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Friday, June 16th

Trump on Cuba; Russian investigation on Trump


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Yes as the tech's third just said moments I go. Like they've Friday. I 85 amaze him again. Multiple crashes. And back up. About par for the course. However many good news it is it is. Friday. And I answered which means of course time they all skates. The Friday free for all here on the Bonnie Mac show so the onus of responsibility. For the content of today's program. Fall squarely on your shoulders rather than on mine. As the host. It has a Friday free for all is where you can talk about whenever. You see you all on the importance. You feel like discussing. And it's very simple to do all you need do is grab your phone. Use the angles advantage talk line number they told free call from anyway errors. 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. That's fine as well. The common sense retirement planning text on line number 71 threes around seven my email address. Bob. And 1063. WORD dot com and of course. It's not alien not only US open golf weekend it is of course daddy is today. Frank she's gotta find this lady now I'm started the year at. And when the cool kids I am a very brown did right now my dad used to say opinions are like bonds everybody's got one million homes up. Our. Our. Predictions on who took on my dad. Drove me. Allowing your big daddy who's your daddy Boozer had a lot. The. Who's your daddy slow don't forget to add Dan this weekend I'll be having a nice Father's Day weekend planned. Here we go getting underway Donald Trump. Isn't bad but even on Father's Day weekend engineers and yet. And treated as the Rodney Dangerfield of presidency gets no respect. Whatsoever the president down and now Miami. Today. Essentially. Undoing. Much of what to Barack Hussein Obama. Did. In regards to the relationship between the United States. And over. Effective immediately. I am canceling. The last administration's. Completely. One sided deal with the Cuba. We will very strongly restrict American dollars flowing to the military. Security. And intelligence services. That are the core. Of the Castro regime. Our new policy begins. When strictly. Enforcing. US law. We will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime. Until all political prisoners are afraid. We will enforce the ban on tourism. We will enforce the embargo. We will take concrete step. Doing humor. That investment flowed directly to the people so they get open private businesses. And begin to build their country. Great great future a country of great but dead. We will keep in place this date guys. To prevent Cubans from risking their lives. Unlawful travel. In the United States. They are in such danger the way they have to come to this country. And we are going to be safeguarding. Those people. The previous administrations. Easing of restrictions on travel and trade does not. Help the Cuban. They only enrich the Cuban regime. Vice president Mike Pence sent introduced president trump before his now remarks enough. Miami today and got done big cheers. When he mentioned Leo rallying cry. Of the Cubans who escaped to freedom in America. Cuba Lieber a Castro. Not not so much. And I in on the attacks line 71307. As we get started. This afternoon. Above me are regarding the London high rise fire refrigerators don't explode. So how did the owner escape meth lab bomb factory arson actually. I did some while looking into that many of the fringes. Apparently the day years and he announced at having a metal cover. Over apartment have. Having plastic cover that can catch fire. And that may have been a contributing factor here they had a number of fires that have been caused by the fridge. That have killed half a dozen. Or so people renown in Great Britain. This year as Bob I hear correctly on the news and a good guy with the gun held those cop murderers in Tennessee for the police. Enough sand on a Second Amendment from yeah. Above the show today is great. Well thank you. From that initial judgment. We we certainly are. We're confident. Well we're hopeful. That down by the end of the show. Now you'll be sending me text saying there was true movie now it will not. Bob it's. Not now bobbitt's oh I'm chart now now bond. It's not our responsibility to entertain listeners it's yours and I'll start entertaining. I thought I RE wants well I was informed me the entertainment part comes a bit later. Al Bob happy Friday to you and your staff. Bobby Mack appreciate that. Fourteen minutes after three imagined even a Father's Day weekend. And Donald Trump gets treated like the Rodney Dangerfield of presidents at least from a media. The president taking to Twitter. To question why he. Was being investigated on route Shia. While Hillary Clinton was not a president of tweeting crooked H. Destroyed phones when I hammer. Bleached emails and had her husband meet with the attorney general days before she was cleared. And they talk about obstruction and they made up they phony collusion with the Russians story found zero proof. So now they go for obstruction of justice. On a phony story. Nice. And another with the M which odd phrase and and I've used repeatedly. You're witnessing the single greatest which aren't in American political history. Wed by some very bad and can inflicted. People. Now the walk slow reporting that a special counsel Robert Mueller. Was investigating Trump's for obstruction of justice for firing FBI director James cone I guess. He he never saw. Alan Dershowitz. The famed Harvard law professor. On now the other night on CNN. Schooling Anderson Cooper 180. Saying a lot there's no obstruction here. The president wants to fire the FBI director. Do directory the FBI serves at the pleasure of the president. Which means that he's no longer happy when this performance in the post. Out here. Which is precisely. What the president did. And now we learn that the oh so distinguished Robert Mueller who skirts are cleaner than caesar's wife. And who is now above reproach. Is piling on the Democrat lawyers on his staff he now has a full Baker's dozen. Of attorneys investigating want. It what a colossal. Mammoth. Waste. On you or dollars and mind. A phony investigation into collusion that never happened meantime. They continue to scratch around and see they can find some thing. To try and pin on Donald Trump. Because he is of course and illegitimate president. Hillary deserved it. And and an assistant crying shame that. Enough on disillusioned. Americans who didn't understand. What is really happening in America. Voted for Donald Trump let down their vote should be nullified they don't count when we come back on the other side. It is Donald Trump. Now playing against a stacked deck. Many things so Fred Barnes wrote a piece about this. And to other weekly standard. The right back here on the body Mac show. Friday free for all his off and Rawlings. Welcome back 22 after 3 o'clock and all of appealing Anderson and they act condition of congressman Steve escalation and to Capitol Hill policeman to the doctor and med star in Alexandria speaking right now about their condition so it's picked that up there. The Mets are trauma center he was in shock. My partners doctor Tony Shipley and doctor Christine tracked him saw him in the trauma center which the other doctors and nurses there. They treated him very quickly brought into the operating room where we performed surgery. In the operating room he was in critical condition. And received many units of transfused blood. For ongoing hemorrhage from multiple locations from he received. Truly amazing and it's easier care from doctor Erik's whole neck and doctor Scott Frank. Due to their great work we were able to get them through that procedure. And we then took him to do radiology suite where he underwent a bit and additional procedure by doctor art sharp climb to further control bleeding. From there we went to the intensive care units. Where he got additional care under the direction of doctor chat the other Los LA and he remains in the icu today. Yesterday doctor trying yemenite did an additional operation and doctor Robert Golden our director of orthopedic trauma. Did an operation to repair a broken bone in his leg. The congressman status remains critical. We are encouraged. By improvement in his condition over the last 36 hours. We have controlled the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilized. He will require additional operations to manage abdominal injuries and other bone injuries some. Predicting the length his hospital stay is difficult today. Presumably will be easier and some days when more time has passed and we have more information. After he leaves the hospital he will require a period of healing and of rehabilitation. On behalf of the Mets start trauma team I wanna think these special agents on the scene as well as the first responders. For everything that they did for those shooting victims. We are all well aware here at the Mets star Washington hospital center of all that those folks did to save these people. We hear salute their commitment their dedication and their skill. That is the chief physician who is handling the the medical procedures for congressman Steve Scully he also mentioned. Now they to Capitol Hill police officers who were wounded as well. It becomes pretty apparent in listening to what it had position on this team had to say. That the congressman suffered some pretty grievous. Injuries. The doctor described as a single gunshot wound with him and obviously it traversed into the body and and damaged. Numerous internal organs as well. From what he was saying it's apparent that congressman Scully says already undergone three or four surgeries and may have to have some more. I'm going forward that. And apparently he's in number and really enhanced with a smokes. Act up at the Mets are 26 after three here on the Bonnie Mac show Fred Barnes writing today at the weekly standard is the deck being stacked. Against president trump. It's beginning no look that way since a special counsel was appointed a few weeks ago to investigate possible ties between trump or any. Breathing body and his campaign last year and the Russians and the very least. They president will be on defense more months to come he'll be under scrutiny or attacked by special counsel Robert Mueller. Senate and house committees mobs of protesters and the EU leak media. All the while the sort of impeachment will be hanging over him. Although for wind. Defies imagination in theory. The appointment of Mahler a special counsel should be reassuring. That they probe will be fair objective and nonpartisan. Any jeers as FBI director and as a Justice Department official Mahler gained a reputation for honesty integrity and being a straight shooter. Funny thing money interject here that's what they used to say about Tony. His honesty his integrity and his history each year. But already there are troubling signs for openers the history of such councils formerly known as special prosecutors is not encouraging. Yet deputy attorney general run Rosen steam reacted to the first bit of pressure. Chiefly from Democrats and appointed Mahler and this without much evidence of any crime to justify it. The problem isn't special counsel's tend to expand their investigations beyond any underlying crime if there is one. And keep going until they find someone to indict. This is like Patrick FitzGerald did. During the second Bush Administration. Finally settling for a cleansing IE flimsy charge of perjury against Scooter Libby Vice President Dick Cheney chief of staff. FitzGerald. Declined to prosecute anyone for these supposed crime he was investigating. The outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Mueller is already broaden the scope of this investigation. To include whether trump attempted to obstruct justice in his dealings with then FBI director James calmly. Trumps a leading antagonist. Possible financial crimes by trump associates are also attempt to be examined according to weeks by officials. Mueller sterling character has eased concerns about the fact that he and Tony are longtime friends. But some of the investigators and advisors he's tired and had the opposite effect. Paul mayor and golf a Washington lawyer and contributor to the power line blog. What tenderly political backgrounds of some of them and found you left Winger. Donors to Hillary Clinton's campaign and a liar named. Jeannie Reid who provided legal services for the Clinton foundation. Re also donated 5400 dollars to Hillary's campaign packed. As bitter as the Clinton east is our about losing the election are rather having it stolen by the Russians. It seems unconscionable that Reid would be on a team that will decide. Whether to prosecute president trump at the end of the Russian interference election. Indeed it does in politics there's a saying that no politician can survive a frisk. The Mueller probe hasn't gotten to that point but it appears to be headed in that direction. On Capitol Hill Republicans of unleashed seemingly endless hearings about possible collusion. Between trump associates and Russians the FBI has been investigating this since last summer and found. No evidenced. But Democrats are convinced acts of collusion will be bound somewhere if they keep looking for them long enough. If Republicans balk bell be accused of a cover up. Nor does the media given up on the collusion narrative and all those media stories about Jared Kushner. The president's son in law the implication was he might be part of the plot. But what was cited as possible evidence or Kerschner contacts with the Russians after the election. A writer for the Washington Post. Defended the paper's coverage of trump as unbalanced unfair. It's trust fault the coverage is wall to wall he refuses to share the spotlight. But fair. The mainstream press with few exceptions has a long since abandoned any fairness toward trumped. There's even a new word for its anti trump posture there oppositional. Similar to Democrats and the left the impact of investigations hearing leaks and press corps eager for Trump's ouster is pretty clear. They make impeachment more likely. Trump is on defense and should be it's on the daily news agenda the Democrat basis clamoring for impeachment. Their party needs a pick up of 24 seats next year to gain control of the house and then take up impeachment. A gain of that size would be less than historic. Democrats won thirty seats in 2006. When folks were upset about the Iraq War and didn't like President Bush today their intensity as far greater. How will trump react to a deck increasingly stacked against him. His inclination is to counterpunch when attacked his base will probably stick with him the result. Won't be pretty. In other words. Get used to this gang we're gonna see a lot more of it between now in the mid term elections. 331 here in the body Mac show any standing by in the news center I'm right back on the other side. Here on the Friday free for all on WORG. An old. I'm Bob or Mac. Yeah that there. 34119. Before 4 o'clock here Friday free for all as Raleigh on summertime. Is here. Now planning on not traveling and now maybe take a vacation trip this summer you may want to scratch. New York City off your list. Unless you enjoy watching people. Urinate. And worse. In the streets and got some. Story from around the web conference believer in the New York Post. New Yorkers should prepare for re allowed smelly. Summer. As of huge day scofflaws. People who ignore the law. Scofflaws who commit certain quality of life violations. Including. Will get little more than a slap on the wrist. The changes the result of the city council's. Controversy all criminal justice reform act because don't you know. We're putting too many people in jail. A criminal justice reform act allows lawbreakers who been cited for the years and other. Or wool level offenses to face justice. In administrative hearings rather than in criminal court. Yeah heaven forbid the judges should have their docket overloaded. And not be able to head out on Long Island. For the weekend. Act critics charge the shift will undermine the broken windows theory of policing. That began in the city in the 1990 set theory maintain isn't cracking down on minor offenses prevents more serious products. It's DS. Fumed one high ranking police source they shouldn't be doing that it's just going to make crime go up. Advocates claim the new procedure will divert. 100000. Cases a year from the criminal justice system and prevent. Minor offenders from acquiring criminal records. Another source pointed out that many law breakers will be emboldened. Because they'll no longer have to appearing criminal court. Which might require or might require taking a day off work. Cuts in subsidies be able land jobs and again that. Now will simply have to appear and administrative hearing at a convenient location near the film. It's things like this that make it tough to do your job the source and so now we're gonna decriminalized. The things they're doing. So now they're just gonna do whatever they want. Under the old system a person might have thought twice about urinating. On an elevator. Because it only gets stuck with a record he set. Grandmothers and children have to get in the elevator every day and every day and smells like not you know and smells like. And it's gonna keep happening. Before the guy might have thought well I better not DNA elevator because I might get caught. And then get caught up in the system and now all. There's no fear of embarrassment or recrimination. Anyone on probation or parole. Caught violating the same laws will still receive a criminal summons. The same is true for anyone withdrew prior arrests. That's an invitation to so many lies and up. Going to offer once restrain myself but cops will not be able to write the criminal summons until they get a supervisors permission. Officers will also have to back off of repeat offenders and first. A person must racked up three syllables summonses. Before they get a criminal one for breaking a law a fourth time. Still officials insist the new tactic won't bring their much ballyhooed increases in crime to a halt. I don't believe it's going to affect crime and anyway said inspector Thomas staff and a press briefing. On the new police procedures. The Big Apple. Quarter before four. Are here in the embodiment show we go to the phones really first time today and the Friday free for all. Sparky. And ray. Are next. I'll see what they wanna discuss. Here on the hell's gate coming right up. Really cool idea I just send me on video along to amass money anyway and a link to an on our FaceBook page. I'll listen or Larry senate to remain at the world's tallest building in Dubai a Fella who is an eagle trainer. I'll launched an eagle with a camera on its back in oh and I guess ago camera. On its back and it it goes way way up in the air and that's our you can see it looking around. Trying to spot where is where its handler. Isn't an response and goes into a power dive. Until it. It is. It's pretty cool well I won't put that up on FaceBook. Al as promised to the phones we go Sparky is Nextel thanks for waiting sparked good to have you here. Are you all right and areas they Sparky woods up. And it I'd listen to albeit earlier in the week. And I act got called in instead it out. Yeah I heard were pretty out. The out. Free health care track here. Per per referenced earlier veterans Bryant was gonna was got a Obama's side no law. Oregon that office and as well that take effect in January of next year. And not just can't make markup or her car a year keep your track here at your very. Now I am not on I've heard some rumored stuff. This voter round on the Internet about tri care bent. I'm nothing specific. About that additional fees or penalties or any of that stuff. Until there were did you get into. It says I'm in Washington urging that gets the gun and it did agree and sign up our. Yeah but that's why I was early concern. I I I would have difficulty finding. Any common ground where Jeff Duncan and this would both sign off on SA thing that but now I'll certainly look into it. Yeah okay when they sent a director this ball. Or you are I want you neuter track you're you're hot for life. That's what you re desperate artery that aren't air yell and get ready for their lives not maybe. You know don't let your wander let me say you don't. May god I certainly well I'll I'll check in on in fact a before I go which is going to be on just just over a week. Other no I have not heard anything about them but I will look into. OK I try to contest going pompous sitting I can't I couldn't get there. Yeah I've got I'll send them an email and no man I'm Cheryl get a response back from their office. Did did I imagine eight a bill number or a name. For this suppose a piece of legislation. Yeah can weld a date they probably have heard something about this heard from other constituents about it so now running down a see what I can find out Torre okay. On my pleasure thank you Sparky and thank you for your service. Quickly you are rays who is in Lawrence Ella Rae and welcome to the Bobby Mack Friday free brawl. I have a hope you have a good afternoon. As far as. Previous that you're talking about what people on the streets of New York. My idea that is just give them a copy. Or a show about. A copy of the cool hand Luke. And the chain gangs began. Highway crews. And get them produce some useful work. I mean what what do they think New York his parents. Well like I lived in advance Jake Long enough and that's about what did it goes like it might look about a 150. Had to 200. They Lawrence walk in the streets of the city. Somebody has sent me a text message a couple of minutes ago rants and sounds like bill share you know enacts. And then it died when downtown it's seven years I lived around San Diego area went downtown one night. That was it. Yeah out not to. That does set aside your curiosity how. That's right I got my card for a I think we'll look. Yes. Well you still have a hubcaps. Yeah I imagine. Well anyway like call about is that shooting Wednesday. That sky it was supposed to be part of that group. That is it was. Talk it email and each other who knows whatever else my bout getting rid of all the senators on the at least the Republicans side. And why isn't that go under the law that if you know about IE. They have potential. Crying that you're part of that. You know a if you're aware of a conspiracy. Yeah and out and did nor is he out of. Rep around Dunlop and put them somewhere where they can't do anymore damage. You would think that certainly at the very least that these folks that they shared some. FaceBook group or whatever was that this fellow was a part of would receive area intensive look from on the Secret Service. Yeah up now that's done it as fact that there isn't a lot of ready should be that if you get caught with too many. I sit there or any other type. Contacts. That you're automatically broke the law. The united is that a subversive organizations. Am not and I wonder going forward. If if every member of congress is not gonna have some kind of security detail when I'm just if I hadn't been there for Steve's police. That would have been a massacre thank you ray I appreciate it all our number one has zipped on pastor of the body matchup when we come back an hour too with a Friday free for all. How's this for a quote. She threw her baby from the ninth floor. We're learning more about this. Great apartment fire in London and the more we learn. Now the worse it gets our number two is coming up.