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Good morning and Merry Christmas it's that time if you are just eleventh not. Happy holidays Merry Christmas and Alicia which are for it and you may not let it do well there is bad but. Did you Wear this to Christmas is getting too commercialized. You think. Where you might wonder who these voices aren't going in the background welcomed a common sense retirement planning and Tony dale. Rebecca keen Kate and I'm Phillip island voicing you hopefully for before or not. We hope mr. grant hero we had to say because I think you might find it quite interesting we are. The upstate or regional retirement planners the shows the original retirement planning show. And we've been doing this longer than anybody in you know what we just let better than him. There's just did we really are and that's not arrogance business and talk show are you talk to our clients. Yes the difference between them and us. Is us and how well Al I like that so very rich so what the good and what's different about this show when neither shows that are. Retirement investments were two shows in his. We have always wanted to be sure to be show filled with information. And entertainment and and not just to name for Marshall. And obviously we would love for you to become our client to come and see as that's the hope the end result we would like. Nonetheless we want you to be informed I was going on in the world whether or not you've come to see. And we want this to be just another interest in talk show you listen to here on W already. And another thing we are. Always. Looking toward the source of ultimate wisdom and forward the way we do our business and for that matter the way we live our lives and thus we always start this program. With a quote from the Bible. And you realize you go along that money has a lot of false promises and one of those false promises as money will give you power. But in the end the Bible teaches what true power is this is do not be afraid. Prime way if you do not be discouraged frying your god I will strengthen you and help you out we'll hold you up with my victorious right hand. Now that real power. From Isiah. Isaiah. 41 year end. And okay and I think this is this is is going to relate to something we want to talk about today I'm just an exco quote. Some nickel for homo you may have heard of foam low fear of missing out were gonna discuss a little of that today. Be it because Luke 1215 cents. Watch out. Be on your guard against all kinds of greed. Life does not consist in the abundance of positions. The reason something like formal exists is that there are only two emotions basically. They're going to determine what people do with their money in their investing. Fear. And greet those are the two driving emotions. That. Drive decisions in right now we are living in a time of unparalleled. Greed. End that is why. This formal situation is what it is I think an Inca Rebecca among others as. Some breached some good points on. I'm gonna start we have. A story get this so help me I I do not write this headline. Re good for stormy weather or. This is from Drake for stormy weather is now right as so if you have not listen to our show. One of the main tools that we work with is something called a rig. Which stands for retirement income generator. And it is based on a study by the singer Freddie ever Stanford center for the aging in the American actuaries. Society. Talking about them beat number one most important thing you must do in retirement to have a successful retirement is have a wig. He retirement income generator what is that it is a it is a way to create a guaranteed. Income stream that cannot fail. It has no market risk attached to it. And can supply you income for life will we create these rigs ours our special in that. The rigs that we work with also have another element and that is an element that deals with inflation. So our rigs also AMP give you the opportunity created guaranteed income for husband and wife but also. The opportunity to get growth and then come over time. So rig for stormy weather. What a storm you might ask my gosh Dow industrial average reached another all time high interest rates and yielding multi decade to lose. Trillions of dollars in global sovereign debt and negative deals they are and but who do you really believe. It that is a fair and accurate representation of the overall economic well being of the world and if so how would you explain. These facts. Global debt. Now exceeds 200. Trillion dollars and is rising rapidly so this massive debt will not be paid back in currencies with 2017 purchasing power. This must be rolled. Over in continually devalued currencies. The dollars yens pounds. Secondly the financial system rolls over maturing game and then they add more and they pretend repayment or not be problematic well it will because. All of that dad in the money printing supporting it is going to create inflation. So the official government statistic. X Consumer Price Index they say that inflation right now is about 2%. However much better index called the chalk board index. Agrees with what you probably are experiencing my director shopping for Christmas. Right now real inflation in Atlanta. Is it 10%. In Charlotte it's nine point 6% so we're somewhere between their they didn't have a measurement from British area specifically. But let's just say it's somewhere between nine and 10%. A year. Well obviously. If you don't have some mechanism to deal with this going on overtime. It's like having a hole in your voting your seeing you just noticed the boat keeps getting lower in the water until eventually the boat starts sinking. That is the best the world that's been created by central bankers. Which I think that the most. Yet the people that we meet wind would you say that mention then miss and discount if it inflation we'll have I have silently they do I want to give you. Let me let me give an example of a threat how how how. Little people understand this is seems to curry doesn't it. Yep well here here's a good example. This is the 1970. Cost of living numbers so in 1970 a new medium priced almost 43000. A foreigner and fifty dollars is now about 400000. Average income 9400 new car was 3400. In fifty dollars it's about ten times that. A movie kick it was a dollar 55 gasoline 36 cents a gallon a postage stamp six and sugar 39 cents for five pounds or visit again when you buy a lot of milk yes 62 cents a gallon. And it lowered if what it's it's ever three dollars now a week's wave over what keep our DNA I am cheap. Now by the organic stuff he eats eats each. For all four dollar for a half gallon form Danica I know because my wife me choker when it. He'd throw that in there didn't feel my wife makes you she got was. We know you might she Joker Charlie Joker all I'm telling you it's the best that we eat okay futile you want. She does when you let go it's not Switzerland and Sweden. Well I want to. OK you guys that you. So if you wanna know more about rigs and find out why we are so much fun. And you should come and hang out this is not only will we help you create. And really good plan. But you'll probably enjoy hanging in. With a ask as we actually are we actually do we do well but we do it with a lot of enjoyment canister itself to do so. Go to our web site CS RP dot info. At CS RP got in front. Or you may call us at 806876768. I don't care how you get here just getting here. The vick's. Is a measure of volatility. In the market in trillium measure of whether people are worried about the market and the Vick is the lowest it's been in history right now. There's fewer people worrying about any Cabot market correction. Than ever before in history. And that two people who understand the financial situation is almost a for sure sign that something's about to happen. I spent a lot of time last week. One particular client who had. Experienced double digit returns in a principal protected product. And was wondering whether he should be in the market now talking about that we're. Where at the top of that nine year mountain went through all the details of the underlying charge that this thing is a house of cards. Any he said I'm not afraid that I'm not afraid it. And not may really thought about. When no Luke Skywalker went for his training Leodis. And he told you go to these and I'm not afraid. You bulletins that you will be there and that. If you're not afraid that this market could Craig you probably. Have blinders on meek calls. Everything is pointing to a correction and that doesn't mean that I'm not patriotic. That doesn't mean I hope didn't. Donald Trump doesn't get his. Agenda passed Americana thing. If nothing males were nine years into a bull market in this town for a correction. This is an article by John moll and he said there's overwhelming evidence. That the US stock market is headed for disaster this is out of MarketWatch. December the fifth 2007. Saying he said. Central banks has spent the past decade Alba forcing investors to buy our risk SES and show and cash. He said that can't last forever. What is remain well he came pitcher money in the bank can get 1% so what do you do you go to buy some dividend paying stocks or something and think that's a safe thing. He said bonfires are fun to watch but they eventually burnout. He said let's take a look at the series a charge some of the things he's looking at first up from grant Williams he says. The broadly speaking this is a measure of how leveraged the US economy is is that outstanding created as a percentage of GDP. Says credit has jumped above 200% of GDP and has never looked back recently. Absurd doesn't do this situation just as we are man. But arguably leverage TC is. While lending has been very lucrative business for businesses in recent decades is hard to believe they can last. At some point we must experience a great deleveraging when that happens. It won't be fun and I'm not gonna get to all of your right now but what. Are what you have to realize is in retirement. You're gonna have from more than one of these now we're looking at an imminent. Correction in the market and if you retire in the first part of your retirement. You have one of these big corrections he can destroy your retirement but the fact is. Over a long period of time he may have three to five corrections and retirement any you're taking withdrawals the mass changes. Well what do you Maine the mass changes and you go broke you run out of money. It's not like you're investing in a little bit every month. But never taking anything out you can't have that volatility. You have to have a retirement plan that is set up a raid their retirement income generator that's not affected by stock market volatility. That's what we help you just said epic common sense retirement planning. Somebody on the team can sit down with you. If you're lucky it'll be made not to. That so I want to sit down with you re beckoned as talent and and work with you did. Develop a raid where you're not at the mercy of these big market corrections they have been coming every seven to eight years. You'd like to know how to do that you give us a call 1806876768. 180687676. A Ehrlich us from the way of at CS RP. Dot in. Two things I want attach on to sort of ran back the conversation Iraq the conversation into a couple of things that we talked about before on the show one and I don't know if you were a caller not but the number and actually their rates of return that are needy year ever year to pull that fund at a date you remember what it was. It was like 20%. So if everyone is so mood. Certain that the market is unicenter waited in the Illinois pension fund should be fun right. Well that's not what they're doing they're not putting their troops. As keeping that program solvent on the whims of the market they're having to push it to the taxpayer that summer ones have been I want to dementia permission before. The thing away dementia and was Phil was talking about to the banks are you are talking about the banks and so forth. Let's talk about interest rates with the market being up so high they're sitting there in adversely related. So we would expect book debt before and in the year that they're gonna raise interest rates again well what would expect that that would trickle down to the sabres and the retirees. Well what is up happening is Richard nation. And this is an article in the Wall Street Journal the banks want retribution for the last eight years it they'd been starved and had to give money away. People commit ship I'm a house of bush strangers right to point out there know who you should not pay your how soft is a bank is giving the money away. Well I sent to bank passing on that used increase interest rates to your savings accounts and your IRAs or your money market accounts say CD would bank. They're keeping that time our money back from when they've had to give my anyway. So I see in effect of banks if you look at it from that standpoint has some. Some people are flooding the market and they don't have a comfort level in the market. But their risk tolerance is lined with it because they think there's not a way to get a safe rate of return anywhere else the next gist. Not true. Now I. One of the things happen when the good misconceptions. Really about to that type of approach that comment since retirement planning tanks. Is that they justice somehow people value you can get a decent rates of return I'm. I could show you quite. Contrary because a orderly and easily because because one of the didn't do the mechanism for gross internally in the rigs that we use. Is a strategy of tracking. Index movements. But the we always we believe in Phillips has one of the best analogy solid and give acute mountain climbing analogy when I finished but. We believe it did if you if you're going to look at this thing for me retirement planning resident in an investment planning strategy. In the first thing you have to do is you have to find a way to get rid of the risk. Because you cannot afford to losses once you get close to retirement an absolutely cannot afford losses one click your retirement be more specific and Keefe 24550 years 0225. Within 1015 years to retirement. I mean there are a lot of other reasons to start earlier than them that this is. But when you're young you have time to make up losses is the point you don't have time to take begins. And make it up when you're close to retirement would they be viewed infield was just alluding that is. If you're taking withdrawals and you are losing money you'll principle is going away and those are permanent. Irrevocable loss you're not going to get their money back pitcher still when you need to take income. So. One that did the good parts about our approach to these we want you to get these rates of return. And will track the indices that the difference is we will put a floor underneath it so that the market can fall but your not gonna fall any further than zero. Yes you might have a year from market tanks were you don't make anything on. In when he read expert you certainly cannot ever lose anything embed that in in times like pieces of his beady eyed look. We really talked about the geopolitical side and I've got to bring this in the equation first of all. Will the tax package. Pass or not will the government shut down these are all things that are going to not only determine between now and the end of the year and they can have a huge impact on markets then there's. This week. Trump announcing he's going to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. In the entire Arab world has gone apoplectic and threatening god knows why it. And I have to tell you man being in the student and his ecology and revelations I'm watching this stuff with my mouth open I think in game at that sounds pretty prophetic. But but my point is there about sent North Carolina aren't rocket man of the hour all that okay. There are so many potential trigger mechanisms are black swans to start. The next downturn in motion. That to meet. It is just prudent. Two tube to follow the the proper from the book of proverbs of two of them. Prudent man for so easy to coming and hides himself the naive proceed in suffer don't let that happen do you come to see us. Please do at CS RP. Dot info. CS RP dot info and let us together and absolutely safe. Retirements plans for. Bassist Tom different but we talk about this before and sort of setting you up I'll what you say something very specific my husband gets nervous when I do this casinos it. He is an all you me our nation and British there's a certain day it's your wireless CP Madison very good yes you can have a definitive that's a very safe answer. Remember we talked about several weeks and let sick about how this can get down fast with a rowboat investing. Rightly see other trigger with that like that can play into his well with algorithms and selling off so quickly right Mike because they cannot possibly keep up with the demand for people trying to is to to can't tell investor can't possibly initiate an action quicker and then the route that robot will right right. Right so so when things go south. The rubble investors and all and in people NE TF funds are going to see. Huge selloffs this happening and it it light speed the speed and disband them. And by the time you can actually get your order and process try to sell your stuff. Good luck because you're you're each going to clog the system we've already had what couple flash crashes yup so. So DS that's an interesting point to to consider too. There's part of the article artery mirror said volatility linked pages won't deliver in a flash crash. Lot of people so I have these volatility linked pages he has Wall Street firms of rolled out all kinds of balls belittling. Products. To purport to protect you from a sudden downside advance most of these fraudulent to the CBOE volatility index. Because. He goes on to explain that he believes the risk of a flash pressure rising in those who think their page may learn that they are not. He shared Morgan Stanley is graphic of how many vick's futures contracts would have to be about to cover one day market drop. He is I suspect the various big just linked products will disappoint. Buyers when the unwind a curse watching Nader and we help be set up a read. One of the things that we do it Tony said we locking your gains on a year to year basis. We tried to. Locking in a situation where when we make gains would lock Eddie and and then when the market drops. You may not Stoney said you may not earn any thing but you're not gonna lose any thing one of the examples that we use. On do you explain this is there's two types of people that climb mountains players what they call free climbers if you look at the layered L kept a tan. They go out there worsens. Cut off shorts and a chalk up their hands and they just start up the mountain. And no they don't town or anything they just keep climbing well those people has some the shortest life expectancies. Felt if they make one mistake. Their day had they follow all the way back to the bottom. But 99.9. Percent of mountain climbers it looks a little cumbersome but when they walk up to the mound in Dolly's ropes and they've got these things hanging. And they'll climb up twenty feet in they'll drive in a stake in hook on her drive and paid and that's as far as they'll drop. Vests attacked the rig we wanna set up or when we have gains we locking in those gains. And we know that if the market were correct after that were only gonna drop so far by the way. Which of those two kind of climbers are the ones they get to the top of the mountain usually her and not the free climbers OK and if they commerce certainly isn't his second tool Asher and a that as the song say as comfortably numb. It's been nine years since the last big correction and as the rock songs say is people are comfortably numb. And it's going to be a rude awakening. When they realize that they've really been told that they just. I guess they just get comfortably now. Well and you between Fred and that the Washington journal that these hedge fund managers are like bang in their heads. Because they key really make decisions based on volatility anymore how they said at these hedge funds and is very frustrating. You sit down and a second again see I'm a good listener. You said that that is major Bob volatility that they're supposed to work well what did they don't work but the timing you know it's not gonna work. It's different eight men worried. I think we can you should do. If you should go to your website. And your computer and go to our web site rather we GC SRP dot info so we can show you a way. To drive those pigs to make. Raised good rates of turn on markets are going up. But once they start going down you don't have to go down with him and more importantly we will create in reading the desk at. So that the day comes you decide it's time to every geek income and you're retiring. You'll know that absolutely guarantee you when your wife who haven't guaranteed income for life and still get raises in your income we have. Increases in the market so. That is that is what you need safety. Please go to our website common sense retirement planning again it's CE SRP dot info. 1806876768. Stick around the Mordechai. Welcome back to common century time planning this is Phillip island with Rebecca Kincaid Tony Deo. And we're glad to be with you we hope you're having great weak hand that things are going your way and we appreciate you tuning Neeon. There's so many things going on in the world they were talking earlier about. Warning to move the capital of Israel from Tel Aviv and that. Trump was making waves about that I think it was sort of in a direct response to trump the US chamber of commerce has started a campaign. To move. The capital of Israel to Scottsdale Arizona. And a lot of people but they just probably best just to counteract trauma they've got to be king campaigned today that I don't know if that would work. But they're going to do there. As you travel around. Green bow I want you to be careful. You know Woodruff road. Is. A terrible place to be with all that trafficking you've got to be constantly on alert. But as we were talking in early as showed getting comfortably Nam about sure. Life savings and retirement planning. Is not a good idea just like is not a good idea on Woodruff road because as soon as you do some I's gonna did stop in from the EU. That's what's happening to people there's a lot of misconceptions out there we always kid about you know they always Tate Tony is safer to travel. In applying. Them in a car they are saying there right you know well listened to comedian one time he said the fact of the matter is. It's safer to crash and a car. There are flying you know that there's always the other side too a city if you crash a car you say is amber heard crash and applying his anybody recognizable. He said there's a lot of things like that with planes that you go they say genetics erode and ask if you're able to. You know work the door. He cities usually just tell them he said you know let's be honest. If this plane crashes were going out the part of the plane that any there anymore you know so. You know there's always two saddest things. But. There's a whole industry out there they want you to become comfortably Nam. With your money in the market. The Federal Reserve. Won't G to become comfortably numb accounts they kept interest rates down so mom and pop would stick their money. Into the market. There's. A lot of things are going on behind the scenes to keep you in a market. But it's only gonna stay up so long and you also have to realize is the markets numb always correct. And will correct. Three to five towns and retirement and you can't be taken withdrawals from that kind of volatility and have a successful retirement. We won't GU not to getting anxious not to have fear. But we want you to be proactive. And not be comfortably numb. The way you do that is give us a call 180687676. Say. 180687676. Say look this up on the way a bit CS RP dot info. Coming in for a free complimentary retirement rebuke a common sentry charmer review. Where we argued you hardcover coffee will show you every way to set up your read so that that money can pass if you pass away in the most taxi efficient manner possible to your children. So that you'll have an income that you and your wife. Contractually cannot outlive where that when we have games we'd lock the man. Where that we're not gonna participate in the knicks' big market correction. You know we want you to go under retirement with peace of mind knowing that a successful retirement is ahead in not a nightmare. An interesting article here from Forbes it's into our conversation and different direction but I still think an interesting one. I found an article that had five segments to it. And the title of the article is the five most have big topics in retirement and the number one nice taboo topic in retirement is money believe it or not. The article goes on to really talk about how siblings struggled she'd handle inherited his when they come. About their being inequality as far as not secure a mom so actually get more the inheritance. My brother or indeed any thing he has one kid I had three which entitles me to more in time more of the assets from what mom and dad have. Another thing that I don't they that we touch on enough here on they shouted it's a harsh reality and that we're seeing an increase. Is an increase in DeVore divorce rates. Matter of fact those fifty plus has seen her increase in rate of divorce surged DT percent in the last twenty years sedated to bring that down. That's one in four couples divorcing after the agency's deep so we cut that out not Qaeda exists not funny but we really talk about Ian really wanna educate. The public about the impending market correction it's coming our way. Rebecca I've been married twice and I have a 50% who are well I was gonna say he got some males is 50% and that will be your 401K if he had the wrong. So have we talk about a 40% market correction you talk about a beekeepers say Ed guaranteed just about market correction your for a wing of the immediate divorce. And I must stop for just the second time in and make a point about that because that's an important thing you really can't. Any impacts women far worse than me and in most cases. In in any divorce at that age she's very very difficult and and women needed different kind of 00. Treatment in a different world view when it comes to dealing with some of the X agencies to go with getting a divorce so. That is something we actually quite a lot of experience with his murdered touch on. How important is it true and would you say a United Center and whenever that client calls and they wanna come men and he says we're delighted preparing things now now and that just when asked few questions ago Iverson things that sort of like ma am tired your record sums up. But that would be that is actually the number. Full our. Managed taboo topic would be divorce another item in touch on this quickly and then I'll I'll pass the baton. Another one is in how well this is interesting was religion. Interestingly enough religion. You have in this was sort of a case study within article that says that this individual. Did it was a financial planner commits this woman to stop Todd into the church to about life insurance policy. Says that Sheikh Italy ten times more and she said that it may title complaining C estimates is what the advisors say he saved it didn't she. Gave me the idea and basically be basically planted the seed at the Bible say is give your freeze first not your last for mountain. Says he's just mentioned how that resonated with hand interesting statistic here. According to Gallup polls in 2011918%. Of Americans said they believe in god and and that religious ness increases relate to which nothing that makes cents. Americans are well it's religious at age twenty theory and marriage to religious at age eighty. Makes perfect I thought that interest and. And yet this has nothing to do with money. If you were to look out across the fruit it plain and arm the weighed we represented our country through the media through movies through. TV news and and you would think. That we weren't totally secular nation and you would faint if you listen to the message being fed is through Hollywood in their mainstream press. Did that we'd people who are believers in in god and followers of Christ and so forth. I'm we're in the minority. In the fact of the matter is I've got to make this point then the fact of the matter is the people that are in charge. Of running this country if people in charge of creating the entertainment for this kind country. The people making big financial decisions for this country are by and large. Followers of the god of mammoon himself. They are not followers of the god that I follow. And sadly I think that is what we see in in the deep slow motion a coup. Of a duly elected president. By that those same people. Who. Who are immoral and oil don't get me started OK I have sorry. And then off the deep in there and started doing talk radio thought it was filling in for Bobby Mack won't be doing that to the week before Christmas. All right I want to make a different point of we've touched on this. A bit. So. You find yourself wondering should you stay in the market the markets up dramatically. OK let me give you some numbers. He just to give you perspective. In the real how much just to frame frame the narrative this way is that when you think about retirement planning as opposed to just investing. The goal isn't quite how media can make all too many real fast. The gold changes to maybe I can make everything I have last for a very long time. And not run out of it. So I want income from that is what retirement planning it's OK let's go back and is some history. If you went back to the year 2000. To present as of the first film of the month. He would find that the Dow has increased overall 37 point 6%. Over that period of time roughly eighteen years. The S&P is up sixteen point 3% and NASDAQ is still down from its drop in 2000 where it lost 80%. It's still down eight point 1% so you take those three numbers together. And that means dead dead we've had a total return if you had a portfolio with those 330. Each. That would be a total return in the in the U. Largest indices of 46%. You go all our 46%. That's great how am horror. That actually only works out to their average rate of return of two point 7% a year. Annual rate of return. Because there are losses that took place in the year two now. What if you had gotten me two point 7% annualized rate return however you had been taking a withdrawal. 04% a year. And of course you had to account for inflation C you added 3% to that. Were that the case you would buy now beat just about out of money even with all the market gains. Caucus. Philip pointed out earlier. If you are taking withdrawals. While the market is losing money. Those are permanent losses you are not going to make up. So it's so easy to get it's like a fish it's like fishing. Right now the market is throwing worse and they're all sparkling and they look so good and if you're silly Trout. You're gonna go grab a hold that banging get really end. But just because things were all sparkly and look really good doesn't necessarily mean they are good. And I am offer market gains I think it's great but let me tell you what the bottom line he has. It is an about rate of return to about rate of withdrawal. Which by the way is the overarching point of the Stanford center for the aging. Study. It created. The whole point of retirement income generators we call them rigs. And that is what they recommend why. Because deep deep one the most important thing you need in retirement more than anything else. To pay for your life whatever that it whose. Is income. Any bidder be guaranteed any better be certain because if it is just sitting in a portfolio in the market crashes in your taken money out of it. Obviously. There's going to come a point where there is no more money left for you endear you will be so. If you would like to see what an actual retirement plan looks like you should come to the original. Retirement planners in the upstate which is common sense retirement planning. Illness radio show about the news. And and let us show you know how to create a wig so you'll never ever worry again about running out of income. And guaranteed rate of withdrawal Beck can't grow old with greater return to X but you can't look you can't shrink. Go to our website CS RP. Dot info or call us at 800. 6876768. We come to say yes there are so many things that over the years we just. Developed a wealth of knowledge about in this particular area that if you'll let us take you about a hand we can lead you through this minefield of retirement planning. One of the things are ran into last week more anything else is people don't have their state documents taking care of they didn't they don't have their health care Paris attorney they don't have their durable powers of attorney. And we go into detail about why this needs to be done while we help you do that we have trusted attorneys. One lady told me that they had she had four children and they had a sizable stake she said really. So I just wanna that she bit down the beneficiary is one child and pass it wants veggies or less when I trusses and I just trust her to take care of those other three go home and passing do you realize. They church setting up world war three. Around her and her three siblings while a disservice that she didn't mean not she didn't mean to me that she just thought. Well that's the good child and she'll do that but she didn't realizing she was setting up a war because this wasn't spelled out in little things like that you can do in in certainly. Then my calls or not mayor for your children when you pass the money also. Exactly what that on Forbes article talked about as the children at one way in front of their parents and and they get all the mail I wanna stamp went there for a dollar. What we have a problem with I think Tony Moore anything else and I got assortment hopefully this rule you can understand what I'm trying to say. And a assaults on the end of the day that made me think Kevin is we have information overload. On every S review you know we're just inundated with information and you hear bits and pieces and so let me tell me. I was looking at a drug here. And say is that here's some of the some of the things that this drug Mike calls drowsiness headaches diarrhea vomiting stomach discomfort. Numbness or tingling in the arms and usual prior and it's painful and bloody urination. Yelling at the scans severe pain dark urine our pain twitches. Well I don't think I want that do I you know I that'll sound good point DB here in your mail that's information over local economy today I went to the doctor a few years ago. And I finally had my first full blown attack of the gap. And I follow that I would go back Taxol. And saw my little I had never in my life had pain like that it is you know I couldn't. No way to make it easier or anything like that is our go to the doctor and you know what he prescribed to me. The drug. But I just don't go about running back something called Al pure and all. Well if Otto went to him and just did is say what he had was he had knowledge. Of that. He knew that that drug had some in very rare cases those side effects. But he could see the big pitcher he means that the one thing I needed to stop my pain. Was this drug called Allah pure and all and it did and it's cheap missed three dollars and overspend nevermind I and you won't have you won't have that pain. But what we do sometimes as we see that we see all this information. And we don't ever go to someone who has enough knowledge that they can show you the broad picture especially in retirement planning and there's a lot of things out there that. If you did you get to look and you'll get mired in the minutia. And me yes it's the right products the right three eggs that will be perfect for you. To make sure that you eliminate as much pain as possible in retirement. Don't try to do this year sale for about a tried to look this up on. Google myself can I wouldn't have taken this drug. But when that doctor Sami. And examine may. He said this is watching you need and he could explain that to me that's what we wanna do when you give us a call we want you to sit down led us. See what you need let us show you the big picture talk about the side effects will talk about the rare occurrences we understand all that. But we do know the one things that do the best things to help you have a great retirement. In order to do that you've got to be proactive and give us a call 180687676. A 180687676. Say look this up on the way avid CS RP dot info and. Or month nuisance than that I saw on line one time Philip it was this. And now they have the pictures it's a giant canosa ahead headache and a look on winning Indian realized I had 24 hours earlier. Other symptoms Ford in beta like a brain to burn and the dire right away. I'm not as taboo topics and to get back to this to this subject matter Clinton is very interesting. Number five his mental health. Dean added that one of the biggest increases. That we you're seeing in a baby being there in senior patient in that segment is. Higher in incidents of addiction depression and suicide. So. I'll double what is a had that highlight well what does say is I can't it will cool is connected. If you're situation Tony let what you just described with a metric she geese gave from the dal from 2000 to present. There's drops and they guaranteed rate of rate it would draw and if you don't have a guarantee your prince will be don't have those things. Then that's going to be trigger and could exacerbate the problem of depression and suicide. 35 million Americans age 65 or older. About two million there about 35 million Americans age sixty dapper older and about two million and inseparable blown depression. Another five a million suffer from a less severe form of the illness. Depression they seem most single significant risk factor for suicide among the elderly. Sadly many of those who did commit suicide data in fact reach out for help 20% see a doctor on the day they task. 40% the same week in 70%. The same month. That it is set. Of eleven suicide danced per 100000. That's an aggregate rates. Ever the age of sixty dot according to the American association of Sunnis suicide apology. That age group makes at twelve point 5% of the population and accounts for fifteen point 9% of all suicides. The amount of older people are treated for a combination of cocaine. And alcohol bees. Tripled between 1998. And 2008. Is it for this group. 2000 NA cocaine babies was a leading calls of admissions involving drugs I'm not making this up. Would it be separate screen action drugs at a close second 25 point 8%. Too often. People in your retirement with plenty of money. At least their sense of purpose her feel alone. Less relevant they need to become depressed our turn to drugs and alcohol or try to to defend them not how we talk about this a mom again. Can not statistics and research on divorce. Physical well being in social networks and you have been making for a massive. Paradigm shift in retirement the domain and some more time and energy be committed to complaining for non financial aspects of it. I think I didn't discover station this week with a one of my clients is getting ready to retire and end this is I'm I'm seventy so I'm. I am. And if by this point seen a number of people retire so this is you mentioned the word purpose and significance so man's law. The famous. Psychologist. Wrote created what he called a hierarchy of needs and at the bottom of this pyramid of his was shelter food and clothing and various things at the very top at the pinnacle on the top of the pyramid was the need for significance. Or purpose it is a basic human trait indeed down. This is especially true for me and I have this conversation all the time if you come and see us one of the questions I would ask you would be. When you retire how do you envision you'd spinning your time what are you going to do it yourself. And I heard from most guys say things I am gonna go fishing and I'm gonna go and I'm gonna play some ball phenomena you know. That's not going to satisfy your purpose in your significance so these guys retire. And a year or so down the road to Weis trying to get the heck out of the house trying to get them to do something because they're. The board their date they have no purpose anymore they spent her life being the whatever they were an engineer herb what do carpenter whatever they work and how to get nothing. So I would tell you one of the important things about a retirement plan has nothing to do with money because the only wealth that matters. Our relationships. With god in the people you love the timing he gives up a switch is limited. And your health and the money that you have is just fuel for those things. And you have to talk about these things with your client I do we do. As well as the money because it a retirement plan isn't just about the money it's about old whole plethora. Of important things so. If you would like a holistic. Approach to retirement planning feel like you're about something other than just hey we can get into credit rate returned. If you'd like to really have like a line and only plan. And we the people you need to see we secure regional. Retirement planners in the upstate this is the original retirement planning share. We have developed a science. And how to do this. And we have a lot of happy satisfied customers who looked. I would mention would be more than happy to tell you about a happy they are with what we've done for them so. Couldn't see us. And let me show you a different place. Looking at retirement planning go to CS RP dot info again CS RP dot info. Number two topic that is taboo in this is where I want I had this provides conversation canal haven't told you about this or Philip because I want to mention that and then I wanna get your opinions on it and I'd be interested in our listeners as well. Number team is six. It is common for people who is saying that as people get older their desires and capacity for sexual activity either diminishes or is dirty. Rash so relations for those results in the lease can range from the lip my belief. That is people age they become less attractive to us less desirable that their bodies can't handle it. All or. That knee and it women at a certain age in the sexual desires are his dirty old men are six craze cougars and should be thinking about stuff like that. The problem with these outdated beliefs is that our sexuality actually a big part of who we are. It's not just our biological prerogative it's an hour personalities self image in a form of communication. None of which goes away because really worked behind. So. I begin does the conversation went this opening line. There was an article here that goes on talk about how a guy has dad was in a nursing Helm. And got a call in the not got a call in the milled at night that he was in bed with another woman because he had dementia. And didn't know it says din is site do you tell mom and dad's done this urge you keep it to yourself. And their crickets. I've never heard you boys have nothing. Well I am and I'm not really sure I mean do you tell mom or not I've always is there we all got dementia malveaux is referred all questions of sixty Tony Snow in yeah I'm ready Tony well I would say that's in the town that nobody had anything well hey. Because because because too specific. It did they would depend on the relationship between the husband and the wife and the son in this case it's very specific to eat because every family dynamic is different. So I just kind of basic dynamic of just click are says I wouldn't be comfortable with it. I don't know I think it's only a larger and more important point here isn't the sex it's the dimension. And it is one of the biggest things that you have to allow for the entire season we swing we see our clients getting older we see some of them beginning to lose their faculties. And this is why if you don't have a plan employees in this is important to somebody you can trust to take care of the other spouse. Who's going to have to deal with this. You could be in trouble how get what if you were if you give dementia in your room and in your be your wife laissez. Does know anything about the investing thing would you just wonder after making these decisions on around you know you'd want her to have some trusted advisors and whom white baby. I would say would be nice. The original retirement planners common sense retirement planning please. Why you own your seat if she had time now it's time to make the plan and it's at these things in motion. Against CS RP dot info is our website 806876768. And number please. Please come and see us. God bless you see in actually Christmas.