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Salute to Service
Saturday, July 15th

Salute to Service


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Come out or number two of salute to service this now turning cloudy Saturday July 15 glad to have you did this bout of rain that terrain looks like the bottoms Metafile out fell out last night in my house of course after wash the car yesterday so pandering natural place obviously and something else that is obvious it's our t.'s segment one so it is time for just a little bit a Gene Autry and some gunfire. Still of this single shot paction run at the end of that little clip banks is just like. Man's meat meat always funny in the last week urged. That the fact that a home and first up this week on graphic card this is some good news the ambush of the Baton Rouge deputies that took place last July yet. There is an officer down there nick tell year irked holy day I guess dependent on how you had a pronounced that in Louisiana. That was gravely wounded. Shot in the head stomach and shoulder. During that ambush and doctors were. Not real sure he would survive well not only did he survive. The 42 year old sheriff's deputies still define a grip the grim prognosis that was given initially. And he's. Able to start undergoing lag issue and Collison. Physical therapy Yankee type things further trying to again work with his hands his arms in and that photo from the story east. In a sitting and you know again and trying to get him to move his hand and in India and give back some. He's never gonna get back query was success. And that's impossible thing gonna happen but this guy is fighting. Or his his life still and get some function back in his good report and and that tragic event that. One of several police shootings that did shock the nation at this this deputy is. East east fight and he's defying the odds and you know. Again it's going to be interesting to see cause related season that Baton Rouge shooting. You know there's been in the law. Lawsuit that was filed recently looking to hold some of the the leadership yes for lack of a better word. Of the BO ND OM group responsible for and rightfully so inciting violence with there. Rhetoric. And you know as you've chance pigs in a blanket from like Macon. Long enough and loud enough and somebody acts out. You know where's the line between free speech and incitement well you know. If it goes back to the old adage in your freedoms you're free to say whatever you want to turn offer from the consequences of having set it. Very true I've got a story coming back also that for particular select but I think that that's it. I think that that's a good example of of using the law. I especially civil law. In the right way to get back. What was taken from me in this in this particular situation I'm not a fan of frivolous lawsuits by an extra demon on Russian. But it you know what if you wanna be group and you wanna be organized and you better go get your final warning you better go get some some insurance and their. And and understand the difference between. Advocating for for change regardless of what other people of the meteor advocating. For change for improvements are advocating for your your belief your position. Is very different from inciting violence yes it's a it's a thin line between advocating for him beat me in a social group in Maine winter shortens nascent yet just ask anti (%expletive) yeah. Yeah yeah so they've been labeled as I don't know I don't say sound a couple of cities and and New Jersey yep and put them on the domestic terror. As times change and met. Some sad news coming out and. Sit in that your body surge this KC 130 which is reef refueling variant of the venerable C 130 inner frame has been in existence since what the fifties. Probably. You fifties these. A solid reliable Air France got a friend who lives on course mechanic on those and you know apparently this thing had some kind of catastrophic air frames failure mid flight fell 20000 feet which you know you that's where you've got all scattered debris you've got several crash site yeah the thing. Unfortunately took with a sixteen people on a much more shock operators. A greenside Korman and of course the flight crew the pilots who have mastered such. If they recovered all sixteen people but it it still mean this dark day in in. And Marine Corps. History I guessed it to have something like this happen and it's it's unfortunate course for thoughts go to the the unit and they were out of cherry point yeah weren't they cheered and did the families of the fallen and into know that that these guys. Raise your right hand in entered and oath and were out doing the thing but it also initiated you know simple simple training or even moving from place to place is just as dangerous as anything else. Yeah and so did you see the video clip and I'll put this on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash Libya award he slid service where there was a local in that area and went out to that field in Emily taps. Adds that you know some things are hard why. As potent man yeah and you see stuff like that I can I tapped gives me every time anyway and this is a story. Dealing with. A little run and in the yes you Japan between the Japanese. Navy Japanese Coast Guard and a sitting North Korea and North Korean and do an air quotes here. Fishing boat. And the only place I saw this and it's pretty good little web site. One American news 08 in. News and is happen on reported on July 13. The Japanese government launching some protest probably nothing's come of it that launching them anyway protesting North Korea. After finding an armed ships fishing illegally. Japan's. Chief cabinet secretaries and a patrol Japanese patrol boat. Found the vessel in there waters in they went over to check it out a were alleged police fishing for squid. And so they go over there in the Japanese patrol boat. If you guns on it. But not as many guns there is bigger guns as the so called North Korean and again air quotes fishing boats because the fishing boat. Ran off the the Japanese patrol boat and again I want you have to piece together the cup ponies a lot of stuff to it to get 88. True picture of this. Korean Peninsula situation. In a year and a half ago when we started bringing it up on the show it was little. Bellwether indicators coming at a Japan and that let let me start thinking. This this is going to ramp up the gas when you've got the Japanese talking about changing their constitution being able to deploy forces all these things. That have now happened Japanese aircraft a fighter aircraft were escorting those. B one bombers. Recently. That again the talkative. Some people US plan might just act unilaterally. On North Korea. You gotta think there's there's a lot of other countries I'm not a lot been written this thing if you anyway. That are that are probably going to be there when. Supporting us helping yeah in. We're not gonna be alone we're gonna be built around a minute and I daresay we can probably see. Japanese involvement in it because it didn't start this market. Well they are they're getting tired of it because it's it's a direct threat to them I mean they're there in between the halfway point oh yeah. So you know it it's it's crucial for them out to put up to much of the stuff and I don't think they're going too much longer I think the next time instead of launching a protestor and sort launch in some well yeah. Think that fishing boat I'm telling yet so out of buzz comes suicide in New York US army soldiers been accused of shooting killing his wife. And a New York State trooper after a domestic dispute stash are Justin Walters third two. Was charged her emporium on Monday with first degree murder for killing the trooper Jill Davis and second degree murder for killing his wife Nicole Walters. He's in Afghanistan combat veteran and currently US army vet her infantryman stationed at Fort Drum. I am. Everybody's got problems math and it ended. From law enforcement standpoint anytime you go out on on a domestic call it's a mess because. It's all emotion. There's never ever any logic in any decision made. On a domestic dispute situation like that everything is based on emotion people are acting on emotion. In May do things often times that are so out of character. Bit and their families wouldn't even understand how they came to that conclusion and in here we have a perfect example of that. Where a soldier and active duty soldier a combat veteran. Was in the domestic dispute with his wife and wound up killing a cop. They I mean it's just not it well not only Cobb and his wife on top of the overall what. Jody don't make you that match. This is the east take that I mean the world can. Do you use some pretty credit cards sometimes as we have we seen that here just. Recently yeah Greenville that very tragic situation. I here's a story where. And again stealing stealing something here borrowing something from the folks who do the TV guide publication at the cheers and jeered yeah. Here's one story this guy jeers and cheers. In it the police officer that was assassinated at the air recently the the lady. Sitting in the command vehicle that was just yet more. Assassinated no other word for it. Me as so this for media wore her funeral was held recently. And a New York City teen that lived in an apartment building across the street from where this church building this cathedral was where the funeral is being held. Thought it would be a good idea for him to put like a a a boombox or some scary as speakers in the window and Boyer this song. Rap song by a group caught in the NBA I remember them well yes and F the police is the name of the song. And phrase I'm I'm guessing is used. Probably generously threw out that it is only if you want to apologize and look. But say anyway and of course law enforcement can hear this while they're there at this funeral for this officer who is shot in cold blood. And now one police officer said well in quoting him this is just the asp. Blank you know fill in the blank. That we face every day and they were infuriated by that. So to jeers into this little pump go players this sixteen year old Julian Rodriguez. But it cheers. To the landlord because the landlord heard about it and what happened and he goes and tells his kid and his family. You either apologize. To the new York city police department or your out of the buildings are you guys you can lead at. And so reluctantly. They asked this kid day is that whoever's the the adult in the room there I guess on on the lease a winner since he's on the sixteenth. Did apologize. And indicated starts trying to you know spin the story of course I've got a bad attitude because the cops shot my older brother. And one in my best friends will somebody from the New York Post heard that and thought well this could be an interesting story so let's go check this out. And they did. God bless them only to discover that. They could find no connection no older brother and know this for end. The head and killed so it was just a sixteen year old kid Megan's stuff under the upon in making a stink and being dis respectful. To the nth degree at the funeral of this law enforcement officer and got called out I got called out on it and kudos to that that landlord for saying look you either apologize. Our you gotta pack. You know say you know such find another place to live yeah. They really did in New York City where you know you always hear that I've known a few people that live there any and yet the housing game is. This I don't think it's expensive yet. You wanna you wanna do this tour to look mystery on the ground and you go ahead eagle so out of out of holly weird. George Lopez actor comedian. Was responding to the I guess the travel ban and then also you know starting to deport. On a more regular basis some people that are here legally. He shared on Twitter I'm assuming in the deleted. The drug administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer you wanna make the streets safer to deport the police. Well. Magically that tweet got deleted which often times once you start getting some heat on it yeah well you know it listen everybody's got the rights say what they want but again you don't have the right to be you know free the consequences of saying stupid stuff. So does the backlash started up and I think he started to feel some of the heat now of course we're not gonna see an apology from mr. Lopez I don't expect when I don't want one I don't care what George Lopez thinks. That's his bubble he can live in an all he wants. But I just find it humorous that recently after making this quote he was on on doing a show and some some city not be named and requested. He had a police security detail. So they'd been deported verse are out sorry differently here protection Michelob as their all and you know Arab player whatever it just. People say things. They they engage your mouth before their brain has a chance to catch up and you know. I get him and you wanna be a Jeanne you wanna be cool when you wanna say something this gonna get some attention leading congratulations. But at the end of the day man you're George Lopez your B list celebrity and nobody cares. Nobody nobody cares did so congratulations on your fleeting success. OP have you know moderately successful career moving forward in and remember that. Nobody cares. Say what you want you're free to do that but you're not free from the consequences we've said that any heat on and continue to say it. League at bat here write this and Johnny Cash no less man who we come back. Well weird situation out of Hawaii Idaho Hawaii with the army and a sergeant first class that what does any 77 arts gunning or gunning for us via. Want to associate and support crisis and finally the FBI stops and so what's that how about. We'll tell you next salute to service one a 63 WORD check in Johnston must Emma. There are less. So disservice done in just 1063. WOR deviant State's top station glad to be with you today. The C anywhere this story man is strange. In its. It's strange but not so it didn't surprise me didn't it didn't surprise it's hard to be surprised how much anymore bit it Haney you know you would think that after her. Nadal Hasan in the Fort Hood incident. That the military would have been Alou maybe a little more aggressive on this one this particular. Investigation drag I was a drag on until it took a little over a year before this guy got arrested the FBI arrested. A few days ago sergeant first class. Week it Ky aka Cain. I think assessment as close as ten different ounce and at as the as he would. He's 34 years old in May have arrested in and it from his home is in a suburb of Honolulu over the weekend last weekend. In and it involved multiple undercover officers' confidential informants. They've arraigned and then federal court. And basically this guy had gone to the point of pledging loyalty to the Islamic state are also Denny bile like drone yet and yet there's all kinds a whack a do or stuff yeah had been not providing getting. Couple things documents things that he might have access to because anybody if you haven't been in the military you may not understand it bit. For example a site I had I had. A reasonably good how security clearance. And and that let me see in view and handle certain information dealing with systems on the Apache helicopter yell you know what I had to do with my Cherie Blair John why I got to have the 64 pack of crayons with the sharpener and they're big MacBook and we expect. But the one thing you know that I couldn't do is like I couldn't just walk into headquarters building somewhere and say Afghan top secret clearance since I'm just gonna go peruse the files right you you only get to see. Need enough need to know what things that pertained to eat to your line of work. And said that this guy had been getting some documents together. And given them over to undercover agents are operatives or informants. He had also been helping to make some. I guess. War fighting videos combat training videos. And then he did go out like you were talking about and Bonnie a fairly high and drowned out 1414100. Dollars worth of some kind of drone. And the camera equipment. Basically says they say he had this can be used. In an eerie if you wanna see if yours armor troops are things that you know they can how would you go about getting that over there I mean you wait you just address its crisis in rock I mean I honestly taking care of Seattle here that the that's. That's weird but Saint Louis at this and gone home for awhile in the one thing that. They got me is like okay were at were halfway through it will only seventeen men they said the investigation having gone on for a year approximately said the started in when he sixteen Iraq. This guy had his clearance revoked. In 2012. And was facing some. Review in disciplinary actions in 2012. For making pro Islamic state comments while it would when he was at work on base. And threatening to hurt or kill. Fellow service members. So that happened five years ago. And yet this is you know midway. Crystal ball pass midway 2017. Before this guy is arrested. I know I I we do we know how many. Red flags were missed with Nadal Hasan in them. Not military related we know the FBI investigation. Mean Judy Garland Texas thing where. Pam Geller they had the drama comedy contest and all this and there were undercover. FBI agents. You're working with that guy yet and we actually know now and in one of the things that Tara did a good job with on her show. Was covering that and how there was actually one of the FBI field gas followed the shooter. To the to the event. But didn't do it didn't do any thing and thank goodness it was a beat cop out there with him. Umpteen years where that experience and a and a handgun that took this guy now. Yeah so you've kind of got to think on some plays you know the FBI is is a preeminent. Law enforcement agency are modest scale people and it. But then we obviously know from current events a very political organization very politicized organization is well within its upper management says this is. This is a little disconcerting may you know think about. And in them that what would've happened had it come to light that let's say French justice FBI I think in downing Garland that you know the bag I was able to get some shots off and actually kill people. And then it comes to light that the FBI I was sitting right there letting it happen or in this case we're talking about now we've got an active duty service member. On up on a military installation who has pledged his loyalty diocese say it in in the same name that Nadal Hasan was handing out business Carson said you know soldier Bala yeah on them. And and yet we. No action was taken now. The flip side of that coin like we discussed before the show is had he broken a law yet was pierce was there something to arrest him for. And that's true in a couple he's articles that are covering that and no one of them have got is got some commentary and it's from some attorneys. A guy that's that that are ex military themselves. A gentleman who is a retired army colonel was a a judge and the jags in the dump. And you are talking about this case and about how it yet this seems like it it took awhile and you know hopefully that had enough. Tied after reins on him with these surveillance and everything. And quoting this one gentleman a no tip and who is Marine Corps former Marine Corps officer quoting him. They probably said let's monitor it. And see if we can get a real terrorists now so you can kind of appreciate absolutely. Would be is like how tide of a leash. How much rope. Are you gonna give these guys in a situation like this I can see is like gay if you've got this. Disgruntled. Making these statements movement and yet hasn't. He hasn't acted out yet yet she's done anything he's he's gone I'm not a drone he's made a few videos and he's making some statements that other day hasn't done anything. Do we just nab him now. Or or do we rolled the dice is eBay and wait because. He's communicating with some people and some people are coming and we'll not only giving him. We'll get to three. Other people or maybe one other guy that's that's a better. This source for interrogating you know it it and it may be that he aren't so we Macy's videos he sends him of course she's got either email homer potion from somewhere so you. You know does does the NSA then. Take over in and they're following. IP addresses all of the world's largest video going out who's hosting India and end who's sharing it from where they go on and Andy yeah so I you know on one hand I can see art from an investigative standpoint from building that. That spider web. You know we're gonna we're gonna get this guy just enough rope to hang himself with us. For the time being and less he does something egregious. Or do we scooping not now and miss out on up you know potential treasure trove of information. It's a it's a balancing act and then you've got obviously the constitutional issues where we sport law enforcement would want them to do a good job at the end there you've there are. Rights constitutional rights yeah involved in his Wales it's the real balancing act and in the interest in the C how this progresses that the the jags this. When we come back. Another example of chuck and John being on the forefront of we were actually right about something. Salute service one a 63 Debbie Doherty chicken job will be right backs him on standby. The maximum disservice John Turner chuck Porter glad to be with you 1063 WOR. DDF states talk station and it. It is so nice swing he spend time every weekend. Talking about is some of the struggles and issues and success stories and some stories that are. Not successes and things like that and the VA is this an institution that we've we've spent a a lot of time I wasn't getting downloads ourselves on the collars and techsters and emailers and stuff. And down. You you you're the one that that put this out on our FaceBook page and so and so I'm I'm gonna look a little achieved. Are you today so in in another example eight end of many recently and we actually have another win this week that that we were spot on about. The department of veteran affairs to start the process of disposing. Of or reusing send anyone buildings nationwide. In the department plans to cut another 359. From its inventory in the next two years. Now John and I have discussed at length a lot of steps that we think the veterans administration particularly the health care of my end of that could take. Up to and including. Doing away with so health. But. It measures they can take to reduce overhead. And one of them is in how to think about this they're sitting on right now over 400 pieces of property. Around the United States that are dormant their anti. In the they're steered you're sitting up under paying taxes on maintenance maintenance and everything else has to be done but they're not being users they are being used to being under use. And some of these things are high and they they they range. In age I mean some of hum. Part of the problem with that with selling her disposing of these properties is going to be be because some of Lamar. They're just historic. Nature because they're that old saw there were some were built India eighteen hundreds but then there's also some that are his news. If and one in temple Texas was built in 2004. And these things range from you know war war one type installations. World war the world went to air stuff and armored. But this is quite sizable and their spread around in some places that you wouldn't think the distance. Kind of surprising to me. Knoxville Tennessee nice nice town nice area beautiful part of the country. Not a it's a it's a large place but this is not Houston LA New York Chicago still a sizable said that a sizable plays actually bit the this is the VA health care system there has on this on this list 34 buildings so. And not I did not say why you need that and 39 are part of the northern. Indiana so northern India. Even so so these places are spread out all over in what was it. And get to hear. Clearing in the 430. Vacant or nearly vacant buildings from its inventory will say the VA an estimated seven million dollars each year in Maine and scoffed de Justin maintenance not to mention the money that they're gonna make off of the sale yet. And you know what if it's a historical site. And given back to the city that your hand and let them turn and assassinate turning it into a museum or what it might be something that's historical. But it's so dilapidated and run down. Put the money in your pocket you're building that you just gotta roll with it and thankful uses property for something else or real estate is always worth something yet. And that. Brings me to a two point with this that actually one of our FaceBook. Followers. Chimed down in this article you posted earlier in the week you can find someplace because we've we've got two hours here on Saturday that we try to. Keep things going and keep it informative and info on what not during the week on the on the social media pages FaceBook dot com slash W a RD. Salute to service. In one of the FaceBook of followers commented about. Watch who might buy some of these that thinks that right yes I insider insiders and see that's that's weary and they'll they'll be some. The husband the wife of some congressman senator or some bureaucrat. Again. They'll be trying to get some type honey pot deal him on some of these things and then. Flip on for lack of better term care you flip that house flip that building. And could potentially. You know by turn a profit yet by some for pennies on the dollar and and turning massive profit. In the process would not be open to. Other investors who who aren't. Inside the beltway well and say you know there's laws with the FC aired the SEC about. Insider trading insider trading why would this not fall on the line thing. Well and there's if there's anything this people in Washington DC arrogant that it's it's finding loopholes write loopholes in the law are right our writing them in there and exploiting them so I think they are and you could have some. Some conflict of interest house I Igman just but I still. Even in this. Regardless of that this is. The right thing for the created with this may cut the money down that your spending on it the man hours and effort and let's focus. Again this is some of the business cents. This being brought in to the trump administration. Focus on core mission core values things that you can make. If you've got properties it just seems and try being a real estate guy this makes perfect says. If you've got properties that are costing you get real and you're not getting anything out of it then. The juices no longer worth the squeeze. Docket. Yell anecdotally and I've only heard the story anecdotally. I have no way to confirm it but remember Leo Allen the hospital yeah well that thing was remodeled very recently before they tore down. And I had heard through. You know the grapevine that the city of Greer was prepared to hand the keys over to the veterans administration they would've had a fully functional newly remodeled hospital. For you know close to free if not offering. What do they do they turned it down so they can build another week is they had money they had spent yet. So they want to building a brand new VA clinic somewhere else but why. Why would you do that. Why would you just seems like John don't make sense and that part lays into another and this is a story I posted. I got it from the daily collar about these I AG reports. Where that the Pentagon can save 33 billion if it took the advice of some of these auditors and I started looking at that report opposed to the stories that might bring it up on the show yes but this report is hundreds of pages long in the article was not published. Till late in the week and so is and given everything else I got going on in life I couldn't. Get through that reporting gets some salient points it to bring that that'll similar work on man trying to have that for next Saturday. T. Again it's how how wonderful government is at passing tons and tons of legislation and regulations and now in my day job worldly the beloved sarbanes Oxley. Yes garments that drive people the war home especially people in the IT into the business manager not an incarnation of the business. About compliance and all these little things that you have to do it. They are so wonderful at pushing that on the private sector but then. When it comes to their their their own house that that they just whoever wanted and they again and yet we we can't do something that might make sense well. Here's the VA is. Looking at doing something. That makes perfect sense you get empty buildings you don't need him anymore or either their 200 years old yet. You talk more updated and I would use it so just do away with it and it goes back to our point. If the VA health care system would she just go all the way. And in instead of having all of these brick and mortar locations in all these doctors and all these nurses and always bureaucrats in the administrators. Man just give it to split it to places it party exists in the medical field. We've already got hospitals regarding got doctors' offices in just give us a card that says we can go somewhere in any game I care is an insurance card act. Why shouldn't be any different. Now is that union jobs those pesky union employees Cha that want their jobs well it's stupid. Jobs so what we come back let's touch on that North Korea thing that yeah also write about. In the pipe bomb and an unusual place salute service one of 63 W or. Speed clearly annoyed yeah did you see where he's making that movie about the the Paris the Paris trying to train attack yet he's using the actual the three guys three guys yes I did so that is really cool that's either going to be the worst movie ever. It's easy to an isolated the movie itself may be it those. I don't I'm interact ominous ahead just to see Mac and yeah justice and think that's pretty cool cool on hand when you have what he's doing with one and now. Let me Klansman around a long time and I'm gonna miss that gap when he's down and yeah. Is Helms and his directing and stuff like that the Genesco that's going to be pretty neat in that and we were talking in the break Dunkirk. Yeah passing out on the 21. Looks intense and I don't go to the movies often. And to some I think I enjoy movies that and just in Holland highlights the safely ensconced in my recliner don't. That and I'm going to see Dunkirk yet 'cause that I mean a great moment in history clear. The future of a humanity. As far as freedom and liberties that. Either surviving the following in the Nazi Jack does it mean balanced on the head of opinion here. And in literal Jack boots now yet kind that you hear about today yeah. Well we have the VA story. Dad that was really funded that it is shared discussed because it was one of those things again when you're put things don't always together in your a couple of as. With the opinions of anyone that things my mom always said about me. All her life was a sign you you're never short of an opinion on site at epithet and and that's very true she she knew me. But it's nice when you seized at a site yet. Cease somebody's talent somebody's validating that somebody gets in then orgasm and you're sitting here saying it ought to think about doing this thing about doing well another thing we've been talking about for. Quite a long time a year and a half and again. We started talking about the Korean Peninsula situation. And things we started seeing in the Japanese government was discussing things that were. Kenneth a buzz in. The conversation over the year about their constitution but under reported here on extremely under reported here. But we kind of can't say you know that's a sign something's going home here and and we started talking about the. Capabilities men the north hats and some of the numbers game and then just last it was. Was last week Larry and Larry this trample the strap for steady yet type of message hey take the missiles take their nukes out of the mix. And a single volley single volley from the current North Korean artillery. Could put 350. Metric tons worth of high explosives console in one volley union so. We did a little simple math that the only way we can we extrapolated. Sit OK how many rounds per minute for the average artillery field piece. And Obama so if if fifteen minutes worth of free far how much would that be beaten and it was like you know 21000. Metric tons of high explosives coming council. We've talked about how. It's nice and simple when you can. Kick around things that well we need is just one big strike one surgical strikers. Seal team six and take this one guy out. And we've discussed at length about. How that's not really an option that's not really a solution here because of the way there are set up where it's not just their technology with with missiles and ICB hymns and a multiple launch rocket systems is artillery. It's how long they've they've had seven years worth of digging in to prepare for all this stuff. Well it's nice to be backed up in that opinion by guy named Bruce Bennett who is a senior defense analyst. From the Rand Corp. Did a good article came out on Fox News I just happen to see it this morning I was. Crews in the news. And down title of the article is a surgical strike against North Korea. Question mark not a viable option and he raced onto explain. More eloquently than a week after and how about why that's not an option and I got that posted on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash no BO Marty's the disservice because to me. It's real important. To understand this situation to to get more than a snippet you're gonna get on any news network. And get beyond some of the the headline and first paragraph stuff that most people get caught up and in believing. Every little. Two line post GC on social right because this situation has the potential to define. This presidency. And it wasn't really a significant part of all the campaign rhetoric right but this could Alter life in that region and are okay well worldwide worldwide. So it's important to understand that. That's why we keep talking about. And we will continue to talk about it until we're tired of yeah. And I guess another show in the can and other Saturday come and gone thanks so much for joining us we look Ford senior same bat time same bat channel and as always if you can't be safe. Be dangerous we'll see you next week folk.