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Thursday, May 18th

Trump-Russia investigation; Releasing classified information


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Well this automate guy John McCain at least certainly may have little Lindsay happy I mean now when he never saw a neo con. Middle East War and honest dragged and Sarah. Any idea here or go I getting under way. They Bobby Mack electric radio program the attack dog in the right. And as always EO or input is invited encouraged and welcome well look. Haven't we been involved and enough of this more Rask between Afghanistan in the Middle East. Four how many years now since 2001 what would that be sixteen years. Not about long enough. But then again this will certainly distracted the lame stream media stenographer is from my trump and Russia and Russia and trump. And trump and Russia and Russia and drop. Here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation and eight Ingles advantage talk line number hold free from wherever you may be located. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number for those of you who his proclivity is to text rather than a phone and that's fine. That number is 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. WL or deed act out well so well. Nelly and AM brand new special counsel that automate chuck U Schumer have you know I never thought I would along the for the days when Harry Reid when Senate Minority Leader. He and Harry angry greens whispering Stan he's. I think he may have been an improvement over and chuck U Schumer. Do like continues to be be a witch hunter in chief. Rodeo progressive slash Marxist Democrats. As well and I got a new special counsel that senate swell that on a make the Democrats added that also ought to make McCain happy. But it's is it. As if we truly needed a out as special investigator. On this we already have. Two investigations. Going on and house one and the senate not to mention one. Being done by the FBI. So I'm now Robert Mueller is going to be overseeing. And I guess validates. Investigations. Digging around seeing now what dirt he can find them now and make it stick to and some money. Preferably in in their opinion to a president for. Story at Fox News today the men tasked. Went investigative. Possible meddling by Russia. In the 2016 presidential election a brief aside. They have been investigating this. For ten months. Obama when he was still presidency Kelly looked in this way in fine thing is now than chain there's a tampering with a rush and body election. About the election. Despite all that. A probe that will likely encompass president Trump's recent firing an FBI director James coney. Now once called co only one of the finest people I've ever. Yeah out there and this intelligence on to this story is from a Fox News. Can. And they got that disparaging quote from about does trump praising culminate in the very first paragraph. Good job. Murdoch Brothers. Senior ratings lately for Fox News Channel Jacob began up here in the tank. Robert Mueller comb east predecessor at the FBI from only one to thirteen and has it when they close and somewhat controversial history. When demand suddenly at the center of events of investigations. Swirling around president drop. Mahler last evening appointed by the deputy attorney general Ron Rosen stain. As special counsel to oversee the department deed DOJ's investigation. In two alleged. Russian meddling in the US presidential election and related issues. A brief aside about Rosen stain we discovered now if we dig back far enough he worked with Komi. On the DOJ investigation into the clintons. And now they're Whitewater land scheme back in Arkansas. Years ago what was the upshot of that investigation. On nothing to say air. Nobody did anything wrong this is all just AM made up actually out right. Al Rosen scene also I believe. Was involved in the investigation of Hillary on filegate. A correct me if I'm wrong where we're any charges brought there's all know that's right. Nothing to see here move along. Trump's critics me Fox News story continues. Trump's critics contend several of his top campaign aides including one time campaign chair Paul Mann a port. Advisor Carter page and former national security advisor Michael Flynn had suspicious. If not illicit contacts with Kremlin linked officials. Illicit. Is that. A word that they're using instead of illegal. Because they don't wanna say illegal. The president has denied any collusion with the Russian government and no evidence has been publicly presented. To show such collusion. In paragraph number three. No evidence has been publicly presented to show such collusion. Have you ever seen a headline. From anywhere in the lame stream media including fox. It says that there's no evidence. Has been presented to and show any collusion between trump and the Russians. Now. Trump fired Tony may ninth in part trump sent waiter because the Russian investigation was dragging on. Quote in fact when I decided to just do it. I said to myself less and you know this Russia thing with trump and Russia is a made up story. The president said it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should've won in quote. Tressel leaks including a Fox News later established and can only had written a memo to himself. Detailing at least one encounter with trump where they president had suggested he would like to see any investigation of Foley and ended. Has anybody asked to see the chain of evidence. On this alleged memo that nobody has yet to see. The show is coming in to sit down and write it. It's not as if he has an ax to grind against president trump isn't. All he did was publicly firing him in the most humiliating way possible so. Now why should deck only have a grudge. Right. With growing calls from largely Democrat lawmakers of the trap administration administration. Could no longer credibly conduct any investigation into Russia in the midst of colonies ouster. What is that supposed to mean. As if the FBI investigation. Had ground to wall with Tony's firing. It's ridiculous. Mueller was thrust into the picture. Yeah because it Democrats. Are on a witch hunt and because the Republicans are spineless. But Mueller and tell me about a long time ally is baiting a dating back. To at least 2003 when the men both courts in Washington. Mueller as FBI director and Konami as deputy attorney general. They men were memorably cast mostly. Via com least 2007 testimony as honorable man. Standing against government overreach. When they talked former president George W. Bush. Out of pushing ahead the renewal of a controversial surveillance program. That episode included a supposedly dramatic hospital bedside encounter. When bush aides tried to get the ailing attorney general John Ashcroft. To sign off on the program's renewal. But Ashcroft. And then colony is telling calming himself stood firmly and thwart the pressure and prevailed boy they are patriots. At net as if we don't have more. Surveillance. Of innocent Americans now wanna be combing doesn't see any problem more than now does it. Mueller was a confidant of Komi during the initial incident backing him up. And reportedly offering to resign alongside him should the need arise. Last refuge of scoundrels wrapping themselves in the flag after Cummings testimony in 07. Mueller notes were subpoenaed by congress as a way of verifying the account which bush and then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales offering differing version of I hung up called director Mueller with whom I've been discussing this matter and had been a great help to me over that week. And Tony what was happening he said I'll meet you at the hospital right now boy this is right out of all the president's men and then. They dramatically rushed to make sure that constitution prevailed. He told senators and Mallory is one of the finest people I've government yet these guys are great at pat themselves on the back offline American great guy. According to lay a lengthy article in the Washingtonian Magazine. Published on the eve of Komi succeeding Mahler is FBI director Mueller was called me one person in government. Whom coney could confide in and trust. So all. Certainly mr. Mueller wouldn't won't have any. Won't have any vested interest. In clearing the name of the fired FBI director. Since there are a long time bosom buddies boy now I'm telling. The tentacles of the deep state reached far. And why. Seventeen after three here on the mound inaction take a quick break here and then I'm right back was more. Al catch up when the initial offerings on the text line and go to the phones. When we come right back. Welcome back at 10:22 after 3 o'clock to me quickly catch up with a text line here Bob. Let's have a special go after all the idiots who as you speaker using their damn cell phones while attempting to drive. They can't drive when it rains on alone text and email. While driving. So you know all the time. Bobbie they didn't rush to the hospital to protect us they were afraid congress would flip out. Over surveillance and the two of them would end up in front of the senate. Yeah being grilled. Not eighty corruption as wade deeper than people know what is trump waiting on ES to take these crooks down went truth bombs about Ben Ghazi. Fast and furious Iran deal Seth rich murder do it now. Makes you wonder if the M missile launch in Syria as a Clinton style distraction. You know. I am Bobby did you see who interviewed who trump interview for the FBI Joseph Lieberman. McCabe. And I am a Joseph Lieberman and McCain Hillary and Obama hacks. Yeah they would be great. L why don't just named Chuck Schumer. As they caught as a special prosecutor. Bob I wonder if they can close any of these which counts I mean now a congressional investigations. If congress would actually murder work more than a week or two a month. Yeah I get your point although I'm happy is when they're out of town because they're doing less damage. Point one of these investigations turn up something really nefarious like politicians. Helping Russia gain control over US uranium production. Mean like Hillary did when GM grand state. I'm glad to see the Democrats suddenly so interested in truth and justice. This is a coup d'etat and they will stop at nothing to remove him. I'm Bonnie asks the Democrats to explain combing his testimony under oath on May third. I'm no outside pressure from anyone. To stop the investigation. You know valid point plus. As I mentioned that yesterday and was in the promo for today. If Conley wrote that memo to himself and trump was trying to you. Impede justice or obstruct it. And I he has himself obstructing justice and we didn't report it right. Richie. Failed to do. Add to the phone easily go let's bring an Al when he is in retail hi Allan and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. That anybody back back into that a minute ago in and act incur. In a lot of weight but I. May be at this point in time that it's time to. Stop saying it that way and say different and that this yup you mentioned and we also see this the Republicans in the word she used. Our spineless. Thank you but really the reality is yes. They're not by analysts whatsoever. There doing exactly. What they Ian here and there more to do. Yeah yeah that that may need that debate going on here that that may be a lot closer to an island I would hate to think so but it's certainly don't. A lot today they talk in Washington all the time about optics. About how things look how things look when I John McCain and suppose that Republican. Ideas constantly. Critical of drop then he himself calling for a special prosecutor doing everything that demanding impeachment what is what does that tell us. If he had a great great conversation at any one of these town called these people are not spider hearts yeah. I mean I'm telling you they are acting day by day what they're doing and making more importantly what they're not doing what they're allowing to happen is I will fall. The decision. Back to we have up. Yeah I'd buy either by their inaction and they did they achieve the action. Whereby an inning and I get our oil Port Authority come back up because their strike. It is true that since what they walked. They are doing what they wanted to gauge it of course thank about the difference between trot anybody else in Washington right. Very very happy yeah out the way ultimately we'll get Theres more arms sale obviously at eighteen months before we get Bayer. Protect runs in and out of an elections. And you know we can continue to adopting the pressure and start. I'm convince big decisions or will all it's not a matter here. It's a matter will dismiss or I see him at. Well and when you when you take a step back. And and look at the landscape here you take the long view. Donald Trump is the elected president on the Republican Party ticket but he does not represent. The beliefs of the Republican Party. I mean I mean Bobby thank about what Republicans. Some sad about it yeah. And that they haven't changed. I mean there have been the deal with the stakes of staying in the end and the circus that changed. But I've not changed one thing that there seems to me they are. I believe that the people abortion Democrat nick you know what to. They're there fighting for what they only believe that there are yes that's true I mean they are they are so entrenched in those what exposure but. Sure a lot write it in big this plot is dry you know. And so you know I think the intensity that the level lot that I think we're dealing with something that is as absolutely carafe and would absence of integrity. There a union and say they are so many law that were broken. We know yeah there. Warts we're free and no doubt without what what it op Ed that nor is it that big credit watch it here and I'm done with the difference until I got wet and it. The reason they are the differences. That is the way they willfully one you know what I realize that guy. It makes perfect sense what happened and what's not happening. Yeah you you maybe you may be closer closer to the truth and and if that is the case because they have so much power. Because a DC has so much money has so much influence does Iran and everything. In this life and death struggle they're gonna they're gonna go nuclear they're gonna throw everything they have into the fight. Then they get analogy is it a little bit like somebody has understood that an addiction must have been an obsession. We can describe them this week. But the reality where they are. They're doing exactly what they choose and want to date now. That's how strong that he would do that door to get back in place and different people may be which is about to get their mostly. I hope so I also some excellent points thanks Alan I appreciate the call at 329 year on the Bobby Mac show and he's ready to go in the news sent over the update on other. Apparently non terrorist attack. Now with a vehicle in a New York today and more I'll be right back on the other side here on the Thursday body action 011063. WL RD. Yeah MI am my last caller Alan may have been on assembling there. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Meeting on backstage with that chuck U Schumer Nancy policy had our about a guys we ash covered right down on the line. Jerry Raff pretty another background 23 before four hear about him actually isn't. And measuring via the investigative powers. On the New York Times and you Washington Post CBS ABC. NBC CNN. BS NBC. Nobody bothered to mention. If you wanna look at a president who disclosed. Classified information. Whose administration. Disclose classified information. To the Russians or two other of our enemy is. Tom Harkin ass back in time. 225. May 2014. Headline in the White House mistakenly. Identify CIA chief in Afghanistan. The Obama administration. Put the name of the station chief. I'm a CIA. Afghanistan. In their press row waits. Exposing him and endangering his wife. Then there is June 32016. Same source Washington Post. US offers serves to share Syrian intelligence on terrorist with Russia. Which is to save the Obama administration wanted to give their intelligence to the Russians. And they can't. But. When the sainted Obama. Wits and thought well. Irons that well it was a factor mystique. We're all human beings anybody can make a mistake anybody can have inadvertently. Put the name of the CIA station chief and Afghanistan. In a press release do Lola. Text line now 71 threes are seven Bob a looks like drivers in Greer. Are trying to drive their cars remotely. By their phones. Usually they are robot putt a robot co pilot. And the airplane. 737. Landed it safely. Robots never gonna show up over served in the cockpit and just I just. And not for me thank you so we're gonna have the co pilot like the one from airplane out want to blow it out yeah auto pilot yeah yeah out front. I'm a little tube and a. Bonnie will Americans ever wake up and put an end to the two tier system we've accepted as normal. I mean you know party. Yeah. Demand our politicians are held in the same laws we are. But they're not. They're not there if they are our EU lead just two batters. Gear mister McLean we have circumstantial hearsay evidence reported by an unnamed source. That's unconfirmed. Stating Donald Trump. Was Lee Harvey Oswald's real man in Dallas not only. Does this implicate him in the plot to assassinate JFK but since he was attending middle school at the time he was also cited. For absenteeism. As the US cutting class we've got him now. That's next. Now. Bob but impeach. In all caps followed by exclamation points sincerely. CE Schumer Washington DC and occasionally New York. Thank you initial savored China. Bob this where China is outrageous Americans better wake up and understand the ramifications are we allowed him to impeach trump. And cover up twenty plus years of high crimes and misdemeanors by the clintons and all of their associates deem manned. Justice. I mean Mack did the severe drought of any moral fiber in Washington DC it's rapidly becoming apparent. It is time to water the tree. I may let's all bombard the Republican representatives offices with the emails and phone calls demanding. That they support president trumpet elements they don't support him they'll get voted out of office time for we the people to get loud again. I just wonder though that's not an idle threat to these guys amendment they get hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. As several of our. South Carolina representatives. Senators have for supporting something like trans Pacific partnership which take. Total sellout of American business you want to give trump some credit giving credit for killing that. Now Bobby Mack John McCain was more useful in Vietnam than he has series just sour grapes. That Gil lost the election in 2008 Porsche Sarah did her best. You betcha. And almost got in there John time for you to go back take a tour of the ho chi Minh trail. Bob a parade years congress steam roll the Obama agenda faster than eight Mac tax stirred gas hike veto. Can be overrule all now congress moves slower then. Well not moving at all. Yeah. Because for every day that attention is spent on trumpet Russia Russian trump and trump and chromium chromium trump is another day. That America continues to have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. And jobs continue to be shipped overseas that illegals. Granite and a slowing rate that illegals continued across the border and that you're taxes and mine. I'm remain where they are no no part of the trump agenda. Can proceed while they're on all these distractions. Which isn't exact way the intent. Now let's go to Greenwood Nextel appear on the Bobby Mac show and not talk with Mitchell and it's welcome to the show. Thank you sir appreciate that McCullough. Had a few minutes. On called Logan you're Sherlund now. Dylan Summers reflecting yeah and down. Ultimately what a great job rust out so did it getting out some of the true friend out. It out however I loved him and I up say that your Eric does such a great job isn't it that great job. And down thought they would certainly works a neat thing if somebody shoot at notre effects are noted true. Spewed out something this internally contradictory. About that the truth. And out. I can't say it like in the got to come available for you. And now you mentioned that many good I'm not trying to running down and not say book on our. At that. Also another station when he's down. And down. I just can't I can't say these things not a clear logical thinker. But it it either not at war on that thanks John McCain brought Mohammed Hussein Obama. In the end they they Graham. Are our top of the list. And you've got somebody like trial. There's actually fighting for the people nodded and taken a salary right and getting run down right left you know that that's out to meet as critical. It's gross court judgment. And down markets don't like to say get excited. Get it out market and there that you can if you first are cherry itself. Well document job and I appreciate data none and I appreciate your remarks I would only add this. Vincent show in new and differing from mine. And Terrence. And downwind moss for that matter. Up proves the validity of the traditional conservative position that is free speech is still free. We have differing talk show host would differing opinions on differ on some issues from terra. I'm not that many even missed some. Most Karen I differ from vents and on a number of issues as well but on the laughed. Any differing opinion has squashed. They talk all the time about on diversity. And yet day in the first time they hear a diverse opinion. They raise their fascist heads and say all I know that's not free speech such hate speech. And that kind of censorship. Has no place in America. They believe it does they believe that's the transformational. America that Obama. Was preaching about for eight years. But it's it's not our America is. 34614. Before four here in the body Mac show more of your calls coming up there was an interesting piece today in the Wall Street Journal as well about this. A special counsel appointment and now. The Wall Street Journal believes its mistake in us as to why. I'll share that with you as we proceed on. And we also have some more tickets to giveaway today for of this weekend's county line music fest will play guess the movie. That's coming up cigarette there. Great to have you on 352 now it's 8 minutes before 4 o'clock and not as promised. I am an opportunity for a two and a family for actually true. Family four packs a day it will take two winners this time and family four pack of tickets to a big event this weekend county line music fest and Greenville Pickens speedway two day festival it starts tomorrow. When acts like 789. Fall of an empire new mantra prowess generation next Kenny George man Tyler Hadley. Beat demeans the tip and many more UT and all the details by going to the web site county line music fest. Dot com tickets on sale on line and they also will be on sale at the gate we're gonna play guess the movie. Now the phone number to call is 24143342414330. For the contest line. And now we're trying to make it as easy as possible so here we go out. My you can decide for yourself what anonymous qualified enough to do that. OK recognize that particular level of play one more territory here but I think you probably got a pretty quickly. Here to learn from you my you can decide for yourself whether or not qualified enough to. Okay you guess the movie the first two callers that I correctly identified that film. Will be our guest at the county line music fest this weekend to family four packs of tickets in on the tax line. Bobby. And I just your collar say advances pro McCain and Lindsey Graham I think he must know that turn the station before Vince came on. We have a we have a president who needs to stop acting like a victim and keep some of this campaign promises could show. From Barbara thank you barb appreciate that. Bob bench calling trump a snowflake earlier today because trump was just defending himself against the media. Shows me that he doesn't look at the glass out as being half full as he says he does his glasses empty. From the bashing he gave trump for the past month really disappointed. And Bob Bob Bob Bob any breaking news breaking knows oh here wait hours yet teletype for the breaking news. Breaking news a SARS to all the leaks not the Russian election hack in the Komi stealth has come forward. It's been revealed his name is Brian Williams. NBC has confirmed this calling Brian their greatest most trustworthy. And most credible. Report. And and this went in on the tax line as well Bob Vince is the best post on this station. To which I texted back G tax. Problems we've got Allan ray is on and he is and warrants hello ray and welcome to the body match. I adapted and killed. Couple minor things here that I was thinking about an old saying again that we've sect come up with something for it. That didn't scenery only changes. For the lead dog. Yet ready you know what yeah that's right if if you're if you're pardon the expression in the rear. The other view never changes. That's right that these people like calmly are no different than any other place in the country maybe the world it can be replaced at any time. And for good reasons are bad reason. Well and all of these people serve at. At the pleasure of the president. Yes that's some try to save their bank of such a big thing. And about what person you think that the whole country's political obstacles AM today. Yeah yeah I am look at the way they immediately drew comparisons. To the Saturday night massacre surrounding Watergate where the special prosecutor was fired. Then the attorney general refused the president's request to fire himself he resigned a this is so far removed from that it's absurd. Now on a technical. Point. They'll watch and another thing about this notebook and everything. Eight what I was flying a lot. I get home in on AB CD York and fly right into the Empire State Building up along the they have real radio. Directional signals from the plaintiff could come right here on right here your view. Here here's station Erica do you want to. We're not thinking about is this notebook thing is not that fact that the notebook was the ball. I think it was actually put on the plane to direct the rocket. Or some other thing in the plane. Well could be I gotta run for the news and I thank you for the call ray although there has been one instance our guy did have a laptop bomber blew himself didn't bring the plane down a Russian airliner. Our number two is on the way next here on the bunny Mac show on Thursday stay right there.