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Thursday, May 18th

Roger Ailes dies; Supporting Trump; Chris Cornell of Soundgarden found dead


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And I like your attitude while there. Reality attitude of the attack dog on the right. And a stand up for ourselves here is out here prepare we go again I know our number true. Now pardon me is now often rolling here on Thursday a name Bobby Mack electric radio program and has all the way is. Il or input. Is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today just grab your phone using eight Ingles advantage talk Klein number. It is a free call from wherever you're low cal may be 803471063. Just like our frequency. An amazing what a coincidence our common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address is simple. Bald. And 1063. WORD. Dot com. Get to some good news coming up and America's lord knows we we need some of that out there was bad news today. In who are learning of the passing of Roger Ailes who is AM I'm behind I've our paths. Never crossed. Outages. We just never worked in the same place same time and had a great deal of respect for what he had done it and building. The on a legendary conservative. Fair and balanced Fox News Channel which now. Appears to be a taking me out. My old left turn. Back towards the middle with the yeah Murdoch kids now running and we learned this morning. We probably learned that the same time as Fox News. And considering the cloud under which Roger Ailes left. On Fox News Channel which he. Founded and that was the CEO of for a twenty years. It's understandable that to his family released the information regarding his death to a news outlets other than. Fox News and factory anchors on fox learned. Of the a passing of their former chairman and CEO. From the Drudge Report. On the web. Now Fox News anchors only learned of the death of its former chairman from Drudge. Roger Ailes died today at 77 according to his wife Elizabeth. Who released a statement to Matt Drudge and a breaking news segment. We did by the network this morning. On FOX & Friends Steve Doocy reported Roger Ailes one of the founders of the Fox News Channel she died. They have published Matt Drudge has a statement from his wife Elizabeth. The statement was then read. Before Ainsley Earhardt added Beth you were in our thoughts and our prayers. And so Zachary their beautiful son Roger rest in peace is debt coming less than a year after he resigned. From the company over allegations of sexual harassment. I his wife on death with whom he has one sunset I'm profoundly sad and heartbroken to report that my husband Roger Ailes passed away this morning. Roger re loving husband to me to a son Zachary you know loyal friend to many. I was also a patriot profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard to rise. And to get back. Natural way down the left. With whom. Roger Ailes was involved in the death match. That's probably poor choice of words with whom Roger Ailes was involved in contentious competition. Daring the time that he created Fox News. Took the opportunity again to. Bring up the the allegations of a sexual harassment and have been brought by Gretchen Carlson and others. And am also. Spread some spurious rumors and Roger Ailes and committed suicide which apparently is not true at all apparently. He took a fall. In the bathroom at his home in that time ended up resulting in stepped Rush Limbaugh. Spoke. Pretty movingly about his relationship with Roger Ailes. At the beginning of his program today so. Certainly keep on the Yale spam in our thoughts and prayers. And considering that in in recent weeks. There had been. Speculation. That does some unnamed movers and shakers. Had been meeting with some on money point people in New York. About the possibility of taking over a another underperforming. Cable channel and and bringing on AM new. Conservative. News channel to compete with fox. And why fox appears to be am moving left. Is it to me is a strategic error of mammoth proportion like the way it is now or the way it had been on. In the days of O Reilly and Roger Ailes and the rest. Fox essentially scooped up all of the conservative. And even non middle of the road audience everybody except the hard left. And they progressive audience was divided between CNN. The SN BC. And so why would you move towards people that have less audience they knew. People that have both fewer. Viewers. Then you do it it strikes me as an a decision that's based on personal ideology. And and not on not good business expert that's apparently the way they're join. And the ratings have been suffering from Fox News Channel which is understandable. You know without O'Reilly weaving they essentially shook up the entire lineup. It wasn't as if they just replaced. 1 hour at 8 o'clock every night. They've they had a shuffle around everything else in the process and some of the replacements. Frankly I find lacking. On the 5. Now at 9 o'clock. Who wants to watch Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. At 9 o'clock at night on Fox News Channel I wanted to watch that I'd switch over and watched Rachel madcow. Yet the real thing. But. It's our money. Out in on the tax line 71307. Mile there is a new conservative news channel one American news. 347. On DirecTV straight news no opinions no speculation us. My baby don't Brenda has taken to watching away and one American is it's a small. Cable news service I believe based in San Diego and they're not as flashy. As Fox News the graphics are not as cool and the music is you know us. Then it's different. On it it's it's missing. You know another and I think about it you know and it's missing it's missing a touch of Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes was the brainpower behind. Fox News and Roger Ailes conceived. Fox News Channel in his hand. Wave before the first camera was ever turned off. To a lesser degree I'm reminded of when I found. When I came to that too small AM radio stations. That were WL RD. I kind of had a vision in my hand also about what the radio station should sound like. And a it was. It was a conservative it was talk radio but it was on 2 AM frequencies thirteen 3950. Where our sister station to ESPN resigned now in addition there FM sources. And we had ABC news. Parallels guys and RA book a boob. Where one of the first. In the first fifty maybe not the first fifteen but in the first 100. A fox radio. News affiliates. I have militia. God hammer action. Quarter after four here on me about inaction take a quick break here when we come back I'll catch up with a text want animation I had a good news story for today as well. I've pretty sweet ownership of that one with you as well it's in the wake of Mother's Day on elect the right back here on the bunny Mac show 11063. WL RG you know were on the film you know. The wind out ranch. Can't sit in the background. Yeah no good. For Tony here on the body match on the senate Thursday afternoon we've seen gigantic catch up with the attacks line quickly. Body Mac I usually don't know watch Shep Smith on fox but it was said. When he assigned him now Roger Ailes today. Bump up Bob enact a lot of the beginning of Al Russia's program today he spoke pretty movingly. And obviously from the heart about Roger Ailes and what he had meant to rush and his wife. Why didn't take so long for all those women to make claims against Roger Ailes sand. And then rush was that ticked off. At the end of the show because that Joseph Lieberman. Being interviewed to the FBI director judge a great idea oh he's an independent. Right. Yeah are we have Joseph Lieberman. As a new director of the FBI shouldn't we'll widen the field here I'm not good Chuck Schumer. For the S special prosecutor RF BI to write Maxine Waters. After FBI director semi it's totally unbiased and there. Mommy what's the difference between an able bodied person drawing 18100 dollars a month and no health care and an able bodied I don't congressperson. Drawing 141500. Dollars a month. Plus free golden health care. After. Bonnie I was told Joseph Lieberman now as a man of character about how does that qualify him to be FBI. Director. A fair question. Bobbie the Clinton's win in and fired people in masks to make room for. Friends and they can reward. So what's wrong with firing a corrupt employee out if you have a long enough memory. You'll remember that when bill and Hillary came into the White House they fired the entire White House Travel Office. In order to be able to give that franchise to some friends of theirs that had a back travel office business and Little Rock. Yeah another wrong with a at a course. Coaches. Bump up com. Bob not to change the subject reducing the video on president third against bodyguards that's present Turkey of course. Beating up protesters outside the Turkish embassy in Washington DC happened right there in front of DC police officers but they weren't arrested. Because a diplomatic community. Yeah. Now Bonnie so sick of low left you are the best by far bloodier talked thank you appreciate that. Papa bomb. He'll show that I need to catcher I think I believe. Believe that catches me up. With via text line for the moment. Don't forget coming up a little bit later in the program I have a couple more family four packs of tickets to this weekend's county line music fest. And the Greenville Pickens speedway and also don't forget. Tomorrow morning. Tehran takes their show out on the road. As we do flap jacks for first responders. As Kennedy at the eggs up grill on Woodruff road drop by and see terror tomorrow if your first responder. Not Elway knows firemen know whatever. Drop by get a free flak jacket breakfast. And and if even appeared not to. Leo or first responder you wanna come by and watched Karrie do the show you're invited to do that as well it'll be at the eggs up grill. And I hear on waterfront just just down the road in fact a from the studios. Let's go back to the phones. Adopt. Is a long signal must be going pretty strong southwest today to Lester Greenwood I dot and welcome to the show. We don't want. Our own K 80 yeah well right during the commercial yeah yeah I've I've yet to see it myself. I hope I'm. That's why I wanted to get right in there and iron breath spray my mom went and watched elevate yeah. Don't know what our comment upon how I watch are made them. And they say they'd be at said he and they in the let me say. Yeah yeah yeah I'm anxious. To help support. Donald trop. And right arm problem and I haven't heard from congressman Mack is that what they can and yet. Well you just suggested one way yourself dot let them know because. And while they may not be completely as responsive as we would like. To the pressure we generate on them on while we're just happening Columbia with the gas tax. Believe me that. They do now oh they do know if you are unhappy. Whipped them because there are three things that are important to elected politicians getting reelected. Is number one. Getting reelected is number two analogy guess what number three is so if they. Yeah. Exactly and if they think that there is a danger of there continued to ten year. And neither Columbia or Washington it does get their attention to the other thing you can do is go to the White House web site. And post a message on their support for president trump Kazaa I suspect. If he doesn't look at those himself somebody brings in print outs of them so that he sees them again reinforced that. You know what is whatever it is 84% of the American people backing him on this. I am pop they expect and put it on the diplomat working why don't you and then go out and our odd putt it they're back Obama. Yeah and you wonder. In May try under army. And sure it's as if it's not enough there being attacked by the Democrats in the lame stream media. But there are people with Dan. The Republican Party people apparently within the White House. Who are in May borrowers for all of these attacks as well that that would certainly explain where the weeks are coming. Well I've written letter. That gets done can expect. I am hearing from may act and him and they mailed bottles. And I have I have quit and go right into the white. I let him get the IA he's. Yeah and that may help extract. In it and what they millions of people. Bat away Donald and I want politely yet tell me like she couldn't we don't speak out. Yup good question good and I can. White and we yup that's right that's maybe why that is a that is a that is certainly a big part out and and even when we do speak up. On the media's gonna spend in a way to make it look like Kent something other than it is done I appreciate the call very much good to have you here today. I promised good news Pretoria to any and the real news showing up. This is a kind of a cute story that I came across six year old kid in Australia his name his race. Barlow. And I he had it because his parents some. Consternation and concern when he disappeared. Sunday morning his parents had no idea where he was so they call the cops. Cops immediately started looking around trying to find him because obviously could have been really serious walk away. Rates was fine it turned out. He used a broom handle to open a chain lock on their front door while as mom was in the shower then he rode his bike. About two miles to the store because he wanted to buy her a Mother's Day gift. He dragged a flat screen TV up to one who registers. And tried to buy ad. With all the money he had. Forty cents. I. Manager realized the youngster was there alone started walking him home on the way. He saw police helicopters and now realize they might be looking. For the six year old so he stopped at a convenience store to call it and ray's mom says he had no idea how dangerous it was apparently crossed a pretty major highway. To I get to the store. I just want my fly by came out Boston but tedious and very quiet. I just got a chance and now it. I think it's carrying money you guys end. The kid's face that could see reality stay out TVs. With pound thank everybody enough I love blind. Now here's you know it's meant as his forty cents. To get her flat screen TV. Sweet. As today's are good news story for 29 here on the balmy night show any ready to go with the news in the real world I'm right back on the other side. Welcome back. Sad day in more ways than one with the news of the passing of a Roger Ailes the founder and now lead the driving force behind me at six Cecil. A conservative cable news network of Farr Fox News Channel. Mr. Ailes and dying this morning at the age of 77. And now we also learned this morning shortly before. Actually we heard about the passing her blog Roger Ailes. That rocker Chris Cornell. Front man for sound garden and audio so wave. Died following a sold out show what the fox theater last night in Detroit. A a police source talking to my WW GA news radio 9:15 this morning. Said the 52 we had in realize Suzanne all 52 year old singer songwriter was found in the bathroom. On his room at the MGM grand hotel in Detroit after apparently Tate not taking his own life. An autopsy by a Wayne county mentally medical examiner later determined that Cornell committed suicide by hanging. And it's so sad. Really talented musician talented songwriter. Singer guitarist. According to a source familiar with the investigation Cornell went back to his room at the MGM after the sound garden shell. And shortly after midnight his wife called a band member and asked them to check. On Cornell the band member along with MGM security broke into the locker room. And I found him dead with a built around its neck. At Detroit police spokesman Michael woody would not confirm any details but said basic things discovered had seen. What investigators immediately to believe it was a suicide. Detroit area music critic Gary Graff who was at last night's concert said he's known and been impressed by Cornell for many years when you make a list. Of certainly some of the best rock singers. Heavy rock singers working now he was one of the best. Graphs and great vocal range. Real charismatic personality on stage high level of consciousness. As a songwriter too he was one of those guys who can really just dig into his own psyche and write songs and sings songs have so many people can relate to. Grant said you couldn't have told anyone at the show that this was a guy who would not be where this just a few hours later he was great. Last night grant said you know he was at peak hours. His singing was tremendous he was clearly in a great moody was a loving being onstage webbing being in Detroit. Several times during the show we talked about how much you love the city and the audience. He said Detroit you never disappoint. Freelance photographer can settle was there taking pictures I look at my photos and I look in his day and it in his eyes and I'm wondering what's in his mind. I'm wondering how that experience was for him. His very last time singing onstage he just seemed kind of profound the emotion. On his face in a statement to the Associated Press a representative Brian bomb recall the death sudden and unexpected. Adding a Cornell wife and Hammond were shocked. Mind the statement said the family would be working closely with the medical examiner and ask for privacy even if you don't keep up. With that contemporary rock music you can appreciate talent. When you see it and when you hear it. Here is one example of Chris Cornell music that that was. Probably more mainstream. For all audiences. That you may recognize. Performed by Chris. This is the theme from the bond film casino. Right now. That is out of wade Chris Cornell you know my name is the name of the time he was so I selected of course drew. They have a title tune from the James Bond film Alice Daniel Craig a casino Royale. Ottawa since it sadden when I'm when somebody is in such a dark place. That down the black dog takes over their lives and men into. Taking it from the 44317. Before five here on me about him actually in on me a text line this afternoon 71307. Bobby didn't know you liked audio slave sound garden. You get cooler every day. I. His music wish it was so widely thought of by other musicians. I noticed. What else watching the HBO. Many series west world. That they did this last season they had a player piano. And it's that they used to. Sort of introduce various segments. In the program. And I was really taken aback. Because it just all of a sudden they and they showed the player piano and the piano and start playing. In an old western saloon style piano kind of re teaching. And it started playing. Black hole in the sun. The black holes on site black holes on and an eight and he really coolers or maybe maybe you'll see we can find net. As well one years old and that which is also of course one of his composition. You find somebody that that has sent to multiplicity of skills. A great singer great guitarist great showman on stage. What shared prayers and for his family. Quarter before five here on the bombing matchup take a quick break here and then the right back with more here on Thursday. I mentioned. Black hole sun was a section a great songs so well thought out by so many other musicians who was actually used and now this. Pseudo western. Version mine in Iran mean Joseph Wadi from the HBO miniseries or west world this past year I remember cleaner so. Pockets where that's black hole sounded a lot I would think while they UB isn't that. In about they did an analyst part of the end their creativity and the amusing romantic connection or so much great music in west where. What was the other one that you mentioned a money penny head a Nine Inch Nails song and there are also denying in the soundtrack it's called something I can never have yeah. Yeah out and and in the pilot episode. And I think I've played part of this set no at one time before. They had AM semi classical version of the rolling stones' paint it black. That they used. Yeah. This is this is part of that as well this is an AM big dramatic shoot out scene and now last world. Really kind of cold I think Avaya Rolling Stones song being given kind of classical treatment here. Hear the beginning aren't you kind of think she had some Bay Area familiar melodies. And now than you think we're going know that from. And then non. Coming in right about here. Usaid yourself a hole he had. Rolling Stones on the oboe. How can and whatever works great stuff for 52 a day before. 5 o'clock. Bum bum. Chris fell on black days really said can understand yeah I know I mean what it. There are a lot of people to struggle with depression. I I am not one of those thank up I'm I'm just kind of an up beat person I guess but. Those those who do. Just. And the have a have a tough time. Bob your music knowledge is awesome rock music is awesome it is indeed. About director Michael Mandel of audio Cellini uses them and several of his movies collateral without Tom crouse. As several of their new songs are great movie checking out he had seen. Bob there Hashemi a special counsel on trumpet and Russia who would you suggest how about Tom Ridge. Remember Tom Ridge former governor Pennsylvania the first head of Homeland Security yeah he might not be bad. I he would better than he would be better I would think. You know for looking at talking about does the new head of the FBI eight. Now where apparently the White House interviewed Joseph Lieberman. Today why not Maxine Waters says Diane dragged him Chuck Schumer I control AMP. He a guy. I'm Bob my husband said Chris had gotten off drugs and alcohol and was clean. So sad yeah he said he got involved with drugs or what thirteen years old. The drew quit school and was a really down for awhile and and I think he said he got off drugs at sixteen and. Part of that rock and roll environment sent. To the phones we yell let's bring in Robert he's on his cellphone hi Robert and welcome to the bunny match up. Are there a couple of clarification on the news today is hard to try to. Stated politely right when they're talking about Charl put the which witch hunt them. They mentioned he mentioned Clinton and Obama scandals. And then you report revenues that he didn't cite any other scandals well as a journalist titled former delicate and that's probably my job then this site mud. Waco no charges. And parent maybe parts no charges Petritsch no charges. Lewinsky one charge whistleblower Linda Tripp. And god you know charges and I would encourage your listeners. To look up annual Ito's Wikipedia page because 82 reports in the air but he would certainly nailed it on the Wikipedia page that he would certainly help. So there really is no shortage trump was right today there really want to go there really is no shortage of some scandals in the Clinton and Obama administration. Yeah I'm in fact thanks Robert I appreciate that yes you're right there's a litany. There is a litany of ethical and legal violations attached to both administration wanna go back far enough I mentioned Whitewater. Don't land scam scandal that a bill and Hillary were involved in in their days in Arkansas. I'll file gates. Where one of their minions. Stole some pages out of the National Archives by sticking them down his pants. This is up to our classified data. And. And nine Corso list goes on and on Ben Ghazi and all the rest. At take a break the news here the top of the hour five when we come back on the other side. I we get busy with the end most heavily commuted hour of the body Mac show 5 o'clock follies and I got another I guess the movie. Contest Soria with the prize packs to this weekend's Tony line country music festival. And Greenville Pickens speedway be right back.