Hot Rods And Happy Hour 6-18-17 Hour 1

Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Sunday, June 18th

Hot Rods And Happy Hour Live from Ruby Tuesdays.


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Art Basel where my hot rods and available. Here ruby Tuesday's Woodruff road green was an odd was don't know man we have a good to me and we're gonna rate and the way of canceled now. I'm am. Beautiful colors here. Great music playing in the background we're haven't hit do we arrive bras for days beautiful colors it would comes in here looking straight. Guy. Probably won't this looking. Cologne group AG in groping toward. There sitting well with the match and goers absolutely sort this ominous. Early seventies and rancher. It is beautifully use 6969. On the back. They meet them honestly or an older isn't just as great courses and the genes classic logo of the boy hero love it. Listening or Sammy with Randy Italy demo powers at all these old hours. I mean just hours days when you look beautiful ornaments. From. Is a great time and ruby Tuesday's guys you're not here. You'll miss them through our guys doing to them either we gonna run into 9 o'clock tonight probably letter actually I'm sure we will be real with a I'm only you know it's common for Edmonton and we got into you know what's going on when we're going to be where we don't base they would get rated too. July 1 we're told him please garage and Anderson drove in Anderson, South Carolina but it does a really in the garage and you're not you're mutineers are feeling rejuvenated and these drugs that are run again and again I don't think anybody is real sure about Anderson. Well you know and so. The people that all our Anderson I mean this is drugs a staple that these horses who have for years and they actually. In the you know its core restoration job. Super cool thing works and who's been open disclosure form wasn't really great great music vendors. Ms. Anderson's view first you know me Anderson you know mr. next few months when you do it is we or that's that's that's. I guess that next week that Friday July 14. Army backed down in Union County driveway. Well if they would that this thing is thought about in the driveway and him to stress this enough this is the newest injuries and interim. It's the old. Oh injuries experienced it yourself Carol. He's a minutes this big elevate things you think about Concord if she does seem these big tracks we have right here you know and until it blows I'm if you ever take the time. He ever come then candor when you run your car on the track. You'll never go anywhere else well with them as well lovely trees in the country birchard Jones. Yet in that we've done thrusters Johnson gloves and if you're drivers you know Kurt Johnson is to explain. Why does the following week. On July 16 and just the Philly and the rest of him actually go off. But anyway it's gotten that that's actually good horses that were at least a look. Hills will be a bag so we. I'm sorry odd movie on mobile again the bags that we might think you know somewhere I think and doctors and Muslims around room emotionally and yet and they want them. That's that. But I July 16 Sunday after afterward guns and a moment and you can't currently. Will be right back here this Tuesday and is that is well today we might be live again. Two victory. You know a lot of people room there right now hello we'll go to August. And a man really is. For lettuce is the salad or you got everything here a little street mostly via comically humans it's can you name the Portland us. We've got iceberg. I Romain guy. Let's bring mixed it was last month. Which I think it looks like and other uses minutes I don't know about I don't know what and that's creative way. I guess so after that July 22 the next week and we're going to be. Back to basics Simpson bill Walters though about the show and I'll load this year weirdness and a Joker Reynolds on a fill all Robin on drugs babysitting that you. But I love it though when that this really good kids babysit well resorted to his voice but they were school is is bizarre hobby is the future of our hobby. And I mean it's this'll make four it was because you see all these young guys coming. And we need that. Oh absolutely I mean. You know it's about Cory drives him might be a little bit disorganized. You know it's not about the Corey your you know it's about passionately committed to. Exactly we'll only gets a lot of orbital rides and we and they show around this were me right you caters to the end of the music differently is just a great team. To that role of about 600 strong and they we have fun at me with what we we do everything we can't car limbo which has vehemently it is humorous now. How low can go to your call or Basra and Mosul in the took a war which. Runaway the morals and at our crew is the total war champion and also we're looking for recruits president you know things of your vision. That's right there corn fed comes lives if if your favorite golden coral bijur from the color of their their FaceBook page drop us while we VG. Is we're not plan and give them that any conflict Basra. So the Saturday July when he says mom and rub it turns another year old little lower. Economic end. Yeah or else there can hear it Amish likes her career on to illustrate that they're wearing a handles them okay you morsel citadel fire veto would. It I don't think I count again there is little Kendall's sort of put together something for the Ronald who loses. And though will be releasing some details but we won it by either. That's right definitely accurate arm great sound will be sure to add to our report that the case you know. Hi guys July 2830. This debate one. Man I just realized we got busy month and yes we do goes the gathering she. Anderson six I connect now to go home I mean sure she's steady drop bag. I'm drought whatever we'll days of his agree show because it really truckers come out in force would do several major issues throughout the year with the warriors great writer coordinators or a lawyer aren't doing last year and last year was their first time. Doing the show. And it was our first time to enter wheels actually the very first time with the use of interest so it was a it was a big mile marker man. The main issue indoors outdoors magazine comfort coverage video coverage there. On cans of race a main issue brings to this see you know they endorse is phenomenal. Mean these are recent magazine cover trucks there's magazine colors there I mean this is gorgeous legs of their success. Rate that's. His limited nature there's anybody can bring Iran. Is yours to nature Ingraham go through an army will you go there you go all colors there I mean it's a greater importance than there was a gorgeous girls usually. You know me I don't miss constellation wines that's treasure. To the guys I mean. Anderson some reason you can't miss that to watch when he made that thirtieth you know a boy acutely in the actually put you on. He's the owner of commons for a magazine. And he does a phenomenal job you know any does a phenomenal job with a magazine as well well it would never be able to get your little Alexis Grace great magazine covers intricacies and all round hole. But these bills really cool. About Hugh Williams Q waves in the interest and drew a round here. I mean that's going to be people's souls of the dead Enders it was great things grapples with some institutions run their neighbors. He has or you don't want to miss them so well problem nature of woman you're not part. And that's yeah that's that's that's our relaxed. Especially as soon as those children. They put. They make putting ownership easy because those guys he's their between other don't show plate which is awesome here really mean. They go rolled in about 103011 o'clock we're by no rules at about 7 AM. Closure. Only within this government isn't really target numbers and I am. It's. Umps are well on maternal warmth likely fuel man in the room when meals. A little a little bit someone would talk about what we did last. Let's talk a little bit about what we did these last couple weeks been all over the place I think you'll bills we have to look at this paper to keep up where the court room together while you again that rhapsody won last week we bonuses jewelry angers here on terrorism tires that was great shows that you are stars and one from the first and we usually it's this kind of the school was to resume this week. You know everything we do it we try to raise money for something I mean and that was accounts. It started was to raise money. Four in for different calls for help start with autism and is branched out that they want. It's in that time we got to pay some bills and an overdose and so all. Along what revenue of prayer that's right doesn't do a stake through the hot rods and have real right here on 163. WO orgy. I guess movement on Rosen has rubbed his commitment to left and what's going around there. You'll either refuses Woodruff road writer so here are well into August weather the winds whipped into Inco agreed to it was them all hunt and I was worried this does that mean ninety degrees we're obviously understand but they would. Nicely over clouds winds blow it and I'm feeling right guys you can. Condition. Still is that we're whom to whom the club and here Rosen at Ruby Tuesday. Yasser one analyst for those hours other. Us. They would you don't hear those in the studio and now boom and every once served as he. Until we get Russia's favorite behind this owners history. In other rules and we will hear him now and recent free teachers' dues as dvds cool. Stories that we used him away he sounds like madness. Was maybe water made you did huge roll of the town when that era like that like Cecil callers on the plants. Maybe award and I guess we're talking about what we've been up to lately and last week it was doable. We are chairs and tires in Greer South Carolina and that was agrees it was their first time doing that you know I think will be to when Ian will be later on this year. Oh yeah what's yours ugly so that was of great ship for me because it was the first of its journalism and you know these young girls are here. They're really really I mean the whole budget thing really gets bad. These girls are learning so meaning life lessons in so many things and you know in big column in self confidence I mean there are channels were skills most of he's given me they were working mission there still room to get the sumo world Walton rule of dollars. I am in the endured the heat you know in your rise route it does it teaches self confidence is just like anything else for you know him organizational thing and yet. You know flag football things like it builds confidence of these kids and I think it's a great calls and that's what we stepped up missile you know mama some. The form. It was a it was a great turnout I appreciate everyone came out to the show. In that they would accurately do you know I think we're going to it was a domino September's thinks the stay tuned that would yes they tune in watch what are FaceBook page or tolerance and that we don't FaceBook. And we keep you which is where we're going to be and everything like massive. He then mine are also that night we got done there in immediately. Took off convenience of your line. For some room on action with days on the uniqueness of the driveway you know it's a great drinks great facility looks jury sanction. We actually the track record is broken track record was broken. System. Wasn't and it will probably Wilson there with a beautiful six in the room. And the remarkable was quarters trickled in the way absolutely opposed to pitchers Tony's or a phone line you want them about gorgeous paint job on or. When nothing was flawless program doesn't regular program corals before and you're known instances. That you don't want to eat as well story. The last race of the night it was Tony Wilson verses and a Chris Klein. Crystal won in the Christine in the precinct or another gorgeous car while wearing fun fiberglass for wasn't 58 Plymouth Fury yeah I don't know what do you find five or less for 58 when the foot Josh is gorgeous color and going damage recommend last last Roland. Manuel was lost Kristin. You what they're cruising though it was in the movement does goes really that put the power to track because it was going after that Frederick the great race. You know in that reminds me of it was a few weeks my minimum of two back now weasel. Whistle and what was jacor random Trachtenberg the two and a mile mark. We're well I mean that was the cool thing and in this is open here in a jury selection. Which of the courtroom 200 miles note that doesn't happen tricks around here know we have this trick. We have the facility you know to hear rumors. It deliberately relief. For for for the people who don't know. Than usual course skills even accidentally go over reflection and he's got. And you of statement we have world injury trip and we have a trick them hope you're moment outdoors absolutely is a great track is great facility in the gas them there. Working hard to make the best and absolutely candy. Wilson recently this is really a ferocious McLemore Brothers are wonderful. The government can grow legs are just not complacent place check at work Hamid in my mind numbing violence when my legitimate doubt. Let's we get their mission there at at at at. I'm man so this this weekend or worsen and which a busy day yesterday too wide open yesterday shaking hands bacon Koreans all live and yet we're open Henderson though it. But an old friend Mark Brady you guys might remember he films you before we will of the Anderson noticed or. Dance collectibles guys. I'm saying would he chance round of the Henderson's first ball. A girlfriend or your girl listen George because you love rob spiky haired scene now you can take your boyfriend now on a beautiful day. Sigma management as awesome place along with the race so here's it was just cool distorts them anyway those things were cool about his split all the more stores. Anything you can think of plausible. We have raised most classical trucks tractors joining these guys. So we're a little mention how will handle that mission as you know about the place so we don't show on it scores few weeks back. In a body awesome recently built a DA in the face gore well I know that make it die cast of the story of where I'm a little mission looking forward. Sure enough we walk in this collectibles and there it is. Well I mean this is the thing. Speaker on the and we talk about a man has everything you tease him and he says Oldsmobile delta 88. In the pace caller warned 64 scale. You. After a mile warranty but drivel I haven't seen it in full scale list 160 or it is on the dash in the car right now. In and to boot up front demonstrated green one. I mean this guy had a vote in hitters and builds up your line. North Little Rock solid you know headers of their political you've got to watch would like to move the South Carolina. Announced they weren't great drought what is your fourth it's. You of these churches. And insurance is due I think. Possibly the sketches aquarium. Never get off from callers but he that the sketches aquarium have ever been memo line if you're looking for who would lose well it's. It is worth checking out of the aquarium all me Anderson. There's no words you just get well the first word with the Wal-Mart finished. It yet and they imputed that might happen really but we left there and we took off and Ethel robber and obamas will place and announces new for him to where she'll be. It's now my body mind there at the film Dahmer's a you'll. You know drugs here he's that way he is he's literally grew up in the Jesus multiple sources and slopes. I'm I don't know for sure about you we're in they go forcibly closed doors do. Well he fixes to the coolest jobs in overall in April the beauty blazes are integral vision of and that's why keep the fat friend around the know we're only getting joins our intimate we will excuse. Sam Megan McGinn going man as a Muslim I love wings and a moderate wing of Orion analysts that. BM and we went demise might please Johnson or awesome awesome great model them. That's more in the course of it at the moment for money or an hour. What is right there it's neck and it was medals and his uncle's really is no no. I don't under. I'm. And in. They will man. You know once the little music in my ears. Tells me that's a threat from Russia complacent in its founders and a place in the house of god is real quick if you're not out here. And it ruby Tuesday's meaning it's Madani and Dempsey as incomes he was going on. Our guys have been was not rods and happy hour writer one of 63 B or C. Rod what's Amnon rob a today that it was that demand. Callers should go to usual. I know we're so nominal part of one woman recently most things might run into an argument is just just comes they are I'm nervous and this is this is politically picture forward. It right here gorgeous red line and you'll see here it is gonna. Blame at notre and we got caller friends' rooms we. A Cologne re creation of refugee gets groupies too was sixty sit in front of home of the sixteenth century Italy coral. Yeah I mean you don't get anymore American and we got good looking as we blues club is great music player in the background that we get a salad bar ruby Tuesday's wood or does is on in what else command walls and I think a Morgan. Box of load you're just doing the time do little but that's possible face like a few short days on Monday to sharpen and sharpen. In my bishop and I think it is the thing is welcome him so it's as sharply as a marker the marker of the martyred. The nominees and doing well get on now. Problems animator pleasantly Utah goes we walk through a bloated to music and right here works at an all about giving the label play. Anyone under was up. You know a fill a one room in this. You know want to reminisce like reminiscent a little you know I mean you think about this a very special day in history earlier because we want to isn't on this day two years ago as it appears very first stars and as. Nothing is file is deposed and they'll all let me tell you what you know I mean this is our president the hours are accused of them do what the road doesn't have urged a wait for that as follows them today so. It's just important to callers. He's a little background oral round and not run our president bill and came together G sick Islam but I want you use little background you will do and Kuwait to judge and I'm oldest in oil won't rattle along when. A couple of long ones taller my grandfather. Weigh in on enough super cool and he was like clueless when it into Korea coming. You know they came up in the fifties and sixties. And all the the cool caller we have forty year with a G and CC isn't huge systems or most Republicans. I missed four UV. Eights is that you yeah you know or oils like. But then. You used revenue read Romans camera analyst. Sixty. Moderate actually custom forty work from Californians coach job Gerald immediately upon such mark. Job 48 were on today what your sponsors moved up some of the old days or who organizers of pictures of him in the work together which you know even with the California bullet points doom for. On to them and then you know through the years he got into drag race drinkers and really big sportsman and use them these. You know microphone came up in the golden age drivers and he was coming out where in this refugee Camaro with a good room for a but everything was cool body. You know several you know several school course years it was first record bill's actually ignites when he pieces share rule in post. To a post it was right yellows go to twister. Twister so imagine right he'll fit securely Yasser. We do exe twisters. In old English ball on the side storms around a classic isn't it Aaliyah and I mean is called race tracks all of us. And you know migrant you know he was just a driver's whose router or his daily driver. Until about the only color they had him my grandmother. In Munich Q school that with a shirt with a group restore. With 1966. Most intuitive. 24. Daily driver and I think coming as the lingering 66 wasn't too worried about gas month smudge magnet they were gases by 20% to gallon anyway but I'm able to figure out that the front and make two dollars and Hillary. But everything that was cool about it was. It's just some things in store Woodruff and all those big Pol Pot to help you create a when I notice a pattern that that's skipped in my generation known as a blow to overflow victim as an ally big deal argued on this. But you know you've got violent world you could Jo Foley Aramis and all of these you who excels. I actually took a drive shaft. And I have four inch steel pipes on this call list through school. So they'll really really really. I mean things like that restores some years that he had this Chevrolet. He drivers the years this is Gordon sixties and delegates to secure it was actually really want to. The story that I go to locals in the bill to enable this court to drop back or from home here in three months of violence. Back to Kentucky to the militants. Linked to other people's it's the journalists that soon to each Inco and drew can or will. We went in the military action would Vietnam is going to be gone for a little while you testimonial that Nichols who get repossessed and you know that is the motorist or I went off the radar. But so most are sure you know we have out of network they'll fix it to Mr. Bush you know she was should have would have been named directors from around here. And a hero and vehicle for several years and a failure were ruined and into the mid sixties when this well in the sixties. There was one boring and we we've stooge rules in MM GM go out oh lord but my grip while he was mobile all the way. He switched gears yet to trade disputes that Sheryl Crow here in downtown green who are in 1966. Or that 500 chemical. You were oracle caller. It was so weird because it's no tires on the back nine Diane why would Carnahan the south of snow tires on. Well long story short reason they traded for fits securely when the tunnel is this sort of it's it'll either be calls it wasn't a bank robbery in New York. In the course somehow made its way down here. And you know still four point six force but he knows that whoever scored at or do Drago. And human dribbles in the mobile business sure enough there. And you know fortunately these are all that's so strong so powerful absolutely. As ground war trove your grandfather away from the book tied in to him before field would make refund parts from of course will. We'll which we have thing about this in 1960 exclusive access to the call wasn't that'll. But the thing was immediately about the show's reunion thing that was the only remotely compare it to we've seen him drive on in here that was the easy thing to get. And since he was serves me it was compared with which players. We bring bill one and one point three. We're used to be actual physical or mental anguish and thus. And the thing was cool that they were there and they had a secret way of getting him he's the bills to build racing's I'm years. They will order station wagons and everything they could before it was extremely good thing about this the middle sixties you grew older you mean just about anything. So it regardless I don't Malone. Game of the union. We'll Hillary's were great race motors were due we're not exactly made to be you know longevity was they were driven they didn't do that will. So when they came in the service you know there were drinkable. Something like that. They would replace him we re emerge over and put before 41. Or when he takes the plea to build race winners. A Smart idea of England is there curricula that low that you'd ever get away with that he morning and I was jealous my orders via. I don't think we can do that and so I think I think you would for a total of your growth through to them. What appeals holder would tell him what is that you know when he was in the sixty's reasons for him he raised you know geez those so. All these guys than me these callers and actually my privilege they were sophomores and colorful media year's race does this is going through the sixties. Australian race in your dad was big racer to run it will revel in Oakland late sixties early season he's you can start backing away from the driving him stick right in their that there is. Material used to do sixteen years old that was driving wreck of the his first true credit goes to the 71. Dollars dusters or four. Well he wrote that core for a number of years. And it was it was got a cool Moldova in the red white and blue socks Morton called me super cool mails and bills tournament lots of them drop me a list of will left or fortieth me because there's no big horse in the caller. They awarded you know obviously smaller caller making things we're going to be faster. So if it wasn't built a logical. It's cold does smallest of small field logical little bit in the flow of your. Delta 88. In the singles cool though that code. Is to have the full forty powers through Q school analyst Philip metaphor for a shoehorn a 440 insulin a logical here we're talking about forty closely on the in the most humans in this coloring you're actually go. Lot of progress. Slows smalls such a short wheelbase than me is a roller skate with the big welcome. And though you know you've heard us talking about sport regret. Regret it was well we had him you know overdrive when it was a great thing. My that you race or we're greatly and when he was there was that called COLT. Yeah actually they do over after it was conservative solutions to keep people here. Drive and a great story with a there's a guy by the name of Jim bullet they. Analysts say you would peer review board who you blew released super cool was it really payments on a man who exactly is Doug. Immediately. They'll look cool stuff while the trip wasn't awareness and I hear. Back in the medieval ways none of the hang out this sounds like an idea now. Because he's got the seat of honor we don't hang onto the horse this caller drags him down the threat making a full plants. Spartanburg driveway as barber adrenaline Ezra to your sport works of Caroline and and he did it. Enemy was on dubious human use a real big big thing in the hold for applause from Poland. The room to give him silver bull. And that was that the tree you know pulled notre Jim bullet Wilson in the Super Bowl and it. Two weeks later Jim Ball Bailey actually he was an airplane study was doing we're using an old to applying. And he lost his grip in the fields is that he feels several hundred feet season and won't be doing now. Trimble of we will not be doing it again a real whoever heard of anybody being drawing room drag strip ever in my life since. Whom as less trees story. Let's say well we just more cool stories about your phone you know Basra we're talking about voters in hot rock radio how bras and happy hour right here 1063. WORD. What about pirates and their coverage of library repeat users Woodruff road Greenville, South Carolina. I want to say something you're not here you're missing out yet you know here I'm an actual size they one of season may be other you're providing easier. Yeah I mean half of angles here shortly of those armored. Anderson people who has managed by obviously you know John deets here he came off fresh off our tour until that measure what how many hundred miles. Oh god amount of agrees. Severe hot rods and having our yeah I mean and his goers clearly not even clean for being on our power to work well and then we get that extra turner next turn just drove here from Houston Texas in his new insert each elder that's right you pick this thing up into it he doesn't drop to the local dollar store gets as she goes always to the cowboy state and has yet he literally left out Friday. Drove all day Friday Saturday. Got the caller in here we are on Sunday and he's here that nurses also we love it we'll tell you something that's that's the thing we assuming dedicated to an inference come of these incidents on a local problem at all and you sit right man these are fans these are friends these are an older isn't that we put on immigration oval without him we we have nothing you look or doesn't know all these fine people here. I mean I'm seeing faces knowing now here today in that's what I love. Love seeing new faces a well hole. Atmosphere you know the news looks it bothers him that's absolutely. I assume we left we left off talking about your father and I think he's got a very cool sore loser actually. Almost gels on this when you go to schools that story as a career with a strong. Well you know mailers that my that drivers in particular who receives or that was it was Cold War political. This will they vary mayor's race callers that a lot of the room here. All the business. And in this there. It I mean I think you'll think about as he came up in this time this is the same time it's a pain in the points race. All these big names they were all right here at the same room sleepless moments. And that was really cool me my network of these death absolutely. Coming here is a local legend around here who really is and I mean it's so cool me. Grown up and do you think about it but you know we had record in the garage he urges in the man yeah I mean I was there in noted effort that everybody's batting like this yeah. Sadly nothing but you know it was really fond of really cool and legacy they were both more people but they had a problem with this cult. You know they got to a certain point they want to master and they just couldn't get the power or forty I think I know the answers. Well Mueller is that I'm a dollar GM guns comes from a certain things on my grandfather Walter Lee something drag racing is a sickness of told to drag route across this country nailed the same way. And you know when you Ken Adelman are boring and what are we have to you can faster do you mean as I want to that was worse than it is writers. Other elements anyone if you're if you're sitting there and you send hey I'm also our drug habit from a start drag races and have a mobile easier wean yourself off the Wii is indeed Rea yeah we can do is in theory there's no place to go for a third graders know twelve step program directors absolutely we don't want. Who wants to quit quitting well it'll take some Muslim bunkers is this the real human that had. Well in this is the problem when drag race. There's always someone with a faster caller better with the caller better running caller. And you're always chasing that no matter what you see one is a little bit quicker and that's what you want yours to do in that. Is the problem we'll that is the problems though with little problems for four debaters result they possibly can that. So microphone get to looking and you know socialism we get to know the big book that this room at the seventies. And you know these acute if we surely is getting very good mr. masters are you in the room for the money at him like that. We'll vote for your adrenaline is that you knew you you'll jump you jump at the Andrew quit. So. People Yorkshire in this is that there for people to wonder if royalty here in Manama and we actually bought this race from another race. And they put bush. In the logical and it's left hook them fixed. Cole picked fourteen hits the very first on the track and and let's just say we were GM family after that. Well speaking of G of feminists about what I mean Brad or medicine will note that we have caught between that you back mr. wilders streamed toward building small generally cooler so they built they should be sure of NASCAR if you don't know what issue of it is my mom actually own nation of men who like as a family or gently. This is what happens when a ship now and of course Reagan head on collision. This is the follow medals at its shipment Willis and it's it's a small aspect on the courts are very vocal extremely short wheelbase school. This girl's built one thing and I mean of purpose built for speed wise Lou I mean if you lie. There were big book power within the school should visit to absolutely sure will place in the article. Think of school will serve coming at that time there was the world's as a sure Alicia Witt but. A lot either but you know that we are really cool thing. And they register them for a few years whistled it and they've built an 824 bit critical this thing was absolutely forces coalition. Mean it was beautiful and Katy Perry. It was that Lincoln course and you have normal orbit as a you know 1516 foot so columnist and like a super sucker pro monitored. This ability sportsmen we're going to think about this girl was it was actually a little longer than normal or is this thing illustration of one point wolves a political but it was. Because it was a won't lose some exaggerated I mean we got to think about an 82 quarters to six column really curvy reviews of the bestselling years from where it anyway and they sold old style. Which was a note to Jessica or. Absolutely war that was about the only one girl's older cars which were. I don't think independents can India origin blues and there is some days of beautiful. And of course in Oakland and they are rationed. And they think well let caller it's real media records in years it was actually very first. Is very powerful I called in the seventh in the order. And that record still holds that this day you know we actually researched that record and that is they still standing record. It's only one I mean this is this is a record settling in 1986. Yet. So does this was opened really going to easel and a school whose record was only two completely different. He's the ideal trade missions force team that was there was too easy trailer they changed trades missions every rail and they were hit all around with a tip or two of every. And in news that record just keep us together. Decent job of what it. They were breaking in polish actress emissions vehicles leading so hole. That Demi was just I mean that would pass all head so they you know they got to change they change revisions. To this. Everything lined up and the record was broken right it was the very first book in the seventh and we're model but no it's still stands there are. And it's got to fill their route we broke it kills about has moved on or before and recently it was like that absolutely. Foreseeable consumers racers but as a rule on this doesn't run the tournament and rightly were closed since the Korean. But you know it's I mean everything you that we whales school await news schools are definitely down. And I mean honestly as a as a great transmit well we surely transmission for years and years and years we'll go to easy up on lies loosely based on him. Doctors retreat reached an. A lot to speed transmission well the thing about arming of these numbers all boom. You know rules cast iron and is totally. Really true pleased. Absolutely numbing great story. Absolutely very little more stores would assume we will go from there and then you know orbit three years we had a rooster for a little while these servers that work at it and should read. It more success with its. And then. We went into pro moderates in the listen for a month missiles you study in the years as Ronald adrift. All of these big names in the bill would build upon it in peppery. Promote. An optimum it was the only green pre program at the time there's a couple of game in run after that. It was a great callers or just. I mean it's pro broad. Was rainy and it was a whole new class it was in me that promotes big huge when. You know settle these big names really all that stuff. And obviously you know sponsors of the S and Iran is you and it's in this race in this we're talking 4050 miles outrageous things like that. Just read my book. So as we we did what operators who stood. You know callers at at. Think you've really quick it's been a money any volumes smaller budget investment that's right and I mean that's that's the eternal lose and we and according to Cuba or you can actually make money off well. So we got in the Clinton callers you know and that's where McGrath most of it back into in the mean these were my molding years from me. I'll tell you a man you don't you don't greatness I am a little envious of all your car class. Everything you've done well you know your family's done. A little images of and we have Bagger wanna we will talk about a year and a little bit all right guys that do what state do you listen hot rods and happy hour right here on 1063 W Lordi.