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Monday, June 19th

Pulling out of Paris Accords still a good idea; Conviction of woman who convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide changes the rules of free speech; Steve Scalise 10th victim of Left's weaponized activism


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Adding Rea good morning Sarah Ari said oh our mayor Greeneville Mary Knox waste. Since he plans to continue to fight against climate change. Obama and supports the Paris climate agreement. Okay good for him. He has joy there's a national climate action action agenda. It's a group of mayors from across the country committed to carrying out the goals. And be Paris. Climate. Agreement. Aum as if it trump has and not you know. And broken wood and that's. His prerogative yes he told you don't face the voters on whether or not they approve that are not next. So on that means we spend a time to go to gain and no appreciable increase a mole changes whatsoever. Bomb in Carmen. I'm emissions. With the Greenville city of Greenville decides that's what the how they want their tax dollars to. They approve of that in the approve the beauty of the mayor and also the council members to go along with his sub. You know concept than you know that's that's their prerogative essar decision. Awesome I liking the need to start and they need to be intellectually honest and completely owned consistent. Other there's a lot of these mayors licensees to Charlotte. Or not if if you're going to truly go along with parents. Then you are going to have to start to discourage if not cowardly speak against manufacturing on in the city's limits now. If it's not done according to the Paris accords. And that's it right so I am ma am. I'm sure he's going to be speaking out against all of the manufacturers that are non aligned with the parish a core Paris accords bomb right here in great all right I do that. Within the city limits that now that patience or BMW well that's unfortunately that's angrier and that's actually not an incorporated area. That's outside the jurisdiction of the city agreed. Vice. I think he needs to be consistent and that on any kind of manufacturing that comes in here or exit work currently exist he needs to condemn. And I think you should speak I speak out against Armitage raised especially this right over the city's boundaries as it Charlemagne or did because. On that means these suppose it carbon pollution. Mean he can't be contained by borders cities rates even speak you speak out against exactly like her all that pollution the China and India and all those other countries that don't have to follow the same rules we do. Although it's a fun you know the prevailing wind sent it over our area so. So. It after researching the county's existing eighteen zip codes. The the city of Greeneville they found at the organization founded did start resident and are now data resources Gasquet is city scored a one at a personal possible for in sustainability overall. Time now so we're gonna have to start going after these big manufacturers that want to move here or are you exist in the area. To be he might be consistent. So you know. The he's special projects where you get Toefield taxes or you know infrastructure improvements for these these folks you know I read are you gonna continue to offer that. No. No we come out against manufacturing greatly kids. According the Paris chords and only. India and China. Are supposed to be doing that I guess that got us brings new meaning the phrase you didn't build that break I know get him out of here we will let chip exactly. Eight in other news you see this. These suicide it takes trial and Michelle Carter he that I'm with youth that is a very. Slippery he First Amendment slope there. Listen I I think what this woman did was at. Reprehensible. And I do think that there are certainly. She was certainly egging this guy loan. It's certainly sounded like. Yeah I mean buying it yet he gets it he's in the car race gigs a month on time he's in the car east steer asserting it has said he feels fried who gets out of the car. Yeah because he's basically gaskins a cantata cards she doesn't get back in. In a text. Get back in near you insert with. I.s so she's evil little thing I want anything bad happen sir she deserves putts. Here's one of the attorneys commenting on this is the headlines New York Post suicides has girlfriends com conviction will have national ramifications well what our day. One of the do you Trace your city open the door onto a direction where words now can amount to weapons. This is absolutely new territory. This is dangerous. Yeah ominous now there are a criminal defense attorney Joseph Simmons decision will be shaping the way that future prosecutors handle these kinds of cases. Tom so you know you you got that going on as well on this comes down that the kind of free speech. So if we have. Situation where the prevailing political attitude among some people. Not the majority of citizens but among some of leadership is. That more guns equals more violence and that if you speak out and support a Second Amendment Rights then you're responsible. Four deaths when people are shot using guns and I die. I mean that's that's where this is headed yeah exactly where this has had. Yeah and there I mean the implication implications of this are. Huge slump this is if you want a repeal obamacare all bull we know people are gonna die. If you repeal obamacare. Of course the reality is people gonna die if you people. But they're they're gonna wanna at some point then you're going to be held legally responsible for this person's death. Because you spoke out against obamacare you wanted to it repealed and replaced. That's for the system. There's they're telling or is heading here's another 18 it also could said the legal precedent for whether it's a crime to sell to tell someone to commit suicide. I mean I can see people easily saying unit in a fight aids you know may be a break up romantic breakup I'm just gonna kill myself find do I don't care. He is (%expletive) it's rhetorical they're not actually saying to kill themselves. Are you Nellie who are responsible American series could carry weight so you have to break that you tell a person. That your gonna kill yourself yourself said that you know about the breakup well now are they responsible for you if you do. If they don't intervene. Now. I mean you show many doses cannot defend I'm I admit I can see both sides the judge made a really good argument here. I mean if you're at the beach. And you see a mom and she's you and mommy the kid in a mom is beating the kid. You have to ask them and used to read on texting they O'Connell wine you culpable well there are a lot of law as a lot of space to say you are. You can't just ignore crime happening right in front of you have to call the police. On an and I thought they would kind of go that way with herb a lot of that is misdemeanor and fortunately. It's it's not a felony so they went the involuntary manslaughter route. I'm kind of wondering what that is gonna need long Ter. Down. This is. This has so many ramifications. What what what we got here situation we're 21 century long has not caught up a 21 century technology. And the cyber bullying a what do you want called us. Is one of the downsides. Of these technological advances and the social media platforms that we have today I'm one of those. I look at technology as being. Not having either. Guilt or innocence not being good or evil it is simply a tool. And a tool can be used a hammer can be used to build homeless person a house he can also be used to kill someone. It is a tool is how that individual uses it the determines whether it is for good or for evil. It is the person that is responsible. In the Texas Tech same thing should happen the drug dealers on RD isn't just days they're getting to try them and go but I'm not I can actually see dad that's illegal substance. You select to somebody should absolutely be liable for what happens to them. It's not legal. There's no way to measure and he. Contents and you have had physical interaction with that person get whereas this woman was apparently miles away. Not in physical contact with the individual. She could have intervened other than through the social media aspect of it had she wanted to. While she could call 911 as she collapsed but should have but I'm saying that her her she was not physically present at that site. Text your race if Hillary I can walk because these immigrants now I have no intention of miss chancellor national secret. Then how can this woman who had no intention of harming anyone be found guilty she did she did not know her actions at the timer legal. So I now that we are in a world where intention an era so why is everything why is this even an issue perhaps waiting on that response during good. I know for a long term affiliation to Democrat party I don't know cards say the but does SEC meetings here they've seen you panic anyone earning two people. Say I'm gonna kill myself to use it to get power over you. There you go. And the kill myself if you don't get back together with me. And at that point they sit dead what now is your obligation to them. Is there one good point I don't know I just I am I'm wondering. Sue the Eagles advantage it's hard climate to talk to John from Greeneville about the suicide conviction. Texts the Margaret tells good morning for the weapon what do you think. Well see. You know normally I would just sent in when because normally I agree with you folks. I'm not enough percent of the time but you know to bad I just can't access the call which you have that situation where an individual. Encourage another individual to take their own laws okay. This is not a free this is not a free speech issues it is more it. It's safe at. It's likely that they see what the real ish but but really what. What you're saying that the hyperbole is saying all that and then they end up being if you meditate for certain. Position. That will be able to be held liable for a permit that. Nine course and it. OK we have long and that contrary. Red. Say that you can't and try to ride it. We speech we have Waldman thank you did say he does basically you can't yell fire crowded theater. And put people in danger. Indeed this situation is very similar to that end if not. There's no freedom of speech issue here because we're talking about one person. That was another person encouraging another person that they their lives if not is trying to quiet. Hello well all okay. And it was very gratifying. I must admit to see her cracked and this year convicted of involuntary manslaughter. And you know to say hello because some sentiment you react and cause they are here I don't know I didn't I didn't hear you been on our took aids and it's very gratifying to see that but long term. Where John would you Deng and draw the line. If someone says Steele I'm going to kill your son myself and in anger you say fine do it because they said in a hundred times do you before. And then they do are you responsible for that person's death. You know because it because there's been I went there were multiple interactions between these two these two individuals. Okay and you we're talking about someone actively encouraging someone to play their own lives. Get paid homage. Well over a period of time and dead date when you say in the heat of the moment go ahead and kill yourself or not pumped about. You got to calm. I don't know what you would call it legally call any a pattern saving or a the content I don't I don't that. Based I don't think this year. I think you're wrong on this one. Yes you did did you might there. I'm not I'm not defending her I'm just worried giant about where this is gonna go and where exactly we draw a line I can definitely see convicting her. Bomb on one of the you know said she said most states and in to have in cities that if you know you failure to call 91 what. When you witnessed crimes it was announced that witness to a crime and I'm down slowed down that. That makes complete sense you cannot have people watching her crime go down and and found no direct witness to it and not common limelight. And there are variations on that statute all across the country she should actually been convicted of something no doubt whatsoever about that on what's good ship further. And said hey. What you went away manhunt. Your words killed him. Involuntary manslaughter you kilometer wears no way a way that that's a different thing entirely then you didn't call 911 which absolutely. You should be convicted and if you don't BC crime and you do not help. IMac argue that this is an illustration they did not use those statutes. One reason they did in Massachusetts when a few states that doesn't have a very clear statute on that. And so what they were doing here it appears no legal expert I can pretend to be. It's bad day on this about you don't really have a good strong statute on that fellows are misdemeanors. A lot of places still I think he should be felonies. And you clearly seemed a crime and you do not report it absolutely need got. We we saw that recently here by the way. Com where we have our sheriff good for him well Lewis. Seventeen year old girl shot and killed. Miss Hawkins. And her friends. Fled. Put. Some good to get so dark. He's going after them for crow. I group that absolutely paid in common when one get a put put minute plank. They deserve it. For egg on somebody to commit suicide or shoot somebody your to do something. When they never lay hands on another person Rebecca from Greer good morning. I think there you've got the direction a little bit and I'd. You know your Greek should have been held accountable are currently are not out why aren't I it. I'm very well about the jury. I mean it back. I don't know the law either but that's the sick individual all encourage someone you know chilled out and called 91 client content. But didn't let that LDL. Or not. I don't see and I I agree I don't Telekom bought it eat. Yeah. Where are but I had I don't think we're off she's not out on the. No I have no pity for her eyes she she'd Cali she has come into our I'm just afraid. Of where. Speed wise Rebecca this is can ago. And again here it's this one the DI criminal defense attorney in net New York Post you open up the door to a direction where words now cannot two weapons that absolutely all new territory it is. Terry from Spartanburg. A parent I'm I'm pregnant at the more I look at it as there are directed to the site. And or fodder like Kevorkian. Situation nor I gotta what state. It would be attacked GOP. And here I haven patent happy to break up I'm sorry about that. Text your race is suicide even cry. I don't think so we'll critically by statute it it it is. Tester race is Charles me was convicted for her. Yeah I didn't have a text he never have their phone fork and a man gag straight. Oh there was a conspiracy there a murder I mean he. Well. Your recent column was wrong this absolutely is free speech issue the only way I conceded it was she would change. If it was in mentally handicapped person or minor child. Is very dangerous road that we do not want to go down because you know as well ideally will be unit it would be abused at a later date. That it takes your right. This collar torn out of first caller is it perfect example of why why is it can be made or interpreted based on feelings. Steve's goalies. This mark a major historical turning point congressman Shiites. By a political activist. Eight clearly politically driven somewhat some would say motivated murder. By the rhetoric. Of those he followed. To be getting something everybody's asking serious questions. About this but was the first one was this first one. By my count he's at least seven. His was an attempted murder. Yet is were more serious because they were actual murders. That's right Steve Scully is Canada's the first what does it come to in his country's really terrible I can't believe we're doing message Donald trumps all right you're now weekend. You do if you were watching me mainstream. News L. Melissa the first really. Or is this run of the mill routine now. That I know love and her find missing any. I think it was actually the seventh. Not the first. The first murder by the Democrat month. Activists. Inspired. By media lies and Democrat propaganda. But the survey that we can't tell where it went and what treating their. Like this is the first. You're promoted this I was gonna do is seventh when he I'm sorry you some great comments Omnia and goes in and chuckling I deferred to the callers is is elected doing the show a man. When I do that that means I have to I'm sometimes push back things I promise to do. Mom and then you mad at me like I was will defer to callers if if we've got some great ones on the line and did so I apologize. For that for those you've stuck around. Seven murders. Seven well you've heard about the six. Just like this there's like there's no driven by media allies. And the Russian story right eight months of media allies. If you're either side of the island is the other guy you like them to begin with is a Russian spy my gosh that's terrifying IPO set it was Obama it was true. I'd be beside myself if he collude with the Russians is beside myself as I wasn't the idea of Hillary getting elected after packing half a million bucks. So uranium to the Russians. While bill did the speech. Then there was a twenty million bucks New York Post reported rim that. Supposed to go to the foundation from the head of that Russian the Kremlin backed company. Twenty million bucks that never made it into the Clinton foundation funds. It stayed outside they've played a criminal and he actually was convicted criminal managing to remember this near post documented this right before the election. Never reported the 29 to the iron rescue mansion get away with that. The real sway you report twenty million to the iris though turned life upside down. Hillary did it. CI I know would be like if you touch or Europe president was a Russian patsy because. Hillary legitimately might have better Russian patsy given the money she and bill are taking and what they were doing. At eight months like killed. It's about words killing we were just doing that last segment with a suicide. Which by the way still have to hear from anyone that the suicide tax conviction a voluntary manslaughter do you think that's fair 803471063. Boy this has happened before. No one realized what why acts which it. First death. At the hands of black lives matter Tony fourteen. Saint Louis writes. Remember those who probably know most of the Ferguson one's got coverage but Saint Louis into far from Ferguson they righted their team. They wait. Father Al late night. Running the drugstore was hacked to death and Max. I black crowd screaming racial heated attacks U member that. Merit that. NATO was only covered locally sort of treated as a robbery and other I didn't take anything. Yes that was the first first time. A weaponized Democrat crowd. A back to the slash supporters. In a rage vile lies told. About Ferguson. Picked up a weapon in this case next. Did some terrible replaying the audio the crowd screaming. As number one. What are they started using it had to miss that he didn't just think about. Who the next five murdered same reasons are identical scenario Steve school. Democrat activists weaponized by lies by the media and Tate. And used to commit murder. For purely political reasons not because they were crazy and take their mad enough to know purely political reasons. Can't tell me who what do you know. Was Dallas. 26 feet he was doubts. This killer weaponized by black lives matter remember that. In raged over the police killings of album sterling. Plunger can steal. I'm by the way Elvis ended up being non convicts. Once the facts came out but by then it was too late five officers slayings and pulled her own blood. In Dallas. These latest establishing different. At a baseball game last week. Now Obama was an officer was swept under the Roman. Everyone pretended that it wasn't what it was. Announced Steve Gleason body count by my book is CeBIT. At the hands of Democrat activists. In range crowds. Fuels. Into insanity by the lied to violence. Seventy. Not want. I was in my brain on this over the weekend if you can think of any others. Dating before Steve Scully swimming and talk differences I don't see these joys of congressman nice human being. Murder attempted murder. By a those driven by rage by July. Once a year for me is 71307803471063. Well all of this audience spending too I swear. I stand corrected. I told you Steve sleaze was number seven. Political assassination or attempted assassination. I'd forgotten that range. Three police officers killed text points out. In what you're shooting about sterling. And Jay Wright and done by guy who I was members and was they remember a black separatist groups. It's part of the black gloves Letterman. And march with black labs manner. Gavin Eugene law. So that means makes Steve Scully number tank. Blue eyes so matter much. This is not presented to the American public the way that. This shooting a Steve's police was last week which was a clear political murder. Key point. You might mean that audio coming up on the show the Democrats over the weekend planning confidence. By the would you see this what would what they want condemned this. Nobody will condemn this Democrat strategist James DeVine. They want. Wash hash tag over the weekend set Twitter on Fareed when Elena was. Punched Republican congressman. And hunt Republicans. Everyone went nuts and chastise him and he did not only. Armed justifying it. Died the fact it's just release was a speaker at the European American unity and rights organization which is a white supremacist Caribbean realize that we spoke to them. I he apologized for profusely said he never knowingly reply and she Democrats over the weekend morning joy on them to show more enjoy on MSNBC. Bring in a while William barber reverend William barber surprise some did Democrat activists the NAACP and none North Carolina to assure you that. Excuse Steve schoolers is sky least disturbed because he was a racist. Master rather going with despite wearing yeah. So yeah because black because jetBlue lives a matter. Those legs didn't matter they were the first assassinations and they were before trump. There's nine says police is only latest. And get credit to somebody else by the end of the hour will come open now the one that I'm forgetting or have mixed. I go to this suicide text conviction. We show Carter convicted of involuntary manslaughter. New York Post. How laying captive did the implications in this. As one where I've come a defense lawyers say listen decision will be should be no way to future prosecutors handle these kinds cases darn skippy well. You'll put up the door to a direction where words now can amount to weapons this is absolutely all new legal territory yes it did its. Yes it's. You know I had judge does have friends of. The family. Who marry this girl a young was head over heels for her own. Words. Extra pay her way through college has parents also pay your way through college. Says she got her college. There are married she dumped him. Sure looked like she was using them for free right to come out. Early he worked to support her to Los who went to college. She'd have to work. And he was just stride and he is this isn't just a real handsome guy who's very sweet. In recess overcome all of that he married another woman much better person they have two beautiful children are very happy. So things worked out for the best but at the time. He was very very upset. And I know because he had told it's no family connections anyway had told her he was gonna counts. She dumped him for a woman. And then came out as a lesbian after getting a free ride for into college. Well you're understandably be upset if that happened to. Any tells me to kill myself and see so and so said okay. Would that have been her fault no. Until now. Now I want somebody says you need them and are because they're crazy. Because they're obsessed with you because you brother but I'm going to kill myself what do you owed them. How much responsibility do you now have I don't know the answer that question this morning. I don't let you disagreeing with me and only on this we're afraid to break free speech where wrote wise where this is going. A text rich you're wrong her words clearly caused his death just like bullying he uses. Words are heard people are using words to conspired to commit a crime is illegal. This has nothing to do with freedom. Of speak no I'd actually nobody knows what this is gonna have to deal with now. This story Sara sorry to agree disagree with you on this one I think the girl got when she deserves. What do you think once a year amused 7130780347106. Story.