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Monday, June 19th

Immigration; Court rulings; Amazing true facts


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And I like your attitude well no wonder I am after all the attack dog on the or. LA go go away we're. Fourth and final hourly body Mac electric radio program and as all the way is your input. Is invited encouraged and welcome Mears tell you join me. And be a part of the conversation this afternoon Ingles advantage stock line number told free from anywhere is 803471063. If you prefer to send me a text message. I just use the common sense retirement planning text align number sent anyone to reasoner a seven. And my email address Bob at 1063. W a RD dash down in on the tax on Bob I never thought I'd oppose legislation. Expanding. Legal carry. And I say no add to those in not congress who suddenly care about they Second Amendment for themselves what I'm take the same risks. They subjects and DC have to lay bare to criminal predators by the unconstitutional. Tyrannical. Draconian drug on began restrictive lost that how close gun restriction laws working out in Chicago went away. I just hit the 300 murderer mark over the Father's Day weekend. Now Bob Bernie supporter fires fifty shots at 22 people wounds forward none fatally. Guess so socialist don't have very good marks. Manned ship in ARX. Yeah Sunni did there money thing like that add to the phones we go. Up harming animals sinus activity Acton up here again. To the phones we go beginning in a Simpson bill and with Sam hello Sam and welcome to the Bobby Mack Monday manic extravagant. I know there are able this limo car about the first salon and I really weren't big time could go to the first day I heard about Otto. Yeah that's terrible that's and I bet. This terrible but anyway don't call on the they have a budget that about that. You're really the New York Times. Yeah me on the op on the M I'll the end or not not not go to pet editorial writer for the for the times BL. OK I didn't look at it this story I'm fed up went in had been I would probably I a couple of years. Kudos regulatory collar is what's really happening you know like Lorena Serb. American Democrats by the block ride and it it it's getting old. And it is that it wasn't hurt the people that migrate here to do something great for the country we wouldn't be the greatest country in the world. Is this is a liberal liberals failed to grasp. Conservatives are not opposed to legal. Immigration. Unless you're native American. On all of us at some point in time came here from someplace else. And you're regulated. If you get it you get people while many can even describe what people you want out. Armed cocaine and the only be left with people that hole. One everything into the ground because all of do show right. Well there's a there's a fair question that you raised their staff and and well thought out and this guy wants to deport. American citizens. In favor of immigrants anything's that's ideological. Position to take. Wins with which ethnic group because a laughter courses all concerned with the other various grievance. Groups. And losing in a start where there is it isn't gonna start with Snow White. Christian males there is in a start with the Germans needed right Italians. Polish people. Where where does and what does he expect we will do whatever outlet person and how it works and at which point does he expect to begin. Isn't his deportation. Well in Vinod like. Than the amount from that school right now and most of my classmates are Saudi. I unknown point 5% amid parity out however. You know multimillionaire colleague. I think the most together just because education not that good over there to Libya and then to the dedication they go home up like a lot of public people immigrating to Medicare. It's it's and I got a bigger and bigger reader not all. The guaranteed the the arguments. For. I don't know where you began. I try yeah trying to defend the position of hoarding. Often think of America and its bid out and bringing in more immigrants adjust it just shows. Another perfect example of the L lunacy in the left thank you salmon I got like two union med schools and is. George is on this afternoon he has an alignment hello Georgia and welcome to the program. Don't want got a couple of questions for you probably share. What is this at first on the law which cart chase look what what is the latest on that. And not the other BMO rescued from as far as you're changing. It to them mastermind knowledge. They're they're going to be bringing that back up again. What the timeframe as. Four then next. We go excursion there I'd I have not seen. One maybe Patrick back in the new center can update me but I have not seen. A yet a scheduled date yet for the annexed. Court room extravaganza. Okay M. Lafley. I want your honest you're honest opinion those are the only ones ideals. Okay and then that would that civilian or blue. I have some from the do you think justice was served. In Minnesota. Were the Christie location. For the young man what he concealed weapon permit. Almost total turn permit identification. Ian. Rihanna right there when the whistle stop he had a he had made a broken taillight is our right. Believe it or yeah right you know I wish I could give you a yes or no answers to whether Ed to your question was justice served. Sadly I do not know enough about the details of that case to be able to say one way or the other. It MLB felt OK with you you haven't you haven't seen any trying on. That's just just thought nothing on the case or. Well I'm I know that does the officer was cleared by a jury and then the was in Minneapolis or Saint Paul cop shop. I think was in Minneapolis wasn't. We are out. The other police department there are fire which I think was probably a proper action in all there are individuals within I'm sure all police department says there are within. All businesses. Across a spectrum. On who are ill suited for the task and apparently on that individual was one. OK you know that's that's a fair assessment. Pesticide that young men had diluted slot. Yeah I would agree with that I certainly would agree that it's it's a tragedy whenever anybody does especially. Now over something as soon miniscule us as having a broken tail. Europe Europe and my pleasure thank you George I appreciate and the cult quarter after six here on the Bonnie match or take a quick break here. There was a ruling by the Supreme Court and I mentioned earlier today about the Washington Redskins. And their trademark. But. This is this a small potatoes for went to court still has had and this is done here when we started yet. On the court handing down their judgments on various things are getting a little preview of what else is still to count. When we come right back here on the body Mac show on Monday. Hot blooded. Jack and NC. I actually in the otherwise. Cold blooded. Sub normal temperature in. Every telling over fiscally down in different. Different nursed. Earlier temperatures burial are yet IBM while the financed and saying nick is not everybody's 98 point six. Not at all anyone after six here the embodiment show night in on the tax on Bob wins the next vote on constitutional. Kerry. For South Carolina Weller will not be in this session of the legislature. Have to be an announcement is any all they're doing when they come back is. A final approval of the budget I guess there's name on am one or two other items on the agenda. Bob I have no problem with immigration they just need don't leave what they left behind where they came from. That's why America used to be referred to as any other great melting pot. You know parents she is to stress that even if they didn't matter what they weren't their German Italian Irish whatever. If they spoke they're native language at home though of the parents and sister than they learn English because that would give them a leg up. In being able to take advantage of the opportunities are. Freedom and success that we find in America. Meantime in Washington I mentioned be a trademark case. That does involve day out. Some rap group a bunch of Asian guys who call themselves so Lance. They ended up getting sued and went on before and AM Federal Trade Commission whoever it is and decides about down trademarks. They they wanted to do a take their trade him to ban them. I'm from using that trademark Washington Redskins were involved in that because of course the same kind of deal and all them with their trademark. A they've been prevented from using it by this. Government branch rather Supreme Court sent an agent now you can't do that. Other more cases to come seventeen cases from this year Supreme Court term are still pending. Where the decisions expected in the next eight days. On the agenda religious liberty. They constitutional rights of illegals. And free speech rights to express messages some people find offensive. Are several of the high profile issues raised in May remaining cases and any more any thing you're saying. Is it some people are gonna find offensive as if you have a constitutional right to not be offended. Some notable cases include Jennings vs Rodriguez. The Supreme Court is considering whether the Fifth Amendment. Due process clause entitles aliens being held in federal facilities to a bond hearing. Such that if they post bond they could be released into the US civilian population. Justices asked hard questions of both sides during oracle oral arguments in November. In session's vs demy yacht. Another case involving illegal aliens a court will decide. Whether a key provision. In the immigration and nationality act INA. Governing the deportation of certain aliens is so vain. That it violates the due process clause will look. Dear here's an illegal. How can you have constitutional rights to begin with. He queried. Ian we vs tam. They justices will decide whether the provision of federal law that authorizes. Denying trademark protection because of contents. Some consider disparaging violates a First Amendment this is a one that. They decision came down on today. The federal circuit invalidated the restriction. Which has direct application W Washington Redskins. And billboards and express views critical of militant Islam they nauert going to be good to go as well. In ziglar vs a bossy the High Court will determine. Whether a point have. Can directly sue individual FBI agents for detaining illegal aliens after the 9/11 attacks. And Hernandez vs Mason Unck the court will decide whether Fourth Amendment I'm on protections. Apply to a cross border shooting. Involving US agents on the American side and a Mexican across the border where they Mexican died. And his family is suing the American agents. Gearing oral argument the justices focused heavily. On the foreign affairs aspect of this situation and whether the US State Department should be in the lead. Rather than courts. Packing him vs North Carolina. They justices will consider whether registered sex offenders can be banned from social network platforms like FaceBook. Given the number of children they offender can have contact with. Hasn't there been a decision on that fun I saw something on that today. That said. Yeah that that said that North Carolina could not. Ban. Registered sex offenders from social media. Okay fine in Merv vs Wisconsin. The Supreme Court coaches that are aspects of wind government so completely regulates a piece of property that the land becomes unusable by the owner. Such that this triggers the fifth amendment's takings clause requiring the government to pay the owner. The question here is how much on the land the government must compensate the owner for. Believe vs the United States say illegal alien allowed to stay permanently in the US. Pleaded guilty to a nonviolent drug crime involving Ecstasy. Not knowing. But this plea deal would automatically result and his deportation. The case is about whether his rejecting the deal was irrational. Such that it was ineffective counsel over his lawyer you failed to explain the deportation consequences of the deal. Are maybe the individual. Too stupid to understand and in any event judge Alice bad shoulder of a sixth circuit. Wrote for her appeals court. That his rejection was rational however after explaining that binding precedent. Required her to do so she flagged several problematic aspects of these precedents so persuasively. That they Supreme Court decided to reconsider. Trenton mile third church vs calmer. The Supreme Court is considering whether Blaine amendments. Those are ones that forbids state funds from going to providers of public service programs only when those providers have a religious mission. Violates the First Amendment free exercise cost and may fourteenth amendment equal protection cause. In Bristol-Myers Squibb vs superior court in San Francisco County. The justices are exploring how far the fourteenth amendment permits state courts to have jurisdiction. Over out of state businesses. Justices currently scheduled to hand down all remaining decisions on the next two Monday's today in June 26 and I mentioned previously. The two they ruled on today. However they Thursday and between. June 22 is often converted into another. Daily session for handing down decisions if there are still undecided cases after June 26. The court could also announced one final session. Waiter this week one uncommon wild card in play this year is that for most of the term there was a vacant seat. On the Supreme Court now the justice needled gore search has been confirmed to the seat formerly held by the iconic. Justice Antonin Scalia. Cases that were originally 44 ties. Might be rescheduled for a new hearing next year. With gore six. Being the tie breaking vote. Okay so there you go there's your Supreme Court primer on what happened today and what's expected to happen. Over the course of the next week or ten days or so. Six Tony nine here on the Bobby Mack show when we come back on the other side of the news. Today is all amazing. True facts. Sports edition. Be right back. Up. Jesus'. Just all right where may Doobie Brothers. 63822. Before seven here in the body Mac show last after the bonus hour for this Monday Monday can't trust that day edition. As promised here we go our Gerri good voice making a scene again today. Mom mode play. Present. Gary AS sports edition of amazing true facts today Forbes. Magazine. As early Sarah annual list of the world's highest paid jocks. I would be athletes. A list that combines their salaries bonuses and endorsement though. Soccer's superstar. Cristiano Ronaldo is number one. 93. Million over the last year. LeBron James is in second. Closing the gap but 86 point two million. The rest of the top five are soccer star Lionel Messi. Eighty million. Tennis player Roger fat. And it's. 64 million and Kevin Durant. This year. I. Left the front so no wonder sixty point six mil. Top fives same as last year by the way here's a rest of the top fifteen and eight high. Between Indian and at Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. And pro golfer Rory McIlroy they both made fifty million. I number eight on the list F Kerry 47 point three mil Houston Rockets guard James Harden. 46 point six mil. Race car driver Lewis Hamilton 46 million. It's going to be Indy car's front. I'm like as an unnoticed non NASCAR right. Lewis Hamilton. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees 45 point three mil. Golfer Phil Mickelson left me. 43 point five million Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook 38 point six mil. Race car driver Sebastien in detail all 38 and a half million Portland trailblazers point guard. Damien a little heard debt. 38 point four million by the way foreign essentially full top 100 for what it's worth Dale Junior. Is number 100 he made 21 point four million. So 100 athletes made at least that much by the way one other. The NBA. Note. There's a a big trade today here's fox sports. Match no collar town know. For the second year wrote the 76ers will be the first team on the clock for Thursday's NBA draft. Philadelphia sending their third overall pick the Celtics and receiving the first overall pick. So that they can draft point guard mark health faults out of Washington 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo on what this means for the filly mandates. January alone last year. Ten and five gave everybody a taste of what success feels like it's been awhile. Hands I think. You know of that momentum is still carrying forward. The Celtics will also receive a first round pick from the 76ers for either of the 2018 or between nineteen NBA draft that depends on whether or not the lakers have a lottery pick next year Atlanta between number two and number five. Matt a volatile Fox News. You met and now my reaction to the NBA draft. Out by the way I'm mad texture and did confirm Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One. Driver. Not down to shaft. Speaking of big pay days in sports. To many people said it would never happen but it's happening. Boxer Floyd Mayweather junior and USC star honor McGregor. Will fight on August 26. Twelve round boxing match where it's ten ounce gloves. And they're holding it at the team mobile arena in where else. Vegas. They will fight at 154. Panels. Floyd of course as an undefeated record of 49 no Connors 21 and three as an MMA pro. So of the biggest stars in the history of the USC but he's never boxed. Before as an amateur or a professional. Connor is already trolling for Lloyd he tweeted photos of them side by side except he used a picture of Floyd's dead. And age jokes and Connors won eight and now Floyd Mayweather urgent care. Is Ford. And doesn't seem to via affecting the box office or potential. Box office there's no word on the payday but it could be the richest fight in boxing history. USC boss Dana White. Says he expects kind of pulled down a run a 100 million dollars. Likely that tough Floyd will make a lot more. Then conquer. And one other note from Naia. Amazing true facts sports world and that is that Tom Brady. Think CN NFL is going to be playing in China up time. That's that's the patriots quarterback Tom Brady spending Father's Day having a casual football toss but what he did this is a little different Brady playing catch. On top of the Great Wall of China as part of a business venture with under armour oversees the reigning Super Bowl MVP is now eager to get the NFL the play a game in China before he hangs up his cleats the NFL had originally slated the patriots to face the Seahawks in a pre season game in China back in 2007. But canceled the focus on regular season games in London that same year. The NFL's international series has so far complete games in London and Mexico City. Matt Apollo town Fox News. I go there's at today's amazing true facts sports edition okay. Quarter before seven here on the body Mac show last segment of the bonus hour here for Monday is on the way next be right back. And so way he would do it. Pictured golf ball up on big maroon tee. My surmise a tornado hit an off the area. Red tees. And as a black sometimes the only on the senior T happens to me at all and I music in on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bob one name. Conspicuously. Absent from the top ten paid athletes Tom Brady. We heard in the sound like that must be because he has given up money. So they patriots and yet to a quality players that exceeding the salary cap and also his wife on Michelle bunk in there pungent. Is super rich so I'm Liane need the money. Yeah she makes substantial. Bull work but he does an and. She doesn't have to worry about de blitzing linebackers. Which is nice as well. I saw this today and I was kind of surprised when I sides. And a little bit disappointed as well no Milwaukee County sheriff David Clark. He is a tough talking and tough on crime conservative Democrat has decided he is not. Going to accept a post with the Homeland Security he's rescinded his acceptance of that job. It was announced last month that he was taking a job as assistant secretary. In the homeland security office of public engagement. Is job really was going to be as a liaison between DHS and a local and state law enforcement agencies. I Clark's advisor Craig Jay Peterson said in a statement sheriff Clark. Is 100% committed. To the success of president dropped and believes his skills can be better utilized. To promote the president's agenda anymore aggressive role. Peterson and and last Tuesday sheriff Clark met with the president. And discussed other roles where they sheriff can be of greater assistants to the president and the country. The sheriff is reviewing options inside and outside of government. So Zack Clark who built a following among conservatives. I would as provocative social media present a vocal supporter of the trump campaign according to the post. He's been accused of plagiarism for his masters these seized at the Naval Postgraduate School all you mean like Joseph Biden. Did its Syracuse law school. She's. There is good news today from the on golden fleece department. Bureaucratic efficiency being Wladimir is. Seventeen years after the year 2000 bug came and went anybody remember a Y two K. Oh why kilo of giving me a little early computers are not programmed them wobbled. Well seventeen years on the federal government will finally stop. Preparing for. You can't make this stuff up. Sports fans. They trump administration announced last Thursday it would eliminate dozens of requirements. For federal agencies. Including an obvious you're ruled that requires them to continue providing updates on their preparedness. For a bug then afflicted some computers. And the turn of the century. As a another example the Pentagon will be freed from any requirement. That'd file a report. Every time a small business vendor is pay. A task that consumed some 12100 man hours every year so what is so every time we bought a 500 dollar hammer. Somebody had to fill on the paperwork toward every time we bought a toilet seat cover the cost a thousand dollars or whatever same thing. We're looking for stuff everyone agrees is a complete waste of time. Said former South Carolina fifth district congressman and now Office of Management and Budget director Mick mall rainy. Talking to reporters at the White House he'll likened the move to the government cleaning out our closets. Deregulation. A major ambition of president Donald Trump's agenda as one example. He signed more laws. Rolling back his predecessors regulations. Then they combined total. Of the three previous presidents since the process was established. By the 1999. Congressional review. Seven of the more than fifty paperwork requirements they White House eliminated on Thursday. Dealt with the Y two K bug according to a memo. Officials at the agency estimate that changes could save tens of thousands of man hours across a federal government you just know. Then every agency I don't care of its treasury. DOD. EPA. They got some guys huddled in a corner. And over the green. I shade on his head. Who is busy. Tracking and make sure. That all the government agencies other one is responsible for as prepared for Y two K. It. Assault Hornaday you've seen Amara. God bless unfortunately. I believe we're out of time. Well okay that's our show. In the words of mystical we'll. And Marines. Yeah. I'm vetoing. And I must be here and tell me. Yeah. And he I am hey goodbye. How did. And in the yeah. Yeah. I'm like okay.