner I always wonder when other businesses get government help tax breaks zoning variances I never do may not connected to the right people. Or. The left once. Not a jester race survivors small business owner I'd be hopping mad. So government subsidies allow this leftist. To crushed brick and mortar stores in a brick and mortar store I would be hopping mad and on the phone to my congressman and senators this is wrong. What do you think. I believable violence in the upstate on Friday. I here's three in the news over the weekend and you're shaking your head. You don't know where to begin. I nearly one and again a man literally I mean. It's broad daylight four point five. White horse ready Berea. Outside of ironically. Funeral on. A chase a woman down down the street cheers her dead in the parking lot. Screaming at her she screams she's fleeing from a he's still later when the officers arrive. And engaged feminine gun battle and he's dead now. Both of them right there and the funeral. Home parking lot. That's right it does Friday afternoon and on the show on Friday the shooting of the children by mom. A broken I didn't I I heard it but I you know when you know it's Friday I'm not doing that. Country do an option on Friday. As best they can with what was ever whatever is in the news. What is she seeking to. Everybody's doing what they always do. Asking the why question. Mom. Just ha just schemes 36 easily. Going through a bad break up when her husband she's got custody he wants these new partial custody in court fighting about it. They've got a four year old daughter together cheated got she'd have. Gone into kindergarten this fall. Harper. On and mom had a son by another man. Beautiful it's beautiful children. This is Pacino got nine years old code in a fourth grade just like my child. I know exactly what they're like a patties. By my child is so if semis are so excited about going to fourth grade she reminds me almost every day she's almost an adult can be in fourth grade hallway this year. With the big kids she's grown up. We know an issue same shoe size. So must be taken seriously as Google just went. She's so she so fired up to be a big kids is somebody going from third fourth grade arrow why put. Days just so excited and. He was those kids who made other students wanna come to school. That's according to principal. Carrion bird. And forced acres elementary he's going to be nice to them smile and be friendly he was the kid you wished everybody was like. He made it a point to make eye contact and smile. He go back and visit his former teachers at least once a week. Hats for me and I probably talked him several times a week in a hallway in the classroom. Anybody heard such a sweet spirit you wrap your minds of our around that birds and they can't canyon. But he says stabbed to school or just in shock. Here's words where kids. Interest in bird said that hate and never exhibited signs of a troubled home life. Was odd because in most cases you see behaviors in children that are signs of what's going on at home he was not angry. He was one of them are positive kids in the class or I prevent something like this are the principal said party a feels like a failure because you didn't see it coming. Brick city so I paid in his mom just schemes at the school but rarely spoke to her she somebody you know way bad the car line that was about the extent of Barack. Cemetery said. Schools considering their vigil or memorial haven't decided yet maybe AM meeting to help families cope with tragedy. A mom loosen it. Shot a twenty year old woman she believed her husband whom she was separated from was. In a relationship with it's not clear at this point. If that was going on somebody you worked with. Herself and her two children. Imagine first responders haven't finance. Nine year old a four year old car mom shot. It's just yet the reaction to a on FaceBook spend. A lot of people asking why. And I can't save back with a pretty good bet. Q you know I'd children who grow up to besides the pastor score high and the second Patrick scale. Begin showing examples an identifiable signs at age three that's a fact. It's clinically diagnosed. It is they call it says you're happy sec pat the better term is just evil. I beg to if you went back to her like he finds signs. I think the question is not why this want kill children are the person she sent how could she and we know she snapped. Not a question is why I'm this mob killed and you know not why she killed kids in another person. How she's able to keep from do something like this while fooling everyone around her about her true nature for as long as she did and we assume these people who do to suffer like us. I just don't. How can they are like us. And she was born stone cold legal. Show is what stone holy book. And what you think. 803471063. Tex 171307. We ask why. I could do a thing like that well you're not able. This is just won't deal with evil one name it we don't call when it is known in knowledge that walks monus. We assume everybody's like I simply do bad things must because some external border force. When something bad happens in our society some mass killings marble think what is the first thing the media to us. We got so I ask ourselves why no we don't mean to ask ourselves what our society you know what why. I intuit intuit. Our desk or solves anything. You know what LS interviews I did as a reporter and gotten hired to do and gig in talk radio in Charlotte and I wish I'd finished the story. Because it was one of the most fascinating and ever begun I had learned that the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system public school system. Head aid program to identify young psychopaths. Young psychopathic children children are supposed to be able. These where. Kids aren't there they're not bad they just become that much. Why they're program and I was pressing need visa did these kids were off ID by police sometimes by their teachers. And made a partnership of law enforcement to try to deal with that. And the idea was that they would channeled their tendencies into nondestructive white pass and it not these kids were violent. Some of them had been begun herding animals in the neighborhood things like that. Others just head the textbook and you can look up but the signs are. They've begun to quietly identified him in the school system and the tracks. And he guided interview with this is a very you know precious program that was funded did they had a name that was very non descriptive in the budgets he couldn't sell it was. They wanna advertise it but they were willing to answer my question. And they and their biggest success this kid day man they had canceled him and directed him into the military. Or he might be able to use his tendencies for good. I wasn't sure that was such a good idea. That's what they died and I never finish the story was fascinated I wanted to gotten get more of the died Hadley for another job and interview notes are still on a folder somewhere. Just makes me wonder if you went back in her life which is fine I have a funny feeling nine which you'd find if you look closely enough but. So it's maybe we wanna look too closely at his at. Imagine 347 love to hear from you on this text line 71307. How does Amazon and managed to deliver all that stuff so cheaply and so quickly. Uncle Sam. That's right UK Daily Mail recording and that. Uncle Sam the US Postal Service subsidizes Amazon and un by charging at them as much as mall on average a dollar 46 a package. I net Penn State's. That's a fair new mom and pop businesses that slap run over by Amazon. Text your rights. That's shared it that should anti trust an insider trading since that she initiating ins and interest insider trading c.s against Amazon eyeball that it will. Tech stories Democrats equal cronyism which is all you get socialism. Well. Basis is contributed equally to both parties he doesn't give the conservatives but does he gives to. The usual suspects. To currently pays off. Quite nicely text Theresa Terri is a regular customer of Amazon until a year ago when he Amazon trashed and then candidate trump trying to go elsewhere in the cost me more. Rather spend my money in Ellis disorganization. Now the text your rates. Where to camp. On her nor that went okay. On. Mom murder story. Tara my daughter I used to attend for a seekers carrion bird the principal in the whole faculty at the school wonderful people unload the students mr. Byrd may am. Makes a point to talk to many stints impersonal and person daily just to be able to connect with them my heart thoughts and prayers go out to him the staff school families involved. Then it takes direct some been murdering mom probably killed pets along the way. They're text or stare how many times has the post office need more taxpayer money. Since Amazon started maybe if they charge what they we're supposed to do and maybe the taxpayer would need to bail out post office. Now checks to raise the USPS. Is about as much federal government is the IRS or the Federal Reserve USPS makes good business decision Amazon sends out millions of packages yes they get a better rate in small business owners they should. In med tech gauge not wish mail is delivered these days UPS is Smart enough to charge. The text your rates wit to do something about these women killing their children I would bet that eventually this will be turns around and be demands well. No love that actually did happen a couple of tests later. Thank you for calling it like it isn't here anybody capable of horrific crime citywide and an innocent is in a dark place pure evil evil does exist. And it walks among this I believe that. Check your race this the second half was on her second man with kids so either that's why a man left her or she was a ho. Levered text if the Pope hard and I feel like people today cheat on people and move on to quickly. Why did the guy have a girlfriend when he was going through it aboard Madonna that she was his girlfriend. Comic was first reported that way but then it was safe sort of backed off that so I I don't know with the treatise. Maybe he had this girlfriend before the divorce and this is an act of passion. It's still. Maria people don't do these things. Even when they're down and out. Tester rates cirrus society mental health professionals have to come to grips with the fact that the people are just not wired raid. And hit it it hit the ground as say compressed and socio press I socio Petronas nephew who is also a club to maniac. He views people and animals is objects they are for his use and abuse. He's been arrested jailed numerous times and gets away with more Stephanie gets caught four. Punishment is nothing to courtesy anti social behavior he spend this way since he was three years old he is a danger to society let freed around. Real disaster is in the offing with this one. Now the people of intent. I that they had any charms them. And I'm I'm fasting who says he passed a second fastest. In three plate places they find them the most. Prisons a 10% the prison costs population the second that the key thing to be higher but it's not. Number two. Legal profession number three politics. So basically everybody covered the last fifteen years as bad brand to a lot of them. And number forty you know they find reasonably mind. Church hierarchies. That. To get the leadership positions in church it's so they can hide out the next simply mullet stuff. Let's say they do. Leadership positions in churches trying to say the past there have been on one in your church and as she got