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Good morning. Welcome to common sense retirement planning I'm Tony deal with my best friend and partner of I mean. Could when he and a year or twenty years and almost when he went unbelievable. And I'm I guess that say it. Not only is. His tee my business partner not only did he bring me into this business. That he is the best friend I've ever had in my life and you don't get too many of those in your whole life so I gotta say and and we have. A new fairly new friend that senator says he Rebecca can Qaeda who's here with us as well. That this program is the great thing about me changing your life. When you haven't had time. It still keep working. Out all. This program. Along with being very silly at times and most entertaining is also very informally this is the regional. Retirement planning radio program in the upstate. And it is unlike any of the copycats have come along over the last ten years ago because. We're not just an infomercial which is frankly what most of these other shows are we actually going to inform you of some very. Pertinent things happening in the world that you need to know about as regards retirement planning annual wealth. And we're going to give you hope. Because there are a lot of methods. That we can employ. To keep peace security. Hope and comfort and peace of mind in retirement and we'll talk about those today to. The thing. It is different about us is is we we call ourselves the alternative to mainstream financial press because we would some of the information we'll share with you today. He's just not widely being published after the any more than the truth is being published in the fake news world of mainstream media and other areas. As well as the fact that. Everything we do we do we feed biblical stewardship. World view. And because of this we always have always. Started this program with the greatest source of wisdom and knowledge in the world which is the Bible. Sometimes you wonder where people get. They're sayings about you should work hard that can spend a lot of these things come from the Bible in the Bible one the clear teachings of the Bible and is that you should work hard for money you should work very hard for money. And second Thessaloniki ends or to fess alone ends as Donald Trump would say. Second best polonium is TN and eleven. For even when we were with you we we give you this command if anyone is not willing to work lady not eat. For we hear that some among you. Walken idleness. And then. Back to the team commandments days an exodus 3421. Says six days you show work but on the seventh you show wrist. Any of these interest in debt already. In one year's time. We have head. I hacked and I think they're the number right over 220000. People have fallen off the welfare rolls. The great society. Program that did Lyndon Johnson started in 1965 when he raised taxes through surged charge to pay for welfare. Goes completely contrary. To biblical wisdom has does much of what the liberal progressive world you guys. Economic cheering them Mike from my Bible quote is from Philippines clippings for eleventh through thirteenth. And this is Paul talking about. His perspective. On what. He said I know what it is to be indeed. I know what it is to have plenty. I've learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. Where the welfare or hungry. Whether living in plenty or in want I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. My god will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory. In Jesus Christ. It is in our lives. Effect. Did our circumstances are going to change. Constantly and they're going to be times in those circumstances are painful. This book called harrowing. And the only choice issue will ever have is do you view it as Paul did through the lens of your faith. And knows that no matter what happens I can do all things through Christ I can surmount all obstacles regardless of circumstance. And frankly the only choice you have your choice of your perspective could you have no control over the circumstances in your life so that is there's some of the great. Biblical wisdom. So here's the question for. As a nation. How wise. And we begin. As a nation how wise and the people we have elected then how wise is individuals. Every minute another quote from the Bible you may know. The borrower is slave to the lender. So I'm starting with the story here. A story that should give pause to all of us. Median family net worth has fallen below 1989. Levels. And the debt to money war is worst. Games it's been since 1962. So here we sit. The stock market this soared over nine years which is wonderful we're happy about that. As a good. But you need to think for a moment about the east sobering statistics because they tell us. Of a longer term threat in danger. Your wealth and our country. Because. Just because the market is an all time high end effect is as these. Things reflect. Americans now my own more. Save the last and it poorer than we've been in decades and this is both as individuals and as a nation. So here's some statistics I want you to digest. Right now a greater share of Americans have more debt. Than money in the bank. And at any point since 1960 team. Over 30% of US families have negative network despite the recovery in housing in the stock market. And as mentioned earlier median net worth has below where it was in 1989 and here's a staggering statistic. If you adjusted for inflation. Net worth would be possibly the lowest it has ever been. Sit in the 8000 dollars. Is not worth what it was in 1989. And that is the same as it is today 78000. In. Those dollars adjusted for inflation. And the reason I bring this out. Is that. We as a nation. And as individuals have over the last forty years or so. Been building these giant. Massive. Debt. And at some point. This is going to come back to harness enough people that have not. Planned ahead. And appreciated the danger. Are going to get absolutely. Hammered in their later years in the sad truth is that baby boomers as people like me. And you probably. So what we would like you to think about this this. If we could show you away. That you could capitalize on the good times when they're being goods such as they may end for the last nine years. If you could every year the market goes up. Lock in that game and know that if the following year the market falls to the floor you're going to be right where you were when it began. It was nothing. In this secondly. When the day comes you retire. You can turn this wealth that you now created. Into a lifetime. Income stream with no possibility. Of running out of income for you or your spouse guaranteed. For the rest of your lives. And continue to participate in periods of upward movement in markets which would reflect as raises. TU. I told you that there was a way to do that. Would you be interested. Well various. It's called a really gory retirement income generator strategy and essentially. That is what we'd like to show you how to create for yourself and we can't. It comments and retirement planning if you come and say yes will cost you anything but please visit our website and check out some of the interesting things on there and they appointment. Go to. CE SRP. Dot info at CS RP dot info. This is your financial quiz for today what is the difference between high yield bonds. Investment grade bonds. And junk bonds. What would you say the difference is between those three types of bonds. And the answer is absolutely nothing at these exact same thing just called different names high yield investment grade and Jon Mann's. Are all the same thing their bonds that are rated. BBB your below and a lot of people have these high yield bonds in there investment portfolio. Well an an article out of news Max by Peter Reagan. Dated January the fiesta signs of impending economic recession pile up. Signs of a coming recession are becoming clear every day and one of the world's biggest brokerage firm cuts its high yield bonds does he wrote. It's imperative that you pay attention. After all these were the actions of Morgan Stanley wealth management of financial institution responsible for managing two trillion dollars. The company's chief investment officer Mike Wilson revealed that the company's reasons for doing so in a note he distributed on Wednesday explaining. We recently took their remaining high heel position is does he wrote. As we prepare for deterioration. In the lower quality earnings in the US led by lower operating earnings. Goldman's derivative strategists Kathleen. Forty and John Marshall warned that good times are coming to any end. In their report they revealed volatility is creeping back into the market saying the calm appears to be ending. And the options market is now. Pricing in higher volatility in the fund as well as in junk bonds the S&P 500. Consumer and tech stocks. With the writing on the wall analysis analysts. Are in a pessimistic human. Wilson expressed his investments concerns. For the next two years saying we think it will be much tougher to make money in 20182019. Teased. Then in 2016 and seventeen as the risk of a recession and outright bear market. Comes closer. These are Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley saying this which are generally always. Bullish on the market. But sometimes we get lost in the clutter of even of the president talking up this market you see the problem with playing shaking his knowing when to flinch. But if you made good money in this market. The only way you're gonna make sure they achieve profited from this market is to locking your games. So many towns and people have law also much of their money they hear from their investment advisor. Well don't sell only thing you go unlocking your losses what you need to be thinking about now is win are we gonna lock in our games. I took an at least two distinct kind of piggyback on top of that I'm a big analogy person and not personality to sit at could've been a teacher that I don't think Jack will be the children that might stay in and day out. But if you're looking mature investment play in which is being positioned as a retirement and complain a couple of things and some statistics I would turn out there. Number one if prayer and common analogy person may be you are to your investment play and right now especially Asian near the retirement age. Would be like holding senior Iranians if you ever played the sand on the beach or played with dirt had a mean big sister so she made me their one time where Macon my iPad and south Georgia that's no good. But if you were to hold days very fragile Lucy grains of saying and in your hand and you were to squeeze it in the squeezing air would be a couple of things one and it would be hitting closer to that retirement age were you need to hold on a really tightly to those fines can she needed to survive potentially three decades. Of unemployment. You heard me correctly three decades of unemployment. Says it's a matter of how weak position a fun and said is going to insure success are better opportunity for success. For beauty keep that acid in your pain and so if you envision changing the type of Aston that your holding. Repositioning that asset and such a way. To where it's in the palm of your pain and where you hold it tightly where you can squeeze it tightly and that asset not run for your fingers because just like with the now I need to stay with the same end. This harder you squeeze it the quicker it is going to slip right. Courier at your fingertips I am another analogy and I I grew up on the Texas coast. And spent time in Florida and New Zealand and and and I've done a lot of sailing spend time on boats and I was also meteorologists have. If you spending time on coach you better understand where. So. If you think about the world of investing is being on a sailboat. Most if you go if you go to your typical sail boat salesman in this case denounce the analysis person would be your typical investment advisor guy. He's gonna tell you. To stay invested forever so if you go to if you went to my sailboat and you would think I say look I'm gonna buy a sailboat I'm I'm not an expert on sailing. Soaking helmet yes I sure can here's. Here's a great sailboat right here you buy this thing and you in your family are gonna have years of fun on this. And he said yes to we'll find out how exactly do you Greece is very simple. You just. Go ahead and launch out there im raise the sail up and let the wind catch it and you have this router here and and just keep it so that wind is in the sale. And don't run into anything we sure don't him where you steering. And it will be wonderful. So you. Say great and you take it out. And you have a day of clear sailing taken out again you have another day of clear sailing and two or three weeks worth of just fabulous weather. And then one day you're out in the sailboat and suddenly you see in the distance these rule ailing purple green. Q mile knew him this cloud just rolling. At two camps to concede that. Gust front blown out ahead of the light can't keep. And you think. Holy Moly what am I don't think we came and Cunningham that cellphone. And call up the of their own sailboat and say hey hey look I'm out here and there's just look like a storm come and when my supposed to do here. Nothing to keep the sale up it'll be good just hold the course stay the course don't dub it. Don't know if it'll be fine it is just. Keep that sail up and keep doing what you're doing is okay. We if you take that advice when the storm arrives. I won't tell you you become this mess did you may seem to you may ground eating going to be pretty. And this is the point here. The entire investment community has built a multi bit trillion dollar industry. On keeping you invested I eat keeping you with that sale full fallout. Even. Record regardless of what the weather news. But the weather changes just like the markets changed is that true. Mean my gosh look at the difference between for a few days ago when his team agrees open trial on. And missed throughout ride the horse it was 652. Days later. Weather changes. It is our belief that markets are overdue for a storm we had all this clear sailing for all these months. We are not going to give you the same advice every other bone headed mr. gives you investment advisor gives you about. Do dull locking your losses stay the course. Did you stay hanging in there. No there is a time to change your strategy. And if you think that the way there is going to change. And I think we're gonna give you some compelling evidence today at some point is he's going to happen. Then you would be well served to come and talk to some people that have no we learned a little bit about singing and in rough winter we. We retreat we get a lot of our clients from losing anything back in 07 in LA. We we have been the safe money guys in the longer than anyone. And is paid off for our clients. And you could be one of our clients pretty easily all you gotta do is go to our website which you see as RP dot info that's. CS RP dot info or call us. 800. 6876768. I don't know if any remember the movie kindergarten cop but dispersed that's an area. Arnold Schwarzenegger busted into this drug house. And he ends up you know breaking a few naics and killed a few people filing yesterday hit on June she's the guy beside him and the guy just looks into who are you and he goes. Under party Cooper and so. Sometimes I think that people think that. Rebecca and Tony and myself for the party trooper because there's so many good things going on on broad street and we're just calling out a warning but. As far as an analogy I think of them one of the best analogies. Of course is going on say a man's son you know sort of a prodigal son and he took his inheritance ran off to you know to Las Vegas. Well Betty he was it to craft table and he was doing and also in the chips are just start and Apollo. Powell and then a crowd starred together around their one go down no airbags here and more liquor was slow and chips for pollen. And boy everybody's having a good time and every time he was all and every time roll that dash you know baby needs a new pair she and then all of a sudden this old man comes in the middle the crowd as his father. And puts his arm around his sons his son. Want you take these chips off the table was cook the room get a good nicely get a bath when come down morning gamble with 5% and their by the boo him in his and adding and things like that. Nvidia think could be given in the bested Basque you see what's gonna happen is if nobody use cheese to realize. That one of these days just like it did in 2001 and two in 2008 this market is gone revert to mean. And we can have another. What was it in. The exact figures here but. Oh here they are looking USA today Wednesday. It said dad declines are the biggest during bear markets such as 20089. And the plunge after tech stocks crashed in 2000 the S and he suffered down dress. A sixteen point 6% in 2029. Point one in 200133. In 2000 into the I mean do you remember that. Okay but the only way you gonna take advantage of this bear market is to lock in those gains if you wanna find out half. Give us a call 180687676. Say. Or look us up its ES RP dot info. He's the analogy day Tony eating even notice that we were Macon winds down on yourself I mean anytime you do in there if you Merkel and perfectly what did you listen nurture really thought they were in the they were envisioning me with a big beard and absolutely that's a big cheese that I really did. Some things out one day I would get back to see you worry analogy specifically knowing talk about a couple of things I'd like for you banks to chime in here. One thing you said now second is when you're talking as I selloff indeed Iraq back around to it you said. Debt client that went to by the sale that was not an expert. This unity you can't she's out I am I receive my interpretation that is there's a false sense out there of investors feeling like that days. Didn't sales as a retail investor. All of a sudden are like DC for investors because of market as a. Let me too lonely to me address that. Because that there are those type of say in this is true in any sport. Where somebody in Orange just enough to be a danger to themselves and sailing. They've they've putter around enough that they say well I'm gonna take an ear for being on the go for a whole week out into the Gulf of Mexico earlier in the and they get sunk or fighters in my Mecca of boxing some Gomez ran Elizabeth hill I'm pretty boy and he goes out there and. Needed dotted. Well it seven else she say it out was important was. You say geez immune and all these clouds which I can't. Pop off again his camera I'm supposedly recovering meteorologist and hides all farm I only know them mainly stay right now sorry but you described stay ending on the sale went in seeing the clouds. Coming to you could see it rolling across enacted in. You solid common that's a big fundamental difference in what. The night even investor out there is seen when you carried the world we're telling you it's coming it may not be as evident as clouds rolling across. That notion or the SE for you to be able to see it but doggone it. Where trying to ring the bell here Intel leading dissident is going to be irreparable to the rest of your retirement career. So. To tag on what you said. Do not wait until the storm around games. We've been doing this for years and and we do pretty we've predicted that the crash of 07 and 08. Before it happened all right here on the show we we say here was it may happen now we don't know win the next great content and and I'll tell you this. With the aim in this overvalued since 1929 and 2000 the market itself. Go to our website CS RP dot info. Making employment income analytics show you how to create security safety and still be at reasonable rates of return when markets go up. And most importantly all of all create a rig a retirement income generation generator that you cannot. Outlive so today's your day. Two day. Go to your computer and only getting CS. RP. Dot info and don't always welcome back after this. Welcome back to common sense retirement planning this is Phillip island with my good friend and cohost Tony dale and Rebecca Kincaid. Thomas' retirement planning is your alternative to the mainstream financial Prius we thank you for listing and we hope you're having a good weekend. Probably not near as cold as last week in what was that Tony they said it was a bomb cyclone is a true whether term bombs well. Oh no please don't get him started on meteorologists. Duffel August. Actually doomed if the state history and that it was actually term it was sort of may have by the weather channel OK he's now in the vernacular so they nor'easter is to sign an idea that's what it. This remember the perfect storm moving. You know Sam real similar men meteorological setup to it too bad. Movie that's similar sort. Well it was very cold for a whole lot of days and I hope they'll survive that the East Coast got the worst of it. You seen snow in Charleston and all of the coast and I really believe the hole bomb cyclone was God's revenge for them paring down the confederate statues but that's how. That's just my take on so. But down reconnaissance retirement planning we try to teach you about money. And I've got a couple of interest in quotes about money and then I'd like to regional little story that's one of my favorite stories. Here's one quote. It says it's good to have money in the things that money can buy that it's good to. To check up once in awhile and make sure that you have lost the things that money came back. An island and then another one is wealth consists not of having great positions. But in having few walls. And with those two quotes I'd like to read you a story that the good example of that. And overly fast and American businessman was at the pier of the small coastal Mexican village when a small boat. Which is one fisherman docked inside the small boat were several large elephant in. The American complimented the fishermen on the quality of his issue and ask how long it took to catch them fishery about it took only a little while the American ask. Why did he stay out longer to catch more fish and the fisherman said he had enough to support his family's immediate needs the Americans then Sayed. But what do you do with the rest of your time on the fisherman says Wesley played official little play with my children take siesta with my wife Maria stroll in the village. Each evening our sip wine and play guitar with Miami news. And have a full and busy. Life in New York. The American scoffed. On a Wharton MBA and they'll be. You should spend more time fishing. And with the proceeds of about baker and with the proceeds from the bigger boat she could -- several boats eventually you have a fleet of fishing boats and status selling your catch to a middleman you can sell direct into the process or eventually. Opening your own cannery. You would control the product processing and distribution. You would need to leave the small coastal fishing village and moved to Mexico City than LA and eventually New York City were you would run. Your expanding enterprise the fisherman asked how Long Will this take two which mission the American replied fifteen or twenty years but what they end. The American laughed and say that's the best part when the time is right you could announce not Kyocera your company to the public can become very rich would make millions. Millions and watch the Mariners as they and you would be able to retire move to a small coastal fishing back. Where you excellent play fish oil and with Turkey as they say yes there with your wife stroll in the village in the evenings reconsider if whine and play your guitar with your friends say it's important to take stock that you haven't lost the things that many came back. I am doing them from leaving a small group in we're doing and Andy Stanley. Small groups steady and it's did the title of which is what do you really want. Any in life is so easy in our culture to be caught up in thinking that the things we want any changes as we age when we're young we want. This and we want that when new car or whatever it may be. But the sad truth of it is if you go back and look at your life you find it. All those things you really wanted when you've got him. Down the road he thought I wish I had never wanted this I should never taken that loan I should never gotten with that girl a guy whatever. And duke in overtime if you approach life. Looking more toward what you want on the spiritual side of the equation rendered in which you want on the material side of the equation. Suddenly. You get what you really want which is similar what you were describing. Peace of mind. Jewelry acting discomfort because wealth is not defined by Emeka can its relationships. Time and health. Not just one of the things we've talked about here many times on the show is having purpose and that's and then that you're really diligent about Tony I believe. But having purpose because I have talked a lot of people who say I'm just gonna keep market. People who retire and have no purpose. Mean I and ash is what happens they just becomes stagnant and then died. We already had their research Shea is an actually do have an article here that's funny that day we kind of went in this direction. That retirees sleet between one and a half than two hours later than typical workers'. Said they're in bed and I'm serious this is a study on study that was done. Some people are just held in the they're gonna get up at the same time on the big Mormon and yet that she's you continue to get. But seven in ten workers and do not usually go to bed until 11 o'clock we'll in the end it typical retiree gets to bed at 1030 and then it's completely asleep in fifteen minutes. I actually how long it takes me to falsely. It's awful. But what is sending a due to bring attention to you are so insightful and what he's saying he displayed a passing G so I am when I won in mentioning bring attention to step in if Phillips said. And add to that always makes me nervous when people come in office and they say sit on the radio mama got. I don't know I mean what I say and you say it's something. You stated it week teach about money not think that daddy so important. To kind of take a step back in really. Expound upon that because that is well we do. We're not selling work teaching about different strategies today help diversify your carport fully aware of that tax diversification. Income diversification away had you were teach cheating. So we're not tired I culture I mean gosh Tony said before we probably forgotten more. An average active folks out there in this space had been duly forgotten more than what they know already. But we're in the biggest business to teach and educate people about how to have peace of mind in retirement. But will we see right now is overconfidence and Wall Street. The other day all three of my children were upstairs playing really really quiet night now that's not good at it yet never today. Well Finley must sun comes Daon and he has he goes at Kyle but his sister's Adam with Emeka right there Israeli quiet I was they would read my book. Back should've been looking. This is an article out of market watch this is overconfident and is talking about how quiet the stock market is. And how companies are touting the bonuses they're giving thanks to lower taxes and consumers are spinning with gusto and it's. But some experts are worried that a since a in its ability is starting creeping in among investors. Some acting as if the market will never count again. Investors. Are starting to feel a little too over confident for my liking. And that's according to Jamie Cox managing partner for years financial group in a recent report. There is clearly a confidence I had seen in teen years. He sees any goes on to say he's seeing clients take make big purchases like buying second homes in new cars to spend more on travel. You could twist and DR Stein is quite and say that the only thing investors have to fear right now it's a lack of fear itself I'm. Yeah she's been God's honest. I mean if you're a watch in. We you know which you know how I would define this in remember Alan Greenspan said before the market crash in 2000 couple years before. That people had an irrational exuberance you what they have now irrational complacency. Hikes because they don't have an an. Exit strategy. So we had Tim in a long years and that's how long taken for people forget. What it feels like from market crash. And there are so many red lights flashing you should tell people to be careful. This is complacency. Is he rational. Complacency. Is widespread. In this is visible in the lowest volatility we've all had. Let the truth of the days. There are a lot of things that you should be looked. Paying attention to every day just like storm warnings if I'll go back to my vote analogy if you are my meteorological analogy you know and my dad was an amateur meteorologist sort of and that's why had an interest in well. How could it be game which it was he on TV on and they're like what is he. Back in the old days everybody spent time and they were farmers and ranchers and and sailors are much. They learn how to tell whether by looking at what's going on around there weren't any winter me and lead him. The Weather Bureau. And so I have a book years ago in the it was all about ways to to to forecast weather looking at natural stuff sell. So. We have today all of these modern ways of forecasting weather. There are ways to to do is look around and I'm giving example and usually when your hair falling pressure. If you look at smoke rising from the chimney or smokestack or something. If it's going straight up like bad. That tells you that the pressure is very low then that's that means you probably gonna get some implement bad weather of some kind rain or whatever. Low or lower pressures so she would bad weather. Conversely if you see the smoke is open goes sideways. That's the writers pushing down as high pressure the major in for a clearing. Some some probably two or three nice days will be on the city more say so but anyway the reason I bring it up. If he if you thought of us. As. You or personal. Financial forecasters. And guy rights. And that we are available to help get you through. Whatever kind of weather arrives if it storms we're gonna make sure your protected and you don't suffer. It is clear whether we're gonna make sure you have every opportunity to enjoy. All of the things that brings. But if you don't look at both and I'll give in and of the football game the big football game the Alabama Georgia game. Well that was. That was dogs lost because. The other guys had a better defense. But they both had. Good offense in the end the determinant. Was a better defense. If you're going to want to as to look at your investment retirement life you've got to have both it's great to make good were reasonable rates of return and we do we can't we can help you do that. But you better have a defense so that when things go south you don't lose all of that wonderful Monday the humane during the good times. And that is what we wanted to do for you. If you'll let us. Come and see us go to our website CS RP got in front of it CS RP got in front. And just sit there with you and construct a plan for you. It has offense and defense. And a lot of peace of mind. When it was very cold outside the other week we had a fire and Tony Wragge you know Alice think in. The smoke started coming just partly Elena story no I don't look at that thing about a high pressure's not Pelosi okay I'm in sideways in ousting him handle pressure must be incredible that are realized ahead of the flu. Let's say don't sit there and like yeah thing you know we had every window and every door open and I'm sure are low and they like. You just smoked up warehouse anyway and you look like you've put on black race and as a Tony you say that we need to get defense traditionally if someone is investing in stocks and bonds the it was that was a simple answer. Stocks were off fans bonds were defense. And best traditional mouse that's what people think. Now that you know yes. You know all I need to do is just add more bonds if I if I go to save you 5% bonds and when I'm 75%. On the defense and 25% on the op fans. Do you realize now that Alan Greenspan who says Tony route alluded to he said there was irrational exuberance and stocks back in 2001 into. He is actually have articles ousted the irrational exuberance now is in bonds. See the traditional bonds they can't be safe are problematic now because of the low interest rates. I've got an article here out of mark corset a bloodbath for bonds. Here's the tipping point to look out for. The bond keen. Now the name eludes me don't feel gross says the other day that he believes. This week was the tipping point for a twenty year bull market in bonds and now turn into the bear market. And one of the ways that we believe. To show you that is Chatham believes the same thing. Here I have an article here's is one trader arrested challenges give. USA SS a cheap valuable lesson on who's in charge sees China is reportedly thinking of halting US treasury purchases. And that's worrying markets right now. The report notes that Chinese officials think US data is becoming less attractive compared to other diets. See what happens the bond to go first and in the stocks. Trade tensions between the two countries to provide a reason to slowdown or halt the purchases according to the report. Treasuries and the US dollar fell on the report gold increased stock futures also fail China is the biggest buyer of US sovereign dad. China the US big big east are sovereign date could be slowing down or even halting its purchases. Now this is to let you know that if you have grown up with a set of wisdom facts that say is if you're worried about the stocks just call up your 401K in moved mostly to bonds. Where you may be giving out of the frying pan into the fire the calls right now they're both a bubble. See if you right now inside your 401K especially there's not a lot of ways to keep your money safe. But if you're 59 and a half you have an opportunity to move out of the 401K and moved to an IRA port their arch forces. Held a 59 and a half in service rollover in we can show you how to avoid this. Stock and bond trap if you'd like to know how to do that you give us a call 180687676. Day. 180687676. A or look us up on the web at CS RP dot info I guess I can go along with the frog. Now in DC is who we're in an analogy made today voice is the frog amid the bowling Heidi. Not Heidi elephant when you bowl of fraud you heat the water and gradually he doesn't know he's cooking. That's right yes and saying to ensure analogy. I have a CNN money. Article here for fear injury index and scale attack on the last recent article I just mentioned a moment again. As seven indicators of market sentiment is close to the extreme greed levels. And we talk about this sound last week about how greedy people are in the market we've talked about phone that we've talked about the average retail investor. It has sat on the sidelines until solid we cannot stand it anymore we must jump from the blue Brooklyn Bridge to. We must count. But it is sure do that the market epic run does little to help meanie every day Americans. A lot of people bad the stock market after the dot com bubble burst in 2000. In it they didn't get out in the 2008 financial crash scared media away for good it. Said Vince Vincent cattle on he's a global investment strategies for the blue marble research said cinnamon is quiet high. But stocks are getting more expensive and reflect much of this optimism are ready. You may wanna be cautious right now he says. Fundamentals are good it. But that's price Stan. I'm a little uneasy that music is playing inundated saying that I'm staying close to the door to getting ready to aches and even me. They Imus and the names to dole RX what would the music stops I was averaged. Retiree Michelin and duke and where others and you are who are working on a lot of not watching their 401K very fast second one leg Sunday that his stance with ten or may that Tony dale. Riddle me that America. It's the here's here's what's hard is already happened. Because the Smart money is already. Moving into cash Warren Buffett Alan ma does Florida. So so so this is I use this analogy before you're in a movie theater. You smell smoke. Is that the time to get up and headed for the exit or are you going to wait to somebody yells fire in the alarms go off and an everybody hits for the exit. The Smart money guys are Marty left the theater they're gone. And people sitting in the air sniffing the smoke if they even do. Are the ones are gonna all head for the exits at the same time and here's what's different this time this did not exam exist. Ed back in 0708 N or times before now. All a lot of people are in ETFs. And in. Indexed this approaches to the staff. In what's going to be different this time is wind they go to try to sell when he does hit the fan when the fire is obvious. They're not going to be able to sell out there were not everybody's going to be trying to get rid of that same time it's gonna keep going down faster and faster and faster. Only to let me share this with the economist James Gayle and cal brief of all people. University of Texas economist. Believes that the mainstream economist in the Federal Reserve art too wedded to old ideas. To see what's really going on. He wrote a book called the end of normal. Where he lays out a case that the 0708 financial crisis wasn't just a brief in eruption in the life of otherwise healthy economy but. Instead the latest crisis for an economy that lost its footing back in the eighties and so he. He believes that debt based on them. Fundamentals long term fundamentals. We hear in a position for a major reversal. Now think we we've we've brought up several different experts today. In giving you numerous examples of analogies. That should tell you at least this. At some point change change nothing goes up forever we give you some numbers. So back in 2000. ES and he got up to 15127. But it crashed for a call in the tech stock and by October 9 vote to do with two down to only 777. Point odd but it came again right. It made it all the way up to 15165. Slightly over where it was by 2007. Before crashing again bringing him back down to 677. Now were at 25. Plus. How far will fall next time. Well. If you are using our approach. You would have been locking these games in throughout this period wouldn't you. So that we need falls irrespective of how far they may be. You are still going to be holding everything you add on the day it all went south. You will already prepared for days. And that is all we want you to do is prepare. For the potential. Of a downturn if it doesn't happen you're gonna continue to get reasonable rates of return we were all we love it when the markets. We don't want to lose money when the market closed down and at some point. He will it STS custody Dmitry he's not well we can church show you if we could if you show up. I am you should he she can see here as in fact we can we not only have we can give you plenty referrals are clients of our Bobby Mack amongst them. Who can tell you just have asked work but. Go to our web site CS RP dot info and just make an appointment coming in because here's the thing and please understand his. Rebecca senator earlier we're not into Salinger stuff. Will show you what we think is the right approach for you based on whatever you tell us you're trying to do. And we'll lay it out for you knew we can show you what you can expect at Indian com and all the rest of the stuff. And then we'll leave that decision do you think you can do it or not we don't. Harass people are trying to twist the arms for any of that stuff the last few frankly. We are the leading retirement firm forty reason people have done well they sent. Our businesses fueled by refuel referrals I mean that alone tells us that some the mess they work and boy. Topics but any go to our web sites CS RP dot info. My daughter came to me the other day and it was kind of sad she told me says dads and I'm afraid at night. When it's just me in the the children there at the Hal Saddam mama self she lives next door to us. And so I immediately said will. Bridget we need to get you a concealed weapon and teach you how to use it. I was proactive about that we went Boller Smith & Wesson 38 special with a laser on and she's becoming a crack shot with that. I was looking today at the channel four website and the 31 car I expected you know like the old Asian look at the channel four website in the chief articles were that the sewer system didn't work around the bottom of pairs mountain. Turns out we don't have a sewer system around the bottom of Paris mountain as stupidest thing I've ever saying. But anyway. Here's the 31 three articles. Man brutally attacked by dogs in the upstate. And it was at that links in Tron in Campobello. Is a man going around assaulting women at Wal-Mart. Sends an FBI agent. And then another man who has at a gas and was going down the street was beaten stabbed to death. By a couple for whatever reason and that's Greenville Spartanburg and up and try on. You know my daughter has a point they're scary things out there. In you know these days and now she's being proactive and we're doing something about it. Well what we've been talking out today there are scary things out there financially. That if you don't take some action. Molding and you know how are you gonna defeat injure yourself. Everything we've talked about so far today is manned economic issues. Out of an article talking about three things to worry about in 2000 is they just listen to this war and geopolitical crisis. That I've written extensively about North Korea saw won't repeat myself except to say that the risk of war even nuclear war may be rising Warhol Lindsey Graham know him. Say that the chance president trop would use military force would rise from 30 December sand if Kim Jung on test another nuclear weapon Mike Mullen former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were closer to a nuclear war with North Korea. Then we've ever made and that's not read. That's a retired four star admiral talking folks not some snow flake did he say seven for or said is that the dinners you guys okay. She and if that happens this market is gonna take a tumble like you've never seen before. You've got to be proactive and do something to make sure you have a defensive minded retirement plan in order to note. Contact the experts us 180687676. Say. 180687676. Say or look us up on the way a bit CS RP dot info. How tight is it your comments in a couple of different directions one you're talking about being proactive. I was going through some fouls today just in general upkeep of a customer service type things. Yeah as would not believe. You Gaza's in our listeners would not believe how many people have outdated beneficiaries. I'll need such a basic thing even one and the most upon not Polyone but the most stunning stunning one was. A woman who was divorced don't matter ex husband as a beneficiary NASA and haven't heard Mae and she come back in hall couldn't. Oh boy she would listen there are so many reasons for a student you guys were brought back boarded up. If for nor the reason help us at least review what you're doing so you have some sensitive MI on the right track or not a guy make changes or a man who my beneficiaries that kind of thing. But more importantly let us help create a really good for you the retirement income generator that would take care of your basic needs for life for you and your spouse. Siegel have to worry about that part of it you'll know your. You're going to be taking care for life and and continue to participate in. The barker when he goes up with reasonable rates of return to you can get raises and helping with inflation. But let me show yes I am both offensive and defense of component to your retirement plan get retirement plan you need that not just an investment plan. Come CSC is RP dot info. In your your waking god bless you we generate free.