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Friday, October 20th

Trump’s call to fallen soldier’s family politicized by opponents; Defense Sec. John Kelly delivers moving speech on fallen soldiers; George W. Bush breaks silence to defend fellow globalists Obama and Clintons from Russia culpability


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May good morning terra well John Kelly's speech the media. The other day I gotta say is probably must epic and epic grants we played here a long time and that's saying something dissidents and it was it was an alleged human beings I've heard come out of Washington in a long time new. I'll question where eat it eat it just was really moved by it especially is the way of a marina played foreign yesterday 'cause I wanted to he neared the clips my husband and her clips on the the news but hadn't heard the whole thing. Together. As he said it and it was really remarkable. So he's talking about on this Democrat congresswoman who I guess was in the car over hearing me call from trump. And to them you know to the mother actually from the answer of this and deceased green beret bray and the year she said he said ally he signed up for a you know so you shouldn't care. I mean that is I it is hard to picture. A president actually say any any human being actually saying man and it pat doesn't pass the smell test I sent to me that we have got a whole party and group of people who immediately want to believe something which is really. Not believable. It's sad that this kind of thing would be used new way that it was. Pay Elena played chief of staff John Kelly's epic Greinke the mine I mean this is Daiei he lost his son who was a marine. His marine general. So he's also sent other people's sons into the battle for you know onto the battlefield. And that makes what he has to say all the more remarkable here it is. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning in broken hearted. Head what I story number upon restored. Member of congress who. Listen there are a phone call from the press United States we don't want. And in his way try to express. That opinion. It's a brave men and fallen hero. He knew he was getting himself into because she enlisted there's no reason listed in list. The news where he wanted to be. Exactly where he wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to do it when his wife was taken that was the message that was a message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was sacred. Nor as a kid growing up. Lot of things to save our country. Women were sick of looked upon with great off that's always about the case it wars we see from recent cases life particularly your life. It's safer that's gone religion. At seems to be gone as well. Gold star families I think that left in the convention over the summer. I just thought. The selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield I just thought that that might be sacred. When I listen to this woman what she was saying. What she was doing on TV. The only thing I could do. To collect my thoughts was to go. And walk among the finest men and women on this earth. You can always find their knowledge and something. Went over their for an hour and a half. Walked among the stones some of whom I put it. Because they were doing what I told them do what they were killed. Wow. It was like fur just two minutes in America lead the ankle stepped in the room while we now quiet now stop it. Okay here is represented a Frederico Wilson's. Response today is the sister of the congresswoman who started all list by saying all or even believe would trump said he's a deranged she's delusional he said you know he signed up for this. You know so you shouldn't care all that here's her response to that fact. Speech by John Kelly. We have a new definition of deplorable. That would be congress one Frederica Wilson that is deplorable yes good point play that is absolutely deplorable. It's almost inhuman. To react like that I mean this is not just a guy who's talking about sending. People not having had to send people off to to die for their country make a decision and live with dad but this is also up a person who's lost his own side. He's being in the bottom of his heart and you laugh and call yourself. A rock star. But I tell you Utley and I may be the only one he's put these stories together. You know where this country is right now nothing tells the story just this week as of where we all are in this country then. What happened with Dustin great this week he is a green beret he died and and in IG are on October 4 rate. So Britney. He he he's his body is being shipped to support Sam. Is being shipped back to America. He they they touch me they literally cats fish out on American soil. Before eight army widow. And obstetricians she was doctor reminisce on the delta flight. Is so touched modified by the fact she finds out that this body is on a plane. And she wants to make Feeley feel a little bit better so she goes around all the people on the on the places hey let's sing the anthem. Maybe the salmon were heroes in Europe and here is the privacy on a social media coming to fill but it would be honored discussions wanted to do something she was a widow. And the jolted the head delta flight attendant says I know you Ed tells you know you can't do you get to stay silent might offend somebody. And even goes so far as to announce over the loudspeaker that no one has to say anything no dished out to be any sentencing. So clearly their son's body hits the hits the tarmac. And it begins. It to get well we'll wait weeks Kara to family feels like they just laws is a but we you know we we got to worry about somebody who might be offended by hearing something Amir an American in America. The Americans wanted to do just artist got people are crying she said what you know what they did end up singing. Us she's in tears in the air force into the failures to see that. And then this whole controversy of course father who should be you know spending his time you know with with his family grieving. Then arrested in making the rounds on television. Talking about the condones probably got from trump. He said you know on this is his quote from him this is to Newsweek I'll save my son knew what he signed up for you signed up to be agreeing break he had no illusions about what that meant said right a military veteran himself this is his father. My son came from a military family tradition that dates back to 1812 so I mean he's a bit they worry he's dirty Guidant. Slammed with a handsome cat the anthem controversies son's body had just barely his hit the ground in America. And that you got this lunatic I think she's. Rock star. Mom and literally there's no human compassion here whatsoever. It's all ideology. And it's amazing meal that Porsche Selig what does it have to go through leave before they buried aside the question from these people. Just leave them alone and let your fellow Americans greet the way did they want to greet if they want to sing the anthem let them. Who cares who defendants. Were all Americans to offend you leave. Find another country club better I don't care. I'm so sick of these people and so far it's it was like John Kelly somebody some adult had to step in the room. And called timeout and say my god is anything sacred his country Lee. And is not. He's right it's and there's nothing sacred in this country anymore that. History terra text rates tear tears on hearing John Kelly one of our sons is a marine and a congresswoman remarks you just played make me sick. Yes they do. Great point on the common sense retirement planning tech slang here's the text. Where the Democrats or Republicans calling for congresswoman Wilson's resignation where the hell are they tear up this line is disgusting. And should be gone today. Yet this used to be the kind of thing. And both for her. The air of the current cup. Can leadership that Republicans would scored huge points on it would demands her resignation they would use this is exhibit eight to say this is what these people really think and that's a really important exhibit for the public. To see but they're silent. Heck they're silent so when NT competes their own supporters. Why would they condemn this woman. Amazing. The six months. From our side of the I don't its tacit. Scott from Greenville good morning. Thank you Margaret should got a big quick point care. When when you see Al Franken and an expert groups Fredricka do things like this revoking their mistake he remembered that you. Lindsay great all and now they're gonna maker Merck last week John McCain crosses out by Al. The obvious difference between the city. And and Frederica or Al Franken says a lot I agree that you eat. They should be screaming her resignation not ever not go until it got one you about it in that Gingrich. Yet they do I you know what Scott that is it that's a brilliant when I bet that's a big part of why you're not hearing. On any of these people including Lindsey Graham and John McCain who cloaked themselves in the military went on to run for office. And Lindsey Graham you know he's he's a you know veterans of foreign wars he's he does all of those stops thumb on his campaign's. All but yet when something like this happens your rates got where is he. Apple sanctioned in the court series and we appreciate it. All's well that will thank Scott for listening I appreciate that texture change your luggage through so much additionally. I I'd choose so much additionally I rent several cars monthly for my job. And I make a point to set the first three pre says the 106. Point three so just maybe the next person who gets it we'll hear what is really going on thanks for what you do all of a wonderful text and that absolutely makes my makes my whole week. Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Speaking of the truth. So what happens. All of a sudden simultaneously Barack Obama George W. Bush hit campaign trail and how weird. Simultaneously. There are no accidents in politics everything script everything is scripted why are they on the campaign trail right now. While Obama is on the campaign trail to distract from what's going on with Russia. She's indeed did it means a lower actually apply to him. He need a lawyer right now. And may still be applied to him he scared this Russian think he's taken on enough weight. But he scared that's why he's out on the campaign trail we MC Meryl longtime incumbents occasionally but he doesn't formally go out what George W. Bush and campaigned for. Rush brilliantly point out history our show. Bush. Took it on the chin from Obama again and again and again and would not respond to remember that. Me out right lie is insanity. So if bush was so and that Obama lied during the campaign bush was enough he said nine I leave office I'm done here and I'm not mean didn't he when he read a letter. It comes to retirement to slam trump today or yesterday why. Your reasons number one the clintons are in trouble. Don't tell me Imus. Go go in any of images section of Google and type in bushes and clintons look at the pictures that c'mon. They're really good friends. And he got Jeb Bush giving Hillary awards for her you know citizenship. The by the wish she'd never give one of them and the bush failing. Letting it leak out to some of our voting. They they you know we're not be voting for trump. In that election. To be voting for Hillary all but let it be known as what they were doing. They're out there to distract from Hillary and this nuclear thank mark my words. That's what bush is doing. They they are very tight. The V bush legacy was perfectly upheld by Barack Obama almost everything we that we have hated Obama has done bush was the one who pioneered it you just didn't notice. People on talk radio and what talk about it didn't tell you the truth here's what bush had to say. Yesterday. I hears it's I had to run when he had to. We see nationalism distorted into native is it's. Forgotten and dynamism that immigration has always brought to America. We've seen the return of isolationist sentiments. Forgetting that American security is directly threatened. By the chaos and despair a distant places. Or threats such as terrorism infectious disease criminal gangs. And drug trafficking scandal emerged. In addition to protecting the clintons who are very tight with the bushes. Why is he saying this stuff. Why do you say the stuff about the white supremacy and why is he saying it. Now of all times after all these years. I'm the only one who's gonna explain this part to the U. Race. Your credit congresswoman is comments this morning. That's for Draco Wilson at responding. To John Kelly attorney about his on son being buried in Arlington and and as a military commander in those in Arlington he goes to visit because his decisions put them there. Decisions he made that they followed. And her response was to laugh and tackle and say she must be a rock star if they. Turned administration our knowledge in her existence. Sure Ridder congresswoman comments this morning but hearing her tackling like that was one of the most chilling and disgusting things of her no one. Atlas. Total lack of humanity. No delays grab. We show George Shimmy bush comes out. He makes a point of saying he stuck to respond all the lies Obama's telling about a month campaign trail because. Yeah he's done his time in office he's gonna you know gracefully disappear from the scene. Om and so he has nothing to say about Obama nothing to say about anything nothing to say when Obama attacks the people supported him. He's got nothing. Then all of a sudden he goes back on all that. To tell us what a monstrosity trump is and how horrible he has and how terrible the country is right now. And he Obama yesterday hit the campaign trail at the same time why. Would bring a book that I'm telling you it was still it was meant to distract from Hillary it was coordinated and it was deliberate. The bushes are really tight with the clintons. Really tight. On you don't believe me Google bushes and clintons. And then hit the images by an ambivalence and watch what comes up. They've been friends for a long time the family album let it be known that they were voting for Hillary in this race. Now Hillary's in big trouble and so is Obama and NASA and tell you that's why they're out on the campaign trail today or yesterday. Is she distract. From this precious stuff. They know how big of a dealer says public funds that's exactly what their due. So George W. Bush is out there. And you can hear the anger in his voice did you hear him talking speaking you can hear that there'll be anger and the rage I never saw this ad Obama. I neighbors saw this when Obama literally turned tail and ran. And allowed the clip creation of the ice state. Never supper boy ain't you hear it now why was so angry this week. So you Busch's anger it is the second reason. Because try just didn't eight months let bush could not do. Any ears. We blew two point true. Four trillion bucks on us foreign wars and we lost 4400 people. So far. I always had to show for it was a a Milli said he stabilized that we have we we we had a cal fair price and place it never band it was an utter and complete iron total waste of money. Bush knows that he saw she spends his time drunk pain in order colors of men who died many center there I don't think Bush's. A cold person I think he's badly misled by his father who is a bad person. As a bush just watch trump do an eight months. By relaxing the rules of engagement bush set. The guy got so many of our guys killed. By being willing to kill ices fighters is that lend them surrender. Terms just got an eight months would bush and Obama could not do in sixteen years. Bush knows that it was humiliating it was the final blow. As a you have Busch out there. Screaming this stuff. Crucially nationalism distorted and a native isn't. Forgotten and dynamism that immigration has always brought to America. We've seen the return of isolationist sentiments. Forgetting that American security is directly right. But chaos and despair of disinflation. Or threats of terrorism and sources disease criminal gangs. And drug trafficking scandal emerged. Rush is right this was his deplorable and I mean he just slammed his entire basin posting here he really has but who is bush really. Talk about isolationism and we've we we were cleaning native isn't he goes on about how. Wonder fully immigration is banned for this country and how could we turn our back on this will be nativist. When you hear that consider. Cool bush is and what he did this is what he considers. Normal. That trump is absolutely. Reversing. During the decade of the 1970s. We let two million immigrants into this country 200000 year. During the decades in the eighty's and ninety's we let four million people when it. Four million people that's Ben the rate of immigration. Between 202010. You wanna know how many people bush the the bush immigration policies allowed in this country this according to the center of immigration say is keep in mind four million people. A decade in the eighties in the nineties forced four and a dozen years foreigner million people decade. Fourteen. Million. Under bush. Fourteen million that's legal and illegal this is the guy who ordered border guard a mile back to border. In key crossing points this is the guy who signed. The bill for the wall in the Rose Garden when his party was about to lose congress. And then nine months later. Completely undermines it. By switching to a satellite program wasted billions that went to the contractors at the actual look in that. And eventually had to disband because it was worthless now says we're nativist because we want to build a wall they signed the bill to build and then undermines. This is the guy who ordered the border guard out of our national parks them but the border turning them into a virtual highway. For illegal immigration that's how we got to the fourteen million by the way fourteen million in the decade between 202010. Does draw with the with the women's bush. Bumped up. That is the single highest immigration. Decade America has ever seen. Bush says this is just your reaction that you know we're we're rebelling against globalism and we should embrace it he says. And people's vision of the not transition well under the new global economy. Well sir that's probably because she gave it to their jobs to foreigners. You look at NPR. Real wages for blue collar workers. Declined 5% since 19732. Thirds of that decline happening between 202050. Bush engineered that. During the same time period wages for white collar workers went up 41% they went down 5% for the collar workers. Pushed it back that's not a transition to a new economy that we have to adjust to not be nativist as a deliberate downward depression of wages. This man. Was a pox on this country. As a and the worst the worst of all congress had passed eight. Visa program to alert the government and funded it when people overstayed their visas. Bush refused to implement it. Had he import and should had to. Had he implemented that program we might have caught the 9/11 hijackers. One of them came back into the country after illegally over staying his watching two of whom came back in the country after illegally overstayed their visas. We caught that they wouldn't come back several of whom were illegally in the country and overstayed visas. At the time we might start 9/11 the bush wouldn't do it. He quietly tried to implement the program later but it was such a disaster. He failed and had to pull plug on. So if you wanna know the real bush legacy that's it that's it I can't change it those are facts. Think about it whether an island attack us. Where we went winds up 2.4 trillion dollars on our wars now Iraq and Afghanistan 4400. People dead. Three over 3000 from the towers lung and the Panama. All of that can be traced directly back. To his immigration policy and his failure to to implement that visa program that would cut. Those 9/11 hijackers most of them not all of them but most of I mean every disaster of the last fifteen years you can trees break back to George W. Bush and consent in his lap. He knows it he's not a stupid man. So when you hear the rage. It's because all of that is being exposed. Absolute damage that granted fourteen million in a decade under him. Compared to four million. In a decade under Clinton. So he slams native is Emmons says were intolerant understand what his version of anti native business. That's who wishes he wanna know why he's mad he's mad pissed I'm swinging. Which is a good thing I'd have that share of the virus. You've got a lot of opinions here's one do you agree with it from the text like I don't think sheriff should resign he made a mistake. But there's some people who have been involved in an affair with a coworker a lot of people. Just don't get cut happens in my office all the time it's not right but it happens almost everybody cheats. Do you under three. Text your rates if sheriff will listen was a Democrat he would be allowed to have hookers and open his hotel room. Sure it's his first to share of goes I mean I can I care but I don't care they cheat on his wife that's his moral dilemma boy gets me is. The fact that he tried to deceive the taxpayers and doing on our dime that tells me rate they are these not. For the people he's dishonored and it should be fired on that globally can't be far he would have to resign unless he's here are charged with a crime. And because elect he's elected by the people. Lot of ideas show any interest in response is all over the board on this with the Willis coming on history in many OK I did. Haven't affair. Oh my did Nino was consensual. Now the charge against mere cracked and you know today and I apologized to those who follow me I'm gonna continue. Serve. Okay. Putting aside the rain Iran and a relationship and what kind. They'd be better remember this is an employee of his. To really understand this is it was a couple things you gotta look at Tom Savannah neighbors the woman who's accusing him 23 years old. He knew her before her employment with the sheriff's department. She worked with him when he was a legal investigator at the law firm a banister Wyatt and stayed we laughter. So we win the election. A line is I don't you think. 803471063. Text line 7130 senate Bob I know is called for him to resign. Are you due to show. You tell me what he should do he wins on the memory okay this just like she was 2060. When the first things he does this. Bomb is higher Savannah neighbors as an administrative coordinator on December 5 2060. Combat in January he is given her a new county issued vehicle. And here's the interesting part is a lot audio from her and she's released a lot of it. And here's just estimate puts on the stakeouts memory NC Tony would take. Here's that the moral issue of of the affair but there's this stuff to present course from the sheriff on the audio I have spent more time trying to repair. And thinking about how I can repair our relationship then I had doing my blinking job. That's from the idea. That she has. Released. Com there's more. Here and no I don't say we don't things we don't mean from time to time speaking grand terms that don't really represent us one more. You know what is not our best behavior don't feel like we're in public. But there's a couple of things in here. Like this one. He says just UN mean nobody else is trying to convince her go on I yuk -- trip with him that's two legitimate location but the can would be paying. The hotel room. A home for him to go conference just you and me he says nobody else I once primal way I want it myself and it might be able to. Just sit around and drink on the beach on company time. So there's a there is a mentality. There. There's this too he talks about how you know female swat team members changed from the male members old time. And he's trying to visited you go away with him on this trip he's going regardless he says in the in the audio. On May get his his series into illegitimate destination but he's trying to convince her to stay in hotel where. As she simply don't people look where we now look where you and I don't know about that of the people an apartment now he said no. He said it's you know you're in the fold now you're with mean nobody's gonna say anything to anybody nobody's gonna care. You that's how cop sorry she said but I'm not a cup and many says this. It's everyone else seemed to units everyone else you know you're one of less you are at the state trooper stopped you this is the sheriff on the idea in the state trooper stopped you. Who knew me and recognized you. I knew who you were then you would get the same courtesies every other crop up as every other crap I mean it's just like you have those currencies now. I knew it was a little difficult for you understand what you do. Well I mean that's the exact mentality. It pains me to say this that black labs matter accuses police officers of having. And it's a thing to do with the affair. What to know would you think we're anti tax rolling in we had folks on the line. So sick yet since you sit here assists still. Stay you're -- get you in the next is segments. On the share of 803471063. Text line 7130 sept.