The Tara Show - 5-18-17 - Hour 3

The Tara Show
Thursday, May 18th

Interview with 5th District GOP candidate Ralph Norman - Helping Trump and opposing corruption; Marriages affected by spouse's friends; Trump opponents calling for impeachment; Russian investigation is a joke and a ruse by Establishment politicians


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Okay the big news this morning. The Democrats it got their special prosecutor. Harry they're calling it a special counsel leak. Yeah he bit the same thing whilst I'm exactly the same thing because special prosecutor actually has more independence the special counsel. Actually is still under the auspices of the Department of Justice. Yet but that that's what they're gonna call it. Now that you say said and we got to prosecutor and it does allow us and Dick Morris nails is this morning and the DV Democrats will say. And you're gonna hear this now over and over and over again and this is. For people who work and don't really know what it means. They do you know the trump administration is under investigation under investigation or an investigation now under read investigated the most investigated presidential administration by this point ever. On you know web Trombley administration being under investigation lacks credibility blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. You know on that is what they wanted to know wanted to talk to what and they and I it I handed the Democrats day they have slow walk him. They knew you know they had again it's. Jeff Sessions the attorney general on the who's rated should be to do this investigation after the way. And so they invented a bunch of bogus stuff in the champ administration knuckle undertook. Jeff Sessions under way sink clear the way on the for the special prosecutors slash slash special counsel and so now they can essay and this will be dragged out free years. While he's under investigation and you really wanna vote for Yemeni could be you know he could be indicted and he could be unit you know we could be impeached. And he's gonna put a cloud of the drug administration com for however many years and it it. You know and goes all abs and slowed but then again I still say that even if they had not done this. That they're still would be that cloud of that because the Democrats have got there willing accomplices and left wing media that'll continue to bring this up. On the ad nauseam yet but I you know what they couldn't say anything before now they're going to be able to legitimately say that he's under investigation now. Mom and dad is I I just I think that that doesn't help it's that it actually that is not technically true either because trump himself is not under investigation. Well his administration Nelson and earn their trust needs the time I know I don't know why I guess. And quick surprising here busy here we've got. Well norm may now on till till the Lorraine he is done ahead of Tommy Pope break down the district's five or race. Warnings are there monitor our. But I'm doing great got to graduation this is too early to say that. Well the new world know it cannot thank them. Like we try the bullet processed like you know take its course and of but I think we're actually picked up some broad salute to a story. What I understand we're about to nineteen. So what supporters about this or that the military. Ballots that came from those cities which are cute we should be. And of course we're talking tube because I UN Tommy Pope wearing a runoff race in district five replacement mom Rainey. And I mean score being finish holy cow I mean. Hey you are greater now at fifty point 301%. Of the votes and Tommy Pope visit 49 point 69%. Yeah this this closely it was like you know with both your account to both been active in the political or notre quite some time actually saw. It was close finish but you know we're excited to move forward in. Social Democrat. Our ray well I guess I get it tell you Ralph Norman and in you know don't take is the wrong way puts. You know I just counting up on the text line how many people say that today's rounds out about Tommy pope's record on the show. That they did know when they were switching to vote for you. I mean. Guys a couple of hundred right there well you heard United's and the rest of the work but they. Well you're a year you've got a great show and your listen to the people value opinion coast. You have to bill that Democrats and yet so Republicans. The conservatives stick somebody that like now open to businessman not a politician. And they look like wrong or indifferent he's now an office which I'm excited about that's what that's big victories but not my body mobile. They help them out and what's going on in Washington right now Democrats tried. When I use every excuse in the world to protect the golf ball and appropriate any sign from getting accomplished that pressure track has less regulation less government and you know where were they when Ben Ghazi was going on where were they wouldn't digital or email investigation it's really sad that. Democrats still mine had been actually that this will you know try to do that in the try to win that got on June 20. Well I look forward rob Norman to watching your voting record in congress again the thing that impressed me the most about you and I don't know you personally. But when you're one of only three Republicans in the house to get an aide. They strayed into a not an A minus from from the South Carolina Club for Growth which rates on taxpayer friendliness and fiscal conservatism. Com and you've done this year after year I feel very confident in me in UN in and I hope you will continue to vote that same way when you go to congress. You can count on it lowered my record will match our rhetoric and are engaged Bobby Earl. It was a cruel and we help drawings law but I didn't until he blushed. And record roughed already if you don't lines on the me asking is would what are the things I really admire that you did. On ways to win they brought the auditor from the SE DOT and and they were they were grilling him and you know he he he goes whistle blower on the floor of the house insist listen Morales you've fraud on its anymore and and his solution of of some your buddies in the house there was to remove him from his job so he could do fraud audits under you're one of the few legislators in the house. Because nobody wants to talk about fraud or anything bad about the SE DOT could she be cheer you grilled like I am floored you prodded and you try you pointed out. You know they we literally had it been convicted felons to orange push to be hired by the SE DOT reorganizing and not coming right back in working as contractors and I know that question political capital to be the one who was brave enough. Punted to grill him ANC in to bring all of that out on the floor and into stand up for us against the fraud and corruption add to DD NC DOT which you. Laid out and demonstrated in very apparently in prayers in detail to your colleagues on the floor and are really admired that she did that because I know it cost you politically and it made this race a lot harder. For you because you didn't have the wind at your back you didn't have the endorsement of the speaker. A US chamber of commerce. I'm you didn't have any of that and yet you got it done so my guys wanna say thank you for doing that is well. Well appreciated out got core values nobly than it probably more critical to what she saw play out in our happens there today. That. Via. They were aren't investigated these boutique. Do with the infrastructure as well the most important. One of the most important we've got to do in South Carolina. That Teixeira should welcome club in the east trying to. And I'm all pointed out reluctant as I didn't stay solid Portland let it get tossed in a box control auction was well. Well financed but it I'll money help stating they ought to be exposed to normal. Continue to do that not just in that agency Bedell of at least bury. I'm quick. US chamber of commerce. That is the thing that congress members fear the most Politico said. They're support is good for about 400000 dollars in donations in a congressional race and that's why no one in Washington opposes them you beat that. Ralph Norman I mean that is one heck of an achievement that very few in congress can say they had endorsed. Your opponent Tommy Tommy Pope. I'm didn't tell us yours is there hope for beating them and may or meek. That the bid the the biggest agenda drivers and the money dealers in in Washington and and yet you want heart tell us they take victory lap first public Telus can be done again and how do you do it. Well it's frustrating yet during terrorist expose. And how we're really offended really still candidate a to chamber of commerce. Them is existence. Is Booth took this small business all over the country but. In South Carolina you know we are deranged straight Charles Burke they interpreted used to the to the national to bend to come after a businessmen. Google the based actually built brought built projects. And to go for a trial along considered citizens I looked into. Butler and I really. And still upset about that that chamber of commerce. Get rid of money that the trial August and the money they dipped to treat me. I'm more expertly and or because I really. It's Issa and chips and you know the American people. Yeah edit. Between vision chunk of the sixty years it has now stopped in a more double take off. Until ready. Express their opinions and entailed the local state took to get on the national. They should've been initialized particularly with me about some liquid level. Some socialist actually it but I got a conservative voting record on rhetoric match my record. Hand I'm very expanded that they would spend that kind of money and that's not. You know I think there's also have done the public will be closed up 100001. To beat me. And now I'm O glass from and expose them and has let Coca and it's there's no which he. Forty and agency that reports to promote business. Small business going after somebody like me you've built businesses. And there it sits here sort of nerve with many but you know I'm so lucky. Because I really. Don't care about what they can do more so I they're going to do onboard explosion amount. And and I felt and I eighth issue it is in Boldin made recruit good solid conservatives who are not weak kneed who would do what they site. And then not be scared off by an age should put like kind of money now because the American people. As they get it right in there in the presidential election we can get derived from the local level. And it's time to act this time to get involved and not be scared about everything that you know just got a big money by that I beat him a look sort of beat them again. Well you're given me some hope this morning Ralph dormant again when asked the US chamber of commerce says that said that they backed your opponent Tommy Pope because they were freed the U Ralph Norman would vote. That would be conservative freedom caucus in in the house so I look forward to watching you cast your votes with them Rolf Norman listened. On if you ever need to get your message out or there's something we need to know feel free to call here hero's welcome. Well your trip I shouldn't thank you so much Larry congratulations. Not like you wish. And Harry yet and Joseph Rattay realm so rob a minute congratulations again presumptive winner of the runoff industry tips five. Is this year oh. Heat is a link your friends you don't get why he doesn't like your friends what's the big deal they your friends you have to hang our tournaments so you coral about it. My attention to this study. Your friends might affect your marriage more than you think so according to the journal of social and personal relationships armies are skeptical of these studies but. On this kind of remarkable. If it not liking your friends they came along with zone one spouse can have a very large negative impact our marriage is survivalist and a list. They studied they'd followed at 300 ended 55 heterosexual couples. Who were interviewed after they wed in 1986 anyone has no the marriages last and if they did not last. Why did a bunch different factors. Researchers Paterson is 70%. Of white. Couples. We're married sixteen years later when a manager said he easy so we. We said early on in the marriage that they liked it there wives friends that remained inconsistent review of the man and this doesn't work the other way if she hates his friends they get divorced. Doesn't seem to have much effect on the women. We just roll our eyes and go back to what we were doing and a tremendous big deal. So listen this. BJ surveyed from 7% of vote white couples were married sixteen years later when the men said. They like their wives friends but barely 50%. We're still married when they didn't. Again women's feelings on the husband's friends and seem to effect the marriages survival yet when husbands you there was friends is actually interfering with their marriages. The chance of the divorce. Doubled for all persistence. And tell is in the best marriage advice ever got was this girl who sat next to me cubicle I was married yet she was. She said she should listen. You know my husband doesn't want reference they're grown comes first it's really yup. And DC she also said yep and your friends are mine cheat on their husbands they're going to have less and why she said is that kind of behavior spreads. Gone. She ended extreme at the time. But now. Excellent sense. And now another day of total twenty tantalizing trumped sweetheart this team between church and found that Tera show America cannot afford. But twitters presidency bush got 1063. WORD. I'm really not a bad person by the way. Very sure but it just squeeze it out about the appointment of the special counsel. Arab emirates team. With all that took place in the Clinton Campaign and Obama administration there was never a special counsel. Appointed. This is the single greatest early tonight. I may politicians. In American history. Do you agree 803 point 7106310. Point 701. Jury 71 problem. There's between six classic clash sharply. Would be statement put out for the White House in Trump's name last night quote as I. Say many times a thorough investigation will confirm what we are you know there was no collusion between my campaign and any for an anti look forward to this matter concluded quickly. In the meantime I'll never stop fighting for the people on the issues that matter managed to the future of our country. No telling if they ran that by him when they put it out of buddies now contradicting it which will be the big story today he really needs to. Hope Corning this media message. He really did you know I think trump thinks that he you know I won the election by not listening to people and so now I can just. Via my own a one man PR team and any use you can't not not at this level you cannot run the government. Injure PR operation. He knowing he's in the brain Karl rest. I don't agree with the advice that he gave George W. Bush but that me and to keep everybody on message like nobody else. He's bring in some it was and disciplined and listen to him and I don't know if his ego will allow him to humble himself that way. The nation's future depends on. It depends on was this yesterday is this from CNBC. Here this on sick at this they're talking. On the nation's foremost. Financial channel. Yeah I was wondering Hashemi wants to muted reaction in the and all the markets against the news today. And perhaps it's because not because the market thinks there's a constitutional crisis because it already assumes impeachment. If you think about it just sort of from a common point of view if you of president pence. And a Republican congress you have a much greater chance. For a very capital friendly agenda of tax reform and fiscal spend before the election of 2008. Scenario Ari assuming impeachment by the way breaking news Roger Ailes just died. The Fox News being basically the engineer the creator of Fox News as huge. As it is. I today. And this on the heels of the scandal of course he was forced out to out because of sexual harassment. Allegations against him many of which were substantiated. 80347163. Text line 71307. These are where it where are we rate now. Where are we right now. Be chasing Jay fits. Who helpfully volunteered series he's got a subpoena the Komi memo. He's headed the intelligence committee. He once I you know he's he's as he's calling for investigating trump went winless you know hey listen you have a special counsel Robert Miller who's highly respected. Former FBI. Head Robert Miller you really think about this. Where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to to prosecute. We'll show adjacent stop. The talk of impeachment by the Democrats. I thought that is gonna slow and up now they're just gonna change your talking points the Democrats. By the way I'd love their new found commitment to openness transparency and accountability I mean where that come from all of a sudden it. Come January 20 they are all for it. But they're just gonna change or talking points and say this administration. Is in chaos and by the way it's under investigation himself at that have a special counsel. He'll hear them he needs is already chairman advance it didn't an insatiable desire. They have no ideas they have no policies and so it's there's scorched earth mentality and approach. To just say you know let's burn it to the ground then and that's their approach. Do you think the democratic members we see on television alleging a conspiracy involving trump and couldn't believe that there was actual collusion between the two. Big week if they do where's the evidence. I'm happy to pursue it but I don't have anybody actually presenting me any evidence. And now that we're this many months it took come up with something I mean you look that'll last week or so that Maxine Waters. Saying that somehow I would suspect that my ties to the couple I can kidney I'm living in Utah for goodness sake what. Does it mean they're just you can not stop him no accountability. He didn't oh yeah I can see it's a threat out there of just over the Great Salt Lake it's right over there. So what's your reaction from Republicans. What's the act reaction republic this is so telling these capital Washington Post. They got a leads conversation. Bombing it was between pop right he's ahead of the house ands. They beat and Kevin McCarthy whose demon you know majority leader and house. And they're durst around together and neared joking. Lashing out let me laughing at the idea that the the Russian tactic DNC. And then go on to joke. It you know idea here here's my card unit trains for this big scoop today who are supposed by the way the Russians happy DNC and got the opposition research they had lunch from an in you they're roaring. At the idea that this actually happened. Anyways to rhinos on yeah the Russians tactic DN CNN rises maim your McCann Reese is get the opposition resurgent renders on trumped. Again like Trenton limited to Newhan currencies like. Yet there's two people I think food Fay's real barker in terms and they all just die laughing. This is some behind closed doors thanks. Which you see in your television is the theater. This is the reality the idea one that the Russians hacked DNC and you that there were they trumped you know with it is somehow colluding with them. Is not to send them into gales of laughter behind closed doors they think this is the biggest joke I've ever heard. So global that McCarthy. And Ryan. Did you know. On it is gospel is believe his gospel truth and in Washington they're Russians hacked the electorate had the DNC ray even have to believe that. Both Ryan and McCarthy publicly had stated that they believe they are certain they know that the Russians hacked the DNC. And that the Russia or and or that the Russians. Packed the election. What do they really think. That's the story here. They think the idea that that happened is hysterical. Turn on the camera yes it's a Ferris are spread its environment we got is a big yes of course with all the Russians the pack. Behind closed door worst. The idea that any of this happened. Is an have to send them into deals of laughter which laid the western coast of literally inches or see her face notre it was paid by the Russians. Morons. Just goes to show you the whole press conference history is all political theater. It's all an act. It's a put on. Even the top Republican leadership notes. What a joke. Terms collusion is but what a joke any idea that the DNC and Podesta or hacked by the Russians is they believe they. Police say for the cameras to save their party their majorities in their president. Yeah well. So the swamp creatures had that sense. We miss walking when did in trump. Mitch McConnell ahead of the senate pick yesterday. Bold is good Dunn is a month ago. Six weeks ago to announce. That. Add that tax those things get the day you would we're not gonna deal. Are we really said was you know what I just decided. With trump looking so we get all. That extra leave. I'm gonna block it unless it's revenue neutral what does that mean well that means if we cut taxes for working you know Americans and corporations. To raise him somewhere else but what does that mean in what Republicans. And I can vote to raise taxes. They can't have that I'm in a Republican primary you voted to raise taxes which colors that that means tax reforms debt. Why did he do this when he could die in two months ago as they've been debating the tax bill. Abacus trump looks weak. Looks vulnerable to him looks vulnerable to McConnell. As this came from. No Mitch McConnell believe me notes here's the economic record every time tax cuts and tried. The revenue coming into the treasury the tax revenue source. Senator it's. Ron Reagan did it wages over the following decade it increased by 15%. We get a boom times. And boom revenue coming into the treasure but look. This is known to. Have a step we have revenue neutral while a few more revenue you cut texts. This washing Joseph points out this isn't a unique time in American history because Nellie was that the normal revenue increase generated into the treasury if you cut taxes. But because we have the highest corporate tax rate on earth. I had to top record 39%. But we don't Europe now averages in the high teens. The appeal with that. And so we would also see something that is not really benefactor would have a tax cuts I'm and that's Americans. American companies are repatriating their headquarters. We knew him from offshore. Which means these companies are going to be paying taxes here instead of say in Ireland's. Or some other country. And so you gotta pull in sources of revenue that can be found whereas before you know we we didn't in your generated text and we didn't have the highest tax rate on. We do. He does you might come back you ABC seeing other countries that we're not paying taxes that are American and we're not Pena the treasury will be. You're gonna see a lot more investment here. Basically boom times for the rec treasury. Amiss count noses here's comes down to investors business daily today saying listen none of this matters if Donald Trump can get the economy for our backup cannon right. They're right and the best way to defeat track. Universally. Is to crash the economy and that is exactly what Mitch McConnell. Republican head the senate is trying to do you can't look at it any other way listed as. This is investor's business daily poll showed that public approval of trust handling of the economy has sagged since he took office in January. Aggregate of polls shows the public's out evenly split on his handling of the economy or try to enjoy an eleven point favorable margin is going. God. On what what about. Now where to go economic optimism index. Dropped it in made a few too one point 3% had been 56 point four in just February. As a hope for the future is beginning to fade here and Mitch McConnell seemed trump this week has just delivered a sledgehammer. To that. By the way also telling the Washington Post can't paint. Instead we delaying has tagged as a million toys MD was like we want to get it done this congressional session which means no tax cuts in 2018 or listen. That's about all it's gonna take to get Democrats won the houses of congress. Which I'm telling you I know it sounds nights is exactly the Republican leadership wants. Because what their donors why. Ifs if they can keep trump from getting those tax cuts though reds the economy. He loses. In twentieth when he and Mitch McConnell sensing Wii this year. Jesse made at the first to move to kneecap the economy is constituents too by the way and is party. But matter everything's not getting trump.