The Tara Show 4-20-2017 Hour 4

The Tara Show
Thursday, April 20th

The New York Times article that has Tara fired up, Trump's tax plan, What happens when people go to Washington.


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Play good morning terra OK. I you know I can't understand what I was so frustrated yesterday. I really was I just lost it. And I am enemy the mistake of of losing it on face but may nations the parliament but for a few minutes you know and when you really Feely feeling pasting every man about to yeah spoke step away for five minutes as you can still opposed to rented anyway. Because I'm I'm I'm tremendously frustrated OK let alone is back from an OK I was reading his New York Times article which almost never do but it was written by Steve Forbes I thought it might be true. Column you okay did get big business is the national bank. NASDAQ. The country. Got a look at the very specific. Tax plan that trump offer which was very some very simply is basically right very simple tax them. Since trumpet selected they wanted to plant jumped for joy in anticipation. We have the federal government. As well as you know private investment firms whose you know I'd Bank of America whose you know in anticipation of the economy growing at a rapid clip people respect. Saying. It would text the term tax plan around FE does that the infrastructure stuff this con he's going to be on first to be awesome. So they react to this tax plan as written raid under the assumption that tramps and a go Gary's going get it done right. And what happens star ever to just 10% to less than three until it was insane. In that we have the highest consumer confidence reported in sixteen years. Okay. And a noticeable point so what is the GOP duke did stupid party. They dropped keep the plant Internet no no. It clearly the markets think it'll work have you seen a huge search. Yeah. Nauert and we not to do this nine and I stand now America. And in this is what this New York Times articles about. That. Trump is listening to Paul Ryan who for some bizarre reason. Is insisting that Travis tax cuts be revenue neutral now when a bottom line to increase funding for Planned Parenthood. In two paid for Obama care and throw that you know the budget deep into the red all right I was like cool awesome yeah I would like. I don't care how much we have to borrow this tramp points a tax cut punter Ryan suddenly becomes deeply concerned about revenue neutrality. And Steve Forbes and these guys who are ready New York time using listen. And we do a tax committee document to win when Ronald Reagan did his wages. Rose 10%. This. Tenet percent of the next fifteen years biggest boom on ever recorded in modern history which turns into an additional revenue with the goes into English treasury dinky. Paul Ryan is insisting on revenue neutrality at the day now I'm. You know who's never would take an insult or challenge sit down from like the likes of Rosie O'Donnell and for some reason is all right juror fine would do the Paul Ryan way all day. What day and we have record revenues coming into the treasury. Right. Think tennis and had something and you know what Steve Forbes and these other guys too they are conscious and he listened. Would not be revenue neutral at first. But it's. If not for a few years it will be more money always comes into the treasury for tax cuts. But Paul rising must be revenue neutral drums are okay so I mean they literally in the New York Times article they're writing about you know it's called wire Republicans making tax reforms are hard. Ominous to try iron out attempting to rewrite the entire tax cut. And it like don't just go in here and slash American corporate tax rates to the standard for the rest the world which is 15% not 35. You know Canada twelve Mexico. Load teens. You know just go any do that come back later. You want to monkey around with the tax cut. Just it's an easy fix it's one page do it. No and don't ask accurate initials so they put how trump is gone. This is amazing from eight tax plan went look at he's a liberal Wall Street institutions. They're politically liberal anyway. And I like. This is gonna fire the economy that tax plan. They've gone from that tax plan which is very simple and it was just repatriating the well off shores soupy congress to bring back that the corporate tax cuts all that stuff it's very simple. They go for now at trump and Ryan to turn in. Texas. They're Dave batted around in the recent weeks a bad tax. Which is though that border tax in order to actually the vat tax aide adding he vat tax. And they didn't. Tex please not that again that's been batted around to north committed to goods and went three ideas come out the last couple weeks right so we got from a tax plan. Bet terrified. The Democrats. Could tell how there weren't getting out there and how they're acting right. Because in the market surged 10%. A tax cut like that. Based solely off people thinking troubling moment is to breezing getting taxes. We're have to recent tax would have a tax cut the first place Hewitt Kuwait's that's just clinics. Stop now stop now and it would ports saying yes in the initial years it would not be remain neutral but. They were gonna have more fun serving in these you know surging and especially as these companies are able to re patriots. Repatriate rank is insisting on tax neutrality from day one. Because if we went one dollar into the red it would be a thing of bashed alarmed right now who didn't care. And Stanley. I don't understand you know this this guy trump her own you know way. Visteon rock Arnold Schwarzenegger criticizing him anyone after offers rate is eleven and why he letting stupid Ryan. With a 54% disapproval rating the highest ever recorded in Poland for a speaker. Higher disapproval rating by two points than when they drop kick John Boehner out the door he had 34% disapproval right institute for rate. I didn't then no higher disapproval than Gingrich hired to subdue a disapprove limp was why is trump. Letting this little pencil head we don't quite it's because he's needs to do the deals. That's that. Why don't we get to 4% disapproval rating. Fifty but that's when I was hit him but do you recommend that let us go to war. Here. Whom I mean yelling and Matty I'm still getting frustrated while I know this is the political system in which we war but here's the thing when you're trump in your approval ratings of fifty. And his disapproval ratings of 54 his approvals at 29. And you're sitting there and you're looking at the ideas back at this at this summer is coming back down once they really should not too in this plant. And you're looking at the fact you're never gonna get a single piece your agenda through and you will fail and you will not be reelected in four years. I wish you get this pencil handy way the U go to war and that's the only choice he has right now. And he's instead shocked this tax plant. At every one I didn't. And you are doing to trying to link him. Do I act out what to do it why can't he see winter duke Lee I'd get peace in these press release is for it to come from these cobra does organizational. Re okay incorporate is that the chamber com stir on the senate gallery did it I. Orion would not be offering. H 1% border tax hike that basically is a tax cut for Wall Street and tax hype for mom and pop right. Unless the chamber said he could 'cause he doesn't get to take a witness unless the chamber approved it. So on the when he and powerline is presenting this at the US chamber of commerce and he's. Any run with it and it and I'm getting these press releases tell Trout. America can't afford. That tax he's got around he's got her mom and pop you know bad trump for doing this they wanna come on the show. Com and that you're that's coming from the cobras in the chamber of commerce. She wouldn't do the shedding poll right not to pitch this should they can hit trump over the head for now. Same people. Up there it it's it's it's to ensure our needs to do was say no we're going with this. My way or the highway fight. Disease losing right now he mice will eight. And so first street why. She attacks planned it and edit Wall Street and stock market surged 10% not well yet. Democrats would show clearly that. I mean to get this worked up. I was sort of yesterday afternoon over the some stone worked up. A stored dab. It or try. We want. So Washington three let's look at changes them. I mean get all worked up. Amazing to me this is study of human nature. I. Personally known so many people who've gone to Washington. And I can because he was reporter covering these people. From the time they were elected to the City Council. And liberals when generally good to people misguided I think politically the good people. Great intentions. And you watched I mean by a tiny hit the legislature they've literally lost their mind. You cinemanow Washington three months later I'd seen some of the past people go to Washington. You personally. One member of slam. One person who serves in congress from this state. Who I knew 00. Wait back before it was ever elect retired how to raise money. So to the earth manner we want us. Swear three months Washington and lose their minds and you're looking at I'm going you know your comments and is gone what on earth to people sit there that is harsh solution might. Like this I didn't even luge reminds like in terms of politically disagree with is not that. They literally lose the company's they had when they were out here walking around with us and it was really obvious. What you could do to make the American people happy. You know I mean trump floating that he might not leave the Paris climate change think I don't what that was about. As bizarre. Am into golf when trump because you know you listen to the show you're gonna hear a long litany of the things that he's doing their amazing and wonderful especially on immigration diet. I'm never would happen to me in a way and so I'm very careful to catalog all don't don't take this is strong passion is not. This is more wonderment and anti human psychology here in trusted tough got. And you're campaign. And how many people thought he was never getting on the Republican primary if he didn't change his stripes and dots you know say this say that you couldn't win everybody. From spam head Karl Rove who looks like a big talking spamming your seniors is head is just the same shape subpoenas 8090 to spam out. No I mean any channels but it never loses that shape. Which is how you know Sam's not right about annie's head is is his head reminds me anyway expand our Milliken. Yemen all said today he's did you he can't win like this you wouldn't change and wouldn't change when she reminisce digging care he was going down his own way. And that about him for few people have that kind of backbone to take that kind of criticism keep going to a their. I don't understand why this is changed into the Washington. You know when he was out among eyes it didn't matter how many times you saw on fox Megan Fox was glad everything went from a terrible. That is like CNN we're terrible and any didn't crack under. Here we are. Where is three months ended this day. And tell the terror level of Democrats mean so desperate they're talking you know Russian spy. Rate pathetic and desperate that looked. I just seeing the stock market what more 10% gains less than three must not jury yet. It's still this. Is consumer confidence ratings. Sixteen years. The the young national bank. Vick know all kinds of international banking agencies Wall Street forecasts at a Bank of America tries please note that forecasting growth. Do we senior dec eight and you re growth forecast I didn't read it in December and January before it was not accurate. And you are very clear why would growth pact of trust and slash or corporate tax rate from 35 today on the 15% wears the wrestles appease the far he can't. Creed jobs during left. Connie is gonna grow may be able to grow a greater than a 2% clip that's amazing these days. You may. It's as simple tax plan implement it now. Republicans took a look at the 10% surge in the stock market. Based on just those things and I know can't just plain got through and we've we might succeed we did that. And trump. And along. I expect Ryan to attempt to lose. He understands something you know watch this. Paul Ryan would rather see this economy crash than truck succeed. Even if he agrees in principle of what terms do you. It doesn't matter he's kind of vitamin every angle. We don't forget who he hits he's got who lost when he ran for president. He's a small petty man. He's Romney's sidekick. And nothing has worn torn him in the chamber of commerce plays and trump talent and it doesn't matter would cost the country. I get I expected it I've been clear mind the whole time it's trump I don't understand. My god if a plant that caused the NASDAQ a war like that. It's. And still floating all time highs. Or near them depending on day. I see you wouldn't stop me I'd be down there every day. How much money like need to raise your tank campaign get dad passed. No own cheap to scrap the plan. Ryan doesn't like it needs trying to pass it why. Why should you run to pass. Hindi trying to pass it and how he's in cherry controls legislative count if he is Dead Man Walking. 54% disapproval rating the highest ever meet republicans' approval. A congress was at 50%. Carson pub control 50% on the detente was inaugurated is it 31 now among Republicans. German Politico article in the beginning Mark Sanford. God bless and where am at a Charleston. But it's no wonder shut his mouth and so we told us the treaties and everyone's terrified appear where we are afraid her districts of tribes support we trust wants to both these these chairs and. We don't we we would do. We grew Terrence but yet some if we are great chance subordinates hair didn't. Everywhere are just sick to get out. There was palpable fear. This power. I for sure he could call us right away somebody like Ryan gotten way. He'd call on us. I'm waiting to go to war. And pull the trigger. And study says win and you have to scrap. And so Steve Forbes in any returns his de Amy and each. Had literally gone. From a a tax plan celebrate. In so I. Market prices to stuffing and Dane people with money no they know. Hello quaint. Way give them. To accepting Ryan's premise that has to be revenue neutral. Eggs. Hanks. Playing a bad tax and a vat tax. As Ryan's idea both of those. Only trump the trump people of kicked around a carbon tax. Us. Market to react to those things I want to play. Basically asking what are they kept it what how why me. I quit my god chose the fight head against Rosie O'Donnell. Earl Schwarzenegger. We beat we beat Paul Ryan you. Rid Paul Ryan you. Supposed to record fund raising numbers of these companies congressional districts. Chamber money anymore. He took in the past they of the chamber. She overcome that if trumps reason for yeah. Pulled strings pull any IOUs. Let's pass this and this is what Steve Forbes is sang in. In in New York Times say is a remarkable article and it's up on my FaceBook page and he's. He's saying listen. Yet if you wanna sit there and tinker around Tribune neutrality and in whatever rewrite the text of Austin T deadly 201820. We use now. He's not fighting he's not fighting Ryan is not fighting an actual life and I can say because that is not trust nature. The guy who would never not calendar would never change is campaign to conform to anybody three months in Washington and he's letting Paul ranked 54% disapproval rating run a circus. And texture writes Terry no one has the balls to challenge Ryan. So dis so disapproval ratings don't mean anything. Truck has never been without the ball to challenge anyone until now why any. Asking you you haven't because I'm I'm not story. It Democrats. Would steer it it's had some planned. That would make the stock racquet a market roared 10% gains all time highs in less than three months they would implement it on day one. History it's your apologize for criticizing trump just tell us what's going on those of us with ears to hear in listening. Had an asking you what's going on could not I'm not often lost. Today a loss. Experienced terror and nothing you've said yet has been offensive about try. Vince just offensively his criticism standup and fight. They think he could win and if he doesn't fight guarantee bus he's got nothing to lose. Text racetrack knew what to say to get elected now he's playing ball with the establishment. Why. Why. Yeah adamant go off on this they do this something that I'm so battle between benignly on the business and suicide December and wheat bread from tax cuts to and you know I have sort of we've sort of his dream package we we invest in an and you have these conversations in December X how excited we were and how. But with a huge tax cut week it's tweet totaling you would we we even bought. With the from tax cut and who exactly what we would finally pull the trigger on. You know we spent and we spent thousands of dollars more this year than we normally deck if he'd keeping come on day one that tax cut and we're still waiting. We're still waiting Americans are waiting for something and and we just the whole yesterday. Where you consumer confidence still weigh all time highs but Americans are still holding back on a spending as if they don't have confidence. And if it didn't seem concrete action. And it's just I don't I'm trying to understand why trot an I mean why he's letting Paul Ryan dictate to him. In a way he would never put up with from Rosie O'Donnell Megyn Kelly all or girls Schwarzenegger. Jennifer it's a much FaceBook page of about dispersant to use said he bomb Syria to make a leak stopped the deep state week start stop terra. And they have that means he caved to race. So we have to consider it is an aches inscrutable negotiation or is caving again because Ryan has the power to impeach him work. Maybe did trump the reason trump won't release the senate visitor logs or whatever but wind it is to go for anything. Is his he subtly meeting with people we're going to help him. Host Ryan but for now he has to keep him mollified until he can call. Check me I don't know but I'm real sick of seeing that gigantic nose and those blue eyes of Brian's looking so innocent when he's keeping America week. Again Judy. For Easley what do you think Judy. Yes I think Brian as a the entire term that trumps presidency. That and you know remain so discussion. Throw their community owned without replacing Lee in. We need somebody to Israeli informed and on this subject. The debt there's trade there's no wonder reply instantly and as I understand it. And you know we tried to tell. Our representatives in the first place about. Ryan. I think it will lessen. And so literally but I'm the candidate. Active city it is just just don't that they had trouble for Anwar was the hope presidency at drone. And and everybody lies I'll for the tank spray the simplification. Of the tax. It's. And there's just dump their completeness with Ryan Lipton mayor as speaker of the ounce. And you don't Judy it's funny because it whoever's standing in the kitchen and pentium my husband. And they do about a lot topics that end up on the show I like to hit him first and what's his face and see how he responds. He's my sort of test audience and I can remember just being very sentencing you know it was the week up to try selection and and do their speaker race was that week and Andrew Ryan offer to set set aside. And any didn't make and he backed him I was I was floored by that I submit all Al I owe it trumps the one termer if he if he loses every pregnant egg it if he's on time this did this is undoing right here is part right he can do this why did you notice. Why suspect the reason was easy just one he had expected to win he had not. Done the ground work somebody who had expected to win wouldn't do to get rid of the speaker and he was afraid he loses first major battle against that and restarted the time. But I also noses and doing and we're watching it right now. We're watching it where it literally watching it right now Jinni from Easley good morning. Blood is politically surrounded we it's photos ultimately go to Korea. Liberal. A leading the people he went in there we have and the people he decided to the loop in mayor. You know but don't find Troy ounce beer and I am patrol slate you can lifting to do a I can't really discuss between. Something we can get rid Iran run no big problem they will go podium medal while bank which is push deep. We we sit down there we call you an eternal. That bulk and so. Called Baidu had noted they vote so that mental stability Patterson thank god we got it but for guerrillas stepped. They want to get a dollar and their opinions are so well I started. It went in to Jimmy but should just warm confused okay. I gave quite a bunker and Gerry have our have so much face time management administration has a knack remember sitting near horrified. On Leno with the level of the spying on tropical discredit calls leaked and singer they must be sitting in the White House going on and I would came in a phone call. On that they're not watching listening and leaking and so you can see why he surrounded himself only with blood. I'd actually get that more so even in during Nate you because he's under complete siege from the heat stayed and he literally Tammy you could. You within his spot could hire anybody. You must keep her eyes and that's very as we get that but don't get Jimmy outlook we surrounded himself with. Jere Dovonte yet it is pretty big part advise him during the campaign did we see the stuff from trump and now. And with all of the pressure was on trumped to just not a wonder he don't just accept this non Newton couple modern ideas who wouldn't do it. You know he would not do it and vodka and Jerryd dear but it is so I don't. You know why why now what his changes is not. Late hit and I think Jimmy is they all get in this so you sold their soul Welch is worries worries he doesn't have to sell as well. He doesn't he'll go on the steps. You wanna. Sell you gonna get anything from changing his points of view he setting all time fundraising records these commerce members. Need days. Isn't need to accountant Brian Wright and that the balance is all off here and he's playing it as if he's the one with the 54% disapproval rating not ride. I don't understand. I I I don't under understand that. And I know I was hoping maybe you could give me some insights on the tax letter saying to me has crossed my mind what they have on him. Something many used to in the in in the M a should I mean we now know they were. Beaten you know when I mean they were they or I mean spying on him like Tony fifteen. So yeah thing. You know I would just lead get it or they used to so I I I'm not convinced it's that either. Just. And and it can am perplexed. And that's rare for me I normally can figure out what's going on well in a much ahead of everyone else and for me to be perplexed I mean. So weird situation. But you know all of this ONG. I am really begin with this lip readers the New York Times are flipping out. Why. Because there are good rears are showing a an American this is Debra Bremer read in turn explain this to an emerging hostility. Among liberal women. To the demands by gay and transgender activist and that kiss just turned treatments and sex change surgery be given to girls young girls. Who show typically boyish behavior and attitudes. Like reporting dresses and long hair preferring you know contact sports or per play frank fighting. The article which was a backlash is little very liberal mother she supports legal rights for people who wanna live as members of the opposite sex she's down and I let. Amber she says her for her girl and her daughter is a is a total. And is often mistaken for able she says I would that with a haircut to the daughter has she looks like Luke Skywalker in episode four. My daughter wears tracked into T shirts she shaggy short hair. Must put out your friends your boy is she's forty strong incredibly sweet girl. And everybody knew these kinds you girls in Tom is putting these pretty grown up. Well we now these girls. And Tom always. Under attack. Ever you want to get an email and you must be strange yeah. I don't refresh you what they should prod you. She says the last six once it's begun. She's been asked by her pre pediatrician by her teachers by teacher people who are known for many years. If she feels like or wants to be called. A boy. They're try to be understanding. Some sizzle transgender things got tight. And is is really chicken off Vermont. She said also is right we'll celebrate the diversity of sexual and gender identity we also need to celebrate tumble ways other girls who fall outside the narrow confines of gender roles. Don't tell and they're not girl's. As a she says her daughter is getting his message again and again and again well if you you know if you don't look early ish. USP tray and what I'd you don't company you. And this is really make her mom mad. I just did check the teacher said was caught a boy ray or is she a boy that wants to be called to grow which is it again I cocked my head she writes. I am used to correcting strangers who mistake my seven year old daughter for 400% it's time. Infected love correcting them making them reconsider their perceptions of what a girl looks like the my daughter. Has been attending campus after school program where this woman taught for six it's. The article says prompted an emotional response by liberal women who fear young girls are being pushed. Even where pay. Or face a lifetime of fertility string male hormones and dangerous surgeries. Because transgender activist. Won a blur the legal insipid distinctions so you can't be it's only. Abbott is everyone is injured trained gender and tries to accompany him. Here's the liberal commentators that responded to this article. This is against the liberal. Think you for this was a tomboy who actually went through a phase in which it'll everyone was a boy gave myself a boy's name and more boys clothes. The reason was that boys had a good toys and games and careers I wept bitterly and having been born a girl I was Smart aggressive and decided. I was again alleged beating a girl stand in the way up what I wanted to do opium life a bit chilly I discovered bullies grew up. And became a reasonably well adjusted heterosexual would. I shutter to think what would have happened had this pre pubescent gender reassignment. Mom stays at my present at a fed then available. I might have Ben very eager for not understanding I was setting my soap opera like ten of surgery and costing more jobs. Here's another woman cutting a liberal. Commenting are in danger of not only figured. Simply trimming just children's imaginations. By constructing pink and blue prison just. Were each of these fascinating things can only belong to one gender but worse literally trimming children's perfect bodies to fit rigid rolls. And it bottom line is it to top Tom voice. Are under attack. Did you can't be it's humbling when she got to be transgender signing and he can't just decide you know I don't like taxes. Bite on play. A clinic treats currently dolls. Will you let's meet you guys need gender reassignment the year you know therapy and on blocker no. The slurs and this is what this is the live women flee forget these conservatives. Anyway I second this is funny. On in general in general gay and transgender activists are try to impose a gender list society and American society. Which is no illegal and civic recognition that the two equal and complementary sexes. Both heterosexual and homosexual. Once a single sex institutions and practices. And they're saying they do. That was stereotype me just to I don't dress you know like a girl doesn't mean I'm transgender I just could mean I watch Star Wars and our top haircut on the was cool. This funny. So these girls they're now they're now they're now standing out. And it how do you stay put on them. And you know repeatedly questioned USP trench to answer. For just except Tom girl with cool wasn't. If she's always been tough script sports to climb tree like on the boy's neighborhood. He's not. School and so it. Whole weekend I snuck into left wing image methods of sure exterior perplexed is that same thing as being bum puzzled. Yes I'm bum puzzled as well thank you.