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Friday, August 18th

Hate groups; Eclpise; Removing monuments


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All right we got to a TPS reports appointed by any word on the town and Spartanburg the weekend. Now begins. As getting kicked off fairway lover Bo Ryan. They've been working toward. Everybody's been working for the weekend some will actually be working through the weekend. Thanks to all of you for joining me this afternoon it is our big wrap up. It is of course our word on the town in Spartanburg event we're here at the world famous beacon drive and today's broadcast powered by our friends at US auto great to have you along. And it is a Friday free for all which means whatever you wanna talk about is fair game for today. Here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. Just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage talk line number. It's a toll free call for a anywhere yours. 803471063. If you wanna send me a text just use the common sense retirement planning text line. 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WORD nine count me out a bunch aghast. Thanks to all of our guests or staff and by Steve Duncan from here at the beacon sheriff chuck Wright quotes from chamber. Share and I Charlie and naslund from the Spartanburg is professionals. I don't want to ignore the collars this afternoon since it is a free for all summit began in Boiling Springs. With job. And I'm sorry we're John in great court. Hi John welcome to the body Mac show. Everybody just before you whip for the invasion at a commercial from apparently one of Europe got clients. It was no bullying. And there was one critical ingredient that was absent in Matt it was self defense. This is just yeah that's if they did it did it capacity states exited village great pain in the integration thing. If by end of the Williams what what what is this world and well I think that there will be debuted if you know if your polling you know just go up here but yes or you know hopefully joke. You know it. It's it's fascinating but in that whole equation. Of a bullying bully and victim. It has been my experience. Through life. That most of the people who are responsible for bullying are at heart cowards. And if in fact they're challenged than their cowardice is exposed and I backed down. They affect Malia were bloody nose is that it. Itself and ever watched a lot you know and. I occasionally can be a deterrent then thanks John operations that target at year ten minutes after five as we go do that Tony. Who joins us this afternoon from the big truck. Hello Tony how are you bud. There aren't really let you know it didn't bug thing is that it's well below. Exelon tanks. But then about it that they didn't weren't we haven't got that they are not pleased at all and that part. They haven't played indeed god it's serious bit of wind blown out by Adam and you. They've put together then maybe it took its paid by the same people that what do you know enough. You know it's funny you mention that because I. I've shared the last couple days and add to remain in Los Angeles public relations firm. Advertising. Four for people to take part in these kinds of demonstrations and who's to say. They weren't hiring for both sides of me look at this guy has supposedly was ahead in this. Neo Nazi group and it turns out he used to be part of Occupy Wall Street so what this guy did eight philosophic 180. Cotton and went from Occupy Wall Street and of being neo Nazi. That once that was hard to wrap your head around. They didn't Craigslist. List. Oh yeah. The protesters. That they felt the pain they've got a big break in the draw. It green. Well. I don't know it was brilliant. It's that he. Didn't do so this is back in Britain and it. Well not only that there was a story the other day they get very little attention I mentioned it kind of in passing. Hillary Clinton's. Campaign fund left over from her presidential run. Which obviously didn't turn out and she went she gave 800000. Dollars. To apply to these. When these leftist affiliated groups. The kind that does Soros is going to be like organizing for America and a bunch of those so it's not only Soros is a lot of other money out there coming to them as well. You know buying I don't know did you pick up Hillary. Say okay well it would call me it wouldn't bitter beer they have always thought that the blacks. Again it's billion dollars. To bring him down and all the above the. You know well and it's part and parcel of the whole cultural marxists. And Whitney they're gonna there they want to get. Not Christian against non Christian they want to pit rich against four they want to pit. Black against white and none of that stuff of course is productive in 21 century American may be for them but it's certainly not for us. If they ever remembered. What can we just all get along that path. Well said bank account of the have a good weekend thanks for dropping by today thirteen after five here on AM body Mac show. Let me see if I connect catch up with a text line the way. A gentleman who is. Designated day poet laureate of the bombing Mac jail Allen are from Spartanburg is right here with me this afternoon. He came by the sale of so I'll have a face to put with the out with the poetry and he passed along another when you know Maxine Waters has been talking about. And running a presidential campaign. But couldn't believe it or not. So Alan I contributed a another wherever it. About done Maxine Waters running for president. To bed she was getting. When Max seems campaign signs unfurled. The charge plagiarism. Was hurled. Do you think Jesse spine with your using his line I'm waters and this is my world. Well doc you know we know that Joseph Biden. Was a world famous boisterous. Almost get kicked channel law school. And then at Syracuse for plagiarizing somebody else's work so why should we be surprised at. Maxine Waters is in the same exit go. Quarter after five here on the Bob inaction take a quick break here and then work. Right back with more its word on the town in Spartanburg from the beacon. Powered by our friends at US auto be right back. Come back great to have you along. It's a Friday evening it's a high school football night for many weeks zero Y gets in my great food either before or after the game. In order go in Spartanburg that would be the world famous began. I am alive from there this afternoon we've been out here all day in Spartanburg. Kerry did her show this morning then vents from my ten until now and now I'm here to wrap things up and put the cap on it. Powered by our friends at US sought out great to see some Maine nice friends that we have here in Spartanburg and an opportunity to renew acquaintances and meet new friends as well. 21 after five here on the bunny match you know. In on the tax line Bob Wright on bullies are cowards point of fact they North Korean fat boy cringed and backed off. When president trump didn't back down to his threats to anyone after 5 o'clock let's go ahead and go back to the phones are beginning with any. He joins us from month to month high any and welcome to the show. Going throughout the lotion. Quote broke and doctors are doing so initially it created the universe it. Well thank you sir I don't forget this don't forget I'm right wing attack dog and mom who has a little loud mouth of the south. How old profile no political felt wonderful program will refute that but I haven't but I wrote your show. None of evolution period. Launch you kind thank yeah I appreciate that that's that's a very very nice compliment them. And they're promotion at Bellevue or better do well. Through through curled. That is a that's a responsibility we take really seriously at either case. I've never seen an environment where the news has been more twisted and skewed in one sided than it is right now so it's up to balance the equation. I'm junior on huge future you're so good label and I am never saying there's. Concord Bayern took barrel market may and June event. No you're right that Ian and the reason you never witnessed or and I haven't either. Now they 71 tomorrow is because we've never then in a situation like this before. How can it regret it. Like it can be corrected by not allowing these people even though they have many other instruments of power in their control. The media. Hollywood academia. If Europe can still be defeated because the vast majority of people in this country in my belief. Are not buying what they're selling. Well I'll look bad that's hold your book wrote. Heidi get congress shouldn't that do or golf. You know what if they don't they need to be booted and replaced by somebody who will. Wearing a bit soft they're so long term congress. Sangamo buckle four year. Well prepared there. You out I cannot agree more term limits is a a necessity in this country. The founders never intended for these guys to make it more cottage industry out being a professional politician forever. And I try and repeal it here are great but you're not long Q mortgage group. Now you can't you might wipe out the vestiges of it but look if you don't have history to learn from. On Iraq risk of repeating it. They've it's a dangerous it's a dangerous situation we find ourselves in at number we're not alone. You you are not alone and in wanting to stand in opposition to it there are many they they may outnumber us in volume but we outnumber them. In the total number of people were there are are just incensed about what's what's going on in this country. Always go pro darker. Like not that many. Near me good big dagger right. And yes tool of those moments. About Asia situation. Sure they they allowed to use it to a direction up. Attention to the same way you know when president trump as a candidate. Which campaigning and we do these huge rallies where they'd have 20000 people they broke through the south is on the ground. But. That is well. I'll lock Peugeot to whoever listen do relative term and and though goal work no more. Well Andy I really appreciate your support and not and you're listening to god bless you Sarah B have a good weekend. 25 after five here on the body might show let's go to Greenville next and bring in nine Jerry. Here on the Friday free for all hi Gerri welcome to the show. I. Before I get some serious someone. He'd been maybe it did the jets they've shadow. Burn shadow on Monday. For your show and you know I don't after the clip. Yet we are gonna have a a bunch of eclipse related. Barbara music dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd in total eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler and some does not thought about that. But then it occurred to me that Cat Stevens not converted to Islam a number of years ago and changed his name do. Most docile Mohammed or something like that so yeah he's out of the rotation now along with Bruce Springsteen. The girl. Well if you rent a Republican. State senator Rick. Why they will not. Get a bill. Could well lose our Republican primary. Yes on numerous occasions and or are you getting well I keep getting various answers and the main winners and well we just don't have the money to bring a lawsuit. Necessary to make that happen which it courses a pretty feeble excuse. We urge the public if they they do it this bill if the got to get it or not get that work either. Yeah exactly now with a all the rhinos and there are in Columbia. And shot there. About you have the good work. My pleasure thanks a lot Gerri appreciate that at all. Terry mentioned of course the eclipse coming up on Monday we've got a big event that's tied into the eclipse is well. Coming up on Monday. Out at the Greenville Pickens speedway. On Monday starting after well the gates will open at 10 o'clock in the morning animal run until four in the afternoon. For the solar eclipse viewing party. Perfect place to catch 100% totality. Live music food trucks beverages slides in play doubles. Zoom ball a balloon artists face painting a huge shame chance and the first 15100 people through the gate. Get a free pair of certified. Solar eclipse viewing glasses okay. And the admission prices are ten dollars for adults at tickets or around five dollars. And for children twelve and under. I'm parking is free and you are invited him and also have a bunch of teachers and one thing and the other if if you are not. Making a big deal out of eclipse where prepared for that as well all. If you're getting a little bit annoyed. And all the eclipse overkill. We put a little something together for you we're calling our solar eclipse. Cristiano. This Monday it's a total eclipse of the sun. We don't miss the literal star of the show all this weekend beats his son's spectacular eclipse pre show you see this on Iraq. Sunset and depending where you live in the US don't miss hundreds of total eclipse is by club house. On its own unique show of some blockage and to be on the lookout for the special guest. The unknown. A good place for the big block come on. Only can stay late into the evening judicial killings and just like Taylor Swift you're gonna wanna grab a piece of that moon. Photo ops available all weekend long Saturday. And so on. No glasses needed and it's free. This weekend's pre show them. Singer Adele won a 63 win not only have they. Total eclipse of the sun covered. We have the total eclipse ratio what's not to like. 529 here the bombing mansion and he's standing by the news center I'm right back on the other side from the world famous chicken and Spartanburg it's word on the town. Powered by our friends at US ought to be right back. And I welcome back 539 here in the bombing Mac show it's a Friday free for all the all skate as we like to refer to it. Anyone heard about all the yelling and the background. As big as we're here at the begin. In Spartanburg. Word on the town that's the way they order. Here you know as a sign says let's drink and let's eat drink and be merry step up and talk to share. And then Jerry shelty ordered them online and that's the way it goes. Okay. Here's how you join me being part of the conversation this afternoon. 803471063. Is that common sense retirement planning touched the line number to the phones we go outlets and online the next and bring in Phil. Here on the program on film and welcome. I'm ready for some flannel shirt weather but you had enough vision. You know what I I am not I am more of I was born in August of that maverick days tomorrow. So I'm I'm more acclimated to the heat but then again enough is enough. The path of earth but thank you I would watch on television and pentagon and it angered me to say these four EDS and ash fail trying to destroy. The confederate monument a plaque or something. But I don't have a problem if the majority of people want to move these two private property are also public property that you can't closure and change. History you can do away with a monument it is not gonna change history. This is ridiculous if they do it respectfully. And with him at all not don't think any of our local election law enforcement leadership sheriff's. It looks like it would allow this to happen like they moved swiftly and stopped and and I hope you can guys can prepare. Rusty if somebody did have a slip or lose no mind and let this happen I can guarantee you. But at least salad bowl cnet's own side road after next election. I wonder if these people are aware of the fact Phil then they're gonna have to change the name of their city you know mr. Ashe. After whom Asheville is is named. He was a plantation don't. Phone a moment or an extra room. If if they at least. Racist groups on the left and they aren't. Whether black cloud matter black plan what do you column when they hadn't been easy. The terrorist. Their hair teeth and all the rest yup that's absolutely. It's funny it's funny discovered that colonel Sanders let me hence why they don't stopping and fried chicken. Yeah somehow I doubt it. There might say listen if there lay off a monument to slightly don't strike out trounced Colombia. I'm thanking various. There is the airlines here at least we got it may come out public property. I mean you can't have it both ways if you monitor will go out on the bow and except you can have it both ways if you're on the way. Where you could but I. Don't know purchased or are. You now. It's it's a risky proposition. Thanks Phil I appreciate the call. I'm Joseph is on a cell phone he also wants document does business with statues and monuments and like I Joseph and welcome to the body Max you're. And property particular sycamore call. Any racial hurt Al Sharpton. Expressions some of his desires to just statues recruit. Boy might not really I really don't apple. He doesn't want his taxpayers is taxes do all the right at the various taxes does. You could look at it well apparently not for the last several years anyway. Although we still got invited the White House a lot for if I had a big bill from the IRS. My bad I am sorry that that's Tibetan. Some artist certainly if you Portugal your newscast minute ago many times. This trial try to distance themselves they can deal on the white supremacists were these holes. I think that's stupid. Yeah because no matter what he says they're going to twist either what he actually said into something they think he said. Or. They're going to just lie. Outright lie as the media has done. In numerous instances about what he dashed yesterday I read a quote I read a quote from the police chief in Charlottesville who said. We're almost word for word identically. Allowed president trumpet seven on Sunday that there would. Two sides in this and both of them were equally responsible for what happened. Can it be opening the other night that forty minutes and late show clips with young trial decades ago. Condemning that would do you can get north and how many terms there's a man have to say it's these idiots. Are they brain can't hurt like this after wrinkles that are hurt there's a problem with people. Well they have an agenda and their agenda right now is two totally. Demoralize. Trump supporters to try and demolish his presidency. They they overlook things like well for instance. We know that there's been anti semitism against the Jews in Florida at tomorrow blog no golf club the president trump. Owns now when he bought it he opened it up to people of the Jewish persuasion. He opened it up to African Americans he even has the same sex couple. There are members of the moral auto club so if this guy is is a racist and sexist and all the rest. I eat he has a funny way of going about showing. Quickly quickly thermal industry say it drops the ones in the streets beaten people the baseball bat there I want as you don't wanna that would suggest. That's clearly not I'm about sick debit. Especially when that side is being paid to do it. Thanks a lot for the colleges and appreciate it by 45 here in the body matchup quickly and on the tax line this afternoon. Connie Mack. Happy early birthday thanks for what you do from James senior managing appreciate that. Hey Bobby Mack Monday be sure to play by blinded by the light by the man for man earth band. Bobby happy early birthday I just turned 31 goal of the show I'm always encouraging friends and family to tune in from Patrick. Thank you can appreciate that very much. Bob so here I am driving down dysfunction junction Carter on 85 pastel on road. My in my own business listening to the radio when someone talks about. Grading Taylor swift's moon and I spit my coffee all over the dashboard thanks a lot not. My pleasure we're here to help 54614. Before six year old above they match you know it's word on the town we're in Spartanburg. They're lined up to talk to Jerry. Eat drink and be married. Here at the world famous beach it. You do and welcome back 5519. Before six here in the bombing Mac show. We are alive and the world famous beach and it's our word on the town broadcast. Powered by a forensic US on now back to the phones we don't just a moment here first of all in on the tax line hey Bob. We were looking at the sun today through hydrogen alpha filter. At the Daniel observatory at roper mountain. The sun was spectacular with several large spots and solar prominence is its get ready for us signed brag. I Romney planetarium and observatory. You think he's going to be busy over the course of the next several days. Man Bob these solar eclipse declares God's glory. The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun and the sun is 400 times farther away from the sun the mayor of it is no accident the moon isn't exactly the right location for an eclipse to occur most people are not aware of this thank you appreciate them. Another would simply says happy birthday thank you another one of those things. Bob what is and cheapest stand for anti fascist. Which is ironic since they themselves. Don't even recognize that day. Other fascists. Fascism being a product of left outline Hitler's national Socialist Party. Happy birthday Bob hey I appreciate what you do for America thank you. Let's go to the phones and beginning with sandy who is and Simpson grill high standing and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Everybody happy birthday and thank your arm card longtime partner. Appreciate that I don't I don't have I don't have a cow bell with me here to begin. And it's on the other side of the studio for money penny so I just assumed that we run the Nobel laureate. All right no problem. I'm talking about and he yes. I read about and I hear that they are you know and market and dot. But I'd say Erica filming again. They're right or how is that working in what can we do you a community to make sure that we don't have an uprising have them here and the update. There's not much can be done to keep them from actually getting a demonstration going all Filipinos in Charlottesville. Other people that Headley permit to demonstrate. Were they the group that was protesting against the removal of the statue of general re the anti people did not have a permit they were only there of course. Trying to stir up trouble essentially and she. Is a AM. I don't latest incarnation. A group there's a Fella who was writing a book about and chief and he Warren. That dunk the web's current crusade is not an in which is knocking down some statues and pointed out that essentially. And chief is the resurgence. Of the old demonstrators from now late sixties and early seventies that were demonstrating against the Vietnam War. They are people that were in Occupy Wall Street are people that are DL him and he out they are essentially fringe groups rule. Spinning themselves. The same people that were in the anti war movement during the bush years also. Howard and I didn't keep coming and did you know counter protests everyone what the police doing that you know just vs them or hurt you know. He makes the have a permit that day. And an excellent question they should be if they wanna encounter demonstrate. They should have a permit or they should be arrested locked up and carted away to the graybar hotel. That that you have a police chief of police in nine New York City are actually the police commissioner. Commented on this after that what happened in Charlottesville on Monday and set an opposite happened in New York City these two groups what would have been kept. Among all the partners in no way we would have allowed them. To interact the way we didn't that's like porn gasoline on a flier and he was exactly right. I agree. Definitely look antibody for your time I really appreciated everything that you thank you. Sandy thank you very much thanks for being a first time caller and feel free to return at any point. Scott is in Greeneville he has Nextel appear on the bobbing Mac show I sky. Got you there. Yeah it. Yup yup you got your time Ike did it hurt them. Let him. Back story. The order. And it equipment epic and it. There and Ian Kerner when something about the amount. And a look at it finely acted. Basically by that. I say or do enter it in equity. And impact immediately eliminated. It. Is true in the edit it out and well. Doing what they're doing now. That apple quietly in our community. Yeah. And that that question I honey let me answer in order because I'm I'm quickly running out of time. You're not trump were to be removed and I don't see any way frankly that that can happen because he hasn't Kim committed any impeachable offenses. He would be replaced by vice president my hands the vice presidency would then go to the speaker of the house that is full riot. What we need to do is keep the pressure on the east folks on the web to know that there are not gonna get away with a all the stuff. With impunity. Got to take a break the news here at the top of the hour right back with a bonus hour here on Friday from the world famous beacon. What word on the town on WORD.