Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, May 15th



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Look around and happy utter you answer. What do we talk about today man and we're going to finish up our topical discussion on NASCAR that will be ramble is wont to say something. The bullies go a little problem loans that story. I think so but fighters. What do we always do an effort and applicable smoke on the issues and work on cover last week you're at a Berea. No no actual way marsh area where quakers they were correction we were quicker sticking little individual in the wings flew over this right. So we're able to raise 18100 dollars to help while the Berea below through the football deal with the excellent with a game this year. Easy easy easy. Oldies a little below these commissioners are there because they actually. You know I got a text from the football coach and they actually bought cleats for players that could afford them yet. Some it is like. You know what I'm Kohler show wouldn't for a cults absolutely and it's far there is always start this'll like exactly I mean you know we we take your passion. And we raise money for great causes. But there's something else that happened on this show are more importantly afterwards. Is it going to spawn a whole new a whole new show topic. Or might talk about a bit later for a time a scholarship and actually welcome a shirt and we've touched on this you know throughout the absence of all this stuff. You know will we don't really talk a little moralist I think I really think we can dedicate at least a segment of that southern we need to touch base where were around their own right. And nothing nothing we need to bring some brings the light to these subjects. Absolutely. All right so coming up next week we're only gone on to Clemens North Carolina for the fifth annual North Carolina. Camaro gathering those about the fifth gen Camaro. Merrill Carolina. There's a great share these guys go all out featured a miracle it's like no other music we just one generation rumors actually it's all generations the other us all generations of things really cool about is having these guys commit acts. Yeah mania people come and they're dedicated come from a cannon. Actually took blue jays the president of the club. Annie said oh already over a hundred cars are pre registered so so go to its immigration lewis' run outside of Winston-Salem yet Raza wants asylum. All and I thought publicity Millen sign on some of the awesome raffle prizes certainly haven't on the the silent auction. They got a bunch of stuff that signed by building here. That's cool consuming you won't annual list of those do Jeter in his race and no more exactly it's and it ties in perfectly with the NASCAR topic we're talking about. Adds I think that's awesome apps on the silent on building. And they apply any other stuff to their miracle blog at stuff. Definitely there were fewer than that who would you should definitely Chica daily thing here in the Dora doubles edges look room contract. And that reminds me there will not be our odds of that Yorkers on this this month that Ruby Tuesday restaurants and move forward this is for us or anybody else the world today so Gaza struck no Rosen happier Ruby Tuesday as the smoke goes rubio North Carolina. But but the next weekend we're back right here in her as solid so angry yourself Carol order. Wearing me out make twice that for Olivia must think gem tool to use them as a clash of interest and is likely mirrors what we must things the next I don't know which hit the waiter I'm out it. The most part as it also for show up on the ability is there is this like a bill we worked for a couple things if I. It's late add this week where we the most things as we were roots in these languages ornamental. Bridges canals you know and that can we don't just go alone you know Islam like Arsenault mostly jump my pillow mementos lot of Kennedy matter in their former. It's all building here that's shouldn't have. Easy man and now. So I drove my existent today now mine at this social science of salt in the wound but item is that's gonna. That's pickup truck and taken him a couple of so let's talk about is the show must Asia there's a lot going on. Starting at 9 AM it is no end until the sun drops of fun stuff. Did you go what will that own their own this is true in that's cute there was just this prediction I go to your governor Arnold now have had to do dozens of aggression or go to beauty contest to me an odd run herself. Really judging. And I won't say something and there's three things in this world politics it is. Money. Callers and women those are your eggs and all three of those things are going to be at that should and yet because raising money for great goals. We got beautiful growers. And beautiful women you know what's. Funny about that full focus and are all three of those things any one of those things can cost you the other ticket. Pretty much met and gotten the boot but you know what it's is open house for the most nice job its customer appreciation. All the proceeds are going to benefit the children's miracle network. And we haven't mentioned this until that a good friend of mark Todd Williams is going death in his family Todd losses. Also it's also tragic. Are about Maya bottom of it was horrible house fire and what does that tells Colorado or DJ super gaga get the best hitter in the business next to me and he's a super cool guy otherwise they were federation for Austria and help them out Jimenez family. Also nothing runs you're this isn't the most a job this is open all makes and models so you should remove organs and become all over. No import as well restaurants have until 5 PM room have them miss must Thinkpads and topple them more about that. I know on the must thing shoved him away some sort of Mike cash prize. A Cash Brothers can express and also. Well I think they're gonna form of the scholarship does this lend money giveaways will screw bomb. Also the beauty and brains Tim Raines also there going do they're really giving away a photo shoot for the miss must encounter. That's cool agreed to be able to account of budget for the you know he's got these girls are in the pageant. That's a big opportunity we have a scholarship won't want to lose ladies what does that fuel was structure stuff he did content most folks at the most Asia. And here's the coolest part of their heaven there diner today the same day it's a start and 9 AM. Three pools for sixty but you can't be less cheap and they're Olivia print out. That's. So it's like let's also I mean. I know who and if he gets done in time the white wagons go pro Obama done own rules it was she's yet it's going crawl opponent probably that roller has probably only pushed up there. The way things are going to come. Worse look effort and it is horrible I think I can catch a break I think I think it's a silent. In my ears and turn away from mines on assistive listening or settlements that equipment. But the other hero awards to the highs and lows horsepower so trillion lowers mega drive. Zero because now Allen's actually Tellme easily get cold weather gets like 32 horsepower and Madonna. The burden that you can give that now I can't think I'm kidding you that's. But in in the Porsche post about us. Our odds and every artist for a play in your favorites entertain in the current bill is a distant cultures I love doing these chemical or shoes. You have what is there had risen monitor Draco who is pretty colors. Beautiful women but what more can you ask for honestly listen to win win win across more. So don't you know it top twenty father of five especially awards and a best in show. We'll screw it has registration cuts off 11 AMC when we get the brunt literally get your good spy get signed up. And then coming up we're wary breaking towards June June Third World may have been a lot of political no no no the but I don't know you're. Back off. May twenty night they get where we have Applebee's and easily that strike you as Memorial Day Monday we're going to be in easily at Applebee's. Great show boring even better calls for make a wish absolute. So they went on the show last year and I loved it international. Acted out in the penalties that we. Could play as you'll you'll get a cold beer you'll get some beauty you're right there in particular wanted to come and also the slopes criminally you take your date say some of the duke Kohler show win win. Absolutely no cash bar and putt and heaven because so win win win yes and have a great goals like make a wish. I showed June 3 and say and now we're homey over here to spark for back to basics a table back to basics does. Caught all youngsters Colin all youngsters want to today's on the go back to basics. This year I feel like a baby sit but I love it I'll have fun airmen this life is like. All the early toward its arms and eighteen year old is in the materials. Coast state and local rubs watch for tonight. And you know we great music I mean there's like 550. Colors there and they always bring crowd knows a great program great music would look like school true. QB I was different vendors to his school I have no mammals and it doesn't look but it looked and it really is working it but holders of those really cool the issue. Is there assuming you like activities. Yes I got the call earlier book that the total war and modest say our odds have been our team one myself. And I'm just us. I rob we have Tyson bills and then went in and talking about NASCAR here and why they might not be able to place bills must honor a world today's so then it's that no open and the inner walls look a little thin gallows sticker on your list in the hot rods and happy hour ray marijuana 63 WORD. All right gals looking hot rods and Raphael her let's I don't know man a day organized. Iran has gotten asked or fever Romeo and here he's just a moment these rather old is in the game and turn right he had. Two I was mesmerized mouth once in a race they're just at Talladega you hypnotized you into his morale and a bunch of rays until they endless and out of it. And around and around Mosley boogie man the iron. And the book my old I mean. Miss you'll they'll do insist stage in the races you know like in time tell daily stop like. Two or three times since you know brought scratched the Mecca and stage race stood dormant. There are about halfway through the race stopped the race flip them around letting go the other direction. Mike's right turns once Wallace mixes up we'll actually auto and split the back up make half a mil one mile and a half amid otherwise Willis that would be entertaining. Well brother still reasonable you can do that you realized mr. marks the scores early make journalist told me you turn right key addition there. 10 my god they got millions of dollars to despair when morale has made this entertainment. You know what if you start Megan go is Megan demolition derby in the wind not if you start making these things going right right turns halfway through the race guess what. You bought out rival bid every NASCAR race I promise you front row seats. Robber with a little slicker as the stay away from racist and I think it is just stay. You know aside you know Sino us online Yuma is seamless he similar him demolition drag racing now yes there and I'm so Obama. A minnow compared stilts so surprise surprise. David that is a new redneck sport I'm all for it. But what they soldiers or those who do withdrew its visually how about you making laps in your own caller. How little in the blue thing around group is clearly it's a lot of fun but can you may commentary summit five dollars. Am a smash book you own your. Hey you can make laps around the historic. Half mile oval and Sanders if you're listening domain please call me I'll gladly come out there and announced that for free I just guessing that action. We'll days or nothing great that's that's got it before today have a breathalyzer. They need when Bruntlett met him in a manages I have this vision of an eighteen year old kid. In his dad's Corvette. Just slam in the wall. To return their aging you're cute little quarter you know numbing but I'm saying. A player bigger it wants it I mean it's going to be fun and it's gonna happen because it's a matter of time. I solicited let's get to topic here NASCAR NASCAR. Lastly we're talking NASCAR which talked about the rise in NASCAR how big bill France empire rose suit top and nearly. Topped out NFL unpopular. You know but mill they barely talk about liberal scales can't cut it's it's not good news and bad guys and homeowners over several reasons why. And it's changed well this is totally changed just like you talked about last week we need you get Iraq star drivers now. Well in this is the problem NASCAR is just a major growing pains he's a wealth Ronald purchases you there near the miles actually grow it. What scores guy you only growing and and other you gotta think Houston Richard hard to learn more mourned those guys. The intimidator wasn't drugstore he worried mirrored shades he'd walk of the trick you get this call particular business right now there Hollywood. Right I you're absolutely totally different they walk they're on approachable they walk like wrestlers. A living these guys are immediately got a little can you don't want them so enemy and his. Rate once thought even Dale Junior and he was a superstar is a superstar rather. But even him he was like the last of the good guys you don't mind I mean here's the face of NASCAR now easily. Eight is the beginning he was he's in the new books to I mean he is but I mean I wouldn't name put it like this. Sterling Marlin. I got one better than that Bill Elliott can walk into Wal-Mart right now. Let Dale Junior walking along well I agree. A little food Justin Bieber would have a better chance in Wal-Mart then Dale Junior especially in South Carolina. I can't agree I mean there's maturity you know why because a little rocks dollars. And it's not just the is not just the drivers I mean lament you got owners and you know big corporate bigwigs. Landing next attracts special of the Charlotte wreck their own helicopter fat in that Southern Command back in the day they rolled up and a Cadillac there were more personable. Now it's got away from the old approachable yeah and it lets you sit there they're completely and approachable road and the whole sports became that way. It's just got blown extremely well proportionately something. And it would maybe get a little trend but it they call a stock Harrison there's nothing stock about a stock car when you know what there is Robert hall days of thunder. There's nothing about the car is there a normal course says that's another problem. These doors slamming people he's come by car because it's all going around the Mansoor what I Star Trek you Rasul Sunday's a little Monday exactly now you look at the other Ford they're dodged a Toyota. None of that should fought the bars they're bars of soap just rounded out with different stickers don't exactly some have tore stickers. Some have SS stickers comers stickers or whatever business week arsenal of Cambridge stickers off. Sit back and today that that's why you got here on Grand Prix aero troops. And there's only what like 215 made warrior to a colorless loser can someone who did the grand jury you agree Eagles industry's new. You're the pollen only election year politics is a great result in the Buick regal. Is in your view of the Ford Thunderbird and that was the only reason caller of Palestine growls Forman a little visit Grand Prix aero two versions there's like 215 ever made in that the reason is was less than receive 84 monitoring for. You don't much closer to game you don't and the reason is data they had to make that X amount. For it to be eight become a mask call me it's got to be a production car episodes of production number was like in the two hundred's so the Pontiac Grand Prix. Don't make a couple hundred les Swanson and you don't have that anymore people wham bought these cars because they saw home great flavor drivers drove one like it to exactly and you don't have to know more witty sticker. On the shelves well we've and that's it I mean there there's not a blemish shaped like those courses there's absolutely nothing to look up to a man is nothing militant. Well I mean you don't think it might go all the money you get all the highlight the Uga all this. This is an approachable so that you get your little bores you classic NASCAR fans they feel left out well and imitate some about money yeah. NASCAR's money stack to the seal on them tell you what the foundation in my house crack the money. Oh I'll promise you that it's hit the ground. And here and there haven't sponsor problems. They're having an army is not does NASCAR have a sponsor problems but I mean we have team owners have a sponsor problems and won't feel a little secret. Do you think like you Roush Fenway and you know and all these teams will do so will sponsors and other such. The other night there's also a couple of Dwight Stewart Haas. Cause you know there's all house machinery he's a multi billionaires over gets over butts Rick Hendrick they'll always be. But you're still player of the peoples money you give me smaller teams especially out here there and definitely the people's money we promise you they'll have super cut backs we'll sponsors exactly exactly. And you know you look at the race car tracks like Charlotte history has been back several years ago. But pages from of thousands of seats Daytona I was down there. Turkey run when they're removing the seats. They went from a 360000. Seats that's 58000. Seats 58000 saints gone and why. Because they're trying to film they can't film is trying to make a motive Fuller so you remember listening to that figures route 65000. Musicians or lose seats. Even little. Thirty L is not a big trek now he takeaways 30000 seats from Atlanta what's that area nonetheless it was like a fish bowl compared shall get in Ari look up at Indianapolis obviously they're not old takeaways there but they'll cover him with big sponsor manners of. Look at Fuller look at Bristol. Bristol obviously is is he a knowledgeable of Rubin speedway. It is mean but they can even feel about Philip little Bristol now at a football game does we have football game definitely does. I figure removing things we are remove ourselves from these MySpace some bills this drug does your list and hot rods and Campillo a right here on 1063 WORD. I guess movement hot routes and ambient water and just erupt this was so cool to something with them all the NASCAR fluently it's gonna grow. As. It is intolerable and all this talk about taking seats out motor sports guns breaks my heart in the business colorfully marik men Advil. Fast acting early. Or an Excedrin. Or go all Richard Petty Hammond Geddes back. Exactly prisoner is front wheel and NASCAR now is became billboards rode around the track. Every little sponsor dollars and come because because so much money to raise and score in those stores of this new definitions sticker torched. Well I mean these guys take sponsorship to the next level little liberal sponsorship thing's gone don't get me wrong I'm his homeowners will grow but I think it's also helped gruesome wish that her via. When when your self reliant on Matt. And speaking of which moves it's self reliant I mean they're they're they're they're sponsoring the blue collar that's great but obvious to the next level. Yeah I am and Steve Phelps is NASCAR's chief marketing officers said. The economic downturn in 2009 her NASCAR probably more than any other sport because of the dependence. Of sponsorship you know you eliminate. You know they get millions and millions of dollars to race well and I. And I think it you know I think it give back to his roots man get back to win. You can't run which wrong you know you bill would you go forward is this is my thing that. There's so many rules changed so simple allows for safety humble about it oh yes solid Hans device after dale died you know. Does eerie thing you can have had. You know I can say this but had Dale's and our senior had a Hans device. He would probably still be with a today. You can't really say that but I you know is it is a good indication. Well you know it's at least. In the economic downturn hurt a lot of things 2000 and her through state motor although it hurt everything. Yet I am analysts it killed he'll call in NY July remain in me you know broke her sober kitten tell it yet energy. Well I mean this is the thing that I mean. I think he did they were being a little. Over the top little dramatic wanna sit upon hurt him more than any other sport don't take another way to do this cut prices of those tickets. Yeah I mean who supports NASCAR. Us blue collar working class Americans the guys you have to live paycheck to paycheck. And you know struggle our way through if we August in NASCAR race in god forbid we wanted a wife and kids are 120 Arctic is a single kind of but it. I have a jewelry to a new models print eight dollar above six dollar beer you know. Five dollar drink only come on man. And that is a very expensive venture and that's what more people watched on TV but not watching the TV bombs are being turned away from you know honestly I joked about in the last segment about watched so they I did. You know what you do you watch sports center you see the crashes in BC who won because that's all you really care about. Am sad to say minister Alain and they had a big lead invigorated Talladega how to I know that sports center thank you. You just killed the magic happens I may but that's the problem that is Sami Kilmer managing I'm speaking the truth NASCAR has killed magic for many many years. Won't tell you something else I won't amount to slow us down that won't say a little store. They're used big. Yeah my farewell to diesel production you know this is federal since 1960 there's a lot of old timers that I deal with on a daily basis. There's old and his name was totally. This man was one of the biggest traders mission rearing guys you government in your life. Period diesel school. Cute little two books will you look at hand they'll toolbox. And a homemade hammer it might have but this guy wanted is a when he swung the hammer. David you knew that make swing a hammer like Babe Ruth hit a baseball community when we make contact or middle. So that was coming up to a machine. And it's over and I mean he was probably. He goes on for some of soul. But he loved NASCAR and it would collect the 124 back. Every year what do renew callers got editor news sponsors to make sure you without Gupta and I guess again there's racing action callers press one portable it was so funny he would keep. An index card in his wallet. Of the callers he has in the world he needed. But he kept with it every Monday come in shopping to more educated parents. Know pretty sit down and tell them word for word. What the first team callers did the entire race lap for lap he watched it because of the faith. Is safe and you know co has been dead for years now but won't say something I don't think you would like NASCAR and. Now insist this is sit mob boss showed build great guy. And he has the same digest collection as one wants about this is dale and are we rolled the car several times and still win number when the razor. You know right delivered as banged up die cast. That's the only one see you value but anyhow and and give him a hammer intense even when I want rim and then play any of these signed by drivers. We know what because of devaluing of NASCAR were leaving work now he's probably had thousands upon thousands dollars because Chad was a fan. And I try to email and unite these two he's been busy but. And the reason why many here is because how hard core fan he was and how he's lost the luster of that mail we're gonna get. And and that's the thing I mean people get internal went from a militia just wealthy and well while purchasing. Financially secure you go to NASCAR races. Well it's like he's he's it's a treat jet attendees race go carts back someday it'll for a lot of NASCAR drivers and other stark. And he used to race back when mount. Who was young kids and Trevor rank terrain you sort racing go carts as well and they breaks the other. And hears it from you people up and here comes true remain as big million dollar rig. Any up and that's the thing is money in a manner. The total motor sports of his consciousness. Or Google or assuming that's almost saw the little woman that social moral of course we will faster. But I think this is known as personal to me it's always been expensive sport to do but even spectators will be internal. Yes but what what what my point was money is. You know you look back in the day of junior counsel them they didn't have money they're not horrible yet they to have money they you know you go. People retiree. A material that we talked about this last week but I am and it really burns me you'll remember a trio as you're you're always drummers and retiring analysts that we touched on this last week but this grouping of Mercer. These guys are millionaires they're not racecar drivers they're rich they got their money they got there helped her to get the hell out. There don't they don't care what their fans think they don't care what anybody thinks. Now step back a generation. Stuart Martin Rusty Wallace. Kill real world go back you broke him again more chipper and got through is still to congressional careers are old media need you for Melo one on one very important pressure. Richard do no stripper race. Stricker race like use a fictitious care. Should cruise and let him. In one movie but can't hook up. But not mean you're absolutely right I mean they speak an enemy of this is the thing that they've turned on their friends. I mean they're just in essence you're right in essence your I'm pulling for Carl. Edwards is my bowl it. More tomorrow people move the worst colonel gives you wish you bullish. Yeah horse talk. It doesn't call the most out. But I mean and I should say and you know I was still reading in research and now. There's a NASCAR fan. Has name's Steve dollar. The Steve Taylor sorry. And he sent a post on line he said you can't just turn a shade tree garage event. Into Italy this affair and expect fans that made the sport to keep keep on watching the true rule truer words have never been spoken to the minute and only. Numbing. I can't I can't say you think that's slamming. You take an event of this started literally in a cow pasture like we said last week well I mean this is the thing they took the granola operate. Yeah and we Hollywood bad exactly malware production I mean they went from he hall to comic view. Yes I'm me and ash is sick in your friends that were there from the beginning you know you're a year ex manager owners and their family. One now if you want even keep up in the sport you better have a suit and tie down. When you better come from money yet not your data that are absent you see it. Yeah and it in his Danny is well an edgy when they're good dual core racing careers. Yes and stay wanna say he said. There was a sincerity in the sport ago loss when the helicopter fly and the 120 dollar tickets. And the sameness on the cars like we mentioned earlier can exactly well me the thing is all the things that the spectators liked it took away he has gone. Our main all your restrictor plates you know all these it was a always rules that. Would you pretty much you take it is almost like bracket racing. Wells Wladimir is the chase and then the room this round of the change rules for listeners every two years ago and you corporate sponsor in this and that. They should agents so much in recent changes is because NASCAR little exchange and its killing them there too. Brian France is too dumb to see that you you have a good thing going discussed it went right. I doubt we'll hit his father built an empire and now he's ten report honestly picks up pace yet and I don't know. And whether you run for it's not a young guys know it's been that much would your kiddies pitches that leaders of eight you would think. Hey he's taken on something he should be very knowledgeable now. Am I moment and it might not be his fault and I don't know I don't. I'll do what I do and to which you pay some bills out there and do it. All right guys. You listen home runs and happy hour. Hang on hang on hang out sewers and arrest her for about tea you know NASCAR dollars sponsorship and now we get through exactly how homeland are right let's get a break schedule is tolerance and Bill Gray hair of 1063 WOR de -- welcome and Ras embarrass a row that other obvious there. That was still Tillman has gone and we are in and you know what I got our academic or little blank here. A little angles keeping units. We don't dragon appears soap box her. Thank you is quite heavy women. It is all right so here's my rant like I'm 27 years old. And often and its stop and take in this frankly you don't see kids outside and I'm here and assess your kid under I'm not a kid. How were you note. Two nieces and Disney I'm even though. At least a year CT experience and a war or do you give little bullet I am paying that much complaining. Bloody and I know I'm Al Ahram on young in this one that long ago. But I should come home from school. You brush your homework seek legal aside neither helped and worked on the caller we're gonna ride a bike or something right you remember those days you know. You aren't either so here's my problem you'll see that and say it was exciting to come home and have their work on the car because we're broken has brutal time. But you don't see kids doing name more than anger and passion about why because there there's a busy playing on Xbox feared other Smartphone in the hand. There's on the they're not want to learn. You know anything like that. And I think that to take on honor did you just that little thing you do some pundits. What does that singled to commit bringing it rentals and it was a I. I really really think you anomaly a religious than I did it you know and and that's what I'm saying rob. Is now that this millennial generation is come along. And they're so busy about the product in the hander since tweet about what president you know trumps doing for some time that. Team and and exactly what you were about how. Countries be in ruin my silly you don't worry about a call. Are you were playing outside exactly I mean your kids for Christ's sakes he's exactly right well that's another SEC is as you say is it is Harman the sport of NASCAR I think seducing kids are killed that's code in a sense yes tis I am no they're not getting into the sport. I mean we're not giving me anything that's wonderful what exactly when house hit I had a you know a NASCAR collection you'll want to point four skim NASCAR collection. Hingis flatter race all around driveway. Coming kid you'll see kids doing Manning. Well a real sizzle that holds. Everything Shays I mean there's kids you're kids will never know what among Korea's. Enough I have anything to do it. But you're right I mean it's like to term rolling up the windows are his and Evernote rolling up window is exactly. I mean honestly if you and underprivileged nominal busted call or you never know rolling up windows. Org you know dialing up the phone. It will mean. People just. The world is changing plays the technology is a great thing but some decision to stop in to scuttle it take you back and I think that's that's harm NASCAR as you don't have these kids. Who are you know high school kids down the driveway. I've done that this is not riding their bike parts in there do our power to know I assure you not mistaken an article that kids who ride their bikes a mile. Okay public sewers and going to mail me yet it is. Exactly. I mean. But I mean stick and is sticking claimed it Cardin used boats it made the muffler sound mid Q so I'm also about that anymore a minute don't. But my point is I did this why housing college I was nineteen years old house drive much 63 ship if you were when it occurs when you're going to how was it bigger Garza. But. I was in my house in my Bel Air. And I came home schooled on discounter like radio room so I came home Grammy in my want tennis morally can among coroner had about our break. So you know what I don't I'll pull you sugar help. Popped off the end today. Changeup against it put it back on for the Fisher back him and went back to school kids nowadays could never handle that dead. So kids can I mean your mechanically inclined cute kid but kids don't do anymore I mean did you talk about change into the core orchards into guest or caller of the coming gives OJ despair anymore switch to triple your regular road sign now ends and that's exactly the problem isn't our fault it's where they need assistance yes they need assistance hopefully it'll soften. You got two lives yet to figure that Abel Meyer and there's nothing in this world you can't do. And that's that's the exact problems these kids raise and today. Our NASCAR drivers old days into your oracle when that I run as the recent press conference but I'm. Kids of your generation. You know very few of my generation has I'm I'm just split the gap of your generation and the kids now I'm just split Meghann pummeling game between a but kids them like Alexei some of my generation and especially your generation they are the guys you see in the pit crew NASCAR know how to work on the things. Don't know let's go to true athletes the bachelor and a lot of those guzzling NFL player cargo like colorful players that didn't do what quite good enough for the bill that we amendments to give and change your fuel to those in Massachusetts for a lot of them a lot of these guys are athletes are a lot of them. And and it's just that thing you do you know they enjoy they there in there the driver he's the rock star. He's the kids were raising nowadays one you know what's gonna happen rob. Is you're going to raise of this generation of these. Entitled kids also a and we're not go hand anyone in the pit crew anymore there's not only a pit crew because oh I can't in my hand. They're always good paper because there's always going to be athletes. Almost since. I think that's found a good thing that bothers me though gas. But it won't tell you something you know what in my down here as a mechanic. Race cars and your dad who's canceling Carly should you things pitcher is dirty gas into. Should I think and that's what I'm saying man. Go out engage your hands dirty you know and kids you know muscle car don't you don't don't get a kid in high school who's got have a new score I know it's cool homeland. But I mean when I went to school under vermin and in 88 delta 88 is what drove a 1988 delta 88. Someone in Q is going to that is the big east over then yes I mean there's no special. And I had to keep resolved as a that your friends and threw a lot of them. No because you know what I did I win now against my parents better judgment I'm glad you know what I'm not listening but. I would embraced it because I want to be involved a man and that's all I had. You know. And that's the thing it's always starts you know slow that we are totally canceled show last week you know you talk about race in his dad's car they drove to the drag strip. Because the bug bit him and cruelties of Gaza into the books not gonna bite you. Sitting on your butt plain Xbox sure you teach kids how to get there minister put brakes a fairly coaching visual caught doing something just get out there and get activists. And that's exactly in it go to car show yet for crowd I'll get one you might learn with some is older than me. But I mean he can they need at least gives you get these new callers you know and I love new course to become the spokesperson for a few new course. But I mean you know they Ellis voters and another Camaro or they get as he motors and under the must thank the I don't know I'll work on. Don't know some about what you look. And you do master mechanic but you know it's it's nothing to understand the principles of your vehicle works exactly coming when I was in school you know when I did my tenth grade year. Those schools thing ever. I've built by myself funnel side project. Maybe. A 350 motor that we put the Nissan pickup truck. Alec and you know what we built this thing. And school first mother of ever built he keep mine on 1516 years old and we got fired up and a first time pars are in the I mean there's no better sense of accomplishment and doing something like that has such a young age he. And I wish I could drive them home if someone wants men and motivational speaker for auto shop class as well and I told a mayor of Boston and you're not to. Not to knock the wind at your sales put. A building block for seven years old American political groups to time remains intact and just say and but I mean I should say how Mason murals are there was anyway under under the collar town but you know you're exactly right that apple too rich could. You're you're exactly right though humming humming some murals. Wolf for wine sadly how Mason year old didn't have that opportunity like exactly and but it biologist for those who do for the season. Add that up to that because I was raised in my parents brought me exactly. And I won't say something you just because you're on the automotive thing doesn't mean you got to be a mechanical agrees to a period they like that which you know when your corners problem. Got a nice to know what's going along troubleshoot man troubleshoot just a rough idea exactly. After a long way does life skills yes I mean you're you're exactly right and it will live from Masco raising kids under well either he someone's got a won't so that there's a little little Italy he was in the schoolhouse because you teach your kid is tough issues. And say that that's. That's something we going talk about our odds have areas were not. When over parenting but that's where the problems starts. Right there tie your shoes yet. And his legacy your liberal lowering the bomb went roadside on worry about it. The guys vessels how many of them thought so that we can go on this for hours but we got to move on to more subjects. But. Stay tuned for next week and this drug as we agree Sherlund for we will see here on all the shows you guessed it geared save hot rods of slam our channel you've been listen I'll Rosen happy hour 1063 WORD.