Hot Rods and Happy Hour Live Hour 2 7 16 2017

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, July 16th



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Love what's that ended Wednesday what we're. Back we're token restroom. Restive montella Morris LaMont slow difficult but only if the UK. It's the or to field that day. I agree with the whole heartedly or talk about some of what makes the rest of it's like a majors between old school quality. School signals. That you build this court I mean it is all looks him here. Our. But the reliability. When you compare our challenger or anything like Edward must meet all of these breaks. But these. Widows making the rest of me. What is that you talked about it warms. Ride the UK with hopes to keep. Users on that and that was like the start. People's children that some form or suspension from the courses built in one game and revolutionized. Wave coming if you want prices to steal money this year to. But ultimately you know the theory. Users be they mean it fuel injection wicca. Fifty or bits and get thirty. I mean the course in the girls. It refers to war. That show. I absolutely coming. It's like my wagon. But analysts in the area upgraded and I do audit process taken them. Every since of the word I guess it is they rest room yes. Finally a compliment in my lap and thank you. Thank you. Averages. Fills that role. It is a classic in this. In the it has have late model polar sorely multiple forms part and you were technology. This issue. It's. But that. Well yes it is sort of anything you think about is the things the corset maker rest I mean you. I think one of the things about the risks among so popular is there was a big shift. You first get a little little hot rod or rather around like a broken imagery rugs I mean you talk about. That was your thirties forties cooers. Who is this story can it's things like that out. There's going for so horrible but you know world there's mobile you do cobbers blow blow who was there. Things like that we'll mixing the Muslim or got very popular and what you think you store your files exemption bush if he's. In these court because she could actually drive them. It didn't you with this horse and I think that's what's this do for risk assessment aged him over and it is. And we'd. Ponders it it was analyst. Twin Turbo does that count as the rest tomorrow. Now. And mr. Obama is restored to Israel for us now. Still motorist. That that's the wrong that's a Hummer that's yes. Again. Here's. Brigadier. All right. But this thing this school about a restaurant armies you can do whatever you wore meat and things it's not just G of power plant some analysts are extremely popular. There's no more Billy boat business was slow bush there was the war. I'm sure this is rumors are but it was a he's in the servants in the six for his summit. I've actually seen the discipline in the okay Crabtree. Well it's can you remember back when we went handers injured Joseph last year bomb they have the what was it deals for me it would new charger. Did mention it tollway to get perfect example rest on equipment that would do that foolish or else he's seen it. But he'll be an excuse to fit for him but she got we can present actual seat you bet is that for their first gold river falls 96 reports convertible. He sold that caller what people see these several. Well he was gonna buy that they do a few years later but the cord injury and they have some very. Well if you would never be perfect all original classic. So they do to risk. And it's a great corporate you can drive with this guy here conditions gotten bigger breaks the latest twice color every wasn't supposed oranges. There's actually people's work or. And a cigar actually if you ever had the pleasure of going to injured performance and there. And eagle on whether at the meeting room the original slaying scene just drive train all that is actually what holds the table. Okay what's crazy about it but he should. There's still room for excellent 63 but political beat their coffers and it was a desperate they converted his words yeah it was well. It's amazing what they do both bombing and that's what makes things so popular and even you put. Well extremely high because so popular as you can actually use them you can drive. In Alexei. Is I would say it's safe to say this fall. Growth story and presto mob run pretty and an outlaw is this is sealed in your case you crystals leave children alone. Brooke too little little extreme wrist or. Well. Lo these callers or not so robber friendly vehicles so Rupert who were right on the yields lower risk of role pages and and things like that. For Fitz is still hold against it it's a boring atop the rest of my. You know and it's cool it's. Take someone like did you Wednesday. And they revolution and all of this you know they have that you take them. And they're actually making measles Camaro personal numbers and and even must things now in need the dodges. And they're actually making them way more valuable than they have poor everybody's everybody's Cuba perspective it's. Where it's built. Into it. It was for that your sixty it's actually true well those are about Lewis missed build roads or. It forces analysts power in all the trees pitches since the pictures and reports was built. What's funny about the sort of accident to the shots and the caller. It's on restored the justice system they flip forward Cologne all of these suspension and there I mean it's it's that thing to do. And that's that your detonation of one of them on them now Allen has been through more Torre. That's on it more. Still lists that's the idea is that it and drive and join now worried about. You know it's probably getting sixty mile. And driving across country. Just as overheating issues and things like that cuts in capital that you've read you've. Yet to. Speak Spanish. Ride which is for her. Even the force be pronounced him. They're better which premieres in your fourteen year. That's not how differently clone of the things can be scream and throw announced more we mean they. After 3000 mile trip cross cuts are probably throats rods we children but it definitely he would do that your enemy and that's rest among them because you can take these course and drop them cross country. You know you can take your 68 Meyer. Unit fired up here condition enter our country with a zero worries that maybe a flat. Well another cool thing about this course to us that you have a problem other than adjectives like you can actually scale than what we UT's gators is what you would gain anything. So that's really the mean. Of excerpts were like let's go to Chevrolet dealership they had trouble with the could you got to think about people who I have these scholars. They're knowledgeable woman again these are business. By these people who these projects and so on these court robbery rate money. Big money. Well I I don't want to get tired to hear about why simply take it for example it's gadget vigilant on it and bullets and if you are always chicken little was ordered. Thanks that are there so. But now have to my problem is that this like equal like he did it holds. But no it's a computer of of fortune TO and so we just I'll listen course news that's TO Peter. And he just followed that way and that's what love it does that world theater of the truck or something like that. It was like a little bit of the things that tiger had at. Bird markets yet but it's very I mean come on man I mean the chlorine that they. Today. That compared to the pathetic there was not that. Difficult one for loan he would be the CDO drive. Thanks the cool thing about the rest of months of course the big story. You know we don't let you creature a bit of it was something I have the issue du they're breaks your caller although real is still here the last. Today as we in this but you don't say a for ourselves a little roll thank you thank you you'll that is until the two. Can we guilt and and today it. I think we can do it together now we have forty minutes nothing we can handle it. So anyway but this is the cool thing is just tried to Dover and the drug that'll that'll break problems there the that it justified very very hopeful picture again and again that's history that's anyway. But the cool thing about is the big breaks escorted to safety features of the revolt there now. But of course you when you lose. Your bracelet with six to the other. Let's. Think my thing is is taking a caller in putting bigger factor breaks right. And that's just what I would do well in this thing you don't listen to these neighbors coming quarters ceases. Thirteen districts of the fact. Exactly well I mean is think about that when we're talking myopia precious metal shows we're talking about the C sixteen to Melvin. That car borrow a game follows that up on the brakes is a bigger breaks right. And I think this is if you can do that anything goes to the factory in the something. You will consider a lot of money we could save a lot of money in the needing to right now no advance auto pic of your razor wire that is my. Mean exactly well and me another big thing with these colors you bricks and pieces that little bit about the sort of teachers. To a squeeze on the slave owners to patrol our QQ were road rules you're able to hold she met me they absolutely speech he. Another on the orgasm game and humble and more don't know there's there's two or we can hope for our homes for different Gloria. Oh absolutely damning evidence or rent and I've months before. My wife inherently has built its non hodgkin's. Global went there I mean there's. Thousands upon thousands he what what's the company right here of the road starts with him. You know of them around America. Just make up their race here they built suspension parts Reagan in upstate. Well there's a lot of vendors of these things we want to vs working thing if you're among the pros popular. No matter proceeds in the next hour and a half ago local shelters to. Yeah I mean well that is back what we talk about me in times of sigma. You see this you bring out new products if it hit a -- you're making them yup meaning you see people there to stay open and now casino next year there can be produced in the same thing and much cheaper rate. It's crazy actually. But having these bills. They're timeless ressam odds mean. Analysts in with the problem money these problem lies so that different problem was my board's mechanism and obviously. Well the cool thing is with the Ottawa as we're going to Bristol mr. Militants based on frivolous bills around they're going to resolve of which now we don't leave that. I do look stick around your list of hot rods and happy hour right here on one a 63 WORD. I'm rockets we're back but it real back up right here Ruby Tuesday the Woodruff road Greenville south kuril. Man that's a lot was knives and home now and viewing and now hear arguments that. Old it's weird courses or courses with a mystery schools all week well in this it's useful to you could but when disclosure. Does my effect I just wonder some there's a perfect don't know. We're a birthday. I think Tuesday would be creek day for a miss Cameron who's turning 21 as mr. Cameron here. So Marcia Germany black with green stripe challenger. Somewhere back over that suit on happy birthday. Happy birthday to him. Officers say they keep you at. Coaches got richer Taylor's old here we have now use and by Iraq and Richard Taylor is about what rookie jokes going to be okay is give people those few people so we're talking about these rest of mines. Analysts exit rows that no that's was have. The customer. I gave you that cost to vehicle is still okay and I gave us Richard export your. Eyes Alyssa well we'll stars. Well you keep somebody get these Google breaks gets within fifteen to forty it will single biggest owner risked a month no more so now you've got to do. If this is another yet with the lord that we will all right and you do not have break out some growth quarter on wheels book as a rule to do about it ahead. Again it's not a bad it got a lot of rolling. That's right there so you need some good stuff for so there is another way to get the full text homeowners vegetables in your wrist and your wrist of Monaco. A threat Maine like I'll go back to the wagon. Is trying to search in and have brokers I cannot run anything smaller than eighteen inch wheels. Sunny and that's coming thing so you know keep that in mind when your upgrade your brakes you know it's like rob just said if you're running like sixty or seventy this will. You may not be able to. Rock them on your new brakes. Well as a rule you're centuries ago to recently and we will. Rumors. That would be just to clear. Was like the new Corvette them just think of them as new corporates are like that. The wheels are the brakes on matters of visas are comfortable twenties because that's all clear. It's yours. Factory. In the you know another thing when you're talking about rest of mud you're talking now making at least 607 under worst hour. In your driving this thing right you whip in around corners you know you're actually implement this stuff and now our. She breaks are cheap wheels is not way to go. All the wheels and very very important for me. Obviously. The that you there's a lot of Wilson always worried that there were ball. Entered split up. Well that's that there enemy you know news to Wal-Mart online in my wields a mean there's nothing wrong with those wheels but in the end application. You know you want used to animate in three piece we elect a soft stuff I am vehemently Torre. We'll victory so. Quote there's there's chief altered little balls that roll with. It so what. With nothing would not give them any money out of room horrible. Well. Pardon me. But I mean there's so what. Nine of the Ausprey surrogates on my arm and you're either Republican wheels there greatly with analysts that. But won't be my that would broaden across all. Now. Street won't hear me. Right great looking with a class. This is where you wrong I mean hopefuls who will. Name and name him. She worries. Well mania or or we can just go like you took and it was you know moms do wealthy tourists do everything works well. Everything with recourse other Americans. Who would. Otherwise there. Those ago. Everything was better I just want you know and for a second get off subject here Wednesday so that little war. Go to the future or steal or get to a deal that involves Williams. Which you will. If record their roles I've never seen it called it didn't look that well you know it's great like. That's when I was 63 I'm going to behind us everything was better I can hammer this thing down for parents mobs sales in the bowl stage like the world will drown in pool play. And it would kill world I mean they would do Avery fitness things not just pulled apart on this much family hour. Hammered down pumps in Wales gave you can't baited the silly little right but give it thumbs up and you heard this at capital goods through it and actually do were so cool but let me. The things we thought about it is the lord that we will be filled with. And a few of these cars just. Go through. It. Pool he or she would issue four goals themselves so it sort of that's the thing about making him. You go of course you can or just. Not only just for she but you won't be. True. We know companies like go right tech release that the game Madera performance. And allow these courts handle like they've never been able to it before we'll order a particular coach multiples it's it was just record. Do you remember back in the day when manners jobs unions bill out on the back buffer we are well you know pump it up with a picture it was. Use Google. News TV wagon that enemy that would let them and hopefully prehistoric era hostage. The guys go through the that was the start you know but it was the story basically moralists it was mostly fruits. Here troopers and they felt like the only team that was. But it'll usable. In it's crazy that technology's been around for ever. And he knows it's always been there like he says with a semi trucks and trailers different things like that. It's been here forever we're just finally utilizing it in the right way we'll meet you think about it some. That it is or exit. If real core. That we you know a lot of things that Nolan it's like we talk about four minutes you can answer this was speedometer. Before this actually use. That seat for military. US built actually for tonight Rachel. How many it's. Do you have a huge bucks for drop by with your lives were only. And followed up and eighteen special C will work. And they were just domestic problems here comes one that we got face. About right now is. And operating. A loved Cuba Ford now wisely ministry now a renewed emphasis a race between him and hey. And we'll so. That's cool but these people with the regs which means they did damage people who are Sunnis in that we've talked about this before. You know I am buddy down Georgia's them at 100 right now. And he's got to see more movement has been extremely adaptable the thing that you what you do what you heard from most of the crew because it's. You got what from what the gift of troops and of these suspects. It's so that's available to its systems and that was equally telling him he won't do well who is never going to work. But they're doing it for swaps or at least almost at risk replacement pitchers sixties. Yeah. About a 58 and watches. The sort. All of those two hours a McNeill on it and scholars lovely standalone musical. Their feet. It's. Of course now let's vehemently Italy's bills meddling aboard 11 through. Our cats analyst map routes that generator. What are 63 or. Outlook my heart goes it's. What's happened and do and we're still at risk that most here like ruby Tuesday's Woodruff we're grateful so for. 1234. X four lettuce is what it was. And it was keep to those. It was going to be was mostly black list. Okay well we had a great great serve around. About 54 sure. You build boost Ballard made floors and you know. Do you putts on the back you can me. I nominee about it. And lower. Q that's the scores for torture and and we've alluded their reckless. For those who can't see let me think that your. The Chevrolet emblem in the back Tyrone can now do like them there frankly that's very good Berkshire would. Drunken. It's gonna reveal that very unique very just like that very cool to us very cool abilities as a big safety or to rest. That's the big thing that interests. You build a terrorist. To me. It was the perfect until you wanna do you have risen a bit robs version of I want you bills and give up its version of perfect threats that mob. Welcome bill rest Obama we'll slip analysts are with the we'll start with a mid sixties we'll go so real influential bloggers started almost blown game. We think maybe. Bush now. You know boosted Bryant that was that was so with a really nice sixty. What color what yeah oh this bulletin. A bunch here. But would probably go with a well. Who looks to do blue injured because of them really you know days and see things of that nature. You know something. Callers eaters of the key the old school it would reveals who coastal. If you think that the problem is restive callers can actually they call very quickly again. Very quickly you know enemy is the thing in the there's always going to be something bigger better come now available about building. It you know collaborators are quickly becomes the thing I think a rouge rule was in world war. We'll slip them building that caller oh what would go with holly. Vs power. Home for a couple would keep it classic will. You. When traditional style. Very clean. Definitely. Willis looks nothing like small rupture well let me ask you this so would you not compromising and do away operators now analysts on. You could do that she's cool things that although traditional styles while walking just keep very clean fuel injected. If it's I think personally I would do that room to do. You know one does it lessen notes that come along way that really curious like fast makes point now it makes one there's no word you basically. Cars these things. Two sisters who sensor. This little fuel while you're fuel injected or. Exactly and other really really great great thing and for money almost will you mean Houston 11 way to do. But the thing is you keep the old school book. Which totally gave me. Whole lot of these reformists. And in just the economy the fuel injection. Exactly like that. Another thing I would go with the bigger breaks would go crazy. When it was anything the embryos we've -- they show those rumors that if you don't really. Know I think their camera there can traders you know in a tasteful with all the right things of that nature of course you know suspicion was so if it was almost. All it was court. Lot of a lot of money there. I don't think there's anyway I mean you know especially of bill what's that rooted. So they exactly you know on a bill like think without a shadow of analysis vigilant that they've proven it. It works and I mean they have test track driven me you know I'm saying I mean this gets stored it in race exactly believes that. Bringing that technology into opera history of world. Look cool thing on what is different great lighting in this slump than a lot of people think about. I'm at you for example would assume it would who sit in front of us. You know future additional glasses of existence in this room like they're great supporters don't rule would be room for yours yours yours yours. Well there's so much better alternatives. You can actually keep that classic look. In Rome and Italy the headline room hut into the spotlight for something like that I mean these are. The phenomenal it. Four times meals are eligible so we know and only is that a great upgrade but it's a safety thing coming you know analytical ability to analyze to get them on the course of small zealous you get to. We've lived through considered libel and an aluminum housing. I mean you get a lot of action see victory or you're exactly right the main. You know it comes up to more of a safety issue with the upgrading lighting on the course it's like six somehow who have with them it's more original call or. Well I wrote at least until the and report to the outlook for the laps it's a little bit last month to let's. He. I mean aren't so moving nom will be more things you do cheer up perfect rest in my. Oh they're really themselves. A little something really really do so and takes what would their confidential visual style radios and his pivotal he would absolutely alters. Most. You do with the with the quality you could you know of course you pictures speaker box control while she actually control fold huge amount of applause. It works through Bluetooth and it's for all of. We know that's a great thing about it is you know. You can hide like aegis and hide your head unit inside the glove box. And even who give up where you have to turn on your original radio to send power to your new radio insulin today it's just to maintain now original look. Exactly of the thing about it is the old school refusal you don't wanna get a ways that things will. I'm very angry caller of them there's nothing worse than if it's sort of work and see who scored it it kind of bashful JVC's and you see it done a thousand times and I say of this legislation gets its like the old seat and like you personal you know the way they were set of the have a very small little hole for the head unit there in the middle is not a worry the American radios and have to know exactly so lots and concede the first things one does on the get those skills that square up. And mandated it kills me to the bricks or and I mean. There's. Just. For example there's room for a club that's big like seven inch flat screen that rationalize it all looks good always cool though give your old. Two years from now those two would be cool you know now pieces that he's mentally Canada that sort of leaders have no benefit of Baghdad who's been what we did that. Yeah I mean you know. In I don't know I guess if you hear in the car to a whole new level. Upon you know like this 58 that green and green cameo Chevrolet we've seen. Actually for the 59 surely dash in it. Yeah. You know truck like that. You're carrying everything to home literally not really leaving anything unturned everything about troop was changed out in customized I don't have a problem that. But when you're doing a simple build on something they need just gonna hack before because you want to make some think it. That breaks muscle now at the end of the day is what you want that your callers to exactly it's what you want. But keep in mind and doing things like this you know for a future potential buyer. You could be to face value. We could. We face that I official announced investors this when you're given to the -- reversible things you're doing to this caller exactly. Give clearly but approach to ring thing is a lot of these portal or vocal suspension or suspense month. You're you can take the stuff that you could put that collar. Oh yeah I mean he knows even doing crazy engine swaps you know most is commonly she really did do some welding modification. You can really do respect worry worried exactly even if you don't will bring you had a decent greens you're about where you're a list of the reasonableness that they with a small blog arsenal won't you know format. Personally with the illness or changed all that stuff. Where you could put the more traditional style small plot thickens there. When you know that you say that for the good thing with the LS setup man you know it's becoming available with the U coyote in your hammy setup as well. Is now they're making kits and be able just bolt in involved in analyst motor bolt and Canada motor. These kits are becoming more rhetoric readily available because of the popularity of whom these swaps. Well me it's extremely true I mean you can will now obvious the column in the war on me. A separate ourselves anymore Cody voters in the the most yeah well you know it's funny I guess that mean Nike he's an analyst Barbara. On this count become the popular thing is back in the day it was small watchable in the reason is they're so cheap and readily available. You know soon to become. Very user friendly if you will we get nicknamed the bill rather order me in the is that Everest global wasn't regional voter because it was just that go to. Exactly that I had a guy and it's been several years back which is kind of funny. Is he said one day his kids don't look back and think everything came an analyst motor. In his by the truth. Because it's giving like that a lot of ways for me if I was colors of burrito places like. Great one of course. He files for these there's a great agents. Well. Units themselves. Alight with Connecticut and creative theories. All. Four or Republican. You have three of you for her to read them and force were three for 214. These were all right inches I mean Alia Ellis is not the answer coup or in the caddie county. It is things like I don't know the answer for everything you've sold your application what you'll do it. Selena on the first one and I have no problem doing a swap on something here but some network don't belong cues world body's. Fat a that's. To weigh in on the on the first one to do a swap between others today breath of fresh years of opening. And of the callers in what belongs in actually stolen. Well no real there's nothing wrong with core well look. It's like the well is it like it is some one tortures him. You know in the opener and he sees full forty said non. I mean it's it's gorgeous or such a gorgeous is just beautiful look at coming be nothing for him to maneuvers though Meehan call our. But I mean it's a breath of fresh air group you know it's what belongs there. Well which would do plus. That's. You know we create. It's fair and non mean that sounds gorgeous. It. Was viewed Klebold cord injury problems and not get along well with me she's she's the director of the which in this book. All right so your perfect rest of my you'd know six malveaux on them Oscars so transmission which needed. Row windows XP. Adult years it was a memorial service. Well. Goes Donald. Yeah. Yeah that's enough right. Great now. Upgrading gearbox a little bit exactly so would you still a few more columns and at this sewage they with a fourteen year the Horry oh pollute. What's it been true reasonably be finished readable with a six I mean you know really hear that that high here or load your veil. Even for me you see who really break figured out on the actual return though more obvious problems with that forcing you sixty gearbox that they thought those would. If things start with a six function built for the twelve holders sort that we're tortured humid day here. Yet nothing is done for us it'll break through there we go pay some bills go to lists are not happy hour prayer when I was 63 W already. I don't look back on roads and mirrors row that's. What's that and do we hear these dude we threw four wells. So ruined some. What we're told about wrist at this. Hour. Bill for the rest of on drug users will line I think imitate lethal distance way. Known and not a good thing Airbus trial lose. That's. It's now on the and so scale I'd think you'd done now that you've done a guy. From my arrest him on I think of a bill Amman among change gears and Amadou with a blue globalism with one. Let's oh yeah I wrote a fever I am muscle car kilometer fence the last week and and it's it's to my heart. How about a 56 for. His core. Tom I'm thinking 56 Ford wanna upgrade to two tone on it a little bit don't want over the preferable to Andy like for why. The two tone and fallen into the NC you the most original. Of course you know the Dickey did the gates is indicative of this group is movies yup they keep them analogue which is that nice that they feel totally. Under the hood of that doubt you know mean I cant leave well enough line I'd have to it was caddie. That would be killers walk. In I've just cavity it's you know it's good why voters fill up underneath that big news. It just make it look full. And you know and the innings everywhere just ninths call mean. Look like issue room floor of under. And bigger supercharged they osu coach or your biggest wind it. I don't know much about Ford motors but. The biggest one again. You know big camps all four of all of all one big imagine you have a part of don't want Q can you imagine forward. A lot on Cuomo today and all match and I think that's important indirect and know rags and none of them. And maybe one of the war anymore. I'm thinking afforded elements Lou. Of course I'm like Theo wants to speed transmission phone. Just if you've gone to correlate that you definitely. Definitely need in this in this world if that's the bigger call for probably about almost automatic. None and announce they 16 feet in the wagon. To a Lena this policy to put me through which school buses it's. A let's examine Anderson. Do they hook and the thing with the result was that we know of scenarios. No but I think sixty transmission correlate that would just be absolutely fine. I would kind of follow all the the way the air in golf when bill left fort he bill. Member of the want them on the one when he did the I'm with. I can't follow that knew her style wheels on it. Something that is well put like you know be the case though and we'll we have of his style to do exactly. Of course victory there breaks them like you keep it around thirteen minutes Ruder. Element in the big thing though that's exports go. The do you. You know I'm on a problem I think they'd have to wait you know one. I really like forty we'll. Bombs if need be tired in my stance or it looked from. Nines slower now I would think you know it was the right thing to mention it rise to wealth. Mostly. Self suspension. Quote from. Exactly I mean you know you could Buehrle he. Oracle that you could. And that would be my plans went you know. I would want some conservative in the neighborhood of like 700 horsepower. That you realistically. It is if you wanted to merge the certainly though will it. What you could definitely do that and then it's time that. There's a different story and a but I mean you know if you want to read or stress you know absolutely do you want on our power to Turkey vote on the you definitely you do old days of activities or keep with that you know you better built for most. Important that children are packets and he. But I think something like that would be. It is elect two minutes early but it's. A we'll be joke. But I mean I think something like that you know that Ford would be totally unexpected. You know come rolling. Just a bigger full body all our. And you know there's things agony you know caddie motor. With a super charger. Ready to take him world if you will or will they would be great if they can be street strip cruiser the Chicago auto girls. You know and if I wanted to stick with my Chevrolet and sides argue with the agency gently. Horribly offensive classic artist on the everybody liked him or for. It goes like this if it. There were little that's. The first year. It seeks to be happy medium that feat he says it's going to. I mean even a wood fifty feet. Yeah. But EO like it was a few pieces 56 either in form which I think actually like better which is weird. Or defeat six Chevrolet in out all the same suit you know succeed analysts while the two chargers some you know Magnuson. Like when they say now. Hunkered down nights eateries you know maybe in the spoke wheels. There breaks. In them any two of fourteen inch want whales in the career. Manages hammered now we will. Yeah mystery. There's nothing war and in my opinion those feet. With a 64. You get this person right. Aaliyah in legacy of the one kilometer for us this past the past that we ended here early in the year in April. There's a blue in the air and it just stole my art it's a caller that realistic cheating all the way and I am. It's been down for about two years if he hit a I'm I'm venturing out I mean batteries that code at the but no I mean. The 56 Ford is just got my hour Politico was that Nolan mag wheels I mean a thing was gorgeous and I haven't doubling over. I think you'll. You can keep its export. That's another influence the way. You want more we can wing a much longer scenarios. Think about it. Well our about jail due to race. I think you're articulate a racial foot right now and that would be too and thank god is still it is a a chisel to what it would now I'm sitting look guys if you guys are non. Down here which are for a you're in this is that. Holds penalties as we quarters or for days wells excel he's of his wheelchair you never really been or listeners. Look at these theories beautiful short. Yet beautifully chargers throwing a thousand miles on the thing now. 2002008. And derive anything you know absolutely and I've really got to get to variety yet with them although some of that LaMont. We'll gather you rather as a two children here and oh and so we could drive little those days executives yours. But if you look at them back to the whole rest of this is the reason this or so popular. A new connections built this sort two you can literally two evidently. Yet and I think it's become one of the most popular thing to do with the older or is definitely rest that much does that mean. You don't have to do an analyst argument to candidates while opening Emmys while he can be simple modifications to motors but with that is basically phone lines of what do hot rod is. But nothing is all coming up this week. I'll be doing next week two against the U. Save cholera same right place right here won a 63 W Ortiz.