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Imra's damage amounts; Deaths from Irma are very low


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I still pretty breezy out there and at least see a rain has finally eased off which is a good thing. I really don't you're just in time as we get underway when our number one of a body Mac electric radio program. In the air share your genial host. Rabid shock jock sell whole point and president of in sensitivity university. Are we specialize in non politically correct shot it's. I am of Garcia attack dog at the right not to mention they bombastic. Loud mouth of the south and as always is your input. Is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me and take part in the conversation today Ingles advantage talk line number told free from wherever you may be located. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address. Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com it's not a trick question okay. As we get underway when Bob on the Bob adds mr. money penny on the other side of the board and Lanny back in the new senator it's not a trick question. How many people died in the United States from the most devastating. Hurricane in the history of the planet hurricane Irma. How many people died. Not that that's that's that sat. Obviously but some of those. Real laid. Technically probably shouldn't even be counted. Now because they were traffic accidents. Now whether that accident. Because that is relationship between the storm. And conditions they've had their wrecked again okay union here's one. Now we heard so much about the Caribbean you know the Antilles and and all the rest the day islands. Barbados and and and all the rest. How many payable how many people died in the as a an and we keep hearing of course from the media. In a while they just don't that these these people are there are essentially stuck in the nineteenth century peril lacking a they have electricity blob Omar. 38. That's not even a average weekend of shootings in Chicago. And so was a bit now look I don't eat there are there are two way is obviously a blocking attempts. I leave first way and that and the way that they media. And I'm sure know I and the other weather service people what would have you believe there's validity and in their argument. The first whale looking and it is that. The output colonies were so low because. Of all the warnings. That were issued well and events. And you can you can make that case aired it substantial. That more people. Might have died you might have remained in place. Had they not you know. And not driven from their homes spivey the constant media barrage of you know it's a biggest storm in history in its category five and all the rest. The other side is that it was overblown and over hyped by the media. And as with most things they have the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. I suspect that that there were. At people who did not. Die as a result of the storm because they banned censored out don't read it. Certainly not coming back from the beach from vacation last week. My baby doll Brenda and I went we play a little game when we ride anyway. When we spot a license plate that's out of state. And since we're on the beach way where it was more inclusive we included North Carolina. As well we didn't consider that out of state. Georgia we get. But you you if you're the first person to spot. And out of state license lady get to hit the other person additional cap on the arm. Gotcha I tag here it coming out not you know an upper cut. Good night turning on July Jaroslav wait for New Hampshire. Some thought struck like death Elena giving the wrong impression. But we ran that we we almost got to the point where we included FLA. As a local plate. I'd link as they were so many people. From Florida the Smart ones. Who are getting out. I guess it was. I believe it was sun yeah I was Sunday morning. We were around it involved in this golf event over it done pebble creek. And we were playing that creek side course which is cross around there was a lady who was out walking. And a lot of people like to walk or jog around the golf course even marina. You know they have signed a job don't do that enough to get hit by golf on its dangerous all this stuff specially if you are out there when I'm play. That's tenuous at best. As whereas it rarely goes where where I intended in any event. I digress. One of the guys was talking with a slate she had asked him a question about where something last. And then he came back up to Griffin said that she's from Hilton head. And out of date they got away. Before the storm yet which I thought was. That was a wise move I mean we you laughed. We left the beach Thursday afternoon. Not because the storm is bearing down on us although they did get flooding around Surfside and I'm morals and let we saw what happened in Charleston of course a downtown was flooded from the storm surge. But because of the traffic. And Leo the panicky reporting on on television. The Murphy USA which is a big gas station and there and at Surfside. At a gas Thursday morning sold out of gas. I had dole lined up. Before we left Dallas and a line of about five cars waiting to get gash note again it was a guy and probably will pick up truck had a five. Five gallon nine containers that he was still up with guest proud I guess for his generator probably. So precautions there are a good thing but all this on this modeling. That they don't look at all the spaghetti models we talked about this yesterday. Those spaghetti models ranged from. Now the storm going. Along the East Coast of Florida and out to see harmlessly which fortunately it looks as if Jose. It's gonna do that counts like the Bermuda highest in turn that went on out of there. An and as far west. As hitting New Orleans. That's a pretty wide range. Of for a Cohen of where the hurricane can go but. In others there's so many variables and so many factors. And I guess stay the models get better as they go along because you toss out the ones and obviously blew it. If you don't use that model anymore you rectified you make modifications to assume that it's it's different. But death. At even now. The UN's IP CC. The big group that is in the forefront of pushing. On the climate change agenda even makes him look. And now they're you people just can't do we we don't have. That the skill level yet we don't have a level of knowledge or have a database big enough. To include. All of the things in non if you are familiar with chaos fear him. Which. And I've explained. In the most simplistic terms possible that now. Meteorologists. To news and and as a recovering meteorologist and shall qualified to do that led the basic rule of honest. A butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and it rains and Central Park. And what they mean by that is there's so many variables and there are some possible to include the mall in your modeling. Now we can only hope we just better as a goes on but this was benign as the headline. As says on this piece today from Bloomberg a 150. Billion dollar misfire. How they disaster models got Irma. All wrong. Share that when you when we come back in on the tax line Bob Florida drivers should be required to take a South Carolina driver's test. Before they can drive here I did see a lot of people. Driving along with a left turn signal. That's they default position for Florida drivers and drama along they'll go after it. I'm Bob my family and I used to play a similar game called. Punch but. Laugh out loud to good old days. Bob whites here. And no school for a two days I know the south his conservative but hey. Come on with what the cook. Again if they make a mistake it's going to be on the side of caution again. Quarter after three here on the Bobby Mack show the they disaster models got Irma hall raw and that's next. When I come right back. I had heard about that what does that Ted Cruz is branching out now it's. Made a car salesmen and is paired up great to have you all are here Tony after three of the above a Mac Joseph let me quickly catch up with a text line. 71 threes are seven hi Bob Hollywood and they UN charge are already blaming president trump. Now what for Irma yeah probably and from on Michelle Bob at least Florida drivers can operate in turn signal. Even though may be on for ten miles. Bob went to Tampa on an. Mission my elderly aunt arrived at 9 o'clock in the morning Sunday infrastructure for evacuation was awful. Zero gas from Tampa to Jacksonville to Charleston. No wait a motor that many people out the fuel just can't support it. Was sad seeing all the people desperate for gas in and it's not being reported. Pop up. Bob Miley then tailors who was injured by hurricane Irma I select on a wet floor and sprained my knee. From a Dwight thank you go right we will include that and our list of injuries. Bob did you notice. I'll all the issues. The owners were getting. None of them took work boots. I did notice that. Bloomberg. Today. A 150. Billion dollar misfire Hal disaster models got Irma wrong. And again. Now this comes back to chaos there and so many variable factors this is not something the Linear and inching his way out or make mathematical equation and say OK it's going near. Twenty miles may have made a 150 billion dollar difference. Estimates for the damage hurricane Erma would inflict on Florida kept mounting. As it made its devastating sweep across a Caribbean it was poised to be the costliest US storm on record and what if there's a big storm that comes along and another month that will be. The consulates we got all this. Honest Condo building along the beaches. More people. Certainly now. Owning real estate analytic. In areas that are prone to hurricane damage than in a night. Teen 60s1970s. We got very lucky said Jeff masters co-founder of Weather Underground here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If Irma had passed twenty miles west of Marco Island. Instead of striking and on Sunday the damage would have been astronomically sent. A track like that would replace the powerful east or a high wall of Irma on Florida's Gulf Coast we'd gotten what they release a number of times Katrina. Not lucky for. A places wiped out the Florida Panhandle. And and the redneck Riviera on them Mississippi. Where they I won't Katrina hit a bad passed again to the east. Of a new mormons. By one estimate the total cost drop to about fifty billion Monday from 200 billion dollars over the weekend. The state escaped the worst because Armas powerful. Eight shifted away from me biggest population center of sprawling Miami Dade County. The credit goes to the Bermuda high. Which acts like a sort of traffic cop for the tropical north Atlantic Ocean. These circular system hovering over Bermuda jostled Irma. Onto northern Cuba Saturday where being Overland. Sapped it of some power and then around the tipped. Of a Florida peninsula cutting down on storm surge damage on both coasts in the state and you remember. In watching the a spaghetti models. They kept talking consistently about when that would take its turn to the right it's turned to the north. Towards the a Florida peninsula. And wish him because of chaos there virtually impossible to say. Whether it's gonna hit the East Coast of the west coaster go out into the the gulf. They've Bermuda high is finite and has an edge which was right over Key West. Master said Irma caught the edge. And turned north for ten days computer based forecast models and struggled. Where follow hi I was going to push arm up around. And when it was going to stop said Peter seuss soonest director of media around the ad AIR worldwide. I'd never launched a forecast more carefully than Irma I was very surprised not by now one model was going back and forth but how all. The models were going back and forth in the end. Colonel landed on the Florida Keys as a category four hurricane with 130 mile per hour winds. Then as a category three and Marco Island. It reached the Tampa Bay Area as a category two. By contrast hurricane Andrew in 1992. Plowed into the east side of Florida as a category five. With Irma a little wobbles made a huge difference and chuck Watson a disaster model or with income resurgent Savannah Georgia. When they tightly wound storm like Andrew coming straight into the stayed eighth thirty mile wobble isn't gonna matter. But when it comes to damage her mom may bump Andrew Watson said. The company's most recent estimate 58 billion in Irma costs were Florida if that holds little top Andrews inflation adjusted. 47 point eight billion Kermode dinner and asked them an additional thirty billion dollars of damage across the Caribbean and Cuba. Although in Cuba may have done several million dollars worth of improvements. The price tag for hurricane Harvey which struck southeastern Texas August 25 could end up. Between 6575. Billion according to AIR worldwide. A veracity analytics risk modular based in Boston. The top spot at the moment held by 2000 five's Hurricane Katrina 160. Billion. And 2012 it's super storms and it's seventy point two billion. According to up a list compiled by the US national centers for environmental information. Those are modern storms. Simulations based on the path and power of some that rammed into the US. 100 or more years ago she showed they were far more disastrous or would be. If they arrived today. As I mentioned when the population is much more dance and there's far more and far more expensive property. To destroy. One hurricane that re the US East Coast in 1893 was so furiously impact could have added up to a trillion dollars. I haven't really happened in our modern economy Watson said adding it's only a matter of time. We have so much stuff and so much infrastructure. We've all the arguments about climate change aside. We are rapidly moving into that air where we're going to be seeing 15100. Billion dollar storms and I'll not be surprised. When we get to 300 billion. Now meter. Meteorologists are watching Harry hurricane Jose churn and a circle north of the Leeward Islands. Susana sent computer models are struggling to predict. Whether it will pass harmlessly out to see your strike Cape Cod at the end of Massachusetts Jose. Now won't give up the answer for more than a week. Meantime the a trail of destruction all along the Florida Keys where the high of Irma did hit. It's pretty bad down there now warning tourists and residents to stay away. The keys are not open for business. I said houses and mobile homes opera rooted when he and other infrastructure destroyed while an innumerable amount of votes. In the keys also suffered damage from the powerful winds and a tweet Monday morning a WM phone our reporters and it's hard to describe. The lower Florida Keys but it could best be described as a war zone. For most of the Florida Keys there's no fuel electricity running water or cell phone service. Hurricane Irma made its first landfall in Florida Sunday morning in the key is as a category four storm. In a white house press briefing yesterday afternoon Homeland Security advisor Tom Mossad sent recovery in the keys is gonna take a while. I would expect the keys are not fit for reentry for regular citizens. Apart before AM a number of weeks ago. Them that they're in recovery mode down there in that in South Florida. Marco Island and and Florida Keys and are going to be for some time meantime. The media always looking to advance the story. Now are working on the next reason for folks do I get all panicky. And terrified. Because all of. Not because of their return to Florida. Where there's no power and no. Air conditioning no air conditioning. Like people never lived in Florida when there was no AC 330 here on the Bobby Mac show and he's ready to go and a new senator. I'm right back on the other side here on the Tuesday. Day before a three day edition on 1063. WORD. And the Z is staying in the background 338. Balmy night show here on this set Tuesday afternoon you do a couple of shout outs. Here this afternoon I had to I'm sure is about a thousand miles over. And needing to you I have the oil changed in in the truck in the end which is what I'm pervert a month an issue be as a guest is Marlon trucked in and has talked. And so I took it down by Dempsey my friends Darrow and Nash Sheryl in the folks at tech Cobb tire. And over there by the university ridge. And Jessica. Is one in the end the knights and ladies that works there. And I had not met her before and Jerel is involved with the MPs that the head of the golf group. And I'd play and over it at pebble creek. And so we're we're talking and Jessica said down I've got to get a picture with you before you go. Because my dad lessons on time and I listened to send my my dad will be thrilled. That I met you and as a watches and analysts say hello to him. Ashes and his name is Greg Bagwell and SOK great so Greg. The had a very nice daughter she's very friendly very nicely. And down. So I'm happy to be able to. Learn your name and that you're out there in radio land. And and while I was talking let them. There was a black gentleman news in that he was brilliant and semi trucks from. And he was walking towards the door actually and and I started talking to a Jessica and Darrell and Shirley and a turnaround should real love Mac. And I Sunday yeah guilty as charged me was very nice introduce himself Brian. Is his name and it turns out that he knows one of the bobcats he knows any robards. From because he also is an actor and understand pretty good what. Was in non. Dot com sister act. It was a it was ripped is any back in the news center should not I think it was at center stage. And I believe that any. Ram lights. On for that chance O'Bryant had met her there. And not very nasty I enjoyed himself item Bryant as well I'd get a few shout outs out of the way. And one of the architectures and mentioned a no gas trying to get back from Florida. Al power outages all over the place as well. Bob one good thing about Irma at least there are no more dead branches in my trees they're now all in my yard. From my GM and easily PS duke power says may be power tonight but for sure. Tomorrow. There were a lot of places at around downtown. There around our our you do on money Kennedy had power there in. And easily. But you don't you don't have your Mike. We never lost power Arian and that's good. Where my house is situated were on the same greeted as the fire department all that strike you tell me now. So everyone around us is not. So everyone can have no power and our muscles to be eight happy collections and you know to go to my company's house to see the ball game. That's important as. Traffic jams as Floridians are allowed to return as heat wave of closes down. As a neo London daily mail's. Most Floridians are returning home today to face sweltering heat. Whether out air conditioning. They this is the next big panic. They're gonna Genoa all now we're all going to die temperatures set to enter in the nineties this week. Not its mid September. We're not talking about the fourth or July in Florida. How did. How to how to all those Indian tribe survive their went. The seminoles. Must just be an urban myth. It's a legend seminoles the national Leland that how could they have lived there through that heat and humidity of four. Give me a break. Pop up. At least eleven deaths in the US event connected to Herman at least 38 in the current. Also in on the attacks fine now Bob everyone sand out anti file. BLM code pink cat etc. can't be found. At these disaster areas because they must remove their masks. To be able to see how to whooped. Bonnie without evacuees staying gum all the extra gas taxes were getting and all of the beautiful new roads. I noticed. My baby doll brand and icon back from the beach just how nice and smooth. The roads are. Around Hugh leatherman county. Florence that are on there. Yeah. Especially at the Hugh leatherman interchange. And at nine I think that's. They Hugh leatherman interchange. I tell Brenda in up all the way camera shake up and they just drive me crazy. All of these interchanges. And now bridges and overpasses and Eric. Names for all these stupid politicians who never did any thing. Could we not name some of these places after some of our South Carolina military heroes. And made the ultimate sacrifice of these politicians can do their grubby work in Columbia did well. Can't do that. Now they don't name some after deputy sheriffs who lost their lives no liner didian. As chp. Troopers. But come on let Hugh leatherman interchange. All I can think I know what you know immediately when a lot of money penning. Don't want had a main tall way. Importantly such cuts. Know what a man and told away what all that beep wake up next. Ami and well I'd go back thing get up eat. Well out of dimes. Since first dot Kaman in my head. Al Bobby just past two and Kentucky power trucks driving south 125 through TR. To say this pictures of all the trucks lined up. Down afar now they're gonna have to go across 10 AME trail there that mean parkway. To get over to the west side. And and south as well. Bob how about the A holes tunnel. Actor nick initially that on the radio west doing now. Bob is there any possible way to get rid of McConnell tax cuts now being pushed in 2008 team thanks Ibaka span. And be right back when we come back Monday Night Football doubleheader had something we have not seen in thirty years. Say what that was and now game two of the doubleheader last night. And there was an inauspicious debut. I wanna be reporters in ninety Amos well all that and more is on the way next year on the Bobby Mack show on Tuesday. Well Motown from Steve a 352 and before four here on about him actually in on the tax line 71 threes or seventy. Bob there's still so many traffic lights out in Greeneville on 25 and nobody is stopping for them well police are not running reds. I think you usually do I got to opt a light turns green now I sit there for two or three seconds. Just waiting you know for somebody zipping through because they see Iran lightly step on the gas into the bright. Now mr. McClain now Buick and this is the guy that text and he shoots you adamant couple of these. Mr. McGuire and I heard you're speaking of a section of highway named after me. I will ensure it remains well paved shared you have the opportunity to drive on it. Just make sure you bring enough money for tolls. The truth yeah that's next. As signed sincerely H weathermen. A plot against such health care plan. I bubbly I can just see it now they Todd a coal have interchange a man of war honoring crooked politicians. Why not serial killer's true. And Bob you love the blading a blazing saddles quotes Josh the issue one guy in Brevard North Carolina great eye strain. Thank him gosh. Bob my grandmother lives in Florida one year they lost power for several days due to a storm she was out of town at the time on when she returned her house was full of mold. From all of the moisture with no air conditioning help circulate the air don't let the London Daily Mail. Know about that that'll be there next concert panicked people dying from mom mold inhalation. Think that catches me up when that meantime there was a first last night ESPN. Kicking up there Monday Night Football season. With a double header the second game the play by play announcer was bath mullets. The first woman to call an NFL regular season game since 1987. Rookie color commentator Rex Ryan former coach. For the jets in the bills along in the broadcast the game went to. That it did have a dramatic conclusion here is back and relaxed on Monday Night Football. It's fourth down with five seconds to go and here comes. Wait. The South Korea. Came to the United States and started kicking me in the sixth grade. At a time out and it's good but they know it won't be. Coaches want to believe with the win. Hundreds of 44 that's what they want there was. Some unique. I guess should say here you woman. Doing a play by play broadcaster was a caller on. I'll Limbaugh show. Earlier this afternoon said dad that the guy said his wife. Walk through and and the other game on issues that is that is not a girl. Do in the play by play. Sexist remark course you know referred to a grown woman and girl was going on now and and he said yeah. And she said that's really weird Addis that is strange. She can't OK except that. I guess you know I shoots fired up. To them to be doing that game she kind of shouted her way through the game but ballots. Nit picky. Cheap she certainly. Did a good job as far as a play by play itself was converging knew all the players known arrest. Can't say as much unfortunately for the debut of ESPN's newest Monday Night Football sideline reporter. Sergio dip. 29 year old mainly appears on ESPN despotic dais. In Espanol. He got off to an inauspicious start ears is a first cut in from the sideline when they went to surge. Bad folks it's a pleasure to be good you guys here on. Both men. Don't. You watch him now on the screen. This diversity in his background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. Act today. I Sergio thanks a lot. At people tweeting what in the world just happened some guy named Sergio dipped. Appeared on the screen and uttered some words not all of which may cents. Ash on you rule tweed and waiting for the next sideline report from Sergio dip. Mention that I sit there with a big box of popcorn. I Shawn zobel. Tweeting who is Sergio dipped and who gave him permission it's gotten national television. And that is so. And he. It was it was cringe worthy. And best but he he now has an explanation. Now for Wyatt was a somewhat cringe worthy will share his explanation. From via a New York pops with him. Sergio certainly assured himself of his contract renewal when ESPN because he managed to get the word diversity. Into it's important import an NFL game. I EI EI take a break for the news and then our number two is on the way next here on the balmy night show appropriately on twos. Day. So you an idea there.