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Thursday, May 18th

Government scandels; Russian ivestagating


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Yeah. I do thank you here we go cloudy Thursday afternoon now while Canada Mexico out and so on I guess as we get underway with the most. Heavily commuted part of anybody Mac electric radio program 5 o'clock follies. And there's always one thing remains the same Il or input. He has invited encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon. Just grab your phone news the Ingles advantage talk line number. It is eight whole free call from where ever on the planet you may be 80347. 1063. Texting is your preferred mode of communicating with me that's cool. That number and the common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WORG dot com don't forget bright and early tomorrow morning. Wanna come out and see Tara and do her show alive and she will be at the eggs up grill on Woodruff road. And it's. Breakfast. Our way of not paying tribute during our law enforcement week. Two on all of those who are responsible for keeping us safe from wherever they may be fire. Crime whatever. So that'll be 6 to 10 tomorrow morning. And now you can go by and and see Chara doing her program lions. And in person. Eggs up grill on Woodruff road coming up in this hour another opportunity for you to guess the movie. And when a family four pack of tickets actually have a couple of them. Oh yeah we have to family four packs of tickets to this weekend county line music fest and stand by for that coming up. In on the attacks line 71307. Bob they Republicans are working hand in hand with a dims by keeping this new cycle going there's collusion going on. But it's between the two stinking parties. Or as some would put it it's between it's a long. They you know part. And a ball altogether now. Now Bob in reference to your previous waiting caller from Greenwood about what can trump supporters. When started to do to show there behind the president how about a nationwide one week strike. And a giant march on Washington and we really need to help trump somehow. God bless thank you appreciate that. Not any area 54 right off. There's a reason we tell exit 54. Area. 54 in fact we were not are thinking about some music for area 54 as well. I do we need July 2 years. That when any talks about area 54 instead of the usual. I jingle traffic pad in there Bonnie so former CIA director John Brennan. As can testify about the supposed to link between Russia and the trump campaign is this the same guy who is a student radical in the 1960s. Ends up and CIA. I've also heard you say convert to islam's so he may have an ax to grind against trump. This is turning into a kangaroo court Boeing Boeing. There's a rumor that circulated pearl while. That Brennan who used to run not Covert ops. At Langley and then became DCI himself. A director central intelligence. Actually converted to Islam when he was. He was either station chief. Or he was attached to the gas station in them react Saudi Arabia. Bob we need some highway patrolman on Q Tony one out of Woodruff going towards I 26. People run and 75 and eighty miles an hour. That's up to speed limit there and I might think it's so substantially lower than that correct me if I'm wrong. Bob remember this guy. Ask sandy burglar. Out of Sandy Berger sorry for audience let. Sandy Berger was his name but Limbaugh start off Clinton sandy burglar and everybody picked it up the corrupt. Clinton crony national security advisor convicted for stealing top secret documents now that's a guy that went into national mark cuts. And stole top secret stuff out of AM out of the files and start getting his underwear something earnest Sox. And get away when. Al Bobby you're mentioning at the sad death of a sound guards frontman that follows Kurt Cobain. The front man for Stone Temple Pilots Scott Waylon and the front man for big country. Sad fact. Boy and his. I'm Bob regarding scandals in the past both parties have had point eight example Iran Contra. How long was that denied until it turned out yet. Secret arms sales to Iran. But that at least was in and not an effort to. Restrict the spread of not communism and Central America. And the lefties Democrats and in wanna do. Bob now that crooked comedy is gone let's revisit in Gaza you that email scandal that they say they lost. Emails they say they lost and how about some prosecutions. Bob if we're gonna talk about the scandals with the clintons in the back down in the past don't forget the cattle futures. Yeah Hillary invested what a thousand dollars and some cattle futures. And in not making a hundred grand or something like that. She said she didn't die following a Wall Street Journal. Back. Good news is hard to come by these days other truck administration has had some significant wins they get overlooked of course. In all the media hysteria over trump Russia Russia trump. On trumped only Komi trump. How about doing away with the trans Pacific partnership. That would have been a disaster. As if the American now manufacturing base has done already splintered enough. Getting out of course which. Named in the Supreme Court well on May eighteenth. That would be today Iran. These Social Security Administration SSA. Announced that it officially remove. These Social Security gun ban. From the federal code. What always talk about by a Social Security Administration banning guns. These Social Security gun ban allowed SSA to strip. Certain recipients of their Second Amendment Rights without due process. It did this by allowing Social Security to investigate beneficiaries. Who required help managing their finances and were subject to a broad mental health moniker. A moniker covered everything from treatable sometimes temporary issues like anxiety and depression. Two major issues such as schizophrenia. And bipolar disorder. In light of the breadth of a mental health moniker Duke University psychiatry and behavioral science professor Jeffrey Swanson. Observe that Barack Obama's Social Security gun ban targeted the vulnerable. Rather than the dangerous. You Washington Post quoted so Watson's explanation that the ban. Takes a way to gun rights of a large category of individuals without any evidence. But they pose a risk of harm to themselves or to others so group that was a vulnerable. Rather than dangerous was the target of the gun ban. And those whom they SSA singled out. Were liable to lose their Second Amendment Rights. Without due process. Good to know that that has gone I'm dead Jeffrey Swanson. Psychiatry and behavioral science professor at Duke University I bet he's a popular figure on that campus don't jail. Yeah. Is about as though welcome as across and a vampire convention quarter after five here on the bombing actually take a quick break here and then right back with more. Thursday edition rolls on here around 1063. WORD. Correct me is there. I knew that. Hearts in the background 521 here Bob Amax show enemy attacks line this afternoon 71 threes are seven Bani Mack our friend. Is on the fox specialist. Ted Nugent. Recording it. Watch and Elaine I I'm not wish I'd had known Ted Chris and who you there aren't. Are they better keep their hand on the outcome may mute button there and they got Ted Nugent on there. Bob remember we are talking about Donald Trump right there will be all right. I'm Bob are you come up with a toddler run grin music replacement yet I think we're gonna do is we're gonna sample. A few will will run if you let test runs for the next few weeks here and and see what you guys like we will have Todd run brand is now why he's on the bench. After his sack comments I know appeared Donald Trump fan don't candlelight concert. I don't know why he would be dis inviting. The majora. I mean this is trashing enemy small enough as it is I think what they had two hits. Hello it's me and bang the drum where you go from there. We do have the I guess the movie coming up in this hour somebody else. Trying to land get an early start on that Bobby is a movie caddy shack. You're just so. That now I can do it this is not a caddie shack South America. Bobby baby thinks the lakers are the shooters. Now Whalen an easily. I suspect there are people in Langley who are disenchanted. They have access to this stuff you know. A perfect opportunity. Now they listen and they I get something juicy or what they think can be used. Out of their own advantage. Do we get to the Washington Post or to a politician who mentioned the post our New York Times on and gather. Mommy why don't all conservatives boycott a liberal media advertisers a good question. And now the answer is I don't know. 'cause I'd. Do it right Bobby about area 54 when they X-Files they compete no kidding. Bobby the Republicans working hand in hand with the Democrats by keeping this news cycle going yeah I would agree with that. I think I'm caught up. Oh here's a suggestion use Fred bear. For reference guide thank you. A Bobby you may have mentioned this already but you know any details on what happened in DC yesterday with Turkish security and protesters essentially after India. And Turkish president met with the president trump for the White House he came back to the embassy and there were a bunch of demonstrators. Who were waiting for his arrival and now they clashed. With the out presidents past security detail good Turkish precedents. Security. DC police were there. And I think it was what a couple of arrests made none none of their of those arrested. Were they are members of the Turkish president's security detail because they have diplomatic community. Bump up. Don't think that catches us up I mentioned this editorial at the a Wall Street Journal today. Not entitled to special counsel mistake if he didn't have a chance to see this and it hit some interesting points Democrats and their media. Allies finally got their man. After weeks of political pressure deputy attorney general rob rose and stained blanked. Late yesterday and announced that he's named a special counsel to investigate. Russian attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election cannot depart for this for just a moment wears a special prosecutor. To what investigate Barack Obama. Ascending the guy that ran his presidential campaign over to get Israel to try and influence their election. For a prime minister. Is that about. Yeah I know rhetorical question. These expeditions rarely end well for anyone and Democrats are hoping this one will be double the trump administration for the next four years quote. My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted. Said mr. Rosen Steve which is nice but irrelevant. When the attorney general Jeff Sessions having recused himself from the Russia probe mr. Rosen stain appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller the third. Who will now have unlimited time and resources to investigate more or less any thing and anyone he wants. While the decision will provide some short term political relief not at least for mr. Rosen steam. And also opens up years of political risk to the trump administration. With no guarantee that the public will end up with any better understanding of what really happened. Valid point I mean we've already had investigations going on for ten months. There are true. Current investigation by house committees one in the senate and the other by the FBI. How many of these stupid committee's investigations do we need to fly and to date. Absolutely. No proof that anyone. Did any thing. Me on wall street journal editorial concludes the problem with special counsel's. As we've learned time and again. Is that they are by definition all but politically unaccountable. While technically. Mr. Rosen steam could fire mr. Mahler if he goes too far. The manner of his appointment on the subject he's investigating and make him dean factor though untouchable. Even if he becomes an abusive jab hurt by Patrick FitzGerald. During the George W bush administration and that surely guys. That's essentially bullet for. Went to Jeffrey really needs is a full accounting of how the Russians tried to influence the election and whether any Americans assisted them. That's fundamentally a counter intelligence investigation. And mr. Mueller will be under pressure to bring criminal indictments of some kind to justify his existence. He also no doubt bring on young attorneys. Who will savor the opportunity to make their reputation. On such a high profile investigation. And may I interject here as well you know one of the young attorneys on the Watergate Committee was. Democrats. A young female Yale Law School graduate. Hillary Rodham. Clinton. Who was fired. By her boss. Who said though that she had no understanding of the constitution. Mr. Mueller has experience in counterintelligence sent 72 years old has nothing to prove. I mean I have nothing to prove it seven Iowa does okay thank him and depend. But he's also a longtime Washington player close to the FBI news director was recently fired. And by the way we also know a a close friend. I'm James can only for the last 1415 years if not longer. And he is highly attuned to the political winds. As they say in Washington. Lawyer up. Saul Goodman. And get better calls all. At the number off all those both sides find him in Albuquerque. Finally Friday and take this job and shove under to replace restoration on to play just deplorable to start a weekend after. Bob here's a replacement for the top run grinch song. Check out deplorable. By Matt Wowwiki. Okay we checked and on as well well out. We'll sample a few over the course of the next few weeks and then promptly settled on one or the other. Coming up on 5:30 AME it is time for Randy to check in from the news center and I'm right back on the other side. Here on Thursday. Former Oakland California DJ. Cell master Stuart. It's the Iraq general name Sly Stone. And they family stone thank you for letting me be myself again. Who else can give me 530 a way to be that man yes they have a chance to be bad man show at 538 Tony to be for our sake share they embody matchup. And I guess you Idec categorize this one. In the out bureaucratic efficiency. Department house Republicans. Barely managed to pass their obamacare repeal bill earlier this mother may now face the possibility and haven't a vote I DN. On the health care measure. House speaker Paul Ryan has not yet sent the bill to the senate. Because there's a chance and parts and it may need to be re done. Mean depending on how the CBO the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects what are they waiting on now for. The CBO estimate and obamacare was so far off. If it was a moon mission they would landed on Puerto. Also leaders want to make sure the bill conforms with senate rules for re conciliation. A mechanism that allows senate Republicans to pass the bill when they simple majority. Honest repeat these guys can follow up 82 car funeral. Republicans and rush to vote on the health bills so that the senate can get a quick start on it. Even before the CBO had finished analyzing a series of last minute changes. CBO is expected to release an updated estimate next week. It is our rush you guys take your time when that estimate there. Unaware said representative Jeff Denham of California was notable surprise today when advised. That he's party leaders still and send the bill over to the senate. Denon was one of the house Republicans who voted for the measure after earlier in the week composing it. There's a Washington Indian man microcosm. I was against a bill before I voted for it. I'm on the equipped team and we have a lot of conversations but we've not had that one so on gonna look enjoy it. Said Denham you do that Jeff. Look into that. Back to a sound that will lay up. I CIA guy. And Bobby sitting on the tailgate listening to the Bobby Mack show not this new junk. I try to call country. That Tom T hall and ain't. Nor is it Johnny Cash. Bob I love WL RD and the Bobby Mack Joseph keep up the great work I promote their show on FaceBook constantly from JR in Tulsa thank you Jack appreciate that. Al Bob special counsel. Is merely 1984. Orwellian newest new speak for star chamber. I would agree. I would agree the other president had today at the White House you heard him talking and his reaction to up. Now they're trying to get people comfortable with hearing the word impeachment in connection with the president Trump's name. And it me or heard him say it simply. I think it's totally ridiculous everybody thinks so. There. M I chip the mainstream media. John McCain. And a ton of Democrats. President has called and a witch hunt says it divides the nation he's not happy. And a special counsel has been appointed. Speaking at a news conference with the Colombian president today to present once again said and look. There's nothing there. Believe me there's no collusion. Russia is fine but whether it's Russia or anybody else might total priority believe me is United States of America. And about down the appointment of Robert Mueller. To be the special counsel in the star chamber. I hate to see anything that divide us I'm fine with whatever people wanna do but we have to get back to running this country. Really really well. I'm meantime. Senator Lindsey Graham saw a camera and a microphone nearby the bottom line here is. The president made out of like this decision that was made. I questions about it Margaret you could have picked a better man to do the job and I think most people and that meeting. Are generally OK with the idea of the special care possible what they don't quite understand yet does that make this decision has really Linda what congress can do. And I don't know that that's such a. Think considering that congress is on a witch hunt. Now Bobby most of congress couldn't run anyone flavor ice cream stand. No kidding. And this a story today from my heat streak. In almost made bone heads in the news a reality we are had a bunch of don't have stories are just at this moment. Canadian man is arguing in court to retain his vanity license plate. Which says. Grabber. GR AB HE ER. And I he wants is a license vanity license plate reinstated for his vehicle. The Nova Scotia registrar. Of motor vehicles. After over 25 years of US. Now says his license plate is all offense yeah. Might remember only last month we challenge another Canadian man had his Star Trek themed license plate revoked. Four and offensive nests. Yeah. 'cause that was approved in reference to of the board and meantime. Lauren Graham verse polite went international after the license plate was banned. Following the week and a Donald Trump comment. During the 2016 presidential campaign when he shed in 2005. Speaking for grabber. Canada's justice center for constitutional freedoms are just the removal of the point eight violates his right to free expression. At least one person complained about it according to the Toronto sun one person. He's had a licensed 125 years one person complaints. One. Jack booted thug from the right. They court filings by grabber lawyers say his family name has a point of pride. Because of its Austrian German roots his adult son uses a similar. Personalized played in the Canadian state and Alberto anatomy problems. All. He told the court he first registered the name for a license plate number two decades ago as a gift for his late father's birthday. Grabber and his family were and remain deeply offended and humiliated by the cancellation of the point. And not only infringes on mr. Grammer is right to express himself through the plate. But discriminated against them. They Transportation Department in Nova Scotia. Says that while they understand the roots of his surname members of the public may not understanding it's context. And that's his bald. A surprise or not forcing him to change his name. Additionally they received a complaint for what a woman in October 2016. Describing the play as. Waited for ads. Misogynist. Nova Scotia is personalized plates first became available in 89 and allow the Canadian province. To refuse any names in deems offensive or socially unacceptable such as sellers are out racial insults. Yeah. Now the left they they believe in free speech as long as it's speech they agree went. 54614. Before six here on -- Bobby matchup take a quick break here contest is on the way stand by we'll give you a movie. To identify. Our Friday here we go. Array 40 liberal plan and a Lyle law land. Array of our holiday would. Time for you Q I give me another opportunity and a couple of chances storied a winner and he'll answer the calls myself aside money pays viewing. For the sake she would finances were dad than than me. Cheap entertainment cheap thrills are 5337. Before 6 o'clock as we on a roll on here. And that time once again for another Bobby Mack stimulus factor this time we give you an opportunity two guests the movie. And your opportunity to win a Stanley four pack of tickets actually have to welcome. And a chance to win a family four pack of tickets to this weekends county line music fest and Greenville Pickens speedway cued a festival. I gets under way tomorrow and acts like 789. Fall of an empire new mantra prowess generation acts. Kenny George van Tyler Hadley. Beat the means the tip and more. You can get done all the details. At. The web site county line music fest dot com tickets on sale online and at the gate all right. OK here we go the one we did previously Jonas got it easy got a winner right away on that when that when was out. How come silence of the lamps. Went there because it was so wheezing effort out. Scientists are only go if you are name. Here's the clip. You guessed the mood is trying to reply to kill like kill. That's not generate tough. 2414334. 2414334. The a contest like this that doesn't really sound that much like. Who it is. I Odom played one more time Shimon coli kills like kill K and Asia. That is the other clip from the movie money penny is up on the horn right now I'm an Iraq prominently. I tell you we we gotta win. We there are running out. And when you go to that one at what is the movie. Theater. Only. And bust me because that was that was at I'm there were a lot of other pieces of other soundtrack we kitty is there. I you are a gladiator I I'm I'm but I've watched gladiator probably. Twenty times myself congratulation Torre column from try to tell. As you know how I act if they have been no well lit up. It Iraq. Gotcha well we have a family four pack of tickets to this weekend's county line music fest and Greenville Pickens speedway for David so hang on the line Emma switch back on hold. And now money penny will be back to get your information. And I just want to do another guess some of renowned as we already announced on the air with that and if so do one more. India 6 o'clock hour in the bonus hour will do give you one more opportunity. Not to win coming up put in them in the bonus hour between six and seven. I'll also still to come in a bonus hour today. Want. Political correctness catches up with eight dean at Yale University. Someone not in the ivory towers of academia has misspoke. And also bone heads in the news. Is that all still to come all of that and more in the bonus hour here in the Bobby Mack show on Thursday see you back on the other side of the and it's.