The Tara Show - 6-19-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Monday, June 19th

Conviction of woman who convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide changes the rules of free speech; Muslims finally mad about terrorism after they become the victims; Left gets a taste of their own medicine as Trump assassination play is interrupted by protesters; Uniparty's twisted machinations to destroy Trump aimed at making Paul Ryan president


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Get a simply getting as a manager Ed tar climbers on aim of these suicide text in case. Michelle Carter convicted of involuntary manslaughter Ford texting her boyfriend who was miles away. And encouraging him to treat you know commit suicide which he ultimately did Scott from Greeneville. I pared morning morning. I I wonder what Teresa to a quick I'll watch the news and I'm not sure when we come back or not the and yeah I know you do it on unconscionable plus. A what is clear is. He let the car and she had an opportunity. To seek help. Bomb like he'd like he turned away from the suicide and arm and then came back this initiated or like a bump when he left his car. Yeah he did you all and he told me was afraid he couldn't go through they'd. As he began to succumbed to carbon monoxide he stepped out of the car and she on text we're told them to get back and. What I I don't know how clear them you know an a plus but the good news or clear law have idol yeah I don't know. You know I guess you know it's frustrating and they'll actually what people on the can't about it but. You know or could go either way as we would see you but I just don't. No help clear them go long dark she falls under that are not. The man she sure you know wow screamed back yes it's pretty fast it's it's pretty durable. Yeah but you know I I just don't know. You know. I use you know act I don't know are the fact that you walked away. If you had that opportunity we will get out in the wee Ellis suicide in progress arm if she had that kind just I don't know that just makes it. Colder and worse and evil. Our order. Crimped you know criminal and is not a lawyer but Sharyl looks bad. What she should use that Hillary Clinton friends. Jimmie to. Now they would said well but women you have like hundreds of text goading him into suicide. Those no I didn't know that was against the law nor did I mean to send knows. My network for Hillary. Rethink link him that's. Yeah good luck was using that because you're only works if you're Clinton yet mr. nevermind and you know the sodium when he was not running for offices are Democrats so. My issue is that. I Sandra from Malden the morning. Good morning. I'm I want you to exit. Read so much mind control. Well country and everything you talk unless you know including the tightening economic chemist that. We don't know connection acceptable to watch. And there. Electronic device that. And that trigger if she could just trying and she he would intellectual on the ice which could potentially pay down the opposition chanting de que. Are her words what that triggered the only way they didn't want her words to trigger the head yeah. Did the thing we don't know commit. What you're predictable they didn't understood how wounded. They are and it went sure I don't. The key no and they're not their captain used that my daughter watched. The government shattered. Chief we're spending trying to articulate for a government intervention. Well we can't get a vacation that's how that's Q and people in the early inspection. And if there was an episode of how people or mind control didn't sound like he's the trigger. Porn bad Ed electronic device but I'm up or whatever and that. Truly. This is sit there aren't put on so weeds I just wanna know an and I would love I love that series of original French movie with subtitles is even better on the Nikita it's awesome but anyway. That was what do you think you think she should have been convicted of manslaughter on involuntary manslaughter for this enough. I think that she played the part I don't know. Inside of the I don't know enough about the law that should definitely play the arch. And it okay. Well I'm like yeah what's interesting which she just said movements into December words or trigger known were all of a whole what women. Who tells us that all the time trigger. Words or trigger when we might be triggered. I think theme of this very language over the weekend thank you Sandra and electrical trigger. Signatures that language to jealousy it was speed safe spaces. Your words triggered me I couldn't help myself I had to be born. Now I don't army stays safe space for a protected from hearing things that trigger me. Might have to be violent now. Words trigger wow okay well we just solidified that would discourse here rowing to me words trigger pretty much. Now feels sorry for her she got what she had come into or she probably has worse come into honestly now and comically by hand. I words trigger. But these are the push several aside I'm not trying to get this woman Al no meaning it'll probably be but I'm just not sure this is the right way of doing it but. Something needs to be done I just honestly have so we wanna stems the president awards turned things. You know that's the case boy this could really. Have some serious legal ramifications on free speech and and political speech soup and a slight. Yeah I mean how for you wanna take this as the question now. Do you see this. Terror attack how quickly they were able to figure this is a terror attacks kill this is certainly this I don't know we're so we can never know them. We're not know some guy who was not Muslim. Most democratic sitting around and on prayers the London mosque. Early this morning on any weaponized man. Yes weaponized and captured on video blowing a kiss and bystanders Izzy hold as he's hauled off to the hospital for mental health evaluation. I Britain discuss terrorist that's they are we idealist has. Politically doing this and he ought to be tried in Clinton's feminist I mean there's no question. But I just thought it was so interesting to hear some of the Muslims on the streets of London complaining that this wasn't being quickly identified as a terrorist attack and quite honestly of prime minister Teresa made this morning said the police were on the scene within one minute of this sentiment and within eight minutes were calling it a terrorist attack. Yet we have Muslims on the street and we have I have aired the audio from Fox News what they were interviewing these people. Complaining that it was me refer to as a terrorist attack when in fact it wants. So there's no you know what hypocrisy going on here. And you always good to curious thing to seek as we never seen this except on CNN when they faking it. Mom will not always attacks in the UK. And you saw you saw coverages today I'm watching on Fox News and there's a whole big crowds of Muslims. And they are pissed you can see in the finals and they are mad at they been attacked understandably yes absolutely so we we know only what the deal would feel this way out. And well. Yen never seen that when it's Muslims doing the attack you never see it do yet and it went to see. You finally. To CB anger over cheer intact grab some Muslims on the street really really mad. I was good to see it as we know it looks like on except for CNN. Remember they put their shaky thing together where they told the Muslims were to say and what their cards right staged approach they totally staged it in the they were films staging a protest him. Yelling that and then they want about people saying their fake news right well where is that. Way Muslim. Goes until some innocent people where's that because I've never seen it so it was refreshing to see it for change and see actual anger. And to be able to find a crowd of Muslims is to come on microphone in front of who were outraged. Now as you associate an an an it was stark it was start to finally see it but it looks like is we don't know. There was no point. By the way on their big anti terror march in nine Germany over the weekend to see this is now I'm getting it all blocked off this round they work. Expecting tens of thousands of Muslims had street traders say highly promoted it prime. Less than a thousand China from camp. All the sporting turnout yeah a little disappointing turnout and all it would take was a big turnout for people to begin to believe that this was a civilization war and they were on our side that they don't do that Muster attacked and that's what hurts them. Now mysteries around angering them to them and maybe they're angry but we sure don't see it. I don't see it I did this morning. Asserted. Ice show. Using the tactics of blood did you see this. Beyond trump assassination fantasy play them in New York right right yeah a woman and a guy too conservative activists. Screaming run unsafe screaming stop liberal viral violence I girl's would be proud you're not to crowd. So so the left is getting a taste of its own medicine now they don't like that now on the I don't so we got to watch as a liberal mob. A brutal woman. Asking for a stop to violence. As she was carried away forcefully by white men also they want violence yet they know what yes sometimes we can't assume that I mean that's that's how the assumption is made. On the other side so why we have to assume that they end. They want violence and they want violence against conservatives and Republican congressman well now we know dad because I is. Non. She has told women please her she was she is there another guy he got hallway about please the cameraman that they brought with them who is with them terminal thing out. He was dragged away by the crowd. Asserted kicking and punching a beat him that would be assault and battery while Malin liberals do it all that's right I and so I get the police had to have rescue him. I'll so. Boy there's just so much hypocrisy don't count that whole story I know I don't I don't Hillary got him right away on. I love that she and stop liberal violence intervals will be proud her Nazi crowd. Gary time for another edition now follow but it true run tweets. She and now another day of total toll tantalizing trumped sweethearts this team between searching on the Tera show America can. A Twitter presidency of George shut down 1063. WORD. I'm really not a bad person who. Right please just catching up. From Friday. I quite a trip between storms it's it was my favorite line. Patty what about how Rosen steam. From the Justice Department authored the memo encouraging trump to fire James coming in terms takes his advice and turns around. And announces the creation. Of a special counsel to investigate trump for firing him. Ned that's the big. Gary senate this after seven months of investigation and committee hearings about my collision with the Russian isn't nobody's been able to show any proof sad. Translate the fake news media hates what he's when I used was turn out to be my very powerful social media over a hundred million people I can go around them. Trump tweet despite phony witch hunts going on in ware county egg in the economic and jobs numbers are great regulations weighed down jobs enthusiasm way up. Trump tweet I am being investigated for firing the FBI director by the man who told me to fire the FBI director which it. That's resisting. Through yet enacted in shock how much defied the president fire you fired editor MPL a actors who wrote a memo encouraging him to. And Raymond no legally justifying ethically justified in doing step. My gosh she followed by ice he must be obstructing justice I think I will appoint a special. Council. Drug trade back from Miami where my Cuban American friends are very happy of what I signed today in at a campaign promise that I did not forget. Trump sweet. Thoughts and prayers with sailors of the USS FitzGerald their families thank you to our Japanese allies for their assistance. Trump suite to make America great again agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the witch hunt many new jobs tied business enthusiasm. Try and sweep and you reminisce a full one of the most accurate twice sixteen election just out with a trump to 2% approval rating that's higher than Obama's at this point. Massive regulation cuts 36 new legislative bills signed Grady south care and in great news he's the Supreme Court justice. And infrastructure health care and tax cuts in the works. Trump sweep. Camp David is a very special place and honored to have spent the weekend their military runs it so well and so proud of what they do. And finally try to tweak the dams want to stop tax cuts good health care and border security they're obamacare is dead with a kind of percent increase it in a premiums vote now for Karen H and she's he's course talking about the Florida and he's he's EVD Georgia election. That will be held tomorrow 80347. When a 636 point 71307. Let's go to the text line. Text your rates. We weren't the stand. Terry isn't surreal and the Democrats are jumping up and downed. Over Republicans doing health care behind closed doors when Nate physically locks the doors on the other side when they did. It's okay if they replete repeatedly slap you but if you hit them one time they crank complain. Well with a complaint compliant media it'll never change. A text your race it's terrible Muslims now speak out against the terrorists or continue to keep their heads in the same. Time so. Texture race what difference between how does grow manipulating her boyfriend kill himself out of plays be heading the president ballpark shooter and setter or manipulating minds of low information voters. See that's the problem. It's where you can go with this. Edit text your rights. I'm very surprised talking about the texting girlfriend that she was convicted under current law and I doubt going to be upheld on appeal she's utterly evil but it was a crime. But was it a crime as the law is written while Bloch has not been used this way before in Massachusetts. Think anywhere else either but I can't say for sure not a legal expert. Text your rates. Terry you've got to be kidding if you are a big enough I can't read that word dumb blank to kill yourself because someone takes you and told you to. Then it's just darwinism at work sari to guide died but it's on him. That gesture racing very diets free speech snowflakes thought police so says Robin Taylor's. Another sex tech stories I still think ice no they prove behind beyond a reasonable doubt that she is the one who sent the text did someone actually see your son is text. I just because Ted came from her her phone does not mean does that does she sent actually does because Sharon of the series and text to a friend. Confessing that she was the one who sent them and feeling really bad because she said she believed that he was the reason she was the reason he killed himself. Never good to do. If you just committed a crime. Tester race some of had friends that would continually threatens suicide its some weary point you almost want to say just do it already you know once but murder. What was your motive. And that. That is sure raised here it's good thing that was my child was pressured to kill himself this young ladies what he'd be alive I am not afraid to prison. Where involves my child prison is too good for her words do matter. And the section race she's a royal being this is the best example of of bullying. By kids he clearly was a weak individual modest rate stayed a mining yes she should have been charged as an accessory to his death. Failure to act by by not calling 911 while he was eighteen so technically not a child's. Magistrate to break up. And you get a threat that he she is gonna kill themselves go on record. By texting not to do it common 11 in the black his or her number pathetic the direction of our society and is that enough to protect yourself. That a text your rates your I was in a situation. Many moons ago a difference is she had egged him on I know my ex was full of credit. And trying to lay a guilt trip on me no he did not do anything to himself. No we don't do anything to himself in my case. It takes your race for years the judiciary has been making new lies just by setting precedent when their job should be just to enforce the existing laws and not try to shape matters by injecting their opinions. There's a restoration should be charged so once told told you jump off a bridge would you do where my mom's and that's me. How my gosh another takes a raise if I tell someone to go F themselves would be charged with rape. Oh boy. Tester race. Age Sarah. I show you how to get live TV for ten bucks a month. Coming Miette AT&T on Woodruff wrote a huge fan and I was a legal. Another sixer rates he had committed suicide is a brain it's cowardly choosing to live when he wants to die is brave. Well that's for limited. Which should be prosecuted for that. That is sure race she was found guilty because she was not letting anyone know that he was actually trying to kill himself not because Jason told an issue so if found guilty for talented. That's dead and guided it was what she said me judge laid out. Text your rates I don't think being unethical is a crime to girls a dirt bag but not necessarily criminal. And other text your rates. And we can't. The world terra the world needs the socially awkward at where else what they did. The police and politicians come from police socially awkward. Politicians I've found to be very socially awkward when he gets to know the most of them are weirdos enemy to be mean but they are necessary all but many of them. Jester race but they are not considering is that if something happens to trumped this country will go into a civil. War. And other stories are you intentionally misleading people of Mike Pence becomes president Paul Ryan doesn't automatically become VP as president pension would appoint so yes when he ran. Other if pence gets knocked out by this Russian probe being starting hired in an outside attorney. I guess to the president's. Next in line succession all right. Can't strip till the next election and that from people couldn't elect whoever they want. Pearson's settled science Korea laid all right. Because of course is settled our shores of course science and asked to be asked to be settled and we can't ever be changed I can be changed. A by the way. Alleged attack took an early but yeah I'm gonna dump that out now okay yeah coconut oil was was to be the hippest hottest most healthy thing down yet exit design now. Yeah as bad for you to say now is butter now which is a must be good for you down because they matters Winfrey yeah exactly. I don't use any kind of oil on my house that does not return to a solid home without chemical assistance that you know if it will return to a Soledad so room temperature in cash and has is nobody does right. On knowing the viewers can change states without helmets expect as nature intended to noticing them. So coconut oil freaks me out as much as any other plan based oil from pumped in you're good look at the chemical process for making plant based oils that includes all boil. It involves a lot of chemicals. I told us that together look at what they find when they tested its nasty stuff I wouldn't cut it. I wouldn't cut clinic. And we use animal fat stuff. But anyway now where don't I yeah and I am I mean it's it's healthy for you it's it's what nature intended I'm down for the large you should be done to learn it's Hollywood. I tell you right. It OK so anyway sciences confirmed that women's intuition is a real thing. OK see you cannot question it of course not no. Women are better at reading people's a subtle emanating is because women are battling a better reading people settle emotional cues than men aren't I agree with that no question. Ehrlich has settled science ha. Yes at least is run your house rate is absolutely yes so researchers around the world showed 90000 participants photographs of people's eyes and they asked people what emotions they were filling the photo was taken. And they asked you know people against their movement that we was winning consistently outperformed men got the correct answer. And they say their Erica women are better at reading in nations. And that could be where they get what we think is intuition but he's just better way to do it appears better when they're just better at reading. What's going on just to see the eyes so if you turn away. The main thing he does have had managed to get to Paris go way I don't know I don't know I don't know settles I feel tell us so. Ari I can't figure this out I IE in I am really confused as to what's going on here okay. Anyway the whole thing out and okay. Now source are coming out last week from brake part that it's. Trumps this drug administration Washington trump himself was had its head size secretly quietly begun. A re begun the Obama catch and release a kind of illegal immigrants and armoire that while many not while many were being in prisons. Unlike under Obama. Many were also being released. And that they had resumed in the Obama catch and release at the same time. We're about this is you know got out and where they were starting to see the numbers tick up again at the border. So that daybreak part is reporting that mainstream media has been totally silent on that rates are using him hours from doing. Then we learn about this. There is the there's a Border Patrol union she'd border trillion chief may be fired. And that's because he turned whistle blower and went to to break part. Blasting. Including high Arabs deliberately telling the Border Patrol to leave parts the border open. Basically break the law where. On this is not top secret classified information by any stretch so he's totally within its means to go whistle blower on. I toll women's rights to do it bomb and at that he's now facing termination for funding problem folks who are colorless from Obama and what do him. AD HS you know pro amnesty she could trump actually reappoint. And so wet that this particular story the cartels. Use a particular section of the north's border. Our border with Canada right to run their drugs from Mexico across the US open to Canada. And at the high level managers was on the border totally open how big in the Mexican drugs to Canada to begin with. I'm I'm not smuggler a but they're doing it and so apparently. Bid there's just been suspicion prolong trying to deported by the border guard that this that these higher answer craft are being paid. And to do this whatever the case we're learning the truth out of the immigration always you're never immigration system never was broken. I that they deliberately Loren is known let the border into generally suspect OK so bright part was to me and Joseph is president. Trump going to keep discussion being fired easy they're protective. What do you do but the higher ups in the agency who are not enforcing the law and going back to Obama's policies. So the question becomes nice trump. Wink wink nod that here okay fine let demand like you know make Mitt Romney crowd happy so get off my back or is trump not functionally in control of his department Homeland Security. Mom which is overseas border or. You know an an any look at it when you John Kelly's department Homeland Security chief I mean he is Abe amnesty proponents. As a last week Kelli after this comes out proposes hey let's go ahead and you know it did it let's go ahead and do. Yeah you know I this comes out a couple days later incomplete contradiction all in this. John Kelly or wipes out Obama is on dapper amnesty. Four million illegal aliens roughly right you know which is if your parents brought here by. Right so he arm he says no we're talking about the work permits and Imus Obama or ordered executive Lee and we're going to fleeing counted them put them in prison. And can't afford that we're going to apply a lot that I'm okay so that sounds like trump is in control of the department Homeland Security. I can't tell I'm very confused so if you've heard those those stories. I slid them all out for your I don't know what that meets. So if was it the management level border security folks who were allowing the borders to be reopened coming under minding trumpet and doesn't have control department perhaps or maybe trump went along with that he did appoint one of the ones that they can bring our says is responsible or in your point. Are reappointment as he's Obama yeah. And quite honestly with a all the trouble they've had with filling positions with the Democrats stalling them in the senate another and that may not be was this a situation that have a car. Senate approval obviously. But on you know maybe they're trying to than just Korea to get things staff to get things moving so that they can start. You know implementing more the policies but out of that that is inching questioned whether or not. Why don't think that's his I don't think any president really has full control this federal government I'm not particular while we've seen in the intelligence community. Now. A man may never be able to get it again I don't eat Democrat or Republican him. So what do you give a sigh shooting down a Syrian plane. On the I hit it on a certain level alike gets. It's a necessary thing to do if you're going to meddle in the Syrian civil war which apparently. Obama and no trump apparently about doing. Of the interesting thing is that now the Russians are saying okay folks anytime we see an American aircraft now insert series of Syria were gonna considerate target. That's the danger. Bin but that's also dangerous for them because if and they had directly attack in American aircraft. Think it's our world where three yes. So desperate or dangerous game that everybody's playing in this area this is one of the reasons why so long we have absolutely no business being in the Syrian civil war period in the story. Had set for sometime and I'm still kind of I'm still amazed that we are actually have troops on the ground thousands of troops on the ground in Syria right now. We have artillery section. The folks in the on the ground in Syria right now we have advisors in the ground right now we got special operations on the ground we are conducting air operations over Syria. We are attacking Syrian aircraft over Syria. There's got to be coordination with the Russians and I think that there's that they said that they've got some type of our agreement that they had which is something I've suspected for some time that there has been sort of an. Bomb you know. Off the books type of agreement between the US and the military and the Russian defense ministry. About not attacking aircraft of each other's countries. But I now that the US has down they Syrian air force jet that was attacking. So called US backed coalition forces against the regime. That looks like the deal may be off. The whole thing makes my head spent yes it does I don't know what has led up to maybe nothing. I hope not and I just hope there's no further escalation yummy too 'cause he's really don't need every now nominal we really don't. Our it and admit he hero I'm today he unions and previews of a tomorrow's show. What are the Grenfell tower fire sorry unless we can London went up like an inferno whoosh. Never learn why. The green men. Chasing. They installed on the building. To make it more energy efficient. Deadly. Empire. There's a lot actually a lot more. Regulations here in the US that would make using the kind of casing on the rental tower here in difficult and most places as we don't have a lot of written enough. America Dinka. Caribbean this thing was insulated to save energy analyst it was still. Part of the green movement out there in London. Just so terribly sad. But there was some. Good came as a total tragedy. Patriot and a story like this but he's a man by the name of pat. Who weighs. Gravely wounded in the fires terrible burned. And pain. Daly could stands but instead of immediately receiving medical care. He turned back to building many just. Escape from. And it was a mom and she was up there the fifth floor. And you get you to fire raging behind her its video of this it's heartbreaking. And she'll grow our hands her daughter her four year old daughter. Anna Mae and pat. In pain and self. Was negotiating with a screaming please drop your daughter dropper a catcher I promise I'll Petra I will catcher I can catcher I know I can't. The mom was just terrified to imagine having to make that decision to construct a child potentially killing John Chalmers to save your child. It goes against every natural instincts that a mother has to do anything that hurt that hurt her child but yet the fire raged behind her. Pat kept reassuring heard these sun reports. I'll catch her promise I will catcher. And a little girl dropped my mom finally did it drops the girl. Everyone's step and was heart stopped she fell. There'll fearing the worst we catcher. He did. Pat Carter. Like a rugby ball tucked into his chest is on tour. She pink dressing gown on she was she screaming hysterically for mom. There may actually trying to put oxygen mask on but she was just scream and scream there couldn't get her under control he founded. Just send mamet. She dropped her daughter. The floor succumbed. To the fire. I was left the mom was a raging inferno. She dropped to just in time. Pat. Nearly using his last at first aim at the request was family. Non. The way it's done is show has been in the hospital himself and apparently is still there as entering this. This weekend's. I'm and says he does not want any down further attention for his heroics. I'm a recovering from injuries from the same fire. So good for him thinking of others who won it would be easy just think of yourself. Ari tomorrow I'm and a deep into the and I can tell you exactly when into gonna show because I don't know. It used to be easy to say our way I did say thirty but I mean who knows what's gonna happen by tomorrow the world's crazy. Is tomorrow on the show. Askew with Steve Scully shot and everything we're seeing day in and day out. Pinning divided America survived. Specifically. Can. American cultures that are so different at least two of them may be more. Continue to function side by side. I got some interesting stats on this too that I'm going to get a whole big stack here to do this camera that's going to be the question for must be thinking about that I'm doing is calling tomorrow. Here's it was interest it was from the Washington Post was an arm and a read but I found this interesting to say I believe it. The Washington Post Kaiser foundation Family Foundation did a survey 17100 Americans. Found deep seated kinship. Enroll America. Coupled with they start to sense a bit strange who went from people. Who live in urban areas. Seven in ten rural residents say they're values differ from people that live in big cities including four in ten say their values are very different. Divide is more extensively in rural America than in cities about half of urban residents say they're values differ from rural people. I was about 20% of urban eye it's saying rural values are very different. Near where they go on is fascinating stuff in here. And got a couple of five different stories on this. Put in this white. It's so bad her country right now. And get a another study this is to sign New York Times this appalling did. I found that a majority of parents. Would be deeply disappointed. If their child and married somebody. Of the opposite political belief system universe assume very conservative America liberal. As Polaroid is polar ice we are. And this country. That I mean you know I mean it data going back to it's almost Romeo and Juliet now. So just it just the divide the country. Has got to a point where we just we simply cannot. Patch this. And Canada where a divided America survive. So that that tomorrow will be doing and I got a lot of great comments. On that on my face the page you wanna add to those I'm going to be reading knows. I'd tomorrow as well including this map of how America is actually eleven separate nations. They include parts of Mexico in the American map I'll tell you why all that coming up tomorrow.