The Tara Show - 5-18-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Thursday, May 18th

Campus rape "epidemic" blown out of proportion; Women avoid high-powered careers because of the cost to family; Trump opponents calling for impeachment; ​Congress stalling on tax cuts and building the economy


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According later that morning terra do you remember the hold you VA. Rolling Stan fake grapes story podium yet and and you remember and it Chris that was leading up to the Hillary Clinton. Run for presidential is all very Astrid served up on to get these college women out in a whole hysteria about a us rape on campus is re terrible and will now of course it's because manner sexes synergies. You know looking can't wait to go off to college to prey on their first women woman raped. Now think celebrates her Walesa's epidemic ton articles written on and Thailand Chinese reporting diet. Like how serious a problem is rape on college. Campus is given all the media attention be given to the problem. Sadness. Nationwide survey. 89%. Of college and university campuses 89. Is she heard that night raid on eight point 989%. Did not have a single instance of reported. Rape. Com in the past year. As a pastor for which the survey was on 89%. A single incidence rate of one. Now than 11% dead. Well yeah. Bomb 89%. No rape I mean that's not an epidemic. In your arms and now that's obviously very serious subject no matter what the number well yeah of course but this idea that this is some sort of epidemic I mean when you. And I have an overwhelming percentage of college campuses where there's not even one. I mean nine minute you know a a reprint we reported rapes crimes are in an actual rates we saw claims of rape them not. So there's there's different not an outcry from the women on college campuses in you know in America. Going on that's women this is interesting. Why women in. Not in leadership positions. You know is like your CEOs is much in America we we know New York Times that they've taken over middle management. There are now more women middle Mary managers HR directors that there are meant. But very they you know they haven't reached the top echelons in the number men have been so must be the sexism right. Now men do about 2000 near its star here. Did you and I'm sure that's hard is it. But is it because the sex and if there was sexism rate than how our women dominating the middle management layer. How how Isaiah how they get there that. You would think it would be MI six is when you start start two thirds of the way up you know and I mean Oleg she's a woman we had no snap until now. On what is cute. What's going on right Nina is AV was if there was really would have to be endemic throughout companies did it's it's not critic. Would say then. While all these men are just putting these women in middle management positions so it looks like there advance well I'm not really getting anywhere there's still like glass ceiling may. That's going on or maybe there's something to do with it in this. New massive survey. Twice 7000. Nine managers and 3174. Top company managers to be that CEOs CFOs and you know owner that top layer of management CFO. Whenever on the they surveyed. About a third entered a sense of the participants were women. They ask small about that how happy that they wore on we don't know with what they were doing. The tire come up or women arose in two major aerial positions the last happiness and they reported. The same was not true. For men real yes the reason they gave. On is that while they liked the positive outcomes that position the money in the prestige. As much as mended they raid that is highly as a birds on the women. And said that day on Nagin blames for them overwhelm the positive the trade offs of my time constraints away from the family. Bomb you know and away from Stanley like this laziness sacrifice they had to make that women once they had to make that sacrifice attempt to make the top levels when you're in charge. As a 24 hour job on that made them very unhappy because they felt lake on the trade off between life. Outside work and work was not a word they'd at that level. Not. Understand that because I think that the traditional. And I'm saying traditional. Wave that women in this country view motherhood is much more time intensive. And you know personally intensive and involved. Then what men are expected to today. I group that. The thing I'm Michelle Obama ever said that I agreed with was controversial. It was a it was a bit evercore fluff for when she said it was a it was Michelle Obama's and Hillary camp. She in aged interviewing Nancy my caddie you mean you've been a working you know mom or whatever you've done and printing been very successful so. I'm while grant that was implanted political position that was a payoff but what ever she where she worked isn't you know now's your lawyer Vernon she was potentially work and hospital and now. Anyway. So what are the case eBay and you you better career for some professional certainly been successful in terms of new college in her achievements don't. I initially yards and a woman advice for trying to balance it. He had at all and she says are you can't. And I like what I know you can't just begin give a 100% to both your family work yet to choose. And there and I did she does say well and there was you know there was some criticism of her frown on our left and hide and it it died off very quickly yeah exactly yeah of course she's Michelle Obama now mean let's that have been Laura Bush strengthen their would be you know total arranged exactly. But you know what I I think she's right I I agree I don't need to do both at a 100% yet the issues. And that's not to say that women should not be worked out or should not be in positions of authority says about the truth that's a that the situation and and I do think that that. It chanting his schedule changes as the family ages it's it's one thing to not be dear. For those the family when when you have very young children and you're in the very formative times. And and you you know you're not as some. Involved. In their life issue wanna be it's not the thing is they grow older when children are moving away from the influence of of you know directly of the family and her having new life experiences and going off to college and other things it's a much different situation. So on. But but I think she's right you you can't have it all and and is say the same thing is true for me and you can't have an all you can't be 100% father and 100% CEO. A home multi national company to. You can't armed but he hiding part of losing to though even as you get into your older years where you don't have the kids in the house anymore. You still on your Graham on now yeah Juniata meaning Graham minds have been one disk does a lot of things and hold the family together you have when grandma's loaded. I know insecure in the earlier this. To the concerts. Now. But this is a choice that women are making as were the research is getting at that true women may is is ahead on women may avoid leadership positions out of unhappiness. And what they want some success but they don't want at all because the price they have to pay Billiton the pricing going you I could pay that I'm certainly qualified talented enough. Om it's not that dancing well I feel so bummed because. We are just not as talented as my as my male cohorts are American begin in the same chance that's not it they're saying aside the tradeoff when it comes to women they look at any. And I and I think that's. CJ exactly and that should be their decision it shouldn't be feminism it shouldn't be a party. It it should be whatever that woman in her situation. Along with the decision with her with her husband. Feels like is the right thing for them of their family at that time. You know I mean there's it is different for every couple. Yes it absolutely years. But you know bottom line you know I think this comes down to bottom line when you know when you ask injured knee all the way up to when he had a bad day at work or it's going bad your marriage or with a boyfriend who he called first. Now you Collie and now. You know what I mean your your money is the one she called bill you and she's there and she does it end. No women aged just isn't the with that and if you're high powered you know corporate tirade then you're gonna have did not take this call some times in women. You know urges saying that doesn't make me happy. As testing this interesting on this is the kind of thing that will be quickly buried because yes you can guys accept. The outcome here we can't believe that. Arie coming I had. One more set of present day for a pack of tickets to the country line that music fest listened. Carefully in the next segment I'll give up contest lying to you 414334. That's 241. 4334. Terry to the sex line and we go. And is you presume to that to the only reason that there aren't more women in at top positions. CEO and CFO things like that is because of the discrimination. Must be somebody's car and bears and their must be a man involved of course the sexism. And specifically has to simulate how the sexism happens it just does is presumed. Just been picked over because of course she wanted to be CEO but she didn't get to it. Well study and it's got exists you don't 30000 people. Managers and on managers. Found that is women move. On into high level management positions. They become less happy. Men did not record. A drop in happiness. As they moved into this is the management we're talking a highly targeted top level positions and Addison winner happy middle management. New York Times who has been six weeks ago now 12 months ago now reported dead middle management's. Is now a slightly dominated by women. And HR. Women make up the majority of nature directors as well so women are very much controlling the hiring here in the promotions. And yet you're still not moving up. And three men are in the top positions. Why is that going up maybe they don't want to has that dawned on anybody. And are under recent you know women are rated beam. Positive the positive parts of moving in to high positions. Money prestige as highly as amended. But they it but the negative ones the trade offs they have to make time constraints. Or where the men and women different. Women were much more negative about how these. You know the sacrifices would affect their lives their lifestyles the way they wanted to. To a from home take away from family didn't want it some women do you obviously. But here's the fight to find its attorney and author of the study who is a woman. What is still less happy than men know when they occupy managerial positions and expect to make them more tradeoffs between life and work in high level positions skating. This puts a different way of understanding the problem and potentially solving. We just. Are you happy snag. When they make this achievements Linda from Pickens Cammie. I pay my daughter in law is in middle management in a multinational company. And they ask her to move up they want her to be an executive. Two BCE ONG tricky just because she pitched it she told coach I want apparently a lot and I can't do. If I'm CEO. Just specifically said that to NASCAR. And in that job is to move to another country. Could be a CEO to run a company at the next. And G signal I don't want to do I want pain in my life. Women know this okay this coming shocking news to Chelsea Clinton. Mom who keeps tweeting about the sex is mused you toning nobody is repressing your daughter in law in the workplace. Oh no no no that they want her to do it because she is so good at handling people. And so incompetent and kind. And you know the southern lady and she said no I don't want to do that. To that Lester appreciates and middle management. So I'm curious about her is she had children deceived when she was apparently okay. Yes she got to. She did not have children well and they ask her to do to actually get milk. I want family. And that's not compatible with Patton and my life cycle of walnut. And so now she has two young daughters she. They aryan activity and she goes to them which you wouldn't be able to didn't. Otherwise. Of course she would move away from what she calls her support system if she act around their company and South America. So I'm hesitant not lining sure there's not DCI is is always sex isn't somewhere we're told is is this is a dirty repression at home by your son is he telling her that she can't deny it are out. So so RB star find it in the. No doubt it very proud effort but yeah. This committee is certificate. So he would be behind if she wanted to move and take this job. Yet. Except he's also been asked to be president at his company which is also a national company and enormous company. And he's he's told them well they got. You'll have to move to California. And Easter egg I'm not move it up they. I don't want to scrape my children can more culture and I don't removal from life support system. Well okay Linda so I'm not I'm detecting any sex is there he might wanna tweet eyes and tweet out to a Chelsea Clinton because she assures us that there is sexism holding women back. What was she you know she's never had less than a 100000 dollar a six figure job break. Of his people who live in the real world not all about it might Tillis. Linda from Pickens County thank you for your phone call text is a limit job but I would be a stay at home mom in a heartbeat if we could afford it. Netted text your race just because mullah heels claim these ice is not necessarily mean they practice what they preach. History it's a coaster actually there's something wrong if there are fewer women and many CEOs or something similar there is actually nothing strange or wrong about this women are created by god with a natural desire to nurture her family care for the household. Which will involve a lot of work at home occasionally things outside of the house are closer is at war with this idea. Think Eric is a worthy idea that some that they did winning would chooses of their own to buy this I mean we're pretty different some women might choose this of their own devices NIC you know went. I'm doing really great. It was Millman a German company and I'm making claim lane Hudson after Meehan I don't want anymore. That that might be a factor meaning they cannot except that it is a possibility. At all. 803471063. Text line 701. At 307. Arie and join you guys doing a show earlier in the show. Did you similar rests in the show. I like and I like listening to show when you do it. Tell me it struck in trouble. Mean there are presuming the market is thirty per traced in his impeachment on CNBC. The Democrats are pulled testing and focus group testing me impeachment. And here's Antilles time inevitable. Here that trust what did he screw up. Heady growth and Kenny skinny still thinks it are you still optimistic in what should he do 803471063. Text line 71307. What invites. Are you guys out there are firefighters. First responders law enforcement officers to join me tomorrow we're going to be doing this show. Lie in it from net eggs up grill let's rate from 6 AM to 10 AM tomorrow will be the eggs up grill. And you cannot get a free breakfast on us if you're a first responder firefighter. EMC. Law enforcement officer anywhere in the upstate bylines out by two of you are just say hi Amy. I'll be out there fear not one of those three categories kink it's free breakfast but she could still stop by and say hey. It'll be at eggs up grill on a Woodruff Guerrero is more information on that at 1063 WOR deep dive cam matter if you are one of those three things. First responder kind tempers response or let your buddies until he wouldn't mind. You go to the website again won a 63 WORG dot com and we've got a graphic up there and all the info you could possibly need just a click on that send it to us. Finish your buddies let him know we let them breakfast to say thank you. For everything they do. US some good news ladies and we need that run around I can use some good news raid. Well here's some good news somebody finally willing to step up and fight and it's not rat Fink or Richmond Mitch McConnell not too bad yes somebody going to work with rat Fink and McConnell actually look at and and I'm its grip never truckers. We Coen Brothers film yet a member of the money they spent millions they spent trying to defend to industry trump now that filled. Com and they've just announced this morning that they are planning to spend millions of dollars our campaign advocating for the changes in the tax code. That Nero the exact ones Trump's proposed good. Good so that is on that will be absolutely noticed this morning on in the offices of the chamber of commerce Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan now this is at China's is is a direct response. To Mitch McConnell seemed a blood in the water seemed trump walking wounded knowing lives. I think all blocked tax relief it's not revenue neutral okay will trust tax relief is not revenue neutral meaning he'll blocked trump tax cuts. You Democrat was leading the senate right now it's a Republican. Emission pretty neutral. What they mean is. The cut taxes once Atlanta raising somewhere else we as Republicans are gonna vote for that. So my tax hike on their record when they're running a primary in our team basically him announcing tax cuts are dead forever doing that. Well revenue neutral though is the problem with the whole concept is that you are claiming that tax cuts do not increase economic activity and I'm sorry but that has been refuted. Less revenue neutral in other words they they're saying in today's dollars. And ace is earlier I mean it is been proven that every time we've had a tax cut this country. Revenues into the cop they. And show miss Kyle is pertaining it is known that. And basically saying that we we we can't help the economy recess or have to leave some kind of tax cut in place so this is a salvo launched. Against. A McConnell normally Coen Brothers are pretty much. Down that both for the struggle with the unit party with the with the chamber of commerce with with Mitch McConnell Ryan generally easily little farther to the right a little bit but not much much and simply didn't use is is this is saying. Listen. If trust willing to take on McConnell and right into get these tax cuts we're gonna back him and that's a remarkable coming from a bunch never tampers. Who spent millions trying to defeat him now so that's some good news this morning thank god they could she do this. Did you did they see as his starter does contain them now if it would get these tens causing any increase in the summer it was based on anticipation. And the economy roaring back to life. Judah trans tech. Skype and see this story on the tax thing is I mean the other the stock market right now is already being spun in a way to make it sound negative for trump. What the problem is this congress is not addressing. The tax plans that he has put forward which would have benefited business which would have kept the stark Marta stock market stable but or maybe increasing. So they're trying to make this look like old stock Morristown latest console no it's not it's because you guys haven't followed through what trump campaigned only got elected all. And Mitch McConnell who Chris said this two months ago didn't yesterday comes out of this I think we're gonna get to tax cuts in this session of congress by gosh says set. That means this session of congress means not this year war next year none Tony eighteen either. System code red is saying net. Judgment because good Brothers give a lot of money to the Republican Party just means we soon literally got the biggest donors inured to either Republican Party outside of the US chamber of commerce and their evil. Com saying no no no no no gentlemen you will be passing the tax cuts I can't wait to watch is is makes and Sosa somebody. Finally that is incur somebody finally sing you know a Trent will walk with you we we will help you nobody else will Robyn from Greenville good morning. I've that is good news about the kind of brother. On Ike and calling to say that. We elected Donald. And if we see other people obstructing Matt. I'm including that the Democrats and Republicans each day just be a blood bath. In the mid terms. Gotta wait for the Democrats. The way they think it's going team in his in my and I get with the establishment of late they don't think it's going to be willing to bear. I mean. It happened more Republican counties and more Republican senate why a more conservative Republican. House and senate. Is watching. And and and your stupid. I I don't think the American people. It's in bad I need. Bet they seen beyond all of the democratic shenanigans and established. Establishment shenanigans and you know. Don't know your nickel we needed in in the mid terms what do you think there. Gonna say revenues sound very optimistic. Oh. I I I just cannot believe. That people can't keep ask what is going on. Garrett you're going to impeach the president went up climate they encourage investigation. In Q what line I you know I I I it's just incredible to me each and I seen that the Democrats are doing themselves. A fatal blood so. I back pursuit and what are your spot on that. I you know Robin I certainly hope that what you're saying is is true I mean we know Ronald Reagan had a heck of a time of his first year he really did and he was tabling his regime is going to be a disaster he was going to be one termer he was able to turn around. People forget that. Mayor bud you know trump right now he he's that's a message discipline it's a Webby didn't leave what I do story is going to be very tell you I would generate. I mean yesterday he puts out a statement saying you know grade do we have this special counsel now Robert Mueller earnings pelican and a Russian thing in haystack to find any collision deciding do it I'm. Really glad we did this and looking forward to a an insurance just tweets. On the sit down that he's under attack and he can't you know he's a Barry's they've appointed special. Console you know DOJ any theories under tacky can't believable when he said is true but the problem is I mean. Did you not read press release that came up from the White House well I yeah. I was very disappointed in his address the Coast Guard yesterday really. Now and granted I did not hear the whole thing all I've heard is excerpts. But the media is is going as some of it is going out of its way to point out all the things he's tall but I'm the most persecutor president ever have had the worst time you know or vice hates me at. That should have happened there at that place that was very classless that was low. That was low rent that was not the way to go about that. That should have been a special time for those are graduating from the US Coast Guard. Academy there. It should have been about their role in protecting this country and there could have been other things it would advance his agenda. Or at least his vision for his agenda and he could of attacked Democrats and others for opposing it. But he made it about him and I think that's something that we criticized about Obama a lot and I think that's something that trump did wrong yesterday Taylor and I haven't heard a lot of people talk about it yet. But I I just I got every bad feeling about that they just did not come across very well very presidential. Colorado is right about this I an and I wanna be optimistic to go back to what you're talking about. But we've got to do this in the primary there has got to be people who start showing up this fall. And who we're going to point out the site if we got a representative if we got a senator is up for reelection and he is opposing the trump agenda. That's what I'm on a run on I'm gonna point out what they're doing that stopping the man that you elected president because this is trump told us everything he wanted to do. He was not deceptive like Obama. And and guarded everything about what he wanted to do and and new watched everything trump told you exactly what he wanted to do so which should be very easy or relatively easy. For a candidate to stake out his claim or her claim and say. I'm opposed to disks sitting congressman or senator because they're not following through on Trump's agenda I'm running against them in the primary. That's where it's gonna happen it's gonna happen in the primary. It's got to happen in the primary. Got some great listener response rectum for the next segment Lee hang on offense will be right back. Text your race Sweeney and senator Russ turner and all the others to push the gas tax to be held. To be told to look at Tommy Pope now everyday. Yes. Really remarkable and Connie kind of had the endorsement of US chamber of commerce. All of it. All the commercials. Claiming to be conservative when he wasn't voted yes tax look who just lost. This you don't Jesse great point. Great quite an aids appears that he lost would you still let mr. returning to vote but to have Ralph Norman who voted against the gas tax is still ahead. This show you think you know what don't make all the little scrub my constituents. Am I had money to campaign commercials and he'll forget our comeback and all these commercials and tell mama conservative we know what in my not work. It didn't for Tommy Pope. Mercedes Baghdad knowing. But his record was a disaster may was clearly running com Allah and commercials promising not to hype Texas in Washington while he was hiking taxes here. He's counting on you would now. And lost. He did their way any laws so I know there's a message that is taking. That I have that voters continued to you know extract a pound of flesh at the polls in revenge for this gas tax that 70% of a simply didn't want. And if you can't follow simple instructions in that poll semi percent say no. The donated a Washington or to Columbia you don't need to go anywhere you need to sit down. Is which need to get James from Taylor's good morning. How are here tonight. I just wanted to mention you know ever what kind of panicky about trot because vote near side. And Il we were very much warned about Obama at eight years. It could take fifteen years to reverse. What he can MA GA here. And I think right al-Qaeda people expected to wall to be built that day. And they expected you know I think quite trucks trying to figure out who he didn't well. And I don't think it really would say yeah I don't think he has a clue he contract yet. But when he does. It's gonna happen. Maybe it's gonna take a lot more than a hundred days. I mean I think he's I mean he pretty he not playing golf right now. You know like Obama what he sees really try to pick this out. So yeah I think people ought to get hold break here man but I don't know who he didn't trust the worst car to find out. That and we didn't even know who we can Trotsky right. We were also told bet where Obama can do it eight years. Well look at it appears to read or heard any and it looks like bat could probably be. A. I agree with that. May and you write you you'd yell from which we you don't know what we know what's gonna be in the news what's going on. And good point John from great court. Careless and I think the media and the Democrats and that those Republicans are creating a perception. Bad. There have been impeachable. That's just you know England or could it change your perception is reality but the truth ears that they are not impeachable. Offenses. I try to every little more and it's got to be our hands so there it battle stations in my porn is is that. The deal breaker a couple of streets fighter and a borrower to report that don't let's start dealt with the fight to. But fight it out it had a previous column looser policy. What I see happening it's not seeing you Republican. Alienating your patient making no weird. Without they're punished if they alienate their base they're gonna find themselves in reality the losers that they really. Are I think it did a disaster. There's Luke. Be aware at all or the fuel tanker must become this great fodder and all its moon and misty. I agree and I got I got it's I gotta say John and tell me if you disagree I don't think did trump. He's done that in Washington. I don't think you would see shots of loneliness. It's campaigning. You did and I hope I'm mixed don't drop so produced big great. Others cannot Caylee which digital little war. He has no prince enemies are all such in the enemy or a much better which indicated that they can't trust anybody. Oh we're gonna do that our culture you hope we don't look at fifty years to recover from Obama this is the last great. Opportunity. After this there is nothing it is don't know from here it's already Tokyo. And I tell you what John we can for years it's not enough to recover from Obama. We meet eight. There is we can't keep drilling we can't get the tax cuts to save the economy we can't under the Supreme Court justices and federal justice is that we need to retake our courts. We can't get any Vick may we can't get enough of him for years we we will not win with four years it's got to be. And great theater does. If a Republican to get back. Get current crop it is amazing what we can do it is not afraid it's no help is a lot of concern that older it's actually do it involves. I agree but also has to make it easier for other Republicans to get behind him and not feel like they might be humiliated a week later he's got to get his communication problems under control. He's he's got to have some message discipline he doesn't have a grainy where she met this morning. We sweeting one thing that he's the victim of the special counsel. While the White House puts out a statement by him welcoming the special counsel so it's a problem. But hey at least the current Brothers who stepped up tee to help out somebody at least in his corner finally.