The Tara Show - 3-20-17 - Hour 2

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Monday, March 20th

More news on SCDOT malfeasance; James Comey to address Congress on recent intelligence scandals; Interview with former SCDOT Director B. K. Jones - Corruption in SCDOT funding and spending


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Mining Elaine good morning terra Arie coming up adds terms 39 or so organ of the former director of the SE DOT. When the message. Don't want to hike the gas tax. Dad she's message leases they have plenty money. He spent thirty years at the DOT he's gonna explain. That the promise to just thus banning it in a way to makes less sense. Something I've heard you say for quite some time I don't strange up. Until last night and he just I couldn't believe some of the stuff he was saying. On the what are things you said you should listen even he left in 1986 rating he said. Bomb but he maybe he's been following Melissa percents. Still and the united everything's going on and he's it was increased cost 151000 dollars a lane mile to resurface. 1996 race. It cost 250000. Dollars today. Alain mind. To resurface he said it doesn't make any X dvds it have a CNN inflation rate BC this is an eighty cents. Any of the reason is McGee says is obviously labor's gonna cost more day inflation on Larry. He said but actually asked folks. He's the price of oil's gone down a prison asphalt content dramatically. And he said so the raw materials are using Costello less and he's got to do you make any sense he said he he said two tier two miles for 250000. He said I never really hard time justifying. But the waiter calculating out their road needs it's one mile for 250000 dollars and I just it I can't make the math work even with inflation. But one of the things is increased regulation all these required studies all these federal environmental impact studies all these additional studies that. When are we employ a lot more government workers. Well. On speaking of that he said there are 4000 people working idiocy DOT. On much is there where back in 1996 this difference is back then we spent four million dollars a year and contractors. Consultants that's it he's would you must throw worker selves he should they cat they've kept. All the employees but now much of the work. On and a planning the engineering and planning all that George is also done by consultants and contractors he said I've people who still worked at the tell me would have anything to do. There's no one there's no used to having a big highway department is just no work for them from. She's quit that out as well and he said was interesting you talked about the on seven and 27 he's listen this is how we got here. He stayed on the back in the mid nineties. They started did this 277 plant. Which called for squeezing 27 years worth of new construction projects in seven years and they slashed the main spice into almost nonexistent. And they took the money Annie we're spending money right left right left after at a stadium construction bank on at an SE DOT commission. And daddy's one buck wild they would dimming new few they wanted to build they build all of the state did matter. And that's why we have a more road miles per capita than any of state we just actually get there are now we have to maintain them. He said it broke the highway department. Reading from his interview manner if he's gonna talk to us today in breeder in good investigative outfit it to keep damn Columbia it broke the highway department he said. Immediately after I left that's when the spending spree started. On any charge to bed on how the this this manager Elizabeth Mabry. On had to leave the agency in 2006. Ashley DOT waste of 59 dollars under leadership including 32 million construction management fees another eight point seven million page contractors who projects are not finished. It's they should listen you've got to get a handle on the road means budget first. On and you're never doesn't if you go if you pump more money and he said it doesn't matter there's completed and the infrastructure bank. On new projects from LaFrentz and while like a sad ugly. Sounds quite a similar to stuff that you've been saying for yes and even and this is is great piece on this he said they quote they just talking about the state infrastructure bank. He say dead the downfall as straight estate and construction bank was a certain legislators and members of the infrastructure bank got together and this is a really good way of doing and it fit individual projects that they wanted to give Donna just started funding about anything they could think of Jones said. You know and I have also been passed that about that piece of Tom Davis did there was you've I think you references in effect YouTube had him on the year the other day. And in. The eight years he's been in the state senate there's been 120%. Increase in the amount of money that is spent on roads. Were to go on. One big question 120%. Increase. From one billion to 2.2 billion dollars per year. Were you don't. 120% increase jackpot a 120% increase. Now where's ago no one wants to answer that question and this is Chris we desperately need to consider it to answer before we hand and one point eight billion dollar tax cut I don't mean it's. It's it's out of control and he's gonna be on the show I it's a 733 days the former director of the missing DOT. So bomb edged asking these questions he said listen you have to maintain that you have before you build new roads and bridges. And we just haven't. We just happened that's when the money when he's easy to redirect the money back to what we had to. And that this gas tax hike bill does not do that. I maze like building a house. And then after thirty years not putting any money back into it but you've got a nice pool. You got a patio you gotta go Z go out there you got a tennis court but you still have a maintain the house in my house is falling apart. I've actually driven by house is like this and can she see that in mind you're thinking yeah that's why that looks a rundown now. It's attracting really nice cars now they Hebron to pull back got a note got a bass boat out there. Which means he's his own just onto with my mind you know just I don't know if you look like that is fine but yes. She's going to be on 730 please can we is entering ninth Khamese seem to hear what he has to say about that. Is gonna be interesting also say way as he would FBI director Kobe has to say. What are what he doesn't pray that this is going to be interesting because Komi has stonewalled. Both Intelligence Committees will not provide them with any evidence so far of the supposed aggression hack. Okay and Charles Grassley was screaming about this last week the senator. Who has intelligence committee in the senate right. He should listen I called them a big I plead give us infield give mr. prepare Russian hacked and we need is fresh information or the intelligence committee he said they smile. They coming they staying as and they will not bring it no matter how much are demand so coney. On who so far is avoided this is showing up today and I think the reason he is is because he wants to make conflict like a fool for saying that Obama wiretaps and that's the purpose. That committee by the way is streaming that. Live yet if you want to watch that today you can watch the what's the comic testimony and Mike Rogers well yeah now is this affecting trump well Gallup has him at a 37% approval rating. Or pick your reality leak Reza Nissen has amid a 52% approval were well. You notable that's that's so that's sort of the other modus operandi of these days we all get to pick our own real yes and we live we live is different realities and I'll. We do this could point to me about this less week you know at trump and I live trumpet he brings a letter this on himself. Even. On public with his tweets it's just like this whole thing about the Obama administration. Wiretapping which he did say in quotes not air quotes but quotes wiretapping because we know that there's not real wiretapping anymore doesn't have to be. Because what happens is that the NSA the CIA all these government agencies or monitoring everything now whether or not they're actually listened to every single word. That everybody says it's probably some algorithm that's picking up things here or there that then directs actual human ears to say hey you need to take a listen to this. It was a I don't doubt for a second. That there were some government agency that was listening in. Or at least recording monitoring something that was going on trump tower Bellwether up there was Obama administration officials who directed that. I don't think they're dumb enough to be able to be stuck that legally. And have ordered it somewhere. And I do think that I trump probably a little bit over the top on that. Worse than it is the possibility. That someone within the administration may have been looking at that information or checking it out wanting it's highly likely. Highly likely. We know that's really true could not just on Clinton put on neo tribes conversations with various ambassadors to the the problem he's he's painted himself into a corner here by saying. Wiretapping. That the Obama administration ordered it and was physically doing it. And I've I think that is sort of it's one of those what the definition of is is type situations. But do we we do have a problem with semantics here with with trump with his tweets and what he's being held accountable for. And even though I think that the actual act of what he's talking about in the big picture did happen. On yet but by being you know so sloppy -- the way because although it. Who is cricket he's gotten everybody including former Obama officials to admit. Why should know there's nothing to the recipe no we were out the snow until we don't have it now. Up. They your time about coming testifying today but what is the real story here what is the real thing that's going on what is actually the scary part. Rina Paul nails it's you hear this anywhere else it's today's at grant coming up. I decide is what are some if you could you exercise despite sitting there this is like this is my dream fantasy. I hated science. American gladiator I hated bush have. Yeah I hate pain they did or easily so it's not a good combination from ever jealous of these people who describe my guess those critics camera for every morning. Sun. Sure it was like Q I don't hit it irate when new study. Can only hope would be great if you could do exercised just sitting there. Might be able to something. New study done mice found it. When both the normal and diabetic mice were placed internally vibrating platform between in today for twelve weeks. They should similar benefits to another group of mice should run twenty treadmill for 2045 minutes today. The same period this form how to make a run for 45 minutes is for mice. It's such a Dow vibrating improved so broken bone strength and diabetic animals they don't really know why. It worked. To be replicating this in humans. And secret get off the year I exercise conscious been sitting here drinking my coffee. Race. And running the country. About this from enemies something out of homeland episode or maybe anyway. Homeland scan could this season. In her head and nobody can her head for a when planets were coming Matt. If that's what they do. Anyway. When we get country. Where. You sure if the leaders of the country were really doing what was best for us in foreign policy or anything else. Or she were being blackmailed controlled by the deep state. Julianna crazy late late night television show ugly night you know radio show our. You may be an episode of some spy program on television. The is is exactly what we're facing right now in this country reinstall. Explain this over the weekend it's today's anti grand rentals senator by the way. He's the real problem in Washington actually is we be having a hearing today about how trump. Got it wrong and Obama and wiretapping but that's not the issue this it's. I think that we know one thing for sure that the Obama administration did spy on plan. Now whether it was direct or indirect somebody was reading and cut and taking a con LA a transcript of his phone calls and then they released it. It is a very very important that whoever released that go to jail. Because you cannot have members of the intelligence to be listening to the most private and highly classified information and then releasing that the New York Times. There can only be a certain handful of people who did that. I would bring them all in they would have to take lie detector test and I would say including the political people because some political people knew about this as well. But how we need to get to the bottom of who his relief seeing these highly classified conversation. We can't have a low level members of the intelligence community. Listening. To anyone they choose. Potentially blackmailing. And terrifying. This country or control its country the people no longer control what goes on much less the president with the congress. Pursue more Rand Paul on. But there was something alarming the other day general Hayden admitted that people all the way down to some of the lowest analyst can unmask. Who the American in those so someone unmasked general flair and and there are a low level analyst. We need to be looking at their computer and finding out if they en masse that conversation and if they spoke with the New York Times. You've got to put those people in jail because you cannot allow this to happen. We have you know president's being blackmailed or national security advisor being Blackmon out. This is a huge huge problem bigger than anything else is being discussed is. The fact that private conversations. From the intelligence community perspective are being leaked to the press that's not like a leaked it's as though the president watches TV in his bathrobes. This is important to national security you can't let it happen. Can't let happen. Living in the country right now and this is the thing they're gonna afford to. Hope they don't pay they'll prove me wrong with this hearing on the hill with commie. Where where we are living in the country. Literally. Where the intelligence agencies are in a battle. With the president members of congress for control for political control. And the only lob breakers of whom we know and he planed this out. Are those who are leaking our national security secrets we know for sure they broke. And yet who is this hearing about today it's about the Russians and and trap today spite that they hack. Heck you actually was true core trump wrongly said wiretapping. What's today. What should be interesting to watch this going to tell you that much one thing today and you won't be able to see how much they fear commie on Capitol Hill. Watch and see if any members of congress. Ask. Cone. About the leaguers in his own agency. And why he won't go after them. Combing his announced he's going to have to see Haley command he's gonna nail let's separate all well. He said nothing about two acres in his own agency week after week after week after week to talk to New York Times the Washington Post. Two he hit job on Trent with our nation's secrets that are not theirs to divulge the classified as crimes. See if anyone has the guts to ask Kobe about that and if they do not teen with that we'll tell you. They're afraid of their free. That this machine that includes the FBI. Everybody else to turn them. Though these conversations that are recorded that they have going back god knows how long can be used against them. Is anybody clean. And if you haven't had an affair or done something nefarious or legal c'mon. You're screaming yelling conversation with the way if and in a moment of anger cult member of your family something terrible that apologize labor that was in car on the phone went what are they hat. Watch and see who if anybody. Asked co meet this question ran policy rate the only evidence a lot of breaking we have. Was done by members the intelligence committee to me he won't collapse in many women his own agency. According to our top newspapers does anybody ask him about that I picked they don't have the guts. Because they're afraid. A jinx come. Why this man still has a job it is the biggest mystery of the entire trump presidency. March today they want to be charmed and one. So republic. Adding glad you went. Texting and demanding I talk about dub proof per say surveil the NSA surveillance Donald Trump is failing. I know it's untried should but it's info wars reporting so DNC with a big grain of salt. And they really got it for the year's electronic surveillance for the years 22004. Through 2010. This was a database showing. That time zones from and is coming under any illegal on another our tourism government monitoring telling those years so it doesn't go through the years in question. And everybody's making a big deal about this. So you tell me again and start and Thailand. Right. And the source is very questionable hands. Kansas and deal with the years and he's doing with in DC you'd be great if it was true B interest in those troop weights and a tax rates. Grand opening celebration South Carolina Statehouse drug rehabilitation center is your love pointed to bring him down and we'll treat them. When they're standing Eric cutting edge techniques. If they just reform will give them more drugs yes more it's gonna work great tree and now offers by customers get in free bag of crack. Yes or as they call it that cracked a good road funding dollars. It add to Statehouse. Yeah and senate to. Where this week they may be passing the Aztec technology you decide to do something about it right now is B agent you the former director. Of the SE DOT. Sarah. Good morning terror thank you for taking the call and thank you for cup concentrating on that issue it's very vital to all south Caroline. Well yes and now use you the former head of BSE DOT and you say. No gas tanks tried that idea tummy tummy briefly why. Well very gratefully. Given the situation with the DOT and how it's operated compared to what it applauded when it was a good organization. No actually no no gas tax until. Everything is correct in a weather but this problem started in nineteen. I mean it kind 1997. Under. Not successor Ben and I agree when she. Initiated what are called seven point seven program. That would have built 47 years of roads in seven years. And from the standpoint of finances you can understand what that would create and that's what the problem is right now there's no war. There's there's not enough money to do what needs to be done. But it is not being spent in the proper way. And that set in 27 now was not to do to maintain 27 years worth the read that was to build 27 years with the new roads. That's just senators. That is exactly right building of new religion course you know we've dealt with politicians and there's no reflection on anybody particularly. But they look they love looted opposed to maintaining the no launch. And therein lies the problem that we were faced. With now and and it's going to be very very difficult to correct. And there's no reflection on. Christie all who's a current. Secretary because she inherited inherited problem and she didn't create it. But BK Jones easier the currency DOT directing you say no gas tax hike. The back immediately acted this when she said dinner immediately after I left the this year DD SS ED NC that's the spending spree started in broke. The highway department. Om and they've got another guy who works in the air like you did for over thirty years men and their mister Shealy he's the 727 plan you just talked about. I'm spelled the end of the maintenance budget for the DOT's so what do you you tell me his own money is a certain blowing maintenance budget on new roads. On bed they're doling out to their friends they're doling out some politically powerful legislators and legislative districts and not maintaining the roads. You're exactly right and it's it's painfully obvious to anybody who traveled road South Carolina and I told you. South Carolina. On the shop chairman and that's for a learned. Over 33 years. That. You watch every dollar you make sure everything is done properly you maintain Rhode did you build. And make sure did you spend the money wisely and mr. chairman. But above all others will happen epitome of he'd be counted every opinion. And held everybody to the same standard that he believed in and that was all abandon. With the seven point seven plan. And the creation of the infrastructure bank which funded the debt. Are trod upon the death Daly who has done two. Do finance are tough financial huge project likely bridge in Charleston in the can't wait that process along with the others in the southern connector and things of that nature. And but Jewish. Essentially seven plan was designed to. Did build new roach says that South Carolina that was an intensely. For what larger challenge system in the nation so. It's really it's really a made in this problem now as opposed to constructing new Roche. Do you think can. Arm as the former SE DOT director PK Jones that they have enough money if they need to maintain these ruins of the need to stop spending on new roads and to know maintain until a congested roads and old Rhodes in rose that need upgrades. If they have the expertise. Available now they have the money to maintain. There were but now to catch back up to where they where we're what's been ignored this Columbia. Expensive proposition than it probably if they correct the problem or how it's done. Then they will leash more money goes South Carolina historically been the lowest taxed. State level I'm really just about any state in the nation. Therefore our senator just cheaper finished college. Years. But it's gonna take this gonna take a take quite a bit of money to get back to work. The other conditions on the road where they should be. Why assets can be difficult when we have a system where we still have. Legislators sitting on Citi infrastructure bank sitting on that as he DOT commission. Doling out or people plan their legislators doling out the funds for new projects I mean are we even with a gas tanks I can we ever and he simply we should now point. Are we ever gonna get the air if we on don't get all of that. If you don't get a hold of the situation the way it exists and maintain and build roads. The way they were done earlier net and it there's no secret that building roads and highways is not a there's not a really had a technical. Playing but it's it's how you do it in how you how you plow the money and how you do it. But. They they abandon all of that I mean a permanent head us. Cal for every penny Everett is ever construction and maintenance. Project. And we broke it up in the small contracts to where everybody who they have a lot a lot more bidders on projects in the they do now now there are consolidating. The projects in two million mobile nine million dollar project. His very few contractors can bond that the I port so prices don't go up the issue can be competition that goes down. That's part of the problem and and Mac and the other problem is how they're building and maintaining the roach. The processor you're using now as. Is more than appears to be at being adopted all over the country. Is I once sat there at all and if we're familiar with farming and things like that. We don't have one size to fit all in South Carolina we go all multiple scandals show host conditions. And each one of the he's a shepherd there's land for the construction and maintenance of a road. I'm real quick he's only got like thirty seconds left your question you said it cost 151000 dollars Alain mile. On to repay these roads on back in 1996 it now costs 250000. Dollars a win my you say they are dead set very questionable with the numbers they're putting out for and their. What else do you actually want us citizen and one early on in the sixties and seventies. We isn't DOT could build a blame are you ready Mahler wrote which to grind. For 151000 dollar ma that would put our forces that was a band that and that's option is still there if you've got qualified people. But. Of information and actually even been investigated it cost more than 151000 dollars. Far more now it took months you are pursuing is somewhere in the neighborhood of I'm that option any amount 500000. Dollars and mob now lane not political total. But sure shin Nero while obviously labor costs more on the cost of oil less follow all that is going down not up. Era since then so is she amazed is it shouldn't cause to a 50000 dollars a month. No it doesn't have to really can't if you let it. Right and I think that could be the prominent DOC DOT. Speaking Jerry's former director of the SE DOT to you for sure you stay on 163 WORG one cent gas tax. Gonna do this week last week tech's Jordan called to text line 71307. BB contact information for your sender and the governor. Austin, Texas gov to get the governor information call. It's a legislator information. Your welcome to spring. Which we've actually been having for awhile. Yet but even my bracket is busted. I think duke. If that wasn't he Smart retrospect. Yeah you know what I I you duvet decides to fill out my brackets which this way I do so well. On them into your. You know I mean I have in the past have ever really cleans up around here and in Boston came in here is Hewitt's stamp being the rise guys listened to our. No the rice guys beat her put need to collecting besides if people money on stuff they resurgent trains are who used odds. So I'm telling you what this morning holy everybody in Vegas who voted on two which was like everybody. Everybody around the country who voted on to component Vegas which was like everybody oh without paying the oh my gosh UNC good I'm making in TV. Final sixteen for the first time since. Nineteen east. Sosa big deal it was and South Carolina way. Where US that are known for square for half new like now welcome in the reruns rearrange she go to sleep and do that if the South Carolina team apparently is playing. Wake up and doing quite. Is what what is a limit company sec now. IRAs and so many phone maverick anymore I'm too impressed by it. Text your rates with respect to South Carolina being the lowest taxed state in the nation with respect to gasoline tax is please remember the during those years. That we have been the lowest on taxes state. Some analysts paid a blue collar working state in the nation the F fifth lowest in a hole stick it in a whole nation for wages. But 3COM and he's he says so am. Always promised Thursday boiled down to one thing he voted the same it's treated the same idiotic result stop voting these damn people get them out of office. If they were adjourned year's going to be jerk for years on from now. Texture rates. To gas tax everything it's going up. Have to put any any insurance you know home road I'll let you property. More stuff going on piano it's everywhere. And it's frustrating. I know text your rates. Also never said the other day that not only gas tax goes to roads. No and this is the central problem I mean you wanna know. Why we don't need this guest has tried to Henry McMaster. Henry Amy master. Let him explain to Wear your Governor Perry got to winds appear.