Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, August 14th



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And go a little but how are us and happy hour we get our raw pitted every year to murder it. We got some medium breezy Zuma left and as we're talking about cruiser which ultimately history proves that. And this is a little added some serious research on this. Like Batman number two pencil out Hammond didn't move usually encyclopedia on us. This article he wouldn't tell me what I needed to nah I don't see it go beyond you encyclopedia and we had to adult and about one we're the only Internet and satellites were linking. And I mean like dude dude dude dude there's like a guy out there doing more skirted a little while but he blows. Amir's is one of those things the link is a need this information. Right all right more and I don't. Did not give it yeah. Rub Pitt's always gets it. I had a majority of the I'm a dose of Sears reserves are a few me proud to be like if how does this uproar probably would went to college. May have added this kind of study on a school night might wanna graduated. I did graduate high school hallway and asking and that was me not really now you graduated from from communion how school slash cousin told slush auto mechanics last term loops that are yeah. Can't slash airport it's like yeah. Go to the seventeen year did you can see the complete team that I know how they got it all only union kids. But but. Did I get upset info written commitments served. I'm Rick communion like dale but until this story is nothing to do with the automotive world at all. But it gave him a minus see the headlines this guy get arrested and then my wife for the school with a mortgages so beautiful. Mark this guy got arrested for wielding a sword on top of the hospital Nina so this. It's strictly it's a good deal of a lot of for. I mean living uses president and he may have can you imagine ever let your rib she. Would you hero's four hope went from when until you hear about new would you got an expletive yeah eight hail up hot hot hot hot hot. OK so you're bunkers and don't go Cassini canning hospital men's say that it. Easier mayor muzzle or just take your picture really key movement and it didn't know what you are so we're talking about boarded cruise and start like we don't know what her grandparents did it. But where did it start. So started doing some dig into her research and finally found a really cool article around magazine. Could make things in mind and if anybody knows anything about prison is two more Zoller. Always say things is when you can't you all about cruises and oh school let out there. Well router magazine show tonight quote the cruising roots can be traced back to small towns in Mexico were teenagers. Would meet while walking around the town square and a Nutley rite of passage but the forty east. The teams were growing up and they were given wheels and run her down. And this made it way easier and also made the tree and wrote. Now into the late forties up to want to do. Globe but but due to that the mixing us they were there any move to LA. All right but these guys are classy. Little RR guys you don't say it is because like the crew ran organ resumes suits. And it lowered Ko olina was it suited us. Sort of fantasy okay what's how level. Happen and yes I hang in September and have been driven an independent an impediment to independents and then pension and how well it does is elusive and children. I didn't do the research on them because well let's get go live Robert de LA how it's worth the doing his mystery Mac. But nothing is really cool about it though is that they were out in their pay you describe it lowered callers to draw attention. I love it and they gave just let. And they do. Well business is still this today we driver auto club Sylvie. And you hit the news drought bags on elemental about you put it cushion cigarette butts down the road shoes or East Coast or reflector collectors restaurant lol love it's. Praise though lol I will slugger told her hey C aids or should. Talk just a mile long Bordeaux in my home the America we list the show's. We're bending and you know I had system often draw the mayor laid it out. She Asia's so Walsh a solo home. And mug this chill. To blame then when that call they exactly. They exactly. And that my friends is that when you know you bolt the road vehicle exactly. So I can mix. Can I go on other side intangibles from the automotive related sure there's a video floating around on the Internet it's just one. And as the please don't Lexus is a dark colored Lexus then he you know he's almost stance life on loan officer in this video and this guy has gone around and scraping the story Rory has won thus far skewed and in those first -- coming but how about a missing floorboards somewhere is done rubbed it all is easier to record a little more rove did the rear disk was actually you could see the actual trend any of those gears and there's been -- disease that hit the New Year's display and then songs that pace thanks for the F. But true yeah this guy is that literally wrote the above most far off. A minute we'll lose her wheels were like afford lottery angle. It was absolutely amazing. Q does that cruising out. A lot Cynthia upfront lots of screws a lot. Of cruising but you know I mean. The prison. Is this change those transition. So now we're in southern California's lessor you have you're right there you know another swore to do the war's over. And that's when the coloradans think speed you form a sort of coming into it that's when you should receive you know the lightweight cars are roosters and you the street rods of the day are hard drugs they called my grin. I mean that was like that replaced a low routers are pillars around from the mud and Canada. But Lorenzo only placed its Spiezio he's sorry as a trend Lila Ventrilo. Flake can switches has never gone away where there is coming up with you I'd only get new letter from mr. low around himself you know second half at about bush. This is moving the armies are now you have got hot routers doing what the letter writer does Purdue and others like 1948. So gale street John was founded in 1948. Bonuses like early days of hard Roddick and I mean there were no man's call an orderly nature Hillary anything I mean this was just what it was cruising. So anyway this losing California course like any trend. They start on the left coast or relate to the right coast absolutely as bad as I hate to admit it. We're always behind other than bad automotive radio which is that would drain receive an over to a. Everything George Little appears worse way to the right but now there's a couple very act caught cruising places all the way. Why nick. Blow it would you care to Phyllis and well Robert your from Michigan there's a certain places than this cruises. About this time every year in August. And certain avenue Detroit. Now things get away if we hear from Michigan unless your from Detroit you avoid the jury okay. I'm from other removed from Detroit a more neutral yeah I'm from the middle of the mid numb from Kalamazoo soon from the middle of the Minneapolis. And does declare a preacher he told ms. Powell they got up the middle of the number from the middle layer and we we avoid Detroit Detroit's every year I just simply stay here does a lot better picture for review overseeing National Lampoon vacation you'd just like John Candy sorry kids the Moussa told George coalesced. Sorry the charges emotional structure called back. Ivory rewrote it and they look just like. All of it but just Woodward dream cruise. This is like I mean there's 200000 colors of this thing is insane still every August love it Ghraib pictures left. And they let me go think about you know really cruise moment so it all these streets and they you know entails is still through California and it just brought its way out. You to them towards the East Coast. Every every chairman has a cruise in hot spot. Then I mean we can talk about Ali's famous hot spots all along. But the thing is really cool about it is is one that we actually had here and John from bringing up some near Cruz bust it was actually has opened up. Yes sir and that's Emery meg gaffe meters and guess Mick crews dead then you know how hot that was back in and that will rerun around real moment Alia. Oh lord of the old days a guy who talks more winners little bit military service through tournament as a mirror and did my horror that they're talking about outlaw all in person. And Matt makes me so I had to make and break my heart and experience and I mean let's just like. I mean how long cruise knows how long client owns mess like a right of passage it is a rite of passage I mean he's just poured grownup you know my father told Max was that god bless salt. My father Tomei is every man's god given right to spare tire once or wrong. In another I'd like to think that transcends its every man's god given right to get cruises aren't once say would you hold that ball goes we gotta we gotta few rats to pay some bills to. Listen hot rods and happy are right here on 1063 WORD. And Muslim and I'll Rosner embryo does Robb Pitts. Oh my god what's happening got here coming profits was adamant. When he hears you ignore need another chicken on the border and thank you who's the lord to give me patience asked. Because if you don't you going to give me some availability now mother grew a little bit right here and oh lord. Bruises really. Wanna deliver only measurement. Dying on me ON SII can't be an uncle or your good accomplice doesn't Juli out. Helpless. Now all you want Tom morrow want to tell you and again here who do regularly can't swallow that Clinton handsome isn't important and humiliate a little fat and a handful of cookbook but for. Sort talking about we tell the month. Crews and they don't hello Kevin. Rose some who didn't go cruise and back in the day coming girls hitting guys and everybody did it ranked. Which your everybody was different than it was so funny like charisma and it goes look I have buddies. There were lead group real 1001000 mover look ahead to stay Roland last week crews at Spartanburg. They want my Friday night. I'd come home from work I would clean look powerful one into the other drive down. Hole rose there's Teixeira changed clothes. 830 not a club I'm roll on Spartanburg. We get Spartanburg. In Iran at a par or lower magnanimous moreover by Darryl Blackstone and thus marked. Well you stumble a bit smaller this you know we look at Firestone down in pro ball. That was why the drop in spot Dylan you cruise through there you turnaround of the pets more are now today another blast from the past and Josh rumors you turn around. Who world Alia who were mullahs or call moral claim comes eagle and it use use use little dew dew queen. Alia use. Hillary does store for another day but you know what I'm saying that so relative to people had to sit totally oblivious of car. Thousands gathered Paula berg to take its guests a night rather than a blessed at an annual remain. But l.'s most thing that they'll I think my guys gave a lot of play a semi girls can get my car throughout the night. You know hundreds and Iran about C buddies and relieving is a totally cool looking good to promote your girls we have returned. There works that's amazing as you get that many women and almost plug. Two in the back well I saw he was a woman as well he's doing what I know clemency yesterday. But would most things were cool morning and let. That would be the late ninety's okay let's say homes around in late ninety's and I still uncle to sorry hang out nose and over values like you can. I really did last. To get on on the board's strategic. And that but I. But there is a thing that sort cruiser alien cleaned Carl. And then about midnight cops are ruined yeah are there will you do you don't we're able router it. Then the cultural and go from there and then go home cause you know what your card failure and an aborted due to you better get hold. Encrypt Khatami also has scholarship to be as the morning exactly I got a big car show in the morning. Our drug Teva to cruiser roots and youth drug made you drug dealers. Or were always there and hit a little bit. So my thing was is I was always looking my senior high school I got to school half day because you know over achiever and one non. So I go home uses more Windmills Mormon. So I'd go home and there's mom beautiful 63. Chevy Bel Air warm towel for those would no imagination. But. I would claim this thing dude in the and I can you describe how clean now and make this car now what happened to this guy lower the PLO swapped everything. Her walk ball small. Enough and like seriously I go home out with the hood up on the car and I'm so there were the toothbrush and if there's any oil fuel leaking down or anything. Claim that you know I've rattled partisan did touch it sprays if it needed it I mean that was Maine in my in my car load. Top notch top to bottom all the time. My god this guy other people. Will piece of dirt road carpet and everything. Coming does is who was. Then we take off rod. And you know I'm right around 63 crew cab so I'm says seventeen people unmarried teen if you include this chair is a seat. And we've role we as Spartanburg. And I was like you doesn't that remove a mover you know I burn up like fifty tanks aghast because under and around whether to raise three hour. So it cost me like 2300 dollars or Fred an idea treason. Because I'm going to the course of the 283 has blue bill to you know small cam minute. Side exhaust on it and it like salty no mud and Ginobili above the yellow EMI and everybody is speaking. And my thing was I could rev it up a little bit ability speed. And you know keep in first in as our top and often they get a little flame flickered from the rich fuel. The middle flame Flint another tale plugs so they must think I'm just right around shoot low flames out of Oregon there really cost Milan gas. That was my thing man we go around cruising and that. And man I'm going with the old car magnet you know all my friends a new mustang there what do so everybody wanna run make is ideal cool Goer. And mail is just cruise. Soros are well old is a little like and let me just look out let me say though he you know how awesome it is still growth in this day MA GL USA I graduate in 2008 we're not talking about a long time ago. And I graduated in 2000 Nadine how cool is to be rolling around your first car you Cruz man is 63 Bel Air. That's very cool and you get mad streaker did a layoff I'm so thankful for that. It is I'm lucky get mad treat critical. Because I mean there's 16 is really compel Israel to dish we drew elementary and not at all. So no judge hotels and now you'll cruises and know what it won't you cruise ritual. Well it's maybe but I'm is I'm mark my momma really name Google+ many. Map out well let's that let's start this out I don't about a hospital so I got awful word. Guys or is it about how to live my job and I'll let months I'll doubt they chick you know I'm. All of the house. I want to know or cards are used in Durham there's a list of sorrow muscle in the head and my blue and it's coastal and yeah there really really really really. Really. Brilliant. In the middle school and that most of whom but Ayman Al mosser Revere mass. And hit the mall. Bison shoes. Got to have fresh gotta have her shoes got their first kicks and and I didn't hit a legendary downtown during bill. GG GG VIP beverage. And then I mean you know just stars are whom are. Right now. We knew we screws and Dan Landry around to say term deal not to do full court where did you turn around and downtown refused to order an old north main. How far would you go to him for a turnaround following what's annoying and a half step in the past. And I ask you will always to split or did you goal Lloyd's of nods as always is split his tools are in or out there come back -- always back go more than a mile of this procedural and just as army navy store your journal idea. Does this thing you'll do us army navy store after dark they're everywhere that that was not the rule. If you didn't do that and what's and I used to live down homeland area and doesn't bring you know Mel it's all it's all okay yeah. Our stores there's crews retrieved in downs fail. Just past the hour news or they got robbed twice tonight back in the day but hey who would rob Christie cream. Public offices this dumbest thing ever while mumbling much employment outlook update it but hey you're but the reason this is go to yeah. Among my muscles aren't things I'm not rog can Herat with you concerning humble yet very little one on one. We hit two or three get only got in on site and give Alabama I'm Janice I'll try and help thanks gladly yes coming only later. Gaza tell you what we're talking about Cruz and her listen I'll rosneft via our Radio One 063 WORD. He knows what but I'll rosneft shares Robb Pitts and the boards unending. I'm doing good under ethics and now as well sailor me with a quick Chris decree room feeling good and no I we have them Italian premier radio and mentally I'm there enough time if your Rex Lewis and a commercial break was nowhere near long enough. From and you could only know once I mean here. Streak in which Krispy Kreme winning and don't shop rain mixes studio and actually there's one went right down the street from Israel would no I don't realize downloaded. Oh and why am I guess it's called rebuild get a map you'll be following us after some kind. All right we're getting what would you do learn today you'll learn on learned a nice Alley every time when you're young you are cost money so we don't about a person. So and there are no just you cruise around you must name you give you must think clean peninsula must use it must boot. And I'll wasn't gonna always an unsafe water Willis does fox my mustang that. Little's Muster yeah most most thing I can confirm that. And now some breeze you have really cool crews were there could you do you used to cool core cheated out. Arnold sort of Richard Ramirez in a written clips of lord let me say if lords know lord I was from easily. Maybe town home to strike number personnel and Phil are there certain. Chris and it Aaron white candidate Chris and in the car and easily it really is EU. You have to actually run from cops you constantly that's what we don't France Saturday night you've read from it. You rim from the godly play cat and mouse with the cops well I'm glad there's like a though they coalesce statute of limit they let you know what we didn't do anything bad and half from our friends or my family because they Easley smiled down. Ron from Carlos is downloaded easily become more of the big city then again it is met Maggie Mae and you me they used to be a car wash only 23 down where the Christian bookstore yes Jill. And we would start mayors needy get together Friday night I was a driver. A hammer girls Whitney had a little to say so I know what was this like a Covert thing you start a truly Christian bookstore. To look like you're good Christian kids so that is that lord Owen was is a big cover up. 'cause it was is going to present serious thing yeah kinda okay and I mean you know he had Panasonic's hanging up the Mac and stuff stuff let me play yet. Anyway boys start out medical marijuana as Israel remembrance builders commercial lunges I. Before that's an experience can fulfill the idea. Or maybe. Resin based how walker letting political. I wish sir or edit or relaxed. You mean Ali beyond doubt that everybody would start making their bank kind of Powell and I there we techno file solved we get our cars looking good it I had held just on special wheels on my car. Absolutely beautiful let me Shannon Manning and that it and yes I have little finger knuckle cuts to prevent. But I'll love this girl slamming car raw black so I suggest on our storm screen so I believe that we would start there. And then the house and come back then make a pass up an analyst Lynn Terry. Yeah same. And as some bio call from a different part thoughts again I was kind of fast and furious battle okay your way. So we all apologetic terrorism tells you were laid out well in the cars that we get down to the old well I don't count insert. Which is behind dodges. We get them their way to hang out there are people wouldn't come. We were we were like the main crew that set up that there and then you have people that were passer mass that would come down through there. They only get cruise through them make peace. And just as we wanna be sane and make a little fourteen year old son and then contender not a good idea had been that you see this eclipse yeah Nathan exactly visible winning looks like yeah. I. Win end and it's bad it's six million they had ever did downtown Greenville. Try to turn us all utensils. Minutes remaining and rob them they're banking and I've. Yeah and I campaigns is the app is young and have a bite because we would look for people buy Sony and Iraq come from where we did not use army's own plus what I'm saying it. Why are you still married research on the phone right that was I think the fact I think everything just Carolina flash. Anyway enjoy. And that was another thing about the crew's back today is all about your high school are you. Well would you waiting to be relaying melodies that people use the people that are real cure a lot of people we you'd be resuming though anybody you don't want to sensationalize and there's a lifesaver but you know it's hard that was a good levels like you grew. Did you pick the love the state told you where to go hosed until you motivated by the house and Rome have gruden used I'll I love it. But you're router and that would mean and so you know somebody from easily it better Norman not which India admitted the matter and the G knew their minds you have their back and heart may there may impart on bygone owning my own circle around with a little cars and. Create blows our Lola and then maybe you guys you know I am angry. Is reminded me because back in the day believe or not have a little import finish for awhile. And I actually had a Nissan 240 SX. Rules drive genome good local are. I haven't you you didn't really cold. Okay we just look good from the outset look at it a little home do you view the viewer's perspective for us putt after putt putt. Raw I don't Ras and happy hour and I had a 63 Miller and those 2000 career Boerse to levels good yeah. Ahead at 240 years it had a 280 Z and my Colorado that you always known that many weren't presentation yeah. But do it ourselves like you draw what a rock and a luckily you don't Haskell ballplayer blue light that I travelers are showbiz pizza now yeah. Failure arranged to get out it is time own pocket so lucky got a lot of what was it would said he uses the fastest car I've ever rodeo news. Could you thank goodness that was the bullet down about was a local Rico doesn't use so I. No they can do you live in homeland I mean really down about it I. So anyhow blessing nagged my 240. PL a NN after Marty cans a full moral exhaust system honest you know we'll we'll nice. Will any house rules travels also automatic another that's a strike but automatics are faster. Genuine man. No actually they're not out otherwise faster the last six weeks as different none of these are Majlis national estimate for another day. So I know who we are identical twins automatic your first Republican drop made a tremendous case that I don't think okay will say that an adult that you got to know how to work there's little what should let the man for Jose call I must say even. Cars how you ratio Kostis saying how we're hanging out the Winn-Dixie part and not the Winn-Dixie then union that's what you think he hasn't done he would dig. And you know everybody says another in their Camaro as a one man I pulled my till forty and and I'd just like the back tires Obama signed and coming to San Diego Borland smoke burnout and then I'm back in a pork. Well then the cops show up locals have any no they're not suspecting me and my low for a will drive import personally think. And they're like caress and all these mustang and Camaro guys those are great places that give an excellent. Your horrible not enough you horrible I'll let a guy they wanted to present with. Oblivion and never sent huge yeah. You I had better. Yeah. And does what the group strike extend all the the banner it's Joshua. We love you on fraud we do love your road in your station wagon finished that you have known for. It nobody has some flooding though because your result ridge called his life. There are no government none were caprice station wagon here on broad airline what buzz about drew to a ditch reason that. It's a cool could very well there won't give you that it is a cool good pre stationed right at him. Tomas of alone radio confront more and more you then made me laugh. At what's bad is a blown two of them. Won't tell you so there's got to be a twelve step program that's an external research station wagon thirty million. Give us more lol or I should have told about it now about about four or course. They finally got on the too rude or Powell but still even though was his name is David Jim growing relentless yeah. It's full roar theater for a sixty Cadillac. And then next thing you know he's got a four or whatever uniform or listen to full roar that I don't want to do you know limit and they need to doors on them. But what can barrier I mean you're single layer are really formal quota always we will let you got a half a dozen kids you need some well let's forget the Oldsmobile. Let's thus it is due to a Cortes is long isn't moral yeah but still don't get now that. But Ramirez red plum out of total must view the American things do don't they finally got this flat top 61 of solitude or come out. And coming up Reggio bunkers and yeah. Hopes and I had to come don't cause you know a mega what I'm so proud of you finally about you only two doors and cut cut cut cut at a donors are still low muffled oldest is so much. That I act ally portal or Austria trick yeah why I do Lincoln town go to level. Well yeah I argued hazardous compounds man pages music that. You know this extended look at the big continental is still armed with it. And a low formal call home owns most ardent Clinton announced lump may be out there also is a man many once preached issuing those that you are running out a little cool limited to re imagine all the doors and do their thing he could put your haven't done little long floral. And that's imminent next backyard project was I don't know I don't know ethanol I did we finally got to run and is here and die no tomorrow no I am so excited to see what the big coup priests will do all the done you know that is Celso role. Olson with a priest a dual the Donyell lawsuit the station wagon goes on the Dinah that's exciting that's you would guess sticker Angela. How warriors more about this a little talk about cruise in real crown. But Alex you're cruising cruising can't be a crime man. Cruising cannot be a crime actually you only can be a ground. Now her daughter about it no I'm against treason in a crime but I do not say what it will be a crime though we don't lose commercial breaks up and up until he goes through your prison bills just. Stick around your listen hot rods and happy hour right here want a 63 to be your day. All right guys on the dollar rose happy hour is Robb Pitts and god what's happening Gary from. Pressed the flesh. Soon. Two was. The only human movement and my unit coming in blue couldn't go with the role you ever feel. How how how. How else would more DelHomme out. That was no big. The writer of does not make this exactly tells going to be right there you go we won more man who god bless is broken road yeah. They're plus away he's. Are we good now. You hurts the most well let's let us. Yet the other way gaffe hurts you guys who think. It's free and welcome to prop up both my equipment. Right so I cause they're we're talking about Cruz is here amount rosneft are today and everybody's got their favorite cruises tours and their vice told him about it we're used to cruise and hang out. Georgia about all the hot spots cruiser don't get me get and that's also a look see crew's lives and like go because we've. I don't ride a pass just like recess earlier today rob erupt. Donna mark in my face. Not hear her here's some lunch Comerica cooler holds an array hear kill little closer political role overlook those are good for us to stay out out out. Negative now. Would you be even come down here. In the hometown who signed on to say it can. Help and can. It hurts really heated Julio Cruz and now yeah. Actually for and boom and we. Let everybody else that was a group does a little right of passage. It is so important but I think the break smaller as you see right down to hungry woman opened up roadblocks every other block every little kills me to SA you don't hit the drunk people familiar are you in the drove over there sidewall shoeless guys are all of those and I don't know I notice another of those see that's the thing to see bizarre thing that I think it's a travesty. This is the thing that bothers me. There's law if some wall around drove the truck and public. And actually has just breaking a lot riding up and down the street is not bringing along Europe Britain's below. You unbreakable you know and you pay taxes you grab the ministry is much you like is that workers Myrtle Beach. May I mean right have dragged good times ever broke down only one in Myrtle Beach may be incompetent and in this there. Well everybody bicycle cop met colonel meets may name tough definitely go hosts. A year being true Lal YouTube gives her wish groin are around you're doing well is that team only your when I pull over that before dark enough how the project taken heart beat him like it's dark enough I can't CO and you can't CNN that is the point. Well you know this is the thing though when they start trying to outlaw thing and they actually looking cruising your crime now that is your fits. In great wolf city screws opened the main street more than three trips opened Ireland. You can you can actually get a ticket for cruise which takes more in three trips to find a parking spot came off. Sentiments exactly but this thing now about your mother lived for Surrey issuing tickets for this. Beirut thousand dollars tickets for this thing a thousand dollar ticket. Thousand dollar ticket for Cruz and well that nobody actually got one honor went to court for yet neighbor Jerry and they are good they actually did it drop and but he's actually got that ticket framed and how it's still a thousand dollars per cruising. Wanna tell you look Obama do this cruise Sudan's angering a one time in the old shag and wagon well know who's in town mr. it did everybody know I'm there. The new there's some Moline from old folks home now they're muffler fell off of the third. Not fair to. I got her first from the slopes but I. Well after the bruise or go on the emotional scars are free of room afterwards kidney for me if we put them like a knife but that passed. Okay I'm still loving and beloved by so I guess more prison stories tell me Cruz's story. Iso or go back to 63 Miller is saying. It has ads and get dumps all of my wife at the time my girlfriend drive. For the first titles is huge once you're in your room there's a same time I first met him until you. Pound it nowadays I can't anomalous exude is exactly why no one is now so I can say Trans Union people union people thus says no was it Sid is now so I'm good. Can you build it here in the right now but anyhow so my life more of the time my girlfriend. We ran around and she wanted to drive the car and I'm just had whose side exhaust put on this New Yorkers are set a school a school. So. Meg here on the car and we go to turn around mr. first time driver and and new exhaust some side in the first thing she does it didn't. Crush on the pipes and sojourner nice you know two and a half inch round pipe. And do what little I woman flat NASCAR square side likes. So yeah thank you coming I'll tell you what. If it's a good thing you one minute because of the calls for divorce. Man one man back. See that's a regular different ethnic couple weeks later I ended up mash no one says can't imagine said after that. I don't learn to handle that and I notice that right its pipes together stays together your your old days on the run the realize that's what would put that pulls in Bourque. That we that'll come to Jesus be the tilt ups and you know we're cruising one day in my car in and the fuel pump when mount. And you know old schools Chevrolet is have the rug to come down and managed to feel renewable exactly. Well I Kenya my big hands it mattered all the rod such a mental illness such a manly man smile wives and dangerous. We'll girlfriend on top. She's an address and got up under the caller. And hailed the rod of so occupied the new pump on you know you conclude slew Greece or and then I'm now and something miles on some other road it was on Sunday. We're at cruise and and meals. Tuesday it doesn't that was more the turning point some married a woman. I am so and those love at first sight. Early in the soak up Rios was number surely you harmony blunt question here the Tillman it is totally legitimate new pew global small blocks and it. So I don't think our store. Take place many. It's not about occurs and it is due correlated no ma'am I'll live our second date that's main headings and we did their workers everio Karl lot of long term debt as among new mayor my wife but fast forward just a little bit. I owned Manning now and doesn't Cote Archie full moon that again showed above ground with a five man I mean that's not no regular Dodge Dakota there's really no written Lejeune it's still under Canada understands. But I mean you know especially our home for home you know. Will gust or someone we all that's coming yes thank you thank you so. You know I had won his own on the tires a little slick deals right now. She gave me growing up I kept on playing well and up until this day and her own and are all until this day. You know like a similar tires rules lives. Our revenue of distance to work sub total total wash genome you groundstrokes as you draft five minutes. And I'm on drugs. OK among us say that part either. A Honda I'm an important early yes I had among them he's had a calming pounding world. Now she's still taste of that I drove a Honda and I loved it got great humility admitting that can't be no. Now CNN live are now I don't know Warren EC NN and got her into your resiliency talk fairway and half blood sailed right and in my yard slows down sort of tell watching John Charlton. My wife all over. She doesn't have the greatest ideas that town. So she begs this Josh I can't protect you well. I'm from Umbria gaffe she backs this road was slick tires and I'm sorry sixty. And our yard. Who dat we are our listeners can bet there are also pictures on thanks again that look at how hot that's warnings were married to the senate trips. And how many bigamy nodded to him to divorce her because she government troops up to New York. How are you tricked out. My body crumpled that your Buddhist or. This man and I didn't know more serve and I'll wasn't near man Apple's awareness that I didn't ask that slow but. Sudanese Grasso is something. Question you should still you know she get all of compassion and all of it she gave someone the mud bath young women are where mud on her face she did for your wheels. I got to where Cruz's story for us. Jay what we always pick a very hot days we U crews and Doral bruising day bringing girl away and I never give up picked up this none too blunt went on she was absolutely gorgeous in the dropped almost anything. She put her feet on the day all I know I. Our political backing gear in turn up from Turner's a listener and this is not going work mom it's not. Oh my god I tell you look guys it's always got from them at this week's hot or doesn't have our judges next week saying all right time say Marat journal Radio One 063. WORV.