Hot Rods and Happy Hour
Monday, April 17th



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When I was 63 WORD. It's again. Hearing your old. And hog drawing the line and local 11063. To go to WORG. I doubt we'll call rob and happy hour I have managed to close and then oh error and just listen bill ambition mr. France home. And I putted a restaurant owner. You look at me I'm excited believe both are really straight baskets yes we got easier yes but patiently cruel tricks and mini seizures and sent to operate sent my emergency meal for Easter a couple of but the never put nobody itself. It's. Clinton. Corruption international and has a place and give it to a news comes on us I think it's like hills psychiatrist about it but I choose to tell our listeners must have frothy way tickets and it has been my problem and there's additional into the grocery store front front of them and absolutely all right Slowey allowed just coming up under and we got a lot of shares Colombo today somebody we have a lot of shows coming hello Somalia alone we'll caller shows coming up holes this loan. Much additional -- -- I'm -- and live and in person yes -- so this weekend coming Friday the twenty virtually Sunday is when there were and a beautiful Maggie of that in the balloons and you look down this is this is a little talk about a few times this is and sell these many African national district there's something about many truckers are near and dear to my heart. Well it's doing illegal things making the best she can now what she got around and now all they like I don't party and they like part of a lot of alcohol these these are my kind of guys right here. Is this right here is people watching edits this clears our guys. Snyder kind of people. We'll lol okay people. Does help me out thereof almost mangers are necessary and Russell to Maggie valley many times at the Maggie valley bike rally comes on a lot of interesting people come out there but they're all very good people they way they do that Mike museum up there Ryan militant they do little more than what goes through to you know we have we're wrong we're only it will stop on the temperature no Israel just those around us a few things you don't do things that -- enabling him there's tackled such emails posted full days of annual renewal is like a personal hero moon there are many reasons America is the Merck Basra. Will pop up until side of you Camille that is got to tell you now are literally actually does evil. That history can mean. If you can make people are actually read document really will enable N it was very interesting that he is like telling kids like public service announcements they obviously don't do droves and fund repairs and you're like smoke and opened dozens momma outside and done that's for a lot of like Paul Hogan. Basically. You know odds Louis shots my mourning veil that rob is I never take you for a reader. Well. Really confident but not a man that graduated from union Haskell. And other Texas army. Austin Jackson early in alphabet there well he didn't take it but they know to catch them when try to teach you trade bullet through the all right let's come back on track so you don't you don't sometime Sunday and Monday. We're only Applebee's and Easley South Carolina for Michael wish foundation challenger oldies Michael wish your school to a great calls great restaurant obese had a drinking age of murder heavy Kosher we got great music all relevant raw all the microphone Cuban everything lovely and easily South Carolina. And things are looking up a lot and easily special rep their 123. Hammer her on the rise guys morning show we had our annual. Beer draft night there it's packed the place out so easily is a good stop ringer as closely. All right and then we all know what's the following link what is April 29. Fairway and you might carry. Lot of coaches. With gays are okay east Carolina motor finance all at all toward during the open against mainland -- I still in Lowell and that's how I'll always wanted historic we will pay you sit there the last outlets and wakes up again taking a stand about it. All right. But no arrests Christie's for you that's wrong just for a little more to the vending machine embody everything rescues people Demi Moore and right there apparently changed. How tough that's not there's a tear running down Melrose Place and so yes Carol automotive press great show it's going to be awesome. Doesn't you Donald. Tell us how to me it's going to be great it's going to be he is Chiang Kia I tell you Augusta so much kilometers real salt river but we got great news we got great course where the racecar yes what we alive. Auctions and the penalty count I thought about it but I think that's that's a low today I don't days and don't do little miss liberty middle liberty bell she's an owner pinnacle this old days and guys that right there is worth the mission in itself that's the only reason I'm telling. As it really meant balsam. Congratulations Jenna showed a new auto Rodman is an ogre was Melissa well let me honey he can yeah. Things happen. So I've heard may six where a mirror around thirty crown draft. Ezra I made since we'll be right here to Quaker steak and Lou great volleying tell him there anyways here especially garlic parmesan go to my favorite amazing amazing this waiver highly recommended by Robin under. -- position was some good ranch it's big blue cheese and tallied dip but all the way in there it's amazing how we're taking all of these wings downtown and I'm a fan of wings I'm -- got a sword high talent unit not deter some wings that may worry I'll I'll devour him quickly are. How quickly the shoes wouldn't even offend Maria high school football game this right embryos go football team so this is always a great show every years commit top fifty. Great show looks and great music they weren't Quaker steak. You Jim beard it's the wings look at some good looking goers and answer I had to do room. Friday night come back cannot back Dini can dribble enjoy it certainly announce another pro monsters right so there's always a huge announcement exactly exactly. Do you mean Gary dragway wish. Mine I had. It really made our. Well like. We're planning this NHL raised nearly as saying contract and will the tough. Eight mile tracks in the country kids. And dry here Cano in union South Carolina bring union right now. Mama organizing all the tracks touch so to get confusing once we stay there until 2 o'clock in morning again. The next day may thirteenth for a moment now here on Spartanburg Sears for the springtime national springtime echelons as it goes. This show is always packed we we get people all over sparkle city coming into this sure mullah springs foresee immigration a lot of vendors. Great music can't read it. And then last but not place as we can go on for the rest of the year may nineteenth and 21 roaming and under Winston-Salem North Carolina. Really Camaro national for the Camaro national go to some of the mills employ that many truckers those Camaro goes. They like the party Taiwan us. Guys and l.s there's there's there's collateral or else I'll O'Neal's mustang up there and Internet. All they suddenly make you jump there yourself and I didn't jump by nobody ma I'll always open. We go one Jeff Lewis mail we got 500 Camaro maniac. Care to bring it on top topic I can't compare supercharged and that thing you'd better pack a lunch. Papa Papa Arrigo one if that's fine that also reminds me. There Hamas may there will be no H nation meant power of that very event at ruby Tuesdays you gotta watch out satellites they're Orlando Portland as is out of our guidance until well today so we've doubled over the last somewhere there thank goodness because you know when you hit that cellmark's missing it true cause and know what's gonna get this month. Israel so we'll look forward to it and on this show in particular. We're going to be finishing up our segments of last week talking knowledge personal cars. Yeah precious metals precious metal it is Easter when I was younger I would also go low production yeah I mean just look production goers these cooler right here you just don't see every day is not necessarily these giggle look million dollar crawlers can go book. Gig a book give a lot of Jim watt it's a thing mezzaluna and if you're 21 album you can go back in time it's actually one point 11 yes one point one stand corrected. And MMS while normal attrition. Is my problem I go back into the region some plutonium. A eighties baby get corrected on the bag to future but in other ways maybe half Papa puncture problem. Yeah you you have to watch it when you under and I do know rallies those cells flux capacitor they do it then that's kind of cool groups would. Same thing iso I think I think we guessing don't we cannot go on these cars are quick maybe. Probably 1965. Mile losing 16396. Threes and five horsepower. Well there's on this is the first big bought muscle car period. They made to order these collection to a one suppose we want to verbal this vanished off the face of the earth but it Helm. These cars are very little bush these are big money course these these court regular between owners and found 200000 dollars in prize but. You gotta keep in mind this is like the influential thing you know. You when you think about the most gorgeous thing about the same initial bills LS six caller do you think about a six and 789. Big boss course. But the warnings this this was the first big blockage intermediate court. Our profits and we get John's 65 hole now thought to hold that thought. We're going to make some sponsors will lire Beck re air power on every hour hold those experiences authorities. Faced with the. Three WO. Are you done. Whether it's four on the floor Edwards three on the treat this is my. I'm rides and thought wrong one OX three and telling you. We have our our audio from the and metal yes sir we're ya we looked up almost 65 mile Lucy sixteen. Reno and it's six award presented by horse barn each award today's older used to until others couldn't get excited and very did I think manage across and so they built in Kansas any more could really convertibles exactly because we are reinforced frivolous as trying to know the full much frankly came on the durables on these things is actually the same letter that went into the 66 which is a lot larger -- veiled. And here's the line was like well these cars. They could full size breaks on these cars and Soledad full size truck breaks yes and no hard evidence that a full size steering Buxton the modified to finish ahead of their turn radius. So a lot of engineering glee stars of the record. Especially from 1965. Well we think the other thing about this was fifteen years ago they jammed a big block don't care if their truck breaks and all that they're drawn from bricks all the way around. How would not get out the electric chair to go a lot of control and correlate well I he'll be dead and chances but Eric actually you gotta you're just flip the broad General Electric chair affiliate changes sixteen is a sure thing you know. Yeah and anonymous my European more not enough not to mention they stole 860 mile an hour speed number in this car sons I'm their plans on dry map control issues. Now one more bit what's next what's next. Old shirt in my heart. The 2006. So Rodham SS intimidator or. Okay. It's. Something that's going to be near deer to almost every so remorse or you know luck because one word you said the storm will. You intimidator who did well I don't must reopen the air right now. What's cool is little run of the that Silverado ZSS. Ran from three to 06 and there are already lower production truck in and of themselves. But no residual paying honor to Dale Earnhardt. The planned production of these things is only a 103 arm I'm sorry a 1333. They ended up on building 933 of these yeah. And saying yeah I mean this super super low number Chara. I'm era and then you gotta remind the truth or religions or 60. Well let's hope so I know curious about this. I don't know for Silverado and says actually parked outside right now. So I got a red numbers on these things in 2004. They built our soul brother over 700000. Of these strokes over 700000. Before Silverado is we're so good golf how many SS is that they make only 5009. DA soaring plethora. This has nerves or my leg right now no. I won't tell easily do you like the Google you're gonna rosters retreat Eton blue but all things automotive I am I am. But you know it is cool between US and Canada sold over 700000 suddenly ends. Probably cost somewhere close to a million were produced because not all churches. Now are you doing cares day and even hair and an eighth. So then Australian. So he. But internally assesses you know 20030. Were produced dumb I was so mean the writers here was only a 189 and produced and and his blood soaked and he's innocent kind of rare but. And windy in Tim their baggage only 933 so. Pretty low production or face a little we will all that Diller most couples really low production and they don't aren't everything what. I mean Diller was everything amen to that hey I want to say something they'll learn they've got the good lord is neither driver and that's very true. So sticking with the SS Shaq it's stinking stinking sticking to sticking with the traders say its second straight. The elusive. Kampala as us station wagon. Oh lord how mercy wing here. You're go to the talkative of the body somewhere you're you're talking about and precious known as we say we try extra weeks in precious metal my handy mantle and a. So some lines in many fourth in 96 I think this was in 95. GM supposedly. I've heard rumors of up to three but definitely one he's using air quotes air quotes CS they produced. You know what you get this information like career in big body fan boy page yeah. Ya know the secret handshake for of these things are we do play I think I know decoder being yourself that I mean you just say this to the next level blowing things in. He's really malware is coming gone. What is show America's muscle car yeah I saw doorbell and equipment corporation and others a Malibu. It's a this is true and don't churches don't Joseph dear today. Yeah this is your little Van Halen Hagar and yeah. Your family geared urgent need to book book book and our air force base actually aka patent patent patent. I don't think he's going also Mosul is good got to know so yeah it's all seriousness in Powell as those wagon because autograph vote on this supposedly. One or three were maimed. Only one exists in alas I have by now I'm actually found pitchers in the car. He resides somewhere in Georgia this like the senate squash pictures. Pretty much hit some close we ever nine year old squash Walsh from anybody as this nation why do. But it. It is called Alyssa take the standard station wagon and instead Obama skirted rear end Lego they'll have it opens up like a normal slammed us. So as sprinkle but Jimmy uses up parts all on the track protesting. So they all parts and wrinkled up point one of them possibly erase. Or have work or soon George's fears and Georgia so I guess some unknowns at some. Hoop another speaking of one cars made the 83 Corbett. This I hear it's I don't think most precious metals personal list he's going to put all of. You know 1983 there are only maybe you want him for what one or through falling scorer actually 83 true 83 yes read hundreds and as well into the transition from 82 to the the C three agency formed by stock car. And what they did was they changed course so much. They have problems with quality control solution skipped 83 altogether yup. I'm Stanley Cup format so the eighty 8835 anniversary karma alright this cars near and dear to my heart. This is my baby's baby coming out in the right here. I remember seeing these caller from there were boring and need Galveston area 89 and there aren't. It's in the it's in the middle of so that's a star program. All of today's on the gas these Carter here we're just so cool when they were everything eighties I mean. If it came what a slap bracelet is the only thing I wasn't missing those were all so you can line. So anyway I mean you think about they had the white seats don't why we lost the white steer well why don't why don't want to miss thing was like. Don Johnson Miami Vice at every eighties hair live. And Auckland net dispenser in this thing and I'm right down slap persons from an Indian table. What happened earlier this is the quickest car so good things are when you're bringing our remember. We were on vacation in Tampa Florida Abraham Chevrolet which is still intent flag Abraham. They were in general and they have their 8835. They're virtually 2050 of these cars normative and everything that was really cool CNN caller Sherman now starting to see them collectible. Yeah that's a little bit on higher and a production numbers but still very low production where you think about it. 88 in late 2000. Feet diablo I mean. This is before you were born guess how many how many of them have made it. Exactly I mean those colors and name. Don't go home yet suddenly got lost all well and everything and then cash responders to get some of them just say for what most of but desirable Corvette Singapore for the best handling chorus or maybe I agree but they'll also run into performers were a little little little. Ours we have more towards Obama we'll get blown them out a very new. Up next straight here a thorough pat down or lose is pretty good. Half the hourly and I'm just look at 1063 WORG dot. A gallon and little. Every minute of this it is hot rod isn't happy hour with Iran and on the wrong on 106 threes. All right guys well. Via caller. Other solid rock music's. General say awarded Robb Pitts it's my impression rules it's their right here draws an idiot or. Well then we're all golden and I thought our of these lower production goes import precious metal collar asks please don't we have anybody please don't be around the way it is another wagon. The Cadillac CT SV wagon to be exact. Those are economical looming if you're gonna you know station wagon look if you don't you can't fight city as big let's be honest they scars on eight from 2011 to 2013. What's cool mostly packed dealers Lyndon 556 horsepower. Supercharged. Rent a factor on our schools that there's a Cadillac insists this is caught us some major factor Brimelow race dual marketing escort. Best thing production numbers thirteen under a Mormon that's crazy that's a very low production support for a modern car isn't all of set up a miss our satellite is still enjoying it and it's all right you be there really isn't a goal person will buy this or no absolutely not. You know come mob boss actually have my other job my you know my money maker. Multi candidate to download galaxy Tuesday. And was just a Savannah trying to Tomasson managing a smile on his horse. I know I guess is things are never always or valued these things will be what they are or better for it coming from you but a wagon but you know. May try to commits a major and why they won't mind that we're never lose value. Auto Teresa when you're less important in my garage brother property value down in my house. Lemonade you name regular cola. Yeah. Her some anonymous John I know what to upload a must things lissouba over to the Ford side. In a note as only is no other we've mentioned him before mustang boss 32 in 2012 and thirteen. Only 8289. Total these were made in an evolution Laguna Saipaia only 15114. Were made those the Laguna who. The Lugar and a safe care so very very powerful road course yet. But loses on this really cool other scores as a bring him back assuming these things looming the race and here resume. Is it cool caller I mean it's more than just to stick a package of missile. Guerrillas declared a cease the other regions as suspension now. You know torsion limited slip different rear disc and a larger rear anti roll bar so when they know a lot this franchise Carson really beat tomorrow. For that package. And it is just a great car is just another way the most thing they do make him so cool all the different packages and all that and these girls are no different humorous absolutely. All right so before each coupon to a certain car we had talked about him let's talk about cars that are destined to become classics is cars are truly believe that. In the next I don't know maybe twenty years now they started me bringing some money I don't know what's sneaky suspicion there Brees is going to get and the tennis say what's really mind. Yeah we Leo pot and GA the Shimmy SS and the freeze PPV these are all holed the cars from Australia. Although he did. Yeah all Hillis powered cars these yours did you release a mom big money and analysts are going to the boomerang board Mandy told got a daughter that sucks all the here's our ball I think this was committing number car are big money dark. The op Pontiac Solstice. They're put missiles to send the senator Scott right. These children are being carried me displeasure with the troops somewhere that you are another one and mrs. tap them on what were about to talk about. Is the Dodge Challenger SRT Nokia I think these cars. The ones survive the war he's got a little I think he if does don't keep making all they can sell them if they start putting a cap on production numbers. I think these cars 2030 years from now or release them well this is the big promo across your cronies yourselves wolves people were going to bomb Basra are Chrysler like this ever donor to mama and Papa. Another distant become classic I will slate. A car we just talked about is going to be the Catholics it is BWAY in. I think that's real real hard core thinking you're seeing is these I mean Jim wagons probably a little water yeah I think even the mob I think those are me some money horse appears on the road. Let's say what that we're talking about new precious little or will say something guzzle you've been living under rocker your new union you probably already heard about this week he has served the 2000 and they seem miles away for a relatively. Dodge Challenger SRT Damon. Who hasn't had this in the conversation. In the past 24 hours a day away some of the meetings for this. Absolutely hilarious how so anyone. This car being produced has proof that the earnest fulsome savages told us they are better off well and less hopeful. Malaysia is something and we are relatively small for maniac. But. I really like this caller I'll oldest are I think one dodge is done and what their engineers have done. In hiding this whole production of this caller knowing under the radar when it. I think them accomplish something they you're going to see other manufacturers use. Years down the road. This is something the demon name is near near a marked. Something that you broad nobody must then drove a 1971. Dodged demon when he met my mother dragging mayor street I did not know that when they form forty minute and I expect much I was there is a big mobile mania a drag Christmas party back in the seventies military zone as they look I'm an all pro conceived and disseminated arsenal and dug statement. And drew that. But caller really cool. Yeah stats all your children have been bit fiscal cycle of Maynor functional for forty and I assure you of that. Was a six point two liter demons specific VA air quotes Yasser I'll follow the names a list of them because this thing it's got. All new internals that are only going yeah shoe with a focus over it yet millions basically to block if you will but me it will be this is clearly it was a six point two liter V8 with a two point seven liter supernatural user increasing the British pressure up to fourteen point five PSI. So I was I don't know that's a lot vessels floating number split itself but. I'll play factory production Carlos I big number 840 horsepower series sixty huge numbers here 62 or three seconds left as it was 770. The landlord there's something else is really prison but the school reports that is the very first production Goer or so would drag radial saw from a factor yes there. The end this is out they would must somehow an engineering. Behind this car. The SRT power chiller is they called this thing directs the Ayers air conditioning. Into the coal iron intake system on it and calls the temperature in the air command of the karma 45 degrees. Think it as like cheater nitrous we'll let you know I think about it I mean you can be drug reform in the car thanks in Alaska yet. A Maine so this cars don't run like it's on a cool day. Every day. Well or other another ruling anything about us personally is of course the local Chrysler their marketing genius don't go yes they've got that air grab workers do which is also lowers whose fuel production gore made up this goes got a lot of water and always on I loved the highest horsepower V production ever produced what that. Was the world's fastest go or net production Galarraga but this is something that's really cool attitude is like. Little things direct connection which you make your move poor guy you know what direct connection is and a quarter with a direct connection computer it this thing can make over a thousand horsepower. Yup a mate in 2023. Horsepower Maleeva is correct. Am doing the computer system and NASCAR have sounds amazing on demand a demon can run on 91 octane or can be swapped over 200 plus octane racing people wanted us over the schools in the very first production cooling trends break on how awesome is that this got to go for drivers. Basically they took journalists cookbook of Merrill did they put it vin number only hit out. This is the world's fastest. Quarter mile time on a production car none point six in the quarter mile and a 140 miles an hour certified by the NH RA but also by and by they say sorry but there's a reason behind this earlier when you're black and roll cage in fire spread equipment and you think that part of my head you're coral no way to keep my only comes with a driver's seat up. Why don't federal agent. This Hillary's there was breaking this story is not an old rule out that this is the thing that speaking on whether or not get off subject but is the first production car come with a front passenger seat delete. Exactly the east and are not many no federal. Isn't it several great what are crushing wounds to broken agent Arnold cares about that one I tell you why. I thought it up and keep in mind this is just my theory. Yeah no progressing no doubt I usually if you borrow under its theory and I think I know where you go and that's what they saw them whatsoever if you will roll gates in this car you don't void the warranty exactly do you have a drag cargo. But. And food dyes were to produce a roll cage for this car could be a direct connection Roque could be bell lab and youth to not void your warranty. Which I'm sure it's a male awesome worn Deanna knows a thing as insurance card you roses we won't insurance company in the country who were insured Hagerty. Which is insane then and now I matrix I'm pretty sure manager's policy zooming through the roof. Because they know what you're doing with a guy did he volleys cars one child will jurors in my grandmother's foolish and known Joseph. One of two things you're either going to stick this corner garage and never touch it. Or listen Angel hit the strip an awful lot and you go to another first for scores the very first production called that won't turn the wheels from the factory willow certified by Guinness book of world records two point 92 feet. I'll factory car for me Jesus thing pull believes one point eight g.s. Doesn't say I don't know what to clear led to. Like I'll put it like this is like being shot out slingshot it's our name playing the fastest roller coaster justice of one G right. The on the David and Goliath was there just a homemade one I'm doing and still lives there are OK okay let's have it on there that children who lives with. We have all of our American males aren't. Another world's fastest. The 060 time of 2.3 seconds or zero to thirty time in just a second. A zero to 100 time of five seconds did this thing is a rocket. Until you look. On Iran I think we've talked enough on this thing we pay some bills hi welcome back disgusting and it's a little hot rods and happy hour. 01063 W or. Emulating talk test firing on all eight cylinders. When you're Helio was hot. Hot rods and happy hour which to rob and our crime and 1063 WOR TZ upstaged talk station. OK okay. Our guys welcome back now. Outfits you sir are your greatest and these demons Magglio. You're damn right we are today's of the lower little lower your vicinity of about the hills you have an extra system at all so Maryland's upset and seeing motor sports is to get to the next level and logistics and diapers anymore kids consumers were you know until Amazon period and I think it's hilarious. Ali's does it boys are getting mad because Tennessee who used to be paired up with a viper has cross certain dark side are Jose. The light side and build a sensor systems Chevrolet and good liquor well we'll listen in excellent. Top shelf stuff it is generally as hell wouldn't know anything about that man united Manning started Budweiser aren't too and that conferences showgirl Carlson and Bill Clinton. I look this is -- this is well loved us all the most of course are starting all over again I'm coming yeah the dog's demons to ship the exercise does wave report I heard rumors that there are actually coming out 1000 horsepower mostly a servant leader thousand I don't know I don't know if this is the 51 of their content Colorado is a GT 400 did not me not only tell you something if it was me if I almost sitting at Ford Motor Co. and those are the most in division that caller had to be called the balls I'm Wendy I'm waiting another dominant during Q and you have three. Thousand horsepower muscle callers had already gone leading 31000 horsepower must get 3000. Yes. 31001001001000. Of course we're all competing one I mean that's that's insane now causing GM has done is they've ever put a cap the oil producing 100 of these a year that ray players going to make this car will slip Russell wrote the bachelor rumor three owls into demons yeah. So it's a major fight 100 Damon's gonna are 100. They executives. 3000 opponents are lower sort of we don't mess started want Imus already well I mean the thing about the demon is this the price of the Camaro is they're great callers but there 140. Some mongering isn't a thanks well I don't remember on the Damon was a 120000. Must and that's the number of her and I can't confirm that but yes. Once you start end of the money and this does give pressing and we'll do that because they're using the bases he'll want Camaro which is 650 horsepower. Six point two liter ciller outfitting it was a larger ship for charger port and heads. And free flowing handers this is going to give their interest is a thousand horse powers what all of you all right guys weren't thinks free flowing hitters I never knew senators were free I enough. And Ellison. A liquid moving water pipe. Altered that it can never say want Asa eczema as does the warned that free flowing I'm just saying you have to that it clears a little smack away Cameron freefall on Africa. But know that it affects other advertising using only the extortionist a thousand horsepower and 966. Foot pounds of torque which is impressive the main sticking carried a Walters is charging and it will this. This is the thing loose Cabrera 144000. Dollars for you're only hitting walls and yeah this is the rich more stored. I'll absolutely. I didn't get to the price tag on the sling yeah all our. But a couple of sixty Emanuel or ten speed automatic to 010 speed automatic hand speed automatic I didn't tunes being bicycles and kids one is. Putting all these years are true there's a hundred fly you know there's a way to draw that is Sinatra. I'll machete god but I'm saying this is problem and I don't know if they might know more mile per surely do there's some of their announced and here but intensity just to me leaves room for error at least driven for some a mess up. But I mean that might do it takes to handle our other thrown on the stark. I mean do you realize I mean if you hear on the right here in ten speeds close automatic his own well obviously yeah. But this is sixty manual which is that's cool I'm colon bundles six days. But zero to sixty time their Brothers and under three seconds which we know that Damon can handle that already and quarter mile time they're also most analysts and ten seconds which we are in early do announcing spots there mansion tit for tat only scores well in another thing too is there's always room to move in middle both every little thing. Well the Damon has aim as they've done their numbers out there so I'm anxious to see what Tennessee is going to do to try to be just for extra. Back at your drive everything they can't absolutely is a little we're pretty close us and we will get well unfortunately for that. And that's what was back in the day many years and you know the 350 came out there's a 351 left more than it was a 360 by dodged they do this. They weren't just get to see it in our lifestyle that they do this they have this man allow their produce basically the same caller. And once the middle of the faster and found 19 it is of the drag track. But that's what they did this is muscle car wars relives. With Tony callers with Monica she does have a big problem with yourself I a lot of ought to have. Jerry and every. A stood in a challenger at Comerica. Or political horse yet there are no I'm not only our centers almost by definition they're not kills me when somebody says yeah let's bring back issue of well. A two hour charger. A door charger or charter and the palmetto for foreign and Dell to recall or terrain movement trying to Obey all some. Trey don't amazing this is the third or fairly and yet. This is real. The one big screen with a demon that I kind of problems with when people buy these callers. You're not that's not hot running. Now you not adults only you got a good beacon yes we will the score yet all you basically say your age forty horsepower Manchurian forty beacon score is what you've done right. End this is a good record all that stuff I mean but this. If you make your runners on me by Sherman tank. Expect to be a warrior one that way about the same that's very true true very true very true. But you know OK so let's get back to this Camaro let's talk money and you worrisome there of the price mama bring it down for you. So do you bombed by a base model out based although loaded Rosie O one Camaro you go spend 63435. Dollars. Great there. Already an impressive car. Now if you want listening to visit Tennessee before visits your driveway. Go intact and the other 55000. Dollar budget. That's crazier things you can. Almost by. 201. Commandos. Raid there off the bat. Now if you wanna British transmission that's 9950. Dollars. And how highly recommend it if you don't throw thousand horsepower at a car. This is really get and it is usually is Susan mix levels like designer Hala rotting teeth. All right so another 8995. Dollars each had a dry baggage. Which to my knowledge right now includes nothing more than a beat don't drive shift answer Gregory deals more as an adult might remind you. The demon Ari comes factory would drag radios. Jeter sleeps in his first producer Laurie Anderson yes so. That's the demon. I still think in the you know me I'm mustard in the parent star emerge until any. But I think the demons airbase no hard numbers for numbers right now the name and is the better luck came out swinging it. Yeah bomb. 6995. Dollars as the Tennessee twenty inch wheels equipped for the Michelin pilot comes to tires. For handling. Does he needed that's us horsepower is so don't think handling is in the equation anymore. Another really cool thing about the demon though it is actually there comes was skinny he's too do international rig. Yeah I mean they're they're giving you all got. And like a sense now if you want all this was your exit system marrow. Like you said you're at a 144375. Dollars to be exact of course plus your tax tags and fees. But the demon grimmer numbers 120 does jury 20000 liner. And I truly think ten until we see more numbers on this Tamara the year in the matter are. Run off during the day resorted isn't supposed to reveal comb. Millions of film this car in the factory. Jim is sending it off to Tennessee which I don't really have a problem was that. There is an excellent sin for to say it is I don't really have a problem but do you think it's awesome that the Dodgers doing this and house. It is cool until it was surely can do is we'll see you know what takeover rumors put dashes within numbers on them yeah problem solved payment of that. Now cool thing is even as far as Lehman GM and visiting Tennessee used to get awards he was it. It's not much from one from the money goes through your 24000 mile ordained as GM has put it plenty of time to hunt down some Damon's. Go it alone gotta love it and that's just part that's just part of this whole lump the whole. You know muscle car wars is legal jabs you don't glance around unending and Paula. Well is the main game is marketing its best absolutely I don't really we will see your lower Moreland dodged right now they're topple they are. Are you know that our guys I want you jump on FaceBook go visit the tell us what you think what's going on between the demon and yes your sister Camaro we want all about it. And I guess tune in next week's. WORC. The elevator ride sharing connect to a drop dead on Iran. I think beyond airmen and when I was 63 WORD dot com scroll too hot rods and happy hour find out more about the show listen on demand and in Iraq. 24/7 hundred homes in happy hour supercharged on the telling 1063 WOR tees.