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Monday, July 17th

Congress dragging their feet as a way to oppose Trump agenda; Liberal hypocrites call for gun control from behind their armed bodyguards; Housing market not as healthy as indicators indicate


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You play good morning terra OK so. The entire health care bill. Ocean and again I issued year old he's got to get what I meant serious is on hold and soul McCain. Has his surgery that is so ironic that the healthcare bill. Is on hold because the senators and hospital. App. Who's on them. It just amazing so apparently he's gonna vote for it. I guess so on Nancy would you decay they show they should be back in like you know we can have two weeks which is an eternity in congressional time since they barely work yes. Yeah last week you weren't here but dat Chris. Pulled out the calculator we're talking and this one segment right and calculated this is as of Thursday that they had approximately 31 days left in the fiscal year where they were gonna work. The average American has 57. You are fighting a five days a week the standard right right so. Lilly 31 days they've they're gonna go and they're not gonna go blow two weeks waiting for McCain to get back. Surely grab it pretty far on tax you know tax cuts that time could Nate Newton. Well think no I don't know Campillo can only do one thing at a time so they're going to sit back put feet up on the desk. And waste more time. Now my house is gonna be in session. Yeah. Well there is that I mean there's there's there's the very important. Debate in a house over the armed changes to the house dress code so I'm sure that that will consume them there's a dress code now yet house debating whether women. Should be allowed to Wear sleeves no sleeves. A critical issue to the future of our nation want any is that even a question I don't know I think sleeves or the that that's that's certainly up to the wearer. Well Paul Ryan sesno so we're gonna add they're gonna debate dad it's very important understand. Yes opera no time for tax reform then. These I have to well just becomes this just this is it time wasting exercise that's only there wasting their doing it deliberately yeah. Meanwhile. The what shouldn't sit explains Washington dysfunction. Delivered last week to us by senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania Erica and it's Republicans or how did such trouble with health care. These different any town hall during the July 4 recess just now coming. And ask you did did you run around playing into these young promising to repeal obamacare so hard about this. He said won't post I expect Donald Trump to win most of my colleagues didn't so expect to be in the situation. Amazing the truth comes out servers we expect actually to do this up we promise you. I mean it's. By the way those of you who are in a panic Vieques contest is caught you off guard. The word is boat BO AT boasts menus texted to 72881. You have till 715 on dot to do that when a thousand bucks. How we beat by the Mac. My that's actually not a goal contests but. Personal for me. Be laid cheek is that I don't know he's Bobby Mack listeners wouldn't you know enemy we gotta we gotta show some respect here in the morning yes yeah I was very precious and show pride RE PO 972881. Used this text that word and we will like. Give you a thousand dollars if you win it's crazy. Anchors away anchors away carried some meantime. Liberal feminists. Protesting the NRA there are marches down to see this now yet thousands of them sort of they're not happy with the generated think it's some sort of sexist organization. Maybe you just told them when you can buy guns have yes. And women's can shoot women can shoot guns and women can own guns and women can get CWP's so. There is no equalizer between men and women like a guy known there's not physically speaking given that Tiananmen have twice the upper body strength women do. Now are good ways to equalize that. I sort of a lot of time to gin and I mean a lot or a lot of time of the firing range. Or lunchtime at the where maybe testosterone I don't know if you want to go that Elena please note we don't judge hears this every OK so anyway. I'm so these women led by Amylin dissing ensor. Who think surreal I would be great for America them. This is what feminists believe now I guess. Lleyton Linda C ensor. The Muslim activist and other feminist activists marching on Washington thousand Saddam. Against the NRA rate you can make this up now do you know. Who they had with them while marching. Can imagine okay. The idea slow enough for the march was some real men don't need guns. Which was ironic because they had hired security guards with guns protecting the leaders of the march. Maybe they weren't real man. I look pretty real me and I don't know but we did go over real that we know. So an anti gun protest. Was guarded by a real men with the guns yes OK now art moon. They think workers. Range missing each hypocrisy entirely. Anyway Twitter exploded or this. Let's just agitators like Linda since sore and sharing and watch this you know what's leaves a lot of these marches against the NRA. She's so I employed by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg. And he pays watch millions to organize a listen march against the and Aaron elect. She doesn't go anywhere apparently in terms of these marches in public appearances without his. Arm and a security detail hmm I. So beaten Michael Bloomberg armed with guns security deep channel. Marched along with the women anti NRA marchers who want your guy. Yeah in order to protect him yes what's good for you is not the same thing for me right. What she does this mean. Everybody's gonna do star dimming that they mean you not that. They'd they mean you are not that. Is entirely if you're if you're listening and what I just said makes sense to a feminist anti entering mergers were protected by men with guns if that Senseo. You might be a liberal and if you think just to sign if she's trying to figure it all out there are few signs you might be. A liberal. Sorry 80347. What does history text line 71307. On more news that I you aegis can't make up did you see this there spend an actual bona fide verified. We talked about this when you were here about a week ago put some this is now banned Peary viewed. Study of the data up the temperature data the globe are global average surface temperature data produced by NASA the and NOAA. And Hadley. And Gina what they found. That this this was reviewed by scientists and researchers from the US am EPA. MIT. And several America's leading universities okay see these are real re. Searchers this is not some climate change group. Has now what is to statisticians took all of the data sets rape and yet this was to be Justin gray when they collecting of these sensors all over the place and all over the Internet temperatures are taken as we always take. Measurements and then adjust them break as we it was just them fight and what they found was the adjustments in the temperatures have only to adjust that up never down that you would think statistically sometimes they be just an upper down right. And that beat. Total. Bomb increase. In a world temperatures that's closely demonstrates there's climate change and global warming. 100% is due to the airport adjustments according to these professors who are statisticians could outlets have been peer reviewed. That seems so I was just published assigned to which are appearing you by the EPA MIT. And Darius is salon listed in bore you with the list administrators and scientists researchers. Uninsured run professors from several leading American universities to say no doubt is complete bunk. Too easy guide yeah news today you know now values and I read about it in zero hedge daily carver park. So there's been a real challenge to this data that you would think he's climate scientists are gonna step up and defend rape did you. Here. Governor Jerry Brown of California about his Cap and Trade System. Know what he's saying he is absolutely unhinged. He's he's doing the typical liberal thing if you don't if you guys don't pass this children to go to die like reporters go to burn up. And he just was. Knots. Give me. Absolutely not summing be governor moon beam as I definitely shining once again. On the whole climate change cap and trade thing for California. It's amazing well. And in the time. Or rats think it when not busy putting together the very important dress code for the house while not passing tax cuts them. Managed to slip on this stage managed to slip a thing in to a defense bill declaring that global warming climate change is a threat. To national security. Basically a slap across sounds from space. This is the Republicans in congress that passes them. Her image right you republic use our Redding congress. And it's hard to believe I'd given what's coming out of congress. Are coming out on the show will get into some from the good new stack and much more next. Ari. If things. Feel like yeah we still are good act economic news and you see with the stock market Stein. Since trump has been in office. Mussina. But how are things really. We give an example. We just are heard from the Greenville news so it might be true. The good news and this goodness that's. Home prices in the upstate every turns. To where they were when the market was at its high before the crash to real estate crash test is really good right. And dig deeper into the data. I've been been a real estate. And just interest didn't for a long time you can dig deeper into the data you find a well it's average actually an average some areas in Greenville are way up over where. They weren't that tied the mark contemporaries haven't recovered so it's just kind of an average but. Where sit there right at an average of where values where they were before the crash right. I haven't gone out but that's good right. Well when and how we get there. If this doesn't give you some idea of how we got there. She actually your twenty cent rate. And this is just go to show you how much if not what's going on with our economies fake. Is is totally fake. Zillow just put this turnout is staggering go to 2010 greens. Those were for selling twenty. And Greeneville. I go back to January. Torn tech. Let's go reckless finds July 20 on the market Greenville your your choice of of homes this is a Greenville area it's that the market can't stay market. 9561. Hopes he could choose homes condos all. But I do want to trailer slant all of which is 9561. Right toward intact. So you go to. Today. What does it say. Roughly 3700. Re the market shrunk. The number of forced sale homes shrunk by about two thirds. Who. Two thirds. And three thousands today on average on the putting on a month in the 9000 seem torn tent. So there are less homes for sale and you've read about is the home prices due to put the economies recover in Barry's he's interest rates. When how many homes are on the market today compared to back and multi there's less. Well. So that's why there's doing well what are people's on their hopes. While homes that used to sell and what we used to do America's key difference you probably did this or give to personally did you personal right east did and your twenties maybe I hide twice. And it is some hundred something thousand dollar how many 170 hurting someone raped an average. And then you'd still manage about and you move up and so you move out of the starter home and you salad menu even suing B and 220000 dollar Humpty 25 something like that be about the the efforts. We have upward mobility right. There's no up or my ability in the sniper. People. Are not buying the 16870000. Dollar how many more than renting it. And the landlords don't and that's why these homes are going back on the market. Because people aren't buying them anymore either renting. They're renting into their thirties. And then by. Angelina does she get yours yourself a great market like Greenville. Where we're really nice compared to the rest of the country were really healthy. Really that healthy. So if we wanna have even have to homes in the market for cell that we used him. Prices would then be below. Where they work in twenty tech to a beautiful country. For his wishes take April over April it a whole country back in 20102. Point one million homes. For sale. Two point one million homes for self. April 2010. What is it in April 20171. Point three. People are selling. Why aren't they some. While a lot of folks. Colonials in particular can't afford there're enough low income Haniyeh lower income lower priced homes for them and so they're having your rent. Their wages aren't what they used to be eight. And it can afford to help so their rent. Folks are trapped in these negative equity areas. Which haven't caught up they can't sell because they literally have to bring 4550000. Dollars to close. They're stock that's measurable. There's totaling slowdown. At a lower price points. So new housing falls off a cliff after the housing demand have to housing collapse. So drugs from almost two really completed homes in 20660002011. And has recovered. As you look all of this you're going and plus a Lotta peoples are selling because they're locked in they've got a great mortgage rates are normally they might be a little more upwardly mobile but they they they can't. I OC mortgage rates doesn't go up and just wanna stay where they arson that's neither here nor there. Probably means mortgage ration we don't have too much. Is this is not healthy this of these images that looked like a healthy economy and 9000 some home homes for sale in Greenville market. In 2010 vs 3000 something today. Look like healthy market to me at all. It was even more interesting I pull a lease for cellphones. Just as long stories duke Tom has been on I she's never seen before. A lot I would say over 50% of people selling their homes in this market they're not upwardly mobile people their elderly people. Their age 61 to 81. And so you look at adding your guys your needs more than likely these are people you have sold odd they've you know they've. There then their homes there either downsizing or they're just elderly they're they're sick they need money to nursing home they died it. Ion is in these are not people now over it's over half the parties are not people the owner is old. These are people rather I'm upwardly mobile on all recovered on any recovery and things rates not that. They're just they're cashing out for one reason or another. In other words this is not the upward momentum of a healthy economy. This is something else. Entirely anyway the numbers are shocking nor Osama had a did double take and started emailing other people who will stay in seemed have you seen this. So this whole story to smiley face story where that bring illness goes to Bank of America and Bank of America's shores is that it's awesome yes it is to recover. No it did recover all that happened was supplied properties arts in this market the Penn says it's different supermarkets. By half across the country. And so says there's more buyers now then their our sellers. Prices is are up but don't let that fool you this is not. A healthy economy. Text your race about our not so healthy economy insurance headed towards ten was probably the worst year in a recession. Most those 9000 are probably focal foreclosures she should be comparing to 2008. Never takes your right Simon coming from and I see people downsizing selling a weekly. Tender about houses yet. Sure it's blue Mac most of sabotage you on the cash to fund says this morning eyesight my suspicions. What is Bobby Mack up to this morning by the way. Something fierce competition going on here lines to see who. In Paris the winner for the day from their shelves so are more facts fitted they're quite good so we're gonna knock them out. And now it's time score. And fans random acts more squeegee hasn't read you learn. Is trademark by Hasbro. Random facts numbers do which it just amazes with inflation. The value of the dollar is almost exactly half what it was in 1989. In other words it takes 200 hours today to pilot cost a hundred dollars tickets and buying back that keeps. Rim trying to retreat Cheryl only niece is the only player in NFL history who scored a touchdown it's all 32 teams in fact he scored at least two touchdowns. Against all of them during his career as a wide receiver there's five different teams. Rim pregnant before the first five home products they use electricity or the sewing machine and the fans. The tea kettle the toaster. And then. He is old time. I don't. You know what I mean yet Hampton's Beckman who know. Other brands and thank him for five it's illegal in France to name a pig. Paulina. This has been today's edition. Mainly the. Our age. Lest you doubt me. Having trouble getting the votes to pass the healthcare bill because she stinks. And rugs. It's awful. Original Wall Street Journal piece. About how it's literally times. So that beat 20%. On average premium increases premium is the McKinnell said Phil price you pay for your health care plan basically. Which just weeks. A before the mid term elections. Even mine rat Fink. Wrote that part. I speaker of the house. How bad it. Is it. Well they're going to put on hold and just sit around with their feet on desks on and wait for John McCain to get out of the hospital from his surgery for about two weeks. So are going to you guys been as I'm working on the tax cut that we also desperately need rates every Friday economy. Repatriate billions of dollars according to the CBO. American companies coming back bringing jobs with them really can just use the time for a while we wait for John McCain to get out of surgery right. Now. No they can walk and chew gum so everybody is just going to sit back and wait. As time ticks. It's because the point I think that Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell are trying to run out the clock and that's where they're doing this first. And that's why they persisted even though they have no votes to do it but when McCain returns they still won't have the votes. So this just a massive time wasting exercise. The goal courses I've been telling of getting 22018 elections and losing your house to the Democrats they don't have to make these difficult decisions anymore. Red Sox over the weekend he's a senator. You only when telling the truth about this horrific bill. Rim Lester we can hey why they get the votes for the Smith is so amazing and wonderful mark when anybody could name on. He was later asked whether he would keep already keep obamacare than past the current GOP health care legislation. Prince says he think pop says that he thinks the current system is terrible. Isn't this exactly what I can tell you. The death spiral of obamacare. That's where insurers fleet the market. In Ohio alone 22000 people have no obamacare health care provider they are by Laurie card to buy it but they can't because as a provider. And going outside these changes is legal today just don't have health care provider. This spiral. Of obamacare is unwinding the whole system and it will continue to one and he said but I don't think Republicans should put their name on his key part of Obama kicked. I. That's what I've been telling you. All this is is a bill to change the name from obamacare to trap care. Before the election. And to keep it solvents. For an additional year. So that as we're going into the mid term elections the announcements are going out about the insurers fleeing and the collapse of the system that will have been cries by. With Democrats originally put motion but all this does is change the name from Obama cared trauma care in churn will lose at least one house. And you know when the Democrats lost control congress it was after obamacare. And people cannot droves and when not to make voting a mountain and they never have gotten the control back like that. Well I'm Tony this is what the Republicans are trying to put together. Bring in Paul then says we're you heard this for I do sameness. I figured this out months ago. And then we're going to be blamed Rand Paul said. For the rest of Leo wise and unwinding of obamacare it's a really bad political strategy is not to fix the problem and this is like no one will vote for this because they can't run on eight. They will lose. It's political suicide. And so predicts. For this we are waiting to aches for McCain's surgery to take. So we can come back and vote on a bill they still even with his votes won't have. The most the past. Does that make any sense to you now it doesn't unless you understand and goal and that is to lose a house of congress. Preferably US house. Then Democrats can spend most of their time trying to get together the votes for impeachment. I may get permits stretch they mean Republican votes to get to two thirds but then Womack. Miss an all time having hearings in talking about impeachment treason in every other thing and it it will all be a gunman the the works to a halt and the GOP's donors will be throughout. Paul Ryan will walk out millions dollars richer he's already got the speakership on his resume to secure. Let's you multi million dollar payoffs and everyone will be happy but the taxpayers. This is what's. They're attempting to do there's about a cover this much. Has this amazing stories not changed. Is not chains tester race SP revelation Monday first economies they can second wait for a two Republicans want to lose no way. Yeah way to only human make sense. Coming up. An 80 finally the so. It all makes sense now behold Don junior meaning meet Russian woman need FBI Loretta lynch the visas all of it. I can put it all put it altogether for you in about three minutes this whole thing is gonna make so much sense coming up. Great try to hit the good news stack is we only good news rate. Yeah we'll listen and talk radio even frustrated for a long time. White radicals in Washington just do with the American people want. Getting an eerie thing can they do illegal thing. Every once awhile. A rare while overseeing this trump presidency we do get to win there is good news. Rick is because you're not likely to hear about most of this. Any other way since the Don junior thing is what's dominating the news still although I don't know why. Three awesome headlines remember this. Obama cut a deal with Australia. That having these. Muslim immigrants show up. And some are so violence and so dangerous. That they well they have certainly taken. Refugees in the immigrants who got enormously by boat. These doors to the worst and they were like the way we do we we can't we can't take them to a hundred was up about some free refugees. Well you vetted Newman they were. National security threat they were bad folks they were criminals to jail and in your. Don't care. 1250. Asylum seekers. I don't jams they in protest of not being let onto the Australian mainland they worry getting three squares and in bad for free but that was a good. They wanted to access the welfare benefits in the great lifestyle and Australia offers if you are a refugee. And when that happens fast enough they burnt their brand new asylum center to grow out. Your delisting LeMieux gonna love them. Actually not going to. Obama hatched a secret deal. Put a security clearance on it's remember this. To take some knowing how underage GP a than what you find out in the election. What kind of people really run the country. So I am the Australian prime minister was so I'm very miffed because he expected tried to step up and take up has Obama had cut a deal. Headlined US officials withdraw from Australian refugee resettlement relocation scheme. They are on interviewing migrants in an attempt to background and what they found. But they packed up on the bags and fled they're gone. And the whole thing is ground to a halt. CAT forget what this country would be like today without trumping elected. And it would be very different headlines this is causing outrage at the Associated Press you know it's good immigrants. To let me rewrite headline cricket. Illegal immigrants now facing criminal charges for first offenses. There with the bombing had a commit a felony and be convicted up or you need to state. Not anymore. Mike Ritz car crossing the border illegally for the first time are now facing criminal charges in federal court in Arizona. So like oh yeah did do is violate immigration law onetime. Annie get deported after being charged. AP Campbell into this is not this is not Obama is the Wii is not for an always pursue. Judge in Hawaii to stop that's. Now we will give California and Hawaii tomato in a package deal. Which would you Sinai I would sign that the to have them. It because if if there was an effort to Sweden by throwing in Oregon they can't Morgan too if they wanted to intake Washington State lawyer and I died to have them use them. Was some elaborate proms actually. I'd need good years tri stack. Things that would not have happened trump was not elected. President tried to Hillary is outraged. At war with the State Department. This is good because it's infiltrated with Communist. It isn't efforts which includes a proposed bush a cut and nearly 30% a hiring freeze. I potential reshuffling of offices within the State Department have left scores of positions unfilled. The demoralized staff. Says. These demoralized staff there remains. Some trick these people less happy so they'll leave. Has GOP presidents have also sought to cut the State Department downsized. And even current employees of acknowledged bureaucratic problems at foggy bottom. Home but so former officials describe trying to separate is something they've seen before a war swords on the State Department. That if carried out would leave it hobbling. Some. And that's just the beginning of the good news tribe sack today.