The Tara Show - 3-20-17 - Hour 4

The Tara Show
Monday, March 20th

Bernie Sanders and other liberals are consummate hypocrites on taxes; Tara on the importance of credible and identified sources; How the GOP is pushing Ryancare through Congress; History will remember this era as the beginning of speech codes


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See this Lee wants that Bernie Sanders. She aimed at sees Bernie Sanders my name got Bernie Sanders right as socialist senator from Vermont Brian. Self declared socialist now we're Libby is it tweet over the weekend in and it broke Twitter. We're leaving we're living in the nation between eight which were twelve rather than caring for the pour I don't think that is the nation we should be living and yeah I'm check I'm sure we're the border is yes. Okay will Twitter exploited. Here's just a sample of the response is that that garnered. Bernie Sanders what three homes did you tweet that from your question. Yeah since you know rest a source of wealth. Panel. Everybody else not him. Pretty C enters another two reiterates says the man who owns three homes one of which caused a recession or doesn't I'm guest host people your housing. But it was I say I was I do. Somebody else can we did sell all you have and use the main carefully pour I have faith and you Bernie you can do it. Yet somebody just tweeted I don't think we should live in a country where you can say this while having three houses and paying a lower tax rate than I do. Here's another one I Bernie Sanders OKMR thirteen point 5% tax rates which by the way is half what Tron pays. Repaid for the year we know about maybe you pay your fair share possibly sell one of your three homes and give money to charity. And finally at Bernie Sanders has the 600000 dollar summer house working out for you. So funny I kind brands. Who was ciskei. Roche. We should go the closest thing to and on about an issue autobiography she moderated was called we the living and that was my investments are never entirely to Diana a shrug. Things they're disagree with of course but some wicked ways it just detail what it was like to live in indoor and Communist Russia. And it's like and how they would for sure on the streets on nobody had a jacket was actually freezing its Russia and you have to stand there for hours. You know in honor of fund the leadership in and pump your fist in the ears if you're excited in in if you didn't intend to work permanent way Richmond you're gonna start to take your work permit fruit and food terminal management human struggle when the most striking things that she reported. From Communist Russia. She talked about watching as she watched this transition from you know her father had owned a pharmacy they were upper middle class to do quite well. And to being stone cold pouring having everything taken from them their property on that it was given some members of the armed leadership. Members the party. And so you know you would be walking along the road freezing cold fusion had a jacket. And she talked about you know doing this as you know she had mud splattered on her from the limo. Their party members which are around him. And so when you're in a Communist country don't misunderstand know they antenna for the ruling class to have all the finer things in life. On there ruling class and in fact and has taken straight up from here. This mean for you when you're going to be equal not them and certainly there are Canada's doesn't make you. And that's for all of view raid that and that's a Bernie Sanders is doing here is a perfect example interest is always how it is when they take over most typical liberal hypocrisy. I mean Q how you I mean Henne tweet don't you know you have three house's but how do you even save face up DG RU so. So unaware that she you don't. The same way that Nancy Pelosi will clerk criticized the Republican health care bill is flawed as it is you know saying that they're being secretive and they're not. But letting anybody say it's clean that's exactly. How Democrats got obamacare passed. And she's the one they said it that we've got to pass it before you say what's and it. Yeah I think criticizes Republicans claiming that doing the same thing which actually they're being much more transparent than Democrats had any image of ever being. Oh by the way speaking of transparency. We now have transparency and health care coverage from the media. So it sank. You used to have two on turn on you know conservative talk radio or watch Fox News for the most part to find out how much for health care premiums were going up because it was such a working great but not anymore or. No no. Headline CBS news fifty plus get ready for bigger health care bills. The streak is now it's now it obamacare he uttered you're nearly be getting ready to pass Ryan care now. Yet now it is kind of care. The hype pre is big news reality is yeah now is older and gains. Are going to struggle under the Republicans have kept health care bill this whole thing goes on and on. CBS. How deep let's get ready for bigger health care bills he knows stories big deal exactly rate and all there waiting for and I'm tell you this all this bill is. Is a name change them. A solid as it changes the name from obamacare temporarily terrain carefully passes the house and then onto trump care if he signs it today as the whole thing unravels. And premiums shoot cruise through the roof bbb blames for what happened anyway. If we just let's above Karen did not think. And terms of full of sciences NASA for this this is the this is the biggest trap. I've ever seen celebrities falling into it because I don't understand who I am I I am baffled apparently getting conservatives to go along with the I don't know what he's promising them. Maybe there's a quicker timetable for the past the more we're being led to believe but town. I don't know the sudden it's very curious thing we're watching here. Yet an early this analyzed our with a bunch of clips from Rand Paul in countries like listen I mean premiums are still going at the CBOE verify is at 1520% a year. Com and were so going to have this system crash because all of the things that cries these insurers to flee. There's almost none left on the exchanges. Are going to continue they'll lawfully and it will collapse on an honorary in terms watch and really difference is is going to be called trump care when does not obamacare. I'm just I'm never very confident CBO numbers though. I knee jerk but. I you know I I am confident in just common horse sense. And if you change what is causing the insurance companies to flee and they haven't. All they're gonna sleep and it's a fresh guy it will theory the CBO did tell you that market forces are market forces and right. And you know you can he can be Republican Billy can be a Democrat build a market forces are market forces money is always gonna find a way to make money. And rim palm nails this a program they're putting forward in obamacare light they're gonna keep half as much as what obamacare had presented. There are gonna fix the fundamental problem of obamacare. The fundamental problem of obamacare is the insurance mandates when you mandate what has to be insurance it elevates the price. We tell people they can buy insurance after they're sick they will he get what's called adverse selection. And so the adverse selection the death spiral erased talking about will continue under the Paul Ryan plan. And my fear is that a year from now people are gonna come back we have all the same arguments again the insurance premiums are still going through the roof. And we still have a mess. And that's kind of where we are right now now. Even if it is CBO is run indeed these companies they proms these companies are fleeing and their it's gonna crash and the only difference like you said it's gonna have times on name mindset of Obama's allies sorry just whenever I hear Rand Paul too it's always think what could have been but could then I know he was the guy back for president and then Emerson cruising the one that works well ahead. But Ted Chris is saying the same day is. He has my biggest concern with the house bill is it doesn't lower premiums and and CBL in fact. Projected in the first two years premiums would rise ten to 20% although he did say then and they would go down at. It did but I gotta tell you if if Republicans hold a big press conference and patter cells on the back that we've repeal obamacare. In everyone's premiums keep going up people be ready to tar and other us in the streets and quite right. Quite greatly and some great now I tried to smarter than me I can figure this out it's very transparent and if he wasn't smarter than me. He could figure out from listening to Ted Cruz Rand Paul on Tom Kite and. The bigger problem with this legislation is on the private insurance market I simply think that it's not going to work to bring down premiums. We're working our hands and then working America. In fact we know trump knows it won't work here's trump last week and the Republicans frat. And putting themselves in a very bad position and I don't listen tough personal time by repealing Obama because. People are gonna see that truly devastating. Affects about I can see the devastation. In seventeen and eighteen and nineteen had begun by an adult when we ordered not to be. Imploded off the map so the press is making it look so wonderful. So there weekend. And I'm gonna say oh remember how great Obama is that you remember how wonderful but isn't it and this is obamacare does exist. And Mike and I say this the Republicans all the time by repealing it by getting rid of the fight ending it never went missing out is so great. But it wasn't and I tell top prize and I tell all right and I tell our club. I think the best thing you can do politically is waiting a year because it's gonna blow itself off the map. So he does get its what is going on Larry I I I'm per play Saturday and a new attended tell you and was gone I have no idea and and we keep you know that the breach could be living here is hearing reports that he's. Actually getting some conservatives now that are going to long. And that's what rhinestone of course with hearing Ryan say that I kind of doubt it. To sort of flew right is Oliver venues saying that the White House batch is yeah and they help operate this plan is no objection to that from the way house. So I can't meet this makes sense I'm trying and I can't trump is not to stunt he's got to see what this isn't getting its name changed now. To put Trump's name on this before compliance. That's all it is so what. Why why and less travel plans to kill all along the senate but why go along with it now I I can't and don't don't understand. Tester race my premiums doubled. Anna and I can't get about a vomit care. 14100. Prom dollars a month here of comic area and it wasn't called trump and trump vomit care if that you know. So that's just days things I I listen all day long trying to understand this and I IIIQ and that's rare for me but I I'll literally. Have lost the game plan here. Scenario. Scenario. Serious deadline. Key to it while she democratic officials now warning base not to expect. Evidence of trump pressure collusion. How how mainstream media news reports articles. Basic Charlie are confidential sources right now unnamed sources. Told us this was real comedy. I'm honestly. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds repeated thousands and thousands of times across the Internet for months spinoff at 434 months. Yeah. And now they're a well you know we can mean we have here today from teams coming in the day ahead of the FB of connecting here and he proved it. Well don't expect any evidence of the trump Prussia collusion blocked her isn't it. There is an. They're never wise. They can't bring it 'cause they don't have. I'm anxious. Yeah it's amazing to me about this what's going my internal as an in you would notice this. If he had been a reporter on the years I had purchased on newspapers or from McClatchy its major wire service and our board for the Montag does six different editors. And up shall literally last couple of years there was kind of standing ruined your none of the what does general internal. If you know got a great story and how best receiver got an apprentice. And the reason I never printed them as a print journalists. The reason I never printed them was very simple could not get one person to go on the record. I had amazing stuff off. Connecticut sourced from Iraq. And no editor and their rape mines. And conservative editors. And liberal letters. The printed. A coverage is was can't work and try to talk and what any one person going on on the record I did people on tape telling me stuff to court. Source is Hayat. Peter good leader of the organization back in the neck enough they would do it. Why because it would risk your journalistic credibility you ready of one person on the right now if you had four or five of the source is there were off the record they'll be fine. As I'm Joseph how do you one person had put their foot to his stick Intel and apple. And Newman went. Known what what was frustrating stories I was never in a report and it tries not tempted to this day are totally about it. Was what is how votes were being stolen precincts in north Carolina at a really high rate and hundreds. In single precinct. You know and I had people on the record. Off the record people who talk to me who are hiring him political pursue new SES consulate on a scans into a leotard is racist. They knew they knew how it was being Donny would describe to me how was being that they no one would go on the record I never to do story. An RC time I see former. Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory. Still stinks. I had that story that race for stone from a salukis don't. And I could just have to put never could get a source to go and record an OK just the once and Erica a bunch of stories like. One where had a high ranking official lead but number two in Charlotte City Hall he's going no psychic telling. Say they don't we deliberately let the roads degrade yet we don't fix them we know resurfaced them. Like this Mason City look for and then we can spend all the money if you know one of the things and then come back for attacks like every time for roads. You do that censor palaces our internal unwritten policy which we do that we don't really need a tax thanks for around for roads which slipped to integrate. And we would get more money. And I did this had new tax money for roads we did I I that's all I have that on tape from editor was a good. Had to have somebody on the record could go toward. That was the standard in journalism ace standard or its occupants. You get you know the internal documents proving what you were saying many venues some audience on a record high dose. And you can go with us. And a shores are still sitting in the box might Indian in my files in our garage so sitting there on time. As of today alleged journalism become what is has is he shocking. We have major players. With. Sources with you know unidentified sources the only time you could do that was like if you had. I somebody who'd been attacked by a you know I come murderer they were you know I mean like they would change their voice in there and and their appearance. To that they could talk. I mean extreme situation. And get back all of your editor you had to issue had to show what you were talking about who. To do that. Not anymore. And tell you how we get here have a key democratic officials now warning based not to expect evidence of trump Russia collision shocking the last. I read your suppose if they said they had nine source nice sources remember that Washington times and Washington Post he's not not a a more than. And they rushed record they were on anonymous how okay yes this is why we lived by that rule in turn was from last year this is what. Camelot ice. It keeps everybody honest when one person has to go on the record. Mr. back you know wit and risk their career risk they're in the backlash. Sit some so that others can go and find that person to hate to really say that to Washington Post. She's really say that I didn't it was to myself how cool RA is no honesty and and that's how we get here that's how we get two point. Weeks and weeks and weeks into the saint key Democrat officials now warning based not to expect evidence of charm pressure collision why there was none was summing up it was like. All of it comes out this Komi testimony today said concern about half an hour Ted. Married well miles should be media be talking to. BK gentlemen am Ireland and show. Former head of the SE DOT says no gas tax hike needed by the way this is the week and executed guess I'm sick and it's him. This is the week we have to stop and this is that we they're probably gonna vote on the saint. Syria a committee to vote could come any time and to be like five minutes from our can be on Wednesday. But it's going to be this week. So if you have not called your senator texts or calls CA LL two detects line 71307. All or text the word gov to detect finding at the governor's numbers he takes toward called the text find it to senators' number will send your link. Find your email or their front a Murphy wrote a call and tell him no gas tax. Unbelievable stuff coming out about what's going on inside the SE DOT we'll have some of that and more coming up. I blame. Good morning Carol see the problem is that Republicans can't just repeal obamacare rate rise as they can't do that. Even as they ran I've played eight years they QB can't. On and so we're just and I can be able to only ideally this three step process and so on desperately to put this terrible filtering. Yeah sure. What we OK everybody's accepting this is fact but not our congress member or something. She opposed to put this weekend no I have not yet slowly cab. Okay the leadership has crafted a bill this rank your bill essentially that narrow eyes will need to Byrd rule in the senate are ruled a dictates whether the components of the bill have budgetary impact okay. They determination and of the budgetary impact lies with an unelected appointed parliamentarian in the senate. They're for the parliamentarian must know you can't repeal it. He said and I know what a guy. Well I'm just gonna say us I see what they're trying to do them. The way that they're trying to do this is a procedural way so that they can try and get this story. Well she's not necessary here is indeed just on his darn skippy who can repeal and here's why he's here's why he said this column. The how the house leadership are afraid of theory just repeal an outbreak that there the parliamentarian and overrule that order. Paralyze the challenge. The presiding officer innocent in this case most assuredly would be the vice president could overrule the parliamentarian. In fact. As the former senate parliamentarian Robert dove once explained the vice president is the ultimate decider on reconciliation of profiteering telling advised. Is the vice president who rules. Republicans were given the power of government Jeff Duncan writes but we seem to be afraid to take on a senate staff member. The parliamentarian at a critical time in US history. As I told the VP at and Carmela the Democrats were willing to change a rule. The nuclear option by Harry Reid and even and also the make up for the United States Supreme Court FDR did that. In order to push through progressive policies. Which have been destroying America we Republicans are even willing to take on a lady and the senate. Or change the rules in order to save America. How many see as we truly believe as I did obamacare is turning America American businesses. Said this is progressive policies are wrong on those fronts he should we need to repeal it. Sub making his heart than it is. Now that's true with them for sure. So the whole repeal thing he's basically saying that's that's a punch book it's easy way around that two of them in fact change the rules. Or on I have found parents. A rule upon parliamentarian this just goes to show what I'm always saying is Democrats know how to fight Republicans refuse to know they don't wanna fight. Not all Democrats know how to fight that's the one thing I admire about liberals. They won't use every single asset every single resource they have they won't go down. Fighting all the way they will take every single shot that they possibly can't. Yet and all Republicans seem to have at least this one is excuses him. Now pretty much repeal obamacare did time is not that hard. It really is not a hard and when just dumped in you know Sunnis correct is described it that's the case would show opposite. What did you Arie I need to keep you updated your viewing EG news and I don't want suited suits you know just stumble here I appreciate that and yeah okay surge is we don't talk. And I Arnold package as early as arm the beginning of speech codes. We didn't recognize one Merlin unit but you're seeing it today and I have this act of college after college after college these colleges are putting out. These guides for freshman. Then they'd summer called my Kardashian guides others I'm inclusive language guides is a list of list of rules of which you can cancer. Let me give me an example Emerson College is the latest in the east. Om has rules that you cannot use the term you'll get a copy is a becoming as a freshman homosexual anymore it's offense. A table why. It does assays can use it. Use gay or lesbian when describing people who are tracked its members of the same sex avoid the use of homosexual and homosexual relationship quiet and I just got memories. 14140. Words. In the inclusive language pack. What can you could it possibly remember fourteen her forty words of course not and SA is also benefit. The why they do that. So there you always have gray hand and a reason or you way. To take somebody out to take them down to say that they have crossed a line that they have broken a rule that they can do some something to delegitimize. That individual. And you know if you're on campus like how I'd love to speak out but I Karina I did he remembered I am I say something wrong. Here's an example is is it ever since bomb. And they begin you budgets are busy dusting business executive easy business executives and business banner can't you know camera operator is that a cameraman. But chair instead of chairman and I'm you can owners say person with a disability. Is this done in human history it's it person with a disability instead of disabled person. Which is totally different. I think that that's stupid though this is ending personally disabilities the same is disabled person now I can't say it in Harrison. The ship from here you literally can't speak up Clinton. Yup that's exactly what the planet's yes and you know what that is exactly what they did in Soviet Russia. They would put up these crazy arbitrary rules city if you agreed with the government you were on their site you'll be afraid to speak up publicly. Grade than Georgetown professor analysis she studied this on because it was there was so many rules and regulations it was impossible to not violate. Here it is University of Arizona. Forty page booklet there against your freshman on micro aggressions. Listeners. What section Lee title oops ouch. Discusses the method you should use. To identify and react to my crew two micro aggressions if a student feels harder offended by Aniston's comment to her students should say ouch. Inning not mentioning the student who may hurt for comic says oops. So I guess from micro aggressions you have a micro apology. I suppose so. The key European reached you know you read page press page fifteen an hour notice I mean you could be entrap let me be. You know I mean you could be booted the school I don't know what happens if you actually have a an assault is that considered a macro aggression. It doesn't say I'm cat but it micro aggressions. Race based or gender race stereotypes. Which are often aren't considered offensive. I have a subtle underlying tones of Petr oh. Norm acidity sexism and racism is doing it you Buddy Lazier zoning you can I guess still say hero. And homosexual I suppose I don't know its console the book. Here's some record grass is continuing in this press pronounce the names of students. Scheduling test on religious or cultural holidays. Calling on. And validating male students and ignoring female students during class discussions is example at let's go on John again he's got a lot to great responses to some of these problems as my progress. So this for staff ends. Back for student yes faculty and for students. Speech codes as these are. And it's not just you I'm gonna cause I don't care what you know what it's every morning and she is the headlines in the sack he keeps stacking up. Google ads to tool to flag is offensive search results. We have seen that you have now Ari does is good media racist ones for. Here's another headline is a different programming Google Google launch is robot tool to flag hate speech on line it's gonna please comments. And he's formulas to decide what makes people uncomfortable and Bennett's comments and don't want to see them. Does that make you any bad comments about Donald Trump will be flag. I hope that's how. Then there's FaceBook. Rate they fake news label. And CNET yet yet with anything at present but I'm waiting T this is all four. All of that you're you don't it would all of these programs for their own background renowned as you sort of going I would say anything racist sort of thing. Note you have to gearing up for their hearing a Finnish presidential election. Yeah you're hearing it for full on flatow censorship. And these Google programs Lee either ban your comments if it's a comment section or if you're. Deemed to be a website that's offensive to people they bury you in the in the search engine. That way early Barry when you say something negative about Cory Booker or. Susan I mean more and you know we save a dynasty down here you say just like that yes you immediately get flagged in that gets deleted. So there will be no critical. Postings on FaceBook or or news or otherwise of some of the leading democratic candidates for president. Bingo you think I can they they don't have their own internals Dave figured out that trumped the lead and win this election nominee's race he wanted to unlike. They know they know this better than we even. And they're trying to figure out how to stop this that's what all of this is I think we're going to be in full blown censorship. Well by the time he runs again that's that's what that. I think that's where the whole fake news concept came from is that there's. Two to liberals fake news as anything that disagrees with their narrative. Whether or not. They're narrative is true or accurate makes absolutely no difference whether or not the the in the negative of that of their narrative is true or accurate makes no difference they just don't want any disagreement or wanting to be there. Yes pretty much Val shalt not speak ill of the party. Yes and that's where we online. So the question is okay well now well on Google has this show would go in bing or will we be cents a dared to. Any even about it the person the flotation was had morning mentions on FaceBook ever than anyone else was who was found from this last election. And then you ever how afterward they blames Zuckerberg for trust went ten. See any internals they know that's her trump won every one of his clicking and sharing clicking and sharing clicking engineering and trying to figure out how to squelched. When you hear who trump is meeting with tonight. Oh gosh you Bill Gates. Oh well. I'm telling you it's gonna be hair raising for the next election S and it is going to be I think by the mid terms you think don't have their eyes general thinking gay. The censorship. You know programs out there running fully by the mid times while I'm keeping put anything past them right now maybe not they're pretty desperate and I know they are. Tech series FaceBook is blocking the fate fake news they blocked to conserve every user has tried to read this morning no option to override the FaceBook decision either. Yeah by the time next election rolls around daily Daily Mail and daily caller. Break par automatically blocked every time. While matter if if it's true or not. I'm British and how. Strum tweets. She can now. Another day of totally tantalizing trumped sweetheart it's cheap and tweet searching on the Tera show America cannot afford to. But twitters. President Bush got 1063. WORG. I'm really not a bad person by the way. Two weeks. Look this when. This is and as we gets you have heard from the fake news. I had a great team German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It'll let you know it's true heroes vast sums of money to NATO and United States. Must be paid more for the powerful and very expensive defense provides Germany just how is meeting by the way went Burkle. Mike. Her. Yet he tells her in public but we also is a lot of money. To pay abduction they are not paying your fair share for the defense. And then. And then points out to news conference. In Angela Marcus Reese. A should be asking where did pitch and you really think Obama wiretaps you think twice a Merkel and goes well he wiretaps are too. She's no it's deuce pushed down. To any of his great. Yet so I sure if under a Merkel would describe it as great meaning folks fabulous. And needless to say Donald Trump thinking we're all on the same the same lines I am this morning. In this tweet James Parker and clapper and others stated there's no evidence. Loan that Potisk attempt turned disrupt that type that Potisk colluded with Russia this story is big news and everyone knows it. He treated the Democrats may have been pushed the Russian story is an excuse for running a terrible campaign being advantaged in electoral college and lost. The real story that Paris the FBI and his should be looking into is the leaking of classified information must find bleaker now. He tweets in that's the big story is the only actual law breaking we know. And dealey think congress is just utterly onshore. The parents did finding out anything about we'll see what happens starting at ten when coming shows up the director of the FBI. Com. And we would go parents who before in this one. And the final tweet just heard fake news CNN is doing polls again to speed factor election polls were way off a disaster. Higher ratings of fox. I can Hubble and I say I don't know if this is gonna kill this man army can stronger these suites really can't figure out. But they're great they're hilarious. Okay. And coming up tomorrow. I can do my and wade has. Tight competition. I'm going to have fun with this can be great if you participate. On. So the course sit here rings are beginning in cars to yield. This thank you and she's decent course we Q. Now an easy. As not rate when. John McCain Lindsey Graham. Ryan and Ted Cruz all of the guy. Can't be mean you cannot beat. The kind of person who is loved by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. And John McCain. Amateur hour is impossible. It is impressed and that's why we nervous about course. Singers are of course it is not a liberals who praised. And it's been over the weekend LF was saying JC I U was like our screen about this man know what was I quoted him finding room you can't find anything wrong. Sure. Does mean there's not Ari well he's he's against abortion. Sit eon but that you can't find anything no show don't like not. Now. This man. I just I guess he said. Corsets. And corset consistent guy came past me put her. I know he makes me nervous. You can't possibly and you cannot possibly a mail he's beat by somebody. Is on the wool over my ice here and I don't know if it's McCain and Graham or if he screws. And Rand Paul. Some Murray and out when he starts ruling.