The Tara Show 4-20-2017 Hour 3

The Tara Show
Thursday, April 20th

 How the news is picking the news to cover, Bill O'Reilly, making relationships great again. 


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Good morning Elaine good morning to our listeners has just texted me because I said I was an unmanned skills yes how they make you attractive now we have me. They make men attracting even after kind of plane you know and women raped and as attractive as handsome men who do not have the man's feels right. Yes and I should offer free or those skills is on passion artistic it's the ability like if you could go do something with your you know what with her hand build style. But that I just think that's a really attractive quality man. Yes so whenever techsters owned wanted to impress me is volunteered that he has a 17100 square foot basement that he just finished for his wife. Wow yet she's married rock pride you have the 17100. Square feet yes that's the size in my house he spent three months doing it well. Yeah awesome and she thinks is sexy too that's why did you. Now my wife keeps watch in this HT VTV things and all those flip and flop and rebuilding rehab yeah. Yeah side coming at me depressed because I can't do and that's no limit to maker last. Cities as I was just as well now. Wallace where crepe list coming in to go on too much of a jokers so Colonia. Well you gotta be good qualities we your Smart I don't like that about you. Well I tell you it's when dissenting justices sort of sticking in my craw and I Kimberly this G member. Or win in. Aren't we did didn't miss her everything possible and preying on people just because their race to work I mean. Apatow I'm and they literally were in church had invited him into their service I know. Which was in singing and heat repay them by slaughtering them. And it was heartbreaking. And the genuine new sorrow. Came in just a horror on the part of this entire state and any scene like yeah all of the people showed up for the visually or black they were white. And he bore in tears when they urged bush stepped. People Americans cared people care and mean it went in it was it was covered and it was the biggest story for the longest crystal a huge story. An enemy in the end it there where and we need to have a confederate flag is something our governor said she would not do. You know reverse yourself on it. Everything to make it right. You know we did and people did out of just don't more distant because he does not represent who we are as a people and there were no riots in this is out there were no riots there was no violent snow. None none of it. And it didn't go because you're only mainstream media. It's big ones blaming all of the people in the south of horrible culture and it was all our fault it was terrible skim rape but we didn't act that way not not to South Carolina and and it was it I had it was just it was heart rate was huge story. It was it was all of those things. Rate and more real people I mean we heard a heartbreaking stories are not just how they were killed but where they were in their family in their lives it's time in Los analyst we we knew them very well including a state senator Democrat who got along great with Republicans and actually work to try to get things done. Yes. Real people to the country yes and a country and especially state genuinely want them. This shocked me yesterday and it's because we have that software that you know would they make a sneak make issues here. On to figure out what everyone sharing on social media talking about with the big stores a look at its contact is just fascinating to me. GOP ally is. This race they shooting in Fresno by Corey Allen Muhammad never made the top ten I'm not surprised never even made to talk tech. Trump's wife you know bumping is and to do the pledge of allegiance down top ten I can I can see that yeah over the weekend yet. Jason Jason it's leaving congress we'll talk about that moment top ten. A guy Korea Ali Mohamed slaughters for people because they're white movement that scarce you know when you should read. Who he killed. I was tearing up this morning heart breaking. One of them this guy on who would he would he would find additional as life. Was a great father. Had I gotten a job had gone Catholic social services and because it was when it was first page Jack and so to bridge the gaps he got groceries for Stanley then it must eventually ending for him to do. Father of two boys. Late ninth choice fourteen Lleyton said he was the nice to study in the world he would take care meaning me smile and take your me since I was a baby he's funny really nicely mean laugh all the time. While the report it was there. Late spends a lot of his time on the go funny account the Phillies using to raise money for the family from this memorial. Because Lleyton is worried that they won't raise enough for his Staten to have a funeral that rips my heart out but you need to know about is that his death was homeless at one point. And you had then basically you know comeback primary had been publicly for the most part together he would only he'd recently lost his job not because of alcohol is emerging which is can he buy it was numbed economically down repeat got a new. And in its lame. Giddiness kids when I have been watching a he would have people from a homeless shelter over to his house to eat. Because he had such a passion for them because he'd bet there black people white people didn't matter. Didn't matter. And he had to go back to that same shelter in jeans Kevin social services to get that bag groceries which for him was unusual usually he was there helping and volunteering and this who got killed up because he was white. Never mind the homeless people he was having a 38 were black sometimes you're black you're white you when you know there's been whatever he didn't hear that's who we want it's. Is another guy Zachary Randall's 39 he's good or sound young we killed he was in the Pacific gas and electric track. Bothered to. Preschoolers. He's just want to write a long first time he jabbed. Shot in the head for being late and just like in Charleston. Is there aberration and a it's a one day story never made the top ten who cares. And his friends say listen you ISIS' is really open minds standup guys know no boundaries of race religion beliefs are ending was in here he's just this really nice guy. The most heartbreaking one has to be this Francine williams' mother security guard Carl Carl Williams who was 25 describe dishonest kind in giving. He recently got engaged. It was Toys 'R' Us this was the second security job blood till six when behind shot multiple times. And Francine says the one thing to keep her going is that right before her son was killed she happened to CM and she told him how much you love them how proud she was. He told her he loved it too. Some very very grateful I was able to say goodbye made at that moment but prior to that it is she said that I was able to tell my son how much I loved him you know he was wait. Shot for being white by the way the police say that discordant Alley momma says he he doesn't care he's an early and remorseful now he's glad he did it. He tell how he's any different from the Charleston sugar where's the outrage. Where does that mean this is going this is this this is I mean this is a new thing okay organs are shooting people because of their race in this country. That's new. We're seeing a lot of reside in Dallas and cops somehow that that's you now where is the outrage he would read these people are humans do them. A lot of mail accounts were good people who are logged by their families. Where is the outpouring of sympathy where are all the people pulling the candles in the dark where's the memorials where is all of it. Where's the media attention where it I know where's the region especially to get a confederate flag. Were the legislators that are talking about what we've got to do to stop this the people who want talk about racial division and we can make better whereas any of that. It's just amazing the double standard cubic having not so it is in the top ten and and does that really surprise us. Now. Now it doesn't. Let's say about the value of life. I sober never black lives matter of course they do all lives matter to you can't tell us now you can only say black legs Mac. What these deep wedges seem to matter much to anybody today. I just I can't believe the where societies in seconds it it'll be his become so acceptable. That people more aware it would be killed for their race because of their race we don't except it the other way around as we saw its Charleston shooter nor should it. I'm but this becoming acceptable even though it's new. To where this barely break even that Kenny and cracked the top ten stories in the country when four people died and passed the country. As a whole yeah. I mean when you look at what may talk to act. And enemies just trick stuff. Now probably more interest in bill Riley or Aaron Hernandez. But those more coverage. Or coverage but more tryst. Tech stories there was outrage wait outrage of the Charles and shooting yes there why it's. Tester race Terry don't get why people deserve to get killed near the oppressors I think I'm some media think that. Talent there there is. There is they sentiment Al and yet there's that sense of well it's understanding it's understandable no it's not it's understandable. Not at all. I what are I mean did people not feel any thing for these victim is and why. Like the whole country feel for the chart in the Charles and he's guilty of those people but not here. I insist is she studying. Any any sort of an indication of what direction our country's hat in hand exactly know. Had a quantified and no it's not good. I could 80347. 1063. Text line 71307. The common sense retirement planning text client. Yeah text erased Erez black American my heard goes out to the victims the Fresno Fresno massacre. The shooter should be put to death on live TV innocent lives lost for nothing that god bless it simplifies us as Tony. The Spartanburg. Story I found Alex is interesting. I found a damaged race people in America today or wait liberal colonials. Who. Text your rates Tara let me show have been married for 45 years and I think man is at his sexiest when he's taking care of his pet interacting with it. My husband is so great with her little tuxedo cat. So says Estella. You guys can assist lynch men on and always on the tennis is little to slow things that endear you to women. Yeah now we got to study sheds approve this. Which is interest and yet Plame guys will be rated just as handsome as handsome guys. If they have man skills what does that mean. Creative. And a talent. Can't tell the paint crashing determine guitar artistic skills are funny things like. By the way pride ladies this is so unfair it doesn't work in a way around you don't get to be beautiful if you're just plain because you have skills. Nope it does not attract any cancer attractiveness to men one iota button can use this. The confines of cool way to dip. Arie speaking of men and women an attraction. And maybe where there shouldn't be any. May probably heard about Bill O'Reilly by now race. When he think about that. Bill O'Reilly outdoor. Well early surprising he deserved it I mean come on how many women did they have to pay out before they were gonna get tired of how many advertisers did they have to lose. Before they'd say no more. Fox News did the right thing with they probably should done awhile ago these women stacked up. Pay them off. Can't argue with any of that but ultimately would enjoy this what was different from all the other women they paid off in the past with a right week. Is it to advertise this a begun to flee. I you know were in this business I tell you get the best ratings on earth but me and if if the average price is not buying your show you're done and carrot the audience thinks there's a punitive reduce would be used to make money. Is it capitalist enterprise. So is Fox News. So I really act out what point was down just five advertisers left on the show there haven't filled blanks and so out the door O'Reilly gets. Right. The outrage of the average TV. Show CA someone like that. A good. Now could have that. The question is the age he hears that pillow Reilly. Was a predator. A serial sexual harasser. Sexual intimidator. Is that. Is the outrage that he did it while leaning right. I'm a rightwing. Network. What this had been found should be outrageous. We're here liberal. On CNN or MSNBC. Now probably think pattern around this does things that shows. You. That don't really care about sexual harassment. Data. Let me tell you what Hyundai dumped Bill O'Reilly. And that was the beginning and it. Rape as we see Kemp is a programming each year values and inclusion and diversity. Tolerance. Tolerates this engenders tolerance pop tarts. OK some sort kind Hyundai went couldn't be seen on Bill O'Reilly show anymore. It is a partner with. The Clinton foundation. Her her with the Clinton foundation. Yep they put on me golf turn it to charity every year. And punish and Bill Clinton. Who just like a rally paid off women who we Natalie sexually harassed but physically. Sexually harassed bill Clint. Andy still in partnership with. And I read this. Would be it would Miller rarely see a pattern here continues Allstate. Annual of this Allstate. Has -- they dropped O'Reilly saying kind of blah blah blah diversity bubble. Don't wanna be you know associated with blah blah. With the Clinton foundation. To put on is Allstate. A domestic violence program into domestic phones from. Clinton is of accused on national television break that crime woman. You pay off the others. Yet the Clinton. Harder in a week surely somebody else in America good partner with you on a domestic violence program Clinton's. A staple out of Russia CDC she she went on here. Shows is the wood Bill O'Reilly yeah it is that he didn't. Why are all having a great wing associations are kind of being right wing it's feast men maybe powerful conservative kind of a moderate it's to mix it. Put out their own self Wright's statement. Can't be associated ball blob Obama I guess who they partner. Still to this day even though they have drops their years long advertising on all right we showed epic that couldn't climate initiative. The problem little you know him to cranky. Illegal spanky. Beating grouping the occasional rain. Off of women to be silent about such deeds as low. As you're viewed or read climate change like quite have that right. You folks admits to miss a beat Mitsubishi C really care about women do. Naia. You know that's that's not what this is about. How about it she broke her ace also pulled their ads. From fox. From Fox's Bill O'Reilly show yourself very same thing and it up on Obama bond can't be associated with. Associated with. Nolan this. Donors to the Clinton foundation. Yeah. A check the federal elections committee reveals that he price is also a contributor to the investment company an issue of political action committee. That's their own political action committee who they are dying to overwhelmingly. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yes. In addition to their company donating to the Clinton. Foundation. Of groping rape payouts. To just for the record. Is find that says Misha B she Mitsubishi so exhausted. Rice farmers insure. Same thing donations to Clinton foundation. A partner with a two for another program initially they were cut also pulled her act. From the oh route leaving influence this did that the depth in the wake of the influence that Clinton punished by the way. I mean everybody must've been scared and they're McCain has kind donations. So line and note for the record none of these advertisers actually care about rape payoffs groupings sexual assault sexual resident. As long as your Democrat light you. That pretty much the way this Scott. Unmet and do women hippie with your wisdom is that. Nature to do and Judy Jordan showed thanks just just all old. I've been a long time. We're. You're a bit tired or thirty years. Out we're look at the book about two years ago. Outlook languages. The alternate managers all the but it basically said that each individual has one primary digital culture and language of love. Not just that little red light years that you didn't want it isn't. Yeah deal and didn't and personable. And it just so give me. Your chairman. Okay yeah. Jets this actual source bridge that sat out the elected people of yours. Acts of service support cremation. Pearson. Such quote. And that every one of those primary language that you couldn't pull it didn't look don't let they'll you know it helps. Awesome and and got by the way under Gibson did he specify a little more they would kind of sweet talking about it yeah. The outlook for example. I daughter. And and Egyptian not a industry are currently so Jerry Kelly parliament or. Except eight a care package and you're giving her. Oreo age martialed and trivial but all the protection and the phone calls it you know so great. It is just. Yeah you just appreciate it worked our site. You know you're looking great you're working. You know all this data they. So. Example just like an act circus but bachelor's. Ball acted sure how to do it acted. All the stuff but I tactic tactic clean. Out some sort of like bent. And it just. She changes her old. Well it's piercing the book is saying it's the five leveling would you have to figure out what love language in the person speaks is that the gist of it. Exactly well yeah and it is so it's great book and sometimes lived it but. Spears in the last two years at most critical date they have that one primary you know what it did you can do with Campbell met level. It can do wonders for your relationships only. That's what family or friends or even no war. Well good you know good a lot of textures are but always got texting and say that's a great book and they recommend it highly. Have to check it out five love languages. Pictures. On talking about this a book the five languages of love which have never read their collar was talking about. Terror acts of service no man was ever shot while washing the dishes. And if that's true I have to fact second but Ellison is probably dramatically decrease the ides that you will be killed by your way around him. Some joke about that yes texture race chaired a five love languages agreed but my wife's love language is acts of service and quality time by the lack. So says ray. Things I heard my husband and I when we went through marriage counseling ME ST this that it monitors here and for the gregarious. In on this eerie here's statistic in sticks with you forever. Fur on every one a negative. Verbal interaction. And by that Damon you know. You know that somebody is slam them for. Meant to and it worries delays eulogy Sox a flare again it sometimes ask you pick a month what's wrong with you. For every one of those. It takes nine positive interactions to overcome and you just beautiful and you do so great with kids. You had that happen. To think back on it you know I mean your spouse. Your family member whatever has said so many beautiful and wonderful positive things to in the past that one thing they said five years goes to suck in your hand your stomach about it. It's funny how our minds work that way that they just let go of the good. Why did you president again met my husband have to remind myself like who wow you know. Ney did is one thing coming nerves that currently what is he done for the whole rest of the week. You know. And it's usually a lot. And Emmerich but that is wrong with me when my thinking I'm mad about that athletica. Yeah it's funny and I and I actually a date night because my you know my dad was in town. And so we get to deluge we almost never knew him because he's we don't win only Americans with folks who weren't blood. As the world's too crazy to do that anger is out and and we are sitting next to this couple. Who it turns out he just got married. And I am Leno double time you're kind of like buying them because they were speaking you know fluent Spanish all times are wondering where they from what was historian you receive that. And show at a dinner the dinner and pick you want the best compliments of ignorant on. They did to Ann Emerson and where mulling over bills this isn't dead Japanese restaurant scene I also are on the table Syrian kind of right on top of each other. And should the and you know the grilling surface was can't do something when we're like at exodus we have a bet. You and for state. I mean when your first date to relate to certain laughingly known we've been married for over decade. Com and she says oh please keep your body language look like you guys were really into each other like it was a for state. You know or like an early date like you would just start dating your current idioms like not just best friends. Or so is like data for together we're really into each other we tend not to notice of the people. And it couldn't believe it has been married for like over ten years like yeah we have been. You know they just got married a week before and our same age they were kind of you know. Then they weren't you in a young. Young couple they weren't union Tony's couple whenever. And not seek a just please we start talking about marriage and entice her marriage as it is only one thing I've learned is the heart which need to know. To have your marriage work and you really extra point is almost any relationship long term relationship and figure out. They select the best advice is they'd asked for advice you know he seemed happy. Keller had fight. Not as it was in Corning you've got to learn how to fight. Because he was an ammunition you know I'm a fighter. I am on the fighter. And his tech stimulus yesterday's your husband ever wanna fight. You quit frequently actually. Ed begin our marriage. And I would fight non you know on every hill. Heated tip. We're both part heads. We we would and we may and we we had and we had to adjust the volatile relationship we where even the best of friends of the worst of enemies it was exhausting for all the time. With the times it. You know what I'm making up involved. If learned over time. The peak and certainly there's an art of war in marriage and relationships. You got to let the little stuff go and decide what Phil you're gonna dial. Brady not fight. You get but days. Yeah the other way should be a doormat. You know and you have to pick. What sort Diane on the hill for. And fight that fight and you know what don't let it but let everything else can pick up. Stuff notified years ago among. Them change. A discrepancy could get over it. I do and you know what my husband as who we are so much better at fighting them when we were kids really were kids when we started off. Enforcement. Navy's lead. The little things go but don't become dormant decide what did not Vista is that hill I'm gonna Diane no and all I know I can allow this. This is important to me. And you when you steal Ahmed hill and fight when you don't usually. Gets your attention. Tire intact. It is. As best according to guy would have quite tell you got to get good at fighting. Like that's it yep that's it my husband was agreeing a negative thing. Pick your battles. Your right Corning Terri used to you winner has been. Are hard heads you are hard head he is silly jarhead probably assume LOL Sosa's Wayne and liberty love at the show thank you Wayne. Text your rates. About my marital advice which is about worth what you pay for it raped. Something to consider. It's what I've found stiffer for everybody. Your advises him that I get TO when I'm 46 and my hormones. Are raging with my marital advice it's if it's slower expand. Text your rights headline. You're referring to a niece and has been and I we don't know how babysitters. And Akron babysitters is everybody's crazy this world we don't trust anyone who's unplugged take care of her kids who don't trust half of them either. Tara Singh headline text raced here's your gracious endorse is nepotism one employee hard working independent babysitters. What I do know lose which would discredit the sex line I am a much we'll just give up now. I'm sure it does and I get the same comments have been married 27 years still going strong labor rule 102 rule we see each other. You know and the rest today announce a way instead of taking it out on one person we love the most yeah we allowed to questions from young couple's two we always pray together that's our secret. C Jones Larry you know what are what are you work. Yes tester race I don't my girlfriend that stirs the plate. When he dumped or don't waste your time did not and things indeed broken the pack. Hey Lucy from green to a morning. Good morning. We're coming up next learn to honor 46 wedding anniversary. And street can't. And my husband tells people. 46. Long but happy years. And it comes from he'd love to make me laugh at his then expand. And it's just silly simple silly little things that we're making mainland. And that one or the other things he's done two the year that just blows me away is he'll see some ten. And that he thinks is knee and he'll buy it inhabit gift trap and pulling it came in there is no reason that now. See that it's complained the house on Friday. Says that. When asked start malware we can't ask for more cannot wait and don't have we have termed together without me. Trying to catch up on housework. But the nice incredible thing Kara was when our. Daughter and son in law got married and fir Christmas. They gave them the book. They're waiting pictured in around the back can't hit it that firm amazing loving parent. And he'd turn shelling us split Mary is all about. And levying each other so match. He's shown what true land is and has said as a great example France to file. We led each entity is so incredibly much. Well my daughter incurred. Current. Selling at camp bluesy I am getting an that it should serve and yet. And it's been coming up on four years for the AM but the fact that should stay sick example his mom and dead and day in an asset. And our equipment man but it still love that the good lord and walk in with him every day that gives you this string encouraged. Did it in place what I have ever obstacles are they here in the gave Mary. Now levied on channel I loved everything about Debbie Doherty is 24/7. Minutes past saying yup keep up the ticket work. Police say thank you on thank you so much for colon. On and for sharing that that's awesome. Seen in a world where there's so much failure of marriage and so on so much and happiness I just love to hear from happy that people. You're happy with their marriage their lion is the people in their minds. Treasure that if you haven't you're lucky.