The Tara Show - 6-19-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Monday, June 19th

Netflix subscribers now outnumber cable subscribers; Uniparty's twisted machinations to destroy Trump aimed at making Paul Ryan president; Conviction of woman who convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide changes the rules of free speech


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Harding lady good morning Terrence and K so. People 00 and we've seen ratings on you've seen ratings on cable TV news straight yes. Going then. In the grabber even Fox News having problems. I'm actually getting at one point being biracial man now that's crazy. Among some demographic groups now that that is pretty crazy letters and that's descriptive of the show but anyway I've pretty crazy. But yeah. Well why is that will part of his party's seven's problems but doesn't gun owner I wonder what you think this means like I'm gonna. Com and I don't this is big news last week. Netflix. Now has more paved subscribers for the first time this is in the first quarter a 2017 and cable TV test. Well who put this white. Netflix is a subscription rate is considerably well worked the NB cable TV here's satellite systems writes that's for sure. Yet that show and say this is done according to Daily Mail and they do they study does this for America. The first currently seventeen Netflix had fifteen point nine million paying subscribers. Compared to 48 point six million subscribers to America's largest cable providers which together comprise. Approximately 95% market. So since its warning twelve subscriptions to cable television. Just where you have to go or get cable TV news right have reportedly fallen from fight 52 point six million to 48 point six months that's a huge drop off. This is a perfect example of the marketplace. At work yeah your right. This is that cable TV satellite TV is extremely ridiculously expensive you they wanna sell to these planned you get all these channels that you never even watched. Every time you you had a receiver to a certain TV they wanna charge extra they wanna charger for insurance for your stuff in case it breaks are lightning comes and on and I mean fee after fee after fee you've got all these big fees. That go on now would Netflix if you got an Internet connection. You get this is it bingo done. All the channels the Netflix has although the things that are available that clicks bingo one. Simple free. That's fit. And this is what competition can do this is gonna force eventually. The satellite TV companies in the cable companies to lower their costs to the consumer. To provide for more ala carte type of phone selection of services so you're not paying for a 13310. Channels that you never watch. And that is probably the biggest factor which you just said bites. I think people like us my husband and I am we we have this debate almost every month so we get ready cable TV. These guys you know Halloween my needed to seize a new stuff and some big breaking news story are you gonna wanna watch it live on television casino history depth. With his Reno and recently said there on Fox News and we watched. Com the president's inauguration speech were forced the children watch it. But has this history right. And show you how you can hang onto a brand like chemical why Cameron was gonna watch Fox News and no question here at the station yeah. Dot com Iowa I would much every morning but IE you know and and Arnold table I. But I ate you know at my home now I never turn it on I coming news like online right so wondering. That's celeb that's the only reason we are holding onto cable an and we will get ready than any moment. If I'm not mistaken belief CBS news has an online live feed that you can watch. Now and that's not for all types I mean is for like if there's specific coverage of specific things. 'cause my my daughter and her husband they do this I'm sure they don't have. DirecTV herb don't dish herb cable or any thing. They just got an Internet connection now don't problem is yeah actually watch live TV as an issue and yes. You know that's an issue. But you know so many of those the local stations now police for their news they they give you feed a flattering either locally sourced programming they give you a live feed at that either on their. Web sites for their FaceBook pages or whatever. And so there are opportunities to get live news there just because locally based but yeah something the slide that's on a network. You run into an issue. I wonder. If part of this is in two people struck in the sky network and Netflix you know what I am just to subscribe to Netflix and don't cable and soulless thing she sat right and I am actually Koppel capitalist competition. High prices. Analyst tells you don't want. But. Say sort of it's it's good for reality angle to this too. No I would not flakes you don't even have to see news. Previews are promotes you don't see any that you can literally shut the world away there's no chance that you will ever see any of the stressful things going on I think that's certainly probably has has a significant impact on another I think you're right about that. Has the coverage because I know we're hanging onto it for the news that the news annoys me even from Fox News aren't you know I'm afraid for action is a lot of people hang on just for the news. As she's good I mean they are they are just one net more thing away from going nowhere and kind Cora came on not watching anymore and I just got to wonder kind of with the future even is of cable. To meaning in our household sadly it's you know and more it's my job I mean so I have to be on top of this and have to have access to an all time. But yeah I know I'm be honest with you if it weren't for the I would seriously consider particularly looking at the cost. Like why are we doing this. Why are we doing this out and and I I would you know there many times when this does little bit overwhelming and you. Have to step back take a breath since like realized okay this isn't. You know this is an all the important stuff and this is endless but. You know we've. We've got to step back away from it and and get a grip on reality which is not everything that you see in the news I mean things is you've seen the news. Really happened most of the time. Yeah I can tell the time. But at a certain point you gotta put that aside realize that that's not the important stuff because it's the family your relationships are what you do with your family FC. Important. Absolutely and I'm I had to save my kids of the future of of cable is actually gained because they don't watch it. They any name Amy Weiss it's like half the time on Netflix and the other the other half their time is spent on YouTube and I'm seeing that with my children which basically we're all adult any light and forty seeing that two of them. Yes on so eight you've got to kind of mad you know you you got to have kind of wonder. What I mean. How they gonna survive backed junger people regulate you know cable television news was that I don't know her washing well and the other thing is I'm I'm beginning to wonder about to these big these networks that pay these billion dollar contracts for sporting events. Gonna happen. Yeah I don't know if you know. If people learn on watching if the viewership is down. If they're not able to provide the viewers. The that they have promised or advertisers. Boy there's going to be some really. Upside down underwater contracts that are going on out there were these major networks and some of these sporting events. Yet you wouldn't cut with the future is I wonder how much of this is political people are just so tired of plant they weren't there really just a dominant retirement unless assurance that I think the I put this white I think that the majority of that is not so much that they're charted the slant their charted the news did you read the news yes absolutely. I think that has more to do without I think that there are some that are part of the slant and and certainly between you and I am from many of Angeles this radio stations certainly are. But. You know I think it has more to do people just fed up. With the news it seemed like nothing changes you know rich part powerful people get away with things and does the rest of us have to pay the price and the just turn to hear about it. Yes I think there's some of that and boy you you can get no better escaped and Netflix no reality will insure intrude. There's whatsoever that's true if you're on Netflix until he gets a bill relevant but anyway it's not that Brett. Are you coming up. The mind numbing stark raving CI's search for rating insanity of the investigation into trump from an angle you've never heard before and all your product or else except for the show. So ensuring that don't turn the radio up can be do and I don't be dumb people on a cable news and oh really behind. All of his opposition to try the show called the Q it says Democrats. Heard. It's. Coming up next. You wanna your brain twister. This is extra tweet from last week. Around during the show I show on Friday and I wanted to come back to it because. This hit me like an and built it ahead. You know like that coyote tries to do their road runner except this one connected. Think about this for many. How we end up here with squared with with trump and and Mahler and by the way Mueller has now hired. Robert Mueller for former director of the FBI has now hired a virtual army to go after trump. He's tiring corporate attorneys. Like councils. Four major corporations. Big names I mean these are the biggest guns which you can find all of them connected Tea Party. Including of course Hillary's. No. I think Hillary at the Clinton Foundation's own attorney the one that fought the Freedom of Information Act request into the crimes. Hear that Clinton foundation attorney one of the force one before attorneys that will lead the team. Re totally transparent. At stats we want totally no absolutely not transparent he did a deterrent from Max Muller hired on purpose that was why you hire. He wants to push trump in the firing him. That's why you hire Paula did that on purpose that was a totally political motive. Knowing how insane would drive trumpeting guess that right I mean trump wanna check this week at tweet storm on Friday. And Mueller was hoping to get tired. Because then they can scream obstruction MPs trop that would give them grounds for impeachment. I keep my mind. Impeachment is not require crime. No crimes required for impeachment just votes don't need votes. On the similar was hoping that. That's why he appointed Hillary Clinton Clinton Foundation's attorney. I'm all of which is grounds for impeachment I would not mean he would be doing anything by firing Mueller actually is with a fully within discuss hot constitutional rights but that doesn't matter. It's all about that the public opinion now I mean impeachment is about public opinion more than anything else. So consider this parted Muller get this hour. Well he's the special counsel he's investigating trump are appointed and you know. Attorney general ride Rosen Steve. To our Reza scene did before that in. He wrote the memo. Advice and try to fire company. James coming is of course the former first criminal in charge of the FBI. So think about this for a minute okay. Deputy attorney general rod Rosenstiel. Right to the memo. Encouraging Donald Trump. To fire James cone. And laying out the legal reasoning for doing so the legal and ethical reason for doing so right Reza seem writes that break. Today and some good tramp trump taste the memo. Fires coming. Russia has seen the author of the memo. Advising the president to fire James coming. Then turns around and appoints a special counsel to prosecute and investigate trump for firing James kind. Here's what Tron tweeted over the weekend I am being investigated for firing the FBI director Spider-Man who told me to fire the FBI director. Exclamation point we talked. Think about that from. Sir Ressa C is going strong man he's going to this. Nobody is putting out the hypocrisy. And so over the weekends on that as you know we're Republican statin Reza seems like how well I guess I gotta recuse myself. I'm rose misty only has the ability to appoint special prosecutor or counselor you wanna call on. Because his attorney general Jeff Sessions in an act of total and complete stupidity. Recused himself on the Russian investigation. Say now red roses he's in charge. Tell me getting cooked this up. Tell me this was a play is Reza sees like average memo justify the come firing on all and the president on the firemen and the second he does. We turn around and appoint counsel to investigate trump for obstruction for firing come. Think about that that should be the angle from which this was covered but is it. A national level. I am just insanity. Of this investigation. Headline any American thinker Americans learning to live with treason. Are we notch. You don't pay that ran some tour ram and and lied to congress about it. It's against federal lot of pay pay a ransom like that federal government can do Anita canyon. Can do. That is a flat out criminal act play it paid a ransom. When you pay it to a country that is a state sponsor of care you or easily. Entries in territory. Nobody cares. Here and writes for the American thinker Americans learn to live treason. Pop champagne corks out the fireworks former FB rhetoric to James coming nixed the Russian collision yeah is over the Russian conspiracy nonsense is finally debunked well. This LCD insanity here that we celebrate when the president is cleared up phony charges that we breathe a sigh of relief. When the fired FBI director fails to establish an obstruction of justice cart charge. Wonder why we anxiously watched each inane congressional hearing deceive a left gets the goods goods to pull off it's true. When we wake up each morning terrified of the insurgents have hit their mark. Found something anything they can use to depose the duly elected president. We are watching in real time palace revolution an overt efforts to remove the president the United States. Just James coney proudly admit he leads privileged communications the press so these insurgents brazenly bragged. The day wants to harm the president to impeach him to overthrow our government the American people seem shockingly oblivious to the looming danger. But behind this. I was as Democrats or does one do anything about that. Maybe. Worst else behind this. The Republicans find it. In an epic rants over the weekend judge Jeanne bureau makes that case. And it's a good life. Take a listen today's. And bickering. There's so it's not being talked about and right now it is the biggest danger. Our country. A total plot by the GOP. To help bring down the president of the not kids stay. And bring the establishment. Back into power. The belief if done quickly and not. They'll still real power and not be sufficient time to recover. To promote their favorite son it's candidate for president in 22 wanting. Stop column. Wish I who's is who's the favorite son. Salina secession. OK sometimes the president he's impeached it would to some Wear. Number one. Obviously right vice president my parents. Are just hired an outside counsel. To defend himself. In Muller's pro. Who's number two. I mean depends goes down much trouble she very well could who's never did. Favorite son. She does name. Is Paul Ryan. His words. More on this. Coming up. Judge CNET saying finally over the weekend. What I suspected for a long time. Every minute trek all land completely isolated I'm insanely over never allowed I and this is unbelievable I've never seen this in politics before. Republicans. Willing to risk that their leadership positions lose the presidency or lose the house or lose the static. Totally happy and fine with that. Church front. At level of self destruction goes against human nature. Mean green self promotion. I mean honestly you're the speed of how she would love that power we all would who wouldn't. And yet you're willing to risk get. Risk a Democrat takeover of the house. RV while you I'd try to take your president now with Denise. Knowing full well. For 84 on since January. And the president was never under investigation by the FBI and there was no evidence of collusion of any kind. Knowing full well because you've been briefed. The leadership of the senate and at the house that means Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell briefed. By James coney as recently as GG IG anywhere. But there was nothing here there's not that he's not under investigation can't find anything pretending they don't know that. Making serious state sweep cut it to the bottom that says. Our democracy democratic process is compromise known will Falwell never had back. He's not by trump. Holding hearings. Did you hearing by rich ferber. Republican Richard Burke. Or two weeks ago now spent two weeks. Like go first. Could you let go first Democrats. For the Republicans could speak out every night either Republican controlled senate and the senate subcommittee where I was with the Democrats grow. Session's first I was do that. It is that's when people are going to be watching that's when you can do the most damage. To trump administration cheer on president that's why. But why. You should question had alluded mean it was so obvious was written right from my face and when I heard a judge dean and Jean Paris epic crimped as we cannot duck. You have Colin has won the last two or risk losing his speakership. And control of the house. Are potentially greater game remember Paul Ryan ran for president. As vice president and as vice president on Rummy Cheney ticket great. Judge should mean Nelson's. They're trying. To get rid of their own president's. Quickly. And time to recover by the mid terms. As a line succession. Who's number two my pants. And lives in the Mike Pence despite missing my prep pence crisis and big chance impeached. It's a Mike Pence becomes the president who becomes the vice president the man who worked so hard to be the vice president wanted so badly and failed. Paul Ryan. Because the number two. The number 31 secession Orrin hatch. President prince emissary who is number four ranked Tillis and secretary of state a slice a session. Does this all makes sense now. Do you see white Tron can get his legislation to the house unless this legislation that hurts trump. Yet his works. This they say everything makes sense right now DC was goods you're going on in the house. There's nothing that would solidify trump with his base. Many American people. A tax cut we know that we subsite where he hit all time highs in anticipation of that tax cut. We are even Bank of America say yes they are predictions for the GDP growth were based entirely on the trump tax cut. These specific plan he had laid out what what they know it would do for the economy. And yet. The Democrats and Republicans are obstructing. You are a lot of the weekend. They know they don't have the votes to pass this if they put that 20% border terrify and trump doesn't lie. If not in his tax plan it would be devastating for mom and pop at the Wal-Mart checkout line. Nor pay 20% market some came from out of the country had now. And yet what Paul Ryan Bloomberg tells us last week he's doing what standing in the way of progress. Paul Ryan Burke reports. Blocking the child tax cuts why. All of every year the line of succession again. Trunk Don vice president Mike Pence becomes Prez is speaker of the house Paul Ryans who was par and do he controls the counter. They hold the hearings. Mitch McConnell likes this too puts the party back in power. Generous than what judge dean has to say because she's nailed this. This is not the Democrats. Conducting this witch hunt trump keeps swinging about it's not. Only hearing a single one had they don't control committee's Republicans view this is the Republicans. And the Democrats. What do you like them are not doing their job yet they are there of fighting if they're present initially. And they're all on one page. Jury it's. Other Clinton and Gingrich. Few if any Republican politicians. With different plays supporting their president you can you think of who won the Republican establishment. It outraged and what is going on with their president know. And what are Republicans agree would Donald Trump or not. That's their job. And about it. They lied since January. Paul Ryan line. Who's scheduling these hearings. I don't have any of them. Now I convinced all Democrats necessarily believe no hot water thirst balloting. But they're doing whatever's necessary to destroy Donald Trump. And they are in unison. As the Republicans simply watched the Democrats. Railroad their president. Myself. I. Why do Republicans lied down when they have the white out this and that and analysts. Curiously the same question I asked during the run up to the presidential election. So I think it might sell sell. Why Republicans tried to sabotage their own front runner or is good Democrat winning the White House. And I keep coming up with the same answer. The Republican establishment. Elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats. So fury wins nothing's lost to them it's business as usual. Business as usual. How soon we didn't. So she says. We're gonna minus succession just to name any names look at the line of succession. Vice president pence if he survives the Russian probe and he's hired outside council such questionable. But he does he becomes president Paul Ryan becomes vice president the very tolerance because the house. The very guy who ran for vice president. And get. She is works. You know parties back in control indices back on the table to corporate gods who pay for these people love it everybody's happy. And the game goes on. Comic sense it's perfect sense. To see is over the weekend. The suicide text girlfriend some girlfriends he has raped Michelle Carter. Convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Not sentenced yet she's facing up to twenty years. Which think about that. And she's assume soprano. I not only. Did she. Go to means suicide now he had come it was his idea. Even try to chemistry you win and she said now. And she she can try to get help the one point. Then somehow got into the idea the I Asia may be kill herself. His name was Conrad Roy the third. And then she started nagging him do it do we do it. Two point he's inning his pickup truck he's texting her back and forth. He's you know gas himself asphyxiation pick up truck you know. As it's still a carbon monoxide loses nervous is akin to this I'm afraid it gets out. She text in the get back in. Is in the now have the guts to do it just. So we did he got packet. And the rest is history now she's charged with involuntary manslaughter. Never seen people so divided on over the summer FaceBook page. Very passionate on both sites. As good idea to convict her of this or no come on words ultimately he took is why shouldn't they she was miles away. When you think 803471063. Here's what's interesting about this to me. The New York Post. Unease or did these are attorneys talking about this is suicides suicides ex girlfriend conviction wad national ramifications could it is it's a first. And reshaping awaited future prosecutors to handle these kinds of cases you'll adore. To a direction I'm reading from the article where words are now council weapons this is absolutely all new legal territory. Well what you mean like you know what kinds of brand name. Legal territory. Now CNN. Sing you consider legal precedent for whether it's a crime until someone commits suicide. Ray players and I'm and I can telling me to kill themselves. But there's all kinds. Arbor implications here. I mean what if you break up with somebody. They say you want to kill myself you've just broken my heart you ruin my life I'm going to kill myself what do what went about what kinds of liability do you have at that point. They have a hold on you now. I told I was gonna kill myself. And she's a fine do it. How many people said diamond I don't know but how many dealer said that he'd argument neither one of lamented. You know one thing any other meant it literally. Could you be on the hook then fine go do it I don't care I'm parties say. And I never said bad but quite conceivable to see how it could happen. So what do you say 803471063. Tex lines 71307. You know and you depart the prom this year. I think she absolutely should have been prosecuted and convicted. But I think she should have been charged with failure to call 911. And they have a statutes in most cities and states they don't have a real strong or clear one in Massachusetts which is why they went the involuntary manslaughter. Problem is a measure the statues are misdemeanors. Don't call 911 is not a big yeah it's not a voluntary man's. So should have been prosecuted convicted but I don't know about this I don't know I don't you think.